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Laura Haley-McNeil

Hearts of Crystal Creek Series

Hearts of Crystal Creek Series
Book 1: Another Chance at Love

Trey Channing had lost his wife a year ago. So, he was traveling the country this summer with his son Elliott and daughter Blayne. And praying for the Lord’s guidance in where He wanted them and in what church He wanted Trey to be a pastor. Then they came to the small town of Crystal Creek.

Hannah McKean has to work several jobs, as does her daughter, Desiree. As a single mom, that was her life. She also carried the heavy burden of her past around with her. Being an unwed mother in this small town was not unnoticed, forgotten, or forgiven, it seemed at times.

This story is about more than just Trey and Hannah. The ripple around them pulls in others who need the Lord—and forgiveness. Tissue alert if you cry easily.

Book 2: Never Too Late For Love
Delanie Jonsson, AKA Author D.L. Zaxton, just got a new neighbor. He’s in a wheelchair, so she tries to be helpful and see what she can do for him, but she’s learning that he’s independent, and the wheelchair doesn’t make him less. And he’s oh so handsome, to boot.

Zane Gallivan blames himself for the deaths of the men and civilians in the war. He was their protector, and he’d failed them. Zane also failed at being a husband and father. He moved to the small town of Crystal Creek for solitude, but it seems he won’t get that with such a friendly neighbor. Although, after a while, he doesn’t mind her friendliness.
Great story. I loved the characters—both human and canine.
Book 3: The Right Time for Love
Abby Baites has come home. She left Crystal Creek twenty-eight years ago. Everyone she loved was gone, all but Zoey, her granddaughter. She will work for an older woman who needs help running her ranch. Only…it doesn’t quite turn out like she expected.
Chet Hancock had done something dumb when he was nineteen. He did what he thought was right, but it wasn’t. Twenty-eight years later, he’s hoping for a second chance to right the wrong. Only, it’s not as easy as it seems.
I loved this story. It’s heartbreaking in many ways, but thankfully it has a happily-ever-after.
Christmas Billionaires Series
Book 1:The Billionaire's Christmas Gift

Chrystelle Bach has been in LA for two and a half years. She came here from her small town of Gwilliams, Colorado, to be a screenwriter. So far she's anything but. A limo driver, waitress, bartender...but she's not one to give up. And now, she finally has her chance to get her script into the right hands.

 Quinton Fairchild has taken over Fairchild Films for his dad. He's done well. So when a new script is given to him, he likes it...but wants some changes. The author of the script wants it just as it is. She'll change her mind though, because Quinton always wins.

 A wonderful story. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline.

Book 2: The Billionaire's Christmas Wish

River Jackson was a winning quarterback for the Denver Flyers. A team his dad had played on, and both of his younger brothers planned on being on. After a shoulder injury, things changed in good and bad ways. He found something exciting to do in his spare time...helping out kids at a learning center in a low-income area.

 Soledad Marcos loved her life. Her daughter was doing well, and the kids at the learning center were also making so much progress in their lives. She would always love and miss her husband. She didn't have money, but she had so much joy.

 A heartwarming story. River has plenty of money, but Soledad is independent and doesn't take charity. But his time at the learning center is something she'll accept. And River learns plenty too.

Book 3: The Billionaire's Christmas Contract

Bryg Winslow is a success story. From living in The Grid, the poor section of Denver, with his mother, until he was placed in a foster home and then becoming a billionaire. So when he goes to a small town in Colorado for his next project, he gets so much more out of it than he expected.

After being adopted by the Rendell’s, Leah took the beautiful ranch she grew up on for granted until she realized what she could lose if her parents sold out to Bryg. She no longer lived here, but it was always there for her trips home from Massachusetts, where she was a college professor. She’d watched so many young men come and go as her parents fostered them. Teaching them to be Godly young men. And now, it would all end.

Such a beautiful story in so many ways, like how quickly we can judge—or misjudge—someone. I loved the story, the characters, all of it.

Book 4: The Billionaire's Christmas Promise

Alexander Ross is a billionaire. After his father’s death and he took control of Ross Enterprises, he was even more successful. If only he could have such success at being a father. After his late ex-wife’s death, he’ll have Poppy with him until she goes to boarding school. He just needed the right nanny as Poppy had gone through three already since her mother’s death.

Felicity Holden was a scarred woman. Literally. Her face carried the burden of the reminder of the night her father died. She knew no man would want her, so she became a nanny so she could enjoy children, knowing she’d never have her own.

The life of the rich was very different from Felicity’s life. But, that was no excuse for Alexander not to be the best dad he could be. And, at risk of getting fired, she let him know just that. This was a short-term job anyway. It was an incredible story to me…I went through quite a few tissues, so if you cry easily…tissue alert.

Book 5: The Billionaire's Christmas Engagement

Oliver Smith and Madison Grant, aka Madison Edwards, sat beside each other on the plane with no idea how their lives would soon collide. They were both heading to the wedding of their friends. Brian had been Oliver’s friend since he was young, and Madison and Shelly had been best friends since they’d been college roommates.

They were both carrying some baggage…besides the luggage for the wedding. Both had lost at love in ways and weren’t looking to try again. But God had a plan for their lives.

I loved the story and the characters. Oliver is so down-to-earth, not letting his billionaire bank account say who he is as a man. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to our happiness is ourselves.

Book 6: The Billionaire's Christmas Date

Dru Kassandros is determined to buy into a company that needs a silent partner so he can get his hands on a program the company owns. However, once he meets the owner, he finds out she can be as stubborn as he is when accepting no for an answer.

Alia Nash owns Nash Conceptions. She has dreams of using her creation in future products, but until then, she needs to make more money. Alia realizes that a silent partner isn’t such a good idea. It’s her company, and she doesn’t want to deal with losing control of any part of it. Not even to the handsome man with the Greek accent.

I went through a few tissues on this story. But, as always, it was hard to put down. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. I loved the characters and the story.

Book 7: The Billionaire's Christmas Surprise

Carter du Pont Haines IV needed a wife for two years. Emma Waite Hanes needed money to be able to keep her grandparents’ lodge. So, they made a deal. And then, after two years, it was a done deal. Or it should have been.

The characters in this book are so endearing, and it’s a great story. Pulled me in from beginning to end. The author made their struggles real by writing about the differences in their lives. Carter always had servants and money. Emma was used to waiting on the people that visited the lodge.

Book 8: The Billionaire's Christmas Proposal
Rudge Garland had been working on the Wright Park Project for years, putting time and money into his plans. When he’s invited into Nonna’s Pizzeria while waiting for his contractor…everything changes.

Maria Ferraro loves her family and neighbors. She works at the family pizzeria, enjoying her work and the people. Sure, Maria is twenty-six and single, but Maria’s trusting God to bring the right person to her…or maybe He won’t bring anyone. She’s content. That is until the day she invites the man in the cashmere coat and a limo inside to warm up.

Can love exist between two people from two different worlds? They are on two sides of the proposal to revitalize Wright Park, which makes it seem impossible.

It is a sweet story that brings smiles and tears and grabs the heart.
Book 9: The Billionaire's Christmas Wedding
Book 10: The Billionaire's Christmas Fake Fiancée
Beaumont Brides Series
Book 1: Wherever Love Finds You
Ellora Duvall loves working and living in New York. She makes more money than she ever thought she could working on Wall Street. And then the day comes when someone from her past crosses paths with her and nothing is the same again. Life keeps going downhill from that day it seems like.

Zach Lowe and Ellora were from the same town. The same high school. Different sides of the tracks. Funny how things you were told in your younger years stick with you. Reminding you of things like not being good enough for some people.

This is the first book I've read from this author and I really enjoyed it. I found it to be an easy read that kept my attention and the pages turning.
Book 2: When Love Whispers
Preston Lowe has one goal in go overseas and continue the fight that two of his good friends had died for. He had promised them he'd do this. His focus on that goal didn't include the beautiful waitress at the club near the academy he was training at. Nor did it include any other surprises that life threw at him.

Willow Dockery's life changed. The same day her boyfriend left...she found out she was pregnant. She wouldn't miss her boyfriend, but what would she do about this life growing inside her? She already worked two jobs, and she was more of a mother to her mom than vice versa. And then there was Preston. The man she kept running into. The man who'd be leaving to go overseas...and maybe never return like so many others she'd known.

A wonderful story. Not everything in life goes easy for these two. They both have mothers that are something else. Along with other things that happen. Sometimes goals in life need a little room to stretch and change. Loved it!
Book 3: Call It Love
Addison Duvall came to Hollywood two years ago to try and make it as an actress. She's mostly an extra. And then came the day the lead actress didn't show up. Trying to be professional around the hottest male actor around was not easy, but it changes Addison's life.

Spencer Kingsley grew up in Hollywood royalty. His grandmother is Mirabelle La Maar Kingsley. At ninety, the woman is still a wonder. And she sees more than people think.

This story is mostly told from Addison's POV. I really enjoyed this book, a definite page-turner. And I went through a few tissues while reading it as a good way.
Book 4: Love Comes Softly

Dillon Lowe was in turmoil. After the heart-wrenching act of having to close one of their offices—putting two thousand people out of jobs—he wanted to resign. But, his boss wouldn’t let him. So, he took off for his family’s unused beach house in the Outer Banks. He needed time. What he didn’t expect was the woman who walked in and told him he had to leave.

Tessa Carlisle had lost her job in New York. Her friend Stella had told her to come and stay at the family beach house. She’d been living in this beautiful house on the beach for the last month and working at a bakery. She wished this could continue, so peaceful, but she had student loans to pay. She needed a high-paying job. And she had to keep her mind off her new, unexpected housemate.

They have no idea that both of them worked for the same company. Instead, they just enjoyed their new friendship. A heartwarming story with struggles on which path to take.

Book 5: Love After All

Beauregard “Beau” Wallis doesn’t believe in love, and he’d never said it to a woman in his thirty years of life. But, being as well-known and wealthy as his family was, there were plenty of women who’d have said yes. So it ends up that the one he meets that grabs his attention—is already spoken for. Worse, he knows the guy.

Stella Duvall had worked for Tom for five years. She was there through two of his divorces. Her eldest sister was concerned about her dating a man thrice-divorced, but she knew it would be different when he married her.

What a pickle. Beau knows that Stella and Tom don’t belong together, but he’s told her that he doesn’t see himself falling in love. After meeting Beau, Stella has to look closely at her life and relationship.

I enjoy this series. Good storylines and wonderful characters in a sweet romance.

Crystal Creek Series
Book 1: Guarding Her Heart
Victoria Whitloch's peaceful life took a sudden turn. One minute she's busy writing and sketching for her new book about Paris...the next she feels she's being watched. And then the phone call. Their dad is missing. Victoria continues to feel she's being watched. She was right. Getting home to Crystal Creek Ranch was not the homecoming she expected. And worse...the one man she wants far away from her, in now her protector.

Garrett Reynolds finds that ten years of being apart hasn't changed much for him when it comes to Victoria. Especially finding out she's in danger. He takes over protecting her, but this is not a regular job for him. If something happens to her...he'll never be the same. Not that it matters, they can never be together. Never.

This story was a real page-turner. An unknown stalker. A missing father, which that story is to continue. A father, who by the way, has a penchant for collecting ex-wives and mistresses—not to mention lots of children. A teenage romance gone wrong. Great story.
Book 2: Crystal Creek Christmas
Book 3: A Ring Around Her Heart

Book 4: Steeling Her Heart
Book 5: Risking Her Heart
Book 6: Defending Her Heart
Book 7: Imagine the Kiss
Teagan Whitloch Munroe's life has just taken a turn. More like spun out of control. She's realizing that she truly hasn't known the man she married four years ago. Thankfully she has her music to escape to. Playing the violin calms her, takes her mind off of her troubles.

Phineas Bonham St. Cyr enjoys Teagan's music. Her music is the only beautiful thing he has in his life since “the accident” that took so much from him. He never expected to meet her. Never wanted her to see the monster he's become.

There are the beautiful people...on the outside. And then beautiful people who shine beauty out from within themselves. This story truly brings out how beauty is in the eye of the beholder, even when you have to go past the “No Trespassing” signs someone has put up to keep people out.
Book 8: Never Kiss Goodbye

Josh Merrick was a rodeo star, although with as humble as he was, you'd never know. After a win one night, his dog, Tank, took off...and found a woman. After convincing her to come with easy task...he took her with him to his aunt's home. She'd be safe at Crystal Creek Ranch. And by the looks of her, she needed a safe haven.

 Lily Marie Harkin was on the run. She had to keep moving because he'd find her...and she just couldn't be under his thumb another day. She had another life to protect besides her own. The handsome blue-eyed cowboy seemed safe, but then again, so did another man four years ago.

 Josh had lost someone he cared about, he had to convince Lily not to take off. To trust him to protect her. Trust wasn't something that came easy for her anymore. Wonderful characters and an excellent storyline.

Book 9: Whisper a Kiss

Hunter Whitlock left Gregory Enterprises a year ago. A job wasn’t all that he left; his heart was there too. But, because of his love for Bryce, he had to leave instead of making her choose between him or her father. And now Egon Gregory is dead, and Hunter returned to New York to show his respects.

Bryce Gregory has a long road ahead of her. Her father left the company to her. Not his long-time friend and business partner, and Percy definitely disagrees with that. Seeing Hunter again isn’t easy after he walked out of her life a year ago.

When things turn dangerous, Hunter steps in and takes Bryce back with him to Crystal Creek to keep her safe.

An exciting, page-turning story. Written in such a way that it’s hard to figure out who is good and who is bad.

Book 10: What She Couldn't Say

Dr. Eli Merrick is living at his Aunt Rose’s house in Crystal Creek while he’s building a cabin there and working at the local hospital. He’d been working in plastic surgery, but that wasn’t why he became a doctor. Quitting that work, going to work in the war, and helping soldiers and locals in the Middle East was more fulfilling. Everything changed for him the day he rescued a woman and her toddler from a crash.

Janet Jones, who she knows isn’t her real name, sadly can’t remember anything. And she’s lost the ability to speak. All she has are bad dreams and that she’s missing something. That something is her daughter. Finally, they are reunited at the hospital, but the woman can’t remember her child’s name…or anything else.

Eli feels he’s too old to find love and marry since he chose his profession over family. “Janet” is running from an unknown enemy. And the baby, she’s just loved by everyone. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline. An easy read that kept my attention.

Book 11: Enemies and Strangers

Heartstrings Series
Book 1: Prelude and Fugue
Book 2: Calling Me Back, Again
Book 3: Fragments of a Melody
Murder the Past