Thursday, June 4, 2015

Jael Friese Book List

Love Comes Series

Book 1: Love Comes to Cookesville
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Jason Stuart is at the end of his rope...

Some people say, once you cross a line, you can never go back.  No one believes that more than Jason Stuart who has been living on the edge of hell the past few years. He's lost the only person who truly matters in his life: Shayla Cooke, who is leaving town with no intention of coming back.

Eighteen, alone and scared...

Some people say you can't run away from your problems. But that is exactly what Hope Welles needs to do, because if she doesn't, she might not have a future. When she arrives in Arizona looking for her long-lost relatives, she comes across Wade Cooke who's been the social outcast for years. Just as Hope gives him a reason to believe his lonely days are behind him, he discovers things are never that easy.

Welcome to Cookesville, Arizona where anything can happen, even love...

Book 2: Love Comes to Elvesville
His love could kill her...
Mitch Winters could only admire Jodi Cooke from a distance. Getting any closer, well he couldn’t even think of what could happen. He knew from the past that his sister’s threats were real. She would follow through. This was their senior year though and he was determined to change things. His last chance.

One night of drinking...
Bryce Cooke didn’t have a clue. What he thought was the best night of his life ended up being the worst. Over the summer Kacee Stuart had become his best friend, and since that night, she avoided him like the plague. He’d do whatever he needed and however long she needed to get her back.

Welcome to Elvesville, Arizona where anything can happen, even love...

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