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Keira Montclair

Highland Hunters Series
Book 1: The Scot's Conflict

Geoffrey MacGriffin, “Grif,” is a guard at Clan Matheson. He went from living with his cruel father to living with his equally mean uncle, as his father left him there and took off with his younger brother, Steinn. But would make more of his life than his dad. And he could prove himself as he was called to go on a mission to save Scotland from the English. The only problem…women were part of their group.

Isla Matheson is the daughter of Ethan Matheson and Jennet nee Ramsay. Granddaughter of Quade and Brenna. Grif got on her nerves. He dared to believe women weren’t as wise or good at fighting as men.

As they go on their mission, Isla slowly begins to understand how sheltered she’s been. Realizing that not every clan allowed their women to be like the Ramsay, Grant, and Matheson women. And Grif is learning that his hateful father also put some wrong ideas in his head.

Page-turning adventure of this excellent new series. 

Escape to the Highlands

Symon MacKinnon’s life took a bad turn. They were invaded. Most of his family was murdered. And the worse part, it could be all his fault because he drank too much. His grandsire had a recipe for liquid gold that Symon enjoyed too much. And now, the intruders were after it. Considered it a treasure worth killing for.

Johanna Mor Murray was miserable. Two years ago, her parents had sold her to the Smalleys. Awful people that worked her constantly and were cruel to her as well. She had to escape when they planned to sell her to an evil man to earn more money. And thankfully, she had a knight ready to snatch her away.

This is a stand-alone book, so there won’t be more stories about the other characters. However, it has some evil villains and a surprising storyline.

Multi-Author Series
Book 3: Highland Secrets

Royce MacRob had never loved any woman like he’d loved Rhona until she betrayed him and wed another man. Then, after twelve years apart, he realized that he still had strong feelings for her. He couldn’t give in to them, but maybe he could help stop the feud between their clans.

Rhona Shaw MacAdder had never stopped loving Royce. She had been married to an evil man and was glad he was dead. However, memories and scars were still with her. After all these years, she needed to get Royce to help her. They needed the feud to end so the king would stop the forced marriages he was putting on their clans.

A page-turning tale with several unexpected twists.

**Sexual content

Highland Healers Series
Book 1: The Curse of Black Isle

Marcas Matheson was a desperate man on a mission. He had to save his sister and daughter. A curse had attacked their clan, and it was up to him to bring the best healers Marcas knew of to help them. Stealing them away in the middle of the night was a significant error, considering the clans he was taking them from.

Brigid Ramsay would like to find a man to love, but with Logan Ramsay as her father…well, good luck with that. Every man who knew her father feared him and wouldn’t stand up to him. So, when Brigid and her cousin Jennet were taken away in the middle of the night, it became an adventure…once she stopped fearing the handsome man who had taken them.

So excited for the next book in this new series. I loved the characters and storyline and seeing “old friends” once again, such as Logan and Gwyneth.

**Sensual content

Book 2: The Witch of Black Isle

Ethan Matheson, brother to Marcas, chieftain of their clan, and married to Brigid Ramsay, has issues. He doesn’t like to be touched, says what he thinks, and pretty much sees things black and white. However, he is fond of Jennet, and when his brother Shaw says to pursue her…he does. Because he pretty much does what his brothers tell him to.

Jennet Ramsay never thought she’d feel anything for anyone. She was going to be content as the healer she is. That is until Brigid married. Losing her best friend is hard, and yet, how could she deny Brigid the happiness she found?

When Jennet returns to Ramsay land to try and help her mother heal her father, Quade, the former chieftain of the clan, something happens that has Jennet running away…alone. And straight into trouble. Another exciting story in this series. As with all of Keira’s books, I can’t wait for the next one.

**Sensual content

Book 3: The Scourge of Black Isle

Padraig Grant is still at Matheson keep. He came to help find his kidnapped cousins…and after that turned out to be okay, he stayed to assist in the fight against the clans around them. And the sister of the chieftain wasn’t too hard to be around either.

Gisela Matheson had once thought Donald MacKinnie was handsome and didn’t fight against being betrothed to him before her father’s death. But, she changed since the curse, but Donald also changed. He was mean-spirited and cruel. There was no way she’d marry him. And no way Donald would just let her go.

Another page-turning story. I love that the author adds so many characters from past books in each story.

**Sexual content

Book 4: The Ghosts of Black Isle

Shaw Matheson cares for Tara, but he has a dark secret keeping him from her. If she knew the truth about him, she’d never marry him. Nor would her father allow it. It was time to end this. He just had to find out who was behind it all and kill that man.

Tara Cameron loves Black Isle. Being with her cousins. With Shaw. Now that Riley is visiting, Tara takes her sister, a seer, to the faerie glen. A whole new world opens to Tara when she realizes the mythical can be confirmed. Riley was needed here. Beckoned here to help free a captive.

This book was the finale of this series. Excellent as always, page-turning, action, and romance.

**Sexual Content

Book 5: The Gift of Black Isle

Torcall Massie is attracted to Riley Cameron. But she’s just visiting her sister, Tara. And then she’ll be gone, back on Cameron land. Besides, he’s only a guard. Surely her father wants her to marry someone of noble blood.

Riley Cameron has a curse. She can talk with the dead and help them move on by passing messages along or helping those still on earth to let them go. She envies Shaw and Tara’s relationship, but what man would ever want someone like her?

I loved this story, as with all of this author’s books. It was short but still packed full of adventure. Riley could be in danger, and Torcall would be there to protect her. Or so he hopes.

Highland Swords Series

Book 1: The Scot's Betrayal
Alasdair Grant is the son of Jake and Aline and grandson of the great Alexander Grant. He was born on the same night as two of his cousins; Elshander and Alick. Along with their cousin Dyna they have their work cut out for them. Their beloved Scotland is in trouble and they are determined to do what they can to save it from the English.

Emmalin MacLintock has lost her beloved father and even though she was trained to be the laird, the English king wanted her land for England...she was forced into marriage with a cruel English baron. But something is amiss and it's not good.

After saving Emmalin from reivers, Alasdair can't get the beautiful Scot out of his head. Unfortunately, she was married. Still, if she needed them to help her in any way...Clan Grant would be there for her. Wonderful story and characters, although it is definitely a tissue alert if you cry easily.
**Sexual content
Book 2: The Scot's Spy
Elshander “Els” Grant, son of Jamie and Gracie, couldn't get the woman he met three years ago out of his head. She'd helped them...but then disappeared. Until now. And right near Grand land.

Joya Corbett's life hadn't been easy, but at least she had a purpose. She was a spy for Robert the Bruce. She didn't regret any of what she did to help her beloved Scotland and king. But when she escaped her English captors...getting to Grant land was all she could do. Finding the man she'd met and never forgot about to help her.

Elshander, Alasdair, and Alick were all born on the same evening. Grandsons of the great Alex Grant. Along with their younger cousin Dyna...they have a unique gift. Their swords are most powerful when they are fighting as a team. Wonderful series with a touch of mystical in it.
**Sexual content
Book 3: The Scot's Pursuit
Alick MacNicol knows there is something special about the girl in the corner from the moment he sees her. And once he sees how cruel her sire is...he knows he will protect her no matter what. But first, he has a war he's needed in along with his cousins and their spectral swords.

Branwen Denton lost the only person who ever loved her. Her mother. The two years since her mom have been gone have been hellish. Her father hates her more each day, and her one brother is just as hateful. So even though she knows she'll be punished...Branwen enjoys the short time she has while on Grant land.

I like how all of Keira's series brings in the characters from previous books. It brings a unique connection for me to the characters. Looking forward to the next book already.
**Sexual content
Book 4: The Scot's Quest
Dyna Grant carries the woes of the world on her her own doing. She feels she has to be there for her sister, her grandsire, her clan, everyone. When something goes wrong...she takes it as failure. Especially when it comes to her grandsire, Alex Grant.

Derric Corbett has been fighting for Scotland since his parents died. He didn't realize that leaving his sister, Joya, behind would not end well. He carries that guilt, but at least now she's married and seems happy. He'd like that happiness too. Dyna intrigues him, but she's a noble woman.

I love the way these stories always include so many characters that I've met in previous books. Excellent story-lines and characters. Always has me looking forward to the next book or series.
**Sexual content
Book 5: The Scot's Deception

Chrissa Grant is now ten and nine, and she's been noticing how her feelings are changing for her childhood friend, Drostan. But she has more important things to think about. A big war is coming between the Scots and English...and she'll be there to help.

 Drostan Chisholm worked hard every day in the lists. He was determined to be the best swordsman he could be. He'd have to keep his mind on practicing more instead of watching Chrissa in the archery field with leggings hugging her body.

 Chrissa is the daughter of Kyla and Finlay, their only daughter. Drostan is a Grant warrior. Alexander Grant had wanted his children and their children, etcetera, to choose their own spouses. So where some may not think a warrior could have any hope of one day marrying one of the royals...there was hope. Wonderful story and closing to the Grant clan. A definite tissue alert.

**Sexual content

Book 6: The Scot's Angel

Claray Grant is Sela's oldest daughter. Her evil father had been part of the Channel of Dubh and used Claray to get Sela to obey him. At three, she'd been in a small room with her mother while a hoard of spiders were let loose with them. The memory was faded, but her fear was still very real to her. She'd never forget Maddie Grant coming to save her.

 Thorn Taylor, rescued by Connor from the Channel of Dubh as a young boy, had become part of Loki's clan. He'd long cared for Claray, but never felt worthy of a laird's daughter. This Yule season was about to change things. That is, until an accident that Thorn felt responsible for sent him running.

 All in all, things worked out just as they needed to. As always, I loved the story. It had me smiling sometimes and crying at others. Keira Montclair has a beautiful way with words.

Soulmate Chronicles Series
Book 1: Trusting a Highlander
A series with an unusual concept. The characters are in heaven but before moving on, they will live several more lives. Each life they will find their soulmate that they meet while in heaven. The thing is, they won't remember past lives or who their soulmates are, but they will find each other.

Catherine and Graeme are first sent to 1500s Scotland. He is Laird MacGregor and set on a seven-year trek for vengeance against the clan that murdered his parents and brother. Catherine is married to that cruel and hateful man.

Graeme is set on destroying the Merrill clan—men, women, and children. How far does he have to go in his revenge for his family and for his clan?
**Sexual content
Book2: Trusting a Scot
Graeme and Catherine are on a quest to achieve their wings. To do so, they are sent on missions to Earth. They don't recognize each other on these missions and they are living other lives...have other names. Yet, they are always drawn to each other. They each have a guardian angel to help them.

Cara Breckenridge lives in the Highlands at a time that England is trying to take over. She just wants to protect her two young sons. When captured by a cruel English baron and her boys taken away from her until she does his bidding...she has to learn to trust the man who protected her.

Gabriel Montgomerie hates the man he's riding with into Scotland. But he has a purpose for all he's doing. Vengeance. And he will do all he can to protect women and children from being murdered in this senseless war. Starting with the beautiful green-eyed beauty and her two sons.

They have one more Earth quest left before reaching their goal. And Tessa has told them it will be the toughest one yet. The first two have been no piece of who knows what the last one will be.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Trusting a Chieftain

Graeme and Catherine are working their way to becoming angels. They get sent to earth without remembering who they are, their love for each other, and have to find each other. Even though they don’t remember, their love pulls them together on each mission.

In this book, Graeme becomes laird of the MacGruder clan after his parents and older brother are murdered. His young sister is missing, and he and his brother Ben search for her. It’s discovered that men are killing people and stealing young girls to be sold to brothels or as wives.

Catherine is Cait Maddock. Her village has been destroyed, and everyone but Cait and her two sisters are spared—if you call it that considering what happens. They are sold and separated. Cait plans to avenge herself from the evil man behind this all. On this mission they were sent on, they must prove they can overcome hate and vengeance.

Like all of Keira’s books, this is a real page-turner from beginning to end.

**Sexual content

Special Forces: Operation Alpha
Book 1: Wolf and the Wild Scots
Jackson MacBride thought it was bad to lose his girlfriend...he was wrong. Things got much worse. His dad died and secrets came to life. His quiet life changes and he has to protect those he loves. And he suddenly has unexpected help with that.

Mila Ramsay has a blast from the past enter her life. And she just wants to blast it back to the past. Unfortunately, the past has blinded her to the future and she needs to get back on track.

I loved this novella. It had me smiling and crying. When life started going wild for Jack and Mila...some Ramsays from the far past come to help make the future line stays safe and sound. Loved this story and reading about beloved characters from the Highlands.
**Sexual content
Reforming the Duke
Philip St. James, the Sixth Duke of Brentwood, will never marry again. Never love again. His first wife soured him against it. But, he'll still enjoy women. Too bad the beauty he just met isn't a widow.

Lady Sara Downey thought she married a man who loved her. Ends up...he loved the money that came with her...not her. Once he ran off with another woman...Sara felt freed more than anything. Now she could do as she pleased...which was creating dresses.

Her idyllic life changes suddenly when an unwelcome visitor starts threatening her. With no one to turn to and not wanting to bring danger to her friend's family...she turns to an unlikely person for help. Loved the storyline and the characters. Character to love and villains to really despise. And...a happily-ever-after. With plenty of adventure too.
**Sexual content
The Banished Highlander
Ruari Cameron is Aedan's younger brother. He too often feels he's failed. Aedan hadn't chose him as his second-in-command, he couldn't save his wife, and even his mother seems to not hold him in the same esteem as his brother. And, he's not sure he'd know what love is even if he found it.

Juliana Clavelle is spending time with her sister before she is to be married to some old man her father chose for her. No choices. Her sister, Joan, is pressing her to take her vows as she's done and no choice to marry someone she loves. And then there's the handsome highlander.

Familiar names from previous books, but this is a stand-alone story. Action-packed and page-turning. I've enjoyed every book I've read from this author.
**Sensual content
The Band of Cousins
Book 1: Highland Vengeance
Maggie Ramsay has always been protected by her older sister, Molly. Now, Molly is hurt and she is struggling with someone from the past while she sleeps. Maggie heads out alone to go and put an end to the past and be the protector of Molly for once.

William “Will” MacLerie has been in hiding for two years. He's befriended a couple of the Ramsay boys and he has his grandsire. When he sees Maggie heading out alone at night, he does the only thing he can. He follows her and protects her.

I really enjoyed this story. It's a new series that will include the younger cousins of the Ramsay/Grant clans. And now the Band of Cousins is on a mission. I cannot wait to read each of their stories as they ride out to right a wrong.
**Sexual content
Book 2: Highland Abduction
David Drummond was set to marry the lass he was in love with. And then everything changed. Something happened and he wasn't getting answers. And something wasn't right at MacGruder Castle. Good thing he has his Band of Cousins to help him get the answers...and the girl he loves.

Anna MacGruder didn't know what was happening in her home. She'd always been special to her father...until now. He'd told David and her they could get married, and now he seemed to be against it. Against her. She really hated how a daughter—a female—had no say in her own life.

Another page-turning story in this newest series. The younger Grant/Ramsay/Drummond cousins have banded together to work for the Crown to finish the job of finding the men who are stealing are buying lassies and selling them. And, they are there for each other as well.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Highland Retribution
Braden Grant was celebrating with his relatives when he first saw her. A green-eyed beauty. Only her eyes were sad and pleading for him to help her. As a Grant, he could do no less than rescue her.

Cairstine Muir had only one reason to live. Her son. If not for him, she'd leave...and if she died doing so, it would've been okay. But she did have her son and would do anything to keep him safe. There had to be a way out of the hell she lived—she just didn't know where the exit was.

Clan Grant is the largest in the Highlands. Some of the mightiest warriors. A clan you want on your side—not against it. Unfortunately for the fools who didn't realize this...they made an enemy. Another great story among the Highland cousins.
**Sexual content
Book 4: Highland Lies
Rodric “Roddy” Grant is a nephew of the great Alexander Grant, Laird of Clan Grant, and yet, here he is having nightmares and fearing he is no longer worthy to be a Grant warrior. This sends him to the past to find out what's causing his nightmares. Especially since he's met the beautiful, although mute, Rose.

Rose MacDole has learned to be a dutiful daughter to her one living parent. Her mother's moods change like the weather. And how she misses her father. She'd known he loved her. Her mother, not so much.

When the Band of Cousins are led to Castle MacDole and Sona Abbey, Roddy and Connor both have an uneasy feeling. When things turn...mystical...they know trouble is coming. I love all the Grant and Ramsay stories in all the series. Keira Montclair does a fantastic job of bringing characters back into the story again...even if for short visits...and I really enjoy that too.
**Sexual content
Book 5: Highland Fortitude
Daniel Drummond has worked hard to be a warrior—even if he's only a one-handed one. He'd felt confident and strong once he decided to accept the loss of that appendage. Until the day he lost that confidence. Thought having one hand made him less...unable to protect those he cared for.

Constance was still at the abbey, even after her friend Rose had married and left. Rose had invited her to come to Grant Castle with her, but...she had secrets. Secrets that she had to keep to herself and she had to stay hidden. Not put her friends in the path of danger. And that included keeping Daniel safe. Even though her heart wished for so much more.

The Band of Cousins has dwindled a bit as they slowly are getting married off. But the trouble is still real. There is still a Channel of Dubh that is stealing young lasses to ship out of Scotland. So, the cousins that could still were fighting the battle. They had to find out who's behind it all and stop this human trade. Every one they took out, helped—but it needed to end.
**Sexual content
Book 6: Highland Resilience
Gavin Ramsay has been busy with his mission to close down the Channel. The selling of young lads and lassies. As the only son of the great Logan Ramsay...he felt he had much to prove. Especially since his father didn't believe in him. Held onto something stupid Gavin had done three years ago. But this mission...he'd prove himself.

Merewen Baird has a special connection with her sister. When Linet goes missing, Merewen can feel that something bad has happened. That her sister is far away and in trouble. Thankfully she convinces Gavin to take her with to help find her sister.

Great story! A different view of Logan and seeing all the young Grants and Ramsays as they grow up. The continuing thread in this series is the Band of Cousins trying to shut down this Channel. There are a few loose ends for Gregor, Connor, and the others to tie up in the next few books. Looking forward to more.

**Sexual content
Book 7: Highland Devotion
Gregor Ramsay and his cousin Connor are heading back to Edinburgh. They are getting closer to closing down the Channel, but for these two...there is more. Gregor is finding it's important to find Linet and bring her home. Meanwhile, Connor believes there is more to the Ice Queen than meets the eye.

Linet Baird had her reasons for not returning to Clan Ramsey, but now that things are changing...second thoughts have crept in. They are moving locations and her role as a healer may not be needed.

The cousins are gathering together for the finale. This book is slightly shorter because it runs the same timeline as Connor's. This is packed full of its own adventures though. Looking forward to the next always. Great series.
**Sexual content
Book 8: Highland Brawn
Connor Grant doesn't understand his need to find the woman who is involved in the Channel of Dubh. He just doesn't believe she's the Ice Queen she shows herself to be. He believes there is a deeper reason why she's involved. And he's determined to find that reason and help get her out of there.

Sela Seton is so full of guilt. She hadn't realized all that the Channel was involved in until recently. And even though she hates what she's done and what they're continuing to make her do...she has no choice. And no hope. Even though a part of her wants to believe there are good men who could the handsome Highlander.

The finale to this series was incredible. I always enjoy “seeing” the characters from previous books, especially Alexander Grand and Logan Ramsey. The villains are nasty men who need doing away with. Good thing the heroes can do that. Loved this series!
**Sexual content
Book 9: Highland Yuletide Magic
Moray Allen and his mom are part of Braden Grant's clan at Muir Castle. Moray's two brothers had died while at Grant Castle, and even though he wasn't involved...the guilt is there. Maybe saving the golden-hair lass he keeps seeing will help him.

Shona MacKinnon has escaped the Channel of Dubh men along with her brother and the three MacFee's. But they aren't doing so well. Hidden in a cave, winter has hit the Highlands, and Shona is the only one strong enough to find them food. And the handsome Highlander she's been seeing around may be a friend...or a foe. If she trusts the wrong person...they could end up where they started.

Another wonderful story from the Highlands. It had been laughing at times...crying at others. Old friends like Patty the Pony, Steenie, and other Grants join in for this Yule time tale. Loved it!
The Summerhill Series
Book 1: One Summerhill Day
Police Officer Ryan J. Ramsay III hasn't been the same since returning home from Iraq. He didn't come home whole...physically or emotionally. The few women he dated once he was home—couldn't handle who he now was. When he finds himself attracted to a woman he helped...he doesn't have high hopes of her seeing who he really is either.

Caitlyn McCabe's life just crashed. Her husband—very soon ex-husband—wasn't the man she thought he was. She had lost her dad and mom when she was younger, and now she finds her last living relative has passed. After more finally feels like things are going to get better. But maybe not.

Loved the story and that it intertwined some characters from her Clan Grant series into it. Ryan and Caitlyn both have ghosts from the past to conquer...but the ghosts are fighting back.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: A Fresh Start for Two
Things haven't been the same for Officer Jake Ramsay since returning home from Iraq. Not his relationship with his older brother, relationships with women, or with himself. He came home whole. It's not his guilt issue that has him going into protective mode now though. It's seeing a bully picking on his beautiful girlfriend.

Julia Ross has decided she really doesn't like the man she is engaged to. He's different. Meaner. Her mother doesn't care. All she sees is the money he throws around at them. And the woman knows how to guilt Julia into doing her bidding. Then she meets Jake and sees a different kind of man. A good man.

Coming home from the war without physical injuries doesn't always mean the person isn't injured. In Jake's case it's the guilt of coming home whole. Not being able to stop his brother from being hurt. I wanted to give Julia a good shake to wake up, but in truth, many women just don't see they are being abused...or they have no other way out. Great characters and story line.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Three Reasons to Love
Lauren Grant has tried to move on from an assault five years earlier. She's started a group for woman to come to for help. Someone doesn't like what she's doing though. And they aren't shy about letting her know. Suddenly, her life has been uprooted and memories are coming back to the surface. She's going to have to face the past once more before she can continue with her future.

Nathan “Nate” Patterson is a fireman who is trying to save everyone because he'd failed to save someone in the past. And...he's been told...that he is overprotective. Which is what he feels for the woman he'd rescued recently. A woman that it seems if something bad is going to happen—it finds her!

I loved this story. It's romance, suspense, and a touch of fantasy. The author brings some her characters from her Highlander series into the story, which I really enjoyed. I just feel she takes several different situations and blends them into a perfect ending.
**Sexual content
**It hits on the topic of sexual assault
Clan Grant Series
Book 1: Rescued by a Highlander
Laird Alexander Grant was on a mission to find reivers. Instead, he finds himself and his brother Brodie rescuing a young woman from the hands of her brutal stepbrother. A young woman who seems to be afraid of him, seems to be taking over his good sense, and is popping up in his thoughts way too often.

Madeline “Maddie” MacDonald is so happy that Alex has rescued her from her brother and the evil man Kenneth was going to marry her off to. The two years since her parents had died have been hellish for her. And now that a handsome man is kind to her...she can't seem to shake her fears from the past off enough to accept his kindness.

This is the first book in the series and I really enjoyed it. This series continues with seven books with Alex's brothers and sisters and other relatives and then goes into the next generation with The Highland Clan. Enjoyable stories with romance and the tough road to get there.
**Sexual content
Book 2: Healing a Highlander's Heart
Brenna Grant has become known as an excellent healer. So well-known, that she finds herself taken from her home in the middle of the night for her skills. Even though she is kidnapped...the healer in her cannot refuse to try to save a man's life.  

Quade Ramsay finds himself attracted to the beautiful healer. But he is a cursed man and needs to fight his attraction. He can not cause this woman harm by caring for her. Maybe if he could just stop himself from touching her or kissing her or falling for her...he can let her go.

Loved this story. It has such wonderful characters. I've read The Highland Clan series (the children's stories) so it was enjoyable reading about Torrian and Lily and meeting Logan for the first time. I really enjoy Keira's writing.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Love Letters from Largs
Brodie Grant is the youngest Grant brother. His brother Alex, who became laird way too young after their parents' death, is big and strong. His brother Robbie has the good looks that turns all the lassies heads. And then, here he is. Feeling weaker and less than the others. Well, one thing he can do is save the sad-eyed girl in the tower window.

Celestina Lunde has not had an easy life. After her mother's death when she was seven, she had to put up with the punishments her father gave her. Both physical and verbal. And now...she'd rather die than marry her betrothed. She's never met him, but she's heard he's cruel. She'll be going from one cruel prison guard to another. No thanks.

I've read the latter books about the children, so it was fun getting to see Loki's start. This was a great story. Definitely had me going through a few tissues.
**Sexual content
Book 4: Journey to the Highlands
Captain Robbie Grant is hoping to prove himself now that he's in charge of the Grant warriors. The Norsemen are heading their way—war is imminent. When they head to a small coastal area, he finds a Norseman attacking a woman. Robbie had no idea that one event was about to change his life forever.

Caralyn Crauford would do anything for her daughters. And she had. Under the thumb of a cruel man who used her daughters to control her—she felt hopeless. Until she found out there were good men in the world. Men like the Grants and their warriors.

This author does not write characters who have life easy. She writes as it may have been. A woman on her own trying to care for her daughters without many options. Bad things happen to her characters on the road to happily-ever-after...but they do always end well. Love these stories.
**Sexual content
Book 5: Highland Sparks
Logan Ramsay had become a bit of a wanderer after his nephew and niece had become ill. When he couldn't be in control...he left. On one of his excursions to help locate Robbie Grant after the Battle of Largs, he found the perfect woman. Now he just had to convince her he was her perfect man.

Gwyneth of the Cunningham had been raised around men. She couldn't work needlepoint, but she could beat the pants off any man when it came to archery. She preferred the clothes of a warrior and she had one mission in life—revenge on the man who killed her father and brother.

I had read the Highlander Clan series first and Logan and Gwyneth were often a part of those books. It was wonderful to finally read their story and see how it all began for them. And what a great story it was!
**Sexual content
Book 6: My Desperate Highlander
Micheil Ramsay has no desire to marry. He enjoys the lassies way too much. He may like a blonde today and brunette tomorrow. If he hadn't chosen to be a bachelor, he might consider helping out the damsel in distress who has been betrothed to a cruel man. So, all he can do is help her escape him and take her to find her knight.

Diana of Drummond has always been special to her father. Some—most—thought her spoiled. But, as he was close to death he was determined to see her marry. And the only man who accepted was an old lout. It didn't take long to find out how cruel he was when her cousins Alex and Robbie Grant brought her to meet the old goat. Thankfully, Micheil saw the man's cruel nature and helped her escape him before the wedding.

As always, there is plenty of action, adventure, and bad guys who stand in the way of the hero and heroine. Sometimes it's them who stand in their own way. This plot takes several twists and turns. I loved the secondary characters and I like the way the author always brings back characters from the previous books.
**Sexual content
Book 7: The Brightest Star in the Highlands
Jennie Grant hasn't had the chance to court much...well, at all. Big brother Alex, Laird Grant, has chased any suitors off without even asking her opinion. As the healer for the clan—after yet another skirmish and more wounded, Jennie can't take it anymore. She asks to go the abbey to have peace from her nightmares.

Aedan Cameron does not want to be laird. But no matter how he father still succumbed to his illness and had Aedan promise he'd lead their clan. He's just not the warrior his sire is though. He'd rather be learning about the stars.

When Aedan is injured, Jennie is called out of her sabbatical to go the keep to care for him. As a healer, she must. It seems she can go no where to find peace from war. Being so far from home, Jennie soon sees things differently and that her brother truly is the greatest laird and warrior. Another great story in this series.
**Sexual content
Book 8: Highland Harmony
Avelina Ramsay loved her nieces and nephews and they adored her. Yet, she wanted more. She wanted love like the rest of her siblings and the Grants had found. But she had become so shy around men that she couldn't even speak up if they were mean. It was time to get away and find herself. No place better than going to stay with her best friend, Jennie Grant Cameron.

Drew Menzie disliked being around his parents—between his dad's negative ways and his mother's clinging. He'd become someone he didn't care for much either. Drinking and carousing. And then he met Lina. Too bad he promised himself he'd never marry. Because if not for the that promise, a girl like her could change his mind.

Loved this story. It's the end of the Clan Grant Series so it was bittersweet. Seeing the last of the single siblings finding true love. This one also has a mystical aura to it.
**Sexual content
Book 9: Yuletide Angels

This short novella brings the reader to a time in Alex and Maddie Grant’s life where they have their twin sons, Jake and Jamie, at around four, and Kyla is around a year and a half. Logan comes to Grant Castle to invite them to join Alex’s two sisters at Ramsay Castle. Alex is concerned about reivers and Norsemen and refuses to go. Maddie takes matters into her own hands and is going with or without her husband. Needless to say…it’s quite an adventure that I don’t want to say more about and ruin it for anyone.

If you cry easily, you may want to keep some tissues nearby. Loved the story, tears and all.

The Highland Clan 
Book 1: Loki
Loki Grant was starting to feel restless and not sure where he belonged. He had been taken off the streets as a young lad of five or six summers and adopted into the Grant clan. He had helped the Grants way back when but now, fifteen years later, what had he done to help them? And without knowing his sire and his bloodlines...he was refused the love of his life.

Arabella Lewis had known for a long time that she would always love Loki Grant and one day she hoped to marry him. Only her father was being pigheaded and refusing Loki's hand for her because he wasn't born of Grant blood. When Loki's life is in peril, Bella takes matters into her own hands to save him.

I really enjoyed this story. I had read the second book in the series first, Torrian, and knew I had to know Loki's story and I'm glad I did. The Grant Clan Series are the stories of all the patriarchs and The Highland Clan is the next generation. These stories take place during the twelve hundreds.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 2: Torrian
Heather of Preston needs help and there is only one place to go...Ramsay keep. Lady Brenna Ramsay was known for her healing and Heather's daughter needed help now. What Heather didn't expect to find was a man that she enjoyed being around. It was very unusual because what she knew of men...she didn't like.

Torrian Ramsay knew one day he would marry and become head of his clan, but for now he wasn't ready. His grandmother had believed in marrying for love. So did he. None of the females in his clan pulled to him though. The lass with the unique eyes who came for Brenna to help her daughter, now there was something special about her. He finally found a female that interested him and now the king is changing the game on him.

I just loved this story and the characters. They have such unique personalities. There were the characters a person could love to hate, others that were easy to love, and then a few who loved to have fun and made me laugh. Looking forward to more in this series. The first book in this series is Loki.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Lily
Lily Ramsay has a whimsical type personality. She seems to brighten the day where ever she goes. Only now, that smile has faded a bit. Her brother Torrian has married and became chieftain of their clan and his wife Heather has taken over Lily's duties. She feels unneeded. And the only man she's ever loved...doesn't seem to need her either.

Kyle Maule made a promise to his father before he had died. He promised to always take care of his mother and the to become a Ramsay warrior. As Torrian's second, he's had become more than he ever thought. And he wants to do his job the best he can. Lily seems to distract him too much. How can he have Lily in his life and still be the best at his job?

I'm just loving this series and the era it takes place in. The previous book; Torrian, is Lily's brother's story. But the Clan Grant Series is where it all begins if you want the complete tales. The Clan Grant books are the elder Grants and Ramsays and The Highland Clan are the bairns, who are now of age, stories. The next book will be back in the Grant lands. Jake, the eldest twin of Alexander and Maddie from Rescued by a Highlander.
**Sexual content
Book 4: Jake
Jake Alexander Grant will one day be the next laird of the Grant Clan. He has a lot to live up to in following his father's steps. Alexander Grant is known to all. One thing he learned and lives by is to treat women right. So when he finds a woman on beaten to an inch of her life, he does all to help her and protect her.

Aline of Carron hates her life. When she ends up at the Grant keep, the hardest thing she ever does is return to the hell she'd been living the past two years. She has not choice but to return. No matter how handsome and kind her rescuer is and all of the other people in the clan. She just can't share her secret though.

I love the stories that bring back characters from other books. This author does that often as Highland Clan characters are the descendants from the Clan Grant series. Jake is the eldest son of Alex and Maddie. Their story is book one of the Clan Grant Series; Rescued by the Highlander. Looking forward to Ashlyn's story next.
**Sexual content
Book 5: Ashlyn
Ashlyn of the Grants clan wants to be a warrior. She practices the bow each day like Aunt Gwyneth and Uncle Logan has taught her and she's ready to go out with the guards. Uncle Alex agrees to let her go—as long as Magnus is her protector. Ashlyn's past has left her with one big fear...she hates to be touched. Okay, two fears...she hates almost all men.

Magnus, best friend of Jake Grant and a Grant guard, lost his wife and son when she gave birth. He never thought about taking another wife—until now. The more he's around the strong and capable Ashlyn, the more he realizes how lonely he is. I really loved this character. He always smiles and seems to be like a big teddy bear. Until you mess with Ashlyn...then he's more like a grizzly bear.

Not every Grant guard is happy to have a woman with them. And the world off of Grant land is not everything Ashlyn expects it to be. Nor is every man bad and evil. Another great addition to this series. Carried over from the previous stories is the search for MacNiven. The man thought dead until he was recognized in book four; Jake. Looking forward to more in this series. Loving the time setting and character.

**Sexual content
Book 6: Molly
Molly Ramsay had one dream—to become an archer equal to her adoptive mother, Gwyneth, and one day fight beside her. Her birth sire had told her how ugly she was, so she had not desire to marry. Life took some twists and turns she never saw coming.

Tormod Moriston was a warrior with Clan Grant. Nothing he did ever pleased his sire and he never seemed to be able to best his brother. A brother who had deeply humiliated him and teased him still. He was hoping that would all change now that he was part of the team to capture the elusive Ranulf MacNiven.

I love these stories. These highland clans are full of great characters between the Ramsays and Grants. The cousins are slowly marrying off one by one. Even those who never planned on it. I'm already looking forward to the next book in the series.
**Sexual content
Book 7: Jamie and Gracie
Jamie Grant feels unsettled in his life. Something is missing. He wants to see if maybe working for the Crown like his uncle Logan Ramsay may fill that need. It can't be a woman as marriage isn't for him.

Gracie Grant is in love. When she tells her sire she's ready to find a all goes wrong. The man she hopes will step up, doesn't. And others she never planned on—do. And no it's all gone wrong.

I really enjoy this series. I'm glad there are so many characters who still have stories to come. This one had some real “Oh, no!” situations that kept the pages turning and tissues needed.

**Sexual content
Book 8: Sorcha
Sorcha Ramsay's life is changing. She doesn't feel as close to her dad as she once was and so she tries to win his favor. Only, it doesn't work out so well as it seems someone is out to kill her. Good thing that Cailean is there for her.

Cailean MacAdam knew that having any desire for Logan Ramsay's daughter was a dangerous thing. And yet, it was hard not to notice the beautiful woman she's become. And now that she's in danger...he has never felt so protective.

Sorcha is Logan and Gwyneth's eldest natural-born daughter. Being so, it's not going to be easy for Logan to let go and let her grow up. Not when to him she's still his wee bairn. Another exciting story into the Highlands where the Ramsay's and Grant's rule their powerful keeps while there is always someone out there wanting to take them out.
**Sexual content
Book 9: Kyla
Kyla Grant almost lost her father in the last battle. The great Alexander Grant was still recovering. When rumors of another attack came, Kyla decided she was going to do something about it. To stop it. She just needed to get help.

Finlay MacNicol was Jamie Grant's second. Torn between duty and staying home with his family...his dying mother told him he had to go. He found he was more than happy to watch over Kyla when Jamie asked him to guard her.

I love this series. Most every book has a majority of previous characters join in for the battle or crisis that is happening in the book. This story adds another unique character...much like Kenzie from Loki's story. The minute I finish a story, I'm ready for the next one.
**Sexual content
Book 10: Bethia
Bethia Ramsay is feeling out of sorts. She is bothered by her size and that she's not as beautiful as her sisters and cousins. So many of her younger cousins have married already. She doesn't even have a suitor. What she does have is a love for animals and the talent to heal them.

Donnan Douglas never wants to marry again. Life had kicked him once and that was enough. He lives in a home away from others, but still on Ramsay land. When Bethia comes to help his dog after it's been hurt, he sees something in her that almost makes him want to try again.

A series of events come between Bethia and Donnan. Such as; people who are set on revenge and will use anyone...even get their revenge. I love the characters in these stories. It's always fun to read about the infamous Logan and Gwyneth...or the great Alex Grant.
**Sexual content
Book 11: Loki's Christmas Story
After both Loki and Kenzie continue having disturbing dreams of a man dressed in furs, they decide to go to Ayr to find the answers they need. And they find more than they had first planned. The man with the furs knows more about their past lives...than they do.

Fergus MacNicol asks to go along on the trip to Ayr. He has a dream of sorts himself. A woman he met that he believes is the one for him. He only needs to find her—and then convince her he will never harm her and that he'll love her forever.

The three set out, along with some guards, to find the answers to their dreams. Or so they hope. A unique and wonderful story. Tissue alert if you cry when reading. Loved this novella as with all the stories of the Grants and Ramsays.
**Sensual content
Book 12: Elizabeth

Elizabeth Grant has fallen in love, but she wants to keep it quiet. By doing so, she has to put up with suitors. Some not so nice, like a baron from England. But, Elizabeth isn’t ready to be married for reasons that may not make sense to those around her. So, she has Gil promise to keep it between them.

Gil, an orphan who was taken into Loki’s clan, doesn’t see how he can measure up and be accepted by Alexander Grant to marry his daughter. He feels he has to do something to prove he’s worthy.

When circumstances change, it may be too late for the two of them to be together. And of course, that’s when they realize how nothing matters but their love. Another great story as always. Wonderful characters from previous books and adorable children.

**Sexual content


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