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Anna St. Claire Book List

Anna St. Claire

Noble Hearts Series
Book 1: The Earl She Left Behind
Maxwell Wilde, Earl of Worsley, was returning to his home after an absence when he noticed someone injured. To his shock, it was the woman he had loved and hoped to marry. That is until she disappeared and he found out she'd married another man. He thought he was long over Maggie Winters...he was wrong.

Lady Maggie Tipton once had a wonderful life. Loving parents, a little brother, and Max. In a weeks' time, she lost her family and was sent off to marry an old, cruel man. She'd been waiting for the right time to escape her “prison” and finally, the time came.

Now, they were under the same roof with the same feelings from three years ago. But all was different. And they were finding out that Maggie had more enemies than her cruel husband and she wouldn't be safe until they found out who they were and how to stop them. Wonderful characters and a good storyline.
Book 2: Romancing a Wallflower
John Andrews, the fifth Earl of Harlow, friends with Maxwell Wilde from the previous book, The Earl She Left Behind. A year ago, while searching for smugglers, John had witnessed an accident when a young woman was thrown from her horse. He had brought her to her parents and had her on his mind all this time. Never seeing her since then.

Lilian DeLacey watched from the wallflower area as her twin sister, Lydia, enjoyed the ball. A year ago, she'd been able to dance as well. No more. Not since her accident. Her life would never be the same, even though Lydia believed that Lilian would be whole one day.

That ball, sitting with the wallflowers, changed Lilian's life. And John's. Although he had things to overcome in his own life as well. Not believing he could ever marry. Love, romance, danger, and suspense all put together for a beautiful story.
Also included in this set 8-4-2020
The Duke's Golden Rings

Lord Adam Hunter had come home from the war with his world a different place than he had planned. Anger and betrayal had pushed him to something he shouldn't have done. But that was behind him now. Life finally brightened when someone from his past reminded him of better times.

 Lady Evie had always had feelings for Adam. But, when she lost him to another, she backed out gracefully. Perhaps now that he returned from the war, they could at least be friends once again.

 This is a novella, but full of good times, bad times, and looking to a brighter future. An enjoyable read.

Embattled Hearts Series
Book 1: Embers of Anger
Ella Grace Whitford really hates those darn Yankees. They've taken over her town of New Bern, North Carolina. Her brother left home to fight them. Her father left to supposedly find her brother. And she is left at Silver Moon to keep things going with the few workers, she refuses to think of them as slaves, that haven't run off and to care for her young brother. And now? Now the Yankees are going to take over her home!

Colonel Jackson Ross would never fall in love again. He'd been burned once and that was enough. The Union Army was his life now. Until a woman with flashing green eyes and fiery red hair enters his domain.

This story really pulled me in and never let go until the end. I felt it flowed beautifully even with all the different facets. The pain of war, seeing “enemies” as people, being it's the Civil War era...word didn't come quickly like nowadays. Ella's struggles of finding good in someone she felt she should hate and so much more. Looking forward to more in this series.
**Sexual content
Wicked Earls' Club - Multi-Author Series
Book 6: Earl of Weston - Co-written with Lauren Harrison
Edward Hunter, Earl of Weston was at a place he really didn't want to be in his life. He never planned on being more than the second son—wasn't raised to be an earl. But life is never what one expects. Now, he not only holds the title his brother should have had, but he is also trying to find out who murdered his brother.

Hattie Longbottom and her best friend, Archie, are heading to start a new life. The life of a spinster who has depend on her brother's hospitality. Her traveling day hasn't gone too well so far. And it's about to get even worse.

Archie is a great addition to the story. A large parrot who enjoys picking up new words and yelling them. I enjoyed the story line and secondary characters, and I hope their stories will be told in future books.
**Sexual content
Book: Earl of Shefford

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