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Virtual Blog Tour January 4th, 2012

Here is the link from our pre-show blog in case you missed it last week:

Virtual Blog Tour: Pre-Show
The show went into overtime as there were so many questions so it's almost like a mini-reunion. 
We hope you enjoy! 
Imagine if you will that The Moreno Brother Series has been played 
out not in book form but in a reality show watched by millions.
Live today right here on Just Judy's Jumbles where you are part of the audience.
3 2 1 Showtime...

As our cast enters and they look around the audience, it is easy to see when they spot their nemesis. Quickly, I grab the mic and get ready to introduce our couples.

Welcome to Just Judy's Jumbles. I would like to introduce the cast of the Moreno Brothers Series. Please welcome Ramon and Isabel Romero.”

The audience stands up clapping and whistling and we hear someone say “That's our boy” from the front row. They go to their seats as they wave and smile.

Next,” I watch as Elizabeth goes to settle down Max and Manny, oh good, she has some tissues for Manny. Eric and Sofia Diego.” Again the crowd goes wild.

Salvador and Grace Moreno.” The clapping continues until they get to their seats.

I look up to see Alex, his ominous, bigger than life entrance has me quivering a bit, knowing what questions are in store for him. “Next up is the infamous Alex and Valerie Moreno.” Alex puts his arm around Valerie's waist and pulls her closer to him as he glares into the audience. I quickly follow his stare to see...Luke. Of course.

And finally...Angel and Sarah Moreno!” The crowd erupts into screams and cheers. When they settle down, I continue.

I would like to thank Elizabeth and the cast of The Moreno Brothers for joining us here today. I'll start with heart-throb #1-Angel Moreno.”

Angel, we would like to know if Dana ever returned your jersey? And are you in contact with her anymore?”

Angel sits up straight, exchanging an obviously uncomfortable glance with Sarah whose smile has suddenly flatlined.

Oh, yeah. Pfft! I got my jersey back a long time ago. And no contact, absolutely not. After that conversation, we had at the coffee shop, never again. Not once.”

The audience is watching very closely, not once does he even glance in Dana's direction. Instead, he leans in to kiss Sarah, as she brushes her hair away from her face attempting to smile once again.

Sarah the world wants to know your true feelings on Sydney. When he lost all that weight and turned into a looker, you must have had some romantic feelings towards him, right? I mean they say that being friends first is the best foundation for love and marriage.” I believe that if the evil eye could kill, I would most certainly be dead right now with the way Sarah and Angel are glaring at me.

Sarah is recovering momentarily from the unexpected line of questioning. She was obviously expecting questions about her and Angel, not this! It doesn't help that Angel now has a death grip on her hand as well. Laughing nervously she makes every attempt to appear unfazed and smiles big in Sydney's direction.

Of course not. Everybody knows,” she glances at Angel whose hanging on her every word, “that Sydney and I are just friends and always have been. And I have never in the entire time I've known him looked at him in any other way than my dear friend.”

Okay moving on. Alex, you being the womanizer you were, are you seriously sticking to the story that the tutor with shorts so high you could almost see her cheeks as she walked up to your door, meant nothing to you? That you just studied books and nothing more?”

Alex, who a moment ago was smirking and watching Angel and Sarah squirm, zero's in on the host. What the hell? “Yeah, seriously. Because it's the truth.” He turns to Valerie who is now staring straight ahead her eyebrow lifted. “Stacy's shorts weren't that short.”

Even the audience gasps as Valerie turns to Alex very slowly with a lethal glare.

You still remember her name?”

“No... Well. I was failing and she—”

“You said she—Stacy—the girl with the hooker shorts only tutored you a few times. You can't even remember my stepmom's name sometimes but you remember your tutor's name from years ago?”

At this point, even some of the women in the audience begin to yell out. One particular lady holds up her bag of popcorn, a few kernels falling out as she shakes it at Alex. “Yeah! What's up with that?” She turns her glare on Stacy who tries unsuccessfully not to smirk.

Alright, let's all calm down and hear from Valerie. So Val, are you seriously telling us that after spending the whole night spooning with Luke,in his bed, that there were no misplaced hands, no kisses to the back of your neck, or anything else? Seriously?”

The lady with the popcorn takes her seat quickly. “Oh shoot, I forgot about that.”

Suddenly the tables are turned and Alex's eyebrows nearly hit the ceiling. “You spooned with him? The whole night? In his bed? You said nothing happened.”

Audience members begin talking rapidly. One woman in the front row leans into the lady next to her and whispers loudly,“He didn't know.”
Valerie swings her leg over her other leg dangling herthree inch heels in the air nervously. She keeps it together while she obviously avoids making eye contact with Luke, who is now smiling from his seat in the audience. “That's all that happened.” Alex leaned over, resting his elbow on the arm of his chair with a deadly glare aimed right at Valerie. “He spooned you all FuBLEEP night?”

I think you two may want to work that one out after the show. Let's move on to someone I hope we won't be needing our bleeper on. Eric, you must have really been tempted by Asia, since you had known her before. Are you sticking to the story of nothing happening there? And what about Jennifer? You were pretty hard on Sofia for one little kiss, and yet that kiss you gave Jennifer in Spain was pretty heavy, wouldn't you say?”

Look,Julie, you're going way back here. I thought we were here to talk about—”

You're here to answer the questions that millions want to know the answers to, Eric. And the name is Judy.”

The lady with the popcorn stands up again. Yeah just answer the questions!”

“Yeah!” another lady yells out.

Sofia turns to him.“Yeah, Eric answer the questions. Jennifer?”

The woman in the front row leans into her friend and whispers loudly again,
“Girl, she didn't know either.”

“I told you about this already. In Spain when I did my internship but nothing happened.”
He turns back to me and if looks could kill they'd be outlining my body with chalk right about now. “And no, I was never tempted by Asia.”

Eyes wide open in terror. “Let me check my pulse to make sure I'm still alive.” *sighs* “Yep, still here folks. Sofia when you kissed Brandon...” did she just growl at me? “...was it better than kissing Eric? Brandon really was so handsome and needed someone, I think he truly cared for you. Do you ever think about him? Have you heard from him since then? Send him a Christmas card maybe?”

First of all, I don't even remember that kiss. That's how insignificant it was.” She glances at Eric wondering if he's buying it. “Second of all. No. Why would I keep in touch with him? I knew him since we were kids but we were never really close.” She reaches over for Eric's hand and though he lets her lace her fingers through his, his expression remains unreadable. “Eric is, and has always been my best friend and no one has ever held a candle to him.” She brings his hand to her lips kissing it softly before turning to Brandon. She smiles when he salutes her and winks from the audience.I raise one eyebrow and glance at Elizabeth with a “did you see that?” look.

Fair enough. Romero, it was good of your uncles to come today. Max is fully recovered from his gunshot wound, obviously.” I rub my back end with a pained expression. “I just want to remind you that we have to keep this clean, we are live. How do you feel having Cici? Remember, the ex-stripper from your uncles' bar who named her son after you? Do you stay in contact with Cici and Moe? Buy him birthday and Christmas gifts?”

Romero smirks, looking back at the rest of the cast members. “Ha! I got off easy!” He turns back to me with that same smirk, looking me up and down and chuckles when he sees me blush. “I couldn't care less one way or another that Cici named her kid after me. It's not even my real name. And nope, I stick to one rule: Don't do anything I wouldn't want Izzy to do. Staying in touch with someone from her past, who I'm not comfortable with, is one of those things. I hadn't seen or heard from Cici in years, until today.” Though his eyes meet Cici's very briefly he doesn't acknowledge her in any other way.

Thanks for your honest answer and I appreciate you keeping it clean. Isabel, how would you rate Romero's kisses compared to Jacob's? Ever regret not keeping Jacob? Or Michael? Do you and Lawrence still exchange books or have you moved out of the apartment? Are you and Cici friends?”

That wipes the smirk right off Romero's face and he sits up. “What the fBLEEP!”
“Oh my, and you were doing so well.”

The audience starts chanting, “Judy! Judy! Judy!”

As the audience quiets down, Manny, who's been wheezing in laughter the whole time in the front row with Max and Aida cackling along with him, turns to me. “Sweetheart, you're barkin' up the wrong tree. Doncha remember what happened to that idiot Geraldo?” He turns to Romero. “And don't you get any ideas about throwin' any chairs, boy.”

Yeah,” Max adds, “you got lucky that last time you was thrown in jail.”

Romero doesn't even look at them, his glaring eyes still fixed on me. I am now living proof that looks do not kill.

After the chants subside and everyone calms down again, Romero, still looking ready to kill, continues, “Listen, lady, if she had any regrets you think she'd be here with me now?”

Isabel touches his arm and that alone seems to calm him, a little. “No I wouldn't,” she says, then turns to me with a look that prompts me to check my pulse one more time. We've since moved out and bought our own home so I haven't seen or heard from Lawrence in years. Michael,” she rolls her eyes, “I had one date with him.”

Two!” the lady with the popcorn yells out from the audience.

Taking a deep breath, Isabel nods.
“That second time doesn't really count but okay, two. Point is, I never had feelings for the man. Ever,” she says turning to Romero. “And Jacob.” She takes another deep breath. “I'll admit that I'll probably never forget him.” The fire in Romero's eyes is instantaneous. “But,” she says quickly, “much like Sarah with Syd, I'll always just see him as a good guy who was a friend—”

another audience member reminds her.“Yeah,” popcorn lady adds,“two years remember.”

Speaking through her teeth now, Isabel continues,
“We were friends first. And that's the only part I'll always remember. But regrets?” She leans over and kisses Romero softly on his tense lips. “None whatsoever.”

Sal, as the last Moreno standing you received quite a bit of female attention, which you seemed to enjoy immensely. But, we are most curious about one specific situation you found yourself in. The night you came home with a date and found Melissa in your apartment with nothing but her birthday suit on. What happened? What did your date say once you sent Melissa packing?”

The lady's eyes in the front row nearly pop out and there are immediate hushed whispers all around.

Someone laughs in the audience and heads turn in that direction—Melissa. “Is that what you told them, Sal? That you sent me packing?”

Turning back to Sal, whom I thought would be the only one hard to rattle, looks ready to pass out, thanks to Melissa. “I never got that far and no one ever asked.”

I see. Your date was so offended you took her home and then Melissa left?”

More laughs from Melissa. “Try again.”

Romero stifles a laugh while Sal's brothers squirm in their seats. Grace lifts an eyebrow completely unamused. “She stayed?”
“My date walked right out and I went after her.” Sal pauses, scratching his eyebrow uncomfortably. “Melissa was still there when I got back from dropping my date off at home.” He turns back to face me. “And for the record what she said is that I should've told her I had a girlfriend, to which I explained I didn't.”

“You sure made me feel like your girlfriend that night when you got back.”
Melissa smiles adding, “All night.”

I notice that Eric is doing his best to keep Sofia in her seat. With her glare alone she may still zap Melissa.

That's what I'm talking about!” Max yells out from the front row then puts his fingers to his lips whistling loudly.

The chanting starts up again, “Judy! Judy! Judy!”

I wait for the audience to quiet down then turn my attention back to a very uncomfortable looking Sal. “Babe, it was a year before I met you. What does it matter?” Grace turns back to the audience and stares straight ahead crossing her arms in front of her but doesn't respond to Sal.

Melissa looks like she is ready to speak again when suddenly she gets a pained expression. Looks like Joey, who is sitting next to Melissa, is readjusting his elbow. Interesting.

Okay. Let's move on to Grace. Did Taylor ever trip you up and get that kiss on the lips he tried for?”

Sal's worried expression morphs into confusion then annoyance. “He tried kissing you on the lips?”

The lady in the front row leans over to her neighbor and says,“Girl, I thought that was weird too.”

Suddenly everyone's attention is turned on Taylor and Joey. Taylor smiles nervously and waves while Joey rolls his eyes.

It was a game he used toplay,” Grace says, trying to down play it, then adds with a little heat in her voice, “and it was before you and I started going out, so what does it matter, right?”

“Yeah, but—”

“Now now, Mr. Moreno,” I say trying to sound like Grace on the day of her interview, “I'm the one asking the questions here.”

Grace, about Frank. Considering you went all out to dress sexy and fix yourself up and all to go to the club with him, then holding his hand, it makes us wonder if there was more to that relationship.”

Grace sits up a bit straighter. “I was going through a lot around that time and it was Joey and Taylor who convinced me to really try to make the most of my night out by dressing up. But there was never anything going on between Frank and I. Allowing him to hold my hand was only as we came off the dance floor. Nothing more.”

“Thanks for clearing that up, Grace. At this time, we will take some questions from the audience.”

I point to a lady in the fifth row. The lady stands.

Yes, my question is for Angel and Sarah. It seems that people just love your story and want to hear more and more. How do you two feel about people wanting to know your every move, not only in public but your private moments as well?”

Sarah and Angel exchange a glance. Sarah smiles. Angel is a bit more serious shrugging. “I really don't know what the big deal is.”

But it is flattering,” Sarah interjects. “Angel's just very private. All I can say is we've been through a lot.” She pauses as she reaches out for Angel's hand. “But in the end, I think I speak for both of us when I say I wouldn't change a thing.”

Except maybe that scare we had,”Angel says grimly.

Sarah shakes her head closing her eyes for a moment.“God, don't remind me.”

Thanks, guys. Next...” I point to the lady who has been tossing comments and popcorn around.

While we are here can we get a tour of the infamous break room?”

Alex and Valerie shift nervously in their chairs. “Uh,” Alex says, “Maybe later. We need to tidy it up a little.”

Sal leans over. What do you mean? Grace and I cleaned everything last night. Wasn't it still clean when you and Val opened up today?”

Romero laughs. “These two were alone in the restaurant this morning? Ha! Yeah, you better hose that room down first!”

A slight crimson tinge begins to color Valerie's face as she glares at Romero then brings her forced smile back to me. “There's just a few things out of place that's all.”

It sounds like that is a hazardous area today, sorry no tours.”

What is your question and for who?” A young woman calmly stands up.

Yes my name is Charlene and I have several questions for several people.First, I would like to ask Romero why he hates the name Ramon so much, I just don't understand that.”

I sit down as it looks like this gal might run the show for a while.

Romero smirks.“I never said I hated it, Charlene. I just never liked it.” He shrugs, the smirk becoming a little forced. “It's the only thing I ever got from my birth mom and I didn't care for the reminder.”

She clears her throat and turns to where Brandon is in the audience. She uses a hand signal to tell him to stand, warily he does. “Brandon,” she asks in a soft manner, “how are you doing after the death of your father and how is your love life doing?”

Nodding, he smiles. “I'm good. Thanks for asking.” He glances at Elizabeth and winks. She smiles back but as usual, she infuriatingly gives nothing away.

I'm glad to hear that, Brandon.” Charlene now glances around until she finds Sydney. Once again with the hand motion. I could be out of a job if this keeps up. “Sydney dear, I was just devastated by your divorce. Please tell me that you have a happy ending in your life?”

We hear a gal in the audience whisper, “Oh, Shelley, you were going to ask that question!” The other girl shrugs and anxiously listens to his answer.

Sydney and Elizabeth exchange knowing glances. “I appreciate the concern but I can assure you I'm doing just fine.” There are a few murmurs as he too winks at Elizabeth and we all start to pick up on something here.

Charlene now turns back to the stage, after making sure that Sydney and Brandon have been seated once again. She gives a smirk worthy of Elizabeth and aims a pointed gaze to Eric and Sofia, they actually shift a bit in their seats. “I would like to hear more about Sofia's pregnancy scare back in high school. You know the first time on the beach when your brothers were too busy to see you sneak off to the cave.” She allows them to remain seated, how kind.

The audience is immediately all talking at once as all three brothers sit up straight. Alex inches up to the edge of his seat but Valerie lays her hand on his knee. “Are you shBLEEP me? Pregnancy scare? In high school?” Eric goes white hearing the venom in Alex's booming voice, but Sofia pats his hand reassuringly.

The crowd starts up again, loving the tension that's suddenly thick in the air. All three brothers glare at Eric while Romero shakes his head.

Judy! Judy! Judy!

I stand trying to take control before chairs start flying. As the chants die down, I finally get a chance to speak. “Lets hear what Eric and Sofia have to say guys.” I nod in Eric and Sofia's direction. Sofia nods back glancing at Eric with a look that says she'll take the question.

These things happen. I'm sure all three of my brothers were quite active in high school.” She gives Angel a pointed look then glances at Sal before stopping and looking at Alex. Fortunately, it was a just a scare and we learned our lesson.” She turns back to the audience slipping her hand into Eric's, who doesn't look quite as satisfied as she does.

Thank you, Sofia. My final question is for Alex. After the way you reacted to Eric sticking his tongue down your sister's throat at the New Years party, how do you feel about him now? Have you finally accepted your little sister's choice?”

Alex is sitting back in his seat now but the scowl on his face says it all. “Right now, I won't say what I'm thinking since it'll probably get bleeped out anyway.”

Say it anyway.” Romero laughs. “I wanna hear it.”

Alex doesn't even pretend to share Romero's enthusiasm. “She's an adult now. And overall, Eric's,” he rolls his eyes,“a good guy. I guess.”

Thank-you for your honesty, Alex. Those are all of my questions, Judy. You may have the floor again.”

I push my jaw closed with my hand and squeeze out a,“Thanks.”

You're welcome.” Charlene smiles at me and sits down.

We have time for a few more questions.”

A young lady raises her hand and stands up. “Go ahead.”

This is for Eric and Sofia. What has been the best day of your lives so far and I would like Eric to answer first.”

Not today that's for sure.” The crowd laughs and there is some wheezing from the front row followed by a loud cackle. “I've had many with Sof, but I guess I'd have to say the one I remember most was the day,” he glances back at Alex cautiously, “the day Alex broke the head off that turtle some dude brought to her at the restaurant.”

Sofia nods and giggles as the memory obviously comes to her.

Eric smiles and continues. “Sofia made a promise to me that day. It wasn't even the words she said that I remember so fondly. It was the meaning behind them that made me one of the happiest guys alive.”

Some of the girls clutch their chests smiling silly and exhale.

Way back then?” Alex asks, his face soured up again.

Wait a minute.” Romero looks as if he's trying to recall the event. “I was there too. I don't remember her promising you nothin'.”

Sofia smiles while staring at Eric. “You were too busy eating chips and salsa.”

Romero still looks lost.

Thank You, Eric, that's so sweet. Your turn, Sofia.”

Like Eric, I have many but I think one of the happiest days of my life was the day my parents finally okayed me for having a boyfriend.” She glances at Alex with a smirk. “That's the day I knew our relationship would finally be out in the open and we didn't have to sneak around anymore.”

Thank you, Eric and Sofia.” The girl takes her seat again.

I almost lose it when I see Max raise his hand to ask a question. I glance over to make sure the bleeper is ready as well and then glance at Elizabeth, she gives me a go ahead nod. I'm wondering if he's going to ask her to work at their bar.

Max, you um have a question?”

Yes, I do. Elizabeth, will you still be sneaking around and spying on the Moreno's some more or will you take your espionage practice elsewhere?”

I'm somewhat surprised by his question and turn towards Elizabeth.

Well, Max, I had originally planned on moving on. There is another group of friends in Los Angeles I've been been visiting with and there is so much romance and drama going on with them, I just can't pull myself away. But as my muse often has a mind of its own, recently a new Moreno, Vincent, was introduced and we never really got a chance to get to know him other than he's the bad boy in the family and just as much a hothead as these guys. So as Sofia said not too long ago, never say never. While my visit with my friends in Los Angeles will come first, there will be special episodes where we revisit old friends from this reality show, in between releases of the new series. What old friends? Think of some of the guys we met along the way as unrelated as they are to each other, what did they all have in common, including Vince?” *winks*

What would your question be?” I point to at a young woman who looks like she might burst if she doesn't ask her question.

Yes, my name is Cathy and I have read all five books already but I want more! You need to write about Rose and Vince.”

I believe this is for you, Elizabeth, seems to be more of an order then a question.” I smile at the young woman.“You hinted about Vince with your previous answer, so could you let us in on Rose and Vince's future? I have a question about the men in the Marines as well but as I understand it, they are in different sections of the Military, correct?”

That's correct. Different branches so their stories are not exactly connected but uh...we can call them spin-offs.” She smiles, again revealing nothing more.

Another woman who looks like she's ready to run the show stands up. I just wave my hand and give her the go ahead as I sit down.

I'm Emily and I have questions for all of you. Angel, now that you are older and no longer thinking like a teenager, do you still believe a guy and gal can't be friends?”

I think it depends on the circumstances. Obviously Syd and Sarah can. But for the most part. No. I still think relationships like theirs are far and few in between.”

Okay. For all of you Moreno's. What was it like when Crazy Melissa claimed to be pregnant and Sal was no longer the perfect brother who never messed up?”

Horrible,” Sofia says glaring at Melissa whose mouth pulls to one side as she glances away from Sofia's unforgiving eyes. “To me, Sal is and always has been perfect. Even then. I just hated seeing him so miserable. But like they say, what comes around goes around, right?“

Yeah,” Alex adds shaking his head. “I've never seen Sal so miserable.”

Grace won't even look in Melissa's direction. “It's in the past now. I just hope I never have to go through something like that again.”

Melissa slinks down a bit in her chair as she gets several icy looks from around the room.

For all of you, whose relationship had the toughest start and who did you think might not make it all the way through?”

Sal takes this one. “If I had to guess, because only time will tell, I think we all have strong enough relationships that will withstand the test of time. And maybe I'm just being a little biased because it was so daBLEEP hard going through what we did. We had the hardest start, especially because we didn't exactly start off on the right foot.”

I hear a few sniffles in the audience and on the stage.

Yeah.” Grace laughs. “He hated me.”

You always say that.” Sal turns to her with a smile. How many times do I have to tell you this? The only thing I hated was that after meeting you only one time, I couldn't stop thinking about you.”

Alex laughs. “No shBLEEP! He went on and on about her three strikes. I don't know why I didn't know something was up sooner.”

Sal rolls his eyes and Grace kisses him on the cheek.

My final question is for the guys. As fathers, when you think back to your wild bachelor years, does that terrify you thinking of your daughters or how you will have the “talk” with your sons?”

Not surprising, Alex is the first to respond. “My son will be easy. My dad is a man of few words, he never touched too much on the subject. It was Sal who did a good job of hammering it into Angel and my heads about what we should be careful about. And and that's exactly what I'll be doing with our son. Our daughters.” His expression goes serious. “Valerie says they'll break me down but I don't think so.”

Valerie laughs. “Oh my God. Earlier this year he made a comment about my friend's five-year-old being too young to have painted fingernails and how he wouldn't be letting his girls do anything like that until they were older. Then a few weeks ago I walk in to see him painting Sienna's toenails and she's not even four.” *laughs all around*

With a hint of humor in his own eyes. Alex tries keeping a straight face. “That's different. It was her toes and she was sad about her bracelet breaking.”

Valerie rolls her eyes. “They're all a bunch of pushovers. Including Mr. tough guy Romero over there.”

Romero stops laughing and sits up. “I'm no pushover.”

Yeah, right, Mandy can do no wrong,” Manny yells out from the front row.

Romero's brows pinch.“Well, has she ever?”

More laughs. “No,” Isabel says reaching over and patting his knee. “She's never whined or pouted when she didn't get her way right?”

That's 'cause she always gets her way,” Manny says laughing.

Valerie's right,” Sofia says shaking her head. “One thing is for sure they're all gonna have it way easier than I did because these guys are all a bunch of softies with their little girls.”

You forget,” Sarah adds shaking her head closing her eyes. “My girl has two older brothers.”

Angel winks, smiling. “That's right, baby.”

Emily nods towards me and takes her seat.

Time for one more.” Comes through my earpiece.

One last question and then we need to wrap this up.” A young lady stands and I give her the mic.

Hi, my question is for Eric. Are you and Sofia going to have any more kids and where did you get married?”

You're sneaky,” I say, smiling,“that's two questions, but go ahead, Eric, if you can answer quickly.”

Eric smiles. “We were married in Hawaii. The whole family and our closest friends flew out to be with us. It was an intimate ceremony and a very romantic week.” He smirks at Alex and Angel. Romero chuckles, neither brother so much as smiles. “We just recently had our second little girl and yes we'll be trying for a boy in a year or so. I personally would prefer another name,” he glances at Sofia who smiles shaking her head,“but Sofia says she wants Eric. And what Sofia wants, Sofia gets.”

You're dBLEEP right,” Alex says, laughing.

Valerie slaps him on the leg and shakes her head while rolling her eyes. Alex smiles and shrugs as if he expects us to believe he's kidding.

I would like to thank you all for coming out today and for being such great sports about it.” Turning to the audience, I continue, “The gang has offered to stay for a short time to visit but then they need to get home to all those little Moreno's, Diego's, and Romero's. I would also encourage you to go to the back table on the way out and check out Elizabeth's up and coming series, The 5th Street Series. Those of you at home, please check the link below. Maybe the next time we get together it will be with Noah and the boys. So thanks again for coming out and we hope you enjoyed the show!”

The cast all give Elizabeth a big hug and slowly make their way through the groups of adoring fans. Surprising they all come and give me a hug as well. Although Alex seems to squeeze a bit tighter than what seemed necessary, but I'll survive. Off to mingle a bit and then off to see how hubby fared downstairs.
What happens when our girls decide to 
make their men jealous and we catch it 
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