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Interview with Regina Scott
When not writing, what hobbies do you enjoy?
I love trying a new recipe or starting a new sewing project. I haven’t had a lot of time to do either the last year with family needs, but I’m hoping for more free time in 2014.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Yes! And I think that’s a good sign. I hope that if a scene makes me laugh or cry, my readers will do the same.

Are you sad to end a series and leave the characters behind?
Sometimes. Some series have run their course. I know the characters are settled and happy, and a new series is beckoning. But sometimes it’s hard to leave them behind, particularly if there’s a secondary character who didn’t quite meet his match. That was the case with the Everard Legacy series. I’d like to go back and marry off Jamie, the boy who was the friend of the Everard family and thought he was in love with Samantha Everard. Maybe someday! And I’ve had several readers comment that they’d like to see a story for Peter Quimby, the valet from The Wife Campaign, who attempted to engineer his master’s love life.

Do you read the same types of books you write?
Yes, but not when I’m writing them. I adore traditional Regency romances. I’m so glad to see more authors attempting them. Unfortunately, I can’t read Regency-set romances while I’m writing them, as characters have a bad tendency to bleed over from one to the other. So, I read nonfiction while I’m writing fiction, and fiction while I’m researching and doing more nonfiction tasks in preparation for writing.

What is your go-to snack?

Popcorn, with lots of margarine and salt. I have a hot-air popper, and I grab microwave versions for a quick fix. My husband and I try to have one movie waiting each weekend to watch together, two if we’re lucky, and I make us big bowls of popcorn to munch on while we snuggle on the couch. Bliss!
The Regent’s Devices Series (with Shelley Adina)
Book 1: The Emperor's Aeronaut
Loveday Penhale may be a lady, but she prefers tinkering at Trevithick Steam Works more than looking at the newest fashion. She has the mind of an engineer, not a giggling lady of the ton.
Captain Arthur Trevelyan lives on the property next to Loveday’s. He’s always felt sorry for her father, having to find a man for his odd daughter one day. But, as he gets to know her a bit, he realizes she’s more than he thought. Especially after the two of them rescue a young lady off their Cornish beach.
Celeste Blanchard’s parents were well appreciated. Her mother is head of the Emperor’s air ministry. Until now. Celeste has decided to take a trip in a balloon to try and save her mother…and herself.
Emory Thorndyke has been trying to find a way to save his father’s mine. After the men died from the deadly gas, they had to close them. He’s unsure about Loveday, as his three sisters would never hang out at the steam works. However, he’s intrigued with Celeste.
I loved this story and will be on pins and needles waiting for the next book to see what happens as the story continues. There are some unique characters that I won’t give away.
Book 2: The Prince's Pilot

Loveday Penhale and Celeste Blanchard are ready to hit the skies with their new air ship. They want to win the Prince’s prize. However, when her father suggests they ask Arthur Trevelyan and Emory Thorndyke to go along to help document everything, Loveday and Celeste aren’t too happy. It’s not that they don’t like the gentlemen, as they each like one very well. No, it’s just the part of a man’s word carrying more weight.

So off they go into the sky. But Arthur has other ideas, the soldier in him wants to see what’s going on below, and they get too close to France. Too close.

What a page-turning adventure as Celeste ends up where she never expected, France. They have to work to fix the air ship and get out of the enemy’s territory. But, it’s not quite that easy. Another exciting book in this series.

Book 3: The Lady's Triumph

Frontier Matches Series
Book 1: The Perfect Mail-Order Bride

Thomas “Scout” Rankin has made a good life in Seattle. But, he chose not to be like his father. Now, he wanted a family of his own, and his friend Beth had talked him into a mail-order bride. The Wallins were like family to him, but to have his own family would be a dream come true.

Ada Williamson had grown up knowing her parents didn’t want her. After all, they had her perfect sister. Melinda was beautiful, talented, and very selfish. It was only the two of them now, and the only life they could have would be if Melinda married.

Ada arrives in Seattle to give Thomas news about her sister, only everything goes wrong, and she keeps the information to herself. But, of course, secrets never stay buried forever. I enjoyed Regina’s Frontier Brides series, and this series continues from that. Loved the characters…new and old…in this book.

Book 2: Her Frontier Sweethearts

Fortune's Brides: The Wedding Vow Series
Book 1: Never Pursue a Prince

Lady Larissa Dryden, daughter of the Duke of Wey, has promised her two younger sisters, Callie and Belle, and her best friend, Petunia “Tuny” Bateman, that they all agree to find men to marry this Season. So naturally, Larissa will do her best to try and find men for the others, as she’s always put her sisters first. But, of course, she doesn’t expect to find a match herself… Will the ingrained training of her late mother and grandmother keep her from a man that wouldn’t meet their standards?

Crown Prince Otto Leopold Augustus “Leo” was doing what he often did when he met the beautiful young woman in the hallway…pretending to be his twin brother, Frederick. They had been removed from their homeland and are fighting to regain it. Leaving Italy, they now hope to find help with England’s king.

If you haven’t read Fortune’s Brides, I highly suggest that series. Not only is it a great series, but these books are connected. Meredith and Fortune, the cat, join these characters; three of them are daughters from a match Meredith made, as they search for happiness and to help this royal family gain back their homeland.

Book 2: Never Court a Count

Captain Frederick “Fritz” Archambault, Count Montalban, is Leo’s twin brother. Fritz’s job as Captain of the Imperial Guard is to protect his brother and father…the king and the crown prince of Batavaria. Ever since his father gave him a title as a count, it seems these young English ladies were always after his attention, which brought him to the place of hiding with Callie.

Lady Calantha “Callie” Dryden hated large gatherings. She was an observer, a listener, which brought her behind the palms at this particular ball when she heard two men talking about conspiring against Leo and Fritz. And, then in a situation her father misinterpreted.

Callie has always been overlooked, invisible, and now that talent has Fritz wanting her to help him identify the men she overheard. How can she refuse his outrageous suggestion when it means helping Fritz, Leo, and their country?

Another excellent story in this series. I’m looking forward to book three already.

Book 3: Never Romance a Rogue

Lady Abelona “Belle” Dryden is determined to help keep the promise she made with her two sisters and best friend. To all be married by harvest. Her sisters are both betrothed, so now it’s Tuny’s turn. Belle plans a house party but only invites two bachelors…for her friend. Owen Canady and arriving later will be Lord Ashforde. Only Belle may be trying to push too hard.

Owen Canady has one thing in life. His best friend, Jasper. Who also happens to be his horse and his way to any income. Jasper can beat any horse in a race. Only now, he has been blackmailed—get secrets from the Duke of Wey, or he’ll lose Jasper. Which is why he finagled his way into this house party and pretended he wanted to court Petunia Bateman or Lady Belle.

There is an ongoing backstory in each book of Prince Leo and his twin brother, Fritz, fighting to regain their country. Batavarian has been given to a larger country, so they have been royalty without a kingdom for a decade.

I always look forward to the next page-turning book in this series.


Grace-By-The-Sea Series
Book 1: The Matchmaker's Rogue
Jesslyn Chance is the spa hostess in the small village of Grace-by-the-Sea. The spa, with its healing waters, helps the whole village. Jesslyn family had started it a hundred years ago, a man in the family always a physician. Until her dad passed a year ago, and she continues as hostess. But life is changing and a new future looms ahead.

Larkin Denby has returned to the small village he hasn't been in for eight years. As a Running Officer, his superior has sent him here to find the Lord of the Smugglers. It's bad enough they smuggle items in from their enemy...France...and don't pay the taxes, but England's secrets are being passed along as well. And he must keep his true reason for being there a secret.

Jessyln had fallen for Larkin as a young woman. She won't make that mistake again. Where she's content in her small village...he's an adventurer. I'm so excited for the next book in this series already...and the cetera. Great characters and story.
Book 2: The Heiress's Convenient Husband
James Howland, is the magistrate in Grace-by-the-Sea. He loves the town and the people. He hates that his cousin, the earl, rules over him. Making sure that James does his bidding. But they have bigger worries right now. Smugglers and the French.

Eva Faraday had a great life until her father's death six months ago. He didn't realize the man he trusted Eva's care to would try to manipulate her and steal her fortune. She was going to stand strong. She only had to wait ten months and then she'd be free of him. Unless a different plan worked out.

A unique little coastal town with unique people. Great secondary characters. Definitely, romance but more is happening with the town. Concern about the French invading. Mysterious lights at Castle How. And the new physician. I love Aunt Maudlyn who goes on about the fairies, trolls, and those awful mermaids. Great series.
Book 3: The Artist's Healer
Abigail Archer had to become independent. Taking care of herself and her mother had landed on her shoulders. And she'd done well. Her shop in Grace-by-the-Sea not only supports the two of them, but she sells her neighbors crafts and helps them make money.
She doesn't need a man...especially not the doctor who took her friend's job away.

Doctor Linus Bennett is a widower with a nine-year-old son. Marriage had left a bad taste in his mouth...and fear in his heart, after almost losing his son...more fear. But he needed the position of the spa physician.

Excellent story and characters. Linus has to let go of his past and start healing. Abigail also viewed all men from her past, and she had to realize they weren't all bad.
Book 4: The Governess's Earl

Drake, Earl of Howland, has made Grace-by-the-Sea his home. His father left the family in a poor state. His mother wasn’t pleased, feeling her station far above this beautiful village. A new earl and widowed, Drake felt not only the weight of his finances but the care of his precious nine-year-old daughter, Miranda.

 Rosemary Denby was determined to get the job as governess for Lady Miranda. And she did accomplish her mission. Soon, she found a girl of her own heart. A young girl that she could teach that the world was hers to do anything she wanted. Even teaching her how to hunt for fossils as her uncle had done for her. She didn’t expect the earl to be such a wonderful man.

 Excellent series with heartwarming secondary characters. Maudie Tully and her tales of mermaids and trolls always brings a smile to my face. The unique spa guests and those whose stories have already been told. A series worth taking the time to read from book one.

Book 6: The Lady's Second Chance Suitor

Viscount Robert “Rob” Peverell family had a summer home in Grace-By-The-Sea called the Lodge. They didn’t go there often. Seven years ago, Rob had gone there with his father and brother; boredom quickly overcame him. He met some local boys, and one day he’d met a local girl. And then they left the Lodge, and he hadn’t returned since.

Hester DenbyTodd had enjoyed her summer with Rob, who had given her a false last name, and she’d done the same. He’d left quickly and broken her heart. She had married and had a daughter, although her husband was killed in the war. Now, seven years later, Rob has returned. And her heart still mourned that summer. But, she had learned how dangerous he was to her.

The series begins with Hester’s brother’s story in The Matchmaker’s Rogue, Larkin Denby’s story. Full of fun and unique characters and fabulous storylines.

Book 7: The Siren's Captain

Captain Quillian St. Claire, formerly of His Majesty’s Navy, has just been told that someone is out to kill him. Boney’s orders. The bearer of the news then told him she’d be protecting him. A woman. A beautiful woman who sings like a Siren of the sea. Quill has been alone and taking care of himself most of his life…until now.

Mademoiselle Marie-Louise Fortier, “Ree”, is alone in the world. Her music helps support her and gets her into the places she needs to be in her work for the War Office. She lost everything from her father to her homeland to the tyrant. Now, she’s doing all she can to stop him.

Grace-by-the-Sea has been having an epidemic of couples falling in love. Must be in the spa waters. Quill never felt at home and Ree hasn’t had a real home since she was eleven. Together, this little town can heal and bring people together. I’m going to miss visiting this town and the people. Such an endearing series.

American Wonders Collection
Book 1: A Distance Too Grand
Margaret “Meg” Pero is at loose ends when her father dies. He had taught her all he knew about photography and Meg was good at it. Only, in 1871, others weren't so quick to jump at the chance of having a female photographer. She has no choice but to succeed; to make her own path. Her aunt and cousin have other plans. Sell all her equipment and marry her all women should be married and have children.

Captain Ben Coleridge didn't want to take Meg with on their survey of the Grand Canyon. The Army was looking for safe passage for travelers heading West. The expedition has already been delayed and he did need a photographer. The problem was he knew Meg. Five years ago he wanted to marry her. It was one-sided.

As this group of eight travel along the North Rim, they face more dangers than the crumbling edges of the canyon that can send them to their death. There are four-legged and two-legged predators to be on the lookout for. And then, there was always the danger of protecting one's heart from a past that still carried a flame. Excellent story. Detailed in such a way that I felt I could see the canyon and its beauty from their eyes.
**Received from the author for an honest review
Book 2: Nothing Short of Wondrous

Widow Kate Tremaine’s husband died a year ago, leaving Kate and her son, Danny, to run their hotel in Yellowstone Park. Kate loves the beauty around her and does all she can to protect the natural wonders...and the animals. Poachers are a real threat to the dwindling numbers of bison.

Lieutenant William “Will” Prescott got a second chance eight years ago after the Army demoted him. He’ll never forgive himself or forget what he had done. Will doesn’t expect anyone to forgive him or to have more than the Army in his life. Right now, he’s in charge of five men as they guard an area of Yellowstone. Thankfully, Kate agrees to help him, and his men learn of the dangers to avoid with all the geysers around.

Kate and Will work together to protect the land, and they both hold their past close to them. It’s time they both look to the future and let God’s love and forgiveness heal them. I loved this story; stayed up into the wee hours of the morning because I couldn’t put it down until the end.

**Received from publisher for an honest review

Book 3: A View Most Glorious

Nathan Hardee had once been a part of society in Tacoma. Then, after his father’s death, he left. Ran away. And found a life more fitting. Meeting Waldo, he found a new life on the mountain as a guide. A place that he felt closer to God and found contentment. Until the day he took on a new client for a climb to the summit.

Coraline “Cora” Baxter was going to climb to the summit for two reasons. First, her mother wouldn’t push her to marry. Second, it would hopefully help the women’s suffrage movement be noticed and allow women to vote. But, she found so much more on that mountain…and with Nathan.

Another page-turner I couldn’t put down. The author writes in such a way that you can see the mountain, the flowers, the valleys. Feel each step up the mountain. Wonderful characters and story. The first two books in this series were terrific. I definitely would recommend reading the whole series.

**Received from publisher for an honest review

Fortune's Brides Series
Book 1: Never Doubt a Duke
Jane Kimball is a young widow who has been ousted from her last job. Thankfully she Met Miss Thorn through an ad for her Fortune Employment Agency. A duke needed a governess. Jane had her work cut out for her with the eldest, a ten-year-old who was way beyond her years as she planned for her come out. A dowager duchess who liked having things her way, two adorable younger girls, and a too-handsome widowed duke.

Alaric Dryden, Duke of Wey, preferred to let his mother handle his three daughters. His late wife had said it was the mother's job to watch over daughters and the man's to raise the sons. Only...he didn't have an heir. He did have plenty of other work though. Until the new governess came along and everything changed.

I really enjoyed this first book in this new series and from the teaser for book two—I can't wait for that one. Great characters, villains, and story line.
Book 2: Never Borrow a Baronet
Patience Ramsey had been a companion to a very difficult woman. And treated badly by the daughter. During her visits with her employer's friend, she met Jane who suggested Patience go see Mrs. Thorn to find a new job. She finally did. Suddenly she finds herself working for a unique woman. A woman who announces her as her nephew's fiancĂ©.

Sir Harold Orwell “Harry” is working to have his title respectable. His forefathers hadn't done a very good job of it. He is already playing a part in his work for England, so why not add having a bride-to-be in his act.

Another great series by Regina Scott. Humor, romance, and suspense. So many unique characters that add to the story line. Including Fortune—a cat who has the final meow on who is acceptable—and who isn't.
Book 3: Never Envy an Earl
Gregory, Earl of Carrolton, is a gentle giant. He does his best to take care of his ailing mother and spinster sister. He wasn't able to go to war, but the War Office has asked him to help out. Finally, he can feel as he is doing his part. All he has to do is hide a Frenchwoman who has helped England.

Yvette de Maupassant will never regret helping England by passing along secrets she heard in the French court. Even if it ended up with her in prison until her English friends helped her escape. And now, she just has to act as a companion until those who are after her are captured.

Meredith Thorn and her companion cat, Fortune, help bring Yvette to safety. The pair of an uncanny sense of bringing couples together under the guise of the Fortune Employment Agency. This particular placement was to help Yvette. Who knew she'd find more than cover from the enemy in the earl's home. Wonderful series!
Always Kiss at Christmas
I enjoyed all of the stories in this book, even though the only author I've read before is Regina Scott.

Always Kiss at Christmas by Regina Scott is part of her Fortune's Brides Series. It's where the story of Mary Rose and Julian Mayes begins. I highly recommend the series.

A Yuletide Match by Sarah M. Eden: Adelaide Northrop, well-known for her matchmaking skills, has been hired by widower Mr. Porter Bartrum. He is looking for a wife who will also love his very active son. A house party is just the setting for her to fulfill her job.

The Forbidden Duke by Jen Geigle Johnson: Stephen, Duke of Salsbury, is to marry. His father arranged the marriage before passing away. It never bothered him until he danced with the wrong woman. Wrong in more ways than not being his intended.

Mistletoe at Willowsmeade by Annette Lyon: Eleanor, firmly on the shelf, was glad she had a home with her cousin and his family. She loved be a governess for his children; since she'd be having no family of her own. And then, an old friend comes back for Christmas.

Follow the River Home by Krista Lynne Jensen: To save their home, Arabelle is being courted by the relative who has assumed her the title her brother should have...if he were still alive. She's given herself over to the fact she must marry him for her the sake of her mother, and herself. But when a surprise visitor comes back for Christmas...she has second thoughts.

The New Earl by Heather B. Moore: Celia Thompson not only lost her parents, now she was about to lose the only home she's ever known. The next in line had come to claim his inheritance and she'd be going to live with her aunt. She did think her father's cousin would be older...and not nearly so handsome.
Book 4: Never Vie for a Viscount
Lydia Villers had loved and lost a year ago. She'd also had to preen and push herself out amongst the ton as her brother had tried to “sell” her off to any rich and titled gentleman. Now, her brother was getting married and she could work in a field she enjoyed...instead of returning to the marriage mart.

Viscount Frederick Worthington “Worth” to his friends, didn't believe Lydia for one moment had come to work with him and his sister. He'd been fulled and taken advantage in his life and learned not to trust. Especially this woman who'd already proved untrustworthy once already.

Charlotte Worthington does hire Lydia to work on their secret project. The secretive Worth is the only one who knows their final objective for this project. This is a really great series. The reader can first meet Lydia and her horrid brother, Beau, in book two of this series; Never Borrow a Baronet.
Book 5: Never Kneel to a Knight
Charlotte Worthington is at loose ends. Now that her brother is married, it's Lydia's place to run the household. Fortunately, Miss Thorn has found a job for her. A soon to be knighted fellow and his family will need guidance into entering Society. Perfect. Hopefully it will keep her mind off the man she can never have.

Matthew Bateman aka the Beast of Birmingham just happened to save the Prince Regent's life and has gained himself a title. He and his three sisters were just fine without a title. Now they have to follow Society's rules. And of all the women to come to help his would be her...Charlotte.

The difference in the “classes” is so clear in this story. How it matters to some, but not all. Also, escaping the past is harder than it seems. Especially when people like to use your past against you. Another excellent story in this series.
Book 6: Never Marry a Marquess
The Marquess of Kendall already had the love of his life once. He couldn't open his heart up again. But...he needed a mother for his daughter. She wasn't doing well and his last chance was a woman who would love her and help her to thrive.

Ivy Bateman had raised her two younger sisters and loved doing so. Now that her brother, Matthew, had saved the prince and been knighted, her new sister-in-law has sent her into Society...not her cup of tea, but hopefully things would settle down after the Season.

Ivy has the love and caring that Kendall needs for his daughter. As long as she can agree to a marriage of convenience, she's the perfect choice. Great characters and story. Loved this series and the characters in it.
Frontier Bachelors Series
Book 1: The Bride Ship
Widow Allegra Howard needed to get away and save her child from a rigid life of Boston society. She found her answer in Asa Mercer’s expeditions, women were needed in Seattle. She went to board the ship that would bring her to a life of independence. Away from the Howard’s.

Clayton Howard had made a choice six years ago to leave society and go west. Allegra Banks refused his offer of marriage and travel and married his brother a month after he left. Word of his brother’s death sent him back to the family that disowned him, to find out how Allegra was doing. The woman he found boarding the ship was not the one he left behind, and all he could do when she refused to return to Boston..was to go with her to Seattle.

I loved this story and cannot wait for the next book in the series. The author takes the reader on a three and a half month journey. Clay and Allie not only have the perils of the sea, but also struggles of the heart. He wants to protect Allie and Gillian while she wants to be independent. Allie believed God had sent her to a life of independence in Seattle, could it be He had a different course planned?
Book 2: Would Be Wilderness Wife
Andrew “Drew” Wallin is the man of the house since his dad died ten years ago. He takes his responsibility very serious, perhaps too serious. When his ma falls ill they need to get a doctor out to their lands. When the doctor couldn't come, his little brother Levi came up with his own plan. Kidnap the nurse.

Catherine Stanway has no plans of marrying. She was given the gift to be a nurse and that is what she would do. Help nurse people back to health the best she could, and never let anyone in her heart. Heal them and get them out the door. Ending up in the household of Wallin's, her heart had the nerve to start opening up once again.

I just loved this story, as I did the first. But this one, all these wonderful brothers came to life. Simon, James, John, naughty Levi and their sister, Beth. And Drew. Catherine was one of three friends that came on the ship with the Mercer Belle's. The story begins with The Bride Ship. Great stories. Looking forward to the third book that will be Maddie's story.
**Received from author for honest review
Book 3: Frontier Engagement
James Wallin, brother to Drew Wallin from the previous book, Would be Wilderness Wife, is the carefree joker of the family. Or is he? The new schoolteacher seems to have the ability to bring the best out of James. Bring out the real man under the jokes. Too bad he allows the past to rule him because he has ruled out marriage. Ever.

Alexandrina Fosgrave's life had been a lie. And everyone around her seemed to use smooth words to convince her and others to do as they wanted. Her parents, Asa Mercer, suitors, and now the smooth-tongued James Wallin. Well, she had smartened up and it would take more than sweet talk to win her over.

The Wallin's father had wanted to build a community, a town at Wallin Landing. The boys are determined to honor their deceased father by making those dreams come true. They had their nurse, now James needed to convince the schoolteacher to stay. I can't wait for more stories in this series.

A group of women had come to Seattle under the impression it was waiting for them. That there were already families, schools, hospitals...civilization. They found out they had listened to a silver-tongued devil with his own profit in mind. Their stories start with The Bride Ship. I highly recommend reading the first two books.
**Received from author for an honest review
Book 4: Instant Frontier Family
Maddie O'Rourke is determined to make her own way in life. She had traveled to Seattle with Mercer, but she was not going to be a bride. That didn't mean she wouldn't smile and perhaps flirt a bit to help sell her baked goods to the men in Seattle. Especially if it meant more money to help raise her half-sister and brother. 

Michael Haggerty knew he was not what the fiery redhead expected when he delivered her siblings to her. She also didn't know that it most likely had saved his life by doing so. New York was no longer safe for him. 

Maddie was determined not to fall for any man, including the helpful Irishman who she seemed to acquire with her siblings. Michael was determined to make sure the youngsters were safe with their sister and repay Maddie for his traveling expenses. Neither expected the danger around them...from others...and from their own hearts.
**Received from author for an honest review
Book 5: A Convenient Christmas Wedding
Nora Underhill came to Seattle with the Mercer Brides. She wanted to get away from her brother and sister-in-law. They treated her as a maid and she saw the move West as her freedom. When she learns her brother is also moving to Seattle, she gathers all the courage she has to ask a man to marry her.

Simon Wallin is the cynic of the family. He sees every angle something could go wrong. He is the loner of the family, too. When Nora asks if he'll marry her and protect her from her brother—his first thought is no. When she mentions the hundred and sixty acres of land she can bring to the marriage—he knows his family needs it. Sacrifice for family. And it's not like it's a real marriage.

This story returns the reader to Wallin Landings. The Wallin family is full of unique characters. The second and third books; Would be Wilderness Wife and Frontier Engagement contain two of the brothers stories. I hope the rest of the siblings get their own books one day as the author makes this family so real and personable.
**Received from author for honest review
Book 6: Mail-Order Marriage Promise
John Wallin is content helping others. He's decided that marriage isn't for him. He's the guy that the girls consider a friend—not husband material. When his sister, Beth, introduces him to Dottie, he's shocked to find out that Beth had chosen her to be his bride. Now John needs to find Dottie a job or a husband—not him—so he can go back to his life. Alone.

Dorothy “Dottie” Tyrrell is in trouble. She's come all the way from Ohio just to find out the too-wonderful-to-be-true man that Beth had been writing her about, doesn't want her. She can't go back to Ohio, there's nothing but heartache back there. And with a young son to take care of, a job isn't easy to come by.

I loved this story. It's some years later at Wallin Landing. A few things have changed since the previous Wallin stories and I enjoyed seeing them all again. Their families have grown and there are more buildings. Some things have stayed the same, such as; James still likes to dress well. Looking forward to Beth and Levi's stories.
**Received book from the author for an honest review
Book Seven: His Frontier Christmas Family
Levi Wallin has regrets. He left Wallin Landing with his friend, Scout, about seven years ago. They were going to strike it rich in the gold rush. Levi had thought he'd be respected more when he came home wealthy. Instead, he lost respect for himself. Helping the Murphy's should help in his redemption...he hopes.

Callie Murphy hates the gold fields and gold fever. She's lost so much because of it. Now, she's raising her twin brothers and her niece. On her own. And she doesn't need any preacher or his perfect family to help her.

When Levi comes to offer the Murphy's his guardianship...he's getting more than he could have ever imagined. Another fantastic adventure with the Wallins and Wallin Landing.
**Received book from the author for an honest review
Book 8: Frontier Matchmaker Bride
Beth Wallin is the youngest of six and the only girl, and even though she's been playing matchmaker for her brothers—she's single. Ever since she first laid eyes on the deputy as a young girl, she had her first crush...and thought he was the only man for her. On the other hand—he didn't return her feelings. Now, to join a local ladies society in Seattle, her first assignment to prove herself is to find that very same deputy...a wife.

Deputy Sheriff Hart McCormick wants nothing to do with love. Beth may be a beauty, sweet, kind, and all things wonderful, but his past is enough to keep Hart single. He just has to find a way to stop the pushy beauty from trying to complete her mission.

This book was fantastic—as was this whole series—but it was sad to say goodbye. I wasn't ready to leave Wallin Landing behind. Plus, Love Inspired is ending their Historical this is also the last historical from Regina Scott. Thankfully she self-publishes so  can continue reading her books.

**Received book from the author for an honest review
The Spy Matchmaker Series Book One
Book 1: The Husband Mission
Katherine Collins is a managing woman. Living with their uncle who hasn't been the same since he was injured in the war, Katherine has become the mistress of the house. Her mission right now is to get her stepsister, Constance, married off. And yes, she has it all planned out to a T.

Alexander Wescott, Viscount Borin is beginning to find his life boring. He wants to work for the War Office, but they have refused him. Suddenly, he finds himself with more excitement than he needs when he meets the Collins' family.

Sometimes you don't have to be a spy to find yourself in espionage as these characters find out. The War Office is trying to find those who are giving secrets to the French and Katherine is working just as hard to find her stepsister that husband. A fun-filled romance with a touch of intrigue for this London Season.
Book 2: The June Bride Conspiracy
Joanna Lindby is getting married in June. A handsome man to be sure, but she's fallen in love with her future husband and doesn't feel he reciprocates her feelings.

Allister Fenwick, Baron Trevithan is retiring from the Intelligence Corps. He's ready to get married and settle down. Until his soon-to-be wife starts receiving threats. He can't stop working until he finds out who is threatening Joanna.

Another series full of intrigue, romance, and a touch of humor. Characters that come to life. I'm looking forward to more of their stories.
Book 3: The Heiress Objective
Kevin Whattling is broke. Really broke. But he has a plan. He's going to marry an heiress and he's already chosen one. He just has to be his handsome, charming self and she'll be sure to agree.

Eugennia “Jenny” Welch is a bluestocking. And a spinster. Men don't choose women to marry who like to think. Who are intelligent. So why has her prince charming suddenly come to sweep her away?

No perfect plan gets by without a few wrenches thrown in. Even with the help of Kevin's friends: Giles and Nigel, the wrench has been thrown and he has to work hard at getting Eugennia to agree to marriage.
The Marvelous Munroes Series 
Book 1: My True Love Gave to Me
Genevieve Munroe wants her mother and sister to have a happy Christmas before she tells them the bad news. Her father's death six months ago is about to have her family grieving for more than his loss. Until then, they are back in at Wenwood Abbey for a nice, quiet, happy Christmas. Or not.

Squire Alan Pentercast has made a wager with Gen. Forget the long feud between their two families. He believes he can win a wager and win her hand. Outside forces are going to make that much harder than he thinks.

A fun holiday story. Some unique traditions from the past and very interesting characters. And an added suspense as well. I'm looking forward to the next story with Allison Munroe, Gen's younger sister.
Book 2: Catch of the Season
Allison Munroe has wanted a London Season since she was fifteen. And now it was finally here. She could finally gain the respect of being considered grown and able to make her own decisions. Or so she thought. She was also surprised to find she missed her childhood friend from the country.

Geoffrey Pentercast discovered that he cared for Allison, but feared he might be too late. She was in London for her Season and her choices of men would be so much more than he could offer—a second son of a country squire wasn't much of a match against say...a marquis.

The reader can meet both Allison and Geoffrey in the first story; My True Love Gave to Me. The Pentercasts and Munroes were neighbors in the country...and enemies. Fun, fast-moving stories. Looking forward to more in this really enjoyable series.
Book 3: The Marquis' Kiss
Thomas, Marquis DeGuis is having a tough time finding a wife. He fears a weak heart will take him as it did his father and grandfather, so he has to get his nursery started to continue the line. For a man being called the catch of the Season—he's having trouble being caught.

Margaret Munroe is from the poor side of the Munroe family. Now that her two cousins have married mere men from the country, her stepmother is that more intent on seeing Margaret well matched. The problem is that she is an Original and the ton doesn't consider that a good thing.

I loved both Thomas and Margaret. In the previous book; Catch of the Season, the reader gets a glimpse of Thomas and Margaret. All these stories have such great characters that it's easy to connect to them. Real page turners from beginning to end. This series precedes The Uncommon Courtship Series, where several of Margaret's male friends have their stories told.
Book 4: Sweeter Than Candy
Daniel Lewiston was lonely. While visiting his neighbor and friend, Jonathan, he enjoyed entertaining the three nephews his friend recently found out about. His sister's husband had passed away and left them in a bad way, so they had to move in.

Cynthia Jacobs kept hoping that her husband had left something in his belongings for them, something to help them financially. But there was nothing. Her boys seemed to smile and enjoy themselves back at her childhood home— only it wasn't the estate that brought them joy and laughter. It was Daniel.

I loved these characters. The boys’ personalities were so visible and I couldn't help but fall in love with Daniel. He was an oversized child full of life and incredible adult as well. It's not a long story, but it's packed full.
Uncommon Courtships
Prequel: An Uncommon Christmas
Miss Eleanor Pritchett learned her place years ago. Ten years ago to be precise. Or maybe not. She couldn't let the young orphaned girl go without hugs and love at school—even if a common teacher wasn't supposed to get so close to the aristocrat children. Her last act of protection for the girl...was getting fired to protect her.

Justinian Darby, the ninth Earl of Wenworth, knew he'd have to marry one day. He was enjoying life as a scholar until his older brother, the earl, and his wife were killed. Now...he had an estate to run. And then a woman entered their home bearing a kitten and everything changed.

No matter of money, material gains, or anything the end, we are all equal. Something that Eleanor had to realize. That even she was no less a person than the great Darbys. Jareth Darby's story is the fourth book in this Uncommon Courtships series. I really enjoy these series and all of Regina Scott's books.
Book 1: The Unflappable Miss Fairchild
Miss Anne Fairchild seems to smile and handle any situation life hands her. Living with her two aunts, one who is quite crotchety, she still maintains being happy. Her aunts want her to marry well. She wants to marry for love.

Chas Prestwick is a second son. He has lived his life selfishly...only caring about his own pleasure. And he loves his adventures. The night he meets Anne, he's not sure if she's an innocent or a doxy, he just knows that whatever she is...he wants to know her better.

Even though she's beautiful, Anne seems to be overlooked by the ton. Being associated with a man like Chas will not increase her chances of that good marriage Aunt Agatha wants for her. A fast moving and humorous story.
Book 2: The Incomparable Miss Compton
Sarah Compton lost more than her parents when they died...she lost her future. Between taking care of her sickly cousin and aunt...she became a spinster. And her cousin became self-absorbed along the way. This Season was showing her how selfish the younger girl was. But hopefully she'd find a husband. And then Sarah could move on to being a teacher. And a spinster.

Malcolm, Viscount Breckonridge, had the perfect woman in mind to be his wife. Since it seemed he needed a wife for the required heir he'd need. The woman would be a business partner of sorts. Nothing emotional. His true wife was Parliament, after all. What was he to do when the perfect woman didn't see things his way? Ha! Everyone always seen things Malcolm's way—eventually.

The characters come to life and brought out this reader's emotions. Wanting to give the cousin a good set down. Malcolm a good shaking. And Sarah a high-five for sticking to her guns. Loved this story and this series so far. The first book is The Unflappable Miss Fairchild. The third book in this series is; The Irredeemable Miss Renfield.
  Book 3: The Irredeemable Miss Renfield
Miss Cleopatra “Cleo” Renfield just wants her old life back, before her parents died. She would be happy with the simple life of living in the country; riding, hunting, and fishing. And she had come up with what she thought was the perfect plan to get those things. Her godmother wanted her to marry Leslie, Cleo's childhood friend. Instead she would get him to help her get her dream of being single in the country.

Leslie Petersborough, now Lord Hastings, Marquis of Hastings wasn't ready to step into his father's shoes. Even if a year had passed since his father died. His godmother wanted to choose his wife. He didn't want a wife. He enjoyed having fun though—and the young girl he used to know in the country was taking him on a big adventure in London.

I loved this story and I'm enjoying this series. Leslie is the good friend of Chas from book one; The Unflappable Miss Fairchild. This story also starts out at the same scene, from a different angle, as book two; The Incomparable Miss Compton. Looking forward to more stories from the characters that have been introduced in these first three stories.
Book 4: The Unwilling Miss Watkin
Miss Eloise Watkin was a changed young woman this past year. Thanks to her friend Cleo and her husband, Les. She no longer tried to gain love by her actions. Life was going along well, perhaps she'd even have an offer soon. She never expected a ghost to show up from her past and change everything.

Lord Jareth Darby had been a rogue. Well, he was still struggling to overcome his appreciation for women, but he'd promised his brother to reform. He'd hit bottom and to have a place to live and earn money—his brother required him to ask forgiveness from the women he'd hurt. Only one was left on the list and his Darby pride dreaded facing her. Eloise Watkin.

Confusion from five years earlier has followed these two characters and finally brought them together for closure. Jareth needed forgiveness, but had no idea the mess he'd left Eloise to face alone. Eloise still carries her hurt and doesn't trust Jarith. Another fantastic, page-turning story in this series.

Lady Emily Capers Series
Book One: Secrets and Sensibilities
Hannah Alexander is looking forward to quitting her job at Barnsley's School for Young Ladies, as her true desire is to paint. She is close to having the funds to move to London and do so. Very close. That is until she is sent to chaperone four young women and everything changes.

David Tenant, the new Earl of Brentfield knows little about the aristocracy or about being an earl. He's an American who enjoyed his leather craft business. One thing he is learning quickly about is that aristocratic women are underhanded. And that maybe he should have heeded his friend's advice that someone wanted to kill him.

This starts the series of mystery, intrigue, and romance that continues in the books that follow. The four young women; Emily Southwell, Priscilla Tate, Daphne and Ariadne Courdebas, continue solving more mysteries. I really enjoyed this story. It brings out the emotions for the characters...such as despising one or two of them and keeps the reader guessing who the villain could be.
**Previously published as A Dangerous Dalliance by Zebra Regency Romance
Book Two: Art and Artifice
In the first book; Secrets and Sensibilities, four young women go with their chaperone to Brentfield Manor and end up with a mystery on their hands. Now the girls; Lady Emily Southwell, Priscilla Tate, Daphne and Ariadne Courdebas are back in London for their first Season.

Lady Emily Southwell is the daughter of a duke. It may sound all good and well but there are some negatives as well. Emily finds she is engaged to a man she barely knows and he doesn't want to wait to marry. His Grace, her father, thinks it a perfect match and is unbendable. Emily and her friends don their spy caps once again to find some dirt on her betrothed.

James “Jamie” Cropper is a Bow Street Runner. As such, he knows that he could never court and no less marry a duke's daughter. But he can save her from an unwanted marriage. He suspects her betrothed of no good, but has yet to prove it. Or is it just something personal from his past that wants to find Lord Robert guilty?

Mystery, humor, and romance in one book. I've enjoyed these first two books in this series and look forward to reading the rest of this series.
**Parts of this book previously published as La Petite Four by Penguin Razorbill
Book Three: Ballrooms and Blackmail
Priscilla Tate had everything going for her as far as beautiful hair, eyes, and a perfect body. Her aunt Sylvia had taught her well how to use all of the above to her advantage...and she did. Too bad Aunt Sylvia went crazy and now Priscilla needs to marry for money to help her parents...rather than love for herself. What else can she do but aim her sights on a duke? 
Nathan Kent was elected by relatives to watch over his distant cousin Percy. Now that the man had become a duke, he needed guidance. A lot of guidance. Nathan needed to find the perfect woman for his cousin to marry. One who could keep the truth about the duke to herself and help him as well. Perhaps the fortune hunter would be a good duchess but Nathan didn't want her marrying the duke.
This is a great series. Romance, humor, mystery, and secrets. Priscilla, Emily, Daphne, and Ariadne have come together once again to put their skills together to find the culprit who is blackmailing Priscilla. The ongoing story of Emily and Jamie Cropper continues as well.
Book Four: Eloquence and Espionage
Ariadne Courdebas, youngest daughter of Viscount Rollings meets a mysterious man dressed as a Roman centurion at a masquerade ball and is determined to find him again. Since he had a leather mask covering his face, she just knows he had longish black hair and dark eyes. How hard can he be to find in London?

Jason Sinclair, Lord Hawksbury, had secrets that he needed to keep. When the pretty young woman he met at the ball tries to find him, he has to get her off his trail. He has a dangerous man to find and she will only find herself in danger. Or is it too late already?

I really enjoyed this story. For the whole story and to get to know the characters, here are the first three books in this series; Secrets and Sensibilities, Art and Artifice and Ballrooms and Blackmail. Humor, adventure, and romance in one. 
Book 5: Love and Larceny
Daphne Courdebas is the last of her friends without a beau. It's not that men don't like her and pay her visits, just not for the right reasons. They like that she's an Amazon. A girl who can ride as well or better than them. An athlete. The type of girl it's fun to race and hang out with—one of the guys—but not marriage material.

Wynn Fairfax fell for the unique Daphne from the moment she jumped in his phaeton and had him chase after a jewel thief. He's overjoyed when she invites him with her to a house party for another adventure of finding a thief. He's not so thrilled that she considers him a friend. He wants so much more.

I loved this series but Wynn really grabs my heart. After an injury at Eton, he is left with a limp. The heroes with disabilities always get me. The house party is at the Brentfield's, David and Hannah. Their story and the first book where we meet all the characters is Secrets and Sensibilities. Where it all begins.
The Everard Legacy Series
Book 1: The Rogue's Reform
Jerome Everard expected to inherit his wayward uncle's estate. Instead, all has gone to a secret daughter. Only by disproving his young cousin's claim can Jerome regain his rightful property. But instead, he finds himself drawn to her lovely governess, Adele Walcott -- a woman who holds the key to all of his uncle's secrets.

Adele's fortune is gone, along with her marriage prospects. Now she is devoted to securing her charge's happiness. When she meets Jerome, she dares to dream of love again. But after learning his true motives, that love comes to a test. Can she forgive his past and reform his make it hers forever?
Book 2: The Captain's Courtship
 The dashing Captain Richard Everard has faced untold dangers at sea. Steering his young cousin through a London season, however, is a truly formidable prospect. The girl needs a sponsor, like lovely widow Lady Claire Winthrop -- the woman who coldly jilted Richard years ago.

Claire believed herself sensible in marrying a well-to-do viscount rather than a penniless second son. How deeply she regretted it! Now their fortunes are reversed, and Richard's plan will help settle her debts and secure his inheritance. Yet it may yield something even more precious: a chance to be courted by the captain once more. 
Book 3: The Rake's Redemption
London 1805
Lady Imogene Devary should be enjoying her Season rather than wondering why her father is acting strangely and what the handsome young poet has to do with it. What else can she do but to get to know the young man and find out why he’s getting her father’s cold shoulder….since her father don’t seem to be around much these days.

Vaughn Everard must find a way to talk to the the Marquess of Widmore. His loyalty to family drives him to find out about the death of his uncle and only the marquess can answer his questions. Maybe the man is playing hide and seek with him but Vaughn has just been handed a key to getting closer to him when he finds out the bold young woman who asked him to dance at the ball is the daughter of that very man.

This story was full of the unexpected. Not letting you know quite who was up to what and not sure what direction it would go until near the end. Excellent romance with plenty of adventure and intrigue as well. You may want to start with Jerome and Richard Everard’s stories in The Rogue’s Reform and The Captain’s Courtship.
**Received through NetGalley for review
Book 4: The Heiress's Homecoming
This story takes place in 1813 in Cumberland, England. William Wentworth never planned on being Earl of Kendrick, he was a second son after all. The murder of his brother and the death of his father left him without a choice. It was time to return and be a father to his son as well. And then the night of his son’s seventeenth birthday party Will laid eyes on the most beautiful woman. A woman his son was besotted with.

Samantha, Lady Everard had many secrets in her life. One was about the murder of Will’s brother. A secret that had to be kept to protect so many people she loved. Her other secret was what would happen if she wasn’t married by her twenty-fifth birthday. Which she wouldn’t be. She knew that love and marriage was something she would never have in her life, no matter the other costs.

This is the fourth and last book in the series and I would suggest reading the previous books; The Rogue’s Reform, The Captain’s Courtship and The Rake’s Redemption to help understand Samantha’s past and her future. This story has the fear of the past holding the characters back from a joyful future. The fear of making the mistakes of those before them and who to trust, as people aren’t always who they seem to be. An exciting story line with characters who come alive. A series worth reading.
**Received through NetGalley for review
The Master Matchmakers Series
Wedding bells will ring when downstairs servants play Cupid for upstairs aristocracy
Book 1: The Courting Campaign
Sir Nicholas Rotherford was determined to find a way to help miners and redeem himself. He feels his daughter Alice is well taken care of, so he can continue with he his research and experiments. Her new nanny seems to have a different opinion then he does and she’s not afraid to let him know what she thinks.

Emma Pyrmont grew up as an orphan and when she did gain foster parents, her happiness was not their concern. Knowing little Alice does have a father, but he’s too busy for her just won’t do. So Emma goes on a mission to get her employer to notice his daughter.

Regina Scott brings the characters to life. From the way Nick just don’t get things in his scientific mind to the emotions Emma carries with her. One character needed a good kick in the back end and to top it off, there’s an adorable little girl and her doll. A really enjoyable historical, looking forward to the series.
**Received through NetGalley for review
Book 2: The Wife Campaign
Whitfield Calder, Earl of Danning enjoys his time at his home by the river. His busy life does not allow him to visit here as often, a place where he can relax and fish. Unfortunately his valet has other plans for this fortnight, a house party. Not just a house party but he's invited three eligible woman and wants Whit to choose a wife!

Ruby Hollingsford cannot believe her father has tricked her into meeting yet another aristocrat. Doesn't he remember her painful past? At least there are two other women to keep the Earl's attention and she's made it plenty clear to him that she does not plan to marry. Unfortunately her heart seems to forget that she's just a jewelers daughter and Whit is an aristocrat.

The hired help are taking things into their own hands in this series. If their masters cannot see the need for a wife, well then they'll just give them the push they need. Once again the author brings in an assortment of characters. Those mother's of the young ladies are definitely the worst to deal with, but a simpering young woman batting her eyelashes can be annoying as well. An enjoyable story with a few twists and turns in the plot to add more excitement on that pathway to love.
Book 3: The Husband Campaign
John, Lord Hascot has only one love in his heart, his horses. He was fooled and his heart broken several years ago and he won't allow it to happen again, ever. And he won't be forced to marry. Or will he?

Lady Amelia Jacoby didn't know love. Her parents had nothing to spare for her as they held themselves in such high regards. She wasn't the son her father wanted, so that left finding the perfect son-in-law to pawn her off on. And even though Lord Hascot may not have a high standing in the ton, his horses do. And one does not fight and win against her father's decisions.

Amelia hoped to marry for love, it was not to be. One slight mishap and she finds herself married to a man who has no love to give. She's a fighter though and goes on a campaign to win her husband. When a gossipy neighbor puts doubts into her mind and unexpected visitors show up, it seems that her marriage may truly be doomed. With prayer and faith in God, these two can only hope that He will bring them into a happy ending.

Be sure to read what the mischievous matchmakers were up to in book one, The Courting Campaign and book two, The Wife Campaign. Wonderful series.
**Received through NetGalley for review
Stand Alone
An Honorable Gentleman
When the owner of ramshackle Blackcliff Hall arrives, the locals have high hopes that Sir Trevor Fitzwilliam will set things to rights. Chief among them is Gwen Allbridge, the estate manager's daughter, who has single-handedly kept Blackcliff Hall going. Now she must convince Sir Trevor to stay and make the hall, and the village depending on it, prosperous again. Her faith in him makes Trevor yearn to live up to the ideals she holds dear. As mysterious mishaps begin plaguing Blackcliff, Gwen's steadfast courage will rise to meet Trevor's newfound honor as they learn that there's no dream like home.
The Irresistible Earl
Sweet Meredee Price never dreamed of being a hero, until she saved the life of a young lady floundering in the waves at Scarborough, England. Suddenly even the dashing Lord Allyndale, the girl's older brother, wants to know who she is. But much as his attentions thrill her, Meredee cannot let him get close. Her family fled the London Season because the Earl of Allyndale had inexplicably threatened her charming stepbrother Algernon Whittaker with a duel. His lordship doesn't realize her connection to the young man, but if he discovers Algie in Scarborough, all is lost!

What follows is a daring dance between an irresistible gentleman and a woman determined to resist.
Love Inspired Multi-Author Series

 Book 3: A Rancher of Convenience
Nancy Bennett finds herself a widow after only ten months. And with child. She is determined to save the ranch for her child. When unexpected difficulties come up, she needs a man's help to survive.

Hank Snowden feels guilty for the death of his boss. He sees an opportunity to redeem himself by helping Mrs. Bennett. She needs his help as the foreman and the protection of his name, so he suggests a marriage in name only.

Hank wants to do more than help the ranch and Nancy, he also wants to catch the man his late boss must have been working with. Nancy is determined not to lose another husband. The two need to work together and build trust. Something not easily done by a widow fooled by her late husband and a man whose trust in women from the past doesn't bode well for trusting one in the present.
**Received from author for an honest review
Book 3: The Bride's Matchmaking Triplets
Pastor Brandon Stillwater had left his heart behind when he moved to Little Horn, Texas with his twin brother Bo four years ago. And then, that very woman came to town as a mail-order bride. Too bad he was marrying her to-be-groom to another woman at the time.

Elizabeth Dumont had lost everything and just wanted to start over. She never expected to see the man who broke her heart. Everyone in this small town thought he was a good man, she knew better. At least she was able to work as a nanny to three adorable triplet boys. If only she could adopt them.

Things aren't always as they seem. Brandon and Elizabeth both misunderstand each other and what had happened before. Their love for the adorable boys brings them together. And as the house for orphans gets closer to opening...Brandon needs to find a way to keep Elizabeth in town if she is no longer needed to care for the triplets.

**Received from author for an honest review
A Match For Mother: Sweeter Than Candy
Mothers--they wipe away the tears and share a wonderful kind of love. It's hardly surprising that the resourceful children of Regency widows decide that their dear mamas have been alone too long and start searching for those special men who will put a sparkle back in their mothers' eyes...

In Regina Scott's charming story, the young Masters Jacob know that their mama Cynthia is "Sweeter than Candy," but can they convince their grown-up friend Daniel Lewiston that he should court her...especially when Cynthia's memories of Daniel arc less than fond? Surprisingly, all goes well...until the little boys reveal their matchmaking scheme.

Share in the joy of children's love for their mothers, mothers' love for their children--and the love that grows between a man and a woman when a perfect match is made...
The Bluestocking on His Knee
Wealthy heiress Eugennia Welch thought herself perfectly content, living alone with her treasured books. So why, pray, did she find herself wishing for companionship--male companionship at that? Then, as if in answer to her prayer, Kevin Whattling strode into her drawing room, announcing his intention of marrying her. And once the handsome suitor began to court her, Eugennia soon understood the charms of proper romance...even though she suspected Kevin loved her fortune more than he did her. 

Dashing Kevin knew that marriage to an heiress was all that stood between him and Debtor's Prison. Soon, however, he found Eugennia's reserved demeanor masked an enchanting young woman who took a childlike delight in shopping with him for fripperies, and a womanly fascination in waltzing in his arms. He never expected to find love with Eugennia. Until he lost his heart to her...
Mistletoe Kittens: A Place by the Fire
Literature teacher Eleanor Pritchett vowed never to return to the estate where writer Justinian Darby broke her heart. Now a commission from his orphaned niece draws her back into his sphere. With the help of a small black kitten, Christmas may prove the perfect time for two lost souls to create a love story meant to last. 
**Traditional Regency Romance Novella originally titled “A Place by the Fire”; previously published by Zebra
The Marquis' Kiss
A Paragon With A Secret
Thomas, the decorous Marquis de Guis, is considered the catch of the season. Only he knows that two of his brides-to-be have cried off when he sealed the bargain with a kiss. Now, bent on marriage but certain he can never conquer a lady's lips, this all-too-proper paragon has chosen a miss he's sure cannot reject him-impoverished, eccentric Margaret Munroe. But the lord will find there's more to learn along the road to love and matrimony than the perfect kiss.

A Hoyden With Nothing To Hide

They don't call her an Original for nothing. Lovely, lively Margaret flouts convention by racing her horses and working ceaselessly to help fallen women. She cannot believe the rich and reserved Thomas-whose sea blue eyes dizzy her with desire-truly cares for her. Yet he seems quite besotted...except for a steadfast refusal to kiss her. How can she entice him into the impassioned love she hopes-nay, intends!-to be theirs for eternity?
His Blushing Bride: The June Bride Conspiracy
The expectant hush of the wedding congregation, the rustle of a lifted bridal veil, and the sparkle in a new bride's eyes as she and her groom forever pledge their love. But before this glorious moment can take place, misadventures, misunderstandings, and delightful surprises abound for three charming couples...

Utterly disinterested in romance, heiress Harriet Woodford marries her handsome neighbor out of mutual convenience-but neither gambles on losing their hearts in Elena Greene's "The Wedding Wager." Feisty bluestocking Phillipa Westhaven in Alice Holden's "A Picture Perfect Romance" sallies forth amid the ton for a husband -- only to find love in a most unexpected place. And in Regina Scott's "The June Bride Conspiracy," deceptively demure Joanna Lindby sets out to prove to her master-spy fiance that love can be the greatest adventure of all. 

Come revel in that unforgettable day when spirited ladies and determined gentlemen whisper vows and exchange joyous kisses that promise forever-and-always...
Lord Borin's Secret Love
Intentions Concealed
Katherine Collings has never been more distressed. With no means and few prospects, she is financially beholden to her stepsister, Constance, who stands to inherit a large fortune--if she marries before she turns twenty. Fearing for her own future, Katherine decides to play matchmaker, and begins to spy on Alexander Wescott, Lord Borin, the object of her stepsister's devoted affection.

Hearts Revealed
A man of the world, Alex has always been more interested in becoming a spy than in taking a wife. So imagine his shock when he discovers that someone has been spying on him! Determined to prove his talent for subterfuge, he makes it his mission to track down the culprit. But he's puzzled when the trail of clues leads him straight to the Collings' household...and delighted when it leads him into the arms of beautiful Katherine.
Utterly Devoted
Thanks to the kind ministrations of her dearest friend, spirited Eloise Watkin has been transformed into the perfect lady--radiant, alluring, and ever-so-slightly mysterious. Now she has a coterie of ardent admirers and every hope of making a splendid match...unless, that is, someone finds out about a certain scandalous episode in her past. But wicked Jareth Darby, the shameless rogue who led her astray, is safely out of the country, or so Eloise thinks, until he suddenly turns up--as impossibly handsome as ever--and intent on renewing their acquaintance.

Jareth Darby cannot resist the deal proffered by his upstanding brother: an estate and the fortune to maintain it will be his if he can gain the forgiveness of every woman he's ever wronged! Jareth sets out to charm each one of them and meets with his usual success, until he approaches Eloise Watkin. All grown up and damnably beautiful, the green-eyed minx makes it perfectly clear that Jareth will have to earn every ounce of her clemency But what Jareth doesn't foresee is that the day will come when he'll want far more from Eloise than her pardon...he'll want her love.
 Make A Wish...
Cassie Bentbrooke has no interest in the ton. The daughter of a noted astronomer, she is content with studying the heavens through her father's telescopes--especially since his academic success has not provided much by way of wealth. But Cassie's ward Liza Kearney longs for the magic of one Season...and Cassie is determined to give it to her. 

Easier said than done. For Cassie's brother has returned from the Continent to claim his inheritance, and handle the meager purse strings. And privateer Devon Sebastien has arrived in London with his own agenda--recovering the jewels his uncle hid in the Bentbrooke home during the Terror. Fulfilling Liza's dreams may be possible, but Cassie soon realizes that guarding her own heart from a certain devilishly handsome Frenchman may not be--and that love will blaze a trail through her life brighter than any comet in the dark night sky...
A Perfect Mess
When Celia Rider's inheritance is stolen, she immediately suspects her irresponsible pea-goose of a stepmother, Patrice. Determined to uncover the truth, Celia poses as a governess to Patrice's neglected son, hoping to glean some clues. As rumors abound regarding Celia's sudden disappearance, the devastatingly attractive and unflappable Brandon Pellidore takes this unsettling family matter into his own hands... 

A Passionate Venture

Brandon soon suspects that the drab garments of a governess disguise none other than the utterly bewitching Celia. Unmasking the beauty, he engages her in a daring plan to catch a thief. Yet as passion grows, Brandon must confess to Celia the dark legacy that has earned him his dubious reputation, and the terrible choice that loving him demands. Undaunted, Celia vows to follow her heart, no matter how painful the journey. For only then can she claim the man--and the love--that is nothing short of perfection...
My True Love Gave to Me
 A wealthy landowner wagers an impoverished young lady that he can give her all the gifts in the Twelve Days of Christmas song without spending a penny. If he succeeds, she must marry him. Does she have the faith to see through his wager to the man underneath?
Be My Bride
Three charming gentlemen find it takes the help of a small black kitten, three incorrigible boys, and a master French spy to win their lady loves in this collection of three novellas.
As Regan Allen
How to Marry a Duke
 Love unexpectedly adds "A Touch of Magic" to the life of a duke dedicated to his duty. Tess Dewood claims to be a faery queen whom Stephen Anthony, Duke of Langford, is honor-bound to marry. Her elfin charm is like no other, but does he dare trust her with his heart?
The Pleasure Garden
For destitute governess Angelica Pruitt, helping a courtesan entertain an aristocratic group of antiquity collectors in the Vauxhall pleasure garden meant getting to eat. Never did she dream that dashing treasure hunter Jason Kitterage would tempt her to risk her reputation and her very heart. For Jason's part, he can't quite believe the seductive beauty is the lady she claims. When she dons the legendary Mask of Aphrodite, men fall at her feet. Angelica swears the mask is magical, and others seem intent on stealing it for that very reason. Could it be that the greatest magic is in Angelica herself?


  1. I posted my comment and it disappeared. So I am doing it again. I have never read anything of Regina Scott before. The Matchmaker series sounds really interesting. So does Mistletoe Kittens, A Blushing Bride, My True Love Gave to Me and How to Marry a Duke.

  2. I haven't read Regina yet which is amazing considering how many books she has written. I think I would read The Wife Campaign (sounds fun) or The Irresistible Earl (because I love that cover) :)
    Donna (at) MoreThanaReview dot com

  3. These books all look great. I enjoy old-fashioned Regencies.
    jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

  4. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read RomanceJanuary 15, 2014 at 8:14 PM

    I loved the Everard Series and can't wait to start the Master Matchmaking Series. I have the first two books on my TBR pile and hope to get to them soon. I love the regency time period and see that there are some older books I need to track down.


  5. I can't believe that I am finding so many new authors I haven't read yet and they all have several books that sound really interesting. This is like finding a gold mine. I am so excited to check out all of these new authors.

  6. I have not read any of your books, but they all look delightful! I have added most of them to my wish list. The only reason they are not ALL on the list is some are not available on ebooks, so I will have to haunt the library systems I have cards to. Thanks for stopping by Judy's party.