Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Virtual Book Tour Pre-Show

 Welcome to
 La Jolla, California

 Home of the Moreno Family

**Pictures were taken in La Jolla/San Diego area by Judy.
**The Moreno's were created and brought to life by Elizabeth Reyes.
**It is up to you, the reader, to decipher if the following is fact or fiction.
This is so exciting! I have taken a few days off to host a live show at the Moreno's Mexican Restaurant here in La Jolla, California. (La Hoy a). On our six hour drive from Phoenix I was thinking of poor Sarah when she went back to Flagstaff brokenhearted, that must have been a long twelve hours for her on that bus!

Hubby and I have a few days to relax before the show. Talk about having relaxing down to a science, those lazy sea lions at Casa Beach are experts as they lay spread out on the sand, sunbathing. We let the ocean breeze caress us like a lover's touch as we walk along the beach, the tide creeps out towards us then slinks back keeping the hermit crabs ducking in and out of their hide-outs with each wave. We watch from the cliffs as surfers swim out then bob up and down in the water like buoys, waiting for that perfect wave. You can hear the power of the ocean as the waves hit the rocks in anger then rush back. Alex and Romero come to mind for some reason.

Meandering through the variety of shops in Old Town San Diego. I see the turtles Sofia collects but pass them by. I don't want to remind Alex what he did with Ron's turtle. (With the questions I'll be asking, Alex needs no reminders about wringing necks). We also found Angel and Sarah's favorite spot and watched the sunset over the ocean. No wonder they came here so often.

Hubby and I arrive at Moreno's the day of the show and find Elizabeth waiting for us up front. I am happy to see that her hubby has come along to hang out with mine and watch some sports, drink some craft beers, and enjoy the food. We leave them in the bar area and head upstairs to where the banquet room has been prepared for the show.
There is a stage up front so the audience will have a clear view of the cast. Elizabeth will join them up there for the show while I stay and mingle close to the audience (and the door in case I need a quick getaway.)

I glance over at the supporting cast who have already arrived and feel the anticipation building. I poke Elizabeth and whisper, “Is that who I think it is?”

She gives my finger a pointed look and I quickly remove it as she smiles and begins to tell me who's who. Tilting her head she says, “That is Sydney, Dana, and Jesse.” Yikes!
 “That over there is Luke,” she snorts and says, “the bimbo his eyes are glued on with the short shorts is the 'tutor'.”

Oh dear! I look at her, my eyes wide, my voice a whisper, “As in Alex's 'tutor'?”

She smirks and nods to another section. “And that hunk in the uniform is Brandon. The three drooling over him? Asia, Nicky, and Jennifer.” We overhear Nicky asking him over for fish tacos, now I snort.

Elizabeth pokes me this time but I don't give her finger the evil eye. Look there's Pat, Isabel's sister, Jacob, Michael, Lawrence, and Cici.” Jacob immediately steps forward with a smile and hugs Elizabeth, he is quite spectacular in his uniform as well. I doubt Romero will be impressed. Our attention goes to the door as we hear cackling and cursing. Obviously Aida, Manny, and Max have arrived. Max goes to join Luke, or more likely he wants to get a closer look at the 'tutor'.

More people begin filing into the room. Elizabeth turns and her face immediately lights up as a guy in dark blond dreadlocks shoots her a smoldering smirk. "Ah there's Taylor." She sighs. "And just behind him the ever perfectly groomed and so handsome Joey." Her smile wanes a bit and I can tell she is trying her best to appear like she's still excited. She leans into me, "Don't look now but there is Melissa in her signature power suit."
We turn the opposite direction before Melissa can spot us. 

“Is Melissa better?” I start to ask when suddenly a force so strong is felt in the room that all eyes turn in unison towards it. Gasps and sighs are heard once the women start breathing again. Elizabeth turns and follows my gaze across the room.

Wow,” Elizabeth says with a smile. Does he really think he'll stay under the radar just because he's wearing sunglasses? In that uniform? He's delusional.”

Is that Vincent?” I ask. While mentally telling myself that I am a professional talk show host who does not tremble at the sight of a Moreno. What happened to the sixteen-year-boy we last saw?”

That, Elizabeth smirks, “is no boy.” The room seems to heat up and several women start fanning themselves.

Definitely not a boy.” I am feeling completely awestruck as he dominates the room as only a Moreno can, and he is just the cousin! At the same moment both Elizabeth and I turn to see who Vincent is now glaring at. We look across the room and exchange knowing glances. Brandon has struck up a conversation with the lovely Rose, all grown up and looking amazing. I turn to Elizabeth, the excitement mounting. Okay, you have to tell me. Just what happened with those two?”

With an evil grin and a lift of an eyebrow she tsks. TSKS! Now now now. What fun would that be if I told you?” She strolls away and begins to mingle leaving me there festering in curiosity!

The table off to the side has some refreshments and snacks. I excuse myself to go get a cup of coffee and try to relax as I wipe my sweaty palms on my jeans. The questions I'm going to ask the cast are explosive enough, but add some testosterone and jealousy between the cast and those in the audience and who knows what is going to happen. Sure hope we don't have an episode like Geraldo had on his show, these chairs would hurt. I actually finish my coffee without spilling on my shirt and head towards the restroom. It feels like someone just pinched me but as I glance over my shoulder I only see Romero's uncles talking, and no one is facing me.
The room is starting to quiet down as the audience settles into their seats. The adrenaline is flowing, the lights are lowered over the back of the room while the stage area lights up.

 I turn to face the audience and through my ear piece I hear, 3-2-1-you're live”

"Welcome to the live blog-cast of the Moreno Brothers. I'm proud to introduce someone who can put you on the edge of your seat as easily as a horror flick, a woman who loves tormenting us with her Tuesday Teasers. She enjoys dangling bits and pieces in front of us so we are checking Facebook every five minutes to see if today will be the day. Please welcome the one and the only... ELIZABETH REYES!"

Loud applause and whistling breaks the silence. Someone up front yells, “What a woman!”

"We will take questions from the audience for Elizabeth at this time."

A young girl stands next to me looking very anxious with a big metal smile. "I just wanted to know, now that they've all had kids do you think you'll ever do a Moreno Family series with their kids grown up or in high school?"

Elizabeth smiles. "That sounds like an idea. I hadn't really thought of that but I'll definitely keep it in mind. Might be kind of confusing being as we have a new generation with the same names."

Another young lady raises her hand frantically and I point to her. "Please stand and ask your question" (before you slap someone). 

She stands. "I'm dying to know what happened with Rose and Vince. Can you tell us what the phone call from his dad was about and why Rose wants nothing to do with him at the end?"

Elizabeth glances first in Vince's direction who sits tensely, his eyes hidden behind his dark glasses. His jaw seems to tighten as Elizabeth glances back in Rose's direction, who tries but is unable to hide the hurt in her eyes. "No I can't tell you now, but I will say you will find out everything eventually. I'll be making announcements on my website about it." The girl pouts and Elizabeth adds with a smile, "Soon. I promise." (Right, we know how Elizabeth loves to prolong our misery.)

I cock my head and listen to the message coming through my earpiece. "I'm being told our very special guests have arrived and are being prepped and mic'd backstage so just a couple of more questions before bringing them up.” 

I walk over to another woman who's been waving her hand in the air since the question session started. "All right here's your chance. Ask away." 

She turns in Brandon's direction with a bashful smile. "Do we ever get to find out what happens to Brandon?"

"Ah..." Elizabeth nods. "Ever since his part of the story came out I knew we'd be revisiting him. So for now the answer is yes, but any details about it will also be announced later." She winks. "Think of what not only him and Vince have in common, but Jacob as well. There's a connection, ladies, and it'll all come together and be announced at the same time."

"Okay," I say, my own heart speeding up with excitement (or fear). “They're ready for us. We'll hold anymore questions for Mrs. Reyes until after the show. Are. You. Ready. To meet the Moreno's and friends?" 

The crowd breaks out in excited cheers while jumping to their feet. Some holding signs. "I (Censored word) love you,Romero!" another one "I need my Moreno fix!" I notice some of the supporting cast roll their eyes.

The rest of the lights are dimmed way down. The audience goes completely still as they seem mesmerized, staring at the door. A light starts swirling in circles. The door slowly opens, there are whistles from the front row followed by some unidentified muffled noises and someone else cackles (talk about taking away from the moment, yikes a foul smell is drifting my way, I think the noises have been identified!)

The light circles slowly until it becomes a beam in front of the closed door. The door opens and the squeals from the crowd begin even before anyone steps through. I take a breath I didn't realize I'd been holding and loosen the death grip I have on my mic. Then I get the cue in my ear. Cut to Break”
We'll be back from our commercial break with the cast of
The Moreno Brothers
January 4th, 2012
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  1. I Have read all 5 books love all of them, Can't wait for the next one. Thank you Elizabeth for the last book i just coulnt put it down. Need to write about Rose and Vimce. Cathy

  2. Can you please post pictures of how the morenos look or would look so I can squeal along please!!

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  4. Arent brandon, Vince and Jacob all in the Marines? Are you going to write a book thats set there?

  5. Yes, Brandon, and Vince and Jacob are all "Military" ;) And Jacob is Isabel's ex.

    Thank you Cathy! And all I can say is stay tuned! =)

  6. Cant wait for the 4th
    reading this was as good as your books
    great job

  7. To answer the question about pictures, the book covers are the only pictures of the Moreno's, sorry.

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  9. Emily Lamphear
    Ok here is a question for Angel. Now that your older and have grown out of your teenage years, do you still believe a girl and a guy can't be friends?? Here is one also for the Moreno siblings, What was it like for you when Crazy Melissa announced her made up being pregnant and Sal's BLEEP,.that for those moments Sal wasn't the perfect one?? Group question, who's relationship had the toughest start and who did you think might not make it? I love you all but Sarah and Angel's story has a special place for me. <3 so happy for your happy endings!!! Much love for Elizabeth Reyes!! Whop hoo!! on Virtual Book Tour Pre-Show

  10. One more question! This is for the guys, now that you are all parents, especially for the fathers of daughters, has that brought back to you your bachelor years and how much of that will now terrify you about yours girl(s) or how you will have the "talk" with your boy(s)? Thanks Judy!

  11. Great questions Emily! If you want to be entered into the contest to win a book, make sure and get your email address to me.