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Barb Han Book List

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Cowboys of Cattle Cove Series 
Book 1: Cowboy Reckoning
Levi McGannon has become a loner over the past year ever since he took on the responsibility of Karma, a German shepherd that had been in the military as a bomb-sniffing dog. When he helps a woman who is lost on their land, everything changes.

Ensley Cartier just can't move on. Ten years ago, everything changed when her beloved younger brother died. She didn't believe the final results of his death and won't rest until she knows the truth...which she is finding out could be deadly to her as well.

I really enjoyed this story. I liked the hero and heroine, and the dog added a lot to the story, too. All three had issues in their lives to work through.
Looking forward to more stories in this series.
Book 2: Cowboy Cover-up
Ryan McGannon didn't like that his brother A.J. was renting out one of their cabins by the lake. Even so, he checked it out to make sure all looked okay with the weekend renters. He didn't expect there to be trouble...or that one of the women there was from his past.

Alexis Haley had moved out of Cattle Cove after her mom died. Leaving everyone behind. Including her best friend. When a coworker invited her to spend the weekend with her and her sister...and Alexis found out it was on McGannon property...she was all in.

Her beautiful, relaxing day turned into a nightmare during the night. Thankfully her old friend and his dog, Rogue, stepped up to help her through. Loving this series. I can't wait for the next story of another McGannon brother.
Book 3: Cowboy Retribution
A.J. McGannon's life is pretty great. He has his family, the ranch, and Bear...the dog he found three years ago and rescued. His best friend. And then he has a nemesis. A beautiful one, but still, a pain in his butt.

Tess Clemente has a huge frustration...A.J. McGannon. He won't remove the tree that is going to ruin her building, and he's just stubborn. Their ranches border each other, so she has no choice but to deal with the man.

When Bear finds Tess injured, A.J.'s protective instincts kick in. And both of them learn that the other isn't quite the person they thought they were. And Tess couldn't have better allies than Bear and A.J. while the hunt for a serial killer is on.

Meanwhile, the head of the McGannon's, Clive, is still in the hospital in a coma. And while the six sons and five nephews wait at the unexpected person enters the picture. Loving the characters, the dogs, and the story.
Book 4: Cowboy Judgment
Kurt Johnson received a phone call that changed his life. A call that told him who his father was and that he was in the hospital. So, he goes to see him. After all, Kurt is the only family his little girl has, it wouldn't hurt to have more family for Paisley.

Arianna Ballard comes to the rescue when her aunt is hurt and needs her to come watch the adorable angel she babysits for. Wow, she didn't expect her aunt's employer to be so handsome. But, Arianna had learned her lesson from her last relationship that had gone very wrong. Or has she?

As Kurt's life is changed by a notice in the paper announcing he is Clive McGannon's son...everything else seems to follow. He's not sure who he can trust and who would want to hurt him. Thankfully, the beautiful Arianna has come to help him through the crisis. Another great storyline and characters...both human and canine.
Book 5: Cowboy Conspiracy
Declan McGannon is surprised when he sees his old friend, Piper. She'd left town years ago after her father had gotten out of prison...and they'd lost contact. Now here she was, all grown up and beautiful.

Piper Gold returned to Cattle Cove from Austin after her grandmother, her only living relative, is diagnosed with dementia. She's come back so her gran can live out her days in her COZI B&B that she loves. After only four days home, though...Piper is facing the same thing her father did...a false accusation that could land her in prison.

Declan's protective instincts kick in. He believes Piper is innocent and will stand by her no matter what. The only problem...not wanting to mess up their renewed friendship by hoping for more. Loving this series of six brothers and five cousins...all boys...that Clive McGannon raised on his ranch.
Book 6: Cowboy Rescue
Jack McGannon is happy his brothers are all finding happiness and love. As for him, well, his last girlfriend had broken up three months ago, and it still lingered there. And then, of all things...there she was. The woman who broke his heart and was engaged to another in record time.

Natalie Baker's life was not all it seemed from the outside looking in. No one could know what she'd been through or what she was going through. Not able to put down roots. Not ready to be with someone like Jack. And now...looked like she'd be hitting the road again. Starting over...again.

While picking up some neglected and abused mares to bring back to the ranch, Jack notices the big old dog on the porch. He loved all animals, and there was no way he'd leave that big guy behind. All these stories of six brothers include a dog. Excellent novels of romance, suspense, cowboys, and dogs.
Book 7: Cowboy Target
Dalton McGannon was going to get donuts for Miss Penny’s birthday when everything changed. The sister of an ex-girlfriend from high school was in the shop, and she’s not a little kid anymore. And she’s in trouble. All his protective instincts kicked in to protect her.

Brielle Anderson had just ridden her bike to get some donuts. After a hit and run, she’s thankful to be alive and assumes it was an accident... But the handsome Dalton is sure it was intentional. And after the next “accident,” it’s clear her life is in danger.

Exciting romance suspense with wonderful characters. Both human and canine. Funny how when you’re young, four years seems like such a chasm...but as adults, it’s not. I like it when I can’t figure out who the villain is...and the author has done an excellent job with that in this story.
Book 8: Cowboy Redemption

Reed McGannon was always content on the family ranch. His uncle had raised him and his four brothers along with his own sons. Reed's mom had passed away, and his dad decided to take his inheritance and leave. The family ranch. His family. Until he came crawling back for a handout and who knows what other nefarious plans. Now, Donny McGannon was in jail for possibly trying to kill his brother.

 Addison Lowery loved coming to Cattle Cove for her summer visits. Her parents were always busy with their business. Whereas, her aunt, uncle, and cousin showed her what it was like to be a family. Now, she's here to clean up and sell their house. Her aunt and uncle had passed on, and Ivy had been missing for years.

 Hitting a dog was a horrible incident that turned into something else. Addison gained a dog, a handsome cowboy to help her, and a house that someone wanted something from. Another great story in this series. A good mix of romance and suspense.

Book 9: Cowboy Intrigue
Book 10: Cowboy Ransom
Don't Mess with Texas Cowboys Series
Books 1-3
Book 1: Texas Cowboy's Protection

Isaac Quinn is heading to the one place he doesn’t want to be...home. After fifteen years in the military, he’s at loose ends. But he’s been summoned to Quinnland. But his life changes quickly before he ever faces his father...the reason going home is so hard.

 Regina “Gina” Anderson never expected to be a widow, a single mother, starting over back in her hometown of Gunner, Texas. Yet, here she is. And life suddenly changes when she discovers something that somebody didn’t want her to find.

 Coming home is hard for both Isaac and Gina. They both find facing the past isn’t all negative. And maybe, just maybe, their future could be brighter than either of them ever thought. Seven brothers, five cousins, a cranky father has me looking forward to the rest of this series. Not sure if the cousins are in it, but this first book introduces the reader to Isaac’s cousin Griff, the sheriff of Gunner.

**Sexual content

Book 2: Texas Cowboy Justice

Noah Quinn lives off the grid as much as he can. His cabin is a half an hour away on the property so he doesn't have to be around T.J. His father. He'd been staying away from the main house until one of his other brothers came home. Soon, the other four should be home too.

 Mikayla Rae Johnson had really enjoyed her few dates with Noah. Then something changed and instead of confronting him...she's been avoiding him like the plague. Until she's kidnapped and he's the one to rescue her. She quickly finds out that things weren't quite the way they seemed.

 I'm enjoying this series. Seven sons of T.J. Quinn have been summoned home for some big announcement. The three that are there are wondering if he's ill. The man had an anger problem once their mother passed away. They lost both mother and father that day.

**Sexual content and language

Book 3: Texas Cowboy's Honor

Liam Quinn left Quinnland Ranch after the death of his wife. He couldn't be around T.J. any longer. So, Liam headed off to a ranch in Colorado...he might not want to work at Quinnland, but he loved working with cattle. But now, he'd been summoned home. He'd come, find out what was going on, and head back to Colorado.

 Savannah Moore had a terrible experience a year ago. It shook her world. She could no longer function normally because of what an evil person had stolen from her. She finally came to Gunner, Texas, to stay with Aunt Becky. Her only living relative. She'd been happy the two weeks she'd been there, working in Aunt Becky's bakery.

 After a year of running and fear, especially of bigger men, it was amazing that Savannah felt such peace and comfort around Liam when he came into the bakery. And it's a good thing, because the next twenty-four hours she really needed someone she trusted by her. Page-turning book and series.

**Sexual content

Book 4: Texas Cowboy Daddy

Phoenix Quinn is the youngest of the seven sons. He, like four of his older brothers, left Quinnland the minute he turned eighteen. Never to return, until now. And his return isn't like his brothers, he just can't handle being around T.J. yet.

 Kaylee Kirkpatrick had quite the childhood. Leaving places in the middle of the night with her brother and father. Never understanding until she was old enough to realize what her dad was up to. So now, when someone is out to get her, she can only assume it goes back to her father.

 Phoenix made a huge mistake and he's not sure he can be forgiven. Forgiveness is something that is dogging him right now. As he looks at his own life and his mistakes, he wonders if he can ever forgive T.J. for the mistakes he made. Exciting series.

**Sexual content

Book 5: Texas Cowboy's Baby

Cayden Quinn was the best tracker around. Many ranchers depended on him when they had trouble with poachers. He'd been on a job for the past eight months and just returned home to Quinnland to see why he was summoned home. He found more than he ever expected.

 Madison Carter was mourning her parents. Her dad had died last week. Her mom, she had dementia and rarely knew who Madison was. She also mourned another person. Cayden Quinn. Their romance was sweet, but short. He lived for danger. She wanted someone home every night. Didn't make it easier.

 When Madison needed someone the most in her life—someone to save her, literally—Cayden is there. Where she thought she was just mourning her father, suddenly everything in life seems to be getting thrown at her. Another exciting story in this series.

**Sexual content

Book 6: Texas Cowboy's Bride

Aiden Quinn had left Gunner, Texas, after high school. Never to return until now. Never realizing how much he'd left behind in his anger to get away. Not only did he distance himself from the man he hated, his father, but along with that...his brothers and his best friend.

 Chloe Brighton only had her brother, Nicholas. And now, he's gone, but she's determined to find him...or what happened to him. She's been on her own so long and living her life watching over her brother...that when she has someone come up beside her to help her, she's not sure how to react.

 As the seven brothers come back together to Quinnland Ranch...although Noah and Eli had never left...they rethink their reasons for leaving and see what they left behind through new...more mature...eyes. I love this series. Great characters and storylines.

Book 7: Texas Cowboy's Family

Eli Quinn is the oldest brother. As he watches his six younger brothers finding happiness, something he wasn't able to do, he's still thankful for his two kids. Oliver and Olivia are his pride and joy. Their mother may have left and wants nothing to do with them, but Eli is giving all he has to them...while working the rest of the time.

 Emery Young only has her sister and niece left in her life. When she wakes up one morning to find out her sister needs her to take Aria, her six-week-old niece, and go into hiding...her world turns upside down. Thankfully she ends up in the small town of Gunner, Texas. Seems they treat strangers like family and she definitely needs more family.

 I loved this page-turner series. Loved the characters and storylines. The type of series that you're sad to see end.


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