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Hope Moore Book List

Billionaire Cowboys of Lone Star, Texas
Book 1: Sweet Love'n Cowboy

West Buckley has had his eye on Genna since she moved to Lone Star a year ago. He’d heard she didn’t want to date, so he kept his distance. Until now. When he found out she loved goats, he finally had an opening. He had many goats of all sizes and ages.

Genna Barry is disillusioned about love. One bad apple had spoiled the whole bushel for her. Only, the handsome cowboy was always pulling her gaze to him. After helping out near the cabin she rented from the family, she found out he had goats. Not only handsome but something in common. How would she ever hold back from caring for this man? But she loved this small town and wouldn’t risk being rejected again by a man.

A sweet romance that may bring a tear or two to the eye if you are like me. Love these stories.

Book 2: Heart Love'n Cowboy

Dustin Buckley was concerned about what might have killed a couple of their cows. He thought maybe it could be a mountain lion. The bigger issue was it being so near the big house that a mom and daughter had just moved into. He had to make sure they were safe.

Sydney Ross realized her grandfather had left her this book house in Lone Star, Texas because he knew she loved it and needed it to heal. Three years ago, she lost the love of her life, but she still had Hazel, their eight-year-old daughter, to care for. She had beautiful memories of this home, and now her daughter could.

Meeting the handsome cowboy that came to Sydney’s rescue was wonderful. But, she’d had her one love and had closed off her heart for any others. Or had she? Watching her daughter take to Dustin…and him loving her daughter in return…maybe there was more room for love in her life.

Sweet series in small-town Texas.

Book 3:Love Catch'n Cowboy
Billionaire Cowboys of True Love, Texas
Book 1: Billionaire Cowboy's Runaway Bride
 Cole Tanner and his family were ranchers. Then five years ago, they hit oil on their land, and now they are billionaires... But, they are still just ranchers. The money was nice but caused more issues. Like paparazzi. Especially after Cole made the mistake of dating the wrong woman and brought more attention to the Tanners.

Tulip Jones had done it again. Yes, again. She'd run from her wedding. And worse, she found herself hurt, lost, and wandering aimlessly in a rainstorm after an accident. Thankfully, Cole found her and helped her out.

A runaway bride and a billionaire were great fodder for the tabloids...among other things going on in Cole's life. Seeing your name dragged through the mud wasn't easy for anyone. And it's definitely not something Tulip wants no matter how kind and hunky Cole is. Another start to an exciting, sweet new series.
Book 2: Billionaire Cowboy's Wedding Crasher

Levi Tanner is furious. If there is one thing he hates, it's paparats, as he and his brothers call those slimy photographers sneaking into their private lives to make money off of stolen photos. And here...at Cole's wedding...he found one. Too bad, as she's a real beauty.

 Rita Snow felt like a sleazeball taking photos of such a private moment as Cole and Tulip's wedding...but her son means more to her. She has to get money to start her own business else she might lose Toby...the one person who means the world to her.

 As always, a well-told story and great characters. And...true love can happen in these stories even if there is a money gap as wide as the Grand Canyon between the characters.

Book 3: Billionaire Cowboy's Hill Country Proposal

Bret Tanner had done well on the rodeo circuit. He may not be old, but he’s starting to feel the pain of his profession. Waking up with aches and pains that he’s too young to have. But none of those pains compared to having his heart broken some years ago.

 Ellie Seton has returned to True Love for one reason...she needed to get an interview with Bret, or she’d likely lose her job. They’ve been avoiding each other for years...and now, she was going to search him out intentionally. It was one of the most challenging things she’d ever done.

 At one time, everyone assumed Bret and Ellie would end up married. They were in love but too young. The circumstances around them were too strong, and they split up. A special event and other things come together to put them in each other’s lives for this short time. Can they at least become friends once again? I really love all of these stories. Great story-lines and characters.

Book 4: Billionaire Cowboy Auction at Christmas

Jake Tanner is the brother who enjoys life. Enjoys flirting and has no plans to marry. He did date the new veterinarian when she came to town a year ago, but she turned him down for any more after only two dates. So, he’s just avoided her since then. If she came to the ranch for one of their animals...he made sure he was nowhere near there, until now.

 Hanna Cork was attracted to Jake from the first time she saw him. But, after researching some articles online...she found he wasn’t the man she was looking for. Definitely not marriage material. Yet, that didn’t stop her heart from fluttering every time she saw his handsome face.

 And then, for some reason Hanna couldn’t fathom, she bid on Jake at the Christmas party auction so he would come to hang her Christmas decorations. Soon, both of them find they aren’t immune to the other. Both of them plan on fighting the attraction... In a town named True Love, Texas... it’s a battle they are going to lose.

Book 5: Billionaire Cowboy's Dream Come True

Dr. Austin Tanner has been avoiding weddings…or, in the case of his brothers’ weddings, he’s just avoided the garter. After three out of his four brothers fell in love with the first woman they saw after catching the garter, he wasn’t going to chance it.

Tess Piper has moved to a new town to escape her past. Some of it mourning, another part embarrassment. Meeting the handsome doctor after hurting her hand was incredible. Remembering how stupid she’d been had her feeling she wasn’t worthy of such a wonderful guy.

Austin’s brothers and their wives all had high hopes of love for him. And, maybe now he was ready but the woman who got his heart pumping in a new way didn’t seem to be in agreement. Only time would tell. A wonderful series that I believe this is the finale to.

McCoy Billionaire Brothers Series
Prequel: Her Billionaire Cowboy's One-True Love
Book 1: Her Billionaire Cowboy's Fake Marriage
Wade McCoy and his brothers just lost their grandfather, as if that wasn't shocking enough...his will floors them. J.D. McCoy left stipulations that if Wade didn't marry in three months...and stay married for three more months...he'd lose the ranch that he loved as much as his granddad had.

Allie Jordan's life has been going downhill and is showing no sign of slowing down. And then while waitressing at the truck stop, everything halted and evened out. The miracle she'd been praying for came in the form of a forlorn cowboy.

What a great story! I loved it. Definitely have tissues nearby if you cry easily. I can't wait for more books in this series.
Book 2: Her Billionaire Cowboy's Wedding Fiasco
Todd McCoy is still upset that Granddad has stipulated in his will that if he doesn't marry and stay married for at least three months, he'll lose the vineyards he's put so much of his life into. He'll do what he needs though, even if he's angry about it.

Ginny Rossi is furious. Her parents have decided to sell the vineyard...her vineyard. Rossi Rose is her life. She needs a miracle to come up with the money to buy it. But, when the miracle appears...is she ready to take it?

Allie, from the Billionaire Cowboy's Fake Marriage, is Ginny's best friend. When she hears of the bind she's in...Allie and Wade decide to help his brother and her best friend both get their problems solved. Ginny and Todd had met once...and it was explosive...and not in a good way. Loving this new series.
Book 3: Her Billionaire Cowboy's Trouble in Paradise
It's Morgan McCoy's for his granddaddy to have the last word from his grave. And Morgan is angry about it. He'd butted heads with the man who'd raised him and his two brothers after their parents' death. He loved the man, but not his overbearing ways. But...if he had to marry to save the hotel and resort end of the business...so be it.

Amber Rhodes had been working for Morgan McCoy a year now. But he didn't know her. He didn't know she was his assistant's assistant. Didn't know she was infatuated by him. Even after he saves her. And because he saved her life—she would help him save his business. She'd marry him for three months and then walk away. Much easier said than done.

Such a wonderful series! Lovable characters. The stories both make me smile and cry. And, I'm glad that I know it will all turn out well in the end. Looking forward to the stories of their cousins, because J.D.'s brother—who is still alive—has decided he wants to be around to see them married and enjoy the great-grandchildren.
Book 4: Her Billionaire Cowboy's Secret Baby Surprise
Ash McCoy has a state of the art building on McCoy land for his veterinary clinic. He never thought his grandfather would use it against him, but he had. Either he married...or else.
When Ash finds out he's a daddy, his two brothers, sister, and Ash hope that little girl will be enough to get Granddaddy off their backs...but it only makes it worse.

Holly Logan was so torn. She loved Tess as her own, but she knew that she had to tell Ash McCoy that he was a father. And hopefully, he'd step up because they needed him and his protection. Only...Holly never expected the danger he posed...to her heart.

Wonderful series. I love both the main characters and the secondary ones. Each book has me anxiously awaiting the next one.
Book 5: Her Billionaire Cowboy's Second Chance Romance
Denton McCoy is living the dream. Touring as a top country western artist...and flying home often to work on the ranch. And then two things happen and they aren't coincidence in his mind. Blaze Masterson is driving the limo for his grandfather. And, it seems his granddad has Denton in his sites to be the next one married.

Blaze Masterson had made a fool of herself as a young girl. She refuses to do that again. Her unrequited love for Denton McCoy is in the past. Sure...he's handsome and nice and makes her heart beat a bit faster...but he's not for her. Even if it would make her daddy and his granddad happy if she thought he was.

Love this series. First J.D. McCoy leaves a will saying his three grandsons must get married or lose their inheritance. Now, Talbert McCoy has decided he'd rather see his great-grandchildren while he's alive. Not to mention seeing his grandchildren happily in love.
Book 6: Her Billionaire Cowboy Fake Fiancé
Caroline McCoy's grandfather has her frustrated, angry. Almost as angry as the handsome sheriff has her. Her grandfather will take away her money until she marries. The sheriff doesn't want her because she has money. No way can she win.

Sheriff Jesse James was raised on Mike and Gladys's ranch. A home they opened to foster boys. And now they want to retire and he wants to take over. Keep it running so more boys like him will have a safe, secure home. Only, they suddenly added a stipulation. He needs a wife before he can take over.

Caroline and Jesse know they are attracted to each other...and yet, can't close the chasm that separates them. They've learned to deal with each other by sparring with words. They figure they'd end up killing each other if they give in and get married...even if for three months. But, they need each other to keep what they want. The ranch...and money to help places like the ranch. Love this story. The previous books in the series all had hints of Caroline and Jesse and it lived up to the hype. Loved it. May want some tissues hand if you cry easily.
Book 7: Her Billionaire Cowboy's Inconvenient Marriage Blessing
Beck McCoy knows his time is running out after Caroline's wedding. He's the last one for Granddaddy to come after and make some threat that will have Beck running out to find a wife. No. He'll start over and rebuild his charter service on his own. Only...Talbert McCoy is quite wiley and has a backup plan to corner Beck.

Mollie Mae Darling is alone in the world. And now, after her grandfather's passing, she finds out from his will that she may lose the only home she's known too. The ranch is in debt, and she never knew about it.

One night at a dance hall. Two people with troubles dogging them. One dance. Beck has the means to help Mollie financially. Unbeknownst to Mollie, she holds the answer to Beck's problems... How much is Beck willing to lose so that his granddaddy doesn't win?
I loved this series!
**Tissue alert
**Baby goat cuteness alert

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