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Donna Fletcher Booklist

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A Cree & Dawn Novel
Book 5: Highland Secrets

Cree has been called to help Clan Strathearn. Dawn refuses to let him go without her. After Old Mary tells Cree that Dawn must go, that it’s essential, Cree gives in grudgingly. Dawn may be mute, but she manages to get into plenty of trouble.

Chieftain Newlin has troubles. Several of his clan have just vanished into thin air, and his people now believe it’s a demon snatching them up and eating them. Newlin has married his daughter, Tavia, off to Lord Bhric, but he’s yet to arrive. And everyone knows that Cree isn’t afraid of anything and can even conquer a demon.

This book introduces many of the characters in the coming stories. As always, I can’t wait for the rest of the series.

**Sexual content

Pepper the Prepper Series
Book 1: Pepper, the Highlander, & the Dead Guy

Pepper Madison was caught unprepared once. Never again. Now she runs Prepped and Prepared. YouTube, books, podcasts, and blog posts about being prepared. She also enjoys mysteries, and a big one just fell in her lap…well, more like she rolled down a hill and landed by a dead body.

Pepper is also nosy. And that’s how she landed on Ian Macgregor’s land, her new neighbor, and next to a dead guy. With three older brothers and a dad who is the sheriff, even at twenty-eight, Pepper is the little sister. There’s not much she can do without being watched or protected. It’s never stopped her from getting into trouble…and dragging her best friend, Amy, along with her.

It is a humorous story full of interesting characters like Highlanders and a smart dog and sassy cat, small-town gossip that swirls around faster than a fart loses its smell. This is told from Pepper’s POV alone. Looking forward to more of Pepper’s adventures.

Highland Intrigue Series
As friends become foes, a clan is almost wiped out. The only left one living is a two-day-old baby girl. The trustful maid is tasked with getting her to safety to keep their clan from ending altogether. Lady Aila just said goodbye to her baby and watched the life drain out of her husband. She left this earth with a curse to the three lords who had been friends…but turned on them.

Twenty years later, three sisters fear the future. They search for brides for the cursed lords. Bliss, Annis, and Elysia only have each other. But when the men searching for brides for those lords enter their clan, life could change quickly.

This prequel introduces the women and the situation. It has me so excited for the full stories to come out. I really enjoy Donna Fletcher’s storylines.
Book 1: The Silent Highlander

Elysia, the youngest of three sisters, has been left on her own. Bliss, her eldest sister, has been married off to the cursed lord to save her sisters from having to marry either of the other cursed lords. Annis has run off to find the witch in the hills to break the curse and save Bliss from death by the curse. When the chieftain wants Elysia to marry a warrior, fear intrudes. She’s pint-size and fears the warriors.

Saber had turned Elysia down when she asked him to marry her. He had to do it for her own good. In Clan Loudon, he’s just a mere farmer, as far as everyone knows. But in truth, he holds a secret. Yet, when he sees the warriors around Elysia…he goes against everything he ever promised himself.

I love all of Donna’s series. I finish one book and am ready for the next one. There is a prequel to this, Highland Intrigue Prequel, that gives the reader the background on the curse and the three sisters.

**Sexual content

Book 2: The Condemned Highlander

Lord Brogan of Clan MacRae is one of the cursed lords. He can be injured, but death doesn’t come to him. Knowing that he can live on, he has written off love. It would be too hard to see the woman he loves die while he lives on. Only, he’s finding that sometimes love isn’t a choice he can refuse or accept.

Annis will do anything to save her sister. But, to do that, she has to end the curse. Her eldest sister, Bliss, has willingly married one of the cursed lords, and if Annis doesn’t break the curse…Bliss will surely die just as Rannick’s previous wives died.

As Annis gets to know Brogan, she realizes she wants to break the curse for him too. For all the cursed lords. She must find the witch of the hills to find her answers. And no danger will stop her. And she’s finding she doesn’t mind having the handsome Brogran alongside to help her.

Looking forward to Blisse’s story as the plot continues in each book. I always enjoy the author’s trilogies.

**Sexual content

Book 3: Highlander: The Cursed Lord

Lord Rannick of the Clan MacClaren has borne the worst of the curse. After the death of three wives and the fruitless search to end the curse, he seemed to have lost all humanity. He warned his father about forcing him to wed again, but the man didn’t listen.

Bliss, the oldest of the three sisters, offered to marry the cursed lord to save her sisters. So, she made a bargain to marry Rannick and produce an heir in exchange for her sisters to have the freedom to choose their husbands, if they chose to marry at all.

It was no easy task for Bliss to get Rannick to allow her into his cottage in the woods. But her love for her sisters had her doing all she could to keep her side of the bargain. And then the attacks started. Someone wanted not only the lords dead, but their wives as well. Loved the finale of this series, but it’s always sad to say goodbye to the characters.

**Sexual content

Highland Promise Series
Prequel: Highland Oath
This prequel was incredible! What emotions it brings out as you get to know several people who will possibly be in future books.

The MacKinnon's: Royden, Arran, and Raven who live in the keep with their father, Parlon.
The MacGlennen's: Oria who is betrothed to Royden and her father, William.
The Macara's: Bayne, Purity, and their father, Galvin.

When a joyous day turns into disaster...everything changes in the happy life of the MacKinnons. And it may never be the same. The next book takes place years later. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series and to see how things can work out into a happily ever after.
Book 1: Pledged to a Highlander
Royden MacKinnon has become a savage in the five years since he'd been abducted. Forced to battle continually. Doing things, he would never have done. And feeling as if he failed. Failed to protect his sister, Raven. Was unable to protect the woman he loved and was to marry the day of the battle. Oria. She lived only in his dreams now.

Oria MacGlennen's life was not what she planned. From a day of celebrating to having Royden torn away from her. Along with her friends. Now, she had secrets to keep. She never stopped believing that Royden would come home to her. And then the day came that he did come home. A stranger.

Every book I've read by Donna Fletcher has picked me up and carried me through the journey page by page. Every series has me looking forward to the next book, including this series. Highland Oath is the prequel, and you'll definitely want to read it first to see how everything began.
**Sexual content
Book 2: Entrusted to a Highlander

Arran of the MacKinnon Clan was finally released from fighting with the mercenaries the past five years after their clan had been attacked. Now, he needs to find his sister, Raven. He follows a lead into the woods...and it changes everything for his cold heart.

 Purity of the Macara Clan was a shy, quiet girl at one time. Unwanted by her father, despised by her clan because of her deformed hand. After the attack at Royden and Oria's wedding, Purity stayed hidden in the woods. She became a different person living alone. Well, not quite alone. Her dog, Princess, and cat, King, were there to keep her company and protect her. They were her family.

 Someone is after Purity. They have disturbed her peaceful existence, and the bossy Aaron is telling her what to do. There was a time she'd do anything for Arran to get to notice her...not now. Yet, she had no choice but to allow him to help her. Another page-turning story in this series. Looking forward to the next story, their sister, Raven's.

**Sexual content within marriage

Book 3: Highlander Oath of the Beast

Wolf, know, as the Beast has been searching for Raven. He’d planned to marry her to one of his men, but it ended up that he would be the one marrying her. She was more than he ever expected her to be.

 Raven of Clan MacKinnon has been hiding for five years. On her brother’s wedding day, they were attacked. She didn’t want to be married off to some Northman, so she left. It was a horrible day and some pretty bad years on the run. But it’s over now. Not just hiding and running...but she would be marrying the Beast. Enemy to her family. At least she’d be close to her family.

 A warrior like Wolf is always in command...only, he finds that rather difficult with his new wife. Raven has learned many things in the five years she since the attack. One thing for sure, she wasn’t going to bow to any man. She was in control of her life and could protect herself. A grand finale to this series and many surprises!

**Sexual content

Macardle Sisters of Courage Series
Book 1: Highlander of My Heart
Sorrell lived in a small clan with her two sisters and half brother. Both Sorrell and her oldest sister, Willow, watched over the youngest, Snow, who had been blinded in a fire. Sorrell was content until the day James announced that Willow and she would have to marry to help the clan. An arranged marriage...not a love match.

John was after the person who had ruined his life. He'd been gone from home for two years but was getting closer to it. Just another village to stay for a few days for some rest and food. wasn't the usual village. It had Sorrell in it. An independent woman who seemed to get into trouble on every turn.

Life changed quickly in Clan Macardle. Between Sorrell's arranged marriage, her time spent with John, and other happenings. Love Donna's writing. It always keeps me turning the page to see what will happen next.
**Sexual content
Book 2: Desired by a Highlander
Willow Macardle was always the sensible sister. After her latest adventure, not so much. Getting close to a man...literally very close...known for his charming personality. Especially with women. She's not sure if she's still sensible or just blind. For some reason, she trusts the scoundrel and is ready to hang on for the adventure he takes her on.

Slatter has secrets. He's not a man who will settle down and have a real life. Marriage is out of the question. Not to mention, he has to clear his name. Things, very bad things, have been done in his name and he's a wanted man.

I love all of Donna Fletcher's stories. The tough men always have a soft spot and usually aren't quite who they seem to be. In Slatter's case, he's even more than what he seems to be. Can't wait for Snow's story, the third sister, she was blinded in a fire.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Highlander Lord of Fire
Snow Macardle believes she'll never marry or have a family of her own. Being she's blind, who would want her? So, she'll enjoy her nieces and nephews. She also has her pup, Thaw, who helps her get around, she needs no more than that. And then her life turns upside down. Rescued by a man she hates as much as he hates her...she finds something unexpected...kindness.

Tarass, Lord of Fire, Clan MacFiere, can't believe James Macardle doesn't keep a tighter rein on his blind half-sister. Especially after he finds her roaming around alone in a snowstorm. He can't wait until the storm moves on so he can return the beautiful, stubborn woman to her home.

Much more is going on at Clan MacFiere. Tarass has been searching for why his parents and the Sandrik village were slaughtered. Why two men connected to him have been murdered. It's a puzzle and pieces are missing. Loved this of all this author's stories. Great characters and storylines.

**Sexual content
Highland Warriors Trilogy
Book 1: To Love a Highlander
Craven of the Clan MacCara aka the Beast, has always brought fear wherever he went. For a short time the Beast had been tamed after he found love and married. When his wife and unborn babe had died...the Beast once again was brought to life. His anger at the woman he blamed for killing his wife was fierce. He wanted her dead.

Espy thought she was dead when the Beast held her up by her neck...choking the life out of her. After being told to leave and never return...death would've been better. After a year on the run, she returned to her grandmother, a healer like Espy. She also was to face her fate for returning. She had to find a way to prove to the unreasonable beast of a man that she was innocent.

A great story with many twists and surprising turns. I'm looking forward to the next stories.
Sexual content
Book 2: Embraced by the Highlander
Slain MacKewan aka the savage has much to do, it's not the best time for a woman in his life. But, there is one in his keep all the same. To solve one of his problems...he'll take advantage of her being there. Yet, he'll keep his secrets to himself...just as he knows that Hannah is keeping secrets from him.

Hannah MacFillan needs to hide after escaping her months of torture. The other women she escaped with had to go their own ways. Just as she had to go where she wouldn't be found. The home of the enemy. It would take a monster to protect her from other monsters. The question was; how far would she go to stay safe?

Loved the story. The story started in To Love a Highlander, as the heroine in book one helps two other women escape, one of which is Hannah. Several characters in the story are keeping secrets...and that never ends well. Looking forward to how the author can redeem the last character, Warrick, in the final book, Highlander: The Demon Lord.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Highlander The Demon Lord
Warrick of Clan MacDevlin has been searching for his wife. Now, he's finally found her and isn't letting her go. Not that he cares for her...his father taught him well never to love. He had taught Warrick how to be a heartless warrior and he'd done very well at it.

Adara was so full of fear that it was like a part of her. She'd learned early in life that she wasn't wanted. A servant girl being moved from place to place every few years. No matter what she did to one ever wanted to keep her. When her uncle finally found her, she finally had a home.

Great series. Three tough warriors are brought down by women who now own them heart and soul. From the first two books, it was hard to imagine Warrick being redeemable...but things aren't always as they seem.
**Sexual content
Dawn & Cree Series 
Book 1: Highlander Unchained
Book 2: Forbidden Highlander
Highlander Forbidden: Book One
Dawn was born without a voice. She is completely silent...even her sighs. Fear reigns as the nefarious Cree is captured and Dawn is assigned to care for all ways. Little did they know that Cree would get more information from Dawn's silence than expected. After all, the people treated her as if she were an idiot. In turn, they were proven the idiots.

Highlander Unchained: Book Two
This book continues where book one left off. Someone is trying to kill Dawn and no one has a clue why. She is only a voiceless peasant...isn't she? Secrets are old and deep and as they come to the surface—they bring unrest with them. Old Mary knows more than she will tell and so they have to dig deep themselves to find the answers.

Great characters and plot line. I really enjoyed both of these books and look forward to reading the rest of the series.
**Strong sexual content
Highlander's Magical Love
It's now present day instead of the thirteenth century in the Highlands. Lord Cree is a wealthy businessman. As their family throws their annual fundraiser, they are joined by an old fortune-teller. She says some very odd things and Cree writes it off as some sort of setup.

Dawn, a voiceless girl who lives in the village, comes to serve at the fundraiser. Before the guests arrive, Old Mary...a fortune teller...lets her know she has until midnight to seal her love, or something like that. She'd think the old woman is batty if not for her odd attraction to Lord Cree.

Fate seems to be putting these two together but other circumstances are pulling them apart. Memories of a life where they seem to know each other flashes through each of their minds. But the clock is soon to hit midnight and they have to find each other before then.
My Highlander
Cree and Dawn's happily-ever-after gets interrupted. Deeply in love and with a set of twins, a son and daughter, life was great. Until it wasn't.

After Dawn is presumed drowned, Cree only survives for their bairns. And then barely survives. When Dawn is found to be alive and her disappearance an abduction, life goes on pause until they can find out who wanted her abducted.

Many other situations happen in their village as well. Murders, mysterious visitors, and more. Great characters and story-lines. The author does a wonderful job of bringing a voice to Dawn, who was born a mute.
**Sexual content
Pict King Series
Book 1: The King's Executioner
Anin's mum was from the Lammock Tribe, women warriors. She is now to be wed to King Talon, ruler of the Pict tribes, who most thought he'd be getting a tough warrior woman. Surprise. Her mum sent her off to hide from the king's man, just like she always had Anin hide who she really was.

Paine was feared by all. Where he went—pain and death followed. His latest mission for King Talon should have been easy. Get the future queen and deliver her to the king. It wasn't so cut and dried. The soon-to-be-queen was much more than he expected.

This tale is about the Picts—Painted People. A culture that did really exist at one time and this author brings back to life in this fiction story. I loved this story and can't wait for the rest of the series. Book two; The King's Warrior (Wrath's story) and book three; The King and His Queen (King Talon's story).
**Sexual Content
Book 2: The King's Warrior (Wrath's story)
Wrath, leader of King Talon's personal guard, a man whose life was to protect the king. To enjoy women but never wed. It would distract him from his purpose and weaken him. That was what he always believed. And then he found Verity in a snowdrift and everything changed.

Verity had made it to her homeland. She was a Pict but had been kidnapped, along with her sister, as a young girl. She never thought she'd see this land again...never escape the Northmen. And thanks to her visions—a known and yet unknown man, was there to rescue her.

As Wrath and Verity set off to find her missing sister, they find unrest in the Pict lands. Not everyone is happy that King Talon has united all the Picts so that a foreign rule will not take over. And the rumors of their king's wives not being able to bear heirs are getting louder. I'm looking forward to King Talon's story in the third book. Great series and an interesting people, the Picts—Painted People, from long, long ago.
**Sexual content 
Book 3: The King and His Queen (King Talon's story)
Talon, King of the Picts, has unrest in his kingdom. He needs a queen that will give him an heir. Something people are starting to think he cannot accomplish. He has traitors within and besides his faithful friends, Wrath and Paine, he trusts no one. And then there is the problem of Hemera.

Hemera loves her freedom after so many years of slavery with the Northmen. She was given Paine's old home from when he was an executioner and it's plenty far away from others. Everyone thinks Hemera is slow-minded, and that's fine with her, she prefers being alone and in the forest where nature speaks to her.

This is the last book in the trilogy and hated to see it end. I loved all three stories and the unique characters—especially Bog, Paine's wolf. The reader gets to see how Talon is from the previous two books, but he's really so different when you “get to know him” in his own story.
**Sexual content
Macinnes Sisters Trilogy
Book 1: The Highlander's Stolen Heart
Emma Macinnes is the youngest, most knowledgeable, and plainest sister. She has accepted that she'll never know the love of a man or have her own family. She's content helping her clan with her knowledge of plants and the land—until she gets to know her sister Heather's intended.

Rogan MacClennan gave up marrying for love like his parents did and is resigned to do his duty. When his intended is kidnapped, he can't get her younger sister to stay out of the search. Rogan is a man used to giving orders and the stubborn girl refuses to obey him. He's glad she's not the one he's marrying—or is he?

What a great story. As Rogan gets to know Emma, he sees more in her than he first noticed. Too late as he refused to marry 'the plain sister' and the contract is for the oldest, prettiest sister. Rogan and Emma's story is told in this book but the search for Heather continues in the next book; Highlander's Rebellious Love and Heather's story is book three; Highlander: The Dark Dragon.
**Sexual content
Book 2: Highlander's Rebellious Love
Patience Macinnes is the middle sister and the warrior. She has been searching for her oldest sister Heather who had been abducted. Instead of continuing the search, her father sends her to settle a dispute among a couple of clans. What she hoped to be quick mission, ended up being much more.

Hunter McLaud was the youngest of his brothers and spent his days with the lassies. If there was one thing that he was good at—it was pleasing women. The beautiful woman warrior didn't fall under his spell and into his bed like other women. But he knew she needed him if she were going to stay alive. And the only way to save her...was to marry her.

Patience didn't need a man in her life. She led a group of warriors. She made the orders...not followed them. Patience soon found that much more was at work than the McLauds trying to take land. As if finding Heather and getting her away from the Dark Dragon and his ghost warriors wasn't enough to handle. Great series so far. It all starts in book one; The Highlander's Stolen Bride...Emma's story.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Highlander: The Dark Dragon
Heather Macinnes had finally found her way home after being kidnapped by the Dark Dragon and his ghost warriors. Waking up in her own bed, she realized the nightmare was over. And then she found out her father had wed her to the Dark Dragon to protect their clan. Looked like her nightmare was far from over after all.

The Dark Dragon was a cold, hard man. Any softness in him had been put to death so that he could live without emotion. Protect his people. If only he could get his new wife to be obedient so he could protect her. Every man, woman, child, and beast feared him. But not Heather.

The final book in this trilogy was as captivating as the first two. Stories that grab the reader and takes them on an adventure. A time when having land was power and as always, there was no lack of men desiring that power. Can the third Macinnes sister find love and happiness as her sisters did? With a man as dark as she is light?
**Sexual content 

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