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Dale Mayer

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Kate Morgan Series
Book 1: Simon Says... Hide

Kate Morgan made detective three months ago. Her coworkers haven’t warmed up to her. She replaced a man they all loved but sadly died. Not her fault. She’s fine being a loner. When a child is found dead, Kate gets to digging and finds more children connected to this murder. Worse, she finds a pedophile ring.

Simon St. Laurant wants to forget his past. Yet, the sight his grandmother had seemed to be aiming for him. Nightmares. Of children. His grandma’s words come back to him how he won’t be able to fight it. So…he goes to the police.

Kate’s past has her still searching for a brother who was taken at a young age. Simon has a different kind of past and his intuitive dreams. I love the way the bad guy’s POVs are added in as well. This was an excellent story, and she doesn’t go into deep details, but enough to get the drift of what’s happening. It’s a disturbing topic, but I found it eye-opening.

Looking forward to more in this series.

**Sensual content and language

Book 2: Simon Says... Jump

Detective Kate Morgan has been busy with her caseload, but at least she now has the respect of the other detectives. She’d replaced a detective that had died, and the others weren’t ready to accept her. After breaking a pedophile ring, things changed. And, they all had a much better working relationship and atmosphere.

Simon St. Laurant didn’t want a cop in his life. But then again, he also didn’t want the psychic visions and thoughts he was getting. But, it didn’t seem he had a choice. He was pulled toward Kate and, as his grandmother warned him, once he went down the psychic road, there was no turning back.

Between a drive-by shooter and jumpers—suicides off one of the many bridges—work piled up. Meanwhile, the visions are harrowing on Simon and Kate is unsure about him yet. After all, her stepfather had been a charlatan and had taken everything from her mother. This is the second book in this series and really opens up real situations in everyday life up to the reader.

**Sexual content and language

Book 3: Simon Says... Ride

Kate Morgan has plenty to keep her busy…murders. And the paperwork after they solve them. She gets so focused on solving them all that it’s hard to have personal time. But, since she met Simon, she could use a bit more personal time with him.

Simon St. Laurent never wanted the burden of the “gift.” He saw what his grandmother went through with having it. But, some things aren’t up to us. So, now he needs to accept it and work with…since fighting it seems to do more harm than good.

As Simon and Kate spend more time together, they learn to trust each other, which is a pretty big thing since neither of them are very trusting of others. Kate’s job keeps her busy, but it seems that Simon’s psychic abilities are connected to Kate’s cases. I’m really enjoying this series. It hits on some fundamental topics, not all easy ones. I always look forward to the next book in this series.

**Sexual content and language

Book 4: Simons Says... Scream

Detective Kate Morgan is on the case. She works hard, forgets to eat, and doesn’t sleep much. But, she’s not so much a workaholic as she just wants justice and to stop the criminal before another victim turns up.

And now, solving the case also helps Simon sleep better. He’s a psychic who doesn’t want the gift…which is more of a curse to him. But when he hears a woman screaming in pain, being tortured, he can’t just turn his back. The nightmares won’t allow that anyway.

Kate, who struggles with believing in psychics, and Simon, who isn’t very fond of cops, are quite the pair. These stories can be tough to read because this type of evil does exist in the world. I enjoy the stories and characters.

**Mild sexual content and language

Book 5: Simons Says... Run

Detective Kate Morgan is dedicated to her work. And unfortunately, her work never ends. Plenty of murders to keep her busy in Vancouver. This time it’s joggers who are being targeted…in pairs. Without any clues, she’s hoping Simon’s visions can help tell them something, but not this time. And, speaking of Simon, her busy work schedule makes it tough to spend quality time with him.

Simon St. Laurant is starting to accept his psychic abilities. Trying to find a way to take control of them. But, just as there is nothing he can do to convince the independent Kate of anything…the visions hold power too.

I really enjoy this series. I loved in this story how Kate has softened somewhat towards Simon. She’s still trying to deny how strong her attraction is, but she’s moving closer to accepting them.

**Sensual content and language

Book 6: Simon Says... Walk
Book 7: Simon Says... Forgive
Lovely Lethal Gardens Series
Book 1: Arsenic in the Azaleas
Doreen Montgomery has just moved into her grandmother's home. It's a huge change from where she lived with her wealthy husband. Nan's moved into Rosemoor, the nursing home not far from Doreen. Her first day isn't going too well. She hasn't even unpacked—before all kinds of things happened. Such as, she now not only has Mugs, her basset hound, but she's also a caretaker for a cat the size of Mugs and a talking bird.

The following days in her new home and town don't improve much. Doreen seems to be a magnet for trouble. Good thing she has the handsome detective to call.

This is told from Doreen's perspective only. A humorous mystery.
Book 2: Bones in the Begonias
Doreen Montgomery's move to her grandmother's home has been an interesting one. She is already well-known in the small town. After all, finding bodies buried in your backyard is big news. Thankfully life is settling down. There are less people hanging out in front of her home.

And then...she goes to help work in Detective Mack Moreau's mother's garden to make some money. And gardening is the only thing Doreen knows how to do well—unless you count finding bodies.

This story is told from Doreen's point of view only. Along with her dog, Mugs, and the cat and bird she's inherited with the house her grandmother has given her, Doreen can't seem to stay out of Mack's way. She's keeping the police force in this small-town busy. Not to mention the gossip mill. Great suspense and humor.
Book 3: Corpse in the Carnations
Doreen Montgomery is at it again. She doesn't mean to fall into mysteries...mostly dead bodies...but they keep seeming to find her.

Along with her basset hound, Mugs, her inherited Maine Coon cat, Goliath, and the ever chatty African Grey, Thaddeus; they find adventure and sometimes danger. Poor Mack, the police detective, has been pulled along into her adventures. Although, in the end he gets the credit for solving the case. Even some longtime cold cases.

And then there is Nan, Doreen's grandmother who left her the house...and pets. She may be living in Rosemoor, the retirement village, but Nan is busy. Mostly playing bookie.

As always, another fun-loving, page-turning adventure.
Book 4: Dagger in the Dahlias
Doreen Montgomery has just managed to get through solving a cold case. She's not been at her new home, her Nan's home, very long, and yet, she has either found dead bodies or found items sending her toward other mysteries. She's still trying to clean out her new home, get some valuable antiques out before they get ruined...or stolen...and she needs to learn how to cook and take care of herself.

When she gets a request to look into a cold case...how can she say no? After all, if she can help someone find closure in their life, she'll do it. No matter how much she has to bother the handsome detective she's befriended. Great stories, especially with her animal menagerie...Mugs the basset hound, Goliath the Maine coon cat, and Thaddeus the talkative African Grey.
 Book 5: Evidence in the Echinacea
Doreen isn't even looking for evidence or murderers or anything. She's just trying to get settled into her new home. A home her grandmother has left her and has left it full of expensive antiques for Doreen to sell so she has money to live.

Thank goodness for Mack, the handsome detective, who's been helping her out. That man can make a meal to die for. Something that Doreen had never learned to do in her pampered life...cook.

Another great addition to this series. Between Doreen's nudges to “dig” deeper into things, her Nan sitting at the retirement home betting on things; such as Doreen's non-existent love life, and her small menagerie of critters...it makes these stories real page-turners. Not a dull moment in them.
 Book 6: Footprints in the Ferns
Doreen has only been in Nan's house for a short time, but she's been kept quite busy. Side jobs of gardening, finding bodies, solving cold cases, avoiding being murdered herself...
Not to mention that she's found out that Nan left her a house full of valuable items that she can sell and keep the money. All good and fine if only others would stop trying to steal those items from her house.

She's keeping her new detective friend, Mack, quite busy with all the cases...and trouble that seems to find her. And then there are her animals...her family. Goliath the Maine coon cat, Mugs the basset hound, and Thaddeus the talking bird.

I love this fast-moving, humorous series told from Doreen's point of view.
Book 7: Gun in the Gardenias
Doreen is still recovering from when her Penny, who she thought was a friend, had tried to kill her. Since then, she'd solved a cold case. Now, it was time to get her own house in order. As if, she doesn't ask for trouble or to cause her friend with the police force so much work...it just seems to find her.

And, if Doreen can give people peace of mind by closing the mysteries of cold cases...she'll do it. And Nan, Doreen's grandmother, is loving it as she sets up betting pools at the retirement home according to what Doreen may be working on.

Not forget her Bassett hound, Mugs, and Goliath, the Maine coon cat, and finally her African grey parrot, Thaddeus, who seemed to help and protect Doreen along the way.
Great series!
Book 8: Handcuffs in the Heather
Doreen is getting more well-known by the day in this town she's lived in for such a short time. Known as the bone lady...after finding bones and bodies. Which she prefers over the crazy animal lady...as she goes everywhere with Mugs, her basset hound—Goliath, the Maine coon cat that came along with her Nan's house—and Thaddeus, the African Grey, also her Nan's previous pet.

Add Nan, who runs the local betting ring in the retirement home she now lives in. Mack, her detective friend that she keeps busy...along with all the local law-enforcement...as she accidentally continues to fall into cold cases...and manages to solve them. Never a dull moment in this wonderful cozy mystery series.
Book 9: Icepick in the Ivy
Doreen Montgomery is getting to be quite famous around her new town. The good people love her for closing cold cases. The criminals fear her. And surprisingly, there seems to be more criminals than anyone ever suspected living there.

And Mack, her handsome detective friend, he may get frustrated with her sticking her nose in police business and causing them much more paperwork...but, in reality, the police are happy to be closing these old cases.

Doreen's learned that when some of these people tell her to butt out and mind her own business...it's worth stopping to take a second look at them. They must be hiding something. Great cozy mysteries with wonderful characters...human and animal alike.
Book 10: Jewels in the Juniper
Doreen and the gang are at it again. Her basset hound, Mugs. Goliath, the Maine coon cat. And Thaddeus, the African grey that always has something to say.

Mack's mom, Millicent, mentioned finding some gems many years back. She gives them to Doreen so that she can find the rightful owner. No dead bodies on this case...but lots of dead ends.

Excellent, page-turning cozy mystery.
Book 11: Killer in the Kiwis

Doreen is excited as work is underway to build her a new deck. Meanwhile, after finishing the cold case she’d been working on... she’s curious about Mack’s ongoing case. Several older women had died. She didn’t believe it to be a coincidence...but being it’s not a cold case, Mack wants her to stay out of it.

 Doreen, of course, can’t stay out of it when she finds out one of the victims is Nan’s friend and Nan asks her to find out more. Luckily, there seems to be a cold case in the mix to make it okay for Doreen to move ahead.

 Unique cozy mystery series as Doreen, much to her friend Mack’s annoyance, being he’s also a local detective, solves cold cases along with her pets: a basset hound, Maine coon cat, and a very talkative and unique African Grey parrot.

Book 12: Lifeless in the Lilies

Doreen is a trouble magnet. For Pete’s sake, the woman can’t even casually walk around a cemetery without trouble finding her. Especially when her critters aren’t with to protect her.

 On top of that, Thaddeus, her African grey parrot, has gone missing. Her dog, Mugs, Maine Coon cat, Goliath, and Thaddeus are part of her family. With the help of her detective friend, Mack, they are off on another humorous adventure.

Book 13: Murder in the Marigolds

Doreen is on the wrong side of the law, it seems. When Mack comes to see her, he's different. And he has a couple officers with him. Not good. It seems that her ex-lawyer who had screwed her out of our fair divorce settlement...and then took her place in the bedroom...is dead.  Earlier she'd been at Doreen's house yelling and screaming.

Mack, the local detective and a man who has helped Doreen out in so many ways, knows she's innocent but has also told her to stay away from the case. Fat chance of that. He'd have better luck keeping a pack of feral dogs from eating bacon that was tossed in front of them.

Doreen is still recovering from being shot in the last case she helped solve and now this one is too personal to leave alone. So, with Mugs, Goliath, and Thaddeus at her side. Her grandmother at Rosemoor with her betting ring set up. And her unwanted ex coming to town. Adds to the fun in this cozy mystery.

Book 14: Nabbed in the Nasturtiums

Doreen is at it again. She doesn’t mean to get herself into life-threatening situations, but she does. And she’s not good at listening either. Not to the handsome detective, Mack, who is always coming to her rescue…or his brother, Nick, the lawyer who has taken up her divorce case. With her ex trying to make her the obedient woman she’d been when married to him, she’s seeing she’s not entirely as independent as she thought, not quite out of her victim stage.

But, with the help of Mack, Nick, and her three pets: Mugs, Goliath, and Thaddeus, maybe, just maybe, she’ll get there yet once she learns not to trust everyone and to stop letting killers in her house.

Great cozy mystery. Wonderful characters…both human and furry and feathered.
Book 15: Offed in the Orchids

Doreen Montgomery doesn’t look for trouble…it just finds her. Even on days when she’s at an orchid tour with her good friend, the handsome Corporal Mack Moreau of the RCMP. Of course, she has her faithful crew with her on the tours: Mugs her Basset, Goliath her Maine coon cat, and Thaddeus her African Grey…who has been acting a bit evil lately.

Nick, Mack’s brother, is a lawyer who is helping her with the divorce. Her first lawyer, now dead, had screwed her out of anything. Meanwhile, that same lawyer had been in bed with the enemy…AKA, the soon-to-be-ex. As pampered arm candy for fourteen years, Doreen is trying to learn the skills needed to exist. Cook, clean, earn money to pay her bills, and get groceries.

Wonderful characters, especially the pets, always have me giggling while reading. I really enjoy this cozy series.

Book 16: Poison in the Pansies

Doreen Montgomery doesn’t get much time to herself for being unemployed. She just finished another case…for free, of course, but at least she was helping find justice. After finding poison in the pansies when at the beach with Mack, and a man dying after saying he was poisoned, Nan sent Doreen down another path. A woman had died some months back at Rosemoor. A common thing since it’s an old folks’ home, but she had kept saying she’d been poisoned.

The woman was known for saying off the wall things, but after a series of events, Doreen started looking at things a little more seriously. Too bad keeping herself busy didn’t keep her out of trouble.

A cute cozy mystery series with three adorable critters that add to the story.

Book 17: Quarry in the Quince

Doreen’s adventures with her three pets, Mugs the Basset hound, Goliath the Maine coon cat, and Thaddeus the African Grey parrot, continue. However, she finds herself in the middle of a cold case once again when she finds out what’s troubling Wendy from the secondhand shop.

An engagement gone wrong, missing jewelry, a missing person, and some bullies. Not to mention a jam that is irresistible to certain folks and some new friends for Thaddeus.

There are always unique and funny stories in this cozy series that have me anxiously waiting for the next book to come out.


Book 18: Revenge in the Roses

The wrong criminal has messed with Doreen Montgomery. No longer the brow-beaten wife, she’s finding inner strength. And no one tries to kill her friend. So when someone shoots Corporal Mack Moreau, Doreen goes on the warpath. She usually goes after the cold cases, but she’s determined to find this shooter before he returns to finish Mack off.

I love this series. It pulls me in from the beginning every time. And the critters add so much fun and humor—not to mention Nan, Richie, and the other Rosemoor folks.

Book 19: Silenced in the Sunflowers

Doreen gets a surprise when Captain Henry Hanson, Mack’s boss, asks her to look into a forty-year-old cold case murder. It ends up it’s very personal to the captain—at age eleven, he was the only witness and didn’t see much.

Doreen doesn’t want this to be the case she fails at resolving. She’d like to help take the burden of the unsolved case off the captain’s shoulder, but it’s an old case, and seemingly nowhere to start. But then again, this is Doreen, who has a knack for finding something out of nothing. Unfortunately, even if she doesn’t want it, Doreen has a knack for getting into trouble.

I love this series with Doreen and Mack and the pets: Mugs, the basset hound; Goliath, the Maine coon cat; and Thaddeus, the talkative African grey parrot.

Book 20: Toes Up in the Tulips
Book 21: Uzi in the Urn
Psychic Visions Series
Book 1: Tuesday's Child
Samantha “Sam” Blair lives a life of solitude. A must for someone with her abilities. Unusual abilities. When a woman is being murdered violently...Sam is there. Literally. Inside the woman's body and mind. What the woman goes through...so does Sam. She tries to keep to herself, but once again—against her better judgment after past experiences—she goes to the police.

Detective Brandt Sutherland has moved to this Portland department as he's sure the serial killer he's been after for years has now started killing in this area. He's never had any breaks in the case. When he finds out a young woman has come in with information...and was dismissed...he knows he has to find her. He's worked with a psychic before and believes they can help. Even if the rest of the department laughs at the idea.

I've read some of the later books first and have enjoyed them all. They are intense and written in a way that I feel I'm in the story...going through it with them. I enjoy all the different genres this author writes.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: Hide 'N Go Seek
Kali Jordan and Shiloh, her SARs dog, do their job extremely well. When someone realizes that it may be more than Shiloh's expert skills that are finding live survivors, they decide to prove it. Suddenly, Kali is part of a game she doesn't want to play. No one can possibly know she has abilities that help her find people. Nobody. But apparently, someone does.

FBI Grant Summers had “met” Kali seven years earlier at a seminar and has never forgotten her. When she's suddenly in trouble and a family friend asks him for his help—he's there. Finally, he has the chance to get to know this woman who's stayed with him for so long in his mind...but life isn't slowing down enough for that.

Great stories that really take me on an emotional ride as they pull me in. There is the romance...but the characters have to find a murderer to get to it. I love Stephan. He's been in the first two books and is such a unique character.
**Sexual content and language
 Book 3: Maddy's Floor
Dr. Madeleine Wagner “Maddy” is puzzled and concern when patients start dying at The Haven. Especially when one of her patients die on the third floor—Maddy's Floor. She needs to prove her experiment that people can heal while on her floor. Using her intuitive medical talents...psychic energy.

Detective Drew O'Neil's family consists of his step-aunt and his uncle John. He needs to do all he can for them. And fortunately, Uncle John has been admitted to Maddy's Floor. He's not sure what the beautiful woman does, but he's heard good things. Hanging around the unique woman had Drew entering a world he never would've believe existed.

The first three books of this series; Tuesday's Child, Hide 'n Go Seek, and Maddy's Floor was free. I've read some of the later books so it's been great to read these and to “meet” Stefan Kronos, as he's in most all of the stories. I really enjoyed this book as well, since Maddy is in so many of the later books too.
**Sexual content and language
Books 1-3 in one set
 Book 4: Garden of Sorrow
Her world is in chaos. His world is in order. She wants to help the innocent. He wants to catch the guilty. But someone is trying to make sure that neither gets what they want.

Alexis Gordon has spent the last year trying to get over the loss of her sister. Then she goes to work on a normal day...and reality as she knows it...disappears.

Detective Kevin Sutherland, armed with his own psychic abilities, recognizes her gift and calls in his friend Stefan Kronos, a psychic artist and law enforcement consultant, to help her develop her skills. 

But Kevin has never seen anything like this case - a killer with a personal vendetta to stop Alexis from finding out more about him...and his long dead victims.

The killer can be stopped. He must be stopped. But he's planning on surviving...even after death.
Book 5: Knock, Knock...
There’s no best-by date for revenge.
Wealthy and beautiful Shay Lassiter runs a prestigious foundation, but her connections and resources were worthless when her fiancĂ© tried to murder her. Now, she’s guarding her heart and using her knack for reading people’s intentions – both good and evil – to guide her. But when the foundation’s clients start dying, she must turn to the new man in her life…one who’s giving her mixed signals.
Computer specialist and ex-cop Roman Chandler has a secret. It involves Shay and could ruin the fragile relationship he’s building with her. Though he can’t tell her the truth, he needs to convince her to trust him. He fears that whoever is behind this is about to turn his vengeance on Shay…
And vengeance can be deadly.
Book 6: Rare Find
When people need help or are injured, they call out for their friends and family. When an animal needs help or is injured, it calls out for…anyone…that can help them…

One person hears them…

Tabitha is determined to bury her aching heart in the service of her animals at Exotic Landscape. Until she’s yanked out of her cozy retreat to help someone in need…and she gets more than she bargained for.

Detective Ronin Chandler understands secrets. He’s got a few of his own. But when the woman he loves gets into trouble – the kind that stretches even his belief system – he struggles to understand…and to help…before he loses her. Maybe forever.

As the danger escalates, Tabitha and Ronin need to find out who they can trust…and who they can’t…and who wants them dead…before it’s too late.
Book 7: Eyes to the Soul
Celina Wilton's life has not been a picnic, at all. She lost her parents, her best friend and love of her life and then her fiance. Then she lost her eyesight. If all of that is not bad enough, now she has some cruel predator living in her head and causing her pain. Oh, I forgot to mention, she also sees ghosts.

Stefan Kronos has always been considered unusual. He uses his psychic gifts to help others and waits for the day that his soul-mate will enter his life. Meanwhile, he has a unique teenager ghost living with him and unknown predators to find.

I personally have not read the previous books, yet. Many characters from the previous books are in this story though and it seems that Stefan was mostly likely in the previous books as well. Romance, mystery and more all in one.
**Sexual content and language
Book 8: Now You See Her
Tia Hanniger is different. Her psychic abilities scared her parents, intrigued a scientist, and caused her to have to live her life on the run. She's tired of running. She's tired of being alone. But she also doesn't know who to trust.

Dean Walker's life changed from the moment he met the beautiful woman. She was definitely different and alone. He chose to help her and that came with risks. Risks he decided she was worth. As a cop, he is determined to protect her and his loved ones from this unseen danger.

Characters from the previous books join in to help Tia on her journey. She has strong abilities, she just needs to learn what they are and how to use them. This story pulled me in and carried me along at a fast pace from beginning to end.
**Sexual content & language
Book 9: Shattered
Hannah Goodman is running from someone but has no idea who. Half the time she's not sure about her own life. One night, tired and covered in blood, she arrives at a house where a voice was leading her. She had no idea of the world she stepped into. A world that actually had her sane when she had thought herself crazy all these years.

Dr. Trevor Johnson went with his friend Stefan to check on the young woman who had ended up on Stefan's doorstep. Something about her drew him to her. He wanted to protect her. After seeing her father and his thugs at the hospital, he knew there was only one way to help her...

Many of the characters from the previous books come back in these stories. Dr. Maddy and Drew, Stefan and Mina, and others. Someone is messing with Hannah's head and these people are going to help her however they can. The only way they can, through paranormal channels. I personally have enjoyed this series. The books can be stand-alone, although if you like series and want to know the characters, it's best to start with book one.
**Sexual content and language
Book 10: Into the Abyss
Tavika Bantrell tries to hide what she is, a psychic. Sure it comes in handy with her detective work...but no one knows. And then he shows up at her desk. A man who is psychic too. He gets in her thoughts...and more...and delivers the message of a murder. Hers.

Jericho Sands has a mission. To help save the detective's life. Not easy when she doesn't want his help—or protection. She may be a loner, but he will be inserting himself into her life until the Ghost is caught.

It's hard to find a murderer who has been going strong for twenty years without leaving a trace of evidence—except dead bodies—in his wake. They've given him the name Ghost and Tavika and Jericho hope to end his hauntings.
**Sensual content and language
Book 11: Seeds of Malice
Book 12: Eye of the Falcon
Issa McGuire's life has just been turned upside down. Again. Someone wants something from her and she has no idea what it is. Hasn't she lost enough in her life? And on top of everything else, her birds need her and she can't find them.

Eagle Saunders, retired special ops, is happy on his hundred and twenty acres—taking care of the birds that need him. Somehow after helping one bird...he now cares for hundreds of them. And now, he has a woman to care for too. That's okay though, protecting is what he's good at.

This story will take you to the past and present in Issa's life as she tries to figure out who wants her and why. And with her affinity with birds—the story brings in some characters from previous books as they are called upon to help reunite Issa with her birds.
**Sexual content and language
Book 13: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Queenie has great psychic abilities, but she's had to learn everything on her own. After working with the police to solve cases...one goes wrong and she falls into despair. Life gets better for a while and then tragedy hits again. Now...she's at an amusement park as Queen Seer. Until her past and present mix together...will she be strong enough this time?

Kirk Sanders never found a woman he loved like Queenie. But she'd lost it when a case took a bad twist. Now...after all these years, she's contacted him to tell him about a body.  Kirk never really understood all of Queenie did...he just knew they closed many cases. But after that last case...

This is a really “wow” story. It almost had me liking spiders and thinking about not squishing the next one I see. Almost. This is a real page-turner and every page I turned...I loved.
**Sensual content and language
Book 14: Unmasked
Lacey Paulson's dream has come true. Ever since she was a young child, she dreamt of going to Pompeii. And now, thanks to her cousin, her chance has come. But something dark is lurking at the dig they are at and somehow Lacey seems connected to it. Something in her comes alive that she didn’t know about.

Sebastian Bentley is intrigued with Lacey from the start and then when he sees her “talent” he’s drawn in even more. But as things start happening, it brings back the nightmare of another dig where everything went bad. Very bad.

As always, the books in this series just grab a hold and keep me reading until the end. Clear details so I feel like I see what they see, feel what they feel. Loved it!
**Sexual content and language
Book 15: Deep Beneath
Dr. Whimsical “Whimsy” Connor went kayaking with some friends after she earned her PhD. She loved the water, but on this particular day...the water didn't seem to love her...or did it? That little trip turned into a life-changing experience for her.

Samson Cartwright loved his work and his island. Lately, something was happening though. The weather, the ocean, other things...something wasn't right. And then, he finds a woman on the beach and everything changes. And then there's his younger brother who he really needs back on the island.

The connection between Whimsy and Samson and this island is comfortable...it feels like home. But something is calling for her to help and she plans on doing her best to figure it out. Figure out who she is. Another page-turning story in this series.
**Sexual content and language
Book 16: From the Ashes
Phoenix Rising went to the Icelandic Burning Fires. A place she heard about growing up in her dysfunctional childhood. Her father the cult leader spoke of them. She had one goal in mind while here, and then would leave with the bus tour she was on. Only, things didn't turn out nice and simple like she had hoped.

Rowan Einar knew there was something about the woman in the hotel from the first moment he laid eyes on her. It was suicide season here...for some odd reason the Burning Fires brought that on. And he suspected that woman was here for that reason. Only...not on his watch!

As always, it's hard to figure out who the villain is. Characters from previous books pop-in, even if only psychically, to help. The books in this series are always well written and page-turners.
**Sensual content
Book 17: Stroke of Death
Cayce Matlock uses her unique energy in her paintings. And being those murals included live body-painted models, it helped to use models that had positive energy, such as her best friend. When her friend is murdered, Cayce is hurt soul-deep. She's also considered a suspect.

Detective Richard Henderson had an ugly case on his hands. Gruesome. And when more bodies were found...it made it more urgent to find this sicko before he would strike again. And hopefully, it wasn't the beautiful artist doing it.

Stefan comes in to help where he can. Richard has some gifts that he didn't understand. Cayce knew she had special gifts and what she could do with them, but kept it to herself. Great suspense in wondering who was guilty as several seemed like prime suspects.
**Sexual content
Book 18: Ice Maiden

Gabby Mulder’s dream has come true. She spent a winter in Aspen, Colorado. Snowboarding and working in a bookstore. She’d always felt pulled toward this town, and for the first time in her life, she felt at home. Everything changed suddenly while snowboarding.

 Detective Damon Fletcher didn’t trust Gabby. Thought of her as a charlatan, even. After the first murder, she was still a suspect. When things went into the “woo woo” area, and he experienced Stefan’s “visits,” he knew life was no longer as he’d known it.

 It’s one thing to fight a killer on the loose. Damon was quickly finding out how much worse when the war seemed to with something unworldly. Another fantastic, page-turning story in this series.

**Sexual content and language

Book 19: Snap, Crackle...

Hunter had the push to be at Stefan’s house for some reason, and he always followed his instincts. They watched as a weird storm approached. And then, someone was at the door. And that moment sent Hunter on quite an adventure, trying to protect a young woman who didn’t want his help.

Beth Metlomar was dying. She’d been shot, and her energy had her split in so many pieces, and Lizzy was close on her energy trail. She had to get to the one person who had escaped their captivity. Somehow she knew it was the only person that could help her.

Beth had been a captive who’d been tortured most of her young life. She’d escaped five years ago and had no plans of returning to that evil place. So much torture. So much death. And her trust level was at zero. Hunter was determined to help her, no matter how many times she tried to escape from him. And, as is so often the case, things were not as they seemed to be. Another page-turning book in this series.

**Sexual content

Book 20: What If...

Professor Leon Wellington’s aunt, Professor Gertrude Milligan, was teaching a class and at the end, two girls were dead. No apparent cause. And then, Gertie, as he called her, disappeared. She was the only family Leon had left and he was going to do all he could to find her.

Detective Abigail “Abby” Cartwright seemed to be catching the woo-woo cases lately. This one was really a big woo-woo. No sign of anything that could have killed these young women. Not only was that a big headache…but her special “gift” was giving her a headache too. Not to mention Stefan, who was always in her head urging her to learn how to use her gift.

Abby wasn’t a very trusting soul. Being a cop could do that. Leon had been in law enforcement before becoming a professor and understood that. As they dig in to find a killer…they find that many things weren’t as they thought. I always enjoy the books in this series.

**Sensual content and language

Book 21: Talking Bones

Skylar Livingston has been living in New Orleans. Blending in with her unique talents. Running her shop, Skylar’s Heaven, with all her “friends” hanging around. Yeah, her energy skills attract all the local ghosts who hang out in her store. And most nights, she’s busy, too. Visiting the cemeteries, helping lost souls.

Gage Hawkins came to New Orleans to find his uncle. Jonesy had disappeared a few days before; last they knew, he’d been in Skylar’s store. He was hoping she’d know where Jonesy was.

Gage had almost died, but he survived…taking on some unique gifts as he returned. He quickly realized that Skylar could help him with his “new” life, only she’s very private. Several things are going on to create another page-turning book in this series.

**Mild sexual content and language


Book 22: String of Tears

Hurricane is called to help Stefan with a unique case. Something happens while an energy worker, who doesn’t seem to realize she is one, works on a string of pearls, and they release some energy.

Jewel wakes up in a hospital without knowing how she got there; the only thing she knows for sure is her name. A man is there to help her, but he seems to think she knows something and can do things that she can’t.

As Hurricane tries to work with Jewel and break the pearls’ hold on her, he knows she’s holding back. One step forward, three steps back as he fights this unknown enemy. A unique story in what is a special series to begin with.

**Very mild sensual content at the end and language

Book 23: Inked Forever
Family Blood Ties Series
Prequel Novella: Sian's Soluton
Sian is in love with a human. She is a vampire. To protect Taz she tells him she don’t love him and goes into her own territory, just to have him follow her and be captured by an underground human blood mill. Sian plans on rescuing Taz or die trying. This is a very short story.
First three books in one
Book 1: Vampire in Denial
 Tessa is an oddity, what they called a throwback. She just felt like a sixteen-year-old suspended between two worlds and not fitting in either one. A girl in a family of vampires who had human genes. When the guy she likes is kidnapped by her own kind, Tessa finds what she is really made of.

Cody is from one of the oldest pureblood families and Tessa’s family is like his own, she’s always been like a little sister. The night she goes to rescue her human friend he sees a whole new side to her. Little Tessa has grown up.

It takes a young girl to get the old vampires going out of their comfort zone to help find out what is going on in their world. Beyond humans being kidnapped it looks like evil mischief is happening as well. A well written and page turning story. Warning...it does end with quite the cliffhanger but the good news is that book two; Vampire in Distress, is already out there for you to continue the journey. Sian’s Solution is a short story that introduces the series.
*Mild language
Book 2: Vampire in Distress
 The war continues between the good vampires and those running the blood farm. And it seems humans might be involved as well. As Tessa gathers people to go and rescue her friend Jared, nothing seems to go right. They fine one person just to lose another.

It soon becomes apparent they cannot trust anyone but their small group. And it also seems that Tessa’s vampire heritage is stepping up for her when she needs it the most. The sixteen-year-old girl from just a few days ago is not now nor will ever be the same. And it looks like the war has just begun.

The previous books in this series are Sian’s Solution and Vampire in Denial. The next book is Vampire in Design. The books definitely end with cliffhangers but the good news at this point is...the next one is published, so no having to wait around.
Book 3: Vampire in Design
 The battle between good vampires, bad vampires and the unknown human factor continues to play out. I love how the author jumps around on the point of views in this story. We see through the eyes of Tessa, Cody and Jared’s eyes and more. Each one is fighting their own battle in a different area. And yet it all blends together beautifully in the story.
Once again it’s hard to see who is good and who is evil. So they have to approach each situation with their eyes and senses wide open. Great stories that keeps the reader turning the page and if you are a visual reader, on your toes and ready to see what is around the next corner. Most likely something very unexpected. As with the previous books this also ends with a cliffhanger but thankfully Vampire in Deceit is already out there for you to purchase and see what happens.
Book 4: Vampire in Deceit
 Tessa, Cody and their friends and family continue their battles within the mountain walls. Jared has a new battle that brings him back to the mountain, to the blood farm. He must battle his fear of this place to face his discovery. Others down the mountain fight their own battles. To shut down this horrific blood farm and do it while not knowing who they can trust.

Turning to the humans for help seemed better than weeding through the vampires. It may be a decision that comes back to bite them in the butt. Another adventure packed trip through the white tile halls in the mountain to battle the never ending enemy, or so it seems. And just when it seems it can’t get worse...it does.

This series ends with cliffhangers. I do advise reading this as a series. The stories are definitely connected and the adventure continues from one book to the next. I love the way the author lets the reader see what’s happening from so many different point of views. Great stories that pull the reader in and wanting to read the next story as soon as finishing the previous one.
Book 5: Vampire in Defiance
 Everything is coming to a head. The gang is hopefully closing in on who is in charge of the blood farm. The rescues are in full swing. And of course as soon as they find one person another one seems to get taken or lost. There have been some big surprises and more to come.

This book finishes and closes the story of Moltere’s Mountain and all it’s white tiled hallways, rooms and blood farming. Tessa’s family is split up as they look for each other. Jared has returned to help, as best as human can. Time is running out for the good vamps and humans though, will they all make it out of the mountain in time? Be sure to read the previous books in this series to follow along with Tessa, Cody, Jared and their friends in family as Tessa’s life goes from going to a movie with friends to fighting for her life.
Book 6: Vampire in Conflict
Tessa expected life to be different. But she was still the not quite vampire, not quite human daughter. Not vampire enough for Council matters. Not human enough to be a hero at her school for saving them.

Jared’s first day back to school started a bit better, but the next day...let’s just say if someone died, he seemed to be the one to find them.

Cody just wants time with Tessa, wants her in the vampire world so he can protect her. Never did he realize the difference of her being able to go out in the sunlight while he couldn’t until now.

And all of this was only the beginning. Ian and Jewel are still in the hospital along with many other vamps and things don’t seem quite right there. And then it all breaks loose and the kids see they aren’t going to get any breaks soon. The war is far from over. As with most books in this series, it ends on a cliffhanger. Love this series, cliffhangers and all.
Book 7: Vampire in Chaos
The saga of our heroes and heroines continue as they fight a war they never asked for, and yet, they are the only ones who can fight it. This story starts where the cliffhanger in the previous book, Vampire in Conflict, left off.

Somehow everyone keeps getting separated. Tessa and Cody are searching for Serus and David somewhere in the deepest depths under the vampire hospital. Not only do they meet two unusual beings...it seems the one has plans for Tessa, big plans. Whether Tessa agrees or not.

Cody just wants life to slow down so he can spend time alone with Tessa. She keeps amazing him more and more with each minute he's with her.

Their friends who have been drugged are slowly being found, like Ian and Jewel. Rhia has lost parts of her memories from the drugs and has no idea where she may have sent their son Seth.

Jared's trust list has grown very short. He's back at the home but not for long. With his family dead, his future is taking a turn he refuses to follow. And why won't anyone answer his texts?

As always, the author is the queen of cliffhangers. Vampire in Crisis will be the next book to continue the journey to find out who is heading the blood farms and how to shut them down. And Tessa's future...her head is exploding with possibilities.
Book 8: Vampire in Crisis
Tessa was once just an outcast among her people for having a human side. Lately she's become their hero. As Tessa gains more knowledge and strength, she also gains more struggles. More enemies to find. Seen and unseen. And as usual life is just too busy to give her the time with Cody she desires.

Cody stands by Tessa's side through everything. Her protector. Whether she wants...or needs him to be. 

Serus and Goran continue to fight side by side even while Serus has Rhia to worry over. Many of the other characters the reader has met through these books continue with struggles of their own. Such as; Jared, Chelsea, Jewel, David, Wendy, Ian, Sian, and Taz. The list of who can be trusted and who can't is growing smaller and smaller as they fight to close down the blood farms and stop the danger.

Once again Dale Mayer takes the readers on an adventure with the heroes and heroines, both human and vampire. This book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger as many in this series have. As always, they are worth the wait to find out what happens next.
**Mild language
Book 9: Vampire in Control
The characters continue as the war rages between the vampires running blood farms and the heroines and heroes fighting their own people to save the humans and stop this evil.

Tessa, Cody, and Motre are one team fighting their way through the enhanced vampires to find the leaders and destroy the blood farms while Sian tries to hold the communications fort down. David has been searching for Jewel. Ian, Wendy, and Jared are in a bad place once again as well and they have Rhia with them. Only...is she the good Rhia, or the bad one?

Serus and Goran are waiting and ready for action. Serus knows Rhia is searching for Seth and he knows that many of the vampires would rather kill her then take the chance she's off the drugs and back to her normal self.

This book takes the reader through many battles and several surprises...good and bad...for Tessa. It's not the finale though. The war still rages on. Enemies and friends still hard to distinguish from each other. I'm looking forward to the next book already to see where this author is taking the readers on this journey.
**Mild language
Book 10: Vampire in Charge
Tessa and Cody, along with their family and friends, continue to fight against the enhanced vampires. Fighting to close down all of the blood farms. They also have to find the missing humans and rescue them.

Each turn they take seems to take them into more danger. And more unexpected foes. Tessa and Cody know they are meant for each other, but there has been no time for them to slow down and have time together. Though, there seems to finally be light at the end of their long journey.

These books are written from many points of view, which I enjoy. The characters are mostly fighting in groups and the reader can see what is going on from all the different areas and viewpoints. These stories seem to keep the pages turning without any slow areas. I really enjoy them.
Glory Series
 Book 1: Genesis
Genesis Chandler is the last of her family in Little Glory. A year ago her sisters left, as did the love of her life. She hadn't realized how far she'd let herself fall from her responsibilities in that time until she goes back to the caves and forest that were left in her care. Something is amiss and it's up to her alone to fix things.

Connor Bateman has returned to Little Glory. To the woman he had loved and left. He was determined to change things, prove himself worthy. To stop working for Grandfather. His first day back ends up with an aching head and problems. And Genesis.

This new series takes place on a different planet. The residents of Earth have had to move to different planets, ten of them so far. Triplet sisters Genesis, Tori and Celeste are on Glory. A year ago all three were engaged and life was good. Their granny passed and everything changed. I'm looking forward to more stories in this series.
**Sexual content and language
 Book 2: Tori
Tori Chandler went into hiding a year ago. She needed to get away from Glory, her granny's death, and most of all...Devon. She's been flying under the radar—until today. She's been found and finds herself back in Glory. She's determined not to end up back in Devon's arms.

Devon Wiltshire realized he messed up badly. Tori left a year ago and he never followed. Believed she would return on her own. She never did. Now that Grandfather has sent him after her, he's determined to bring her home. Whether she wants to come back or not.

The first book in the series is Genesis and the third book will be Celeste. Three sisters with paranormal abilities. Two left Glory...and Genesis...and now one has returned. It will take all three to get the balance back. Great series so far.
**Sexual content
 Book 3: Celeste
Celeste Chandler is the last sister to return home to Glory. After their granny died, the girls had found themselves lost and confused. Now, over a year later, they have all come home. Her sisters have reunited with the men in their lives...Celeste isn't sure she can forgive Matt and what she saw as a betrayal.

Matt is so happy Celeste is back and wants to run to her. Only she isn't standing there with open arms to receive—yet. They belong together and it's going to happen.

As it has been since Granny passed, Glory is not at peace. The negative energy is growing stronger. The sister's and their men need to stand united and fight against the unseen. Along with their unique spirit pets. Intriguing stories that take place in Glory, part of one area on a different planet.
**Sensual content and mild language
Biker Blues Series

Part One: Biker Blues: Morgan
Jazz has had a lousy year. The one guy she thought might have staying power, took off without so much as a goodbye. Well fine, she didn't need him. She had her business and best friend Roxy. She loved designing the perfect tattoos for people. Life was finally good again...and then he called.

Morgan Ashton realized that he might have screwed up the best thing in his life. He believed he had all the facts, but now that he thought about things, he might have been wrong. His personal life would have to wait, he had to find out what happened to his brother Billy. And he needed her help to do it.

This story has a past of hurt, a present of danger, and a future of unknown. Morgan and Jazz will have to get over that past hurt and the ever-present danger stalking them before they can ever think of any type of future...if there was one for them. This is the first of three novellas and it does end with a cliffhanger.
**Sexual content and language
Part Two: Biker Blues: Morgan
Morgan and Jazz continue to dodge bullets...literally...as they work with the police to find out who is after them. And, if the body in the morgue is Billy, who killed him.

It's a bit hard to rebuild their romance while being pursued and tormented by some unknown assailant, on the other hand, it may be pushing them closer together

As with part one, this book also ends on cliffhanger and keeps the reader anxiously awaiting the final installment of this series. Suspense and romance mixed with a who done it and who exactly was it done to.
**Sexual content and language
Part Three: Biker Blues: Morgan
Things are not getting any easier for Morgan and Jazz. She's not healing up from her gunshot wound which is understandable since they haven't had more than a moment's peace since it happened. It's harder to know the good guys from the bad...or to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe there is not a bright light shining but at least they will come to an end of a really tough time. This third novella in the series brings a finale to this story.
**Sexual content and language
Part Four: Biker Baby Blues: Morgan
Morgan and Jazz have been through some tough times together—and apart. Misunderstandings and the need to be on the road had taken Morgan away from her. A tattoo and murder brought them back together.

They'd been chased, shot at, actually shot, and more. And now Jazz is facing a new crisis...as is Morgan.

Can they find the courage to tell each other what's on their minds? Or will another misunderstanding tear them apart?

This is a really short book and quick read, but packed full.
**Sexual content 
Complete Set 1-3
Cash looks like a really bad dude on the outside. When he's a kind, caring man on the inside. As the woman he saved just found out.

Willow's life has been a mess since the rest of her family died when she was six. It's been really bad since she married Greg. Bad enough to end it all.

Cash is a friend of Morgan's from the first Biker Blues series. Big bad dudes who are really more like teddy bears...unless you mess with those they want to protect. This ends on a cliffhanger.

Life isn't ready to go easy on Willow yet. Greg sees her as a possession. His possession. At least she's not on her own this time. Cash is by her side helping to try and hide her away, keep her safe.

Cash is floored by this woman. She's so innocent in ways. Never has seen much of their beautiful area. Never enjoyed the small things in life like running barefoot in the sand and water. He is determined to get her through all of this safely. Much easier said then done.
**Sexual content and language
Part 1: Salvation
Part 2: Salvation
Part 3: Salvation
Broken Protocols Series
Complete Set
 Book 1: Cat's Meow
Lani Summerland was just feeling as if her life was getting back on track. It had been a rough year. But she was going to start over. Only, that fresh start was a bit different than what she planned when Lani and her cat, Charming, were whooshed a couple of hundred years into the future.

Liev Blackburn had his hands full with his younger brother, Milo. His brother was a genius but didn't always use his head to think things out as he should. They got in trouble a year ago when Milo tested out his time-travel program...and now he was at it again.

Lani earned an unwanted one-way ticket to the future, and Liev was going to do the best he could to make her new life comfortable for her. Fixing his brother's mistakes once again. This is just the first part of the story. Fun and easy to read.

**Sexual content
Book 2: Cat's Pajamas
In this second part of this series, Lani Summerland Blackburn finds herself married after only a few days in the future. For her protection. Not love. And that's not all. It seems like everything has broken loose since she arrived in her new reality. At least she has Liev to protect her.

Liev Blackburn would like life to slow down so that he could enjoy time alone with his new wife. But no time for a honeymoon with everything happening. A trip to Council. Someone from his past who doesn't take well to him having a wife. Of course, getting used to a talking cat in the house.

Looking forward to the next installment on this series. It's humorous in the midst of unexpected danger. You never know what's waiting for them around the next corner...or at their front door.

**Sexual content
Book 3: Cat's Cradle
Liev and Lani Blackburn, along with Liev's brother, Milo, and Lani's enhanced cat, Charming Marvin...enhanced from when Milo brought them two hundred years into the future. And had assumed he was enhancing the girl he was bringing for his brother...not her cat.

It's all worked out though. With Charming being able to talk...think...and even give them good input. Is Lani a touch jealous her cat is smarter than her, maybe? But they all have to work together as people are being murdered around them and thugs are after Lani. Not much of a honeymoon for the newlyweds. Then again, life has been non-stop since Lani stepped foot into her new reality. Unique stories and characters.
Book 3. 5 Cat's Claus: A Broken Protocols Series Christmas Tale
Liev and Lani Blackburn along with brother Milo and Charming Marvin...the cat, are taking time on a Pacific island for a vacation. While there, Lani gets to thinking about her old life. In her new reality holidays no longer exist. And if you try to search for information about them...you trigger the government and end up on a list you don't want to be on.
So, how is Lani going to try and bring Christmas to her husband, brother-in-law, and...the one who started it all, Charming? She can't search for decorations without setting off alarms and her husband has everything a man could want and the money to buy whatever he doesn't have.
But she's not a quitter. This is a novella but still packed full of fun and adventure.
**Sensual content
By Death Series
Book One: Touched by Death

Dane Chester is helping in Haiti. His brother and his Haitian family are there, and after the devastating earthquake a year ago, and now smaller ones, he wants to do what he can. John is the only family Dane has. He’s ready to head back home to Seattle, though. That is until he meets a beautiful blonde. And trouble hits again.

Jade Hansen had been to Haiti a year ago, helping after the earthquake. She hasn’t been the same since. Mostly just not living anymore. But Duncan, her brother and the only family she has left hasn’t given up on her and convinces her to return to Haiti for another job. Who knew that returning could help with her healing? And meeting Dane isn’t so bad, either.

A page-turning romance thriller as weird things start happening. And the Magrim, the older woman at the market that predicts things Jade doesn’t want to hear, doesn’t help. Another well-written story that keeps you guessing to the end.

**Sexual content and language
Book Two: Haunted by Death

Chad Ingram and Meg Pearce were in love. Ready to head for college. One last summer outing with seven other people. And then everything changed when one of them went missing. And, even though Chad and Meg thought their love could handle anything…they found out it couldn’t.

Seventeen years later, Meg finally returned to the area that had changed her life. Had led her down the path to becoming an anthropologist. Chad became a cop. Meg finds something that brings Chad back into her orbit after all this time. Maybe they can finally have closure and move on.

The reader can meet Meg in the first book, Touched by Death. Loving the series so far. Romance and suspense kept me turning the pages until the end.

**Sexual content and language

Book Three: Chilled by Death

Royce O’Connell can’t believe Stacy had agreed to return to the cabin. He’s been hoping to be near her for a while now. But, after the deaths of the girls on the mountain and, later, a weekend of comforting Stacy, he needs her to give him a second chance.

Three years ago, Stacy Carter lost two of her closest friends. They lived as free spirits and died that way. As a survivor and unable to stop her friends, Stacy lives with the guilt of what happened. She hopes to find their bodies one day and put them to rest. After three years, she’s agreed to return to the resort—and the mountain that claimed her friends.

As the friends gather at the cabin, the fun week they’d planned of skiing, boarding, and relaxing isn’t turning out as planned. Something is wrong. And the evil might be right inside that cabin with them.

Page-turning excitement like this whole series has been.

**Sexual content and language

Second Chances...at Love Series
Book One: Second Chances - Complete
Karina has loved Brian for a long time. When he breaks up with his longtime girlfriend, she sees her last chance to get near him before they leave the university and go on with their lives. The night starts out like she hopes but ends with him leaving...without so much as a farewell wave.

Brian Saunders regrets something he did ten years ago. One night with Karina had him so shaken that he left her. And now ten years later he is a well known motivational speaker and of all the women in the world to be sitting in his audience is Karina. As beautiful as ever. Could there possibly be any hope for a second chance?

Ten years ago there was a third person in Karina and Brian's life, only they didn't realize it. As that person's life falls apart a decade later, the blame gets laid at their feet. Can these two have a second chance when the dark shadow of the past is closing in on them?
**Sexual content and language
Part One:  Second Chances - FREE
Part Two: Second Chances
Design Series
Design Trilogy
Book One: Dangerous Designs - FREE
Book Two: Deadly Designs
 Book Three: Darkest Designs
Dare to....Collection - FREE
Dare to be You...Three in One Set - FREE
Dare to Love
Dare to be Strong...
Broken but... Mending Series
Book One: Skin
A week long seminar for some people who are in a therapy group led by a professor and therapist. Jenna had paired up the members of the group to work on their assignments, to help them discover healing together. To those involved...it seemed impossible.

Tania had been living with her traumatic experience for twelve years. Afraid of men, all men. And now instead of being paired up with her friend Robin, Jenna has paired her with a man. A large, powerful and handsome man.

Kane wouldn't be here if not for his brother urging him. And of all things to be paired with the tiny Tinkerbelle who seemed to be scared to death of him. How this would help him overcome his past issues, he had no idea.

Seems Jenna is a wise woman and great therapist who knew what she was doing when she partnered up those in her group. Book two in this series is Scars, Robin's story.
**Sexual content and language
Book Two: Scars
Robin Childers has scars from a car accident. Is it the scars on the outside that are really holding her back? Or could it be the ones on the inside?

Sean Wilson is only at the seminar because he was accepted and came so he could tell his sister about it. Nothing this week was going to help him. Or so he thought.

Jenna has a way of partnering up the folks at her seminar. They have assignments to do together and somewhere along the way...healing begins. If you enjoy series so you can “see” the whole stories than you'll want to read book one, Skin.
**Sexual content and language
Book Three: Scales
Paris Wilson has high hopes going into Jenna's seminar. After all her brother Sean found love when he came to one. She desperately wanted to find healing as well...only she didn't want that knife near her festering wound. Couldn't she heal without letting everything out? Apparently not.

Weaver was a psychology grad and sees this workshop Jenna is doing as a stepping stone to his career. If he can write up a report on it, she'll help him get it published. Sure, he has troubles of his own but nothing he needs help with. Or so he thought.

Jenna, the professor who teaches these seminars, has a special knack of knowing just who needs what...and who. Seems she knows who to pair up to help each other...and maybe more than just for this week at her workshop. If you enjoy series, you'll want to start with book one, Skin. Sean's story, Paris's brother, is in book two, Scars.
**Sexual content
Boxed Sets & Singles
Three books from three series
Dare to be You set - FREE
Gem Stone: A Gemma Stone Mystery
Riana's Revenge- A Short FREE Story

Time Thieves
Sarina “Sari” Harrods has finally returned home. After seeing her father disappear right in front of her fifteen years ago, her life has never been the same. Her mother dragged her from Canada, her home, to France. Away from her friends, from all she knew.

Ward Preston might have only been ten when Sari was pulled away from him so suddenly, but even then he knew she was special. And now that she's back home, he intends not to lose her again. He just didn't expect everything else that came with her return home.

This is a unique story of time travel of sorts, parallel universes. Sari could never give up on the father she loved so much. And neither Ward nor Sari had given up on their special childhood friendship. Now that they are adults, they both want more. If only they can get through all the weirdness happening around them to find the time. And it's all about the time.
**Sexual content and language
Books included in Boxed Sets
Paranormally Yours Boxed Set
Dale Mayer - In Cassie's Corner
Cassie Merchant has just lost her very best friend,Todd Spence. When his ghost appears and pleads with her not to believe what people say, she goes on a mission to find out the truth. Knowing Todd better than anyone else, she knows the facts just don’t match up. She just needs to get others to believe her without revealing she’s talking to a ghost.

To me this story goes a bit further than fiction. How many times do we prejudge someone or talk about the dead in a disrespectful way? Just as people misjudged Todd because he put a tough shield over himself, so often we do the same without truly knowing someone. This book grabbed me from page one and didn’t let go.

It's a Dog's Life
Ninna Bradford finally landed a job after being out of work for way too long. It’s working at a pet center where they have medical facilities, adoptions and dog training. She’s never owned a pet, but surely she can learn about them. And the handsome young vet isn’t hard to be around either. If only the big old basset hound would stop talking to her. She’d been through so much counseling to stop the voices and now when she finally has a good job, she seems to be going crazy.

A great story with a touch of mystery along with a bit of romance. Hard times have hit their town and someone is busy with breaking into the homes around her. And it seems he’s taken to watching Ninna. Maybe she needs to find a dog of her own, one that doesn’t talk to her and drive her crazy. Although, Mosey is starting to grow on her a bit.
**This book will be included in the Must Love Pets bundle

Romance Super Bundle: Stardust Miracle
Second Chances Romance Super Bundle II: Second Chances
Second Chances by Dale Mayer
Second Chances...at Love Series Book One
Karina has loved Brian for a long time. When he breaks up with his longtime girlfriend, she sees her last chance to get near him before they leave the university and go on with their lives. The night starts out like she hopes but ends with him leaving...without so much as a farewell wave.

Brian Saunders regrets something he did ten years ago. One night with Karina had him so shaken that he left her. And now ten years later he is a well known motivational speaker and of all the women in the world to be sitting in his audience is Karina. As beautiful as ever. Could there possibly be any hope for a second chance?

Ten years ago there was a third person in Karina and Brian's life, only they didn't realize it. As that person's life falls apart a decade later, the blame gets laid at their feet. Can these two have a second chance when the dark shadow of the past is closing in on them?
**Sexual content and language
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  1. Thank you Judy!! Love the page of my books - and delighted to her you enjoyed the vampire series as well as In Cassie's Corner and It's a Dog's Life!