Monday, March 15, 2021

Natasha Grace

Billionaires of Manhattan Series
Book 1: Fallen
Samantha Collins had quite the wake-up call when her husband, Jason, died. Looking back on her marriage, she realized that she'd lost who she was somewhere along the way. It was time to clear her slate and start over.

Luke Darren, Jason's business partner, had always admired Sam. When she first started working for them after her marriage, he didn't think she was qualified. He'd said some things to her that had built a wall between them. Now that Jason was gone, and the truth was out...the wall came down.

This is the first book I've read from this author. It was definitely a story that sucked me in and wouldn't let go until the end. A definite page-turner with great characters.

**Sexual content and Language
Book 2: Business before Pleasure

Adam Campbell had been born into money and looked forward to working for his grandfather’s company. Only, his parents had controlled his life and when he realized how far they’d go to have him walk their line, he left and started his own company. His biggest venture to stick in his parents’ faces was buying The Mansion. An exclusive hotel that they’d have to pass by.

Olivia Montgomery wanted her father to buy back her grandfather’s first hotel, but he didn’t. And now someone else has boughten it and planned to gut the inside…which was like gutting her and the memories she had of her grandfather. And now she’s working with the new owner. Can she keep her sentimental feelings in check and do what’s right for the hotel? And more, can she keep her feelings in check that she’s having for the new owner?

Concerned about mixing business with pleasure is a good thing, but they are finding it hard to fight their attraction. So many unique things are happening. Someone trying to destroy Adam’s business, his estrangement from his parents, and Olivia’s desire to keep her grandfather’s first hotel as he designed it.

**Sexual content and language


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