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Janet Tronstad Book List

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Interview with Janet Tronstad
Name one thing about yourself that would shock readers if they knew.

Early on in my writing career (I was still in high school), I wrote an article for True Confessions called 'I am a good girl and tired of it.' It was pretty tame -- about a girl who lied on her questionnaire for a dating site and who met a man who also lied. I was so excited when they bought it -- it allowed me to buy my very own typewriter!!

When not writing, what hobbies do you enjoy?

I love to read, of course. And I travel as much as I can. I also love plays and concerts.

What is the strangest real life situation that is in one of your stories?

I don't really use real life situations in my books (at least not things that have happened to me). Most of my situations are compilations of things I've heard of.

When did you start writing?

I did some writing (short pieces) in high school.

What is your favorite genre?

Oh, that has to be romance although I love mystery and thrillers, too. And I have a soft spot for westerns.

Have you traveled to do research for your books?

Yes, the books I am writing now are centered around a Dry Creek in Alaska (most of you know I have a long-running series set in Dry Creek, Montana). I went to Nome, Alaska with my sister to research the Alaskan Dry Creek though.

Do you enjoy reading your own stories?

I am usually on to the next book so I seldom go back and read one of my books -- someday though I will.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?


Favorite book or character you have written?
I love all of my Dry Creek characters and can't pick a favorite.

Any advice for those who are just starting out?
Be willing to learn how to be a better writer.

Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?
I think I do sometimes in the midst of a story. I always know they are not though (if you were to ask me).

Are you sad to end a series and leave the characters behind?
Usually, I'm relieved to have met my deadline (or finished the book even if it's late). I never really say good-bye to my characters though since I have a long-running series.

Do you write about places you have lived?
I often write about rural Montana and I grew up near Fort Shaw, Montana on a farm where I spend a good four or five months a year these days with my elderly parents.

Do you read the same types of books you write?
Yes, but I also read many other types of books.

What is your go-to snack?
I try not to snack these days so don't keep much around. If I do snack, it's something chocolate.

Montana Mail-Order Bride

Matt Baynes let his friend Jacob talk him into writing for a mail-order bride for Matt. After all, he now had the care of his niece and nephew after their parents were murdered. They needed a caring woman to be their new mother. As for the wife, Matt didn’t figure he’d be alive that long. Not when he was going after the Blackwood brothers for the murder. Matt didn’t plan on such a beautiful and young mail-order bride. He almost wished he wouldn’t be getting himself killed soon.

Eleanor Fitzpatrick’s friend, Mrs. Gunni, shocked her. The lady, along with Eleanor’s seven-year-old sister, had answered an ad for a mail-order bride. And she was that bride! They had been facing some problems in Chicago, and with Lily’s problems, Eleanor decided it was best. So she headed on the train to Dillan, Montana, with Lily.

I could hardly set the book down until it was finished. I loved the story and the characters. An old cat named Whiskey added quite a bit of humor.

**I did receive this copy of the book from the author.

His Dry Creek Inheritance

Mark Dakota was an orphan who ended up on the Rosen Ranch in Dry Creek, Montana. Eli Rosen wasn’t much of a father figure. Mark lived in the bunkhouse and worked the ranch like hired help…without the pay. After being injured while in the military, he returns to Dry Creek after receiving a letter from Eli. Things were quite different from when he’d left.

Bailey Rosen was a widow with one daughter and a baby on the way. Now, her father-in-law has passed away, and there are even more complications when it comes to the will. Thankfully, her childhood friend, who was also an orphan like she was, has returned. Mark made it easy to rely on him as he helped her with so many things while in the last weeks of her pregnancy. If only he weren’t so against marriage.

It was wonderful visiting Dry Creek once again. Mrs. Hargrove and the café and other familiar people and sites. I laughed and cried reading this story. Janet Tronstad has once again written a very heartwarming story.

His Dry Creek Legacy
Return to Dry Creek
Easter in Dry Creek
Clay West is returning to Dry Creek and the Nelson ranch after four years away. Many men in prison claim their innocence, but Clay truly was one of those falsely accused. But Allie would never accept that he was the innocent one—and what he wouldn't do to have her believe him.

Allie Nelson's life had turned inside-out four years ago. The man she had a crush on had fooled them all and ruined their lives. Her family would never be the same. And now, Clay West has the nerve to show up their doorstep. And yet, part of her still misses having him around. What a traitor her heart is.

I loved this. I've always enjoyed all the Dry Creek stories, but I really enjoyed this one. Some really great secondary characters that I hope will get their stories told. The attitudes of the town's people came to life in how they treated Clay. How easy it is to assume a man guilty and not give second chances.
Dry Creek Daddy
Mark Nelson wakes up from a four-year-coma to find he's missed a lot. And now that he's out of the nursing home...he finds his old flame has returned to town. He'd also learned after he woke up that he had a son. And once Hannah was back in town, he found out his son was sick. Very sick.

Hannah Stelling had left Dry Creek when she was pregnant. As an adopted daughter, she always felt on the outside. Never a part of Dry Creek like those who were born and raised there. But Mark was always there for her, ever since they were ten. Only...he wasn't there when she needed him the most. Now, can she really trust him to be there for her through this trial?

I've always loved the Dry Creek Series and this book didn't disappoint. Mark is so easy to fall in love with. Great characters...human and feline...great story line. Just a really awesome story. You may want to keep the tissues handy if you cry easily. The previous story, Easter in Dry Creek is Mark's sister's story.
**Received from author for an honest review
His Dry Creek Legacy
Announcing a new Dry Creek Series...
North to Dry Creek
Book 1: Alaskan Sweethearts
Hunter Jacobson has to stop his grandfather once again. He thought the man was done with his illegal schemes, but it seems he was wrong. Or was he? The older man may be trying to right old wrongs, but Hunter wasn’t going to let his guard down so easily.

Scarlett Murphy needed a new start badly. When receiving a letter that the man who had done her grandfather wrong so long ago was giving them a home and property, she allowed a ray of hope in her life. Taking all her hopes and dreams she travels from Alaska to Montana to seal her future...and she may find more than she expected.

Trust doesn’t come easy for Scarlett or Hunter. Colin Jacobson has done enough in his past to make it hard for either of them to trust the older man. And Hunter knows about an added piece of the puzzle...his grandpa is trying to play matchmaker and Hunter finds himself not so opposed to the idea of it.

I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read the next stories in this series. Many of the old Dry Creek favorites are in here along with several new ones.
First Kisses Anthology
Six popular authors have pulled their talents together and wrote these six stories. Each story stands alone, not connected to the other authors. Romances from the 1800's to the present day. People who are hurt and scarred and don't think that love could be in their futures. They are wrong of course. It's a great mix of stories. Two of the stories are suspense and keep you on the edge of your seat. All six are page turners. I hope that more stories will come from these as there are some great secondary characters as well.

The Rambler's Bride by Linda Goodnight
Jericho North has traveled over a hundred miles to reach his brother's homestead. Each mile that passed he hated the woman more who had tricked his brother into marriage and caused his death. He was going for revenge. Only it seems God has something else in mind.

Esther North is doing the best she can without a man around. Dealing with her cousin's powerful husband and keeping up with the farm. When the dark handsome stranger appears and helps her, she starts to hope. But will he stick around or just pass through?
Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe by Janet Tronstad
Buddy Hamilton was a simple truck driver who wanted a piece of land and a home to call his own. Nothing more. Growing up in foster homes convinced him he'd never be a family man, wouldn't know how. Then he met Penny Rose and her brood. At first they scared him, and then intrigued him. Especially the way the young woman lived out her faith so strongly that he was learning more about God through her actions.
Her Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra Clopton Parks
Maddie Rose was determined to work as hard as her male partners on the ranch that was willed to them all. She finally had a place to belong. Putting her past behind her and deciding if she couldn't have her dream, at least she had this.

Cliff Masterson thought he was living the dream being on the bull riding circuit. Now that his dad died, he stopped to realize maybe he'd been running all these years. When he went to stay with his brother Rafe and look for land in Mule Hollow, he never expected to find someone that could fill the empty hole in him, even if she was a stubborn spit-fire of a woman.
Deadly Hunt by Margaret Daley
Tess Miller is a bodyguard and she cherishes her time at her uncle's cabin twice a year. Time alone. This trip isn't going quite as she planned when a man who's been shot makes it to her cabin's door. And she's his only help since they are a long walk from anywhere.

Shane Burkhart was just enjoying some time in the mountains, hiking and photographing. Next thing he knows he wakes up in a cabin being tended by a woman. He's been shot. Worse might not have been an accident.
Necessary Proof by Camy Tang
Alex Villa had spent time in prison, he has since become a Christian and changed his ways but someone is setting him up. He is determined to clear his name and to continue fighting against the drug dealers in Sonoma.

Jane Lawton has felt alone this past year. She's tired of being used, now Alex appears at her door and needs her computer skills. And as she always does for anyone, she helps him. Who knew what danger it would bring to her doorstep? And also how much healing would come from it.
Kissed by a Cowboy by Lacy Williams
Haley Carston had been moved from one place to the next. Then her aunt invited her to stay and finish high school. She was finally home and had friends. And gave her heart away for the first time. Until it all fell apart. Her aunt's health has brought her back to town.

Maddox Michaels has the world on his shoulders and has since he was a teen and his dad drank himself to death. Now he's trying to keep the farm afloat, raise his niece and deal with his depressed brother. How can he make room for Haley in this mess that's his life?
**Received as ARC for review
Sealed With A Kiss
Mail-Order Sunshine Bride by Janet Tronstad
Eleanor “Nellie” O’Reilly arrives in Miles City, Montana Territory with her son. As a widow she saw no other choice beyond the ad for a being a mail-order bride. Elias Henderson seemed to be a stable businessman.

Sheriff Patrick MacDonald ends up with the chore of retrieving the woman and child after Elias gets in a fix. His preconceived idea of her does not match up with the real thing. And he definitely does not seem to fit her idea of a good man.

Deadly Intent by Margaret Daley
Texas Ranger Sarah Osborn has a new case working with an old love. A man who broke her teenage heart fifteen years ago. If she doesn’t find out who is after Ian O’Leary, she could lose him a second time. Permanently.

Ian is a former FBI agent with plenty of men who might want to do him harm. The list of suspects is plenty long and most look pretty guilty. Margaret Daley does a great job of keeping the reader guessing which suspect is the villain.

Unshakeable Pursuit by Camy Tang
Dr. Geoffrey Whelan and nurse Maylin Kinley have captured the attention of some bad guys. They have no clue how or why. Only a few warnings and face to face encounters with the thugs. One thing Geoff knows for sure is that he’ll protect this woman with all he has. He won’t fail before.

As always Camy Tang writes a compelling story that has you breathless from running and dodging bullets. Your brain gets a work-out as well as you try and figure out what is happening and who is behind it. Always a great suspenseful romance from this author.

With Love Cowboy by Lacy Williams
Ryan Michaels has been in love with the same girl for twelve long years. He never told her. And now she’s coming back home after being away in the military. Her mission was over and his was going into full get the girl he loves to fall in love with him.

Ashley Reynolds joined the military after she felt her parents betrayed her. Now her career is over, she no longer knows who she is or what she’ll do. And she wasn’t there for her parents when they needed her. The biggest question of all, what to do about Ryan Michaels?

Mistletoe Kisses: The Day Gina Rossi Lost Her Yet
Gina Rossi never thought about being single at thirty-one until that one day she heard what her grandmother didn’t say. She wanted to marry and have a family and she wanted that with Marco Scaglia. And now that he’s coming back to town for Christmas...Gina would go after what she wanted. But, is Marco really who she wants?

Sometimes the best things are right in front of us and we miss them because we are looking at something else. And sometimes it’s too late by the time we come to our senses. I really enjoyed this short story. This is part of the third Inspy Kisses books and all of them are worth reading. This story takes place in the 1950s.
Dry Creek, Montana Series: A tiny town full of big bighearted people 
Book 1: An Angel for Dry Creek
A Real live angel in Dry Creek, Montana?
Not quite. But from the first sight of Glory Beckett framed in the light of her car's high beams, Matthew Curtis could have sworn she was a heavenly gift sent to heal both is faith and his heart.
And what's more, so could the whole town!
The pressures of being angelic were downright stressful. But how could Glory resist Matthew's smile or his adorable twin boys? And it looked as if it would take a miracle to convince anyone in town that she wasn't the least bit celestial, let alone that her presence in Dry Creek might even put them all in danger!
Book 2: A Gentleman for Dry Creek
When a headstrong, do-gooder mom brings her trouble teens a ranch, she and the gentlemanly rancher discover their bond to each other through their strong faith in God. 
Book 3: A Bride for Dry Creek
Francis Elkton hadn't seen Flint Harris since they'd eloped to Las Vegas on prom night. Thanks to a legal loophole, their vows had meant nothing--or so they'd been told. Now both Francis and Flint were back in Dry Creek, where they were about to discover some shocking news...
The fact that he'd unwittingly been married to the woman of his dreams for the past twenty years was the least of Flint's problems. Francis happened to be in danger. As an undercover FBI agent, Flint was determined to save her life. And as her husband, good Lord willing, he was determined to share it from now on...
A Bride for Dry Creek is included in Ever After as well.
Book 4: A Rich Man for Dry Creek
Money Can't Buy Everything
Tiny Dry Creek, Montana, was the last place on earth personal chef Jenny Black would come to find a husband -- and a wealthy playboy was the last man on earth she'd find appealing. But when her employer's son caught her off guard with a kiss, Jenny didn't have a prayer of resisting him!
Fed up with jet-set gold diggers, Robert Buckwalter III was on the lookout for a faithful female who'd settle for a simple lifestyle out here in God's country. Jenny fit the bill -- and Robert was willing to trade his fat wallet for a little help from the man upstairs to win her over . . .
Book 5: A Hero for Dry Creek.
I really enjoyed this one! (And all the rest too).
Maybe Nicki Redfern was still asleep, but it looked as though a handsome prince stood outside her window. Had God Finally heard her quiet prayers to be swept away into the land of sweet, romantic love and divine faith? Only one way to find out!
While acting as chauffeur for a former Dry Creek resident, Garrett Hamilton fell hard for Nicki. The cute rancher made his heart quiver, but he felt compelled to return to his ho-hum existence. With his mission now complete, Garrett faced the struggle of his life -- could he live without Nikki Redfern or did he actually deserve true love and happily-ever-after with this special woman?
Book 6: A Baby for Dry Creek
A Love Begins.
Blushing bride Chrissy Hamilton was strong-willed, but nothing prepared her for her groom's infidelity. So she escaped to Dry Creek, where fresh air and sunshine would heal her heart, renew her faith and help her baby thrive. And when she met thoughtful rancher Reno Redfern, she devised a story to tell the folks back home.
When Reno heard the rumors that Chrissy had named him as the father of her child, he was floored — especially since they'd never dated. But, chivalrous instincts aroused, he decided to rescue this damsel in distress and complete her family. Though their relationship began in deceit, could Reno show Chrissy that his feelings for her were as true as his faith?
Book 7: A Dry Creek Christmas
A Holiday Thief? Millie Corwin had snuck into Dry Creek's cafe to leave gifts for the townspeople, not to rob them. But she'd been caught. And now that she was in the custody of one infuriatingly good-looking Samaritan, the entire town--including her handsome captor--had branded her a criminal. Brad Parker was minding his own business when he noticed Millie sneaking into the cafe. She claimed she wasn't a robber, and he wasn't sure what to believe. Because how could a thief be so lovely to look at, and--Brad soon learned--lovely on the inside, too? One thing was certain. Robber or not, this stranger seemed to be stealing his love-resistant heart.
Book 8: Sugar Plums for Dry Creek
A New Bakery for Dry Creek?
Ballet teacher Lizette Baker's last name had never caused so much confusion! The townspeople thought she was opening a bakery. Instead, she opened Dry Creek's first dance studio. By putting on the Nutcracker with an all-local cast, Lizette hoped to heal the rift and create some Christmas sparkle.
A New Love for Judd Bowman?
No one needed distraction more than Judd's young cousins, whom he was raising and keeping safe from their abusive father. So if they wanted to be in the Nutcracker, Judd would see to it -- even if he had to personally guard the door! He was prepared for anything, except for the possibility of Christmas sparkle becoming Christmas love.
Book 9: At Home in Dry Creek
With two kids to raise and her ex-husband in jail, Barbara Strong moved to Dry Creek for a fresh start. She loved the town, but apparently her feelings weren't reciprocated. Didn't the folks in Dry Creek trust her?
Truth was, Sheriff Carl Wall had asked everyone to leave Barbara alone so she could heal. the sheriff had vowed to protect the pretty, vulnerable newcomer--from suitors and from any of her ex-husband's cronies who might try to contact her. But would he be able to do his job if he was in danger of losing his heart?
Book 10: A Match Made in Dry Creek
Twenty-five years ago, a fender bender tore high school sweethearts Doris June Hargrove and Curt Nelson from each others arms on the night they were planning to elope. And they hadn't spoken since. Now widowed parents want to rematch the pair—but how?
Doris June agreed to return home and help her mother put together Mother's Day baskets of pansies for the women of Dry Creek. However, she didn't agree to see or talk to Curt. It would take much more than some pansies for her to open her heart to Curt 
again. But never underestimate the power of a matchmaking mother.
Book 11: Shepherds Abiding in Dry Creek
A Home For The Holidays
That's what Marla Gossett sought when she moved to Dry Creek, Montana. She wanted a safe haven to raise her kids, far from the troubles of the past. Then an unusual theft cast suspicion on her family...and brought Deputy Sheriff Les Wilkerson into the struggling widow's life.
In Marla's young son, Les saw a lonely child in need of a guiding hand. In the plucky single mother, he saw a woman he could love. But a crisis threatened to destroy Marla's fragile trust. Unless the deputy could convince her that her family had a special place in the community...and in this bachelor's heart.
Book 12: Dry Creek Sweethearts
Back From The Big Time. She could scarcely believe her eyes. An enormous tour bus had arrived in Dry Creek, and from it stepped hometown hero Duane Enger, now a music celebrity. Linda Morgan, owner of the local cafe had thought her ex-boyfriend had become too famous for the small-town life she loved. But something had pulled Duane back. Maybe he missed a slower, easier life. Maybe he sought to regain his faith. Or maybe it was the girl he'd left behind. Whatever it was, Duane was now finding life in Dry Creek--and Linda--just as intriguing as life in the fast lane.
Book 13: A Dry Creek Courtship
Charley Nelson wants a change. He wants more than just breakfast and banter with longtime friend Edith Hargrove. Charley wants, well… he wants romance. Somehow, Mrs. Hargrove has gotten under his skin and into his heart. But the no-nonsense widow misunderstands when he confesses he'd like to settle down. How can he convince a woman set in her ways that change is good—especially if it means a future with him?
Book 14:Snowbound in Dry Creek
Rodeo champion Zach "Lightning" Lucas grumpily agrees to a Christmas Eve deal: put on a Santa suit and deliver gifts to a widowed mother. That done, he can finally leave Dry Creek, Montana, in his dust. Well, except for the small stowaway in his truck: Jenny Collin’s grief-stricken little daughter. Like Zach, the girl doesn't believe in much of anything anymore. He brings her home just in time for a blizzard to strand him in lovely Jenny's barn. Where he unexpectedly helps a family—and himself—find the meaning of Christmas.
**This book was originally published as a Harlequin with the title Stranded with Santa.
Book 15: Small-Town Brides: A Dry Creek Wedding
When her neighbor proposes a "practical" marriage, romantic Rene Mitchell throws the ring in his face. Fleeing Texas for Montana, Rene rides with trucker Clay Preston. Clay doesn't believe in romance…until Rene changes his mind!
A Mule Hollow Match by Debra Clopton
Trace Crawford broke Paisley Norton's cousin's heart—so Paisley thinks he deserves whatever trouble he gets! Yet Trace really is lost when it comes to caring for his new niece. Paisley's got a soft heart for children…and for adorably clueless cowboys, too.
Book 16: Silent Night in Dry Creek
For private investigator Wade Sutton, the town holds too many memories—none of them fond— of his childhood. Yet he can't say no when the sheriff asks him to secretly watch over a woman who might be in danger. "Helping" lovely Jasmine Hunter with the church's Christmas celebration does more for his bruised heart than he wants to admit. As does being back on his family's farm. But he can't stay in Dry Creek. Unless…Jasmine gives him a reason to call it home again.
Book 17:Wife Wanted in Dry Creek
Thanks to his uncle posting a prayer request in the church bulletin, all of Dry Creek, Montana, thinks Conrad Nelson wants a wife. A busy mechanic, Conrad is doing just fine on his own. But then the very woman he described as the perfect wife drives into his life. Katrina Britton is in town only temporarily to care for her young nephews—and the worry in her pretty green eyes has him keeping his distance. Until even Dry Creek's confirmed bachelor realizes they're each others answered prayers.
Book 18: Small-Town Moms: A Dry Creek Family
Maegan Shay is on a mission—to meet her long-lost niece, Lilly, in Dry Creek, Montana. When Maegan discovers she and Lilly share a special trait, the two grow close. Now the girl's handsome guardian, Clint Parker, fears he can't be what Lilly needs. Unless Maegan can show him what faith and family are all about.
A Mother for Mule Hollow by Debra Clopton
Widowed mother Olivia Dancer arrives in Mule Hollow, Texas, to check on her nephew—and his single father. But gorgeous rancher Gabe McKennon isn't exactly welcoming, for reasons that break and touch Olivia's heart. Until they're both won over by the town matchmakers and a little boy who just wants a mama.
Return to Dry Creek
Book 19: Sleigh Bells for Dry Creek
Return to Dry Creek Series Book 1
Dry Creek is one of my favorite places to visit, in Janet's books of course. The small Montana town is usually full of friendly people. Linda at the Cafe, Charlie and Edith Nelson, although most folks still think of Edith as Mrs. Hargrove and all the others we have met in the previous eighteen books. Sadly they are not so friendly when the Stone's return to town. Gracie Stone has just been released from nine years in prison after she confessed to murdering her husband, Buck Stone. She has asked her three sons to return as well. The younger two; Tyler & Jake did not return. Wade Stone had been with the rodeo. He left home after his mom's conviction at age seventeen and not looked back. He can't wait to leave town again. All their dirty laundry had been hung out in the courts during Ma's trial, about their abusive and drunken father.

Amy Mitchell is fed up. Shawn Garrett was at her home telling her Aunt Tilly how he knows Amy will marry him because Wade was injured and still did not come back to Dry Creek. She is furious that the two of them were talking about her and that Shawn may tell people how she was waiting for Wade. She had put her life and heart on hold for nine years for a man who has never looked back or returned for her. She has spent the last nine years taking care of her Grandfather and Aunt Tilly. And then, there they were; Grace & Wade. Amy agrees to work for Gracie to get her house back in order, as she tries to protect her heart from leaping back to Wade.

This book is so full of emotions. Gracie who is being strong and facing old friends and neighbors who believe her a murderer, but she has a faith she did not have before prison. Wade is looked down upon for being Gracie's son and other revelations that come up. Amy is torn between her family needing her and wanting to be with the Stone's. Meanwhile, Wade begins to learn about this new faith that has changed his mother's life as well.
Book 20: Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek
Return to Dry Creek Series Book 2
Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad
When Cathy Barker and her daughter, Lara, show up in Las Vegas, Nevada it causes the handsome gambler Jake Stone to go speechless. Cat is hoping that Jake is ready for some responsibility, like accepting his daughter and raising her in case she can't. She assumes that Jake knows about Lara as he has been sending her money over the years. He had asked her to marry him five years ago without knowing she carried his child, but there was never the mention of love...only doing his duty to protect her. 

Jake can't believe his Cat is here in person or that he is a father. After growing up with an alcoholic and abusive father, Jake has known he could never trust himself to marry. He had money though and  he would give his little girl anything she needed. Just not himself.

After they travel to Dry Creek for Wade and Amy's wedding, Cat sees that without any faith Jake is as unhealthy as she is. Can a trip to the town of Dry Creek bring healing to all their hearts?

Definitely a Kleenex book. The tears started rolling down within the first few chapters, in a good way of course. Janet has done it again and brought the people of this small town to life with their caring and love as another prodigal son finds his way home. She also brings their emotions to life, whether it's fear of the past or future, love, joy and even feeling the struggle of man wanting to do things on his own...without God. This is book 20 in the Dry Creek contemporary series and book 2 of the Return to Dry Creek Series, also a part of the Dry Creek family but about the three Stone brothers who have returned to Dry Creek after their mother was released from prison. Of course the third brother has not yet returned but I have a hunch we'll meet him in book 3: Wildflower Bride in Dry Creek but that is only this reviewers guess, I could be wrong.
Book 21: Wildflower Bride in Dry Creek
Return to Dry Creek Series Book 3
Tyler Stone has returned to Dry Creek for the first time since he was twelve. He wasn’t here to revisit the past though, he was here to retrieve his bosses daughter, Angeline. Working for Brighton Security before entering the Military, he was often Angeline’s keeper. Not an easy job to watch over such a beautiful woman and know she could never be yours.
Tyler is surprised that more awaits him in Dry Creek than just the lovely heiress.

Angeline Brighton had to find a way for closure. She had to put Tyler to rest so she could move on with her life. She had come to Dry Creek to do just that and to get away from her dad's plans of marrying her off to his lawyer. The town was so opposite of Boston but she loved the people and her job as a cook. Just when she was ready to face closure….Tyler shows up and changes everything.

Janet has done it again. Love, humor and our friends in Dry Creek help the story and the town come alive once again. Mrs Hargrove, the cafe and cowboys welcome us back to Dry Creek. And you may want to keep tissues around if you are one to get emotionally into a story as well. Be sure and read Sleigh Bells for Dry Creek- Wade Stone’s story and than Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek to read Jake Stone’s tale. 
Book 22: Second Chance in Dry Creek
Return to Dry Creek Series Book 4
Gracie Stone has all three of her sons back on the family ranch in Dry Creek and they are all happily married. Now they think that mom should find a good man and give marriage a second chance. After the way her late husband abused her--Gracie isn’t so sure she likes the idea of marriage, of ever trusting another man that way. All thoughts of marriage are interrupted when she suddenly has a late night visitor on her doorstep and a young child who needs her.

Calen Gray is foreman at Elkton Ranch and has always held a flame for Gracie. Only Buck Stone had asked her out before he got up the nerve. And after the way Buck treated Gracie after they married, Calen believed he had failed her by not helping her while married and not doing more to defend her after the murder. And now they are suddenly thrown together and he couldn’t be happier. Will he have the courage to tell this beautiful woman what’s been in his heart all these years or will his silence keep them apart?

Welcome to Janet’s small town of Dry Creek. Where not much gets past Edith Hargrove or the other folks in this town. Where faith, food, fun and romance abound but the road is usually a bit bumpy on the way to the happy ending. I always enjoy my time in Dry Creek and look forward to the next visit.
**Received through NetGalley for review

Book 23: White Christmas in Dry Creek
Book 5: Return to Dry Creek
Renee Gray had returned to Dry Creek in the previous book, Second Chance in Dry Creek, when she came battered and bleeding to find her father, Colen Gray who worked at the Elkton Ranch. She had enough of being on the run with her outlaw of a husband. Now her ex is in prison and she's content cooking for the hands at the Ranch. And her young daughter Tessie can be at her side.

Rusty Calhoun had stayed away from Dry Creek. He left at eighteen to join the army and never returned, until now. His father had kept him away, but now that he was dead, Rusty is responsible for his younger brother Eric. Unfortunately his brother is in deep trouble and the beautiful Renee already has 'guilty' stamped on Rusty's head as well. Her young daughter, on the other hand, is sure he's a prince who can rescue her.

Once again the reader is drawn into the small town of Dry Creek and it's friendly people. Mrs. Hargrove is always there with a welcoming smile and loving hug for the prodigals who are returning. This time around there are dangerous cattle rustlers stealing the peace and good will around the Christmas season along with the cattle.
Dry Creek Historical's
Book 1: Calico Christmas in Dry Creek
The Montana territory was supposed to be the land of dreams for Elizabeth O'Brian. But when influenza claims her husband and baby, Elizabeth doesn't know if she can go on. Then a stranger approaches her with a plea she can't ignore.
Jake Hargrove is desperate. His brother's death left him in charge of his two part-Sioux nieces--one an infant. Jake knows the baby can't survive the harsh western winter without a wet nurse. A marriage of convenience with this grieving mother seems to be the only answer. Fighting for the acceptance of their charges gives Jake and Elizabeth new purpose. With the Christmas season approaching, dare they hope that they also could receive the gift of love?
Book 2: Mistletoe Courtship: Christmas Bells for Dry Creek
The holiday season brings quite a surprise for Virginia Parker. Her former boss, Colter Wells, is back in Dry Creek—with a newly discovered daughter who needs some female guidance. But can one motherless little girl—and the two adults bonded to her and to each other—make up a perfect family?
The Christmas Secret by Sara Mitchell
Clara Penrose's bluestocking ways have branded her a spinster among Virginia's elite. Yet a reunion with Dr. Ethan Harcourt rekindles feelings Clara thought long lost. Her second chance finally here, Clara needs only to catch the good doctor under the mistletoe!
Mail-Order Bride Series with Jillian Hart
Boxed Set
Mail-Order Christmas Brides: Jillian Hart & Janet Tronstad
Christmas Stars for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad
What a wonderful historical trip back to Dry Creek, Montana. Eleanor McBride has decided to marry now that her father passed away. Her previous employer, Mrs. Stout, helped her with answering an ad for a Mail-Order bride. She was met at the trains station by the neighbors and after twelve days alone in a poorly stocked cabin with very little furniture her future groom and daughter finally show up, with the future mother-in-law in tow.

Sergeant Adam Martin has finished his duties with the army and now it's time to take over raising his daughter. After a fire where his wife died and Hannah was injured, his mother took over rearing the girl. Now Hannah needs a woman who will teach her the ways from back East so she would be ready when it was time for parties and balls. Problem is Eleanor ends up not being who Mrs. Martin expected her to be and now she wants her gone. Can Adam decides he likes the fiery haired Irish gal but is Eleanor willing to split up a family for her own happiness?

We get to meet new friends and old ones like Jake & Elizabeth Hargrove and their children from Janet's first Dry Creek historical; Calico Christmas in Dry Creek. Be sure to have a nice warm drink while these folks fight the frigid Montana temperatures...
**Review for Jillian's story, Her Christmas Family:

Mail-Order Holiday Brides
Home for Christmas by Jillian Hart
Christina Eberlee is alone in the world and barley getting by. Being accepted by Tom Rutger as a mail-order bride is an answer to her prayers. Or is it? Not when every man, including Tom, is measured by the kindness of the handsome marshal she met on her way to Angel Falls, Montana. Christina’s adventure includes meeting Annabelle, another mail-order bride who is headed for Dry Creek, Montana and Marshal Elijah Gable, a man who comes to her rescue more than once. Not to forget getting injured when a young ruffian steals her reticule.

Elijah had never thought he’d have a second chance at love, and maybe he don’t. How can he tell his heart that this gal is already spoken for?

This was a heartwarming story that reminded me how these young woman who ventured off to marry men they never met….never knew what type of man was waiting at the end of their travels.

Be sure and check out Jillian’s other historical books that take place in the quaint town of Angel Falls, Montana.

Snowflakes for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad
Annabelle Hester finally had some hope in her life. She lost her mom at a young age and her dad had a bit of a temper and he was a big man. After he passed away and she was left with very little she decided to become a mail-order bride. Adam Stone had proposed and accepted her even with her weaknesses. Or so she thought. Instead of Adam she was met by his brother, Gabe. A big man, even bigger than her father. In her mind that equaled cruelty and caused her fear.

Gabe quickly fell in love with his niece and nephew. His brother on the other hand was acting like a horses behind. The day his brother’s soon-to-be bride came to town….Adam left town. Gabe quickly finds himself having to explain to the woman that his brother didn’t want her and fight off a local busybody who believes the children would be better off in any home but his.

Another great addition to Janet’s Dry Creek Series. She brings in some old friends from some of her other Dry Creek historical books. A really enjoyable story that also gives a glimpse into how it must have felt to step off a train into a new place to marry someone you never met, and pray that they turn out to be kind and eventually someone who will love you.

This is the second time that Janet and Jillian have come together to bring us a Christmas story from their historical towns. If you haven’t read it you may want to read their first book; Mail-Order Christmas Brides. I have read every book these two ladies have written and enjoyed them all.
Mail-Order Mistletoe Brides
Christmas Hearts by Jillian Hart
When Cole Matheson agreed to marry a mail-order bride, it was for the sake of his thirteen year old daughter who needed a mother. And he was looking forward to raising her son as his own. Instead of a hardened world weary widow, Mercy Jacobs was kind and beautiful. Not what he was looking for in a bride. So now what does he do?

Mistletoe Kiss in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad
Noah Miller's ranch hands sent out an ad for a mail-order wife, for him! They wanted someone who would cook for them and figured if she was married to Noah, she'd have to stay. Noah had been through one marriage and he wasn't good enough to keep her around. Not only that, he expected an older widow, not the beautiful Irish beauty that showed up. Maeve Flanagan has a secret though, one that might keep Noah from marrying her.

It was such fun visiting Angel Falls with Jillian and Dry Creek with Janet. Both stories were heartwarming and brought a few tears to my eyes as well. To think that women really took a chance of crossing hundreds to thousands of miles to marry someone they never met and the men on the other end took their chances as well. Another enjoyable holiday book by these two wonderful authors.
Stand Alone Book
Going to the Chapel- Steeple Hill
Her rich, spoiled, about-to-be-married cousin always loved making Julie White feel inferior. So to impress Cousin Elaine, Julie lets her think she's landed her dream job—as a wedding planner.

But when Elaine's real wedding planner runs off with all her money, she begs Julie to save her big day, forcing her to organize a huge, splashy wedding at the chapel where she actually works. Hopefully, the bride, the groom and two hundred assorted guests somehow won't notice that it's really a funeral chapel…

Sisterhood Series
Book 1: The Sisterhood of Dropped Stitches
My three friends and I met as teens living with cancer and started The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches knitting group. Five cancer-free years later, we were still meeting weekly. To celebrate, we each set a goal for the year. Lizbett dreamed of being a dancer, Becca needed an internship, Carly wanted her first pet and I, Marilee Davidson, challenged myself to go on three dates.
That was easier said than done. I hadn't let any man get close to me since my diagnosis. But with the help of my friends, I put myself out there...and learned that sometimes love can be found in the most unexpected of places.
Book 2: A Dropped Stitches Christmas
My Yuletide Resolution: Stop Living a Lie
With Christmas coming, I, Carly Winston, know it's time to make changes in my life. I've spent way too much time hiding my family's past--and letting opportunities pass me by. Not even my boyfriend, Randy, or my friends in The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches know about my secret shame. I'm hoping my new role as Mary in the local nativity play will build my confidence and help me to open up to those I care about. My evolving 
relationship with Randy--and my future--are riding on my ability to share my heart.
Book 3: A Heart for Dropped Stitches
I've met Mr. Could-Be-Right-If-I-Understood-Him. What do I, future lawyer Becca Snyder, have in common with Mark Russo? The man gave up big bucks and the finer things in life to run a shelter for homeless teens. Thing is, I can't stop thinking about Mark and those needy kids.
How much a smile means to them. And how meaningless my own plans suddenly seem. My friends in the Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches are thrilled with the new and more giving me. But will Mark see that I've changed for the better and open his heart to me?
Book 4: A Dropped Stitches Wedding
My almost sister-in-law thought I, Lizabett McDonald, would be the first of the Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches to marry? True, I've confided to my friends that I've had a crush on Rick Keifer since childhood. But will he ever see me as more than his best friend's kid sister? The Sisterhood wants to give me a beauty makeover to catch his eye. I've been preoccupied with a spiritual makeover, and with starting my own wedding-planning business—no time for romance. Yet with Rick as best man, maybe as I give Marilee her dream wedding, my own dreams will also come true!
Multi-Author Series
Alaskan Brides Series: Book 3 - Doctor Right
Treasure Creek, Alaska, has only one pediatrician: the very handsome, very eligible Dr. Alex Haven. But the former big-city doc is counting the weeks till his contract with the tiny town is up. All so he can return to Los Angeles to start a clinic in his brother's honor. Nurse Maryann Jenner is determined to keep Alex in Alaska by finding him a bride and giving him a new reason to stay. But when a little boy's life—and Maryann's hope—is jeopardized, Alex may find his own reason to stay forever.


  1. Thanks so much for posting all of the books in Janet Tronstad's series! I love her books, and have many of these already on my to be read stack of books.

  2. Your welcome. I have enjoyed every one of them and look forward to the new releases as well.

  3. This is an awesome list! Thanks so much for taking the time to list all the review also! I just this month discovered Janet Tronstad! So excited! Rachel

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  5. I love Janet's Dry Creek series... I began reading them after I joined Reader Services, and after I had purchased the 4 newest ones, I saw a copy of the whole series... I knew I couldn't get the older ones from Reader Serv., so I bought a Kindle and started downloading them from the first. Now I have 3 more to go and I will have all the whole series... including the Historical :Calico Christmas in Dry Creek", which is a prelude to the modern ones...beginning with Jake Hargrove...ancestor of the Hargrove family who are prominent in every book. I have loved every one of them.
    Thank you, Janet for sharing your wonderful talent with us all.
    Dot Yates

  6. I have read a few of your books and have loved them. I didn't know you had that Sisterhood series that sounds really good. I am going to have to check those out. Not sure if I missed something but do you have a series in Alaska or you are writing a series about Alaska? For some reason I love reading about stories that take place in Alaska.

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