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Nicky Arden

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Badges on Ice Series

Book 1: Nailing It

Detective Jake Evans has choked at the Badges on Ice playoffs two years in a row. Had the perfect opening…and froze. No matter what excuse he used, his friends Ryan and Nate insisted he gives a performance coach a chance. Nate had already worked it out with her.

Sophia Lang had a lousy childhood. But, she overcame that and has become a professional performance coach. Sophia had rich and famous clients vouching for her success. And yet, here she was doing a pro bono for her friend Nate.

Ends up Sophia needed Jake too. When she starts getting emails that are beyond creepy, and then even more personal notes…she has to face it—she has a stalker. Enjoyable story.

**Sexual content and language

Book 2: Killing It

Nataniel “Nate” Vargas is a billionaire…and he’s bored. When his company thinks about buying a flagging airline in Alaska, he decides to fly down there himself to check it out. Nate doesn’t expect to find a beautiful woman there. And he sure found a cure for his boredom.

Clare Lindgren loves flying as a bush pilot. Her grandparents started the airline, and she came to live with them after her parents’ death. Neither her nor her grandma, Laurie, realized the airline was in trouble. And of course, she had no idea who Nate, in truth, is…as he was just a bush pilot she hired. Or so she thought.

Great storyline and characters. And as usual…holding back the truth, even as omission, never ends well.

**Sexual content and language

Book 3: Crushing It
Ryan Crew, Mr. June in the firefighters’ charity calendar, and the winner of the last player on the ice challenge he had with his two best friends Jake and Nate. Winning meant they fell in love, and he hasn’t. He’s not ready as there are too many hot women around to pick only one. When he finds himself with some downtime from firefighting, Jake asks him to help Sophia’s friend with some renovations. His new boss happens to be one of those hot women.

Callie Pace thought maybe she made a mistake buying this house. Great bones to fix up… if only she were the fixer-upper type. When it’s suggested she help out Jake’s friend while he’s off work, she agrees. As her house starts coming together…Callie and Ryan do too.

I enjoyed Ryan and Callie’s story, shed a few tears, but fortunately, being a romance and all, the happily-ever-after was awaiting.
**Sexual content and language
Book 4: Playing It

Noah Waddell, a Portland law enforcement officer, plays hockey with the Portland Panthers. They head off to Elm Creek, Idaho, for a week of playing the other teams. Noah and a couple of other buddies on the team are the only single guys. And they enjoy their singleness. When an issue at the hotel has Noah moved into a new room…with all the chaos, he ends up with a roommate. A beautiful woman who’d rather not have a roommate.

Emma Sanders is at yet another wedding for her family. They do weddings big, like a week-long big. And, her cousin is younger than her, so this wedding has her mother working overtime to set her up. Sadly, everyone is behind her mother and thinks that her third cousin would be perfect for her. She disagrees.

Emma is a friend of Callie from Crushing It. Noah plays against Jake, Nate, and Ryan in hockey. An excellent finish to this series.

**Sexual content


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