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Susan Sleeman Book List


Interview with Susan Sleeman

Thank-you for joining our party, Susan.

What is the strangest real-life situation that is in one of your stories?
I’m laughing as I write about this. No Way Out features seven-year-old twins and I drew from my oldest daughter’s childhood for this one. My hubby worked retail back then and he always worked on Monday nights so my daughter and I would get fast food to take home for dinner. She always had a happy meal and I thought she was throwing away her boxes, but one day when I was cleaning, I vacuumed under her bed and found tons of happy meal boxes. Unfortunately, there were still fries in some of the boxes. They were petrified and thankfully didn’t smell, but I sure was surprised to find them. So I put happy meals boxes under one of the twin’s bed.

Do you enjoy reading your own stories?
I wish I could say I do, but by the time a book is ready for publication, I have read it so many times that honestly, I don’t want to read it again. I love, love, love receiving the finished books when they arrive in the mail, but at this point I don’t read them as I know I will see all the areas I could do better and it’s too late to change them.

Are you sad to end a series and leave the characters behind?
I have ended three series now and this last one, The Justice Agency, was particularly hard to say goodbye. I loved this family of five adopted siblings and after writing five books where they all appeared in each book, they seemed like family to me. I’m in the thick of writing another series called Crisis 911 and I can tell I am already getting attached to the six person emergency response team. At least this time I have an extra book in the series so I can spend more time with them.

Do you write about places you have lived?
I have lived in 9 states, two of them twice, but I have set all my books in Oregon until this month. The reason for this is that my children live in Oregon and I missed them so much that writing about the state made me feel closer to them. Plus I really like the Portland area and it has many varied settings that are perfect for books. Mountains, valley, ocean, desert, you can find them all in Oregon. However, I recently moved from Florida back to Oregon and ironically enough I just set a novella in Florida. Not because I had a desire to write about Florida, but because my publisher requested a military-themed novella, and I wanted to write about virtual training. The Army researches virtual training at the Army Research Institute in Orlando and honestly, though I lived only a few miles from the institute, I didn’t even know it existed until this past month. Crazy, right?

Do you read the same types of books you write?
ABSOLUTELY. I am an avid romantic suspense reader. Take away the romance and I’m not as interested. Take away the suspense and I’m bored. Put them both together in an equal blend and I’m in reading heaven.
Nighthawk Security Series
Book 1: Night Fall

Aiden Byrd and his four brothers have started up a new business. Nighthawk Security. After Aiden donated one of his kidneys to his dad, he had to slow his life down. He'd been a SEAL and then an ATF agent. They figured this would keep him safer. Only, as the oldest brother, he still took charge and was the first to rush into danger.

 Harper Young is driven to be the best she can be in her skiing. She's been an Olympic medal winner, and it's looking good for her this year to win some major championships. She has a slight stalker problem, though. Plus, her mom, who's the governor, has been receiving threats as well.

 I enjoyed this story. Susan Sleeman has brought each brother to life with their unique personalities and quirks. As always, I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out.

Book 2: Night Vision

Brendan Byrd and his family spend some time before Christmas at a cabin on Mount Hood. This year, things are going to be a little different. Instead of time off from work, Brendan and his brothers have a job to do. A young woman at a nearby cabin is in trouble, and the Byrd men are protectors...whether it's a paying job or not.

 Jenna Paine and her daughter have been struggling since her husband's death. Thankfully she won a contest to stay at a cabin for Christmas. It's her gift to Karlie since they can't afford much. Her stay ends up quite a bit different than she had imagined.

 This series had incredible storylines and endearing characters. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

Book 3: Night Hawk

Clay Byrd had been on a task force to find a human trafficker. They’d failed, and a man was killed. The father of one of the FBI agents on the task force with him. Now, a year later, he meets up with that agent once again as they both received mysterious notes. Seeing Toni again wasn’t quite the way he would’ve wanted it.

 FBI Agent Toni Long never gave up searching for her father’s murderer. An evil man had escaped to continue his wicked ways...and her dad was dead. As she joins Clay in finding answers...she finds her life isn’t what she had thought. The more answers they found, the more questions that came with them.

 Susan Sleeman writes great suspense romances. Every one has me hanging on every word and are real page-turners. She also really brings her characters to life. As serious as this topic is, I found myself laughing out loud several times. The subject matter in this book is tough, the human trafficking of young girls. Another excellent story that also shows the reader a part of real-life.

Book 4: Night Moves

Drake Byrd gets the call to help a social worker get three kids to a safe place. He expects a middle-aged woman. Natalie definitely didn’t fit the image he was expecting. And he’d never really been around kids, but instantly he felt protective of all four of his charges. If this woman was right, a very dangerous criminal could be coming after them.

Natalie Dunn had been searching for her sister’s murderer for four long years. She couldn’t believe that she may finally have found him. And the Byrd family that was helping her protect the kids were the very family she’d dreamed of as a child. Now, she was a loner. After losing Gina, she had no plans of opening her heart to anyone again.

I love this series, but this was really wonderful. Another good story-line and wonderful characters. The kids are adorable and it’s always fun seeing all the Byrds flock together.

Book 5: Night Watch

Erik Byrd was happy for his brothers and sister as they all found love. But, when the one woman he truly loved and hoped to marry had left him six years ago, no other woman fit the bill. Add being cheated on by another woman, and he was done—until she walked back into his life.

Kennedy Walker was back in Portland because her mom died. Finley, her sister, believed it was an accident or suicide, but Kennedy couldn’t accept that. She felt her mom was murdered and wouldn’t give up until she had answers.

Once Erik finds out that Kennedy’s in trouble, there’s no him from offering the protection of Nighthawk Security to protect her and find out what’s going on. He didn’t realize how hard it would be to have her around him…or how his feelings were still there. But he was done trusting women. Another extraordinary story in this series.

Book 6: Night Prey
Homeland Heroes Series
Book 1: Seconds to Live
FBI Agent Sean Nichols ends up in Portland with his RED team to work on a case. Some cybercriminal has broken into the database of those in witness protection. They suspect the Phantom...and like the name, he's like a ghost. They have to find leads where there seems to be none.

U.S. Marshal Taylor Mills loves her job. Protecting witnesses who had to give up everything they knew to relocate. Even when they are difficult divas, like Dustee, she's determined to give them her best. And now, because of a broken rule, she needs to get Dustee out of another situation. Only, things are worse than she thought.

A previous case, that the RED team wasn't able to close, still haunts Sean. Taylor had helped work on that one, but they'd never met. They did, however, stay in contact and had become good friends. And meeting face to face was not what they'd expected. Great suspense romance. Looking forward to more in this series. I loved the secondary characters and the storyline.
**Received from the publisher for an honest review
Book 2: Minutes to Die
ICE Agent Evan Bowers is making progress on a possible terrorist attack. It's led him to a port in Tacoma. What they find is shocking enough that the RED team is being called in. That means someone from his past that dislikes him. He figures he'll be thrown off the case.

FBI Agent Kiley Dawson has just been given information about a terrorist attack that will kill millions. Her CI is murdered in front of her before she has the information she needs. Kiley is determined to find the killer, for the murdered girl. Suddenly, the case moves from DC to Washington State...and to a man, she has refused to forgive for six years.

Old guilt and grudges need to be set aside and Kiley and Evan work together. Nothing is more important than stopping these terrorists. It ends up that Evan is a valuable member on the mission. With God's help, maybe they can leave the past behind and accept forgiveness and that God is in control. Page-turning, heart-pounding story from the first page to the end.
**Received from Bethany House for an honest review
Book 3: Hours to Kill

Mack Jordan from the RED team, has been separated from his wife for a while now. He never told the team what had happened between them. Never would. The thing is, his wife was part of the team too, until they separated. And Mack didn't see where things could ever be fixed...because of him.

 ICE Agent Addison Leigh is so close to arresting a very bad man. That is, until an accident takes her memory and a hacker erases her files. Not to mention a man she doesn't know is at the hospital saying he's her husband.

 The case Addy was working on needs to be solved within six days. If not, many lives would be lost because of a weapons deal. And her boss has agreed that they need the RED team with them to figure this out. This whole series is excellent. A page-turning, can't put down read.

**Received from publisher for an honest review.

Truth Seekers Series
Book 1: Dead Ringer
Sheriff Blake Jenkins of Cold Harbor is on the clock to solve a case. Caitlyn Abbot has been abducted and the clock is ticking. He knows he needs more help than his own office and from working with Blackwell Tactical, he knows of a lab that they can things done...and faster. So, with Gage Blackwell's help...he's off to Veritas Center.

Emory Steele is more than willing to help on a case of a missing woman. She's never met the sheriff, but her friend Samantha, who works for Blackwell, has told her he's intense. Very intense and all lawman. And even though Emory has shied away from men, she feels comfortable...and safe...around this man.

The case takes quite a turn. A personal turn. All hands are on deck as the clock ticks closer to the time that they may not find the victim alive. Another great suspense romance. I love the characters and “seeing” them from previous books.
Book 2: Dead Silence
DEA Agent Devon Dunbar is working undercover when a situation happens that he has to intervene in. That one night turns into more than he'd ever thought. His investigation is widened and bad things are uncovered, thanks to the help from the Veritas team.

Kelsey Moore is hoping to adopt her stepson, Jace. She's all the family the little boy has left since her husband was murdered a year ago. The last thing she expects is a complication in the adoption. A very large complication.

Devon believes that meeting Kelsey is no coincidence. Rather a gift from God. But he needs to convince her of that. First, they need to find the answers to this case and the repercussions it's going to cause. Loving this series and that it revisits the Blackwell Tactical characters from the Cold Harbor Series.
Book 3: Dead End
Sierra Byrd works at Veritas Center as the trace evidence expert. As the man she's known as her father lay sick in a hospital bed...Sierra's world shifts and turns from under her with the news her mom gives her. Sierra feels betrayed that she'd been lied to all her life and sets out to understand the truth. One blow after another hit her on her journey.

FBI Special Agent Reed Rice hasn't gotten anywhere on the case he's been working on for a month. So, when he finds someone in the office of the man he's been hunting for...he thinks he has a break. Only...she's a feisty woman who isn't afraid of him. They don't agree on what the suspect might have done...but at least she agrees to work with him.

The brilliant crew at Veritas Center all have their specialties. With each of them working on the case using their special skills...they can find the answers. Hopefully this time they can find them before any more people die. Especially the one man that Sierra and Reed are looking for. Great series and characters.
Book 4: Dead Heat
Nick Thorn, cybercrimes director at the Veritas Center, doesn't plan on marrying. Ever. He saw how his parents failed at marriage...failed him...and he was fine being married to his job. Or so he told himself.

FBI Agent Piper Nash, Eryn's friend from Cold Case in the Cold Harbor series, is out to catch a hacker. Not just any hacker. No. Jinx is evil. She stole confidential files and turned around to blackmail the patients. She was talented when it came to cybercrimes, but she needed someone even better.

Nick and Piper's first meeting was...unusual. They had to quickly move on from that first meeting and work together before they lost Jinx. She was one criminal that needed to be stopped and fast. Another great romance suspense. Page-turner as usual. I loved the characters.
Book 5: Dead Center
Grady Houston, weapons expert at Veritas Center, has held on to a secret for a long time. That secret kept him from moving forward in many ways. Especially a relationship where he'd have to tell the woman his shameful secret.

Ainslie Duncan grew up poor and hated charity. The pity and often uncharitable way people looked at them. When her brother, Ethan, gets into trouble...she finally excepts help from her employers at Veritas, while trying to keep her distance from Grady. The pull between them has been there and they have both been avoiding it.

As danger comes knocking on Ainslie's door, Grady's protective nature comes to the forefront. There's no denying their attraction but helping Ethan and overcoming their past has to be dealt with first. Great series.
Book 6: Dead Even
Maya Glass started the Veritas Center six years ago. Thanks to a broken heart, she put all her time and energy into creating the best center ever. Thanks to a beautiful building her grandfather left her. Now, a successful business with six other partners. When a friend needs her help...she finds she needs help and fast.

FBI Special Agent Hunter Lane is surprised when Maya calls him for help. The problem is, he'll have to work closely with her to find her missing friend. Six years have passed since they'd dated...and yet, not much has changed.

Another mystery that has you guessing to the end. Such well-written suspense-romance stories. The author is great at creating these stories where you can't figure out the villain, and meanwhile, she had my heart involved looking for the friend. Would he be dead or alive? Great series.
Cold Harbor Series
  Book 1: Cold Terror
Hannah Perry, a forensic artist, is supposed to be on vacation. She couldn't just say no to the sheriff of Cold Harbor when asked if she could reconstruct a skull they'd discovered. This person had the right to be given an identity. For a family to be given peace. Only, there was anything but peace for Hannah.

Gage Blackwell couldn't believe it when he rescued a small boy and a woman. A woman he knew and hadn't seen for ten years. And then, he had to protect her and her young son. Someone was trying to kill her... Not on his watch!

Blackwell Tactical hires those who'd been in the law enforcement or the military, but due to injuries, had to retire. Now they work for Gage doing what they do best...protecting. I really enjoyed this story. The secondary characters are wonderful and I can't wait to read their stories. The children really add a lot to the story too.
 Book 2: Cold Truth
Former Army Ranger, Cooper “Coop” Ashcroft goes on facts. Not emotions. So even though the beautiful woman he's brought back to the Blackwell Tactical compound seems like she really just wants to find her brother...the facts show that her brother—and possibly the woman herself—could be guilty of a theft of a dangerous substance.

Kiera Underwood may have grown up in need of nothing, but she still worked for what she has. Most of all her independence. She is finally out of the stifling protection of her mother and suddenly she's under the protection of the bossy...but, oh so handsome Coop. Only...he doesn't do relationships and he doesn't believe she's innocent.

The men and woman of Blackwell Tactical are tough, ready to protect, and will do what's right. They have all been injured and can no longer work in the fields they loved; law enforcement or the military. Thanks to Gage Blackwell, they once again have jobs they love. Loving the series, the characters, and the secondary characters.
 Book 3: Cold Fury
Jackson Lockhart had been a Green Beret. It had been his much so that he left behind his fiancé when she needed him most. And not being there for her had cost him his relationship with her. He'd left with them each promising never to see or contact the other again. Ever.

Maggie Turner loved working in her field of anthropology. Helping identify victims to give their families the peace to lay to rest their loved ones. After a devastating forest fire that had her working non-stop to identify what was left of the victims...her past caught up to her. Jackson.

When it comes to protecting strangers...the men and woman of Blackwell Tactical are some of the best. When it comes to protecting someone they have a connection with...there is no keeping them away. Even if it means breaking a six-year-old promise. A wonderful series. I love the way the author wraps the spiritual side into the stories.
 Book 4: Cold Case
Eryn Calloway had loved and lost once. That was enough for her. Now, her life was her four-year-old daughter, Bekah. She's spent the past year keeping a distance from one man that could tempt to her and now that she's been threatened...that man is closer to her than she likes.

Deputy Trey Sawyer was injured while helping his friend Gage Blackwell. He's been on desk duty since then. When an opportunity comes for him to protect the woman who's owned his heart the past year...he jumps at it. Which makes life harder since she doesn't want his heart.

The Blackwell Tactical team is a unit of six that works like a well-oiled machine. And now, one of their own is in trouble. Loved this story—and all of the series so far. Eryn is being attacked at the place she owns...the cyber world. Great suspense as to which villain is the one after her. Great twists, turns, and surprises.
  Book 5: Cold Fear
Riley Glen had worked for the PPB - Portland Police Bureau until he was injured. Thanks to Blackwell Tactical, he's back to doing what he loves. And he's greatly depended upon as their sniper when going into situations. Sure beats the desk job he'd have been stuck with. When he gets a call for help from the past...he's ready to protect. Even though it comes with lots of hurtful memories.

Leah Kent, a popular singer, thought her worst nightmare was the stalker who went from social media stalker to appearing at her concerts to getting more personal and sending letters. But that was only the beginning. Now murder is involved. Not to mention working near the man she once loved and the secret she's withheld from him.

This is such a good series. It's a different take on the heroes as they are not only men who were injured while serving their country—but they come from different walks. Some law enforcement others the different branches of the military and others former FBI agents. And Gage only hires those who've been injured. What a team! And I love the way their faith is quietly working in their lives.
  Book 6: Cold Pursuit
Alex Hamilton was supposed to stay under the radar while on an undercover assignment with Sam. But when their drunk target started to harass the waitress, Alex had to step in. There was just something about the woman that had him mesmerized.

Whitney Rochester's life took a bad turn. Her sister was dead, her own life threatened, and she had two young children she needed to protect. And she needed the job at the resort to stay hidden. What she didn't need is some handsome man getting in her way when she could handle things herself.

Until someone is murdered. Then Whitney realizes she needs help. Even if it means having that handsome man protecting her and the children. Great romance and suspense story. Really good series too. The men and women of Blackwell Tactical will put their lives on the line to help those who need them.
Book 7: Cold Dawn
Samantha Willis, forensic expert loves her job with Blackwell Tactical. They are family. When a childhood friend turns up dead...Sam goes to investigate on her own. If there is evidence to find that he was murdered...she's going to find it. And, she even asked for help from an old friend.

Matt Griffin “Griff” is thankful that Gage Blackwell lets him help with the case to find his friend's murderer. The Blackwell group is quite impressive and he gets to be close to Sam. Whether that's good or bad is yet to be seen.

Another great story in this series. So real life how events in our lives can color our perspectives. And how fear can keep us imprisoned. Stop us from living. These stories have great characters, suspense, and real-life struggles. Love it.
The Morgan Brothers Series
Book 1: High Stakes Inheritance
Mia Blackburn is returning to Logan Lake after 10 long years. After her mother died, her dad blamed Mia for the death and treated her badly. Her protector and love betrayed her so she left to live with her Uncle Wally in Atlanta. Now that Uncle Wally has died, he left Mia with his resort in Logan Lake. The clincher is that she has to stay for one year to inherit it. The first day she is at the resort the threatening notes start coming for her to leave or else!
Ryan Morgan could not believe how beautiful Mia still was after not seeing her for so long. But he could not get out of his mind how he had failed to save his fiance three years ago so he has chosen to stay out of relationships. And yet here he is trying to protect Mia. Ryan had treated her cruelly when he broke up with her ten years ago and now that he is a Christian he wants her forgiveness. Through one incident and murder after another, Ryan and Mia are drawn closer together, whether they want to or not.
Book 2: Behind the Badge
Russ Morgan had lost everything he cared about. As an Officer he watched a young boy die and blamed himself. After turning to drinking he lost his wife and son. He has sobered up since and is the Chief of Police in Logan Lake. He is able to see his son, Zack, but never enough. He is a changed man who still carries a huge burden. And than one night he is in time to rescue Deputy Sydney Tucker. Years ago this beauty had told him she was in love with him but she was a freshman and he was in college, he broke her heart and she walked away from him.

Sydney was checking on her new townhouse when she heard two men and then gunshots. She had left her gun in her car along with her cell phone. When strong arms came around her when she was going to run for it, she thought she was dead, but it was Russ Morgan not the gunman, and he was still as handsome as ever.

The murdered man is a drug dealer that Syd had threatened after he had her young sister and her friends at a party, encouraging Nikki and the others to drink or do drugs, Sydney could end a suspect in his murder.The gunman seemed to think she had something he wanted. He was threatening those Sydney cared most about and he always knew where to find them.

Russ put Sydney on his investigation team even though she was with the Sheriff's office and they did not usually work well together. He told himself it was because she was a witness but the truth was he wanted her nearby.

As Russ & Sydney work through finding a murder, overcoming guilt and dealing with a seventeen year old girl who does not like hiding out instead of being with her friends, more starts building. Can these two find happiness and love in their lives and let go of the past?
Book 3: The Christmas Witness
Norman Fowler was free to terrorize her again!

When FBI agent Reid Morgan chose his job over a life with witness Megan Cash twelve years ago, he doesn't think he'll ever see her again. But when the man they put behind bars for bank robbery and holding Megan hostage is released from prison and threatens to end her life if she doesn't meet his ransom demands, Reid is the only person who can protect Megan and her critically ill child, Ella. Can Reid overcome the loss of his wife to cancer in the very hospital where Ella is being treated in order to help Megan? And can Megan forgive Reid for choosing his job instead of her, in order to let him? Or will the ex-con succeed in his revenge and end Megan's life?
The Justice Agency Series:
Family And Law Enforcement
go hand in hand...
Book 1: Double Exposure
Photographer Jennie Buchanan unknowingly captures a drug-cartel meeting on film. And now she has become a killer's next target. Even worse, her only protection from the danger that threatens her life is the man who threatens her heart. Dodging bullets almost seems safer than facing the feelings stirred up by seeing former FBI agent and ex-boyfriend Ethan Justice again.

Ethan vows to safeguard Jennie from the deadly men on her trail. And for a second chance at Jennie's love, he's willing to risk anything to expose the truth about the drug smugglers, the past and the future together is what he still wants.
Book 2: Dead Wrong
When her client and old college friend is murdered, P.I. Kat Justice knows the killer will come for her next. Her survival depends on finding her unknown enemy first…and working with homicide detective Mitch Elliot, her onetime crush. It'll take all her professional skills to ignore the sparks between them, but Kat can't allow the handsome cop to get close. She's seen too many people she loves die, so she vows just to do her job without getting emotionally involved. Yet keeping her distance may not be the best way to protect her heart—or their lives.
Book 3: No Way Out
Alyssa Wells has uncovered evidence that her police officer husband was murdered by his partner-a dangerous claim in a small town. After two tours in Iraq, protecting Alyssa and her children shouldn't be a problem for private investigator Cole Justice. Alyssa feels drawn to him, but how can she trust anyone after everything she's been through? Cole's sure his heart is closed off to love, but Alyssa and her children seem to have found a way in. As the killer draws closer, Alyssa realizes she's trusting Cole with more than her safety.
Book 4: Thread of Suspicion
When someone sabotages former navy SEAL Luke Baldwin's "unhackable" software, there's more than his reputation at stake. Faced with treason charges, Luke turns to Dani Justice, a computer expert and skilled investigator. She's eager to dive into the challenging case…until she uncovers a devastating connection. The hacker framing Luke has a personal, deadly history with Dani. Luke's code of honor and his growing feelings make him resolved to protect the sweet, strong woman he knows is more vulnerable than she'd admit. But what good is his training or determination against an enemy who can hack into any system and find them wherever they hide? 
Book 5: Dark Tide
Gina Evans knows her brother was murdered—even if the police won't believe her. After catching a quick glimpse of the evidence her brother had gathered, the same criminals are after her and her baby niece. And Gina's only hope is the man she left behind. Despite the painful memories, private investigator Derrick Justice won't fail Gina and her baby. Yet now, the woman he never stopped loving and the baby he's come to adore are in a killer's crosshairs. But can Derrick trap the cold-blooded murderer before he strikes again?
Garden Gate Mysteries

Book 1: Nipped in the Bud
When you find your boss pushing up daisies...
Life in full bloom, landscape designer, Paige Turner, scores her first landscaping contract to spruce up the park, her radio talk show shoots to number one, and her retail shop is simply blossoming. Yes, her life is a bed or roses. Until she finds City Manager, Bud Picklemann served up on the blade of her favorite shove mere hours after she's threatened to have his head on a platter, then the thorns come out. And there is none thornier than the local police chief declaring Paige the one and only suspect and threatening to plow her under.
You've got to formulate a plant of attack...
Paige teams up with dashing attorney, Adam Hayes to weed through the list of suspects, and clear her soiled reputation. A big mouthed parrot who often spouts Mr. T-ism, and a giant pickle mascot join in quirky Paige's quest to once again cultivate control of her life.
Book 2: Read Between the Tines

Recovered from her near death at the hand of a killer, landscape designer Paige Turner is certain her life will soon be a bed of roses. That is, until her employee, Daisy Rose Plante, finds a dead body, and the thorny police chief looks no further than Daisy for a suspect. Paige digs in and weeds through the list of potential killers, and before long, her sweet smelling rose of a life is soundly trampled.

Paige would be much happier working over-thyme on her budding relationship with yummy attorney, Adam Hayes, but it soon becomes clear she’ll be in a hoe lot of trouble with him if she continues digging for the killer. Does Paige risk all and try to unearth the killer? Or does she settle down in peaceful bliss with the man of her dreams?
The Creative Woman Mystery Series
Creative Women Mysteries Website

Book 2: A Deadly Stitch
Book 5: Dog Gone Shame


  1. Wow, Judy, thanks so much for adding me to your amazing blog. You are doing an incredible job of sharing your love of fiction. I am so pleased to not only have found your blog, but to be listed on it. Thanks, again.
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