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Nancy Warren

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Interview with Nancy Warren
What is the strangest real life situation that is in one of your stories?
The strangest and absolutely the most fun was interviewing NASCAR superstar Carl Edwards for Speed Dating, the Harlequin book that launched the series. Carl and I launched the series at the Daytona 500 and it was really fun to ask the (then single) hunk about love and marriage. Frankly, I thought he was a great catch!

Have you traveled to do research for your books?
I really like to go to the places where my books are set. There is no way to replace the smell of a city or the unique turns of phrase that people use. Towns have personalities like people do. The farthest I traveled was to Australia for Bad Boys Down Under, and, frankly, sometimes making up a setting means I can do whatever I like without worrying about accuracy!

Do you enjoy reading your own stories?
NEVER. Hell for me would be being forced to read my own books. Once they are published I don't want to look back at them or I'll want to rewrite everything.

Any advice for those who are just starting out?
You got into this crazy business because you love books. Hold onto that joy while writing. If you can do that, you've got it nailed. 

Are you sad to end a series and leave the characters behind?
Yes. They become such a part of my life. This latest series I wrote for Harlequin Blaze features three hockey playing buddies who have a bet to see who will be the last bachelor standing. I fell in love with those guys and was truly sorry to say goodbye to them. 

What is your go-to snack?
Trader Joe's salted caramels. I'm horribly addicted to the point where I eat them long after I start feeling sick.  It's a constant battle between the toffees and my dental fillings. I'M not sure how long the fillings can hold out… 
Vampire Knitting Club: Cornwall
Book 1: The Vampire Knitting Club: Cornwall

Jennifer Cunningham is from Boston, and she’s Lucy’s best friend. After the wedding, she accepts the responsibility of going with Lucy’s grandmother, Agnes, to Cornwall and helping manage a knitting shop they will set up. Jennifer has agreed to a three-month trial period. Agnes, now a vampire, needed to leave Oxford. As the previous owner of Cardinal Woolsey’s, too many people around town would recognize her. And they couldn’t chance that.

In the small town of Tregrebi, Jennifer’s adventure begins. First, she meets some of the unique folks in town—both alive and undead—and is now hosting a vampire knitting club in Rafe’s manor house she’s staying in. Oh, and she finds a dead body on her second day there. What a way to start anew.

Great beginning to a new series.

A Village Flower Shop Cozy Mystery
Book 1: Peony Dreadful

Peony Bellefleur is the owner of Bewitching Blooms in the Cotswold village of Willow Waters. She’s an American from Maine but moved here with her husband, Jeremy. After a terrible accident killed him, Peony already felt this was her home.

Peony tells the story from her point of view. A humorous story with unique characters. Such as Norman, the macaw. Jessie Rae, Peony’s mom, who is usually talking to the dead. Many more characters that I’m looking forward to in future books.

Book 2: Karma Camellia

Peony loves her quiet little town of Willow Waters. Only, it’s not so quiet anymore. A second murder has been committed, and the guilty party may very well be a man in town because of her. Mick is a thief, but is he a murderer? Peony isn’t so sure.

This cozy mystery is full of unique characters. Not only the humans but also Norman, a wise-cracking macaw. And then there is her mother, Jessie Rae, who is usually too busy talking with spirits to bother with the living around her. The handsome baron, who she suspects has a secret, her protégé, Char, who is a young witch just learning her powers, and many unique Willowers.

Book 3: Highway to Hellebore

Peony Bellefleur owns a flower shop in the Cotswold village of Willow Waters. It’s usually a peaceful town…until recently. And now it’s not peaceful as newcomer Dennis Ratslaff arrived in his Lamborghini. A loud man with a loud car who seems to believe the speed limit isn’t for him.

And then there’s Gillian Fairfax, a fairly new widow who always needs a man around. Her most recent is a real doozy. The fellow seems possessive, which is not good since Dennis also knows Gillian.

Another story filled with humor, murder, and everything in between. Colorful characters such as Norman, the talking parrot who is Char’s familiar. Oh, yes, Peony is a witch, as is Char. And then there’s Alex, a guy that Peony is getting very fond of, and he’s a werewolf.

Humorous series that has me looking forward to the next book the minute I finish one.

The Vampire Book Club Series
 Book 1: The Vampire Book Club
Quinn Callahan had done something she shouldn't have. For that, she's banished from Seattle to the little town of Ballydehag, Ireland.

What seems to be a quiet, boring town...even though quite beautiful, it doesn't take long for that to change. She arrived to a home she's renting from a previous banished witch. It also came with a bookstore that Quinn would be running while there.

And that is where the story of her first day in the peaceful town all changes. When she walks into the bookstore that night on her way to the pub. A great start to a new series.
 Book 2: Chapter and Curse
Quinn Callahan has been in Ballydehag, Ireland, running The Blarney Tome for about a month now. She's beginning to love this small town and the people there.

Not that all the people love her so much. After trying to solve a murder, she made a few enemies by bringing their secrets to light. Starting on her first day in town. Not the best start, but at least a murderer was off the streets.

Now, an older man has died. Of natural causes, thank goodness. But...something else is amiss. An old woman, a yew tree, and an old story of an evil witch. And of course, Quinn is in the center of things once again, which is just fine for the vampire book club members who always enjoy a good mystery to break up their boring immortal lives.
Book 3: A Spelling Mistake

Quinn Callahan has let herself get sucked into something big. A launch party for Bartholomew Branson's new book, one that he'd written before he became one of the undead. The author was so down about missing out on the launch...she felt bad for him.

 Of course, nothing works out as easy as it should. Oh, the launch was met with great enthusiasm from fans, his former agent and publisher. And it was helping Karen out with her newly opened B&B. But, a few unexpected guests and a murder complicate things for Quinn.

 Another humorous addition to this series. Wonderful characters as well...both to love and dislike.

Book 4: A Poisonous Review

Quinn Callahan, an American witch sent to a small village in Ireland for punishment, enjoys her new life. She has found that running The Blarney Tome bookstore and making friends has been fun. She’s also found that she’s become quite the investigator. Not that she’s proud of the murders happening since she’s arrived.

This newest mystery is hurting people she likes. First, a mystery man who came to reopen the bakery…or so he says. Two American men are staying at Karen Tate’s B&B, and Quinn isn’t so sure about them. A hermit. And, of course, the cast of characters that live there, such as the rich and handsome vampire. Fun series.

Abigail Dixon Mysteries
Book 1: Death of a Flapper
Abigail “Abby” Dixon has moved to Paris from Chicago. A new life. A promotion from the newspaper she worked at. Or so she thought. She wanted to write real news, not fashion. Unfortunately...she became the news. Suspected of a murder, her neck was on the line...literally.

This story takes place in 1925 and is told from Abby's point of view only. She just can't stay out of the investigation...even though she was the main suspect. Especially since she was. She was determined to find out who the murderer was to save her own neck.

Great characters, main and secondary. Humorous and yet serious.
The Great Witches Baking Show
Book 1: The Great Witches Baking Show
Poppy Wilkinson has worked hard at getting on The Great British Baking Contest. Not so much for winning the contest but more so to get close to Broomewode Hall. While watching the show, Poppy saw something in a painting in the manor house of Lord and Lady Frome that set her on this path. A path she hopes will lead to finding her past.

What Poppy doesn't expect to find herself in the middle of a murder. Or someone who she can talk to about her strange problems. She may have not found out what she came looking for...but she has found some answers. And hopefully in the weeks to come while doing her best to stay in the contest, she can find out even more.

Great story and wonderful secondary characters. Definitely looking forward to more in this series!
Book 2: Baker's Coven
Poppy Wilkinson has a very good reason for wanting to continue being a contestant in the baking contest...she is looking for her birth parents and the clues lay in Broomewode Manor. She's just having a time getting inside to find those clues.

Not to mention, she's been kept a bit busy finding bodies, entertaining a ghost, and keeping her newfound secret, well, a secret. She recently found out she's a water witch. Now she just has to learn what that even means.

A new cozy mystery that will have you turning the pages and...if you like to bake...putting some new ideas in your head to try out in your kitchen.
Book 3: A Rolling Scone
Poppy Wilkinson is back at Broomewode Village for her third week of the baking competition TV show. The first thing they'll be baking is scones. Being in town a day early, Poppy soon finds that every person in the village has tips on how to make the best scones.

The baking contest isn't her main reason for being here. Poppy is trying to find her birth mother. Her only clue was the blanket left in the apple box with her when she was just a baby. She happened to see the very design of that blanket on a portrait in Broomewode Hall during a previous baking show. She's determined to get into that room and see that portrait.

Poppy, who recently found out she's a witch, also has always been able to see ghosts. So Gerry, the first murder victim, is hanging around her...since he can't seem to move on, and she's the only person who can see him. Great cozy mystery series.
Book 4: A Bundt Instrument
Poppy Wilkinson is preparing for another taping of the baking show when she gets a call asking her to bake a wedding cake. She really didn't have the time but managed to say yes. When all was done and said, it was a beautiful cake, and her pride had her anxious for the wedding guests to enjoy it.

As with each previous week since she started in the show here in Broomwolde...there was a death. Poppy wasn't the one to find the body...she was the second person. What haunted her most was, could she be the murderer? After all, she'd been using her magic in a new way, and maybe it got away on her.

A cozy mystery of a witch who sees ghosts...including Gerry, the first person who died, during the first show. And every week...there he is waiting for her. After all, no one else can see him.

The Ginger Dead House

Poppy Wilkinson doesn't think of herself as a celebrity, but it seems that being on The Great British Cooking Show has brought her to such a status. As such, the contestants were encouraged to join in at least one charity event for the Christmas season.

 Bath, which isn't far from her home, is having a gingerbread house contest. Right up her alley. Baking without the pressure of the show. It should be a fun and relaxing event. Or not. Seems one of the contestants isn't very well-liked. He won last year...and it's suspected by a few women that he cheated.

 Now the pressure is on. The ladies want Poppy to win, so he doesn't. Another fun to read adventure of Poppy. A young woman who sees ghosts and has to remember not to talk to them when people are watching. And she recently found out she's a witch. Yeah, just a nice normal life.

Book 5: Blood, Sweat, and Tiers

Poppy Wilkinson is back in Broomewode Village for another weekend of baking. Another weekend of hoping to find clues to who her birth parents could be. Another weekend of putting up with her pesky ghost, Gerry, who was murdered in the first week of taping and hasn’t crossed over yet.

 This week, Poppy came across a group of people who were part of a bird-watching/wildlife group of sorts. They weren’t happy about the earl shooting birds of prey.

 And of course... there’s a murder. And of course, Poppy just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and finds the body. But at least she has another clue to her past—and another warning that she needs to leave, that her life is in danger. A little threat isn’t enough to stop her. Fun, easy to read stories. I always look forward to the next book in this series.

Book 6: Crumbs and Misdemeanors

Poppy Wilkinson is in the sixth week of The Great British Baking Contest. And it’s not looking good. It’s bread week, and even after practicing all week…it’s been hit and miss. Bread and Poppy do not get along well, even to the point that Poppy’s avoiding eating any of the sandwiches!

Thankfully, Eve has set it up for Poppy to come early on Friday and learn a few tricks from the new pastry chef at Broomewode Inn, Eloise. Hopefully, one day can give her enough tips to get through this weekend. Although, with only five contestants left, all of who Poppy feels close to, it’s tough to think of anyone being voted off.

Just when Poppy really needs her head in the game, a few things happen that have her very distracted. Another excellent addition to this series as Poppy bakes her heart out in the contest, searches for her information on her birth parents, and is learning about being a water witch.

Book 7: Cream of Passion

Poppy Wilkinson may be out, but she’s not down. Working in the Broomewode Inn’s kitchen is relaxing for her. And it seems ever since her first week in Broomewode Village, she’s been around death.

Another soul has passed on, but not poor Gerry. He was killed off at their first filming and is still hanging around the inn and the short area he can go. Annoying as he is to Poppy, he does have his uses like eavesdropping when no one can see him but her.

As for the contest, it’s down to four contestants. People Poppy has come to enjoy being around and considers friends. She’s finding it harder to have to say goodbye to them than it was for her to lose. But, on the other hand, she’s enjoying her freedom without the cameras and pressure. Not to mention enjoying watching the inn’s guests enjoying her treats instead of judging them.

Looking forward to the next book as Poppy continues to get closer to the mystery of who her birth parents were.

Book 8: Cakes and Pains

Poppy Wilkinson loves her job of baking at the Broomewode Inn. A dream come true. She has a new boss in the kitchen, but Ruta is wonderful. Outside of the inn, she still tries to find answers to find out more about her birth parents. She’s getting closer. Poppy is meeting with someone who knew Valerie, her birth mom, back in the day. But after an odd, close-call accident…the woman disappears without a trace.

Meanwhile, there’s been a death. Another murder that throws everyone in a tizzy. Nothing is adding up on this one, or maybe it’s just denial that the person of interest could do such a thing. And with only three contestants left in the contest, there is plenty of tension there.

Looking forward to the next book in this series, as always.

Book 9: Whisk and Reward

Poppy Wilkinson is settling into her new life as the baker at the Broomewode Inn. This is the last weekend of taping the show. She’ll miss seeing her friends every weekend. And she’s looking forward to where her relationship with Benedict may go.

But first, they have the funeral for Benedict’s father, the Earl of Frome, who was murdered last week. And of course, what would a story be if there wasn’t another body this week?

A remarkable story full of closures and surprises.

The Vampire Knitting Club Series 
Rafe Crosyer is the dark, more than one way...vampire in the Vampire Knitting Club Series. But hundreds of years ago, he was just a man. A man of the court. A man who protected Queen and country. A man who had plans for a future...

One night that all changed for Rafe. And now, his future loomed ahead of him. Forever.

This is a short but enjoyable story that gives the reader insight into what made Rafe into the vampire he is this series. This story is not a cozy mystery. Outstanding series!
Book 1: The Vampire Knitting Club
Lucy Swift was heading to Oxford to visit her grandma after she'd stopped in Egypt where her folks were on a dig. She'd spent a lot of time with Gran and helped her in Cardinal Woolsey's, her grandma's knitting shop, when she wasn't in the States or with her folks. Only this time something was wrong. Gran was nowhere to be found.

After finding out from the neighboring tea shop that Gran had died a few weeks earlier, the facts just weren't adding up for Lucy. But they would. The next few days of her life changed everything she ever knew. About life. About Gran. About herself.

This is a mystery that is written from Lucy's point-of-view only. There are unique secondary characters like the tall, dark, and handsome Rafe. And the quieter detective, Ian. Not to mention some unique older women and a brooding teen. Not to forget an adorable kitten. I'm looking forward to more in this series. Not Nancy Warren's usual genre, but just as good if you enjoy paranormal. And humor.
Book 2: Stitches and Witches
The peaceful street in Oxford where Cardinal Woolsey's, a knitting shop, resides hasn't been quite the same since Lucy Swift arrived on the scene. First, her grandma is nowhere to be found when Lucy arrives. Finds out her grandma had been murdered. And more mayhem starts happening. That was the start of it in book one, The Vampire Knitting Club.

Now, as Lucy is having tea with Rafe—who is tall, dark, handsome, and undead—a man falls over dead. Definitely ruins drinking tea for Lucy. On the other hand, her underground neighbors...members of the knitting club...are thrilled to have something to do with their endless days...years...centuries...and more. They’re all enjoying doing their part to help solve a murder—or two.

Funny, unpredictable, and page-turning books. Looking forward to the third book in this series. Not only is Lucy in the middle of murders... She also has two incredibly handsome men. One, she intrigues her and scares her. The other, at least he's alive...if only he'd show some interest in her.
 Book 3: Crochet and Cauldrons
Lucy Swift just can't seem to stay out of trouble. It's not as if she's looking for it, it just finds her. This time in the form of an ancient mirror her mom brings her from one of the digs they were on. Something her mother would never do...if she'd known she was doing it.

The surprise visit from her folks has Lucy sending Gran off on an adventure so she doesn't accidentally scare Lucy's mom half to death. After all, everyone but Lucy and the vampires think the previous owner of Cardinal Woolsey's Knitting Shop is dead.

This is such a wonderful series. More mystery than romance as Lucy doesn't have very good luck with romance, learning to knit, or keeping assistants. She really is best at attracting problems. Looking forward to more in this series.
Book 4: Stockings and Spells
Lucy Swift is a knitting shop owner her can't knit a stitch. She inherited the shop after her grandmother passed away...only to find out she's not dead...but undead. And if there was ever a trouble magnet, Lucy is definitely that. Where Lucy goes—murder follows.

The vampires have decided to sell their knitting items at the holiday market. Should be simple enough as long as Gran doesn't show her familiar face there. But, being Lucy, she befriends the neighboring booth owner and before she knows it...she's neck deep in a mystery once again.

A great cozy series from Lucy's point of view. As she learns about a world she never knew existed. That she herself is a witch and that vampires exist. And, that finding a good assistant—and keeping her—at Cardinal Woolsey's Knitting Shop is quite a feat.

It's not quite a romance as there is the very handsome Rafe...who isn't very warm, since he's undead. And then there is the handsome detective, but Lucy has quite a few secrets that she has to keep hidden from him. Her life is never dull and she's brought quite a bit of “life” to the undead living underneath her shop. Looking forward to more in the series.
Book 5: Purls and Potions
Lucy Swift is the new owner of Cardinal Woolsey's. A knitting shop she inherited after her grandmother died...only, Gran isn't really dead...more like undead. Lucy also discovered she was a witch. So now, she owns a knitting shop but can't knit worth a hoot and she's a witch who can't quite get magic right.

When she's pushed into trying magic by creating a love potion...she gives in. Oh, what a mistake. Lucy finds herself in another big mess and in the middle of yet another murder. Ever since moving to Oxford, she's kept the police busy and the vampires—who are quite happy to have something to do with their everlasting time.

The books in this series are cozy mysteries. Real page-turners that are full of humor. I finish one and can't wait for the next.
Book 6: Fair Isle and Fortunes
Lucy Swift has ended up in the middle of yet another murder. It was all innocent enough as she was her cousin Vi's assistant at the fair—to raise money to repair the church in Moreton-Under-Wychwood. When Violet's fortune-telling became too real...real trouble started. To save her cousin...she had to help solve a case.

And of course, her “cool” friends were always nearby to give a helping hand. I really enjoy this cozy mystery series with its unique twists of vampires.
Book 7: Lace and Lies
Lucy Swift entered a contest for Cardinal Woolsey's, her yarn shop she inherited from her Gran, to host celebrity knitter, Teddy Lamont, to teach a knitting class. It would be televised as well. Excellent for getting the shop's name out there and hopefully, gaining more business.

A murder wouldn't be good for the shop or the taping of the show...but such is life. Or in this case, death. Lucy isn't new to be entwined in a murder case. Nor is it the first time that a murdered body was found inside her shop.

Her undead friends enjoy such things. It gets a bit boring being a vampire and living so many years. So, with the help of Rafe and Theodore, who was a policeman in his previous life as a living man, they work on helping Detective Inspector Ian Chisholm solve this case. Of course, Ian doesn't know about all this behind the scene help.

Love this series it's full of humor and great characters.
Book 8: Bobbles and Broomsticks
Lucy Swift is part of a wedding party. Charlie, from Frogg’s Books across the way, and Alice are getting married and she’s a bridesmaid. She’s so excited for this couple. After all, Lucy and her cousin Violet had used some of the craft to help the couple out. Sure, it might have gone a bit sideways there for a bit…but in the end, Charlie finally noticed Alice.

Of course, this is Lucy and trouble seems to find her. And it finds her in a big way. Charlie and Alice’s wedding with definitely be memorable. I love this series and the characters. Humor, a touch of romance, and sleuthing that usually ends with a surprise villain.

Cat's Paws and Curses
Lucy Swift just can't stay away from trouble. And her knitting shop seems to attract the wrong sort of people. As in, not for the first time...someone is murdered at Cardinal Woolsey's.

This is a short novella but it's packed full of unique characters. Undead knitters who have a tough time behaving themselves...such as, not showing their speed and their age in front of humans. A unique cat. A handsome tall, dark, and sexy vampire. Wonderful series full of humor.
Book 9: Popcorn and Poltergeists
Lucy Swift once again falls into a murder investigation. With Rafe, her ever-faithful vampire protector at her side, of course.

After a murder at St. Mary's College, Lucy tags along with Rafe assuming it's one of her knitting students who was murdered. Detective Inspector Ian Chisholm, whom Lucy dated a few times, is never happy to see her. They seem to keep bumping into each other over dead bodies.

Under the guise of Lucy being Rafe's assistant to look over some old books at the college library...they try to uncover some missing manuscripts, clear the name of the previous...dead...principal, and find out more about the poltergeist who continually scares the students out of using the library. Full of humor, as always. I really enjoy this series.
Book 10: Garters and Gargoyles
Lucy Swift lives in Oxford, England, and owns Cardinal Woolsey's knitting shop. She inherited from her grandmother...who is still around. And Gran is just one of the undead. Ever since she came to Oxford to find out her grandmother had been murdered and she left all she owned to Lucy, life has been interesting.

There have been murders, and Lucy always seems to be in the middle of them. And her grandmother and her friends, all part of the vampire knitting club that meets in Lucy's backroom, get quite bored and enjoy helping solve the mysteries along with Lucy.

This time, an old friend...who wasn't really a friend since she betrayed Lucy when she was sixteen...pops in for a visit. Before Lucy can stop things, Pamela worms her way into helping Lucy waitress for a dinner that William was catering. And from there, it all goes downhill. An excellent cozy mystery told from Lucy's POV.
Book 11: Diamonds and Daggers

Lucy Swift has enough to keep her busy with running her knitting shop. But...she can't seem to refuse Sylvia Strand, a vampire who was a 1920s movie star and her gran's best friend, when she asks a favor from Lucy. If only she had the hindsight to say no.

 As usual, it didn't work out well for Lucy, the person who ends up dead, or DI Ian Cholsom who knows something is off, but, being he's not privy to the world of vampires, just can't latch onto what Lucy may be hiding. Poor guy.

 Another fun and page-turning adventure with Lucy, Rafe, and the gang. A cozy mystery with vampires who enjoy knitting.

Book 12: Herringbones and Hexes

Lucy Swift runs Cardinal Wooley’s, a shop that sells yarn for knitting and crocheting and such. Lucy runs the shop but she just can’t get the hang of knitting. She does have the knack of getting into situations where there’s usually a dead body involved. She also has many undead bodies around her, as in vampires. In fact, Rafe, a very old and handsome vampire, has asked her to marry him. Big decision. She’ll grow old and die. He won’t.

Pursing investigations on murders seems to come easier for Lucy than making that one decision. And, this book is no different. First someone’s alive…and then they are dead. That she can solve. The issue of answering Rafe, not easy and could she be running out of time? Does a vampire with a life that goes on and on…get tired of waiting?

I love this series and look forward to the next book as soon as I finish reading the present one. Love the characters and stories.

Book 13: Ribbing and Runes

Lucy Swift is getting married to the love of her life. She’d thought long and hard about being a mortal and marrying a vampire. Rafe is the love of her life, though, and he’d be the one losing the most…when she grew old and died.

When Lucy meets a witch that is absolutely gorgeous…and is actually much older than she looks according to Gran…they realize she has found some sort of fountain of youth. After finding out Lucy isn’t going to have Rafe turn her, Sylvia decides this is the next best thing.

Some things should be left alone. Murder and mayhem usually follow such secrets. On top of everything else, Lucy’s parents show up a few weeks early. When you’re a witch and your friends are vampires…life can get complicated with more mortals hanging out. Another great addition to this series.

Book 14: Mosaics and Magic

Lucy and Rafe are getting married! So maybe they’ll have a nice, quiet, lovely wedding with no mishaps. Right! Nope, not happening. I won’t mention what happens at the wedding, as it would be a spoiler alert. There is a murder, of course, and this time Lucy’s best friend, Jennifer, from the States, is there to help solve the crime.
I enjoyed going back to Oxford and seeing the gang again. A page-turning story filled with humor and wonderful characters. Even Lochlan is there from Ireland. If you aren’t sure who Lochlan is, check out Nancy’s other series: The Vampire Book Club.

Live a Little
Cynthia Baxter tried to spice things up with her fiancé. After a rather unsuccessful and embarrassing try...she realizes she's living her mother's life—not her own. So, she lets the real Cyn the Bold out and with a new look and attitude...she faces the world.

Jake Wheeler is an FBI agent who is trying to find a way to prove his friend was murdered and catch the men who did it. When he comes upon the little sex goddess in his new neighborhood, he realizes a tough gal like her can help him with his case. She's the type of gal who knows the ropes and will be able to seduce the truth out of men.

A humorous story with plenty of danger Cynthia may have a new attitude but she's definitely not the gal Jake thinks she is. But now that she has a chance to do something—there's no stopping her. Loved the story. It's a real page-turner.
**Sexual content
By the Book
Shari Wilson loves her mailman who keeps mixing up her mail with her downstairs, hunky neighbor’s mail. For a few months now she’s been exchanging mail and heated looks with the man. His eyes say that he wants her, but his body is making no moves towards doing so. And then she delivers his package...and her fantasies about him are shattered.

Luke Lawson AKA Lance Flagstaff is rather embarrassed when the book he wrote falls out of the envelope and his sexy neighbor actually believes he needs it. And runs as fast as she can back to her apartment upstairs. Sex for Total Morons, the how-to guide he wrote has ruined everything. Or has it? If she believes him to be so inept, then maybe he can test out his book and see if it works.

Keeping secrets never ever ends up as a good thing. Things have been moving along so well with Luke and Shari that he just doesn’t quite find the right moment to tell her he wrote the book. He figures he has plenty of time. Right. This book gets pretty heated as this couple go through the how-to sex guide.
**Sexual content
Take a Chance Series
Prequel: Chance Encounter
Daphne Naigle has gone and made a mess of her young life. Putting her trust in the wrong man. Her family is disappointed in her and she chooses to move on, to go live with the black sheep in the family.

Jack Chance has had a rough life. Most likely opposite of the fragile flower on the bus with him. Looks like she had all life had to hand her. So why the sadness?

Jack and Daphne get to know each other on the bus ride from California to Oregon. They share their pasts. After all, they are only two strangers on a bus ride who will never see each other again after the ride. Right? A very short story to introduce the Take a Chance Series.
Book 1: Kiss a Girl in the Rain
Evan Chance has it all, or does he? He's in a top law firm, dating a beautiful woman and he has plenty of money. What else is there? When his mom sends a birthday card that includes his “bucket list” from when he was twelve, it haunts him a bit. How could he be so successful at almost thirty-five years old and not have accomplished some of the simple things on this list? Where did all the time go? And when something happens to someone he cares deeply's like a wake-up call to start living.

Doctor Caitlyn Sorenson lives in the tiny town of Miller's Pond. Most days it's great to know all your neighbors. Other times it can drive you crazy that they know every time you fart. One of those times is when the darkly handsome biker dude passes through town. Kind of hard to escape the eyes of the town when they do not want to lose their only doctor in town, and have hopes of her marrying the chief of police.

This was such a good story that it was hard to set down until the end. Evan's troubles start with an ugly dog that soon grabs the reader's heart. Sometimes life is so busy while we chase endless dreams...that it's easy to miss what is right in front of us. I'm not sure what the second book will be about at this time, but I'm definitely excited to read more in this series.
**Sexual content
Book 2: Iris in Bloom
Iris Chance, the owner of Sunflower Coffee and Tea Company should feel complete. But as her thirty-third birthday inches up on her, so does some panic. She wants a baby, a family would be great but Hidden Falls isn't exactly brimming over with eligible bachelors. There is the new English teacher but he seems to be carrying some baggage of his own.

Geoff McLeod was thankful for the mid year teaching position he found at Jefferson High. When his wife chose to leave him, he wanted to get out of LA, away from her. The small, quiet Oregon town seems a good place to be. And for a man not wanting to get divorced, after meeting the local coffee shop owner, he finds it can't happen soon enough.

Welcome back to Oregon and the Chance family. In the first book Kiss a Girl in the Rain, we meet Evan, the second oldest of eleven children. Some are natural born, others were adopted. When they hit sixteen, they can ask Jack and Daphne which they are. Some choose to, others do not. This is another great addition to this series. Looking forward to more.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Blueprint for a Kiss
Prescott Chance is quite the success. Everyone wants a home designed by the great architect, only he is not to be bribed by wealth or power. If he doesn’t feel it, he doesn’t design it. His world is not the unorganized clutter he grew up in with ten siblings. He likes his peace and quiet and organized life. Until one woman comes in and rattles his cage.

Holly Legere needs her job. Yes, her boss is demanding and hard to work for, but when you have student loans to do what pays the bills. Like finding a way to get the touchy architect to change his mind about designing the Rupert’s a home.

Two different worlds. His a world of supermodels and movie stars on his arm. Hers a world of scrunching enough to get by day by day. When their two worlds seems impossible that they could ever meld together. Another great edition to the Take a Chance Series.
**Sexual content
Book 4: Every Rose
Dr. Rose Chance may deliver babies and take care of them afterwards, but it's the last thing she wants for herself. After growing up with ten siblings and never having all the things a princess thank you. The same for love and deep relationships. She was just fine without all those added to her life.

Dr. Matt Vasilopolous is an extremely busy man. So busy, in fact, that it slipped his mind that the best man has to throw together a stag party for the groom. Good thing he's fast on his feet when cornered. He just wished the best dressed doctor around wasn't there to hear his dilemma when Harvey called him. Surprisingly enough, that same beautiful doctor offers her help.

Another great story in the lives of the unusual Chance family. A mix of eleven children who may or may not be Chances by birth. Jack and Daphne Chance took in children and birthed their own, each child has the choice at sixteen to ask if the were adopted or not. The prologue, Chance Encounter is free and will introduce you to the unique world of Jack and Daphne Chance.
**Sexual content
Book 5: Love to Go
Marguerite Chance had been burned by a good-looking guy once. No way was she going to allow it to happen again. But oh my, Alexei was more beautiful than any man she'd ever met. She delivered her organic grown produce to her clients herself at least once a month to see how they were doing. Alexei's Greek was her favorite stop. But she knew a man like him couldn't be happy with only one woman. Especially not someone as drab looking as she was.

Alexei Vasilopolous, brother to Matt from Every Rose, is happy with his budding food truck business. He's not so happy about the face he was cursed with. Ever since he was a young tyke women were tugging his cheeks or in awe of his beauty. He had been openly chased by women his whole life. Now someone like Marguerite—she was perfect. They had their livelihood in food as a common bond.

Great story. The secondary story is what is going on in Iris and Geoff's life (Iris in Bloom, book two.) And of course, the reader gets to revisit some of the other quirky Chance's. Like Jack and Daphne, the parents. You can read their story for free in the prequel, Chance Encounter.
**Sensual content
Book 6: The Sheriff's Sweet Surrender
Sheriff James Chance has women problems. One is stalking him and he can't seem to shake her and the other does her best to hide from him. And he'd really rather have that one hide under his sheets with him. As a cop, he knows she's hiding something. As a man, he still wants to believe she's okay.

Kimberly Parker's life seems to consist of packing up and moving. Always trying to stay in front of her past. Living here in Hidden Falls, Oregon—she would like to stay. The Chance family are so welcoming and James Chance... Well, he's a cop. In her world, that said it all.

Welcome to the Chance Family. A couple of hippies who never really grew up, but collected eleven kids along the way. Some of their own and others adopted. As crazy as their parents are—all the kids know that Jack and Daphne are the picture of what true love looks like.
**Sexual content
Book 7: The Daisy Game
Lauren Chance is just waiting until she's old and loses her looks. Seriously. She is so tired of being beautiful. Not that she wouldn't be happy to find love, but no men ever see past her beautiful face and body. It's a curse.

Joe Benbow has returned to Hidden Falls to bring his dad home. His ashes anyways. He didn't expect to see Lauren at his grandparents farm. Lauren...the girl he made a fool out of himself in front of and suffered his greatest humiliation for it. He may be older, but it seems his heart still remembers being young and in love with her.

The more Joe tries to keep his distance from Lauren...the more it seems they are drawn together. But, he's leaving. Another great story of the Chance clan. Jack in his DIY projects...even though he's not a very good do-it-yourselfer, and all the others and their quirks. 

The Almost Wives Club Series
Five Brides--One Dress 
Book One: The Almost Wives Club: Kate
Kate Winton-Jones is going to get married in a month. When her fiancé leaves the restaurant to go back to work...before their dinner arrives...a rakishly handsome man helps himself to Ted's chair, meal and even conversation. Kate always wanted to please everyone and somewhere in all that pleasing others, she lost herself. One short conversation with a stranger has her rethinking everything. Especially what her life is going to be like being married to Ted...and his family.

Nick Mansfield cannot get the beautiful...engaged...woman out of his mind. There was something about her that stands out more than any other woman he has ever known. And he has known plenty of women. If only she weren't engaged.

Another story that pulls the reader in and doesn't let go. I loved watching Kate change from who others wanted her to be, to who she really was. Loved Nick as well. I'm looking forward to more books in this series.
**Sexual content
Book Two: Secondhand Bride
Ashley Carnarvon was the poor relation. She and her mother lived on her uncle's property and under his bullying thumb. When her friend and bed buddy of the past ten years proposes to her out of thin air...her life changes. Only is it for the best?

Bennett Saegar's life was in quite a tangle. The movie was his screenplay had starred an actress he thought fit the part perfectly. Too bad hindsight hadn't shown him she was a nutcase. As he hides out at a family friend's pool house, the last thing he expected was the first female that had been nuts when it came to him. Only here she was...all grown up and not so crazy.

In the first book of this series, The Almost Wives Club: Kate, Ashley's cousin Ted is the one dumped. Now Ashley gets the special wedding dress passed on to her...along with its curse. I can't wait to read the rest of this series to see who ends up with the hand-me-down dress. Great stories about women almost marrying the wrong men.
 Book Three: Bridesmaid for Hire
Tasmine Ford was the hired bridesmaid from book two, Secondhand Bride. She was left holding a deserted wedding gown and the burden of letting the guests no there would be no wedding. And that was just the beginning.

Eric Van Hoffendam had been left at the altar. It wasn't that there was love lost over not marrying Ashley, no, it meant he would be heading to jail. Just when he thought he was going from rich boy to jail bird...his life takes a whole new turn.

The expensive and beautiful Evangeline wedding gown is yet to be worn in an actual wedding. It has been cursed, passed down and deserted. Will the right bride ever connect with this gown for the perfect wedding? The reader is yet to meet two more brides in book four and see if happiness is found for this dress...and perhaps a bride and groom as well.
**Mild sexual content
Book Four: The Wedding Flight
Megan O'Reilly needs that next great story, not a wedding dress. If she wants to become an agent instead of just an assistant, she needs to focus on finding that magical manuscript that will get her promoted to an agent. Instead, she finds a magical wedding dress and Prince Charming along with it.

Dylan West is man enough to work in his mom and aunt's vintage store. It was during one of those work days that she entered his life. When Meg walks in through that front door, his heart left his chest and joined hers.

The Evangeline designer gown continues its journey of being a dress without a bride. Three women have had it in their possessions before their weddings. None of them has worn it. It was cursed along with its maker. Will Meg be the first to break the curse?
**Sensual content
Book Five: If the Dress Fits
Evangeline was once more than a famous model and designer. That person has been buried deep inside the always perfectly dressed and made up woman the world sees as Evangeline. When she needs help to get out from the curse of a wedding gown that has been passed around but never worn, she makes a false claim. And now the one man who knows that hidden woman is the only person who can help her. Will he?

Wade Davenport receives an odd phone call. An old girlfriend needs his help. Even with all the years that have passed between them, she still has a way of making it hard to refuse her anything. Sadly, he sees that her Evangeline persona has pretty much buried the young woman he used to know.

In the world of the rich and famous some folks will do anything to keep their armor nice and shiny. No matter the cost. Will Evangeline find a way to remove the curse from her business, or will she find something better?
**Sensual content
Changing Gears 
 Fast Ride Novella
Nell Tennant needed to get away from the fast pace of LA. What better place to go then Harleyville, Kansas to stay with her great aunt Gertie Hopkins. After a scare for the biker gang in town goes wrong, Nell and Gertie end up with a wounded biker in the house who can't remember anything. Accept that he thinks Nell is his girlfriend.

Wes Doman doesn't like the man he is, whoever that is. He can't remember a thing about himself. He's not sure how he got such a great girlfriend considering he's a long haired, most likely criminal, biker who belongs to some nasty gang.

Gertie's anti-biker tactics aren't quite reliable it seems. Instead of getting rid of the nasty critters, she's stuck with one. This is a funny and sexual novella with a few surprises. **Previously published in Bad Boys on Board
**Sexual content and language

Wild Ride
Duncan Forbes is a professor and he's on sabbatical while he writes and searches for lost and stolen art. Following a lead on a long lost Van Gogh leads him to the small town of Swiftcurrent, Oregon...with the sexiest librarian he's ever seen.

Alexandra Forrest has an agenda. Now that her grandfather has passed away, she plans on finishing the details of writing his memoirs and packing up his home to sell. Then move to the big city to complete her life plan. One that definitely does not include the sexy stranger in her library.

Gillian Forrest Munn messed up her life big time as a teen and small towns don't forget. Now that her husband left her, she's alone again and only Officer Tom Perkins seems to really believe she has changed.

A dead body in the library in this quiet town changes everything. Things like this don't happen here. A steamy romance and murder mystery are only two of the happenings going on. Another page turner story.
**Strong sexual content and language
Hometown Heroes: Wild Ride
Wild Ride is also in this boxed set.
Crazy Ride
Emily Sargent inherited The Shady Lady Bed & Breakfast in the sleepy and unusual town of Beaverton, Idaho. A town full of eccentric people who care about one another. When a stranger comes to town, he stays at her B&B. A real paying customer instead of the two special women she inherited along with her inn.

Joe Montcrief is looking at property for a customer and cannot believe what he has fallen into. The oddest town full of loonies. A kleptomaniac, Napoleon, one woman pretending to be French and the mascot is a huge rat like creature. He can't wait to get back to Manhattan, accept for one thing. The innkeeper.

Another page turner from Nancy Warren. A mysterious man who owns Changing Gears in Harleyville and seems to have just that special motorcycle that can change your life. A town full of fun and unique people. And of course the outside corporate folks who see things as money, not as peaceful and beautiful. This little town may not have money but they are no match when it comes to saving Beaverton.
**sexual content and language
Toni Diamond Mysteries
Book 1: Frosted Shadow
Toni Diamond is a Lady Bianca cosmetic representative extraordinaire. Her nose, which is too large in her opinion, seems to lead Toni right into trouble. When a murder occurs, Toni just can’t help notice some things about the dead woman, such as, she had last years sample colors. A true travesty.

Detective Luke Marciano was knee deep in lilac. The color of the Lady Bianca conference. He had a murder to solve and a nosy woman to deal with. He did notice there was more to Toni than her sparkly bling, much more. Still, the woman was too nosy for her own good.

The push to sell cosmetics reminded me of my own days with a home sales company. The competition for the leaders to get to the next level, more money, more prizes. Just more. And these Lady Bianca sales reps are not going to let a murder, or two, in their hotel sway their new recruits away from their party. A fun, fast moving story that keeps you on your toes trying to figure out who done it.
**Sensual content
Book 2: Ultimate Concealer
Toni Diamond loves her makeup and selling the Lady Bianca line along with encouraging those she’s brought into the business. Her sales ability pulled her from poverty to being able to raise her daughter alone. Since her ex took off shortly after becoming a father. Never to be heard of physically or financially again. Until now. Sixteen years later. Now Toni finds herself along with her mother and daughter in Vegas, helping the one man who never lifted a finger to help her.

Toni’s story begins in Frosted Shadow, the first book in this series. She’s a highly fashionable lady whose one flaw seems to be her nose. It keeps going where it doesn’t belong and trouble isn’t far behind. Only this time, has her sideline investigations caused a more serious complication?

A touch of romance. A large dose of mystery. An even larger dose of fashion sense. And at least one character that you just want to hit on the head in hopes it would knock some sense into him. I’ve enjoyed both of these books and look forward to more.
**Sensual content
Book 3: Midnight Shimmer
  Toni Diamond, beauty consultant extraordinaire, is heading on a cruise she won through Lady Bianca Cosmetics. Toni has one flaw, her nose is a bit large. That is not the reason her cop hunk, Luke, told her to keep her nose out of trouble. The truth is that nose seems to sniff out trouble wherever she is and her body follows along. Being in the middle of the deep blue sea is no different. She smells trouble and intends to sniff it out.

Cruises might be relaxing to some, but for Toni and her mom, Linda, it's a sales-woman's dream market. Potential customers for Lady Bianca. Only a pesky mystery gets in the way and sidetracks Toni. Add a crazed bride, an heiress, her daughter hanging out with an older hunk and it all adds up for another fun-filled book.
 A Diamond Choker for Christmas
No special occasion can sneak by without some sort of incident when Toni Diamond is involved. That includes the yearly Lady Bianca Christmas party her mama throws each year.

Linda, Toni's mother, is outdoing herself this year. She needs more lights and decorations on her mobile home than any other of the Pecan Heights residents. Linda is also outdoing herself when it comes to being decorated with bling. And that is what has Toni worried.

Toni falls into trouble whether she's looking for it or not. If you haven't read the first three antics of this high-powered makeup sales gal, be sure to check out book one; Frosted Shadow, book two; Ultimate Concealer, and book three; Midnight Shimmer.
**Published in the boxed set: Happy Homicides: Thirteen Cozy Holiday Mysteries
The Crane Series
The author has done an excellent job of bringing the characters to life. Definitely page turners that I didn't want to put down. All the characters are connected in some way through the business. Let your mind travel from Australia to California and back again as you watch these unlikely couples meet.
Book 1: Sun Kissed
Jennifer Talbot goes to Australia to meet with her client and learn about his business. She does not expect to stay in his home or to be seduced. She has a perfectly sensible fiancé and does not need the likes of Mr. Too-Sexy-For-Her-Own-Good Crane to stir up her world.

Cameron Crane needs this woman for his business and has decided to seduce her. She's beautiful and he wants her. And she's a challenge, just what a man like him needs. She may be more of a challenge than this bachelor expected.

I loved that even though Jennifer found Cameron irresistible, she did not give into him right away. The story has a unique cast of secondary characters that I’m sure we will meet in future books. For this reader the book was a page turner and kept my attention from line one to the final word.
**Sexual Content
**Originally published as Bad Boys Down Under
Book 2: Sea Kissed
Lise Atwater lived a stressed out life as a workaholic. And now she had to deal with some male model who was probably full of attitude. More aspirin and Maalox would be in order. Seems her presumption doesn't quite match up to the truth.

Steve Jackson was laid off for a few months from his job. When he applies for a warehouse job...he's offered something different. He wanted to refuse but the money was more than he could say no to. I absolutely loved the way Steve's character was so well written, very endearing.
**Sexual Content
Book 3: Star Kissed
Bronwyn Spencer, Cameron Crane's half sister is young, beautiful and loved to party. Her brother asked her a favor though and she owed him. Even if it meant babysitting some uptight American. Only that American ended up being pretty hunky and she decided to enjoy her babysitting duty to its fullest.

Mark Forsythe came to Australia to help with accounting. Helping the man who stole his fiancée. Well he'll show them. He was going to have a new woman in his bed every night and party like he never had before. And of course they would see how well he did his job. Jen would be regretting ever dumping him for this Crane guy. Funny how plans change.
**Sexual content
A Romance in Four Seasons
Volume 1: Border Collie Christmas
When Erin Nash hears a baby crying outside her door on a cold December night, the baby she discovers is a lost puppy with a red, and very wet and dirty, Christmas bow still hanging around its neck. When she attempts to unite the dog with his owner, she meets Jarad a man trying to raise a-five-year old daughter, Sadie, alone. 

Jarad begins to rethink the wisdom of getting his daughter a puppy for Christmas. She’s 
already lost her mother, what if she lost the puppy as well? As Erin and Jarad get to know each other, one small Border Collie with a big personality and no name, begins to unite two hurting people.

Author’s guarantee: No dogs were harmed in the telling of this story. You will not fall in love with the dog only to find yourself sobbing over his little grave at the end. I promise! 
Volume 2: A Dog Named Cupid
Jared Gardiner has an engagement ring burning a hole in his pocket and Valentine's Day is the date he's chosen to propose to the woman he loves, jewelry designer Erin Nash. When the dog who brought them together, a puppy appropriately named Cupid, gets sprayed by a skunk, Jared discovers that's not the worst thing that can happen to a man on Valentine's Day. 

Erin Nash is in love with a wonderful man, has a design business that is thriving and realizes that after some tragedy in her life, she's found contentment. Trust a man to screw that up! Why can't Jared leave things as they are? Why does he have to propose and ruin everything?

When Jared's six-year-old daughter Sadie hears that Erin isn't going to be her stepmother after all, she decides to take matters into her own small hands. With some help from the canine Cupid.
Volume 3: A Midsummer Night's Wedding
It's summertime in the small town of Kaslo, Washington and Erin Nash and Jared Gardiner are getting married. It's only going to be a small wedding, forty guests, and a tiny wedding party: Erin, her step-daughter to be Sadie as the flower girl, Cupid the Border Collie as the ring bearer and Jared and his best man. What could possibly go wrong? 

Erin might have ideas about her ceremony, but her mother has much bigger plans for her only daughter's wedding. If she can't move the wedding to the Waldorf Astoria in New York she'll do her best to bring a Waldorf type wedding to Kaslo including 150 extra guests.

Suddenly, Erin has a wedding planner she never hired, a husband-to-be acting strange, and she and Sadie are rewriting fairy tales about wicked stepmothers. 

You might as well come to the wedding too, everyone else is invited! Bring your sense of humor, a few tissues just in case and sit back and be part of A Midsummer Night's Wedding.
Volume 4: A Recipe for Thanksgiving
Erin Nash Gardiner is settling in as a wife. Her life has gone from sadness to the greatest joy within a year’s time. She now has Jared, Sadie and of course Cupid. With Thanksgiving looming ahead she has invited guests to join them. Only one problem...she has never made a turkey before.

Jared Gardiner adores his new wife and in no way is going to upset her. Even when she creates a practice turkey meal that is a bit unrecognizable as far as which country it may have come from. He’s just a traditional guy who would prefer a traditional meal. In his case, love means eating whatever his wife cooks.

Erin meant well with wanting to put all she has into the Thanksgiving dinner, but sometimes the old ways are the best. And accepting help. This is the fourth volume in this series. Border Collie Christmas begins the series where Erin and Jared meet. A Dog Named Cupid continues their courtship and the third volume is A Midsummer Night’s Wedding. These stories are short and sweet.
Sugarplum Series
Book 1: The Christmas Grandma Ran Away From Home
 For every woman who's ever felt overwhelmed and under-appreciated at Christmas comes the story of a decent woman, a widowed grandmother, respected matriarch of a big, noisy family who snaps one holiday season and decides to run away for the holidays. Little does she realize what adventures are in store.

Long time widow Sandy Forbes is breaking out this Christmas. In her 71 years on earth she has stuffed and cooked 55 Christmas turkeys, baked hundreds of pies, turned out thousands of shortbread cookies and hoisted enough pine trees in her living room to reforest the Amazon.
Her family love her. They come to her for every occasion, eating, drinking, squabbling and then leaving her with a mass of dishes and crumpled holiday wrap. But this is the year everything changes. When she wants someone else to take over for one year, the family lays a big guilt trip on her and Grandma rebels. Sandy’s giving herself a gift this Christmas. She’s running away from home for the holidays.
Book 2: Grandma Catches a Wave
The British are Coming:
 Book 1: George
George Hartley - 19th Earl of Ponsford has inherited a five hundred year old home, and the debt that came with it. It was his destiny, his duty. He picked up the baton with pride. When George said yes to having a documentary made by Americans, he ended up with more than he could have ever hoped for.

Maxine Larraby produced documentaries with all kinds of famous people. Never had one of those rich and handsome men affected her like this old-fashioned earl. Too bad he was tied down to his estate and her life was her work.

Love doesn’t care if it chooses a busy LA girl and an English aristocrat. But, can they choose love?
**Sexual content
 Book 2Arthur
Arthur Denby owned the Royal Oak Pub in Ponsford and was content enough. And then one day she walked into his life. An American who was going to be renting Stag Cottage was all. A pretty lady to get to know a bit better while she was there.

Meg Stanton had writer’s block in the worst way. Getting away from the familiar and from her last relationship, she heads to England. The moment she walked into the Royal Oak she saw it...her next story. And the face of her next villain.

The reader meets Arthur in the George and the Dragon Lady and I love that we get to see George and Maxine in this story as well.
**Sexual content and language
 Book 3: Jack
Rachel Larraby was a famous chef in LA, until the owners mismanagement had it closing down. Not only has she lost a job she put everything into, she had a divorce certificate showing where else she failed in life. And then her bossy big sister pushes her into coming to visit her in England.

Jack Flynt is pretty much of an English playboy. He is always a groomsman at the weddings and never the groom. Who would ever think that he could actually fall in love and settle for one woman? And who would think that the one woman might not follow suit?

The end of these three tales must end in a happy-ever-after ending, right? Guess you’ll have to read George and the Dragon Lady and Night’s Round Arthur’s Table along with this book to find out.
**Sexual content
**These three stories were previously published under British Bad Boys
Book 4: Courting Chloe
Chloe Flynt isn't sure what she wants in life. She didn't want the three ex-finance's she had. She didn't want any of the careers she went to school for a short time. And she sure doesn't want to be cut off from Daddy's money. But sometimes a girl has to **cringe** grow up. So she headed to America to do the one thing she is good at. She is starting her own business as a break-up artist.

This book is unique. The reader hears from six different point of views of people connected in different ways. Chloe is very aristocratic British and ends up in Texas. A hunky landlord, a young woman at the mall, a scary looking thug...who isn't...and a couple of therapists. Most who Chloe sees are dating the wrong people and she'll do what she does best to fix that. Chloe's brother's story is in book three, Jack.
**Sexual content and language
Holiday Related eBooks
Let it Snow
When meteorologist Marisa Langley gets stuck in the cold with The Last Man She'd Ever Want to be Trapped with, survivalist cameraman Rob Sheridan, she can't begin to forecast how hot things are about to get between the two of them.
Unwrapping Santa
One overheard conversation plus one Secret Santa office party gift exchange equals two office workers who loathe each other by day and discover there's a lot to like outside office hours. Daniel Jarvis is the top salesmen for an aeronautics firm who looks at the big picture and hates picky details like say, keeping track of his expense receipts. Tara Ellison is the company accountant, and she likes things orderly, and balanced. Like Daniel's expense account for instance. It may be war for these two during the day, but it's something else by night. Unwrapping Santa is a fun, very sexy, holiday story.
The 12 Dates of Christmas
If Lucy Daniels doesn’t get a date for her over-achieving family’s Christmas dinner then her awful cousin Trevor has threatened to fix her up with his friend. A blind date for her own family’s Christmas dinner? As if! In desperation, she tells her mother she already has a date for the big family dinner. With six weeks to go, she figures she can squeeze in 12 dates to find the perfect man to impress her snobby family. Lucy learns a lot in 12 dates. About herself, her family, about love. 
Enjoy the ride with Lucy as she counts down her 12 Dates of Christmas to the biggest surprise of her life.
Her Valentine Fantasy
Sam Benedict is the owner of a restaurant that is taking Seattle by storm. He didn't mind playing the waiter when needed, like the night he met her. The woman at table 12 became more than a patron, more than a seat number. And he wanted her.

Jessica Lafayette set out to have good hot sex before Valentines Day. Her date was not going to be it. Especially after his disappearing act before the dessert even arrives. In her distress she leaves her room key instead of a credit card. Was it the worst or best mistake she ever made?

What starts out as a woman determined to have casual sex, just a one night stand, becomes much more. Sam and Jessica have both left out important facts about their lives and yet as they email back and forth they build a relationship. Something much stronger than just a night of pleasure.
**Sexual content
**Received through NetGalley for review
Sugar Plum Trio
This collection contains: The Christmas Grandma Ran Away from Home, Border Collie Christmas and The 12 Dates of Christmas.
Stand alone eBooks
Drive Me Crazy
In the town of Swiftcurrent, Oregon, things are heating up. Dead bodies and missing masterpieces, family secrets and dangerous threats, a man who likes to feel his way around a problem and a woman who likes being the problem -- it's all adding up to the kind of steamy sleuthing that might just lead one very sexy librarian and one rugged art recovery expert into danger of the most intimate kind.
Steamy Southern Nights
Lucy Charles left Canada to go and stay with some newfound relatives in New Orleans. She lectured on history and she was righting a book on history of families who were Arcadia and Cajun...her own family history. What she didn’t expect to find when meeting her cousin Beatrice was her cousin Claudy. Distant enough to be kissing cousins.

Claude LaBlanc didn’t want the nosy unknown cousin snooping around at all. Worse yet, she was just his type. And she wasn’t easy to scare off either. He had secrets that needed to stay hidden, not dug out by this beauty.

What a great story with some unusual twists and turns. It also gives the visual reader a look at New Orleans. This is a shorter but full story.
**Sensual content
Rich Bitch: Everything's Going to the Dogs
Vincent Elliot Preston Grange, the fourth, more often known as Vince or Bulldog, has just received an unwanted gift. This big man known for being ruthless has inherited a foofoo dog from his great-aunt. Lucky him. And dearest Mimi only understands French. Yep, he’s lucky all right. And then...Sophie Veneau stepped into his path when he needed her most. Literally. A French speaking nanny. Lucky him!

Things aren’t quite cut and dried. Things start happening the day Sophie starts as the doggie nanny. Can they solve the mystery before someone gets hurt? This was a fun read. I could just imagine this big manly man taking care of a foofoo dog with painted nails. And it was fun to see the added characters come on the scene. The author really brought all the characters and their actions to life.
**Sexual content and language
Promises Made
His Secret - Her Baby. When busy accountant Vicky Harmon discovers she's pregnant, she couldn't be more shocked. She hasn't been within hand-shaking distance of anyone but a client in months. Except for that one 

night she can't remember very well. The only possible father of her baby is lawyer Ryan Kilpatrick. But how could he make love to her and never mention the fact? Vicky knows something, somewhere is terribly wrong.

Ryan Kilpatrick knows he's found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Vicky is smart, gorgeous and loyal. She's also the victim of a crime. He wants to protect her, but at what cost?
Last Bachelor Standing Series 
How long can three sexy single men hold out? 
Book 1: Game On
Detective Adam Shawnigan has a pretty good life. Two lifetime friends who would do anything for him, a June Cleaver type mom and a great dad, what more could he want? His mom would say a wife, but he just made a bet with his friends to see which one of them could hold out as a bachelor the longest. What he could use was to win the hockey championship. And Max thinks a friend of his is just what Adam needs.

Serena Long has come a long way from her poor and embarrassing roots. She is a performance coach, helping people believe they can anything they set their mind to. Like her pro-bono case...teaching the big, hot, hunky cop not to crumble under the pressure of a hockey championship game. And then she gets a stalker who seems to want to destroy her confidence. Good thing she has Adam on her team.

This is so much more than a hot steamy romance, although it is that as well, it's also a suspense story with plenty of people who could be guilty. At one point it reminded me of the movie The Bodyguard, where the protection and fear of others escalated Serena's fear to the point of breaking. And then the moment you let you guard down...well, you should never let your guard down is all. This is the first of three books in the series. Looking forward to Max and Dylan's stories in Breakaway and Final Score.
**Sexual content and language
**Received through NetGalley for review
Book 2: Breakaway
Billionaire Max Varo has more money than he could ever spend. His employees are good at their jobs and so loyal that they rarely need him. Basically, he's bored. Nothing challenges him anymore. When his company, Varo Enterprises, looks into buying a small family owned company, he decides to go under cover to check things out.

Claire Lundstrum's grandparents started Polar Air long ago and everything seemed fine with the company. Then Grandma told her they were in debt and close to foreclosure. Seems one of their trusted employees was not so trustworthy. They would just have to work harder and get out of debt. Business was good enough that they could hire a new pilot, Claire just had no idea this man was much more than he seemed to be.

Welcome to the small town of Spruce Bay, Alaska. Guaranteed that your business will be known around town faster than it happens. Only no one seemed to know the small tidbit of who Max really was. He kept his secret well, too well. Seems those secrets always come out of hiding at just the wrong time.

This is the second book in this fun series of three childhood friends who have grown up to be three extremely handsome and athletic men. At Adam's thirty-fifth birthday they make a bet to see who will be the last bachelor standing. Adam Shawnigan fell first in book one; Game On. Now Dylan Cross is the last bachelor standing, I look forward to his story in the third book; Final Score.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Final Score
Firefighter Dylan Cross has outlasted his two best friends as the last bachelor standing. A contest they started at Adam’s thirty-fifth birthday party. Not long after Adam fell out of the competition and in love with Serena and Max fell soon after with his Alaskan bush pilot, Claire. Not Dylan, Mr. June on the firefighter calendar. Nope, he was going to keep his bachelor state for a long time.

Cassie Price took advice from friends, family and financial advisers and bought a house. The problem is that it’s a fixer upper and she is not Miss Do-It-Yourself Handy Woman. Good thing her friend Serena’s fiance has a friend who can help. Or maybe not such a good thing. Mr. June is definitely a firefighter who is too hot to handle.

What a great series. Three buddies who are so close and have each others backs since kids in a sandbox. Their friendship has survived through the years and now it’s time to grow up. Only Dylan isn't quite ready for that. Amazing what a beautiful woman and kitten can do. Book one is Adam’s story, Game On and Book Two is Max’s story, Breakaway.
**Sexual content
Stand Alone Harlequin
Power Play
Emily Saunders life changed drastically on this visit to Elk Crossing, Idaho for her cousin’s wedding. Like all of her family’s doings it was long and drawn out for a week. The change wasn’t having to wear a orange pumpkin-shaped bridesmaid dress, or her family trying to set her up with her third cousin. It didn’t even have to do with her being asked to do so many things, because she couldn’t refuse them. No. The life changing part had to do with bedbugs at her hotel.

Jonah Betts was a cop who loved playing hockey. This week he’d be playing game after game with his Portland Pater’s in the over thirty games. Rather than bunking with his some of the the team members, he chose a room by himself at a different hotel. And that choice changed everything.

Sexy, humorous and a touch of some seriousness wrapped together in one package to make this a ‘can’t put it down’ type book. There is a unique side story with another couple that add even more to the story. Nancy Warren has a recent series called Last Bachelor Standing. If you read them, you’ll enjoy Power Play and vice versa.
**Sexual content
Best Man...with Benefits
 Harlequin NASCAR Series
A Very NASCAR Holiday
All I Want For Christmas by Nancy Warren
Emily Littlejohn is doing her best for her ten year old son, Darren. When he lets his hopes rise at winning a trip to spend time with his favorite NASCAR driver, Emily tries to keep him grounded on his chances of winning. Her son don’t know that same driver was his mom’s high school crush, although she didn’t believe he even knew she existed.

Jason Bane enjoyed driving and fans but deep down, he was still just a hometown boy. After they chose a winner for the contest he noticed a letter from his hometown in Minnesota, when the picture fell out of a young boy and his mom he knew that they needed to be part of the prize package as well.
Heartwarming story on believing in Christmas miracles, especially when Santa is involved.
Racing Hearts Anthology
An Outside Chance – Nancy Warren
Lucy Vanderwal felt like a spinster on a shelf. Following the advice from a book for a last chance at love she ends up at Daytona week to meet a fellow NASCAR fan. It went all wrong with the guy she went there to meet, she’d been duped. Big time. Thank goodness for Sawyer Patton the rookie driver she accidentally meets. Her vacation isn’t a total loss after all, and maybe her love life isn’t either.
Speed Dating - Nancy Warren
Kendall Clarke was having a tough night when it should have been the best time of her actuary life. Instead her fiance gives her some bad news and breaks up with her and then she’s mistaken for a race car drivers date… his ex-wife’s wedding. Suddenly her boring world turns upside down, and she likes it.

Dylan Hargeave has been going through a tough patch with his racing, but his luck seemed to change with Kendall at his side. Her kisses seem to help him do well racing and being by his side keeps his ex-wife a safe distance away. Life is going well with her as his pretend girlfriend, and he does not even need to make any commitments, right?

The author takes the reader for an exciting ride in the NASCAR world. Real life driver, Carl Edwards even makes a few cameo appearances in the book. The characters were realistic enough that it’s easy to get irritated at a few of them and endeared to others. Great story. Turn Two has another Cameo with Carl Edwards and Dylan and Kendall return as well.
Turn Two - Nancy Warren
Taylor Robinson has just returned from Australia. It was time to get back to work. After a few tragedies she ran away from her marriage and everything else. The last thing she expected to find in her new PR job for a rookie in NASCAR was her ex-husband. No matter how far you run it seems life has a way of finding you.

Mike Lundquist had tried to forget the woman who ran away from him and left him to deal with their home and all the pieces of their broken marriage. Seeing her again let him know that he failed at putting her behind him. And now they’d be working closely in the NASCAR world, she needed to get her rookie in the news, and Mike was one of the main reporters she’d have to schmooze, he liked that idea.

Another great addition to the NASCAR series. This book continues where Speed Dating left off. Dylan and Kendall have an active part in this book as they continue their relationship. Carl Edwards makes another cameo appearance in this book as well.
A Valentine from Harlequin: Six Degrees of Romance
Pulse Point by Nancy Warren
What if you gave six authors the same opening paragraph and let their imagination fly? That’s what we’ve done in A Valentine from Harlequin: Six Degrees of Romance!

Experience the variety Harlequin romance has to offer with this collection of novellas from six Harlequin series, including the passionate drama of Harlequin Presents, steamy encounters of Harlequin Blaze, spooky and sensual tales of Harlequin Nocturne, and more.

Collection includes novellas by Nancy Warren, Catherine Spencer, Margaret Moore, Maggie Shayne, Michele Hauf and Christine Bell.

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