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Robin Patchen Book List

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Coventry Saga
Book 1: Glimmer in the Darkness

Cassidy Leblanc's life took a turn for the worst ten years ago. Well, her life had been rough for the time up to then too. Her family is torn about by abuse and death and prison. Foster homes. Not being accepted. The one bright spot had been the Sullivans while it lasted.

James Sullivan had always believed his girlfriend, Cassidy, innocent in the events that happened. He was alone in that. His parents went to their graves, believing she was guilty. And now, his best friend's daughter is missing, and Cassy is back in town.

As always, Robin Patchen writes a story that pulls the reader in. For me, the emotions are brought out, and the pages turn quickly to see what will happen next. She even writes her villains so that you almost feel sorry for them...almost. An incredible author.

Book 2: Tides of Duplicity

PI Fitz McCaffrey is the guardian of his sixteen-year-old sister. When a vacation in Belize goes sideways, he has to make a choice. At first, it was easy…his sister or the woman Fitz met and came to care about. But, as he has to find out if that woman is a criminal to save his sister—the choice isn’t so easy, after all. Not to mention he needs the help of the man he’s hated for two years.

Tabitha “Tabby” Eaton had enjoyed a two-week vacation in Belize. She’d met a wonderful man, but her home was in Coventry, New Hampshire. His home is in Providence, Rhode Island. She can’t leave her family.

Page-turning romance suspense. Fitz knows in his heart Tabby is innocent, but he has to follow through if he wants to save his sister, Shelby. Great storyline and characters as always.

The Legacy Series
Book 1: Legacy Rejected
Kade Powers is a real estate developer. His dream is getting close to being realized...building a country club and houses on the land his father gave him in his hometown of Nutfield. He needed to make his father proud. Prove himself to his family.

Ginny Lamont had an odd childhood once they lost their home to Katrina. After her dad's death and her mother kicking her out...she moves to Nutfield to be by her only sibling. After a cryptic message, her sister deserts her too. Leaving her to a fate to be aware of someone who was after her, but no clue to who or why.

Kade and Ginny are thrown into something they never expected when both of their lives get turned upside down. It's during a real crisis that people find out who their friends truly are...and these two are finding that most people run the other way. Another fantastic suspense romance from this author.
Book 2: Legacy Restored
Angelica “Angel” Rossi had taken a bad road. She'd been raised in a good family. A Christian home. But her sense of adventure took her down a path of stealing, lying, and of a con-artist. Now, after another arrest, she's finally come to truly know Christ. To know she belongs to Him. She still needs to see herself as being worthy of all He did for her. But for now, and with the predicament she's in, she still sees herself as that lying, unlovable thief.

Donovan Gilcreast is an artist who has lost his talent somewhere. He has an art show coming up...and yet...his paintings aren't good enough. He assumes it's because he's grieving the death of his sister; carrying guilt for her death. And then, the person behind everything bad that happened enters his life.

Angel and Donovan are both learning to rely on God. To listen to Him. Still learning to let past hatred go. But, it's not easy. Especially when there are secrets that have to stay hidden. I love Robin's stories. I don't think I've read one of them yet without having tears at some point. Great characters and stories of imperfect people loved by a perfect God.
Book 3: Legacy Reclaimed
Chelsea Hamilton's parents started Hamilton Clothier in Coventry, New Hampshire, to save the town her father loved so much. And it had worked. The town had thrived. But things had changed thirteen years ago. Her dad's death. Her move to England, where her mom grew up. And now, her mother died, and Chelsea has returned home.

Dylan O'Donnell decided to quit the police force and go into private PI work. He wanted to help people before they were murdered rather than trying to solve them afterward. A trip to the food bank to meet a client turned into something else when he meets Chelsea.

Dylan had misjudged Chelsea at first sight because of her clothes and purse brands. He quickly finds out how wrong he was. And how much she needed a protector. A protector like he was. There was no doubt that God had put them both where they needed to be at the same place and time... Another awesome story. I love the way this author writes.
Book 4: Legacy Redeemed
Caleb Peterson was learning to be a very patient man. For two years, he's been trying to get Vanessa Baker to notice him, talk to him, go to prayer meetings with him. To no avail. And yet, he felt very strongly about winning her heart. So, he'd persisted. When she needed help, he stepped up to be there for her. He didn't know how to get around her walls...or why she had them up.

Vanessa Baker's main focus was to keep her daughter safe. Katarina, or Kat as she called her, was everything to her, and she would give her life to save her from danger. From men. God seemed to tell her to trust Caleb, but how could she? He was a man, and in her mind, all men were evil.

Another intriguing romance that, for me, had tears flowing and pages turning to see what would happen next. Robin's stories are written so well. Fiction with a lot of real-life in them. Issues that are hard to believe are happening. Stories to enjoy, watch love happen but also gives the reader knowledge of real-life problems.
Beauty in Flight Series
Book 1: Beauty in Flight
Harper Cloud is loving her freedom. She's found that things aren't important in life, not when you were free. No more prison bars. No parole officer. Only... the feeling of being watched. But she put that to paranoia.

When she decides a change from Vegas is needed...away from the memories of the past...she heads to Maryland for a job taking care of an elderly man. Life seems to be going really well for her...and that never boded well.

This story is told from Harper's point of view only and I'll warn you, it ends with a cliffhanger. I can't wait for the next book in this series.
Book 2: Beauty in Hiding
Harper Cloud is on the run. In book one, she took Red, the man she was hired to take care of, and left Maryland. First, someone was trying to kill Red. Second, there were two dead bodies in Red's house. As an ex-con, Harper didn't want to stick around. So, they end up in Nutfield, New Hampshire.

Jack Rossi is working on getting into real estate. His venture is about to begin as he's rented out the one house while working on the other while he lives in it. He's intrigued with the woman renting his house. The way she takes such good care of her grandfather. On the other hand, there's more to her than she's saying.

On this next part of Harper's journey, they end up in the town and around people that were from the previous books in the Hidden Truth Series. People in this small-town are nice, but Harper can't trust anyone. Great story and I can't wait for the final installation...Beauty in Battle.
Book 3: Beauty in Battle
Harper Cloud was getting too comfortable in Nutfield, New Hampshire. She had done her best to keep her secrets, but they got out. Jack Rossi, a man she was beginning to care for, found out about her past. Her secrets were out.

When a former FBI agent joins in, Harper finds out that her past has caught up to her. She has to face it and stop running. Meanwhile, more of the past has also caught up to them and not Red is in danger too.

A great finale to this series. Wonderful characters. A definite tissue alert.
Hidden Truth Series
Book 1: Convenient Lies 
Rachel Adams may not have been completely honest with her husband when they married—but he definitely had not been honest with her. Rae had changed her name when she left her hometown of Nutfield, New Hampshire and went to college—leaving a past behind her. Now, truths have come to light and she needs to get away and start over...again.

Brady Thomas has returned home to Nutfield. He's been through some tough times, but survived. What he's not sure he can survive is having Rae back home. Especially since she's just planning on leaving again—like she had done twelve years ago.

A great story. This is told from three separate point of views. The author has done an excellent job of keeping the story moving and building emotions and letting the reader see the different sides of the characters. It's hard to describe the uniqueness of it without spoilers.
**Mild language
Book 2: Twisted Lies
Nathan Walter Boyle just wants peace and quiet in his life. He's moving back to his small hometown of Nutfield, New Hampshire for that quiet. That was what he planned to do. Somehow he's ended up in Mexico to reunite two sisters and everything breaks loose. Now he's back into a hectic situation. And he wouldn't choose to be anywhere else.

Marisa Vega had to run away eight years ago. Leaving all she knew behind to start over. She has a home, job, and daughter now. She's happy. Or so she thought until Nate walks back into her life.

The reader can meet Nate in book one; Convenient Lies. In this story, several characters from the book join Nate and Marisa. They have one week to figure out a crime from eight years ago. It has suspense and if they ever can slow down...romance. A real page turner.
**Mild language
Book 3: Generous Lies
Samantha “Sam” Messenger watches as her friends marry and have families of their own. Meanwhile, she knows she'll be alone the rest of her life. She has a secret she has held close. A secret that keeps her alone. Until she met Garrison. She wanted to believe her life could be different...but knew better. She'd tell him her secret. He'd be done with her.

Garrison Kopp had a slap of reality when he got the call that his son was going to the hospital. Another slap when they told him what they found in his system from the blood work. It was time to get Aiden out of New York and away from his friends...and his mother. Nutfield seemed the perfect place. Especially since he could see Sam again.

I love this series. The author gives you the point of view from the main characters and others. Aiden's point of view showed his struggles...the battle that raged within him. I felt pulled into the story. Feeling their struggles and emotions.
Book 4: Innocent Lies
Eric Nolan is an officer in the small town of Nutfield, New Hampshire. His life had taken a turn for the worst ten years ago—a secret none of his friends or coworkers know about here. Thankfully, he has Magic, a dog that needed him as much as he needed her when he found her on the road. But his quiet, lonely life is about to big ways.

Kelsey has been running for a long time. And she can't stop...yet. She has to protect the people she loves. That includes finding a safe place for her son, Daniel. As long as she knows he's safe, she can finish her mission to stop a bad man who has destroyed so much of her life...and her family's.

Great series. The author takes the reader through so many twists and turns—through so many emotions. I love that she always has different points of views from not only the main characters but also secondary ones.
**Mild sensual content
A Package Deal
Josephine “Jo” Domani isn't living the life she dreamed. Perhaps she's not living at all. She's not very excited about the online dating, but promised her friends she would try it. Even without a photo or much information on her page—she gets a date request.

Carter James agrees to the online dating profile if his mom leaves him alone about dating for awhile. He's surprised to find someone from the small town of Ross, Oklahoma he now lives in and more surprised to see it's someone he knows when they meet.

Both of them have secrets that they assume will end their dating when they share them, so what's the harm in keeping the secret a little longer? Yeah, we all know how well that works out to keep a secret from someone you are growing close to.
Originally published in Matched Online
Faith House
 When Hurricane Sandy destroys Sadie’s home, she’s determined to restore it. She promised her dying grandmother she’d never abandon the house that is the only link to Sadie’s schizophrenic father—a man who disappeared twenty years ago.

Max has loved Sadie since grade school, but their mutual friend died when they were teens, and Sadie pushed him away. A decade has passed, and he’s finally found her. This time, he won’t lose her—not to a flooded house hundreds of miles from home, or to her false hope as she awaits her father’s unlikely return.

When Sadie discovers her house is underinsured, she faces an impossible decision. Can she trust God enough to let go of her only connection to her dad? Can she trust Max enough to let go of her heart?
One Christmas Eve
Movie star Blake Carmichael found more than just freedom from his drug addiction in rehab. He found God. And he has just one wish for the first Christmas of his new life: reconciliation with his teenage son, Eli. But after eight years of hardly hearing from Blake, Eli wants nothing to do with his father. So when his mother forces Eli to stay with Blake during the Christmas holidays, Eli sneaks out of the house.

Tadie Waters was so touched when her niece Kelsey asked of she could stay with her for a couple days. But when Tadie gets a call in the middle of the night, she discovers the teenager is gone. Unwilling to prowl the empty apartment, waiting for Kelsey’s return, she jumps at Blake Carmichael’s offer to accompany him to look for the teens.

From the New Hampshire seacoast to the dangerous streets of Boston, Blake and Tadie search for Eli and Kelsey, desperate to protect them from sins Blake knows all too well. But even if he finds his son, will Blake ever be able to convince Eli of his love? 
Finding Amanda
Mark Johnson loves his wife and hates that she has asked for a temporary separation. He has no idea what has gone wrong in their nine year marriage. And now someone from his wife's past is threatening her and she won't allow him to be the protector he wants to be. Here he thought his life would be a bed of roses once he became a Christian. Not.

Amanda Prince Johnson had a good life. As a blogger, author, and teaching cooking classes, she was a success. As a wife, not so much. When her past and present collided two years ago ... her life changed. And it's not done changing yet.

I loved this story. Definitely need a box of tissues nearby if you get emotional when reading. The author brought to life the struggles of a father not in the house to protect his wife and children and what can happen when communication is lacking. The prequel story to this book is called Chasing Amanda and is yet to be released at the time of this review.
Prequel: Chasing Amanda
Lieutenant Mark Johnson will be leaving for Afghanistan in one week. He's visiting an old friend before going to see his parents. His dad is great but his mom isn't happy about his choices, so there's not rush to see her. He expects to hang out with Justin for the weekend and go on his way. He never expected the blue eyed, blond haired beauty that crossed his path.

Amanda Prince doesn't like working at the bar and walking home at night but the money is good and it works with her school hours. Until that Thursday night. Two men, a fight and her running home in confusion. From that one night, her life is forever changed.

I really enjoyed this story and the first book, Finding Amanda. This is a shorter story but full of excitement and emotions. One decision by Mark to follow his instincts and one decision by Amanda to trust a stranger.

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