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 Clamshell Bay Series

Book 1: The Bakery at Clamshell Bay
Cleo Duvall, the owner of Clamshell Bakery and Café, is surprised when she recognizes a visitor. He’d never been there before, but oh, how she knew him so well. He was her heartthrob from Badminton Run, a TV show from several decades ago. Older, but still so handsome.

Ethan Crisp could tell the minute the woman behind the counter recognized him, but appreciated that she didn’t say anything about his past. He’d be in this coastal town a few days while waiting on a part for his sailboat, so what would it hurt to make a friend.

Wonderful characters, an adorable kitten, and beautiful scenery make this a wonderful story. And, as usual, a bad guy. The main characters are older and hopefully wiser than they’d been. Looking forward to more books in this series.

Book 2: The Cottage at Clamshell Bay

Jeremy O’Toole is the father of twin girls. It hasn’t been easy for him in the three years since his wife’s death. But, after the girls’ last mischievous idea that’s gone bad…and the babysitter fired…he needs help. And that help happens to be standing right in front of him, but it can’t be her for several reasons.

Libby Brown finds herself a single mother. She’s surviving, though, until the letter. Ends up her cheating, no-good ex-husband isn’t living up to the agreement of paying the mortgage and sending alimony. After her childhood…there’s no way she’s going to give up her house. So, she goes head-to-head with the bank manager.

A woman with trust issues, a man still grieving his late wife, and four adorable kids. I loved this story and the characters. The story revolves around four friends who met after a bread-baking class at the Clamshell Bay Bakery (book one). Looking forward to the rest of the series.

**Sexual content


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