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In for a Penny Series
Book 1: The Haunting of Sycamore House

Penelope “Penny” Roberts and Pandora “Dora” Roberts are sisters who had lived with their grandmother in Pennsylvania. Their mom had left when they were young, and their dad was in jail. After Dora was in a serious car accident along with her boyfriend, they broke up. Because of a hearing issue caused by the accident, Dora ends up at a college in Little Hills, Missouri. Penny, who always took care of Dora, moved with her.

The quiet-sounding little town isn’t quite like that. Penny ends up working at a café that is haunted, along with the house nearby. It ends up the café was the carriage house of Sycamore House. Penny is drawn to a house for rent. Once they move in there, she starts having realistic dreams of a girl from centuries ago. Penny has some “abilities” as she does tarot readings. She’d given them up after not foreseeing Dora’s accident.

I enjoyed this story. I was pulled in from the beginning and kept up at a page-turning pace. I’ve enjoyed all of Cathy Peper’s books. Her time-travel series is excellent.

Book 2: The Lady in Red

Penelope “Penny” and her sister, Pandora “Dora” Roberts, had quite an adventure recently. A ghost that was haunting Penny’s dreams had also invaded Dora’s body and was doing bad things. After that, Penny decided not to help her friend Ben, who was medium. Only, she just has to help him along with her boss, Gage, and Ben’s longtime friend, Juniper.

This adventure lands them on a showboat with more than one ghost. The flirty ghost who blew in Ben’s ear wasn’t so bad, but there were more ghosts and at least one very angry one.

Unfortunately, a very bad man pushes his way into the situation with threats. A page-turning adventure with a subtle hint of romance. I’m already looking forward to the next book the minute I finish one.

Book 3: The Wheel of Misfortune

Penelope “Penny” and her sister, Pandora “Dora” live in Little Hills. Dora had an accident that caused her to be hearing impaired, so Penny went with her when Dora began college. Since moving to the town, Penny has experienced dreams and other paranormal experiences. Sure, she reads tarot cards, but this is all new. Ghosts.

She works at a café for a handsome man named Gage, and she had been dating a medium named Ben. Gage also has experience in the paranormal world, so they have worked together on several cases.

This time, Penny went with Dora, her friend Julie, and Julie’s mother, Alice, to Faust Park. After riding a carousel, things happened. So off on another paranormal mystery, she goes whether she wants to or not. A unique, page-turning series.

Book 4: The Lost Cave

Penny and Dora Sparks get quite a surprise when they visit their dad in prison for Father’s Day—he’s being released within a week. A bigger, and maybe not exactly a welcome surprise, is he’s moving in with them. Penny loves her father, but she can’t forget the past. The life he lived. Has he changed?

When he suggests a family camping trip to bond, Penny gives in. But her father wants Ben with them. That’s not sitting well with Gage since she used to date Ben and is now dating Gage, so he comes along.

Seems that dear old dad has more up his sleeve than just a family trip. Another page-turning adventure for this gang. Exciting series that keeps me coming back and waiting anxiously for the next book.

Blue Crystal Time Travel Series
Book 1: Time Shattering
Victoria “Tori” Foster is having a bad day. A very bad day that turns into two bad days. After she's almost run off the road...she lands in the river. When she's rescued...things are not the same. Not at all.

Sebastien La Roche makes his living on the river. When they find a body...that is actually a still alive woman...his life changes. Oh, he tries to leave her behind in the town where she'd been found nearby, but he gives in and takes her on the Fury with him. She's different from anyone he's ever met.

The author did a great job of showing the differences in the time era. Of what it would be like for one of us...with our electricity, cellphones, and all the modern conveniences...to suddenly not have any of that. A torch or candle is needed for light, no light switch. No fast-food restaurants. No modern conveniences. Looking forward to the next book in this series; Time Rebound.
**Sexual content
Book 2: Time Rebound
Bryce Poole had done it. He'd made it to the twenty-first century with the necklace he took from Tori. He didn't think it would really work, but here he was in a strange, new world.

Arianne “Ari” La Roche aka Anne Rush had been living in the future for four years. She had Hannah, her daughter, to keep her company but she still felt lonely. Her friend Tori had disappeared after Ari gave her the necklace that had brought her to this century. And most likely sent Tori back. All these conveniences were great, but at times Ari missed the simpler times. And her brother.

The author writes in such a way that I can almost feel how these characters do. The strange world around them when they come from the past to the present. And from the present to the past. Seeing the same towns two centuries later. I love this series!
**Sexual content
Book 3: Stowaway in Time
Diamond Merrell had been following Bob Rivers and Anne Rush. She just knows there's some story they're hiding. When she gets too close...she wakes up in a different world. What seems to be a Civil War re-enactment...turns out to be the real thing. And all she wants to do is find a way back home.

Jesse Weber would've died or been captured by the Union Army...and maybe still died, if not for his bossy angel that appeared from nowhere. A woman dressed like a man. She had odd ways, but she saved his life. And now he'll help her find a way back home.

When she finds out that Bob Rivers is Bryce Poole, it's easy to find him in St. Louis. The man she irritated at every meeting in the twenty-first century was her only chance in her new reality in the nineteenth century. I love these books. Cathy Peper adds enough history on the trips back in time, that it just pulls me in. It also shows that it's not always best to know the future.

**Sensual content
Book 4: Meet Me in Time

Hannah Poole spent her first five years in the twentieth-first century before she ended up back in the nineteenth century with mom and dad. She wants to return there. Even though she was young, she remembers the modern conveniences; TV, freedom women have, and such comfortable clothes.

 Troy Fischer is going to be a star. He's working his way to Broadway and will hit it big. He loves the ladies...and they love him...but, because of his parents' marriage, he's decided to stay single. Several things happening in his life suddenly have him taking a good look at himself.

 Hannah hadn't realized she'd brought a problem along with her when she time-traveled. A problem that needed to go back and stay in 1829. I've enjoyed all the books in this series. The reader can first meet Hannah's parents in the first two books. Their story...and the beginning of hers...is in the second book, Time Rebound.

**Sexual content

Stand-Alone Books
The Seventh Season
Lady Miranda Blake is in her seventh Season. Oh, it's not for lack of proposals the previous six, not at all. Miranda has one man in mind to marry. She just needs him to come up to scratch and do it.

American Derek Lang isn't very fond of England or all their rules. He has two reasons to be here though; business and clearing his grandfather's name. Why not enjoy himself while he's at it? And he's found the perfect lady to make England more bearable.

I really enjoyed this book. It pulled me in from the beginning and kept a good flow until the end. There is some suspense in the book that gives it some twists and turns. This is a standalone book.
**Received from author for an honest review
Peyton and the Paragon
Peyton Worthing, Lord Ives, is a rake and quite content being one. His mother, on the other hand, thinks he needs a wife. Being the only son and heir to the earldom, his mother has a house party each summer to bring possible wife choices to him. So far, she hasn't presented a lady that could tempt him away from his way of life.

Isabel Bentham is an heiress. She is also an orphan. Her cousin Rose, whom she has lived with since the death of her parents, is like a sister. Still, she misses Cornwall and the sea. London stifles her. The invitation to the house party in the country, and near a sea, is more exciting to her than the sought-after bachelor.

The secondary characters add their point of view to the story as well. Rose, unlike her cousin, has not known the aristocrat life and wouldn't have if not for Isabel. Clay, Peyton's best friend, has been wounded in war and is recovering. He also joins the house party. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to more from this author.

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