About me

It all started way back in 1960 on a day in September, I remember it well. I was nice and cozy, no I think I might have been a bit squished by then. Actually I don't remember much about the day I was born or the moments before so maybe we should move ahead a bit.

Growing up on the outskirts of Lansing, Illinois I was blessed to have five acres of pets. From ducks to horses, deer to rabbits. Later on we had even more exotic animals. So it is not surprising that all these years later I find I have a bird room of about thirty birds and three dogs. We do not have acres so they are smaller pets.

I was not a reader until the end of 2009. I went to see a movie that I did not know much about and afterwards I knew there was more to come. A friend told me there were more books. So I read them. I always had what I considered a "video mind" when reading. I see what I read. Soon I found I enjoyed my minds movies more than the real thing and have not been without a book in hand much since then. 

Series books are my favorite. For instance, Johanna Lindsey's Mallory Family. There are twelve books and most of them bring the other family members back into each book and when I am done it takes awhile to get my mind out of England and back to Arizona. The books flow in such a way that you really get to know the characters and the areas. Kerrelyn Sparks Love At Stake Series is this way as well. Every book returns you to visit with "old friends" and new ones.

I enjoy reading romance genre the best and from all the categories. Contemporary, suspense, historical and paranormal. With reading the historical books I have learned more about history than ever. I often go and check on some of the facts after reading but many of these author's have done their homework and are right on with those facts. 

According to my report card I was never good in math so it's a good thing I was born in an even year and married in an even year, 1980. Helps me keep track! I am proud to be the wife of Jerry for all these years and each year is better than the one before. Although my sister in law claims that is because I am getting older and cannot remember the year before. We have two sons. It is true someone can be very pregnant and not know it. With our second son I was already five months along when we found out. We are part of a Home Church here and my husband is one of three men who teach. Life is good.

There are so many great books out there waiting to be read so it is time I go and do that.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I would love any suggestions. Being I am the farthest thing from an English major I will gladly accept any corrections that are needed on my blog.

Judy DeVries
Life in Arizona- We can get prickly