Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moreno's Mini-Series: Ignite Your Alpha!

After our live show on January 4th, I never thought entering La Jolla safely again was an option. So when Elizabeth asked me to come to a meeting with “the girls” I was a bit leery for fear they were still mad. However, it seems they all got so much extra attention and loving after the show, that they forgave me. So I grabbed hubby and headed for our six hour trek to California. We were able to meet at Sal & Grace's restaurant, as Sal went golfing for the day.”

Valerie took the lead and asked Elizabeth if we could help them have some fun teasing their guys. Her exact response, with a sly smile, was, “What kind of fun do you girls have in mind?”

Sarah smiled and began, “We had so much fun at the show, once we could look back on it, but we think we may have got the short end of the straw.” All the girls shook their heads in agreement.

 When Sarah, Valerie, Sofia, Grace, and I got together and talked it over, we realized you were trying to get our guys to lose their cool, but they held back,” Isabel said as she shook her head, obviously thinking of her hotheaded hubby.

We came up with a new show for you two if you are up to it. As we said, when we thought back over the other show we realized it was done well and the audience seemed to love it. When Joey and Taylor were over a few days later and talked about how it was from their view, Sal and I actually had a pretty good laugh.” Grace started chuckling to herself and pointed to Sofia to take over.

We have decided to employ some sneaky tactics to get them to blow their lids. We can gather a camera crew and some actors, not a hard thing to do here in California, and you can catch them unawares with some hidden cameras,” Sofia said, wiggling with excitement.

Isabel leaned forward on the table and finished up with, “We all want to be part of it and have written down some ideas for each of our husbands. Maybe we can tape them all and then you can do the live show at Moreno's again and show the video. By then the guys should be able to sit back and laugh with us. What do you two think?”

Of course, we loved the idea. After a whole lot of giggling and carefully going over all the possibilities, while having a few of the famous Moreno mojitos made by none other than Grace herself, we had a perfect plan. 
Welcome back to Just Judy's Jumbles for another visit with the Morenos. As you will see in these clips, and later when we have our full cast reunion, a few years have passed but time has been good to both our guys and gals. They are as sexy as ever. We had to smile when we noticed a few folks passing by that almost got whiplash swinging their heads with their double takes.” *Judy uses the remote to start the clip. *
Welcome to Ignite Your Alpha. What will it take to ignite their fuse?”
Clip 1
We figured Eric, from Sweet Sofie, would be harder to ignite than the others, since he seems so much calmer, that was until Sofie let us in on a little secret. There are some things that annoy him to no end but she usually manages to calm him. In the clip of course, she’ll do just the opposite. She told us how irritated he gets when men are blatant about admiring some of Sofie's hard not to notice assets. So what better way to show those assets off than a day at the beach. She tells Eric she is in a need of a romantic day out with just the two of them. Sarah happily agrees to take the kids to the zoo since their kids love going places with their cousins. Sofie and Eric are off to spend the day on the shores of La Jolla as she shows off her new bikini. As calm and easy going as Eric can be, we were in for a big surprise. Sofie sure does know her man, so cue the blatant gawking actors and let the fireworks begin.”

Welcome our accomplice...Jagger. Think he can ignite Eric's fuse?”
Sofie and Eric arrive at the beach. Our cameras are strategically set up in vans and coolers of nearby actors pretending to be beach goers for the day. We capture them as they pull their things out of the trunk of the car.

*pauses video* “I love this part! Sofie removes her sarong while Eric is busy pulling out the beach chairs, take a look at his expression when he turns and sees her in nothing but her bikini.” *hits play*
We watch Eric’s eyes nearly pop out of his head and then look around to see if anyone else is watching.

Sof?” His eyes roam up and down her body as if it’s the first time he’s seen his wife’s scantily dressed body. “When did you get that?”

Sofie glances down nonchalantly at her hot pink barely-there bikini. “I bought it the other day when we decided we were gonna do this.” She glances back up at Eric. “You like it?”

*pauses video* Of course he does. You go, Sofie! After two kids you’re still rocking it. Get a load of the guys walking by. We didn’t even have to hire actors for this one.” *laughs and starts video*

Eric pulls his eyes away from Sofie just long enough to catch the guys staring at her then glances back at her. “It’s nice but it’s a little…”

Sofie lifts that famous Moreno eyebrow. “A little what?”

Revealing, don’t you think?”

Sofie laughs. “It’s a bikini. It’s supposed to be revealing.” She kisses him on the nose then adds, “I wanna get an even tan, babe.”

After gathering their things they head out to set up by the lifeguard stand, where our other cameras are ready and waiting. Our lifeguard is Jagger, one of our actors, and he's pretending to look around through his binoculars. As they get closer to the stand our actor focuses his binoculars on Sofie. Eric doesn’t notice at first but when he does, Jagger casually moves the binoculars in a different direction. Eric knows what he saw, so his eyes remain on Jagger for a few more seconds before telling Sofie he’s going for the rest of the stuff. With one last glimpse at the guy, he starts back to the car. Sofie lays out on her towel and starts applying sunblock on her legs.

We cue the actor to make his move so he walks down the steps of his post and heads toward Sofie. “Afternoon,” Jagger says.

Sofie smiles, continuing to apply the lotion. “Afternoon,” she replies.

Jagger doesn’t even have to be cued, his eyes are already roaming up and down Sofie’s long legs. “Yeah, you better make sure to get that on everywhere. Looks like today’s gonna be a hot one.” He smiles, his eyes still glued to where Sofie is applying lotion on her belly. “Perfection shouldn’t be messed with.”

*pauses video* “Notice Sofie’s confused expression. Apparently, Jagger became so distracted he flubbed his lines and began to improvise here. That perfection line wasn’t anything we told him to say.” *shakes head and hits play again*

We cue our distracted actor so he’ll notice Eric is very near now. He glances up at Eric then excuses himself, going back to his post. Eric reaches Sofie just as our actor gets one last closer look—at her perfection— using his binoculars again.

What did he want?” Eric asks nodding toward our actor. Who once again casually moves the binoculars in a different direction.

Sofie shrugs lying back on her towel. “Just said hello and stuff.”

What stuff?” Eric drops the beach bag and umbrella on the ground.

Her eyes are now closed and she’s looking very comfortable, shiny, and perfect on her towel. “He just said I should make sure I get sunblock everywhere. It’s supposed to be real hot today.”

That’s what he came over here for?”

Sofie opens an eye and if you look real close you can see the corner of her lip twitch.

*pause* “Sofie told us later it’s so unusual to see Eric worked up over things like this, that it’s almost funny when he does. Almost. Just wait to you see the rest.” *hits play*

Yes it was. Baby, can you get me a water from the ice chest please?”

Eric does as asked but continues to look up at Jagger, who is behaving for now. We fast forward to a while later when Eric decides to take a dip in the water, leaving Sofie alone. And cue our lifeguard. He makes his way down the steps of his post and heads back to Sofie, who as instructed is now standing and dusting off the sand that’s stuck to her legs.

Need some help with that?”

*pauses video* “Doesn't Jagger do an excellent job of pretending to be attracted to Sofie? We're talking Oscar-winning performance here. Look at that smile and the way he stays very much in character, playing the part of a man who's supposed to be ogling Sofie outrageously. *rolls eyes pressing play again* Alright I’ll let you guys watch some more.”

Our cameras capture the moment Eric comes up for air and notices our helpful lifeguard standing over by his sexy wife yet again, chatting it up. Without giving it a second thought he’s out of the water and on his way back to Sofie. And here we thought Eric was going to be hard to rile up. Time to really get him going. Just as he gets close enough we cue Jagger to reach over and dust a spot off Sofie’s shoulder where she missed some sand.

*pauses video* “I promise this is the last time I stop this but I just want to explain that Jagger did admit later to getting a little too much into his part. I guess Sofie in a hot pink teeny tiny bikini will do that to any guy. But this was supposed to play out where Eric arrives and finds Jagger flirting outrageously with Sofie because we thought that’s what it would take to ignite Eric. Unfortunately, Jagger went a little overboard on the improvising. He was supposed to only dust off her shoulder but he took it upon himself to do a little more dusting, turning what we anticipated being our least explosive clip into one of the quickest to escalate. Take a look.” *presses play*

Even as Eric approaches, Jagger continues to dust Sofie’s back. We watch her eyes widen wondering like the rest of us, what the heck he’s doing.
You mind taking your fBLEEP hands off my wife?”

Sofie quickly jumps in front of Eric who looks ready to rip Jagger's head off. Elizabeth and I nearly trip on our flip flops trying to run out there from behind the umbrella we were hiding behind. “Eric!” Elizabeth yells as Sofie struggles to hold him back.

It’s a show, Eric!” Sofie says, smoothing out his wet hair. “This was planned.”

The confusion sets in as our camera people start coming out from behind their hiding spots and as Elizabeth and I arrive, everyone starts clapping. “Wow, Eric. I was not expecting that,” Elizabeth says laughing.

He seems a little embarrassed but admits he was getting ready to shove our actors binoculars up his a$$!

After Sofie explains it all and that the others would be getting ignited as well. Eric’s eyes open wide. “You’re gonna do this to your brothers?” Then adds looking even more incredulous, “And Romero? Are you nuts?” Eric turns to us. “I hope you guys have mega security.”

We exchange nervous glances. If Eric's skit turned out more explosive than we imagined, what in the world are we in for with the brothers and Romero? *GULP*
Stay tuned!
Clip 2
Alex and Valerie, from Always Been Mine and When You Were Mine, walk into the showroom of the car lot holding hands. Alex looks as big and menacing as ever as he glances around at several of the SUV’s on display.

*pause* “I just want you to get a load of the expression on our actor here *points at the handsome guy in a shirt and tie smiling* in a second when he gets his first glimpse of Alex—the guy he’s assigned to make jealous.” *hits the play button again.*

We watch and catch the expression the moment the actor sees Alex. The smile disappears and we see him mouth what looks like “You’re fBLEEP kidding me!” *Laughter*

*pauses video again* I’m sure he’s thinking the joke is on him at this point. Alright, lets watch the rest of this. It only gets better.”

Welcome our accomplice...Raymond. Think he can ignite Alex's fuse?”
Alex and Valerie continue to walk around the showroom and the actor approaches them, then stops and smiles. “Valerie, is that you?”

Valerie wrinkles her brow as if she's thinking where she might know him from. She taps her lip with her well-manicured finger and does a very good job of pretending not to recognize him at first, then suddenly her mouth falls open. In the next second, she breaks out into a huge smile. “Raymond?”

Raymond smiles even bigger now and goes in for a hug which Valerie drops Alex’s hand to hug Raymond willingly. “Wow, it’s been years,” Raymond says as he continues to hug her for a little longer.

Alex already looks unamused.

*hits pause button again* In case any of you missed it, let me pan in so you can see that famous Moreno jaw working as Raymond’s hug goes on a little too long. Elizabeth and I thought this was hilariously adorable and don’t tell Valerie, but sexy as heck all at the same time! Okay. Okay. I’ll let you guys watch the rest without pausing but I’ll still continue to comment.”

The hug is finally over and Alex’s arm is immediately extended out to reach for Valerie’s hand. She takes his hand. “Oh, Raymond this is my husband, Alex.” She turns to Alex and smiles. “Alex this is Raymond, an old friend from college.”

Alex’s eyebrow lifts ever so slightly.“We all know what he’s thinking—old friend?”

Raymond eagerly reaches out and shakes Alex’s hand. “Nice to meet you.” But immediately turns back to Valerie. “I didn’t know you were married.”

Valerie is starting to look just a little nervous. Did Alex squeeze her hand a bit too hard maybe?”

I knew I should’ve sealed the deal when I had the chance.” He smiles flirtatiously at Valerie but turns to Alex when he notices he is not smiling and winks. “You’re a lucky man.”

Yeah, I am,” Alex says very matter of a fact. “So are you a salesman? Because we’re here to look at these.” He points at the SUV in the showroom.

Uh oh, he’s getting testy.”

Yes, I like this one.” Valerie points at the silver one.

I sure am a salesman and we have one just like this right outside. It just got back from a test drive and they haven’t put it back yet. I can go grab the keys and meet you out there so we can take it for a spin, Val.”

“Raymond overdoes it a bit here by practically murmuring her name, making us very nervous. Notice how Alex’s big hands start to involuntarily clench and how that glare could burn a hole in Raymond’s back. Yikes!”

Valerie smiles excitedly. “Yes!”

Is this for you?” Raymond stops and appears to think, then his eyes open wide. “That’s right, this is your birthday month. Is this your gift?”

Valerie nods looking very giddy. “I really need one but yes, we’re calling it my birthday present.”

Our actor's arms are wide open again and Alex looks like he could spit nails. “Well, happy birthday, Val.”

Valerie hugs him back and thanks him as Alex’s jaw is once again working.

Your birthday brings back lots of memories,” Raymond says, finally letting her go again.

With a shy smile, Valerie nods as if in agreement but wisely says nothing more. Raymond excuses himself to get the keys and tells them he’ll meet them outside. Valerie and Alex make their way outside to the truck where the cameras are planted. Based on the growing scowl on Alex’s face something tells us they may not make it that far. As soon as the guy is out of earshot Alex turns to Valerie.

Did you and this guy ever go out or what?”

Valerie glances at Alex for a moment, then smiles. “Oh my God, Alex. That was so long ago.”

Just like the first few times I saw this, his eyebrows shooting up still cracks me up!”

Is that a yes?”

“Did we just see his muscles bulge?”

Our actor is cued to hurry back before Valerie can answer. “Here you go, beautiful,” he says, handing Valerie the keys to the SUV. “Go ahead and start her up and we can go for a test drive.” He turns to Alex who is not looking very happy at the moment. “I have to go in the front but you, sir, can sit in the backseat.” He then reaches out for Valerie and touches her on the arm. “The backseat, Val.” He winks with a smirk. “You remember that right?”

You know what, Raymond.” Alex’s full-blown scowl makes us all nervous now. “I think maybe we’re gonna need another sales guy.”

Alex?” Valerie touches his arm gently.

Is there a problem, sir?” Raymond looks a little nervous now.

Of course, there’s a fBLEEP! Problem—”

Valerie steps in front of Alex. Honey, no!

The camera crews come out from hiding and Alex looks confused suddenly, but still mad. Raymond is still close enough and you can see he’s not feeling entirely safe. Elizabeth and I walk out with our microphones to let poor Raymond off the hook.

*pauses video* “Look at poor Raymond as he clutches his chest. He told us later he almost didn’t go through with the backseat line.”

Alex!” Elizabeth says, hugging him as she reaches him. “You held out longer than I thought.”

Valerie is now giggling and Alex begins to understand what just happened since everyone including Raymond is clapping. “I just met your wife today, man” Raymond assures Alex.

Judy rats out Valerie immediately pointing at her. “It was her idea not mine!”

We let Valerie explain the show and how the other guys will be getting ignited. Alex shakes his head smiling. “You’re doing this to Romero?” He puts an arm around Elizabeth and I and gives us each a sideways hug, I smile until his next words. “Good luck. You better have a stretcher handy. Your actor is gonna need it.”

I turn to Elizabeth who has that same look of trepidation on her face as I do. Maybe we should rethink doing Romero’s?
Stay tuned!
Clip 3
We really thought it would be tough to ignite Sal from Making You Mine.
As the oldest, he prides himself on being the more sensible and in control brother. So we pushed it a little and uh we forgot how intense he can
be when it comes to his Gracie.
Teaming up with Grace's best friends, we set up a small dinner party at Joey and Taylor's new home. Aside from Grace and Sal they invite a few others over. Our actor immediately takes a strong interest in anything Grace has to say and that does not go unnoticed by Sal. However, we find out Sal is under the impression our actor is gay. So let me set this up, they’ve been enjoying dinner now for a few minutes and anytime Grace says anything our actor, Paul, is quick to ask follow up questions and compliments Grace every chance he gets. Sal doesn’t seem too bothered by this until...well just watch.” *presses play*

Welcome our accomplice...Paul. Think he can ignite Sal?”
Paul excuses himself as he gets up to go to the restroom. “Grace.” He leans in and smells her, his lips are inches away from hers. “What are you wearing? You smell fantastic.”

Oh, thank you.” Grace smiles. “Its Delicious Night by DKNY. My sister gave it to me for Christmas.”

As planned, Paul locks his eyes on Graces. “Delicious, fits you perfectly.”

After a moment, he looks away and walks off. Sal leans into Grace and whispers, “So what’s his deal? No significant other?”

Grace pretends to be confused. “Significant other?”

Yeah,” he says, putting another spoonful of potatoes in his mouth then wipes his mouth and continues to whisper, “or has he not found Mr. Right?”

Grace works on her salad shaking her head. “Oh, he’s not gay and yeah, he is single.”

*presses pause* “ I just had to freeze that still of Sal’s expression and the lift of his signature brow. Right there, the moment it hits him that this guy who’s been complimenting his wife all night—and just inhaled her scent calling her delicious—is as hetero as he is. Classic Moreno!” *laughs pressing play again*

He’s not?” Sal is no longer whispering.

That cues Taylor to talk up Paul. “Oh, hey, Sal, Paul has a master's in business as well.”

Sal doesn’t seem very impressed but Grace makes sure to show her interest. “I thought Joey said Paul had a master's in social behavior or something like that.”

And that’s Paul's cue to reenter the room. “Yeah, that’s my second masters.” He takes the seat next to Grace again and adds in a near murmur, “Sexology to be specific.”

*pauses video laughing* “I just wanna make sure everyone catches the look of absolute disgust on Sal’s face. And over here *points at Joey* see how he has to look away, because just like us he’s ready to bust up. We all knew the line was coming but the look on Sal’s face had us all nearly falling off our chairs.” *laughs pressing play again* “Okay back to the video.”

Sexology, really?” Grace asks, wiping her mouth. “How interesting. So you’re like a therapist?” Sal’s hand is immediately on her lap. His way of saying let's not go there with this guy maybe?

Something like that. It's more like coaching, you know for couples or,” he takes a sip of wine before smiling and adding, “individuals. By the way, Grace, I meant to tell you earlier but I got distracted. I love your accent.”

Thank you.” Grace smiles taking a sip of her own wine.

Did you know a ton of people have accent fetishes?” He smiles again and there goes Sal’s hand now slipping into Grace's. Unlike everyone else who is smiling, Sal is now studying Paul with a hard stare.

Oh, I think Grace’s accent is super sexy.” Joey chimes in.

Grace pretends to be embarrassed and waves Joey away.

It’s erogenous,” Paul says as the famous Moreno eyebrow lifts once more. “I think I may’ve just developed a fetish myself.”

Is that right?” Sal says, his tone no longer friendly like it was earlier when he thought Paul was harmless.

Just so you guys know at this point Elizabeth and I are on our feet because we know what’s coming next. We’re just wondering if Paul will go through with it.”

Yes,” Paul answers Sal, but leans closer to Grace. “One of the most powerful erogenous zones in a mans body is his mind. You can literally talk us into a frenzy and with an accent like yours that would probably happen even faster than normal.”

Joey speaks up before Sal, who looks ready to blow, does. “I’ve read about erogenous zones. Is it true woman have more than men?”

Sure is.” Paul reaches over and touches Grace’s ear. “The ears are one of them. Just the right touch can have you panting in seconds.”

With that, Sal is on his feet. “Are you kidding me?”

Grace stands and so does Paul, unbelievably still continuing with the skit. “I think it’s fascinating.”

I think you’re an a$$BLEEP!”

Whoa, Sal!” Taylor is on his feet now, too. “He was just—”

I know exactly what he’s doing! Talking about making my wife pant.” Grace is now having to hold Sal back. “What are you? A fbleeping idiot?”

It’s not real, Sal,” Grace says.

And that’s our cue to run in. “Salvador!” Elizabeth says loudly as we enter the room. “And here I thought you’d hold out the longest!” I stand behind Elizabeth cautiously, as she hugs a still confused looking Sal.

The rest of the crew enters and Sal now knows what’s going on. Grace explains to Sal, who finally relaxes, telling us just how close he was to swinging at Paul.

Yes. Elizabeth and I made note of that and decided we’d have to be very careful with Angel and Romero. And I’m not gonna lie, at this point we were both having some serious second thoughts about Romero. But Isabel assures us it’ll be okay. So believe it or not, we actually went through with it and just wait until you see how that went!”

Tune in tomorrow for Romero's clip!
Here comes the clip we know you all have been waiting for, Romero and Isabel from Romero and Tangled.”

“Let me just say this: Izzy is one brave woman. This was all her idea. She’d heard about how the others went and wanted to step it up a notch. Can you believe this woman? Isabel and the girls recently had their first night out in what she says is years. Romero wasn’t exactly wild about the idea of her getting dressed up and going out without him, but she assures us he’s matured with the years and was a good sport about it. Even dropped her off and picked her up so that she could loosen up and have a few drinks without the worry of drinking and driving. Sounds like a sweetheart, right? Not too surprising as we all know he can be. Since then, she’s been raving about her night at The Green Flash Restaurant so it was easy enough to talk Romero into going there with her.”

Being extra cautious, and since Valerie and Alex have already had their hidden camera episode behind them, we really felt better if Alex was there just in case things got out of hand. Alex agreed to go along with it but did warn us this was not a good idea. *Gulp!* If any of you are nervous, take solace in knowing that as expected, this does not take long at all. And we did all live through it. So here we go.” *presses play*

Welcome our accomplice...Kyle. Think he can ignite Romero?”
They all arrive and ask to be seated in the bar area. Brave Isabel starts things off by waving and smiling at the bartender—our actor/hunky model—Kyle. He responds with his own big perfect smile and a, “Hey, Izzy. Good to see you again.”

*presses pause already laughing* “Just to reiterate. This was her idea okay guys? *hits rewind* Just let me back up here in case you missed it. The Izzy thing was so not necessary. Look at Romero’s expression go instantly hard the second he turns to see who she’s waving at and sees the bartender smile so big. *wincing hits play again* Don’t blink guys this goes south real fast.”

Romero doesn’t even wait until they’re at their table to ask, “You know him?”

Yeah.” Isabel nods as they all reach the table. “From the last time we were here.”

He was very nice,” Valerie adds as she waves at him also.

Romero turns to the bartender again who doesn’t smile quite as big at Valerie and says simply, “Hey, you.”

Why’d he call you Izzy?” he asks, still staring daggers towards our actor.

Isabel shrugs lifting the drink menu in front of her so that Romero can’t see her smirk. “I dunno. I think one of the girls mentioned I go by that sometimes.”

Their waiter, Raoul, another actor, walks over with a drink already on a tray. “Hey, Izzy. Hey, Valerie.”

Romero is already looking exasperated, another guy referring to her as Izzy?

The waiter places the colorful drink in front of Isabel. “This is from Kyle. It’s on the house, a Green Flash.” Raoul then looks at Valerie. “He couldn’t remember what your drink of choice was so he wanted me to ask you and he’ll send it right over.”

But he remembered Izzy’s?” Romero asks, even before Valerie can respond.

*pause* “Funny how Romero is so fixated on Kyle that he doesn't even notice that Alex's ruff is not up from the actors being familiar with Valerie. Which is a good thing for us. I did notice Alex twitch a bit even though he knows the truth. That's an alpha for you.” *hits play*

Oh, yeah,” Raoul put some emphasis on his response. “How could he forget?” He glances at Isabel and winks.

*pauses video* “Okay, so although we tried to warn Raoul of what he’d be in for, he wasn’t ready for Romero to be so quick to ask about Kyle remembering Isabel’s favorite drink. Which by the way, Isabel had gone on and on about this new drink she tried and loved, making this a little more infuriating. The whole 'how could he forget line' and the wink was improvised. We would’ve never written that in there knowing how quickly that would light a fire, but our poor waiter had no idea what a huge dose of gas he just poured into the growing flames. So be warned.” *hits play*

What the fBLEEP does that mean, a$$hBLEEP? This is my wife!” Romero then turns to Isabel. “What is it this Kyle guy can’t forget?”

Isabel reaches out her hand to soothe Romero’s arm. Nothing, babe. He just made us drinks and I told you I really liked this one.”

Our improvising waiter continues to shove his foot in his own mouth. *sighs* These actor/models are easy on the eyes but obviously they rely heavily on their looks, because he doesn’t seem to get that he clearly needs to put a sock in it.”

He’s been talking about you nonstop,” Raoul proudly adds.

Somehow the funny way Alex’s eyebrows hit the ceiling isn’t quite as funny when Romero’s do.”

Oh, really?” Romero turns to the bar and stands. “Get his a$$ out here!”

To our horror, Kyle keeps with the original plan and is already walking towards the table. Luckily, Alex is one step ahead of us and already on his feet as well. You can’t hear it but he’s whispering to Valerie and Isabel that they should just end this now.”

As Kyle approaches with a rose in hand, oblivious to the improvising that’s taken place, we see Romero’s hands fist. Not a good sign. “Tell him, Isabel,” Alex says, taking a cautionary step in front of Romero.

Romero’s head jerks from the rose in Kyle’s hand to Isabel. Tell. Me. What?”

It’s not like what you’re thinking,” she says, her face full of regret but we can see the tiny lift at the corner of her lips.

Obviously Romero doesn’t see it because he turns back to Kyle looking ready to kill. “What is it like then?”

Sticking with the script but looking a little confused about the unfamiliar lines Isabel just said, Kyle smiles at Isabel. “I knew you’d be back.”

I nearly shove Elizabeth out the door just in time to see Alex hold Romero back. Romero!” Elizabeth shouts. Each time she’s done this she’s gotten louder and I'm in total agreement with her shouting here, I nearly yelled out his name too!

Romero’s wild eyes are on Elizabeth now and I see that familiar confusion we’ve seen in all the guys so far. “I got this one right. I knew it would be short,” she says, hugging him and I have to give her points for her bravery. I’m standing a few feet away and even from where I am, I literally feel Romero’s heat and glad it's not aimed at me this time.

The rest of the crew follows out clapping, some laughing nervously. To my relief Romero finally smiles. “You guys are sick.”

Isabel gives him a big kiss and a hug and starts explaining what just went down. Romero lifts up a still shaking fist. “I thought for sure I was looking at another night in jail, babe. Don’t ever do that again.” He puts his hand on his chest and points at Kyle with his other hand. “And, you, get me a fBLEEP shot.” He turns back to Elizabeth and I. “Holy shBEEP my heart's going a mile a minute.” Isabel kisses Romero again seeing how upset the poor guy really is.

Even though everyone laughs and he seems to have taken it well—after the fact. Saying that we are never doing that again is an understatement. Talk about being on pins and needles!”

Tune in tomorrow for Angel and Sarah
Clip 5
Welcome back! Today is Angel and Sarah, the couple who started it all in Forever Mine and later, we got to catch up on their life in Forever Yours. Now that all the guys have had their episodes and know what’s going on, except for Angel. We decided to get everyone in on this one. His brothers were a bit wary about Sarah's idea of a photo shoot but did laugh when we told them what we had in store for Angel. The studio made an appointment for the adults only photo shoot. The kids could take part on a later date. All the couples arrive for the shoot, including Romero and Isabel because they are considered family too. Their parents are along for the shoot and are in on the prank. All the kids are being treated to a day at Sea World where their parents will join them afterward. By the way, after watching the other clips Mama Moreno thought they were funny, but admits to being nervous about actually being there when we shoot one.”

According to Sarah, Angel has grown a lot over the years and having dealt with Sarah and Sydney's close friendship, he might be more accepting of incidents like this than the others…or not. Even though we’d warned our actors there was a possibility of things getting physical, we should’ve anticipated what might happen here. What didn’t even happen in Romero’s skit, happened in this one. But don’t worry our actor is fine.”

Everyone is looking spectacular in their all white themed outfits—perfect for spring. As planned, Romero and Isabel are up first and our photographers/actors, go to work charming Isabel. This cues Romero as scripted to mention to the guys just after their couples portrait is taken that one of the photographers is especially annoying. Of course, Romero’s language was a little more colorful when expressing his sentiments. Understandably, the guys think it’s funny. This is exactly what they’d expect from Romero in a situation like this, but Angel is in good spirits and has no idea what he’s in for. One by one, each couple takes their turn and we purposely leave Angel and Sarah for last. Finally up, Angel and Sarah are called on. Lets take a look.” *hits play*

Welcome our accomplice...Ace. Do you think he can ignite Angel? 
This picture was taken right before the photo shoot as he gets into his actor mode—psyching up to start trouble. We should've known when we snapped this photo what we were in for! Ace told us his hobby is photography so he really is a professional behind the camera. Especially taking pictures of beautiful women.”

Angel walks in holding Sarah’s hand. After introducing himself to our actors, Jake and Ace, he introduces Sarah. “Oh, hey, I know you,” Ace says, reaching out to shake Sarah’s hand. “You work at that Mexican restaurant on the Marina right?”

Sarah smiles, nodding. “I’m one of the owners actually.”

Yeah, it’s our restaurant,” Angel says, smiling proudly.

Ace barely acknowledges Angel with a nod then turns back to Sarah. “I’m sure you’ve heard this countless times but I’ve gotta say, you’re eyes are just breathtaking.”

*pauses video* “Here we see what Sarah was talking about. Instead of the reaction we thought we might get, Angel turns to Sarah and smiles at her sweetly, almost as if he’s telling her he agrees. Can we all say aaaaww now? Okay lets do that because the sweetness doesn’t last long before it turns into annoyance then later…well, you’ll see.” *hits play*

I don’t even remember what I ordered the couple times I ate there,” Ace says, gazing at Sarah. “But I’d never forget those eyes.”

Surprisingly, Angel is still smiling. Ace sets them up for a few poses and we can see even after all this time, Angel is still incapable of keeping his hands off Sarah, as he takes advantage of every pose to sneak in a few kisses and nibbles. Ace interrupts his ear nibbling to say, “Okay look this way, Sarah.” She turns her attention to the camera. “There you go.” He snaps an up-close picture that appears to be of only Sarah and adds, “Beautiful.”

*pauses video* “So here we get our first shot of that Moreno eyebrow beginning to twitch and that smile from earlier is suddenly gone.” *giggles hitting play again.*

As Ace calls everyone back in, we don’t hear it but Angel asks Sarah if that close-up was of just her and if they’d done that to anyone else. Sarah does a good job pretending she didn’t notice and brushes it off as the rest of gang files in for the group photos. Now that Angel is on alert let the fun begin.

Any idea how much longer this is gonna be, Chief?” Alex asks as the men begin to take their seats.

*pauses* “This by the way was not part of the script. It was just Alex’s famous impatience making an appearance. Fortunately, for him, the wait isn’t much longer. Angel may’ve grown some over the years, but he’s still a Moreno through and through and there is only so much he can take before snapping as you’ll all see very soon.” *hits play*

Not too much longer,” Ace says as he points his camera again at Sarah, who’s not even in the area where the photos are being taken and snaps a picture.

What was that?” Angel asks, his eyebrows pinched now.

Ace gives him a very unconcerned look then glances back at Sarah with a smile. “Impromptu photos always turn out great.” He places his hand on his chest then shakes his head. “Sweetheart, your eyes are just mesmerizing.”

Angel's beginning glare is interrupted when Jake calls him over to pose with the rest of the guys for the male group photo.

*raises hand* “Show of hands for all of you that will line up for an eight by ten of this one.”

Ace continues to yap it up with Sarah as the women stand by watching their men take different poses for Jake. Ace snaps a few more shots of Sarah. He leans in after one of the shots and whispers something in her ear that makes her laugh.

*pauses video* “Let me point out here that Angel later told us that based on Romero’s comments, he first assumed Ace was just that kind of friendly and complimenting guy to all women in general, but see here, *points at Angel who can barely pull his eyes away from them long enough to look at the camera* This is when he starts to realize, Ace is far more interested in Sarah than any of the other women.” *hits play*

As planned Sarah and Ace walk away together and Angels eyes are on them the whole time.

Angel...” Jake snaps a finger over his camera, “...over here please, on three.”

Reluctantly he turns back to Jake but we see the jaw working and it’s a good thing the guys are asked to smile because there is no way they’re keeping a straight face now.

The all-male photo shoot is over and the women start to make their way over to take the place of the men for the all-women shoot. Ace and Sarah reenter the room and they walk side by side toward the other women. As soon as Angel reaches her, he takes her aside glaring at Ace, who as instructed, pretends to be oblivious to Angel's growing annoyance with him.

What’s with this guy?” Angel whispers to Sarah. “Where did you two go?”

He wanted to see a picture of the kids. So I went to show him what I have on my phone,” Sarah answers innocently.

The kids?” Angel asks, seeming somewhat confused.

Yeah, I told him about little Angel having green eyes like mine.”

Angel glances over at Ace who of course is setting up to do the women’s shoot. “What the hell was he whispering in your ear for?”

Sarah smiled. “Oh he was surprised when I mentioned having kids and he just whispered that I looked way too young for even one kid, much less more.”

Sarah, sweetheart, can I get those beautiful eyes to join us over here, please?” Ace calls over, in a way too intimate voice.

*pauses video* “And there you have it, folks, the Moreno glare of death. *laughs* Again, because we know what’s coming up, Elizabeth now has her hand on the door knob ready to make a run towards Angel as soon as we have to. And here we go.” *hits play*

Ace has the girls pose for him in several different positions. Stepping up to turn them just so a few times. He pulls a strand of Sarah’s hair away from the side of her face to tuck behind her ear.

This guy's really starting to get on my fBLEEP nerves,” Angel says to Sal, who’s standing next to him trying hard not to smile.

Relax he’s just doing his job.”

Ace snaps another close up of Sarah. “Did he do that with, Grace?” Angel turns to Sal. “Take close ups of just her?”

No,” Sal says, as he coughs to cover his laugh.

In steps instigator Romero, who’s cued to improvise something that’ll really get Angel going. “Yeah, why the fBlEEP is he doing that? I noticed that earlier. He hasn’t done that to Izzy and trust me, I’ve been watching for it. Sarah's the only one he's done that to.”

He’ll probably do the rest of them right now,” Sal, ever the sensible adds.

Ace snaps a few more of the group then calls the guys in to do the final group photo with everyone in it. Angel turns to Sal who shrugs.

*pause* “I feel sorry for Angel. He is the only one without a clue and the closer he is too exploding from anger, the closer everyone else is to exploding with laughter.” *hits play*

They head to where they are instructed to stand. Angel is not a happy camper at this point and though we can’t hear it, he asks Sarah why Ace keeps taking pictures of just her. She gives him her innocent ‘I don’t know’ look and Ace moves in for kill. As all the couples stand around the sitting parents, Ace walks in and adjusts Mama Moreno’s hands on her lap then glances up at Sarah who is standing just behind her. “Your eyes really are something else.”

Yeah, she heard you the first ten times.” Angel glares at him.

Ace completely ignores Angel snapping another picture of Sarah and that does it. Angel reaches for the camera that’s strapped to Ace’s neck pulling him in with it. Much like Eric planned on doing with our lifeguards binoculars. We know exactly what Angel has in mind for that camera, so we run out before he gets a chance to. Luckily, his brothers break it up before Angel can strangle Ace with his own camera strap and shove it where the sun doesn't shine!

Angel!” Elizabeth yells as the camera crew and me run in after her. “It’s a show, honey! See?”

Angel stops trying to reach past Alex and Sal for Ace’s neck and looks around suddenly understanding. The whole room starts clapping and laughing. Sarah hugs him making a pouty face. “We did it to all the guys not just you.” As if that makes it better.

Finally, the smile is on Angel's face as Romero and his brothers continue to laugh. Elizabeth hugs him thanking him for being a good sport while Sarah explains the whole thing.

Angel reaches out to shake Ace’s hand. “Sorry, man, but you pissed the shBleep outta me!”

Ace shakes his hand, laughing. He turns away from Angel and whispers to us, “Man I love her eyes!”

I jerk my mic away making absolutely sure Angel doesn't hear just how much acting Ace wasn't doing!”

Alright, this was fun but I’m gonna admit now I’ve never felt so nervous in my life. If Elizabeth’s 5th Street boys are anything like this, and I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting Noah and let me tell you...he is, *gives a big teasing wink to the audience* I don’t think I want to try this again with them.”"

Join us sometime on Monday for our live reunion show where we will watch the clips with the full cast and whoever may show up in the audience. I'm sure Max, Manny, and Aida won't miss a chance like this!”


  1. Eeeeeeeep!! I need to start writting down my questions before I forget!! Really excited!

  2. OMG this is so Awesome, Love it, was a giggly reading it!!!

  3. Glad you like it. There is much more to come!

  4. Nombre! Alex is gonna blow! I love how easily they get jealous. Reminds me of mine!

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  6. This just may be the coolest thing I've ever read. It is freaking brilliant.

    1. Thank you. Elizabeth and I have fun putting them together.

  7. When it refers to "elizabeth" it is talking about Elizabeth Reyes?

    1. Yes. Author Elizabeth Reyes and I worked on this together.