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Elizabeth Reyes Book List


Interview with Elizabeth Reyes

Name one thing about yourself that would shock readers if they knew.
Well I don't know about shock but this year (I plan on making a more formal announcement that explains it better later on in the year) but I plan on putting out some stories using a pen name. Not to hide the fact that I've written the stories but more of a warning that these stories may be a little different than what they're used to from me. Still romance, still my style and voice but a bit different.

When not writing, what hobbies do you enjoy?
Cooking and gardening. My kids call me a tree nerd. I used to live in a house that sat on almost an acre of mostly vacant land. I'd spend hours online researching trees and wanted to plant every single kind of tree out there! I also love cooking. I just don't do it as much these days because my first passion (writing) takes up most of my time now.

Do you enjoy reading your own stories?
Yes, but only after I haven't revisted them in a while. Right now I'm currently reading through Desert Heat my upcoming book with Simon & Schuster. I wrote it last April and since then have only gone through some edits here and there so I decided to revisit it to get a refresher and I find myself getting all into it. lol

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Yes OMG yes! But you'd be surprised at some of the places where I cried most. I won't give spoilers but that Jack scene toward the end of Gio had me bawling. Certain parts of Breaking Brandon I'm sure those who've read will know which ones. But yes. Short answer I cry sometimes I'm a MESS when I write. =/

Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?
Wait hold the phone! They're not? ;) Short answer they're real to me. *sigh*

Are you sad to end a series and leave the characters behind?
I was a mess when writing Making You Mine. I think it was because it was the first series I finished. I've since learned (Forever Yours is a perfect example) you never know if it's really over or if an idea or story will come to you and you'll be back in the series again. So now I don't get as sad. I actually start getting antsy once I'm done with a story. My head NEVER stops plotting so once I've tied up all the loose ends given my current WIP it's perfect ending. I'm ready to move onto the next story that's DYING to be written.

Do you write about places you have lived?
Yes mostly the areas I'm familiar with. I'm a research sloth. Unless of course I'm researching the "fun" stuff. lol But for the most part I like to make it easier on myself and because I just feel more comfortable writing about what I know. This is also why I mostly stick with Hispanic characters. So much of their family members, traits, experiences are very close to mine. =)
Looking Glass Series
Book 1: Girl in the Mirror
Imagine wakening up to strange voices, not being able to move, your eyelids too heavy to open, and you can't speak. When your eyes do open, the women crying frantically next to you is supposedly your mother, but you have no recognition of her. So, in your mind you call her Loretta—not Mom.

You are told you've been in an accident. They won't give you any details because with the extreme head trauma you have, they are afraid you won't handle it well. Maybe others were in the car with you and died, but you can't remember one thing about your you feel no sadness. Then the worst day of all comes. You look in the mirror but have no memory of ever seeing your own face before.

That is Maggie's story. She gets little triggers from certain things, but she doesn't know if it was her life or another person's. She feels like she's searching for something but has no idea what it could be. She tries to start a new life...but the old one...even though she can't remember it, hangs on.

I really enjoyed this story. It's different from Elizabeth's other books and just shows her talent being able to take such a different path in this book.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: We Were One
This is Nicolas “Nico” Cortez's point of view from the previous book, The Girl in the Mirror, which was all in Madeline “Maddie” Hellman's point of view. It's a completely different story as the reader sees so much more than the previous book through Nico's view. His strong emotions. His devastation. His love.

This strong man is brought to his knees and even lower when he loses his heart. The one and only girl for him. Elizabeth Reyes has written such a powerful story. Emotional and unique. I strongly suggest reading the first book before this one to get the full impact.
**Sexual content and language
Boyle Heights Series
Book 1: Lila
Lila Rico has a big problem. Rage. Uncontrollable rage. As if that's not bad enough, she has the ability with her fists to do a lot of damage when the rage hits. A caring dean at her school suggests the one thing that can help her rage. The one thing she never wanted to be part of for personal reasons. The one thing that may help her stay out of trouble and be there for her sister, Ali. Boxing.

Sonny never thought he'd find the “right” girl. Someone who would like him for who he is—not for what he does. When he meets Lila, she seems too good to be true. And maybe she is.

I loved this story as it brings the gang from the 5th Street Gym into it. It's unique that it's the heroine with the anger and jealousy issues—although Sonny is far from whimpy. Looking forward to the next book in this series already. Beast will be Ali's story.
**Strong sexual content and language
Book 2: Beast
Allison Rico has finally found a subject that might get her that front page headline in her college newspaper. The 5th Street Gym is involved in a program that takes ex-cons in to work and they'll teach them to box. Gio has suggested that she even interview a couple of the men. One of the men in particular sets Ali's heart to pumping faster—and it has nothing to do with fear.

Leonardo or Beast as he's known to many because of his past, doesn't plan on taking the gym up on becoming a boxer, but it's not a bad place to be for now. Mostly. That girl eating a donut...using her tongue in a way that sends his blood pumping a distraction he doesn't need.

Allison is Lila's little sister from the first book in the series: Lila. I like the way the author has weaved in so many of the people from previous books. Not only from the 5th Street Series, but also the Moreno's. Looking forward to more in this series.
**Sexual content and language
Book 3: Nine
Book 4: Orlando

Orlando Cruz is doing well. He's part owner of a garage with his buddies, Nine and Beast, and business is good. One morning he wakes up to a present left on his doorstep and his whole life changes.

Danica was brokenhearted when she had to give the baby up that she had pretty much raised his first three-plus months of life. But she had no choice. She had to bring him to the father and then find a way to be able to see him sometimes.

Anything based on lies is not a good thing, and that was where Danica was. She had so many things to hide. So much to lose by telling the truth, and yet, more to lose if the truth was found out another way. A lose/lose situation. Great story-line and characters.

**Sexual content and language.

Fate Series
Book 1: Fate
Vince’s knack for doing without thinking seemed to get him into quite a few messes. Even if it was a good thing he was doing….for him it ended up badly. Only this time being grounded and forced to attend his cousin’s baby shower ended up pretty well. He met Rose. Getting to know her caused him to want to be a better man, one worthy of this faultless beauty. Would fate step in and be for or against him this time?

Rose Zendejas didn’t have the easiest of lives. Her mother didn’t really care for her daughters but at least Rose had her sister Grace. Once Sal and Grace married they let Rose come and live with them. Life was better than ever before, a good neighborhood, better school and Vince. He had a rough history but promised her he was on the straight road. Only it seems that road had a pot hole in it.

Fate takes up the romance of Vince and Rose that started in book 5 of the Moreno Brothers Series, Making You Mine (Sal and Grace’s story). The author took our young couple down a different path in this book adding a bit of reality by bringing Vince into Iraq. A page turner as always with all of her books. For Moreno fans….the guys and gals have plenty of cameo appearances in Fate….including a quick stint with Max, Manny and Aida. And even though Romero is not a Moreno….you may find that he and Vince have something in common.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 2: Breaking Brandon
Brandon Billings was a cold young man. Growing up with an abusive unloving dad and being rejected by the one girl he thought really cared for him, had Brandon shutting down every emotion. He made a great drill instructor in the Marines. His rule? No attachments. Ever. His plan had worked just fine for all these years and then came her.

Regina Brady needed to start over and try to move on. Beginning with moving back to California and being near her family again. Of course, they thought she was tough and could handle everything thrown her way. If only they knew, but they never would. And wouldn't if figure that the first man that has caught her attention since the incident, looks at her with such great passion. Unfortunately that passion is pure hate.

If you have read the Moreno Series, you would have met Brandon in Sweet Sofie. He grabbed the heart of this reader back then already. The kid who seemed like a bully, but was really just lonely and had a bad home life. It's great to see Brandon get his own story after all. I really enjoyed Breaking Brandon, Elizabeth Reyes has outdone herself once again. This book was full of surprises.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 3: Suspicious Minds
Lorenzo Moreno is as alpha male, as all the Moreno's are. And as handsome. These guys can be real sweethearts and charmers, but once you've done them are done. After being burned in a relationship, Lorenzo wrote all relationships off. Only one night stands for this guy.

Olivia Romero lets go for one evening after receiving some bad news. One night to wipe out memories of her past. The one night was supposed to be forgettable as well, only Fate seems to have a different twist for her.

Yes, Olivia is related to the infamous Romero with the quick temper, as the reader will see her brothers carry that 'temper' gene too. Take two people who are damaged and cautious of relationships. Add a Moreno and Romero into the mix and you have an exciting, dangerous, sexual and explosive story. Lorenzo is Vince's brother from book one in this series, Fate. Hang on and enjoy the ride as once again this author takes the readers down a road full of unexpected turns.
**Sexual content and language
Book Four: Again
Sydney Maricopa has everything. Great apartment, car, job and money. What more could a guy need? Love and family. What he doesn't need is another female friend. Been there done that, fell in love, and has the broken heart to prove it. And yet, for the second time in his life, he now has a best friend who is female. At least he learned his lesson from Lynni to just keep it as friends. Or did he?

With three older and very overprotective brothers and a sister, going to college two hours away, our heroine misses her family. When she finds out a mutual friend of her extended family lives in her apartment complex...they become fast friends. At nineteen she's not looking for anything more. Or is she?

As usual, Elizabeth Reyes does not let her characters have an easy path to love and the reader gets to join in on the roller coaster ride. I couldn't put this book down once I started reading it.

We first meet Sydney in the very first book by this author; Forever Mine. He is Sarah's best friend and that has caused Angel no small amount of angst through the years. And Sydney too. No woman has ever compared to Sarah.
**Sexual content and language
Book 5: Rage
AJ Romero “Rage” has hit the big times, the Major League. Thankfully the man who is not only his coach but also his mentor is helping him to control his temper that earned him his nickname. That very same coach's daughter may cause him to lose that control.

Addison Lara has one important rule in her life; her daughter Clair always comes first. She has to remember that when she's around the handsome catcher.

As always Elizabeth Reyes takes her readers on quite the ride. The story takes you on that emotional roller coaster with it's highs and lows and through a few dark tunnels where you don't know what might be around the next corner. In other words, another fantastic story.
**Sexual content and language
Book 6: His To Guard
Isaiah Romero's first and foremost loyalty went to his family. His two sisters and two brothers and their families. And the bro code was you never date your brother's ex. That left Isaiah in an uncomfortable predicament when his brother Nathan introduces him to “his girl.” A girl Isaiah would have liked to claim as his.

Raquel Santana had some big issues going on her life. Issues that had her avoiding relationships. It didn't matter much until she met one special guy. Even so, she had to stay away. Only she could have the worst luck in the world and end up meeting him again...while she was with his brother.

Another great addition to this series. I love the way the family members whose stories have already been written are so intertwined in the new stories. The crazy uncles, cousins and siblings. As always, be ready for the emotional roller coaster with the knowledge that it will come to a stop and everyone will get off at the end with their happily-ever-after.
**Sexual content and language
Book 7: Uninvited
Nathan Romero. Hunky firefighter. Middle brother. Bachelor—and just fine with that status, thank you very much. When he has a chance to join some friends...and hopefully snow bunnies...on a trip to Colorado, he takes it. A snowstorm sweeps all of his plans away and leads him down an unexpected path.

Aiyanna Casilieris's plans have certainly changed from earlier in the week. Instead of a romantic getaway...she's in the not-so-romantic cabin...alone. A knock on the door and changes everything. But is it for the better? Or worse?

The final bachelor in this Romero family gets his story. And what a story it is. Poor Nathan has already been set aside by one woman...for his brother (His to Guard) and now he is run through the mill in his own story. There are some real twists and turns in this book that had me not wanting to set it down until the end.
**Sexual content and language
The Moreno Brothers Series
Forever Yours
Moreno Brothers Series 
It's been three years since Angel and Sarah met. They are both in college and things are going smoothly. And then life veers off that smooth road and takes you down the bumpiest, potholed road around. Buckle your seat belts and hang on as Elizabeth Reyes takes the reader through the turmoil that is this young couples life.

Old friends and enemies and new ones as well come along for this emotional ride. After all these years of tolerating Sydney as Sarah's's still not easy for Angel. Add to that a few new characters who want to be a part of her life and you have one steamed up alpha boyfriend. And don't forget, pictures might be worth a thousand words, but those words aren't always saying what the person looking at them hears.

In Forever Mine the reader meets the Moreno's along with Eric, Romero and the uncles. Angel meets Sarah and falls in love. They have some good times and rough times. This book brings the reader back to the time after Forever Mine and before Always Been Mine. An exciting addition to the Moreno Series that takes you down memory lane. Every time I thought I knew where the story was going, it took another corner. A real page turner a couldn't put down until reaching those final words. The End.
**Sexual content and language
Book 1: Forever Mine
Sarah was happy living in Flagstaff, Arizona. It was the longest she had a place that could be called home. She had always avoided friendships because she never stayed long but Sydney sat by her at lunch and befriended her. He became her best friend and was like a brother. They helped each other through tough times. With her mom working so much she became part of the Sydney's family. Right before Senior year Sarah's mom informs her she is going to jail and that Sarah will go to La Jolla, CA and stay with her Uncle, aunt, and cousin Valerie. Sarah is devastated. She decides she will work and come January first when she turns eighteen she will return to live with the Maricopa's in Flagstaff again.

Once in California Sarah starts babysitting to earn money to pay to live with Sydney's family and she determines once again not to make friends at school, besides Valerie.

Angel Moreno locks eyes with the lost looking girl across from him on that first day of school and Valerie makes sure Sarah knew who was staring at her. Sarah remembered Angel from her visit two years ago. She had seen him on the beach surrounded by a group. She had ended up walking with a guy named Jesse who has continued to try and contact her in Arizona the last few years but she wanted nothing to do with him. When he starts bothering her on the field where she is running, Angel comes to her rescue.

Angel and Sarah quickly find they are strongly attracted to each other. Valerie informs her how intense the Moreno's are and Sarah experiences quickly how protective and possessive Angel is. Being she never had a father she don't mind.

Angel assumes her best friend, Sydney, is a girl and Sarah has trouble correcting him. The time is never right. When Angel tells her there is no such thing as a friendship between a guy and girl she puts off telling him longer. Some secrets come back to bite you. As does this one.

Great story and there are side stories as well. Sofie Moreno and Eric as well as Valerie and Alex Moreno. Which those characters have their own books as well in Always Been Mine & Sweet Sofie.
**Language & subtle sexual situations
Para Mi... Por Siempre (Forever Mine Spanish Edition)
La vida de Sarah, una chica de diecisiete años, se pone de cabeza cuando su madre soltera va a dar a la cárcel. Ella tiene que mudarse, dejar atrás todo lo que hasta ahora ha sido su vida, incluyendo la mejor amistad que ha tenido, Sydney. Sintiéndose perdida y amargada en su nueva escuela, la única meta de Sarah es la de ahorrar dinero y regresar a casa. Entonces conoce a Ángel Moreno.

Enigmático pero espléndido, Ángel es casi demasiado bueno para ser verdad. Excepto por una cosa, su creencia arcaica de que los chicos y las chicas no pueden ser “solo amigos”. ¿El problema? Sydney, la amistad más grande de Sarah, no es una chica.

Con un romance inesperado, intensificándose a lugares nunca antes experimentados, ¿por cuánto tiempo podrá mantener Sarah a Ángel en la ignorancia sobre el chico que la está esperando de regreso en casa?

Se espera que sea lanzado antes de fin de año.
When You Were Mine
Alex Moreno and Valerie Zuniga have had an off again on again relationship from the time Valerie’s cousin Sarah introduced them. When they were was hot, hot and hotter. Valerie knew Alex was a bad habit she needed to break. His disappearing and secret ways were going to be the end of her. But one flash of those dimples and the way he looked at her...and she was all his again. For however long he would have her.

Alex had secrets. If not for his pride he’d tell Val what they were and then she wouldn’t be assuming the worst of him. Unfortunately his pride won and it looks like it may cost him. Big time. This book is the prequel novella to Always Been Mine.
**Sexual content and language
 Book 2: Always Been Mine
In Forever Mine, the first Moreno book, we meet Sarah who lives with her cousin Valerie's family. When Sarah dates Angel Moreno and eventually become engaged after the ups and downs even out.
Sarah knows her cousin always had a thing for Angel's older brother Alex and so she introduces them.
Valerie and Alex go back and forth but neither wants a commitment, or that was how Valerie use to be.

In this book we find that Alex and Valerie have been going back and forth through the years. It is about four years since they graduated high school. Some have went to college. Valerie now has her Realtors license. She had grown tired of being with Alex just to have him disappear so she spies on him. After seeing a leggy young woman go into his home with an overnight bag she confronts him and ends it. He tries to tell her its not what it looks like but her heart can take no more.

A year has passed. The parties are starting for Angel and Sarah's wedding. Alex and Valerie definitely notice each other and after he kisses her Valerie has to work hard at reminding herself of how he broke her heart time and again with his womanizing. So she invents a boyfriend and he backs off.

Alex had a tough year. His folks travel to see family more in Mexico and have left him to run the restaurant, he still wants to finish his schooling and when he sees Valerie again he misses her. His pride kept him from telling her the truth of what had happened during college and when he saw her last. He still wanted her back. Now more than ever.

Valerie tries to move on after seeing Alex again and dates her office manager, Luke. And a date from the past reappears as well. A guy she met in a bar and dated a few weeks. He was suppose to be in jail but was out already and Bruce decided she owed him.

There is much going on in this story. Alex and his possessive and protective nature, Valerie and her stubbornness, Bruce the stalker, Luke who would not give up on Valerie, Isabel is Valerie's roommate and she is attracted to her total opposite when she meets Romero at the party. Looking forward to reading the third book Sweet Sofie, which is Sofie and Eric's story.
**Language & sexual situations
Book 3: Sweet Sophie 
This time the Moreno is a sister.  There are two more stories in the series that are not out yet. Romero's story, Angel's friend and then the story for the oldest brother Sal. I found this book to be the most emotional. Many of the conversations were in the previous books and now we see more in depth what happened from Sophie and Eric's view.

Sophie Moreno's story starts when she is ten. Angel, Eric Diego & Ramon Romero are eleven, Alex is twelve and Sal is fourteen. Even at that young age Eric is starting to feel protective of Sophie but not so much in a brotherly way. Eric is biding his time for Sophie as she won't be allowed to date until she is seventeen. By the time she is sixteen they have had time to spend together though. Eric is trusted to watch over her when the brothers are busy. When Alex catches him kissing her on New Year's Eve everything changes though. Alex don't believe it is a kiss that one would give a friends sister.

When she turns seventeen she goes from being protected by her brothers to being claimed by Eric, which is fine with her. They run into many pitfalls along the way though. Eric's dad sends him to LA for a summer internship to separate them. Later he sends him to Spain for a month for another internship.

Brandon is a neighbor who was always known as a bit odd and mean. He bullied Sophie in the neighborhood and at school. In high school he ends up sharing a table with Sophie and they become friends. He joins the marines after high school and while home on a visit he hits on Sophie. Eric is in LA at the time and Sophie is battling a jealousy over Eric meeting a girl from their school years who had a bad reputation, her name is Asia.

Can their love survive the separations, Asia, Brandon, and later when he is in Spain his dad brings his girlfriends sister with for over New Years and Jennifer is a hot looking girl who would not mind having Eric. Definitely an emotionally charged book. The books brings back most everyone you have met in the earlier books. It is one of those series that you are sad when you finish the book and have to leave the people you met behind.
 **Language & subtle sexual situations
Book 4: Romero
How does one go about telling about Romero? In the earlier books we see him as the one always getting drunk early and only caring about what girls he can pick up at the parties. And his mouth, well the words that come out of it, not good. Be warned that Romero was raised by his two uncles and they are... well...Manny and Max are hilarious but pretty crude. They love their boy they raised and straightened out some of their activities to be a good example for him but they don't consider cursing to be bad, they don't do well with table manners and they own a bar that is a bit more than going out for a beer. Along with his drinking, cursing and womanizing...Romero also has a temper. It goes from cold to boiling in less than 10 seconds and it's pretty dangerous considering Romero's muscular well kept physique.

Isabel is not from a perfect family but it sure is opposite of Romero's. Her sister Pat is all about finding the perfect man for Izzy. And Romero is not it, according to Pat anyways. If she is not fixing her up with some fancy Navy man than it is dragging Izzy's high school sweetheart into the mix. A mix that turns into dynamite if Romero sees a man anywhere near his girl and even a bit more explosive if it's an ex-boyfriend and it might as well be like a nuclear bomb ready to blow when you add Pat into it, they hate each other.

This book is full of up and down emotions. You see all the sides of Romero, including the vulnerable one. He is as possessive as his friends the Moreno's but not even Alex has a temper that matches his. If your like me your emotions will take you from wanting to strangle Pat to struggle along with Romero when he is trying to hold his temper.

Elizabeth has added another great book in her series and she has a extra mystery in the story that adds to it as well. And than there is her humor! Be ready to laugh hard at the antics of Manny and Max, Romero's uncles. The last story is the oldest Moreno brother, Sal. Already looking forward to it.
**Contains strong language and sexual situations
Book 5: Making You Mine
Sal Moreno is the last single brother in his family. He takes care of the business end of the restaurants and has dreams of honoring his father, grandfather and the Moreno name by opening more Moreno restaurants. He is neat and most folks just say he's anal. When Graciela Zendejas comes in for an interview at Alex's restaurant, it don't take long for Sal to find three strikes against her. And something about her makes him a bit more anal than usual.

Grace had been turned down time and time again in her interviews. She decided to try and look older than her twenty-one years and she added a few extra on her application. She knew she could be a head chef with no problems but all anyone saw was her age. By the time she met with Sal Moreno, she was in a pretty nasty mood. Grace does get the job a few days later no thanks to Sal, Alex hires her. And she proves herself as a bartender and cook.

As Sal and Grace get past their first impressions and head towards starting over, one road block after another trips them up. Sal has to accept her best friends, Joey & Taylor. And the biggest problem is one of Sal's ex's who won't let go. It seems there is no such thing as a smooth sailing relationship when a Moreno is involved. And you will find out that what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas!
Once again we get to be with our friends from the previous stories and see how their lives are changing. Angel & Sarah now have their own restaurant, Alex & Valerie start their family, Sofia & Eric are engaged, Romero & Izzy...well Romero will always be Romero.

We get to meet a new relative as well. And like all Moreno men, he carries the handsome gene as well.
There is an epilogue that updates what is happening with the families and than there is a separate short story for Angel and Sarah. Can their love survive more tough times and suspicions?
**Sexual situations and language

Romero and Izzy have been married for some time now. Their daughter is in school full time and young Romeo is heading to pre-k. And Izzy...she’s heading back to the work world. She has earned a few degrees along the way and can now teach at the university. Okay, so she’ll be working as an assistant with the recently divorced professor, but it’s a great opportunity.

Romero has learned to control his temper through the years, extremely well. Not once has Mandy or Romeo seen their dad behave as a raging madman. But he is getting close to that point right now. His Izzy is acting strangely and he does not like the professor guy at all.

What fun to revisit with the Moreno’s and friends once again. Romero’s uncles are obnoxious as always, maybe worse. Manny is not helping Romero hold his temper by putting ideas in his head that Izzy is acting suspiciously. Can Romero make it without losing control and ending up in jail for the holidays? You’ll have to read Tangled to find out.
**Sexual content and language
Tall, Dark & Obnoxious
Moreno's: Moreno Brothers Prequel
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Bethany has secrets, lots of them. Living in Vegas she’s doing all she can to make money to help support her family and pay off some debts. She has no clue that one night at a speed date will change her life. Problem is she still has to keep her secrets and the closer she gets to her new boyfriend, the harder it is to cover them up.

Damian Santiago has not followed in the family business, he became a detective instead. His skills come in handy for reading people and he can see that his Bethany is hiding things, but eventually his heart overrules his detective senses.

Elizabeth Reyes has done an excellent job of keeping the reader drawn into the story. You know that Bethany has some secret she’s hiding from Damian, but she keeps the reader guessing. As in all good stories, the secret always comes out at the most inconvenient time and it never goes well for the secret keeper.

This book is definitely not lacking in fascinating people. Considering it takes place in Vegas, you never know what colorful character may come along. That and all the secrets and mystery surrounding them, this reader just couldn’t put it down.
**Sexual content language
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The 5th Street Series...
Book 1: Noah
This new series by Elizabeth takes place in Los Angeles. The 5th Street gym is where we find Noah, Gio, Abel and Hector. The guys are all training as boxers and they are all big handsome hunks! The Moreno Brother's Series was so good and the characters seemed so real I didn't know if a new series could compare. I was pleasantly surprised and can't wait until the next books are released. Once again she has created characters that you can laugh and cry with. Get mad at for their secrets or dumb decisions. And be happy for when they finally get it together.

Noah has been working at the 5th Street Gym for years and is wanting to become a trainer. Jack, the owner of the gym, finally gives him that opportunity the day that Veronica and Nellie walk in the gym with their coupons for a free week. They look out of place but Noah decides to prove himself to Jack and whip these gals into shape. A decision that changes Noah's life.

Veronica has let herself go since her mother's death. She has put on too much weight and barely leaves the house. When Nellie drags her to what looks like a all male gym, she wants to run back home and hide. When their handsome and young trainer greets them the last thing she wants to do is get on a scale or work out, but for Nellie's sake she does. Noah is not only a great trainer but he soon becomes a good friend and roommate to Roni.

It's a long and bumpy road for these two as their friendship grows into more. Their pasts come between them and there is an age difference that Roni struggles with. Noah has a bigger fight on his hands then what he faces in the ring when he sets out to win this prize.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 2: Gio
Giovanni Bravo's life has just taken a turn. After a tragedy, he has decided to give up boxing. When his old friend, Felix Sanchez, offers Gio to come up to his compound in Big Bear for two months, to train with him, his friends urge him to go. Little does anyone know that this decision will once again change Gio's life in both good ways and bad. With these Alpha guys there always seems to be quite a bit of life changing drama when you throw a beautiful girl into the mix.

Bianca Rubio felt so special. She was dating the famous and popular Felix Sanchez. She had to learn not to read or believe what the tabloids said about him and different women, that the paparazzi could take pictures that didn't tell the real story and that Felix couldn't be around for her too often. But she was squealing with delight because he was going to be her's for two months while he trained at his compound. What Bianca did not expect was seeing Gio, the boy from her World History class who never noticed her at school, or so she thought.

Neither Gio or Bianca had plans of being attracted to each other but that did not stop the sparks from flying...or prepare them for the explosion of emotions that would touch all those around them, due to that attraction.

Another well written book by Elizabeth Reyes, Gio will take your emotions for a complete work out. There is a touch of suspense and adventure as our characters have to be a bit clandestine, especially with hidden camera's and paparazzi all around. The characters we met in Noah (book 1) return in Gio; Noah and Roni, Abel, Hector, Jack and Roni's friend Nellie. I always enjoy series books where you get to see “friends” again.
**Contains Sexual situations and language
Book 3: Hector
Womanizer - check. Arrogant - check. 
Dangerous - checkmate. Staying away from 
him was indisputably the sensible thing to do. 
The problem? She wasn’t just drawn to him, 
she was utterly mesmerized...
Hector Ayala had a few problems in life, getting girls was definitely not one of them. His school friends were kind of bullies, he may have laughed but didn’t join in. Nor did he stop him. After one incident in senior year, he was bothered and it weighed on him. When he came face to face with that very person he decided he would help him, now since he didn’t back then. Little did Hector realize that the guilt from the past would take so much from his future.

Charlee Brennan moves to California with her best friend, Drew. Charlee was running away from her life in the East. She’d been humiliated and needed a clean slate. Yet with everything wrong that happens she wants to run away again. Especially when the handsome chess player/boxer enters her life. He sends her such mixed messages that it drives her to the brink.

Elizabeth Reyes does it again when one of her tough alpha guys falls hard. The little brother of Abel is all grown up now and love sneaks up on him when he least expects it and with the last person he would choose. And sweet Charlee has a few naughty secrets of her own.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 4: Abel
Abel Ayala is facing his biggest fight ever….in the boxing ring and out. Something has been simmering between him and Nellie for some time now and it’s about to turn into a full boil. This big bad alpha guy really thinks that they can just enjoy each others bodies and walk away, right.

Nellie Gamboa was hurt pretty bad. Not only did she have a lousy cheating ex-husband but she was betrayed by her sister as well. A no-strings attachment that comes with a mind blowing physical side sounds great, if she can really keep her heart out of it.

All the gang from 5th Street are back, Noah and Roni, Gio and Biannca, Hector and Charlee. Not all are so sure about what's happening with Abel and Nellie. If their no-strings don't work it will effect them all. And outside forces are adding to making their relationship a bit more difficult.
**Sexual Content and language

 Book Five: Felix
Felix Sanchez has it all. The cars, the homes, the money and women. He rose to the top in his boxing career at a young age and now it seems he would rather party than work. He is a publicity agent's nightmare, unless they are female...then he's a erotic dream. He dates the top of the line of beautiful woman. So what it is about the plain girl at 5th Street Gym that has his heart skipping a beat?

Rafaela 'Ella' Castellano has trudged forward through many tragedies in her life and continues to move forward. Her mother had taught her never to quit fighting, so she hasn't. While teaching self-defense classes at the gym, she is introduced to Felix. Yes he is more handsome than she could ever imagine, but she knows his type. Or does she really know him at all?

All our friends from the earlier 5th Street books are back. And yes, it still seems even though Hector has matured...his mouth still takes off without his brain being engaged first. The team is working to get Felix back into shape and on top of his game. If you have read the previous books; Noah, Gio, Hector and Abel then you have met Felix. Can this playboy hotshot superstar truly stick to one woman? The odds seems slim to none.
**Sexual content and language
Noah is going through his life happily married to Roni and enjoying their two-year-old son.
Roni is a bit of a worry wort. Is Jack autistic? He isn't talking as much or doing things as quickly as Nellie and Abel's daughter.

So, to appease her, Noah lets her set an appointment with a doctor to have Jack tested. And that is where their peaceful life goes into a war zone.
**Sexual content and strong language