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Allie Pleiter Book List

True North Springs Series
Book 1: A Place to Heal

Mason Avery and his son live on twenty acres up in the mountains, land that has been in his family for three generations. Since the death of his wife, he’s let things go downhill, but he refuses to sell to all the real estate folks who want to fill the beautiful land with condos. The latest buyer is different, but he still refuses to sell.

Dana Preston, a former Denver PD detective, has a vision to start a camp for those who lost loved ones to violence. To help children before the wrong people get them while they’re vulnerable. And she found the perfect spot near where she grew up in Arizona. The only problem is that it’s not for sale. But she doesn’t quit easily.

I loved this story and am so excited for this new series. Dana was introduced in the Wander Canyon series as she had worked with Sawyer Bradshaw. His story is told in A Mother’s Strength, an incredibly touching story worth reading.

Riverbank Knitting Mystery Series
Book 1: On Skein of Death

Elizabeth “Libby” Beckett has moved back home to Collinstown, Maryland, and opened up her dream shop. Y.A.R.N. She hadn’t realized how she wasn’t following her dreams when she married Sterling. Once married, she’d found that life with him was his way only. After more complications down the road, she now returns home single but doing okay.

During the big event she planned, hoping to get Y.A.R.N. out there, tragedy strikes. So Libby becomes an amateur sleuth to find justice. Along with her bulldog, Hank, her meddling mother, her friend who owns a pie shop across the way from Y.A.R.N., and many other unique characters, it was a fun book to read.

Book 2: Knit or Dye Trying

Libby Beckett had many successful events since the disastrous one in October. That first event was to be her first big hurrah for Y.A.R.N., her newly opened shop. A well-known knitter was to speak…but, well, let’s just say that dream event had died right along with her speaker.

But not this time. Gavin Maddock, the mayor and Libby’s teenage love, has put together a See More Than Seafood Festival, and she named her event Wield More Than Wool, and Julie Wilson was coming to show knitters how she dyed her unique plant-based yarns. Looking back, the title they chose wasn’t so great. Watch Julie Wilson Dye.

Spray-painted sheep protesting, Libby’s mom, Hank the English bulldog, running against King George for Chamber president, and murder make this story a real page-turner. Looking forward to Libby’s next adventure.

How to Write When Everything Goes Wrong
What a great book for authors and speakers. This book will help those who are going through a tough time but still want to—or have to—get some writing time in. Suggestions on when and if to go public with their struggles and if so, how much to say.

Using her own life experience, the author also talks about when and if to write or speak about that time. There are so many great points in this book. I'd also recommend it for authors who aren't going through deep struggles as many ideas are useful in daily life.
Wander Canyon Series
Book 1: Their Wander Canyon Wish

Wyatt Walker had always been Wander’s bad boy. And now, the town looked at him with disgust because he left his legacy…Wander Canyon Ranch.

Marilyn Sofitel has returned to Wander Canyon after her husband passed away. With her twin daughters in tow. Also with secrets. She just didn’t realize how bad the secrets were until they were exposed.

Such a heartwarming story. Wyatt was still the outcast and bad boy, but Marilyn sees through to a different man. And the little girls added to the story. Not to mention a few pinch-faced older women to complete the story.

Book 2: Winning Back Her Heart

Bo Carter, Car-San Construction, had to see her. She was back in town for a wedding and he couldn’t stop himself. The girl who had left him six years ago. Stomped on his love and his heart and went to New York City. And he quickly realized that she could do that to him all over again…and he’d let her.

Toni Redding was coming home. She wanted to remake Redding’s General Store into a newfangled place. Let her dad retire while she took her turn at the store her parents had started together. Realizing that she should’ve been home sooner. Dad looked tired. The store was a lot of work now that Mom had been gone these seven years.

Toni wanted the store redone by locals. The only construction company was Bo’s though. But he was also one of the best. When she finds it wasn’t so easy to leave her boss after quitting her New York job, they come up with an idea that she came home to Wander Canyon for Bo. Not such a good idea. Tissue alert for sure, but a really wonderful story.

 Book 3: His Christmas Wish

Emma Mullins loved living in the small town of Wander Canyon. She was a preschool teacher at the church and was hoping to become the new director, as the current one was retiring. Not everything about the town was perfect. There was gossip and Norma Binton. A bitter woman who wanted her niece in the director position and was all around unhappy.

 Jake Sanders was a happy bachelor. He owned half of a company with his friend Bo. And then, everything changed when his sister and brother-in-law were in an accident...murdered. Not only did he lose his sister, but he also gained guardianship of his nephew, Cole. Something he struggled with. Being a parent and working through grief.

 Emma and Jake were pushed into an arrangement of her helping out with Cole. She had plenty of secrets from her past that she kept to herself, but it helped her connect with Jake and Cole. Life is so much better when you can share your troubles with others. Emma learns that a bit too late. Wonderful story. **Tissue alert

Book 4: A Mother's Strength

Molly Kane tries her best to stay optimistic. But, with a son like Zack, that can be challenging. Her seven-year-old son is anxious about everything. Her ex-husband is out of their lives, which didn’t help Zack either. So when the counselor suggests something that can help Zack, Molly grabs the idea and is about to ask a stranger the favor of a lifetime.

Sawyer Bradshaw moved from Denver to Wander Canyon to hide. He works at the hated golf course as a night-shift security guard, and being the town hates the course, he hopes they’ll stay away from him. However, he has secrets that he prefers to keep hidden.

Sawyer is a bit blindsided when the barista he gets his coffee from every morning after work throws out a favor. He, of all people, is not someone to help a young boy. And yet, something about the bouncy barista has him willing to say yes to anything she asks. So ends up, he understands Zack and likes the kid. Great story. Keep tissues handy if you cry easily.

Book 5: Secrets of Their Past

Tessa Kennedy was born and raised in Wander Canyon, Colorado. She loves the small town with all its quirks. Tessa is hoping to write a book on the town’s history, but, in her research, she finds something about her own life.

Dr. Neal Davidson is a veterinarian from Minnesota. He’s come to Wander Canyon to try and find answers to his past. He rents a house next to Tessa, and his vacation is soon interrupted by his new temporary neighbor.

Adorable kids and kittens, a bitter older woman, and old secrets come together to make this another page-turning story. So if you cry easily…tissue alert, keep them handy. It was sad to say goodbye to Wander Canyon with its unique carousel and nosy but loving residents.

Sweet City Hearts Series

Book 1: Getting to Yes
Suzann White wants her boyfriend of one year, Adam Torrence, to ask her to marry him. It's the night of their one-year anniversary and she has high—extremely high—expectations.
The thing about expectations—other humans rarely meet them.

This is a very short novella but is packed full of humor, emotions, love, and expectations.
Book 2: My So-Called Love Life
Melinda Edwards “Lindy” keeps praying she'll find that perfect guy. The one who after that coveted third date can handle her secret. She thinks maybe she has found that guy. The one who doesn't get too whacked out when he finds out she's the voice of a cartoon character on a popular show.

Meanwhile, she is having other guy trouble at work. The Suit aka network executive has the power to cancel their show. Lindy has to remember to put everything in God's hands instead of her control-freak ones.

A fun and fast-moving book that is told from Lindy's perspective. 

Book 3: The Perfect Blend
Opening a Christian coffeehouse in Seattle—that was my dream. I wanted to call it Maggie Black's Higher Grounds.

So when banker, William Grey III denied my loan, I was crushed. But then Mr. Grey (who's a tea drinker—figures!) explained that if I took his small-business course, the bank might reconsider my application. It would take the help of some of my fab coffee, but I was sure I could stay awake long enough to learn something. Besides, despite Grey's stuffy facade, his velvety British accent could make even financial analysis sound interesting.
Book 4: Nothing Less Than Fabulous
Gretchen Harris needs to find a way to get moms coming back to Carter's for their coffee. After a certain “cookie” has dropped. When she passes a competitor's coffee shop—a group of moms and toddlers fill the store for storytime. An idea takes hold and won't let go. She moves full steam ahead without thinking who she might roll over.

This story is told from Gretchen's point of view alone. A steady-paced story from beginning to end. A few of the characters are from the previous books like Maggie Black Grey, the owner of Higher Grounds, and Nate.
A Brilliant Christmas
Zoe Walters isn't sure what to expect with her new artist-in-residence for her class at The Brick House. A man who'd had it all. And who'd lost it all. A man without God.

I loved this story. Nigel Langdon and his special pet, Marilyn, both wormed their way into my heart. In this story and where you first meet them in My So-Called Love Life. This story is told from Zoe's point of view only.
The Way You look at Me
Anna Swanson loves being a pediatric nurse. Kids take you as you are. Blemishes and all. Outside of her work, Anna hides from the world. Self-conscience of her looks.

One night after work, when she almost runs over a man who is facedown in her driveway...Anna's life changes in a big way.

A short story that is packed full. Loved the secondary characters, like the kids in Anna's care. And how often some of us see all the negative and forget to find the positive.
Bad Heiress Day
What would you do with $1 million?
That's a question Darcy Nightengale never thought she'd need to answer. But a sudden inheritance of just over one million begs a more immediate response. And when Darcy learns of her father's last request that she “give it all away,” she discovers just how quickly big money makes big problems.

Her husband believes that charity begins at home. His home. And her children are sure it's only a matter of time before the presents start rolling in. Right? Darcy wants to do the right thing—as soon as she can figure out what it is. Can the path of righteousness be paved with gold? Darcy's surprising answer turns her world on end.
Queen Esther and the Second Graders of Doom
Teaching Sunday school at her brother's church in the Bay area was supposed to help former champion athlete Esther “Essie” Walker understand boys—the better to raise her newborn son as a stellar example of manhood. Fat chance! Enter the eight-year-old male psyche: awful jokes, disrespectful behavior and general mayhem. Essie, the queen of control, finds herself in a brand-new world of chaos.

The pressure builds on all fronts—Sunday school class, husband's job search, church dramatic pageant, aging parents, finances- until Queen Esther has one royal meltdown. God, it seems, has makeover plans for Essie's competitive nature. Her characteristic control is in very short supply as she gains a better understanding of the nature of imperfection, the value of motherhood and the virtues of a messy but connected life.
Homefront Hero
Captain John Gallows has survived the war and been dubbed a hero. He is suave and smooth and as a Gallows….gets pretty much what he wants. And he wants to get back to France and fight in the war. To earn the title “hero” the world has given him. Only his bum leg is keeping that from happening, but he’s a Gallows and he’ll get his way. Even if he has to get by learning to knit a sock and be a poster boy.

Leanne Sample is a nurse. The pride she feels at being in Camp Jackson and helping her country is immense. When she meets the prideful and arrogant Captain Gallows she almost dismisses him completely….until a glimpse behind a stage curtain shows her the human inside that handsome shell. She sees even more of John when she has to teach him to knit and help with his recovery. He is someone she could care about if he shared her faith and was not so determined to go back to war. Can two opposites find love in the midst of war and turmoil?

Allie’s writing pulled me headlong into this story. I’m a visual reader and I felt the walk through the hospitals with the hopeless cases of influenza and the fight for life and death. She also wrote an excellent spin on Leanne’s struggle as a strong Christian and John’s unbelief. And the parts I won’t mention as not to give the story away were so intense and well written. I found this to be one of those books that I just couldn’t stop reading until the end.
**Received through NetGalley for review
The Doctor's Undoing
Related Books:
Book 1: Masked by Moonlight
The Man behind the mask...

When night fell on the lawless streets of old San Francisco, Matthew Covington—seemingly just another wealthy social idler—became the mysterious crime-fighter known as the Black Bandit. Nothing could tempt him to reveal his secret identity until the English gentleman met Georgia Waterhouse, whose pseudonymous newspaper accounts had made his daring exploits famous. He was coming to care deeply for this woman, who shared his passionate devotion to justice—and the Lord—but she could never know he was her shadow-shrouded hero. What would become of their growing love if he revealed the truth that lay behind the mask..? This was such a good story. Matthew was a light during a dark time, helping those in need and giving people hope. 

Book 2: Mission of Hope
It is 1906 in San Francisco after the earthquake. Quinn had been a six-year-old in Masked by Moonlight. Years later he is living in an unofficial camp and he is trying to get supplies for the people there for the homeless earthquake survivors. Pastor Bauer, who had helped Matthew, now offers Quinn the Black Bandit's costume. Dressed as the masked man Quinn is able to get supplies and bring hope to the hopeless.

Nora is from a higher class. She still has a nice home to live in and all her needs are met. She finds helping the people in Quinn's camp rewarding. Quinn and Nora may be social opposites but they share a strong faith, the secret of the masked man, and perhaps something more personal as well. Nora's family is against her helping the camps. Pastor Bauer helps the unlikely pair in their mission as well.

Action-packed, heartwarming, and at times a heart-wrenching romance that makes you think about those struggling as those in the camp were.

Kentucky Corners Series
Book 1: Bluegrass Hero
Dust-covered men who smell like horses are the norm at Gil Sorrent's farm. Until a trip to Emily Montague's bath shop changes their lives. Suddenly, Gil's lovelorn farmhands are sparkling clean and attracting women instead of working! So Gil barges into the shop, surprised to find Emily, his pretty polar opposite, selling soap by the truckloads. Suddenly everyone in town is not only cleaner-- they're nicer. And when our bluegrass hero tries out he soap himself, love-shy Emily better watch out!
Book 2: Bluegrass Courtship
The celebrity host of TVs Missionnovation, Drew Downing, is comfortable with his fame. He's become accustomed to the cheering and starstruck town folk that usually welcome him as he renovates churches countrywide. Usually. Then he and his crew set up in tiny Middleburg, Kentucky, to rebuild the church's storm-damaged preschool. The very lovely, very no-nonsense hardware store owner, Janet Bishop, is suspicious of Drew's true motives. It looks like Janet Bishop's faith—in God, in herself and in love—needs some serious rebuilding. And Drew Downing is just the man for the job.
What a great story! How many people start out in a ministry-minded like Drew did and don't notice when the world or fame slowly chops away at their original mission, Drew has his eyes opened while in this small town and Janet needs to see how she allowed the sins of others to pull her away from her own relationship with God.
Book 3: Bluegrass Blessings
Everyone in Middleburg, Kentucky, lines up for baker Dinah Hopkin's cinnamon rolls. Everyone except her handsome new landlord, Cameron Rollings. The jaded city man doesn't like anything about small-town life—from the fresh air to her fresh-baked snickerdoodles. And he clearly considers Dinah as quirky as her eccentric oven. The way to Cameron's heart is not through is his toned stomach. But the Lord led him to Kentucky Corners for a reason. And Dinah plans to help him count his bluegrass blessings!
Book 4: Bluegrass Christmas
An Old-Fashioned Christmas...

That's what led new believer Mary Thorpe to start over in quaint Middleburg, Kentucky. As director of the church's Christmas pageant, Mary's job is to bring the townspeople together, to remind them what the season is really about. But everyone is all riled up over one very handsome man: the man daring to run against Middleburg's popular long-standing mayor. Mac MacCarthy wants change. Mary wants things to stay as they are. Is there a happy medium? Both Mac and Mary are in for one very big Christmas surprise!

Book 5: Bluegrass Easter
A “veterinarian on sabbatical, “widowed Paul Sycamore is not interested in answering his new neighbor's constant questions about her expectant sheep. But the comfort his child finds on Audrey Lupine's Middleburg, Kentucky, farm just may open his heart.

Gordon Falls: 
Hearts ablaze in a small town
Book 1: Falling for the Fireman
There's something achingly familiar about the look in fire marshal Chad Owen's eyes. Widowed mom Jeannie Nelworth knows firsthand what it is: loss, hurt, and yes – bitterness.
Ever since the fire that changed their lives, Jeannie's young son has borne that same look, pushing everyone away. So she's grateful when Chad tries to get through to the boy with the help of his trusty fire station dog.

But the man who's all about safety and prevention keeps himself protected – from loving and losing again. Seems as if Jeannie will have to add his kind, guarded heart to her rebuilding efforts.
Book 2:The Fireman's Homecoming
Black Sheep Son.
  Nothing about going home to Gordon Falls is easy for fireman Clark Bradens. His role as local bad boy is firmly established, though he's determined to use his newfound faith to change people's minds. But Clark isn't the only one coming home to hard times. When Melba Wingate came home from Chicago to help her ailing father, she wasn't expecting to unravel a family secret. As Melba wades through the past to find the truth about her father, Clark becomes an unlikely ally. And while neither can change the past, the future is theirs to shape. 
Book 3: The Fireman's Match
A Healing Match  
After serving overseas, former soldier Josephine "JJ" Jones needs a fresh start. And Gordon Falls is just the place. When JJ meets executive Alex Cushman, her world is turned upside down. Alex is seeking a respite from all the pressures of his multimillion-dollar business. And the beautiful firefighter might be the answer to his prayers. But a secret lies between them. One so big, it threatens to end their love before it's even begun. Can she ever trust Alex when she finds out he may be responsible for a family tragedy that changed all their lives? 
Book 4: A Heart to Heal
Book 5: Saved by the Fireman
Book 6: Small-Town Fireman
Blue Thorn Ranch Series
Book 1: The Texas Rancher's Return
Book 2: Coming Home to Texas
Book 3: The Texan's Second Chance
Multi-Author Series

Alaskan Brides
 Yukon Wedding
This series consists of six contemporary books (Alaskan Bride Rush Series) and is then followed by three historical books. This would be the 7th in the series and the 1st of the historical series.
Going back in time we now meet the founders of the town of Treasure Creek, Alaska.

Mack Tanner has been after Lana Bristow to marry him ever since a few days after her husband Jed died. Jed and Mack had been friends for 30 years and Mack had convinced him to join him in Alaska and starting this town that would be more Christ-based. No saloons and a church as the first building.

Jed and Mack's brothers had all died in an avalanche two months earlier. Mack knew greed drove them to go against what they were advised to do, not go off the trail. Mack felt responsible for his friend's family, Lana, and her two-year-old son, Georgie.

Lana finally says yes to marrying Mack. She realizes she cannot make it on her own and without a man's protection. 

They have a rocky time of it. It seems easier for them to get in a shouting match than to get along.

A great story with lots of ins, outs, ups, and downs.
Orphan Train Series
Book 1: Family Lessons by Allie Pleiter\
After a catastrophe strands a train--and eight orphaned children--near Evans Grove, Nebraska, schoolteacher Holly Sanders sees hope in the chaos. These children are the new start her community needs. And Holly is stubbornly determined to give the townspeople, the children...and even gruff Sheriff Mason Wright...the happy families they deserve.

How can anyone so petite have so much gumption? Watching Holly rally her young charges wins Mason’s admiration--and reminds him of his own failures. No matter what Holly or the orphan boy Liam think, Mason’s no hero and he doesn’t merit a second chance. Can Holly’s faith, Liam’s trust and God’s grace open Mason’s heart to love’s greatest lesson?
Bridegroom Brothers Multi-Author Series
Book 2: The Lawman's Oklahoma Sweetheart
Bound By A Secret 

When Katrine Brinkerhoff's cabin is attacked, only sheriff Clint Thornton's heroism saves her. She owes Clint her life—and her help catching the men responsible. All she has to do is trust in Clint's plan to protect her family. But she can't let herself care too deeply, not when her past carries secrets that would drive him away. 

Infiltrating the murderous gang is a dirty job, yet Clint is determined to see it through. The brigands will face justice—and they will never harm Katrine again. Clint would give his life to keep the beautiful settler safe…but will he be willing to risk his heart?
Lone Star Cowboy League
A Ranger for the Holidays

The Hearts At Home Workshop Series
Becoming a Chief Home Officer
Allie Pleiter knows firsthand the culture shock, surprises, joys and uncertainties of leaving the workplace to stay at home and raise children. With disarming wit and a refreshing personal transparency, Pleiter tackles both the “whys” and “hows” of this transition that strikes at the very core of a woman’s concept of self, of accomplishment and of worth. Becoming a Chief Home Officer constructs a fresh new “benefits package” for the profession of motherhood and offers a wide array of practical advice from “labor relations” in averting strikes and tantrums, to new perspectives in seeking “raises, praises and promotions.”

Three distinct audiences will find help and hope in these pages: the working woman considering this transition, the newly-at-home mom adjusting to culture shock and the “approaching burnout,” been-home-awhile mom struggling with frustration or dissatisfaction. Pleiter's witty admission of mistakes and mishaps evokes knowing grins and empathetic laughter to punctuate her wonderfully practical advice.

Ideal for personal use, mentoring relationships and group study. All books in Hearts at Home Workshop Series include two valuable features: personal reflection questions within each chapter and a leader's guide in the back of the book with group discussion questions and suggestions. Guidance for moms choosing to shift from the workplace to the career of full-time motherhood—filled with wit, realism and delightful practicality.

Facing Every Mom's Fears
Parenting is a High-Wire Act
Fear is a God-given instinct, compelling you to protect your children, but you need to harness it wisely. It's all a question of balance. On the one hand, you want to protect your children from life’s real dangers. On the other hand, you don't want to smother them. The drop below can sometimes seem terrifying, but Allie Pleiter assures you that you can make it safely across the high-wire of raising your kids.
You can be alert to life's dangers without being paralyzed by them. With humor, clarity and plenty of personal examples, Pleiter explores the fears, both rational and irrational, that moms experience every day raising their children. Facing Every Moms Fear brims with true-life stories from other moms and expert advice from the fields of social work, family therapy, psychiatry and psychology. Best of all, this book digs deep into the Bible to help you meet your fears head-on with faith in God, the ultimate, ever-watchful parent.
Learn how to embrace your fear and make it work for you. The courage you seek is already inside you, the balancing act is exciting and worth the risk and you and your children will benefit.
The Hearts at Home Workshop Series is designed to encourage, equip and educate mothers who are at home or would like to be. Ideal for personal use, group discussions and mentoring relationships. Each book in this series includes questions for personal reflection and a leaders guide with discussion questions. 
The Chunky Method Handbook

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