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Alexandra Marell & C.A. Nicks Book List

Also writing as: C.A. Nicks
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Interview with Alexandra Marell
When not writing, what hobbies do you enjoy?
 Playing the piano and visiting anywhere that sells pianos. I have two upright pianos at home, a modern Bluthner and a vintage Bechstein. I also have a Nord Stage keyboard that has the most amazing Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Sample on it. My other grand passion is collecting antique rings, which of course means visiting every antique fair in the region at every possible opportunity. Luckily, I have a very tolerant husband.
What is the strangest real life situation that is in one of your stories?
 Not sure if it could be classed as strange, but I'm thinking of the serenade my hero Dario performs for the heroine Elena in The Cursed Princess, book one in my Island of Sorellina series. (Written as Alexandra Marell) My parents were married in Italy and it was traditional then (and I think some still carry on the tradition) to organise a serenade for the bride under her window the night before the wedding. My father turned up with all his friends and a small band (he didn't sing) while my mother and her friends stood at the window, no doubt giggling and laughing.
Do you write about places you have lived?
 The fictional Island of Sorellina (Contemporary romance with a hint of the mystical) shares a lot of features with the Italian seaside town where I was born.
Favorite book or character you have written?
 I try not to play favourites, but I'm quite fond of Marcellus, the time-travelling playboy prince in Lords of the Dark Fall, book 2. (Fantasy romance written as C A Nicks) His brother Fabian, an ex-king is the serious one, while Marcellus gets to enjoy himself without any of the responsibilities of high office. When he finds himself in a strange land, he's not above a bit of thievery, or cheating at the casino to get what he wants. And, unlike his brother, he has a sense of humour.
 Any advice for those who are just starting out?
 If you have a great story to tell, then go for it. It's an insanely competitive business right now, but there are more opportunities than ever to become a published author.
Prison Moon Series
Ice Heart
Janie Roberts' life took a hard turn for the worse. Thanks to her faithless boyfriend, she was losing her business and if that wasn't bad enough...someone is pulling a prank on her and it's not very funny. Accused of being some other women who murdered someone was bad enough...but the whole alien costumes is just over the edge.

Kelskar Vespasian was a gladiator. Thanks to a chip in his brain, he knew nothing of his past and only knew to obey his master. Fight and couple when told. And then he was sold and ordered to do other things. Suddenly, his chip is faulty and he's feeling guilt—remorse, over what he's done.

To correct his wrong, Kelskar has vowed to protect the woman he'd betrayed. If only his chip wouldn't choose when to work and not so he could remember what he's supposed to do. A really excellent and unique story line and great characters. 

Lily Graison is writing in this series as well; they are all stand-alone books.
**Sexual content and language
Vampires Loving Humans Series
Book 1: Can I Keep You
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Laura Ellis has left home to avoid a very bad situation. After several days she finds herself even worse off. No food, clothes or money leaves her with only one choice. To sell herself. She is rescued from the crude sailor by another man, but in the end she's not sure if she was saved from one fate just to face something even darker.

Kane is a complicated person, if you consider a vampire a person. He has buried his human deep inside himself, and he fights for control over his demon. He's never thought about his past ten years and what he's left behind in his wake. Until her. Can one tiny human bring all three beings within this body together?

The author has a way of bringing her characters to life. Kane is more than he was as Harry the man and different from his demon. The conversations between Kane and the demon are so real that I often forgot there weren't two separate beings there. Laura is full of surprises when it comes to being a human and facing Kane's world. A unique story with unusual twists and turns along the way.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: Can I Love You Again
Nion Eastman has had regrets for a hundred and ten years. He was turned vampire over two hundred years ago without a choice, he wasn't going to turn his precious wife and take her soul away. And in the end—it all went wrong. Thus, his regrets and endless waiting. Never moving forward.

Connie Pearson was cursed with seeing dreams. It ran in the females of her family line. When she goes in search of a reclusive billionaire, she finds much more than she ever planned on.

The last thing Nion wanted around him was paparazzi type reporter. He had too many things he was hiding. And yet, she may be the one person to help him find the peace that has eluded him.

I loved this story. Great characters. Connie's journalistic mind would not let her see what was right in front of her—a world where the paranormal existed. Even though she can talk to ghosts. Book one is Can I Keep You.
**Sexual content and language
Stand Alone Books
Setting Him Free
Danielle Radley works as Quality Control Manager for Exotic Resorts, Inc. Definitely a dream job in every way but one, flying. She has to fly to the different resorts, and she really hates being in planes. And then her nightmare came true, a crash.

Taylor Bradford had given up on life. He had allowed the law to catch up to him, tired of running. And then he met her. One day with Danielle changed his life forever, however long that life would be. He couldn’t bring her into his world and yet didn’t know if he could live without her.

Can two people from very different walks of life find happiness? Danielle finds she can be more than just a party girl and Taylor sees that maybe he does have a spark of life left in him after all. I really enjoyed this story. It’s fairly short, around 30,000 words, so a fairly quick read but definitely not lacking in details. The characters come to life along with their emotions.
**Sexual situations
In The Dark With You
Damien Lucius lives quite a boring life, his real life that is. Outside his mansion rumors are growing each year about him being a vampire. Damien is cursed in a way. His parents had left him and he has a condition that keeps him from going out in the sun. Along with his fear of leaving the mansion. And then one night changes everything. A beautiful young woman in the middle of the road the one night he was brave enough to go out.

Alicia Stanton toured America with her Aunt Joan, sure that she'd find a rich man and live happily ever after. They were all dolts, and she's returned to Devon, unmarried. Her father is determined to marry her off and gain some wealth. At first she believes that she has found the most perfect man...and then he shows his true colors causing her to run from the nightmare.

There are so many secondary characters that are also important to the story. Alicia's sister Dana, Flora who was Damien's nurse and she still babies him while ignoring her own son Alex. Evan who everyone in the household fears. Secrets from the past that seem to haunt the dreary Lucius Mansion. The reader is drawn into the story to feel Damien's extreme loneliness and the fears of all of them as well. This is a very long story but packed full and worth the read. The Lucius Mansion is mentioned once again her paranormal Series, The Interview,that are written under CA Nicks.
**Sexual content
The Heart Wants
Book Blurb
Every Christmas Eve, the ghost of Catarina Bellamonte takes human form and waits for her lover to return.

It’s been sixty-two long years and Catarina’s ghost is still waiting for Philipp, the German soldier she fell in love with during World War Two. The white light calls her with promises of peace, but she refuses to heed the call when there’s a chance that her lover still might come. Didn’t they promise they would take this walk together rather than be parted?

Philipp Munch makes one last nostalgic visit to the old Italian villa and remembers Catarina, the woman he loved and lost so many years ago. As he enters the house his only thought is to say a proper goodbye and lay the ghosts of the past to rest. But it’s Christmas Eve, the one day of the year that Catarina becomes a living, breathing human again. He’s just about to find out that she kept her promise, and waited for him after all.

My Review
Catarina Bellamonte, the only daughter of an Italian count. She would rather die than marry the man she is supposed to be engaged to. It's during World War II, and one night at a party she meets another man. A man worth waiting for.

Sergeant Philipp Munch, a German soldier who had never been far from home before the war. At a party he sees the beautiful Catarina. They are in a war and they both know they only have today. The future is so uncertain.

When the young couple decides to try to run away together, fate has something else in mind. And it will take a magical night many, many years later before the young lovers can find each other once again.
**Sensual situations
Something Worth Fighting For
Daniel Denham was imprisoned for two years after being falsely accused of rape. Those years took the carefree young man and changed him. Even after being released he still felt imprisoned. People didn't accept the truth that he was an innocent man. They heard the word prison and rape and stamped guilty on him. Thank goodness for his lawyer Anne and her daughter who truly believed in him and gave Daniel the second chance to live.

Callie Lester had been living, and yet not. She had hung onto her childhood crush for years. Hanging onto a love that was never returned. When her mom set up to have one of her clients come and build a website for her business, Callie judged the man before she ever met him. Until she looked into his eyes and saw the innocence and helplessness in his eyes.

This is a romance story and yet so much more. The author has brought these characters and their past to life. What happened to Daniel is a real life issue. It's so easy for a woman to accuse a man and ruin his life. The flip-side of course is that because of the false accusations it's tougher on women who are telling the truth. Reading this story through Daniels eyes was tough. Being in prison on rape charges made him a target among his fellow prisoners. This is an excellent story that is worth reading.

**Sensual content and language
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Waiting For Eternity
Book Blurb:
It’s July 1940. The Battle of Britain is heating up and emotions are running high at Langdon Royal Air Force base in England , especially for the fighter pilots in the front line, and the nurses who care for them. 

With his live-for-today attitude, Flight Lieutenant Mitch Anderson certainly isn’t planning to fall in love. That is, until the night he meets American nurse Jen Saunders in the Ladies’ bathroom of a local pub. He gets more than he bargains for when he persuades her to help him with his current mission – to win a bet with his mates by lending him her knickers. 

Jen thinks there’s enough craziness around without having anything to do with the brash young airman. She’s seriously considering saying ‘yes’ to Robert, the quietly dedicated surgeon who’s been pursuing her and offers her a life that’s safe and reliable. But Mitch is one determined guy and refuses to give up now he’s met the girl of his dreams. With one heart-stopping kiss, he manages to convince Jen that they belong together.

Waiting For Eternity is a moving story about two people determined to find happiness amidst the chaos and darkness of war. About a love that was strong enough to last a lifetime, and beyond.

My Review:
Jen Saunders was an American nurse during the war. While overseas she meets the boisterous airman, Flight Lieutenant Christopher Mitchell Anderson. Mitch and Jen knew how precious time was together during the war and married quickly. Enjoying every single moment they had together. Sixty-three years later Jen is sitting at the deserted airbase in Langdon telling her son about his father.

This isn't a long story but it is so packed full of a lifetime of emotions. I highly recommend taking the time to read it. If you get emotional while reading, I suggest having a box of tissues handy. This story is told in such a way that the character come to life. I found myself laughing at some of their antics while crying at other parts. The author has done an excellent job in her writing to bring the reader into the story.
**Sensual situations
Setting Him Free
Also free here: Amazon    Smashwords
As Quality Control Manager for Exotic Resorts Inc., Danielle Radcliffe’s life is one long round of sun, sea and sand. Unfortunately, it also involves airplanes – and Danielle hates flying with a passion. When her worst fears are realised, and her plane crashes in a tropical rainforest, there are only two survivors. Danielle and the enigmatic man in black who’d held her hand as the plane went down. A man who’d been sitting handcuffed between two armed guards.

Taylor Bradford is a broken man. Tired of running, he’s glad the end is near. That is until he catches Danielle’s eye on the plane. A moment of instant connection awakens feelings he thought long dead. When the plane goes down, he reaches for her hand.

The sole survivors of the crash, Taylor and Danielle find themselves forming a deepening bond which boils over into a night of passion. Danielle knows she needs to let him go before help arrives, even though there’s a chance that she might never see him again. But when the time comes, will she be able to? And, more importantly, will Taylor keep his promise to come back and find her one day?
Saving Susie
Michael had bought the house with three apartments. It was perfect, live in one and rent two. When does anything ever work out that well? An older woman downstairs who he needed to gather up every now and then as she wandered and remind her that he was not her late husband. The woman and child upstairs was a whole other story. One that had wrapped his heart around their fingers.

Susie had forgotten how to live. After leaving her ex-husband she had to care for her daughter Gemma even though she could hardly take care of herself. If not for Michael's help they'd be out on the street.

A great little short story that shows how focusing on others rather than yourself can be good medicine. And looking up to see what's right in front of you isn't a bad thing either. This is a free short story at
The Island of Sorellina Series
Book 1: The Cursed Princess
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Come to the beautiful Italian island of Sorellina – where the magic will never let you go…
Dario Denaro is a billionaire who runs the family empire and has it all. Or does he? Twenty years ago he made a choice between love and money. He chose the money and is still choosing it. Everything he does focuses around business, including tearing apart the family estate in Sorellina to make it more comfortable for the rich and famous.

Elena Marcante has returned to the island from her home in England. Nonna Renata is on her deathbed, again. It falls to Elena to come to Italy and help her grandmother, who really does seem to be ill this time. What she doesn't expect is to see any ghosts from the past.

Villa Cristina is named after the Princess Christina di Denaro. A young woman who had everything and if she didn't have, she could get it. Due to a miscalculation her true love, Bernardo Marcante, curses her to live as a cat. Five hundred years later Cristina is still trying to break the dreaded Denaro Marcante curse and be reunited with her Bernardo. All they need is to get one of their stubborn descendants from each side to fall in love. A true, lasting love.

An excellent romance with a touch of paranormal. A feud between two families who have homes within site of each other. So close and yet so far apart from the curse, money, a feud and a whole pack of stubbornness. But there is one determined cat to bring everyone together, and she'll dig her claws in to get it done. The second book in this series is Siren Sweetly Singing with a release date sometime in early 2014.
Book 2: Siren Sweetly Singing
Stefano Denaro is staying at Villa Cristina...recovering. No women—except the naked one he thought he saw run past. No booze—well, a cabinet full that he's not touching. And no singing—until he can get his singing voice back. He could thrall women with his voice like the Siren's thralled sailors. Until his fall from glory. Literally.

Alina is a Siren that can't sing. She chases men away instead of luring them into the sea. The Song Mistress gives her a chance to redeem herself. To remove the softness within her that is holding her back. She is to become human and lure a man of pure heart back to the sea for them to feast on.

The island is a magical place. Cristina the cat from The Cursed Princess is now human and with her Bernardo and able to tend the gardens of the villa. Much more magic will be needed to save Stefano and help Alina in the war between her human and Siren side. I enjoyed both of these stories and look forward to more.
**Sensual content 
Book 3: The Forgotten Fury
**This series is no longer for sale at this time**
Street and Lost Series
Book 1: Night Train to Manchester
Ryan DeMarco, alias Street, grew up as a fairground kid. His dad is a retired underground fighter and he expects Street to take up the baton and follow in his steps. Street has other dreams. After connecting with Preacher, another fairground kid, they finally take the big step. They leave to live their own dreams.

Chelsea Lander has everything. Or so it seems anyways. The mansion, clothes, trips and money. What the eyes of the world don’t see is that she is no more than a pawn in her father’s greedy hands. Lost, that is the name the handsome Fighter-boy gave her.

When tragedy hits, Chelsea makes a choice that forever changes her life. It takes her away from all the luxuries she has known and puts her into a new world. Street and Preacher’s world. Even as these two work toward a new life, they both know that one day the past will indeed come knocking. This is the first part of Street and Lost’s story. Looking forward to the next books to see what life sends their way next. I like that this author prefers to write in her UK English.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: Making it Happen
Street, Lost and Preacher's adventures continue in this second book. All three are hiding from their fathers. Street's dad wants him to follow in the family business of cage fighting, so he can gain money and fame through his son. Lost comes from the opposite background, a dad who is filthy rich. Both gain their money by other's spilled blood.

They are making progress at launching their band and heading for the dream to become wealthy enough that their father's can't touch them. Living each day in fear of being recognized. Of being taken away from each other. Of being under the thumbs of people who only want to possess them. The story begins in Night Train to Manchester and the story will continue in book three, In Another World.
**Sexual content and language
Book 3: In Another World
Books written under
C.A. Nicks 
The Moon Child Series
Book 1: The Moon Child's Wish
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Carine is a Moon-Child who was living her serene life in the temple. When she is taken by slave traders her whole existence changes. Especially when her Wish-In-Hand chooses the enemy Eagle Warrior to gift life to. In fear of him killing her she also bonds with him. Carine does the unthinkable to break the bond so that Ancel can be free to go. She now lives with the results of that action.

Eagle Warrior Ancel, son of Faylar, grandson of Faylar the Bloody is a warrior not a slave. Not only does he lose honor by having to perform in this place of entertainment as a slave, but also enslaved by lust to the Moon-Child. His only desire is to escape, but the bond leaves him no choice but to take Carine with him.

Some pretty odd characters are in the City of Gold and at the O, where they have been taken captive. A place where the longer you are a slave the more you become complacent to your fate. Where a drug can get you through the night of entertainment, but it always wears off and reminds you of where you are and what you did. The next book is Lupine and it continues Ancel and Carine's story. The third book in the series it Tian's Guardian.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: Lupine
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Eight years have passed since Ancel and Carine have started their new settlement. Their story begins in the first book Moon Child’s Wish. Ancel’s young daughter Naima is now a beautiful young woman. An Eagle Warrior at the settlement is hoping to have her as his wife. She desires to have the love her father has found with Carine. 

When a man is found outside the gates with barely any life left within him, Naima finds herself pulled toward him. Knowing she alone will be his anchor to hold him to this life. Not realizing how important this man is to all of them.

Finn was betrayed by his own family. Caged and used as entertainment to gain riches for his own father and uncle. He craved freedom and one day found it. Or would he truly ever be free? Could the world of man accept his kind? It seemed that it might be possible with the care Naima showed him. Finn’s life is not his own, and he must follow the path that others send him down. A path that may take him away from the Naima.

There are some unique secondary characters in this book as well. Such as Brynn who the reader would have met in book one. Another is Ancel and Carine’s eldest son. Sol is only eight years old, yet it is obvious that he has been chosen for something great in the future. The reader finds out what that will be when the series continues with the last book Tian’s Guardian.

**Sexual content and language
Book 3: Tian's Guardian
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Tian lives up in the mountains, hidden from the man who could destroy her life. Her father. At eighteen she now finds herself alone after the death of her mother. That loss includes the magic that has kept her hidden from the world as well. She decides to live her life with her wild cousins, roaming the mountains in wolf form. Only the appearance of someone the goddess sent to save her leaves the human wanting more.

Sol had been the self-appointed Guardian of the Lupines since he was eight years old. As such, he has been sent to claim Tian as his life-mate and to protect her. He is anxious to prove himself the conqueror and ride triumphantly back in the Settlement as that hero. In his dreams. Sol finds himself fighting a greater battle than he expected from his future bride. Good thing he is part Moon-Child to balance his Eagle Warrior with the patience needed to tame this woman.

Twenty-one years ago in the second book, Lupine, Sol’s life had been threatened. No longer that young boy, but a man, he must face his enemy once again. The reader is pulled into this series full of the mystical and magic, taken on journeys that are not made of smooth paths. These characters are on roads full of dangers and pitfalls and are pretty bedraggled by the time they see the light at the end of the tunnel.
**Sexual content and language
The Interview Series
 Book 1: The Interview
Fay is a demon hunter. She is supposed to kill vampires, not love them. Dane has always been that one she couldn't kill. When applying for a job as a waitress she finds herself face to face with her nemesis. Instead of leaving like she should, it turns into an afternoon interview. That is if a customer is asking for more than just the specials.

Dane Heller is a cold dead vampire. And he feels exactly like that except when Fay is around. Somewhere through the years when he couldn't kill her and she didn't kill him...he fell in love with her. And now he has a chance to be with her. Even if it's only one afternoon.

There are two parts to this story first The Interview and then After The Interview. These two opposites attracted and have come together in what is much more than sex. A love that seems impossible. Dane don't believe that his love could ever be returned and it makes him such an endearing character as you read his thoughts about Fay. Their story continues in the second book, The Offer.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: The Offer
If you read the first book, The Interview, you would have met Dane and Fay. Dane is a vampire who is over two hundred years old. Fay is a demon hunter, committed to a life of killing the things that go bump in the night. Although, she has never been able to kill Dane, nor has he been able to kill her. They should have been enemies, but just couldn't be.

Now that they have given into their love for each other, Fay wants to know everything about Dane. Their relationship must stay in the shadows, her job and life depends on that secrecy. Dane has agreed to show her his past, who he was before, so they head to England. Who knew their would be ghosts to deal with once they got there, literally. When all is said and done will Fay want to return to her old life in the states or will she be willing to choose love above all else?

This series is very sexual, especially the first book, but it does not override the story line. Dane may be one of the undead, but you see his need for Fay to return his love with all she is; body, heart and soul. And his fears about if she will still want him after they enter his old home, and she sees the truth about his past. Short but full stories about a forbidden love that goes deeper than the physical. This book has a connection to In The Dark With You which is written under Alexandra Marell. That connection is the Lucius Mansion.
**Sexual content and language
Lords Of The Dark Fall Series
Lords of the Dark Fall Immortal lords from a far distant world are made to 
take the Dark Fall, a rift that cycles through space and time. The books follow
 their new lives as humans in a strange time and place, and the women they 
meet who might just take the sting out of losing their immortality.
Book 1: Fabian
Amazon     Smashwords
Fabian Lucimanticus Persidio of Alurides. King and most high lord of seven platueaus had been stripped of everything. Sent to suffer in purgatory for one thousand years, to live through seeing and hearing all the lives he had taken and destroyed. He went from everything to nothing. Falling to earth and having to live a peasant life and in hiding as well. He had one thing on his mind and one thing only...he would return to Anxur and blood would flow from those who did this to him and his brother Marcellus.

Tig finds the naked man who claims to have fallen from the sky. She is trying to get by in her simple life. And yet this big handsome man has invaded her life and her heart. Sadly he only wants to get back to his old life. The life so much like the warlords who took everything from her people.

What a great story. It's a pretty long book, but it easily keeps the interest of the reader as it continues to move forward. Fabian is the one man who can change Tig's life and those around her. If only he would see that they need him here as a human. And yet his old immortal life won't let go. Book two in the series is Marcellus, Fabians brothers story.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: Marcellus
Amazon    Smashwords
Lords of the Dark Fall Immortal lords from a far distant world are made to take the Dark Fall, a rift that cycles through space and time. The books follow their new lives as humans in a strange time and place, and the women they meet who might just take the sting out of losing their immortality.

Marcellus Lucimanticus Persideo of Alurides was once a prince in need of nothing. Now he's a straggly looking nobody, and lonesome as well. He was always second to his brother Fabian and he had envied the man as much as he loved him. He needs to find him, to make amends for his anger and words spoken before they went into the Dark Fall. After three months in this new world he finally learns something, he has arrived seven hundred years after Fabian and his brother had once again been a great and powerful man that left his mark even as a mere human.

Cassandra Evans has been fascinated with the handsome warrior of old since a child. She has been to the old city of Anxor where he once lived, walked, loved and ruled. And she would be returning to continue her digs again if she can get a grant. She will prove the theory of the falling men and find out the full truth of who Fabian was. With her special gift she can feel the artifacts speaking. When a strange Fabian look alike enters her life everything changes. If she is to believe the handsome Marcellus, he can tell her everything she needs to know. And if she's not careful, the playboy prince may just take her heart as well. The first book is Fabian. These two books are the type that when they end and you want more, not that the author was lacking, but that as a reader you aren't ready to let go of these mighty warriors yet.
**Sexual content and language
Wolf Christmas
Amazon    Smashwords
Christopher Hadon has been disinherited from his family and forced to live his life as a Lone Wolf. He's also not allowed to take a mate so his nights with the full moon are more torturous than for mated wolves. Always feeling like part of him was incomplete. He filled his lonely days by helping to find the young women snatched off the street. And through that work is how he met one woman that he couldn't easily forget.

Rowena Rothwell had been with her father one moment and then as she drifted slightly away from him she was taken away to the underbelly of society. After a harrowing escape she talks her rescuer into taking her with him to his home. His wolf-man status didn't frighten her at all. His loneliness did. Her life changed irrevocably and would never be the same.

As of now this is a standalone book, although I hope the author decides to write more about the Hadon Pack in the future. She has escaped polite and boring society just to enter the world of Pack protocol. Seems life just isn't easy no matter if you are human or one of the Different. Unique and enjoyable paranormal.
**Sexual content

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