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Lyn Cote Book List

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Interview with Lyn Cote
What is the strangest real life situation that is in one of your stories?

When I moved to Wisconsin, I went to bible study and one member was telling a story about his son who actually participated in a db (decibel) World Championship for who had the LOUDEST car speakers. When this member walked into the son’s garage, his pants vibrated with the sound waves. I almost rolled on the floor laughing and said I’d find a way to put that in a book. I finally did--9 years later--in Building a Family, a Love Inspired romance.

What is your favorite genre?

I love to write historical romance but I love to read cozy mysteries.

Have you traveled to do research for your books?  

Yes, and my husband loves it! I always stop at historical sites or small museums when we’re on a road trip. I never know when some unknown historical person or event will trigger my imagination.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?  

Of course, if my stories don’t make me cry and laugh, how will they move my readers!

Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?  

Actually my characters are real--in many ways. First of all, if they aren’t “real” to me, they won’t talk to me and to each other--and how can I write about what they’re doing? Second, they become real to my readers. I’ve actually gotten emails and letters where my readers have continued my character's story!
New Neighbor Lane Series
Book 1: Amy's Forever Love

Dr. Jake McLure is a veterinarian in Hope, Wisconsin. Life is busy. Fortunately, he found a new office manager, since the previous one left to start her family. The bad news is that he's attracted to his new employee, but he doesn't seem to be someone she's attracted to in return. What he didn't need is his dad coming to stay for a few weeks.

 Amy Broussard is raising her twin nieces as her own. Bella and Beth are her life. What a praise it was when she found a daytime job, instead of the night job she had. And soon they'd have a new home, thanks to Habitat for Humanity. Only, with the bitter winter they were having, things were going slow.

 Wonderful characters—both human and furry ones—and a story-line that can pull the reader in and keep you there.

Book 2: Rosa's Forever Home

Marc Chambers had been in a serious accident in the beginning of the year. He was healed from all of his breaks, bumps, and bruises…but not from the emotions. The guilt that caused nightmares. The guilt that clung to him. The guilt that said he didn’t deserve happiness in his life.

Rosa Santos also carried guilt. Her son, Johnny, had no father to love him. She’d made bad choices as a teen and felt the guilt of it even now. She doesn’t feel deserving of the Habitat for Humanity house she’s getting. Or that she deserves a good man.

God forgives when we ask Him. It’s our human nature that clings to that guilt. As if we enjoy beating ourselves with it daily. Marc and Rosa has a chance to have love and a family…if only they can lay that guilt at God’s throne and not pick it up again. Loved the story and the characters. If you cry easily, you may want tissues nearby.

Northern Shore Intrigue Series
Book 1: Precarious Summer
Audra Blair, the owner of Audra's Place, is working to support herself and her daughter, Evie. The summer is starting out good for her business. Not so much for their town. An arsonist is on the loose.

Sheriff Carter Harding has only been on the job a few months. The people of his small town are depending on him to find and stop the arsonist. Some think it's a young man who had issues in the past...Carter knows about acting out as a teenager. In fact, some in town won't ever let him forget.

No clues. No leads. The more time Carter spends around Audra, the more he wants to spend with her. Not until he solves this case though. If he can solve it. Wonderful new small-town suspense romance series from this author.
Book 2: Bitter Autumn
Grey Lawson has returned to Winfield, Wisconsin. A small town that isn't very forgiving. If not for his ailing aunt, he would've started life over somewhere else. But Aunt Elsie needed him. And her home, friends, church were all here. So, he came back. After seven years in prison...his wasn't a very welcome return.

Deputy Sheriff Trish Franklin didn't know Grey, but her family hated him. Knowing her dad would be upset to find out he was released...she was ready to warn him. Only life interrupted. And she found that she had trouble hating Grey Lawson once she met the man.

Trouble starts up when Grey returns. Things out of his control...but easily blamed on an ex-con. He just wants to be there for Elsie and live a quiet life. That's not going to happen in Winfield, though. I loved the story, the characters, all of it. Excellent, heartwarming series.
Book 3: Fatal Winter

Sylvie Patterson owns a bookstore in Winfield, Wisconsin. She rents the downstairs of her aunt's Victorian. Winters are slow, but come nice brings plenty of tourists and business. When her cousin comes for a visit from Alaska, Sylvie's pretty excited. To top that off...her old crush has come for a visit as well.

 Ridge Matthews was a homicide detective for the state. He didn't expect to be asked to stay in Winfield...a town he hated and tried to stay away from as often as possible...but when a murder occurs, his boss tells him to stay and work it.

 Years ago, an accident happened, and it changed everyone involved. Sylvie lives with a bad hip and terrible limp...but she's given the situation to God. Given him the guilt. Sadly, others haven't done the same. Another remarkable story from the small town. Romance is in the story-line, but more so is the suspense story.

Book 4: Beneath Northern Lights

Nick Reynolds is loving his life of solitude. On the land that has been in his family for several generations. And looking forward to working with his huskies, training them for the upcoming sled race. And then things started happening around him...aimed at him.

 Megan Blair had her business degree and should be in Chicago...using her degree. Making good money. But she had to get away. So here she was in Winfield, Wisconsin making ends meet by working for her sister at Audra's Place. When a chance came for another part-time job caring for dogs...she took it.

 The first book in this series, Precarious Summer, introduces the reader to Megan as it's her sister's story. Wonderful stories with characters that I really enjoyed.

Book 5: Uncertain Spring

Lois Blair, Audra and Megan’s mom, had been on the outskirts of her girls’ lives for a long time. It was time to change that. So, she decided to come back early from Florida. Winfield, Wisconsin, was still blistery cold, but she missed her girls and granddaughter. Good thing she returned as it seemed she was needed desperately by a dog and his mistress.

Dr. Jacob Petit had been alone for a year now. He missed Janey. Now, he stayed busy in his veterinary practice. When Lois brings in a dog that the police hope will give a clue to the dog’s owner, he finds her fascinating. And the more he gets to know her, the more he likes her.

After twelve years of being a widow, Lois feels her loneliness for the first time. Now she’s found herself caring for a woman and her dog. And she also finds herself caring for the local vet. It is another beautiful story, a tissue-handy story for those of us who cry easily, and a very intriguing storyline.

Book 6: Ominous Midsummer

Patriots And Seekers Series
Book 1: Journey to Victory
Christiane Pelletier is from a rather notorious French line of women. At fourteen she leaves France with her father, not wanting her future to be that of the women before her. Christiane's life is one tragedy after another once she arrives in Canada and later when she enters America. Each time she feels that happiness is within reach—it seems to move further away.

This book is amazing. The author has written the characters in such a way that it was easy to get attached to them. I went through plenty of tissues while reading as there is a lot of real life in these pages. A war that really happened. Men died. Disease took the lives of children. Americans stood on both sides—opposite sides—of the war. The next book in this series is Lady Sarah.

**Slightly sensual a few times

Book 2: Journey to Honor
Lady Sarah Eastham has been shunned by society—some of her own bad choices, some not. By nineteen, she has lived a lot of life already and is pretty mature. She decides to go with her friend, Janine, and head to New Orleans—still a Spanish colony— and begin a new life.

Douglas McKuen has been hired to deliver the two women safely to their destination. He has formed an opinion about Sarah and it's not a good one. And then he gets to know her and finds she's nothing like the rich, spoiled woman he assumed her to be.

Sarah's life is quite an adventure. Not always happy. New Orleans was like a whole different world back then with the Creole society. I loved the story and all the historical facts blended into it. Book One is Sarah's parent’s story; La Belle Christiane and the third book (2018) will be; Rafe Frontier Son.
Book 3: Journey to Respect
Rafe McKuen walked between two societies. Not fitting into either one. His father was a white man. His mother had been an Osage Indian. While staying with his Osage family, a smallpox epidemic breaks out. While helping to get them vaccinated, Rafe's meets a father and daughter who treat him as a whole human...not just a man of mixed blood. Not as a half-breed.

Eve Holcombe isn't like other women. She doesn't want to find a man who only wants her for her beauty and as a show piece on his arm. She wants to be cared about as a person. About who she is. After meeting Rafe...she realizes that she has no idea what she really wants in life.

This is a really good series. The author does not make the road to love easily traveled. There are heartaches, delays, and forks in the road. Real-life happens. While traveling along with the characters, I find the story emotional, the history enticing, and the ending worth the trip.
Book 4: Journey to Peace
Johhny McKuen was caught up in a scandal that had him leaving New Orleans. He was given a large land grant in Texas. He was living a quiet, secluded life...along with the men who'd come with him from his dad's plantation. When a man is attacked, and near death, Johnny promises him to protect the man's family. He's a man of his word.

Angel Boaz is close to giving birth to their third child. When tragedy hits, she is determined to stay strong for her children. She has some tough choices to make in a short time.

Callum McKuen is taking care of the plantation on his own. His twin has left the area. His older half-brother and his wife live in St. Louis. His father has gone back East to visit family. He's left in New Orleans to handle the scandal, which hasn't calmed down as they hoped it would.

Minette Charpentier is a beautiful young woman. Her mother's lifestyle left a mark on their family, though. Now, it's just her grandfather and her half-sister. Minette is doing her best to care for them, but with her mother's past and her own beauty...danger is closing in.

This story follows the twin brothers and where life is leading them. And the two young women and their struggles. It is a well-told story. The author doesn't paint everything nice and pretty...she adds a lot of real-life into it. I enjoy reading them, even if I might go through a few tissues.
Opposites Attract Series
Book 1: Only Her Heart
Annie Petrov had a tough decision to make. She was considering making a huge change in her life. She loved her job, but she couldn't stay there. But just as she's about to make her move...everything seemed to fall apart. And she just couldn't leave her boss in such a mess.

Jack Lasater didn't really see people. He saw everything in computerese. Luckily he had a partner and executive assistant who could deal with the human side of things. When someone from his past comes to him for help...he wants to refuse. Sadly, the money will help him to help his mother. choice but to take it.

I loved this story. Shed a few tears and a few smiles. Wonderful characters...both adults and children. And how things in our childhood stay with us—although, we usually don't see them as they actually were. Looking forward to more in this series.
Book 2: The Heart Hopes
Patience Andrews has moved to a new town and started teaching first grade. All seemed well and her life was falling into place. It didn't last long. She received a jury summons and everything changed.

District Attorney Gilbert Montgomery was surprised at the immediate attraction he felt for his son's new teacher. Even more surprised to see her as part of the jury on his big case. She might be beautiful, but Gil and the pretty blonde already had too many things going against them.

Wonderful story! Patience quickly learns the joys...or woes...of living in a small town. There's the good and bad and she's determined to survive.
Book 3: Two Hearts Denied
Claire Oberlin grew up next to Annie and Melissa Petrov...and Troy. As her friends throw her a party for passing the bar exam, the night takes a bad turn that keeps on going. Troy is missing. As Claire starts her new job in the law firm and helps Melissa at night...her life isn't quite as she expected it to be. And then there's Detective O'Neill.

Detective Ryder O'Neill has seen plenty of bad in his career. Experienced it firsthand in his own life. Missing persons were his top priority. He's doing his best with the leads he can find in his search for Troy...and it doesn't help that the beautiful, young lawyer keeps showing up pushing him.

Loving this series. The characters don't have it easy. Real-life intrudes in their lives. Marriage issues. Trust issues. Finding the people they thought they knew as upstanding...are only human after all. Annie's story is book one; Only Her Heart. Patience, their cousin, is book two; The Heart Hopes. And the reader can learn more of Melissa, Troy, and their twin boys in the previous stories too.
Book 4: A Heart of Stone
Cash Langley has lost everything. His parents...his only sister and her husband, and now, his niece. He can't understand why his sister left in her will to let Angie go to her best friend instead of her only living relative. Well...this businessman isn't going to take no for an answer. He's going to get custody of his niece one way or another.

Jane Everett loved Dena like a sister. And if Dena and John wanted her to raise their baby girl...that's what she'll do. Even if it means having contact with the one man she's ever loved. A man who only sees her as a little girl.

Cash goes to greater lengths than Jane ever expected to be near his niece. Closer to Angie, though, means closer to Jane too. A great story of family, love, romance, and an adorable little girl bringing people together. I love Lyn Cote's stories.
The Carlyle Women Series
Book 1: Meant for Me
Book 2: Has to be You
Book 3: To Love Somebody
Book 4: What Love Is
Carly Sinclair Gallagher wants to live her own life. Not the life her mother chooses for her. So after finishing four years of high school in only three years...only seventeen...she enlists in the army.

This book took me through so many emotions. My goodness it's well-written. And not all roses and candy. Going through boot camp with Carly was tough. Dealing with her mother, Leigh, was frustrating. And yet, Lyn Cote took the most unlovable characters and brought them around.

I like the way you saw the different perspectives from many of the characters. And the way it took some hard knocks for some of them to turn their eyes to Jesus. Many times in the book, there was nowhere else for them to go but to turn their hearts to God in prayer.
**Tissue alert!
Northern Intrigue Series 
Book 1: Winter's Secret
Sheriff Rodd Durand is a loner and not well-worded with women. As the new sheriff in the town of Steadfast, he finds that he needs to prove himself in a big way. They have a thief breaking into homes of the elderly while they are in the hospital. And he sees that the pretty nurse seems to be the line connecting the dots.

Wendy Carey has decided to stay single and work at the job she loves so much. The new sheriff is handsome enough but his words set her off. She has had to prove herself continually to this town. Between her mom's poor choices after the death of Wendy's dad and her uncle Dutch's activities—the past rises up and chokes her.

Welcome to the town of Steadfast, Wisconsin where you never know who is watching you so they can gossip. And gossip travels fast. There are quite a few interesting characters in town and now one of them is a thief. Great mystery and romance story. There are two more books after this one; Autumn's Shadow and Summer's End.
Book 2: Autumn's Shadow
Keely Turner loves to give of herself to her town. Her heart is in it, even if she does so much because her family—her very wealthy family—doesn't give back to the community. When a series of incidents happen at the high school she is principal of, she starts working very closely with the new deputy in town.

Deputy Burke Sloan is getting used to the small-town atmosphere after living in Milwaukee. And that's not all that is new for him—he has his seventeen-year-old nephew to watch over. Not to forget the load of guilt he's been dragging around for way too many years.

There are so many interesting characters in this story. The teens who already have heavy issues in their lives, the crabby—no cantankerous, loud-mouth Veda, and more. Also, the continuing story from book one; Winter's Secret. The third book is Summer's End. Good Christian fiction with real life issues.
Book 3: Summer's End
Dr. Kirsi Royston is heading to Steadfast, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, things have changed in her life and so have her commitments. It seems that the small-town has gone wild with her arrival. The quiet area isn't so quiet. And the doctor isn't what she expected either. Talk about being torn between two worlds.

Dr. Doug Erickson is awed from the moment he lays eyes on the new doctor. She is gorgeous. When things start happening in the town and around Kirsi—all of Doug's protective instincts go up.

The town of Steafast has gone wild. Drugs, shootings, and disappearances. Even some with strong faith are wondering where God is in all of this. Either the occurrences are going to make them stronger—or break them. If they don't find the source—it may even kill them.
Book 4: Spring's Storm
Thea Glenheim lives a quiet life. Teaching piano lessons to children around Steadfast. When someone buys the camp property next to changes around the quiet...but gossipy town. And, something changes within Thea as well.

Peter Della always dreamed of a camp to help inner-city kids. Get them out of their environment for a short time. Show them some love. Who knew the town's people would give him such grief when he buys the Double L?

Thea finds she was living in somewhat of a bubble—and that bubble has just popped. More importantly is she finds how the truth truly does set us free. She didn't realize how much she believed to be true...that wasn't. This is a wonderful series with great characters and mysteries.
Book 5: Mistletoe And Sage  
Deputy Sage Dietz has a busy life. The loss of her husband, her first love, still hurts but she has a young son to raise and an old farmhouse to remodel. A criminal to catch. The last thing she needs is to be attracted to her new coworker.

Deputy Garrett Connolly moved to Steadfast, Wisconsin to leave his past behind. To let his heart heal and start fresh. He's reminded of his mom's words not to fall into a rebound romance—so he fights his desire to know Sage better. Easier said than done.

There's a vandal to catch before the out-of-towners come back to Steadfast for the hunting season. The fancy new subdivision that is being vandalized brings in much needed revenue for the town. Working the case—not to mention Ma Havlecek—keeps putting Sage and Garrett too close for comfort.
Book 6: Loving Winter
Winter Woodard was trying to keep her business going. It had been in her family since the sixties and she wasn't going to lose it now. But a neighboring competitor along with other things happening to her, weren't making it easy.

Clayton “Clay” Dixon had his life where he wanted it. His work as the high school football coach and taking care of his youngest sister was all he needed. Yet, the redheaded woman with the unique name kept entering into his life—and he didn't mind so much.

Back to the Steadfast, Wisconsin. A small-town with people who watch out for each other, care for one another, and maybe even try to play matchmaker now and then. A fun, faith-filled story.

Two Seasons of Romance
Light, Sweet, Short-- 2 Seasons, Summer and Winter--4 Romances about the power of love to transform lives with hope : “Watermelon Cowboy”--After disappointment, Sarah learns how to find the real thing~ 

“Diamond in the Rough”--Ellie discovers neither nerds nor handsome men should be judged on looks alone~ “Good Neighbors”--After loss, Kate changes her point of view on loving again~ 

“Make Believe”--Taking a chance, Amy finds a special gift or two on Christmas Day~
Northwoods Past
Book 1: For Sophia's Heart
This is a story of two people on a train to Chicago, each heading to a new start in life in 1898.

Sophia Schiffler is the daughter of a poor immigrant from Ljubljana. Going to Chicago to start a new life. To marry a man she'll be meeting for the first time. Not a love match but it will be one less person for her father to support with his farm job in Wisconsin. She meets a handsome young man on the train who refuses to let her meet her intended alone. When one incident leads to another….she ends up in a marriage of convenience for her own protection. Who could have known the doors that one act of kindness would open up for her, little Sophia?

Gannon Moore is going from a university student to being a soldier. He feels pulled to help the young immigrant woman and later sees that it must have been God that put them on that train together….at that time. The letters he receives from Sophia while in the army and memories he has of her from their two short days together help him through the worst of times. As she is a stranger in America he soon feels the same way in Cuba, being in a strange land with a language he doesn't understand.

This is just a short novella but so packed full. The author does such a great job of bringing the characters to life along with their emotions. I could imagine Gannon fighting off the mosquitoes in Florida and fighting the battle in Cuba. The reality of Sophia having to rely on someone else to read and write letters for her until she could learn the language enough to do it herself. And the struggles each of them faced hoping and praying the other was safe. I really enjoyed it.
Book 2: Winter Homecoming: Sophia's Daughter
Will Gustafson is returning a way. He has made some bad choices and isn't ready to face his family. Hoping to find an empty cabin in the woods, he heads north. Fortunately, he meets someone who needs a handyman.

Cass Newton hasn't been living...she's been caught in her grief and in her own world. She can hardly believe she's asked a stranger to help her out. But she definitely needs help.

Both Will and Cass want to keep their pasts to themselves, so their arrangement is perfect. But life can't stay perfect forever. You may want to read book one; Sophia's Heart. It's the story of Cass's parents.
Quaker Brides Series
Prequel: Where Honor Began
 Book 1: Honor

Book 2: Blessing
Book 3: Faith
Stand Alone Books
Never Alone
Cash Langley was deeply hurt when his late sister gave guardianship of his only niece to her best friend, Jean Everett. Suddenly, he was pitted against the lovely lady for custody of baby Angie. But Cash couldn't help but be drawn in by Jane's warmth, motherly devotion--and her unfaltering faith. Especially when he learned that Jane had secretly adored him for years. Could Cash learn to break free of the pain of the past, accept God's love--and embrace the gift of a devoted family?
Hope's Garden
After his young wife tragically dies from cancer, the chief ranger of Yellowstone National Park no longer sees the logic of God's plan. A young teacher who is visiting Yellowstone to find herself restores the ranger's faith, and in the process she discovers a ready-made family.
New Man in Town
Peter Della has made a personal commitment to help others and his latest efforts find him trying diligently to open up a camp for underprivileged city children. However, the small conservative Wisconsin town has decided to fight him every step of the way. Thea Glenheim believes strongly in Peter's mission and admires his strong faith and commitment. Can she summon the courage to stand up for the cause she believes in and the man she loves?
Blessed Assurance Series
Blessed Assurance Series 3 in 1 
This series is about two families, one white and one black, who help each other through three major tragedies:
Whispers of Love- The Chicago Fire – 1871
Lost in His Love – The San Francisco Fire – 1906
Echoes of Mercy – The Aftermath of WWI - 1920
Book 1: Whispers of Love
Civil War widow Jessie Wagstaff must fend for herself and her son. When a stranger, Lee Smith, befriends Jessie's son, even though she recognizes nine-year-old Linc's need for a father figure, she's reluctant to let a new man into their life. When the Great Chicago Fire blazes, every heart is pushed to its limits.
Book 2: Lost in His Love
Linc, a social activist and reporter, charms his way through the upper class of San Francisco to build much-needed support for his fight against child labor. His main target is Cecilia Jackson, a beautiful heiress who doesn't recognize the crucial part she plays in this dangerous exploitation. As the secrets of her family's dark past are exposed, Cecilia must revive her own wounded spirit and find the strength to lean on the never-failing love of Christ. But when the 1906 earthquake hits, everyone's faith will be put to the test.
Book 3: Echoes of Mercy
Meg Wagstaff challenges the racial barriers of 1920s New Orleans in order to prove that her childhood friend did not commit murder. The stubborn lawyer prosecuting the case, Gabriel St. Clair, is an authentic Southern gentleman who makes the mistake of underestimating Meg, both her tenacity and her charm. Despite their many differences, sparks begin to fly. But when Meg discovers the truth, will Gabe be able to protect her from those who can't afford to have justice prevail?
Bountiful Blessings Series
Book 1: Finally Home
Hannah Kirkland uproots her life in order to find the spiritual healing that she so desperately needs. In the process, she unexpectedly becomes involved with local builder Guthrie Thomas -- and together they learn that the only "forever" is a love shared with family and friends.
Book 2: Finally Found
When preacher's daughter Spring Kirkland left snowy Wisconsin for sunny Florida, a rekindled romance was the last thing on her mind. On a mission to save her beloved mother's life, Spring meant to uncover a well-guarded family secret. But in doing so, she unexpectedly unearthed a long-buried yearning....

A decade ago, Marco Da Palma had convinced himself that Spring was beyond his reach. Now here she was, still single -- and as alluring as ever. A successful physician, Marco had far more to offer her this time around. If only he dared believe that the one thing that mattered was the one thing he'd had all along: a heart full of love....

Book 3: The Preacher's Daughter
Pastor Tanner Bond needed to break down the barriers between his congregation and the Mexican-Americans who had recently moved to Pleasant Prairie. But he didn't expect God to send him Lucie Hansen...

Lucie was bold, brash and bilingual. She was determined to help Tanner understand the new Hispanic residents, but she was also his complete opposite -- impulsive and confident, while he pondered and prayed before acting. Growing up as a "preacher's kid," Lucie had resented the restrictions put on her. She didn't want to have feelings for Tanner...even though she did. Would her rush to bring harmony do more harm than good? And would the preacher's daughter realize she'd make a perfect pastor's wife?
Sisters of the Heart Series
Book 1: His Saving Grace
All Jack Lassater could count on were the computer systems he designed and his assistant, Gracie Petrov. But his right-hand woman had been keeping a secret: She'd loved him silently for years.

A sense of duty and Jack's need for her prevented Gracie from resigning. Could her strong faith serve to help Jack reconcile with the father who'd abandoned him? And could it mend Jack's wounded spirit, so their partnership would mix business and marriage?
Book 2: Testing His Patience
All D.A. Gil Montgomery wants is a robbery conviction, but what he gets is a mistrial, thanks to the new teacher in town, Patience Andrews. Gil meets his match in the headstrong Patience, who challenges Gil's expertise. Yet as they work together to catch a criminal, the willowy innocent begins to charm the stubborn prosecutor. Gil had made the wrong choice once -- with his son's mother. Can he trust his judgment now? Is Patience merely the bane of his existence...or the woman meant to be his wife?
Book 3: Loving Constance
Her best friend's husband had vanished... And Constance Oberlin was determined to find him. The police weren't doing enough to find the missing construction worker, so the feisty lawyer decided to try to solve the case herself...with a few prayers thrown in for him to come home safely to his wife and twin sons.

But working with Detective Rand O'Neill, a widower, proved more exciting than she'd realized. Especially when her dreams began to feature the ruggedly handsome lawman who'd lost his faith....
The Women of Ivy Manor 
The women of Ivy Manor-four generations of women who forged a dynasty amid the tapestry of the twentieth century... 
Book 1: Chloe
Chloe Lorraine Kimball is born on her family's estate of Ivy Manor in the wee hours of January 1, 1900. The happiness surrounding her birth will not last long. For despite a home filled with everything a young girl could want, Chloe lacks the one thing she desires above all else: love. She is young and beautiful, bright and kind, yet she is nothing more than a pretty decoration for her mother's social circles and a tool for her father's political career.

And so, with the help of friends-one of whom cares for Chloe more than she's prepared to acknowledge-Chloe strikes out on her own. Escaping into New York City's bohemian world of the Roaring Twenties, she begins to live life on her own terms, determined to stand apart from her family. She embraces marriage and a career. But none of it-not even motherhood-brings her what she longs for.

In the end, as the Depression comes crashing into her life, Chloe must realize that peace comes from within-and that love can't be forced...or denied. Only then will she be able to find the joy that is waiting for her. But will she discover how to claim it once and for all before it's too late?

Book 2: Bette
Elizabeth "Bette" Leigh McCaslin comes of age in the years before World War II. Although money is scarce in the aftermath of the Depression, her home is happy and filled with love. And Bette dreams of one day having her own family. But as the war taints her sheltered world, she starts to realize life is sometimes cruel -- and not everyone has the happiness she does.

Eagerly and secretly, she becomes involved in anti-Nazi espionage, even though it forces her to lie to her fiance and others. She also begins to wonder if her intended is the right man for her. Yet when peace is won she says "I do" and retires from her work.

Now, with the war behind her, Bette discovers that married life is not the happily-ever-after dream she imagined. When unexpected hardships arise, she is forced to rely on her own strength...make some painful decisions...and take the necessary steps of faith to finally win true happiness.
Book 3: Leigh
Linda Leigh Sinclair is born in the aftermath of WWII. Raised near Ivy Manor, enveloped in the love of her family, Leigh has everything she could possibly need--yet not everything she wants. Her overwhelming need for freedom for herself and others leads her into the modern civil rights movement.

At eighteen, Leigh watches the powers that be collide with the radical causes of the 1960s. Choosing the dangerous path of a journalist, she witnesses and writes about the protests and riots against segregation and the war in Vietnam. Then, while caught up in the winds of change, she falls in love. But her joy soon turns to pain...

To survive, Leigh must mature quickly and call on God's forgiveness and power. Will she become the strong and capable woman her family--and the world--needs?
Book 4: Carly
Carly Leigh Sinclair grew up in the last decades of the twentieth century in the home of her independent and ambitious mother, Leigh. Scarred by a childhood trauma, Carly finds that constantly trying to please her mother by hiding her own fears only causes them to mount. In a bold attempt to face them head-on, Carly decides to join the army.

Military life is a shocking change for the young woman. But through the experience, she examines and begins to dismantle her self-doubt. When she suffers abuse from another recruit and then is sent to Kuwait as a part of Desert Shield and Desert Storm, courage becomes crucial for survival.

All too soon, Carly finds love, is wounded, and is sent home to Ivy Manor. There, under the care of three generations of women who have endured their own wars-personal and otherwise-Carly must determine if she can truly cope, not only with her physical injuries, but with her emotional and spiritual ones as well. Can Carly find peace at last?
Harbor Intrigue Series
Book 1: Dangerous Season
As sheriff of his Wisconsin hometown, Keir Harding hoped to finally put his troubled past behind him—until a vindictive arsonist threatened the seaside community's summer season. Determined to catch the criminal, Keir enlisted the aid of Audra Blair, a woman close to the two teen suspects.
Starting her own business had taken a leap of faith, and Audra was proud of her bustling waterfront cafe. Keir's quiet Christian beliefs and strong presence tempted the single mother to believe in the healing power of love. With the arsonist's sights set on Audra, she might pay the ultimate price for getting involved with Keir.
Book 2: Dangerous Game
Seven years ago, Grey Lawson went to prison for a fatal hit-and-run. Now, with little else but his faith, he returned to the hometown that had turned against him-- only to find Winfield plagued by a series of accidents that eerily mirrored events from the past. As Winfield's first female deputy, Trish Franklin had to tread carefully, professionally and personally, as she got involved with Grey. Yet with a killer determined to frame him for crimes past and present, Grey could only pray that Trish wouldn't suffer for his sins.
Book 3: Dangerous Secrets
That's what Sylvie Patterson wanted to know when she learned her cousin Ginger was dead. And so did Ridge Matthews, a state homicide detective working with Winfield's police department. Ginger's apartment was ransacked, followed by a string of suspicious break-ins at houses where Ginger had visited. What did Ginger own that was so valuable someone was willing to kill her for it? It would take all of Ridge's skills--and Sylvie's prayers--to keep Sylvie from becoming the next victim.
Texas: Star of Destiny Series
Book1: The Desires of Her Heart
A New Orleans lady and a half-breed frontiersman become unlikely allies as they travel the wilds of Texas.

In 1821, when circumstances make it impossible for her to remain in New Orleans, Dorritt and her family head west to join Stephen Austin's settlement and recoup their fortune in Texas.

Quinn is a man of the frontier who has made a name for himself as a peerless scout. But as he and Dorritt's party begin a grueling trek across untamed Texas, the success of their journey is in grave doubt. Mexico has broken with the Spanish Crown, and armies from both countries--plus marauding Comanches--roam the pine forests and prairies. And one of the party is plotting destruction.

Now, with their lives joined in a virgin land fraught with peril, can Dorritt and Quinn put all their trust in God and receive the desires of their hearts?
Book 2: Her Inheritance Forever
In 1836 Texas, Alandra Sandoval is the lady of Rancho Sandoval, determined to prove to a doubting world that a woman alone can run a ranch as well as any man. But when Comanches attack her ranch and kidnap her, Alandra must admit she needs protection. A top hand at a nearby ranch, Scully Falconer, is chosen for the task and though Alandra tries to pretend she doesn't need his help, he quietly stays by her side.

Though they believe their paths to be worlds apart, the rugged American cowboy with a troubled past and the proud lady of Mexican descent are united when Alandra's greedy relatives burst into their lives. And when General Santa Anna's army crosses the Rio Grande -- marching toward a rendezvous with destiny at the Alamo -- Alandra and Scully are swept up together in the tide of history...and their world will never be the same.
Book 3: Her Abundant Joy
In 1846, young widow Mariel survived the grueling voyage from Germany to start a new life in the "promised" land of ?Texas. Forced by circumstances to become a servant, Mariel is now determined to leave her harsh master. But how can a single woman face the frontier on her own?

Texas Ranger Carson Quinn is responsible for leading Mariel's party of German immigrants safely through dangerous Comanche-held territory. As he watches Mariel hold her head high in spite of everything, he knows he will do anything to protect her. But war is brewing: Mexico will not accept the U.S. annexation of the young Texas Republic without a fight. Honor bound to defend Texas, Carson's deepest longing is to lay down his rifle and forge a future with Mariel. As he struggles to determine God's path for him, Mariel watches the man she loves torn in two.

Will the tide of history keep them from giving their love a chance?
 The Gabriel Sisters Series
Book 1: Her Captain's Heart
Nothing is impossible--as far as idealistic schoolteacher Verity Hardy is concerned. The lovely widow is certain teaching freed slaves in a Virginia town torn apart by the Civil War will help heal bitterness and old wounds. But she's finding that the school's cynical builder, Matthew Ritter, has little reason to have faith in her--or anything else.

An ex-Union captain, Matt has seen more than his share of destruction. And the threats he's getting about the school are almost enough to make him give up. But Verity's spirit and courage inspire him to fight once again for what he believes in--and to show her they can reach their dreams together....
Book 2: Her Patchwork Family
Christmas is for families...And Felicity Gabriel intends to build a family right away When she inherits a mansion, she decides to turn it into a home for orphans. But her first charges test her resolve. One child is a thief, suspicious of her kindness. The other is the local judge's traumatized daughter.

Broken by war, Judge Tyrone Hawkins is devastated when his little girl runs from him to Felicity. But Felicity's courage despite the town's scorn for her orphanage and her caring way with his daughter restore his lost faith. Now he wonders if they all can find the family they seek...just in time for Christmas.
Book 3: Her Healing Ways
Unafraid, Unconventional...and Unwelcome

A female physician with an adopted black daughter? The townsfolk of Idaho Bend will never accept Dr. Mercy Gabriel -- even when faced with a deadly cholera epidemic. But all Mercy needs is one man willing to listen…and to trust.

Four years of war command turned Lon Mackey into a footloose gambler who can't abide attachments. Yet he can't help getting riled by the threats Mercy keeps receiving. Her trailblazing courage could reignite his faith and humanity. And his loyalty could make her dream -- for the first time -- of a family of her own….
  New Friends Street Series
Book 1: Shelter of Hope
Struggling single mother Rosa Santos is deeply touched when volunteers band together to build her a home. With a waitressing job, community college and church, Rosa barely has time to help, let alone dream about a husband and father figure. But when handsome volunteer Marc Chambers hands her withdrawn young son a little hammer, her heart swells. Suddenly, her son is blossoming. But the closer she and Marc get, the more he pulls away. Why? He's built her a shelter of hope. One she--and her son--pray he'll take refuge within...
Book 2: Daddy in the Making
Dr. Jake McClure's basset hound has fallen in love. With a single mom, her adorable twins and the orphaned kittens they rescued. Man's best friend suddenly won't budge from Jeannie Broussard's home -- and Jake can understand why. Jeannie's place is full of love, laughter and everything Jake has been missing in his life lately. As Jake spends time with Jeannie and her girls, a bond forges between them, and soon Jake is wondering if he's the perfect fit in this fatherless family...
Book 3: Building a Family
Lawyer Eleanor Washburn defends wayward teenagers and supervises volunteers for Habitat for Humanity without missing a beat. But she is unnerved by fascinating single dad Pete Beck -- especially since his chaotic life includes a little girl wishing for a mother. Sweet Cassie has Eleanor yearning for what's been missing from her lonely existence. Soon, both dad and daughter are chipping away at Eleanor's defenses. Can she find the courage to risk losing her heart to this ready-made family?
Wilderness Brides Series
Book 1: Their Frontier Family
Noah Whitmore don’t know where he belongs. Dismissed by the Quakers for joining the war. An outcast among the soldiers because of his odd speech. Unforgiven by his father and living with the nightmares of killing men. Starting over he claims land in Pepin, Wisconsin and asks the beautiful Sunny to be his wife. He sees that Sunny and her daughter need protection. He may not be able to give her love but he can protect her and they can start over in a place where no one knows their pasts and they can stick to themselves.

Sunny Licht has escaped Idaho and prostitution but she still is not fully accepted in this small Quaker community and when she goes to town….men think they can take liberties with her. When Noah asks for her hand in marriage she sees it as her only escape to a new life for her and Dawn. If she can just make sure to never let her past known.

Travel to 1869 where the frontier was still open and wild. Where it took hard work to clear the land, build a home and make a new life. Noah was happy to be far away from people but Sunny missed having friends. Soon enough even Noah finds that helping each other is more important than keeping to himself. Sunny’s story begins in Her Healing Ways, book 3 of the Gabriel Sisters Series.
Book 2: The Baby Bequest
Baby on Her Doorstep 
Schoolteacher Ellen Thurston never expected to find love in Pepin, Wisconsin. But the moment she discovers a baby boy outside her door, it's love at first sight. While the townsfolk don't approve of Ellen as a single mother, what worries her most are her feelings for the handsome farmer who defends her decision to keep the child. 

Ellen is far above the reach of a German immigrant like Kurt Lang. Especially one weighted with responsibility. Kurt knows how hard it is to raise a child alone, but he will do whatever it takes to help make Ellen's dream of a family come true.
Book 3: Heartland Courtship
An Unexpected Partnership 
Quaker Rachel Woolsey dreams of having her own bakery and her own homestead. But the odds are stacked against her--until the handsome ex-soldier she nurses back to health offers to help her. Like Rachel, Brennan Merriday is an outsider. But he'll be the temporary ally she needs, and her foolish attraction will fade once he's gone. 

At first, the only thing Brennan wants to know about Pepin, Wisconsin, is how fast he can leave it. Perhaps in Canada he'll find peace after a bloody war. Yet repaying his debt to the pretty baker offers unexpected solace. She saved him once. Now he longs to rescue dreams of family--for both of them.
Blessed Bouquets: Wed by a Prayer
They met at a wedding and couldn't stand each other. But then a troubled teen put them on the same path--for life?
A heartwarming 3-in-1 of editorially connected novellas in which three couples find love and happiness while attending the same Arkansas wedding.
Wed by a Prayer by Lyn Cote
The Dream Man by Lenora Worth
Small-Town Wedding by Penny Richards
Letters of the Heart: For Varina's Heart
HeartQuest brings readers three original novellas. Each romantic story includes love letters in a popular historical setting.
Until the Shadows Flee by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Dear Love by Maureen Pratt
For Varina's Heart by Lyn Cote


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