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Elizabeth Johns Book List

Gentlemen of Knights Series
Book 1: Duke of Knight
Since he was fifteen, Rowley Knight, Duke of Knighton, had not only become the duke...but also had three brothers and a sister to look after. Now, Eugenia is sixteen and in need of a female. Not a duchess, as Rowley had no intention of marrying, but a governess. And his aunt has chosen one of her god-daughters for that position.

Emma Lancaster couldn't believe her godmother had brought her to the one home she never would have wanted to be at. But she needed this position, for now. She would look for a new one as soon as possible. This duke saw way too much and when he figured out where he knew her from...well, she just needed to be gone before then.

A wonderful new series from this author. The Knight men are quite different. Rowley is responsible and...well, a duke. Heath is the rake. Edmund the vicar. Felix is in the army and not much is said about him yet. And then Eugenia...a very spunky, and a bit out of hand, but very endearing. Looking forward to more in this series.
Book 2: Black Knight
Heath Knight, also known as the Black Knight, is the duke spare. Something he doesn't desire. Heath was living a rogues life until a duel gone wrong. As he recovers in Italy...his life changes in more than one way.

Cecilia Dudley wants independence. The last thing she wanted was the man who was a regular in the scandal pages. But, her father had treated her more like his business than his daughter and sold her off. She wasn't happy...but if it was convenience only and she could have her independence...then fine.

Life never goes that easily. The ton gossips, more manipulations from her father, and a rogue who is much too handsome has Cecilia's plans changing... Could this couple ever have a real marriage? Humorous with unique secondary characters, like Baxter. Exciting new series about the four Knight brothers and their sister.
Book 3: Knight and Day

Lord Edmund Knight is a third son and a vicar. His passion, besides serving the Lord, is saving the doves. The young women who are forced into the sex trade unwillingly. When his brother Heath sends him a message of a lady needing changes Edmund's life.

 Lady Isabella Hartmere cannot believe what's happened in her life. Cannot believe how much her father must hate her to do what he's done to her. But, through all the bad things, there have been positives. She feels more comfortable and loved as a servant than she ever has as a duke's daughter.

 Love this series. The Knights are a family of four brothers and a feisty daughter. I'm looking forward to the last two books in this series.

Book 4: Dark of Knight
Book 4: Shining Knight

Ladies of Miss Bell's Finishing School Series
Book 1: The Governess
Adelaide Elliot has graduated from finishing school and will be heading to a life as a governess. Her three friends will be heading to London for their Season. Being an orphan with no means, she has no choice.

Robert Fielding is a determined bachelor. Wondering how men can fall into the marriage trap. Not him. He's found himself the guardian of two young wards, but hires a governess to care for them. And doesn't expect to meet them...and their beautiful soon. He soon finds his bachelor life changing as he feels he has three lives to watch over.

This story is also connected to the Brethren in Arms Series. With both Robert and Adelaide having connections to those men. Loved the story. Page-turner as usual.
Book 6: The Headmistress

Hannah Bell has been running Miss Bell’s Finishing School for over a decade now. When she gets an invite from her friend a time too late to refuse...she goes to join her for a Christmas house party. From the moment Jane’s brother comes to pick Hannah up for the party, she knows her friend has more in mind. Matchmaking.

 Oliver Channing, Lord Wolford, will one day be a duke. For now, he enjoys staying in the country, tending his sheep. Finding his father at Jane’s house party is a surprise. Not such a surprise when he tells Oliver he must marry.

 Of course, there had been young ladies invited to the house party. Oliver always tried to do as his father asked. But this time, he may just do things his way. Wonderful characters and story.


Brethren in Arms Series

Book 1: On My Honour
Major Luke Waverly was content being in the army. When his foolish relative died...Luke inherited and became a Duke. He was in no hurry for that position and stayed with his brothers in arms. After being injured and returning to English took a strange turn.

Lady Margaret “Meg” Blake was in deep trouble. She managed to escape one danger but there were many pitfalls ahead of her. And, she needed to find Amelia, her younger sister, and save her too.

Fighting together, a group of men became very close. The loss of a brother was devastating and for Luke to be sent home, was tough too. This was an action-packed story that kept me enthralled from beginning to end. The secondary characters are wonderful and I can't wait for their stories.
Book 2: Not Forgotten
Captain Philip Elliot was presumed dead or missing by most. But, the sole survivor of a ship explosion, he's gone undercover. Under Wellington's orders. His job is to find out what Madame LaGlacier is about. If she is planning on helping Boney escape and if so, the details of it.

Lady Amelia Blake gets to go on an adventure. Perfect timing since she's just caused a bit of a ripple within Society. To her surprise, Wellington wants her to work with a man she only met for a short period of time...but no man since had compared to him. But, she needed to be professional and do the job...not go all moon-eyed for her partner.

The special part of this adventure is that Amelia and her sister, Meg, get to know their Aunt Lisette. The most famous courtesan in France. How can this beautiful woman who looks so much like their beautiful late as evil as she's heard she is? Loved the story and the characters. Wonderful series!
Book 3: An Officer, Not a Gentleman
Lieutenant Tobin O'Neill, previously batman for the now Duke of Waverley. The army is gathering its forces together to face war with Boney, who escaped imprisonment off the island they had held him on, once again. He's staying with the Duke and Duchess of Waverley as they have taken a house in Brussel's.

Bridget Murphy has followed the drum with her father and brother since she was fourteen. She's learned to work as a nurse. War is sure to happen, and she must prepare. Taking Lady Amelia Elliot under her wing, as she has chosen to be with her husband, Philip.

The Waverley's held a ball before the war and Tobin was introduced to the sister of one of the men he worked closely with. From Ireland, as was he. But she was above him and he had nothing to offer her. Love often conquers all obstacles in the end...thankfully. Great story. It is heart-wrenching at times with the reality of war.
**Tissue alert
Book 4: The Ones Left Behind

Matthias Landry, Earl of Thackeray, had fought against Napoleon. He survived, although he lost a close friend. When he is called back after Boney’s escape, he’s injured and close to death.

Kitty Gordon had grown up with Matthias and Peter. A ward of the Earl after she was orphaned. Her life is thrown into a whirlwind when the old Earl falsely accuses her of things and throws her out.

With not many choices, Kitty takes the options life has to offer. Five years later and many years older, Matthias and Kitty are back at Thackeray Close. A heartwarming story with a happily-ever-after that doesn’t come easily.

The Descendants Series
Book 1: Out of the Darkness
Catriona Craig is the adopted daughter of the previous Doctor Craig, now Lord Craig and his wife. Gavin Craig had adopted her along with her sister and brother a few years ago. Catriona doesn't want the London Season, she's content on their land in Scotland where she can practice her healing skills alongside her father.

John Holdsworth had more than he ever thought possible. After surviving Waterloo, minus a few limbs, he not only was alive but didn't end up on the streets. And these past years he was able to be a steward for Lord Craig. He was blessed so he wouldn't feel sorry for himself that he'd never have a family and marriage.

I love how the author brings the characters to life. It's so easy to fall in love with John. And Catriona has such a big heart. Loved it.

Many of these characters were first introduced in the Loring-Abbott series. The Series of Elements series book one; Through the Fire, is the Craigs story and the adoption. I have enjoyed all of the books.
Book 2: After the Rain
Seamus Craig has moved to London to practice his medicine, but mostly he wants to find a wife and have a family. He didn't expect to actually bump into a beautiful woman...but he did. Darn the Societal rules that said his ties to aristocrats suggested he had to marry someone of a certain status.

Christelle Stanton was pushed out of the place she lived the past six years. She had no love for the school that claimed they were being charitable to an orphan when she was more of a servant working for room and board. Coming to London to find her father...she soon finds she isn't sure where she belongs.

Many of the characters from previous books have cameos in this book, such as the Winslow triplets and their families. Another great story. The first book in this series is Out of the Darkness.
Book 3: Ray of Light
Maili Craig just finished her London Season. It wasn't what she had thought it would be like. Maili didn't find any suitors who wanted a gentleman's daughter as a bride...other things yes...a bride no. But right before she's ready to leave London—she meets a woman who changes everything she knew about her past life.

Hugh Dickerson, Ninth Duke of Cavenray had to get his mind off a woman he couldn't marry. His mother disapproved her, and she was probably right. And yet...Maili had gotten under his skin. Ditching a house party of prospective brides his mother had planned—Hugh hoofs it off to one of his estates he hasn't been to in fifteen years. And found quite a surprise...and adventure.

I haven't read a book by Elizabeth Johns that hasn't pulled me into the story and come to life. This story is the last of the three children Dr. Gavin Craig had adopted from the orphanage. Gavin now has a title and money...but to Society...she's still looked down upon.
Book 4: Moon and Stars
Lady Charlotte Stanton has accepted she's a spinster. Until that one night on a terrace when she met a stranger. A stranger who gave her a reason to live and then disappeared into the night. At least she'd have the memory—but, it wasn't enough.

Sir David Douglas had made some mistakes in his life. Now he's returned from the West Indies to face his justice. Hoping for a pardon. Only King George has something more in mind for him. He may not live long enough to get his pardon after all. Or to dream of the beautiful woman he'll never be worthy of.

I enjoy all of the books by this author. Plenty of adventure, romance, and bumpy roads along the way. Many characters from previous books join Charlotte and David in their adventure—something I personally enjoy. Charlotte is the sister to the Duke of Yardley. His story is book two in A Series of Elements Series, Through the Fire.
A Series of Elements
Book 1: Through the Fire
Dr. Gavin Craig had loved and lost. So he closed his heart and decided to never love again. Foolish man, you can't hide from love. When he goes from being the second son and country doctor he loves to taking over the family barony...everyone seems to be in his business to inform him he now needs a wife.

Lady Margaux, one of three beautiful triplets, is done with love. Done with Society. Done with London. She is going to be a spinster and live in their estate in Scotland. Yes, she was going to be an independent woman. Seems small villages do not take well to beautiful independent women that have nasty rumors started about them.

Gavin and Margaux each have a problem. And the solution could be that they help each other. Only that doesn't work for her as she will only marry for love...unless things get so bad she has no other choice.

The reader can read (and fall in love with Gavin) in book two of the Loring-Abbott series: Season's of Change. Their story of love lost and found begins there.
Book 2: Melting the Ice
Beaujolais “Jolie” Winslow would like to be married, unlike one of her triplet sister's, Margaux, who has gone to Scotland to become a spinster. Her other sister is determined to find her lost love in the Americas. Jolie has had plenty of offers, but none of the men had been just right.

Benedict Stanton, Duke of Yardley, had no wish to be married again. His first marriage had haunted him for ten years. He still stayed away from London because of the rumors. When his solicitor informs him he must marry to carry on the line, he lets the man choose the best bride for him. Besides an heir, he has no wish to form an attachment.

Jolie and Benedict are thrown together in quite an adventure when both of their worlds get shaken up. I love that the author brings back characters from the Loring-Abbott Series, too. Book one is Through the Fire and the third book is With the Wind, Anjou's story. The girls had been nicknamed Fire, Ice, and Wind.
Book 3: With the Wind
Lady Anjou Winslow has kept a secret for some time now. As a triplet, the three identical girls are very close...but even they didn't know. Aidan Gardiner was more than a beau. He had been her husband. And Anjou would not rest or move on with her life until she found out what had happened to him when he went to the war in America and never returned.

Anjou and her brother, Charles, travel on his friend's ship to America. Several different stories are going on besides just the search for Aidan. Several different points of view too. I've enjoyed this series as each sister finds love. Anjou's story is truly unique.
Loring-Abbott Series 
Book 1: Surrender the Past
Elinor Abbott has an experience on her last night in England that changes her life. Her father’s work for the king brings them to America and a new life. While her father is mourning the loss of his wife, Elly is mourning silently as she becomes stronger and independent. Glad to be away from all the rules of Society and the incident. As the war gets too close to their plantation, they must return to England. The one place where she must face her past that has haunted her for six years.

Major Adam Trowbridge, Viscount Easton is in America fighting a battle he doesn’t completely agree with. Adam finds out how quickly a second son’s life can change and a new path set. He has become the heir now that his brother has passed and also an enemy to one of his superiors in the army. Not to mention meeting the young hoyden he knew in his younger days...only now she is a beautiful, grown hoyden.

I loved this story, a real page turner. You could clearly see how different Elly’s life was from her freedom in America to the strict rules of the ton in England. Where there always seemed to be eyes watching for when you might step over the rule line. Many secondary characters that are sure to have stories to tell, too. Elizabeth’s second book and the continuance of this series is called Season’s of Change.
Book 2: Seasons of Change
Rhys Godfrey, Earl of Vernon had known since a young man that he would one day marry Lady Beatrice. Their fathers had arranged the marriage, but he was happy about it. Now, eleven years later, that girl he fell in love with has become a bit of a shrew and circumstances quickly turn his life upside down. He has no choice but to let her go and settle for a marriage of convenience, he is an earl after all and will need that coveted heir.

Lady Beatrice allowed jealousy to take over any good sense she might have had left. It was the final straw, it seems, for her father’s patience. Bea finds herself going from a privileged life of a duke’s daughter to a mere servant in Scotland. No longer the future bride of Rhys. She was surprised to find that hurt more than giving up her lifestyle.

Revenge doesn’t usually end well, as Bea found out. In book one, Surrender the Past, and this story, I found the characters came alive. Bea is definitely not the person she seemed to be and is quickly redeemed as you get to know her. Looking forward to more books on the other characters.
Book 3: Seeking Redemption
Orphaned at a young age, Lady Lydia Markham has been locked away in the country most of her life and has become somewhat of a bluestocking. At nineteen, her aunt suddenly remembers her niece and decides to give her a London Season. Only one man catches her eyes, if only she could catch his.

Nathaniel, Lord Fairmont future Duke of Loring, has built quite a reputation for himself. He lives his life on the wild side and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon, although Lady Lydia has him considering it. And then one night he does something that changes everything. His father buys him a commission and he heads out to war.

Nathaniel has no idea what he has left in the wake of his careless living. Have tissues nearby if you get caught up in stories. I highly suggest reading the first two books in this series; Surrender the Past and Season's of Change. An enjoyable series with some real life hardships of what it was like during the war times and of course, love isn't always pretty either.
Book 4: Shadows of Doubt
Gwendolyn Lambert has lost most everything in her life. Her father's carelessness lost them their home, money and respect after his death. She lost her brother to war. Her love of painting, as she can't afford it and her chance for marriage and family. Just when life is at it's lowest, a ray of light shone through. For a short time at least.

Major Andrew Abbott didn't lack female attention. He just never found a female whose attention he wanted enough to marry her. Stuck in the boring town of Bath he has no hopes for anything...until the night his grandmother meddles in his life. For once he doesn't mind the older woman's meddling.

I love the characters in this series and it's always enjoyable to see them return in each new story. Elinor and Adam, Nathanial and Lydia, Sir Charles and of course, the Dowager Duchess of Loring. This story brings us back to the setting of book one, Surrender the Past, when it takes the characters to America and Sir Charles plantation. Looking forward to the next story where Gavin Craig will finally, hopefully, get his happy-ever-after.
Book 5: Second Dance: An Encore Novella
Henrietta, Dowager Duchess of Loring is travelling with her grandson Andrew and his wife Gwen. They are still quite the honeymooners, so she's not quite getting a good night's sleep. Not with sharing a cabin wall on the ship they are on. One night as she goes to the deck for a reprieve...she receives quite a surprise.

Luca Faranese, Conte de Salerno had always prayed he'd once again find his Etta, but many years have passed. Until now. Will she choose her own happiness or once again choose the happiness of others before herself...and him?

This is a wonderful short story about the dear grandmother who has been in her grand-children's lives. And love lives. Come along on the ship to Italy for a unique touch of amore.
First Impressions
Geoffrey Bryant, Earl of Rutherford, was quite content being considered the Elusive Earl, as he preferred staying at his home by the sea with his young daughter, instead of London. His mother insisted he find a wife or she would find one for him. So he went to London, but this time he wouldn't look for a beautiful woman like he did with his first wife.

Helena Foster made a bargain with her mother. She would go through one Season and not speak her mind, then she wouldn't be forced into another Season, ever. Only a few more weeks and she could go back home to the country and live her life.

Two people who disliked the formalities of the Marriage Mart. And first impressions that judged a person before getting to know them. I really enjoyed this story as I've enjoyed all the books by this author. This was a short but complete story.
To Break a Betrothal by Elizabeth Johns
Kate Worthington is heading to England for the second time in her life, alone this time. She was to marry in three months and even though her father requested her to do this on his deathbed...she still planned to ask to have the contract broken. When she married, she wanted to marry for love.

Stephen, Lord Darlington, is almost finished with his work for the army. One more case and then he'd be heading home to take over running his father's estate...and marrying. He never considered the woman's side of contracted betrothal until he met Miss White on the train. But, their estates needed this marriage...the money that came with it. Could he give the woman a choice?

Wonderful story and characters. I really enjoyed this novella. It is mostly just the two characters but I was pulled into the story and found it a page-turner.

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