Saturday, October 8, 2011

Daniel's World by Kathleen DeLoach

This is personal for me and I also find the more passionate I am the harder it is for me to find the words I want in a review. My husband has Proteus Syndrome and at a conference for it I met this family. As I listened and watched Michael & Kathleen around their brother, Daniel. I was brought to tears. The love and caring as they share as siblings is obvious. Daniel is quite humorous as well and this family pulls you towards them. And yet, often people look at someone who is not quite perfect and they back off. What blessings they are losing out on by not getting to know people because they may look different or have a body part that doesn't look just right. 
This is a small book with a large message. 
Daniel's World by Kathleen De Loach
Daniel's body looks different. He's had lots of operations.
Sometimes he has pain and feels sad.
Kids can learn how to be sweet to Daniel and 
to other kids whose bodies look or work different.

**Sales of this book benefit the Proteus Syndrome Foundation.
From the Author:
This book is dedicated to my brother, Daniel. He has suffered more than any one person should ever have to. After seventy-five surgeries, he still remains the happiest person I Know. He is my inspiration for living life to the fullest. My hope is that kids who suffer like him physically will one day not have to endure the emotional pain of ridicule, a result of the ignorance of others' misunderstanding of their struggle. Please educate your kids about physical differences and teach them compassion.

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