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A Johnston & Fletcher Thriller

Book 1: What She Missed

Dr. Skye Johnston is a psychologist. When Chief Zara Walsh of Highmill PD in Upstate New York has a dispatcher call Skye to go out on this rainy night, it pushes her out of her comfort zone. She and Zara don’t get along, and Skye doesn’t usually work with the police unless one of her patients is in trouble. The night turned her life upside down…again.

Officer Logan Fletcher is a widower with a young daughter. When Bella goes missing, he’s all father and no cop. Plus, his boss thinks a psychologist can help find his daughter. 

The story takes some twists and turns from the original missing Bella. Page-turning and I always appreciate the different POVs of the characters. I can’t wait for more in this series. Riggs, the K9 officer, also adds a lot to the story.

Book 2: No Idea Who

Skye Johnston is a psychologist in Highmill, New York. A few months ago, she worked on a case where she met Logan Fletcher and his daughter, Bella. And thanks to his K9, Riggs, she learned to like dogs. But, whatever might have started growing between Logan and her was squashed when her past broke in…her sister Christy. Not to mention her past traumas. Now she’s called Logan for help. Finding a dead man on her doorstep has her pretty freaked out. A man she doesn’t know.

Logan hadn’t seen much of Skye. He thought they were heading somewhere, but she backed off. But now, she needs his help. When the case takes some crazy twists and turns, it seems Skye is getting hit on all sides.

Another page-turning, exciting story from this author.


The Kat Beckman Thriller Series

Book 1: The Cure
Book 2: Fourteen Days
Book 3: Burned
Book 4: The Blackout

Book 5: The Bloody Canvas

Book 6: Sauk Valley Killer
Book 7: The Project

Book 8: Corrupt Identity
Kat Beckman and her husband, Van Peck, run The Hot Sheet. An online newspaper that tells the truth. When Bazir, a man living in California after leaving Afghanistan with the Americans because he had been a translator for them, finds himself with dangerous information, he’s not sure who to trust. He runs across someone talking of The Hot Sheet and brings the device to them.
Not seeing it as necessary for a story, Kat wants nothing to do with it, but Van takes it very seriously after realizing what’s on this device.
This is the first book I’ve read in this series, and I couldn’t put it down. Not a dull moment in the book. It’s not an easy read because of the evil people who want this information and will do anything to get it, but it’s worth the read.


A Detective Emily Tizzano Vigilante Justice Thriller

Book 1: Twelve Years Gone

Book 2: Lakeview Vendetta

Book 3: Victim 14
Book 4: Soon To Be Mine
Book 5: The Investor

Emily Tizzano, a former Chicago detective, found out about an investment scam where many lost every penny they had. Trusted the wrong person. She had emails from people asking her to help, but she wasn’t sure about helping anymore, not after her last case. When it became a bit more personal…she had no choice. She had to help.

Emily heads to New York City to learn more about the company that had ruined many lives. So many of the prominent people from the company had gone into hiding. Including the woman who owned the company. Along with them…billions of dollars that didn’t belong to them.

I enjoyed this page-turning story that lets the reader see the different POVs of those involved.

Book 6: The Killing Graves
Emily Tizzano had been a detective at the Chicago PD. Falsely accused, she refused her job back and won a settlement. Now, she helps others. In that process, she always ends up in danger herself.

When an FBI agent comes to her for help on a cold case, she goes to South Bend, Indiana, to check it out and see if she wants to help. It’s fifteen years old and doesn’t seem to have any loose ends for her to grab until a new case appears connected to the three cold cases.

I enjoy this author’s books. They are written so that you get to know most leading players somewhat, whether they are the victims, the villains, or Emily.


Travis Bishop Thrillers

Book 4: The 173

Travis Bishop is content working with horses. He left the CIA and wants nothing more to do with it. So when his friend, Elena Lobranova, calls on him to join her on a mission, he says no. But, she had left the flash drive with photos of many dead CIA assets in Ukraine. They were at risk because of a list with their names.

The faces of the dead from the drive have Travis changing his mind. For Elena, the woman who’s like a sister to him. It was supposed to be a quick trip in and out. Right. What could go wrong did.

This book is written from Travis’s POV only. I couldn’t put it down until the end. Well written and full of action.

Book 5: Lost Target
Travis Bishop finds himself doing another job for the CIA. Why can’t they leave him alone? He wants to be on his ranch, training horses. Or, like he was doing before he got the call, enjoying watching and learning from an Italian trainer. Now, he finds himself in France. And when he figured he’d fulfilled what they asked of him…oh, no. There was more.

It is heart-pumping as the fast-paced story has Travis on a dangerous rescue. And, when he finally hits US soil again and thinks he’s done…his country still needs him. The President trusts him and personally asks him to see this job through.

Sometimes you just can’t retire. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters, as harrowing as it sometimes gets.


A Jess Montgomery Thriller

Book 3: The Last Body

Jess Montgomery, Senior Intelligence Analyst, was asked to help her boss’s friend. Charlie’s friend Anthony had caught a case he wanted a second look at from their analyst background. Jess was busy on a project…but if the boss said go, she best go.

Four dead and one person unaccounted for was terrible enough, but other things pointed out that this was much more than a botched robbery. One thing led to another, and none of it was good. 

A page-turning story that seems like it could happen in real life. Excellent writing.


Detective Max Grady Thrillers

Book 1: Four Cold Months

Detective Max Grady is a particular kind of guy. After a dysfunctional childhood with an abusive dad, he needs order in his life. So Max says it like it is, whether rude or not. Good thing his partner at work, Detective Cassie Reynolds, is compassionate…although he’s not fond of her apologizing for him.

He’s dealt with many cases in his ten years, but when Noah Chandler and his son Gabe come in—it’s mind-boggling. The guy’s wife is missing and has been gone for a while, but Noah hadn’t been worried. Seems the wife, Macy, goes on adventures alone.

After Noah received a phone call about a ransom…everything changed.

A page-turning read that keeps adding new facts…and more confusion for Max.

Book 2: One Cold Heart

Detective Max Grady was visiting his boss at Spring Valley Medical Center. Williams had finally got his hip surgery done. Of course, he didn’t want to be here, but he’d been told to play nice. So when what felt like an earthquake and evacuation calls rang out, it was up to Grady to get Williams to safety. And then the race was on. Someone had bombed the facility.

He was put in charge, and Grady doesn’t play nice with anyone. FBI thought they were in charge. As all the agencies got involved, Grady went down his path, as always, with his partner, Cassie Reynolds. They had a bomber loose in Pittsburgh, and he wanted to find and stop him.

This story pulled me in and had me turning the pages from beginning to end. I felt bad for the villain, although he took the wrong path for vengeance. The reader gets to see inside the minds of several characters through their POVs, yet the story still flows smoothly.

Book 3: Five Cold Bodies

Detective Max Grady was having a tough day. His mom passed away, so he must return to work and solve cases. He hoped his mom could rest peacefully, as she sure didn’t live it. His abusive father had beaten her…and him. His older brother, Ben, unfortunately, has their father’s rage. Ben is an adult, a powerful adult, with the mind of a child.

Now that he has more murders to solve. His partner, Cassie Reynolds, is the opposite of Grady. She is always cheerful and pleasant compared to his being grumpy and short-tempered. Work calls as there has been a double murder in the next county, so for some, life goes on as they go to find a killer.

I like how this author writes from different POVs. She usually lets you get a glimpse of the victim before they die and also the killer. Page-turning stories.

Book 4: Two Cold Killers

Detective Max Grady is in big trouble. He lost his control…and then lost everything he was. Three months later, he becomes more like the man who fathered him than he’d ever admit.
Meanwhile, Detective Cassie Reynolds, Grady’s former partner, is getting hit with case after case, body after body. The PD is short-staffed, and she’s on her own. When the cases seem to be connected, she needs Grady’s help

A page-turning story from beginning to end. I don’t want to give too many details and spoil it for anyone, but it’s another great story.


Detective Morgan Foster Vigilante Justice

Book 1: West End Justice
Book 2: Blister
Book 3: Deep Deceit
Book 4: Fatal Faith
Detective Amber D’Amico catches a case of a dead woman on a boat. When they check her phone, it has a friend of Amber’s in the contacts. Morgan Foster. She went to find out how Morgan knew the victim, Faith Mason.
Morgan felt terrible that she’d lost touch with her best friend from childhood. The woman had been in her wedding even. The next thing she knew, Morgan was pulled into helping with the investigation to find Faith’s killer. She refused to be reinstated as a detective, but she was driven to help her friend in death since she’d lost track of her when she was alive.
After they had to figure out what Faith was looking into and who could’ve wanted her dead, the detectives didn’t have much to go on. A page-turner.
Book 5: The Vault
Morgan Foster was a detective until her husband was murdered, and she and her son had to go into witness protection. Her son is in college now, and she has her life back, not as a cop, but she does still help her friend Amber out.

When a man comes to the door in the early morning hours, Morgan is soon caught up in a case again. When Amber is called out on a case, and Morgan rides with her, she sees that her morning visitor and this case are connected.

It's another excellent thriller that keeps the reader on their toes and the pages turning.