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Zoe Dawson Book List


Interview with Zoe Dawson
Do you bake the dog treats like Brooke makes?
No, I don’t bake the treats. They sound fun and are hopefully tasty for the dogs. But I don’t have a dog. I love dogs and have a granddog Rupert. I love babysitting him.

Where did you come up with the unique names for the Outlaw boys?
I wanted to make the names uniquely Southern, so I went to the Internet and looked up both Southern male names and surnames. I was so excited when I saw that Outlaw was actually a surname. Then, I knew I wanted all the names to start with the same letter. So, I made lists, but when I found Booker, that sealed the B deal. After that I found Boone which I adore, then Braxton’s name which really fits his personality to a T.

Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?
I write my books as if my characters are real. I think to get at the emotion and deep into their personality, you have to be an actor. Act out who they are. For me, character building starts with a nebulous thought about who the character is. What kind of experiences molded him or her into who that person is as a young adult or adult. Once I have that, it’s the name that gives my character realism and substance. Once I think about the character as a concrete individual, that’s when I can write that person. Get into his or her head and really make him or her come to life.

Are you sad to end a series and leave the characters behind?
So sad and so happy. Sad that I finished the series, but happy with the body of work. There is nothing as exciting as having the flash of inspiration for a series, nurture it from the first book to the last. See what I have created from nothing and the voices in my head. But the icing on the cake is that people love my stories and want more. That is the best feeling in the world.
Going to the Dogs Series
 Book 1: Leashed
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Callie Lassiter was trying to date the guys who weren’t bad boys. She was finding them quite a bore. But she knew where you ended up with bad boys, broken hearted. The very reason she stayed clear of her hunky bad boy neighbor.

Owen McKay owned an exclusive club, FLASH, where celebrities came to hang out, he also had women throwing themselves at him. So he continued to ignore his little miss girl-next-door neighbor. Until now. When her Jack and his Jill got together for an hour, it changed their lives.

A cute story about a dog trainer who loses control of Jack, her great Dane, when the neighbors Dane, Jill, comes out for a walk. A story that shows you never know what is truly beneath someones facade, until your dogs are going to have puppies together. The first in a series.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: Groomed For Murder
Brooke Palmer has worked hard to establish her dog spa, Pawlish. Now one spoiled rich woman with a spoiled poodle wants to ruin her because of her uncontrolled dog. When threatened by a lawsuit and the hunky lawyer who is trying to settle out of court, she still refuses to give in. To the court case that is, it’s hard not to give in to those stunning green eyes and silky blond waves. Just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, they do.

Drew Hudson has worked hard since his parents death. He has his sister to take care of and even if it means working at something that he don’t enjoy, tough. He’ll do anything to become a partner in the law firm. Even take a case for the bosses wife, getting some woman to settle the case of a bad dog haircut out of court. He is going to use all his charm to manipulate this woman. Or so he thought. A kind hearted woman and her dog remind Drew who he use to be. But can he ever go back to that person?

The first book in this series is Leashed. The books are about four friends who have met at the local dog park. They are all unique with special dogs ranging from a Great Dane to a prized poodle with a bulldog and two very mischievous Jack Russell’s in between. They are filled with humor and friendship with a added dose of sensual heat and you may even need a few tissues handy.
**Sexual content and language
**Received through NetGalley for review
Book 3: Hounded
Book Blurb:
I’ll get you and your little dogs, too!
Veterinarian Poe Madigan enters The Fur Ball with her Jack Russell terriers (aka The Terrible Two) to compete for a substantial cash prize that will keep her mother from losing her home. But when her fabulous partner sprains his ankle, Poe must trade him and his talented Bichon for a sexy, muscle-bound hunk who can't dance and his basset hound, Lazy Daisy. If that's not enough to make her despair, it seems The Terrible Two have angered someone and they're receiving death threats!

Security specialist Jared Taylor promises one of Poe's friends that he will go undercover as her dog dancing partner to protect her from danger. He didn't expect to have his staid, traditional life turned all topsy-turvy and he would find a soft spot for a neglected hound and fall for a Goth princess. But when he reveals who he really is and why he is in Poe’s life destroy the foundation of trust they’ve built? Could he lose the real prize - Poe?

My Review
Poe Madigan judged her men in an unusual way. Were they bacon worthy? Would they be Zombie killers or Zombie food? She tended to date the more brainy guys who were more likely food than killers. When her partner for the Fur Ball had to back out he was replaced with a definite bacon worthy Zombie killer type. It didn’t take long for the hunky Texas and his adorable basset to work his way into her heart and home.

Jared Taylor felt he owed his life to the man who rescued him when they were in the war overseas. So when his sister asked him for a favor he didn’t hesitate to say yes. To enter a dance contest with her friend so that he could be her bodyguard without her knowing it. Seems he needed some shields of his own to protect him against this unique woman he was protecting. And when she found out he hadn’t been completely honest with her would there be any hope for a future?

This series is about four friends who met at a dog park. Poe’s two dogs are known as The Terrible Twosome. Two Jack Russell terriers who are a bit too smart and busy for their own or anyone else’s good. Callie and Brooke’s stories were told in the first two books; Leashed and Groomed for Murder. The fourth friend Harper Sinclair, will have her tale told in the fourth book; Collared. You can actively help choose Callie and Owen’s wedding cake by going to Zoe Dawson’s blog,, and help vote on the cake. The contest ends July 31st, 2013.
**Sexual content and language
Book 4: Collared - Harper's Story
Harper Sinclair returns from her friends Vegas wedding to find that she's been robbed. She'd already been feeling down, all three of her friends had found their soul mates. Harper has her precious dog Blue and more money than she'll ever need, but love is elusive. To know someone wants her and not the money and prestige.

Caleb Shaw feels run over and old already. Recovering from a gunshot wound he's called in for a special case. A socialite’s dog collar was stolen. He knew all about the rich princesses world after learning a lesson early on as a young man. So he headed right into this case with his preconceived ideas and dislike. Harper Sinclair unfortunately didn't fit into his tidy little box.

I really enjoy these stories. They have a serious edge at times, a very hot romantic side and then there's the humorous parts. The dogs manage to get into mischievous situations, especially in this story. Along with other funny antics that put a tough cop in some pretty humbling situations.
**Sexual content and language
Book 5: Fetched 
Poe & Jared's Wedding Novella
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**Companion novella to Hounded.
 Includes **spoilers** from Hounded.

Jared Taylor and Poe Madigan met and fell in love in book three of this series, Hounded. Now they are gathered in Vegas with all their friends and family for their wedding. Everything is bright and cheery and they are ready for their happily ever after, right? There may be a few more bumps and potholes ahead on their road to happiness.

Join the gang as they all come to help tie the knot. Owen and Callie from Leashed, Drew and Brooke from Groomed for Murder, Harper Sinclair from Collared and few more friends we met on the way. More stories of future mates and their canine buddies will be coming as well. These are humorous, serious, romantically hot stories that will pull you in from the beginning of the book to the end.
**Sexual content and language
Book 6: Tangled
Callie & Owen's Wedding Novella
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A companion novella to Leashed, Going to the Dogs, #1. Your reading enjoyment would be enhanced if you've already read Leashed.

Thanks to Jack getting up on Jill, Owen and Callie are now ready to go down the aisle. It's true because Callie's Great Dane Jack impregnated Owen's Great Dane Jill, the couple met and fell in love.

Owen McKay runs into someone from his past a few days before his wedding. A past he wants to forget. He has a future with Callie and he refuses to ruin that by letting her know anything about the person he was before he became the successful and rich owner of FLASH. Will his silence land him in the dog house?

Callie Lassiter always felt that Owen was keeping something from her. She loved him and did not want to live without him, but when she finds out he hasn't trusted her and has even lied to her...can she follow her heart and head down the aisle?

**Sexual content and language
Book 7: Handled - Brooke & Drew's Wedding
A companion novella to Groomed for Murder Going to the Dogs, #2. Your reading enjoyment would be enhanced if you've already read Groomed for Murder.

Brooke and Drew are getting married and Brooke is happy juggling all her responsibilities with her wonderful fiancĂ©, Drew and her playful Bulldog, Boxer. She’s in her element running both Pawlish, her doggie grooming spa and Bone AppĂ©tit, her dog treat franchise.

But, even though Drew had not been demanding, he’s unhappy. Whenever he brings up slowing down, she reassures him she can handle everything. But the reality is that she isn’t and their relationship is suffering. It isn’t until the honeymoon that things come to a head. Brooke is spending more time putting out fires with her businesses than she is quenching her new husband’s fire.

Will her need to handle everything cause her to lose…the only thing that matters?
Book 8: Captured - Harper & Caleb's Wedding
Harper Sinclair is an heiress. She has a reputation to uphold and has been trained how to behave in society. Those in her class think of her fiance as a boy toy or someone just to bed. Not to marry. No, never that. You don’t mix collars. Too bad, she loves Caleb and is going to marry him.

Detective Caleb Shaw is a decorated law officer and has risen to his rank at a young age. The rich don’t care about that. They just see him as lower class than the Sinclair’s. A kept man. And he doesn’t like it. Can love truly overcome all obstacles?

These two self-sufficient people need to strip more than their clothes off if they are gong to be able to make this marriage work. They need to let themselves be naked in every way. Easier said than done. This is the final book in this series but not the last we hear from these characters as another series will feature the secondary characters, someday.
**Sexual content and language
More dog tales to come in 2014-2015
with Going to the Dogs 2: The Alphas
Ian Lassiter is part of an investment group that he got into in college.  One of his frat friends was a whiz at investment.  Ian got in on the ground floor along with Conner and Jesse.  They pooled all their money and bought up two empty warehouses in Manhattan and flipped both into high end condos by doing almost all the work themselves.  The location went trendy and they made a killing on the market.  They all became partners in AlphaGroup Investments and fast friends.  When Ian’s frat friend dies from a parachuting accident, shortly after Callie’s wedding, they invite Harper’s brother Aiden into AlphaGroup.
A Perfect Secret Series:
Book 1: A Perfect Mess
Aubree Walker avoided returning to her hometown once she went to college. She would have stayed away this summer if not for the phone call that changed everything. Her only living relative, her beloved aunt was in the hospital in a coma. There could be fowl play behind it. Worry for her aunt and reminders of her past welcomed her arrival in a most unwelcoming way.

Booker, Braxton and Boone Outlaw lived out their last name, or at least that's what the small-town gossips believe. These triplet hunks were known around town as the bad boys. At nineteen they are all successful. Success does not stop the past from hanging on, whether it's true or not. Booker has always cared for Aubree and even though he's not the guy for her, or so he believes, he'll do his best to protect her while she's there.

Aubree and Booker are both carrying scars from their past. Aubree still doing the best she can to be perfect. Booker acting like he has oiled skin that the insults just roll off of him, he don't. And then there is that secret between them of what happened last summer. Will that secret keep them apart?

There will be two more books in this series; A Perfect Mistake is Boone's story and A Perfect Dilemma will be Braxton's tale. This reader is looking forward to more of those handsome devils with the perfect last name.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: A Perfect Mistake
Verity Fairchild was always trying to be the perfect preacher's daughter. Problem is that no one can be perfect. After a very imperfect series of events that started at a party after her high school graduation, her life will never be the same. One summer back home to tell her parents a partial truth leads Verity down a whole new path.

Boone Outlaw is one of the unholy trinity. Triplets that have rocked their town just by being related to the Outlaws who came before them and added badness to the name. When these three guys were side by side, no girl was safe from swooning. And the only girl Boone ever wanted was off limits. Holy Mary Verity Fairchild, the preacher’s daughter. Didn't stop this bad boy from wanting her though.

When Verity finds out that everything she thought about Boone might not be true, she finds it tough to keep the hatred she's had for him the past year. She also has secrets nestled deep inside. Secrets she would never want her daddy to find out.

Will another Outlaw get locked into the bonds of love? Be sure to know the whole story by reading the first book, A Perfect Mess where Booker Outlaw meets his match. The third book will be for Braxton Outlaw; A Perfect Dilemma, he's one Outlaw that will do his best to dodge the noose.
**Sexual content and language
Book 3: A Perfect Dilemma
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Braxton Outlaw in one of three of Suttontowne’s most dangerously sexy men. The unholy trinity and owners of the Swoon, a smile that no woman of any age could resist. Only now his brothers have found their one and only loves. Brax refuses to give in to that weakness. The weakness he’s resisted all these years has a name and he avoids her like the plague.

River Pearl Sutton. Suttontowne’s little princess. The world sees her in magazines all nice and shiny. She wishes people could just see her. The real her. The imperfect non-princess her. Or if only Braxton Outlaw would see her. The one man she has never been able to have. The only man who has ever rejected her. Until now. River needs his help and he has agreed.

This is the last book in the Perfect Secret series. The last triplet to be caught so that fathers everywhere can sleep at night knowing their daughters are safe from the Outlaws. It was sad saying goodbye to them but I’m hoping there will be more stories of the secondary characters in Hope Parish. Really good series.
**Strong sexual content and strong language
Hope Parish Series 
More on the characters from A Perfect Secret Series
Book 1: A Perfect Wedding

Go Big Or Go Home Series
Helena "Lena" Mavrick is just out of college along with her two best friends, fellow sports agents, Trista and Hannah. With schooling over, Lena's fortunate enough that her father owns the internationally successful agency - Mavrick Allstars. Now, Lena has a plan to get her two friends on board at Mavrick's. But it'll mean signing elusive Gunner Smith and a wily bet with her father.
Book 1: Sk8er Boy
Fresh out of college with her Masters in Sports Management, Helena “Lena” Mavrick is ready for her first client. Fortunately, she already has a job since her father owns Mavrick Allstars, an international sports management company. Lena has her sights set on twenty-year-old Gunner Smith, a talented, just-on-the-cusp champion ready to take the world of skateboarding by storm. Problem is that Gunner is also taking her by storm. He’s harboring a painful past in those deep blue eyes of his. She suspects that pain comes from his bully of a father and her heart hurts for him. When things turn tough and violent, can Lena get him to lower his defenses and trust her? Can she remain professional or will she lose herself in the deep ocean of his eyes? 

Gunner’s father doesn’t trust sports agents, but tenacious Lena Mavrick convinces Gunner that she can take him to the pinnacle of success and make his dream of skating to the top a reality. Going against his father’s wishes could cause problems in Gunner’s personal life, but he's determined to break away from his father's tight, punishing hold. As he gives his battered heart and himself over to Lena body and soul, will she keep her promise and go the distance with him? Or will his father ruin everything in an attempt to control Gunner once again.
Book 2: Surfer Dude
Book 3: Snowboarder Geek
The Starbuck Chronicles Series
The fine thread between reality and the fantastical has snapped. The mortal and supernatural must learn to co-exist in post-reality Minneapolis/St. Paul where video games leak monsters into the night, demons roam, thirsting for more than just blood, people are not who or what they seem and a diabolical evil plots and plans to devour the world.
Book 1: AfterLife
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Book Blurb:
Lily Starbuck’s day doesn’t start well with blood on the horizon and a grumpy werewolf who refuses to pay his catering bill. Her day only gets worse when she finds out that her business partner in their catering company has embezzled all their available cash.

Lily can get no answers from her partner when she finds her dead. That’s the least of her worries—her landlord is evicting her, she’s being hounded by the Fairy Dust Administration (FDA) who suspects that her partner was dealing in illegal dust, and Lily’s pissed off their werewolf supplier.

With Lily’s very livelihood in jeopardy, she has no choice but to discover who killed her partner and try to track down the cash. She has only Spocko, a small, wizened gnome with just a bit of gremlin blood in him that makes him cantankerous at best to depend on, but he often goes invisible on her. Clues lead her to an open case being investigated by Otherworld Security (O.S.) and the tough O.S. Warden, shapeshifter, Tam Darkwood. And, at the outset of the investigation, a tiny, mythical fire-breathing, red dragon joins her as her trusty (and opinionated) sidekick, Kindle.

It seems a rogue mage has created a video game that is unwarded and game monsters are being released to terrorize the citizens of the Twin Cities. Trouble is Lily has reason to believe that this mage killed her partner.

The investigation takes an unexpected turn when they are led to influential and powerful Archmage Tarquin Wilding and somehow Lily finds herself embroiled in a sinister shadow Fae plot. With her friends at her side, she tackles dangerous and unpredictable supernaturals and monsters with an “all in a day’s work” attitude.

My Review:
Lily Starbuck is a witch with no memories prior to three years ago. She didn’t even know her real name. Found by Nock Whisk, a gnome, in a field of lilies and taken in by Olivia, a sister witch. A nagging question is never far from her mind, “Am I a good witch or a bad witch?” Only she has that answer...lost somewhere in her amnesic mind.

The Break, a time thirty years ago when someone opened a portal and broke reality, changing the world as humans knew it. Now every kind of otherworlder exists. This is Lily’s world. When it is shaken up and changed forever, she is determined to find out what happened. Even if it kills her.

Zoe Dawson has stepped away from her usual writing in this paranormal that is written from Lily’s point of view. The secondary characters are a mix of personalities that come to life. A handsome fae, an adorable gnome, a tiny dragon along with characters such as Val, who used to be a fictional hero in an anime. It doesn’t end in a cliffhanger...but you know there is more to come.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: AfterMath
Forbidden Plays Series (Erotica)
Book 1: Monster Man
Catherine Everhart “Cat” has worked hard for her promotion. There is only one thing that could be a snag in her career plans. Monster Man.

Shane Bishop aka Monster Man has put up with Harding’s dumb rule for three years. No dating within the company. He wanted Cat and was tired of waiting.

When it comes down to it will Cat give in to her feelings for Shane or will climbing the ladder stay on the top of her list? A short story but packed full. This story is erotica.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: Hot Read
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Tyler Davis has it made. Rookie of the Year and chosen to be a Wildcat. Yet, not all is perfect in this handsomely hunk’s life, but he can see it getting better when Lizzy is around.

Lizzy Jordan enjoys her work with the Wildcats, but at thirty she was hoping to be married with children. Instead, she finds herself mesmerized by the youngest team member, Cowboy Wonder. He’s too young and too dangerous for her...or so she tries to tell herself.

This is a short erotic story. The series began with Monster Man and there will be a third story, Illegal Motions. Between the heat that is generated on and off the field, there is also a good story line.
**Sexual content and language
Book 3: Illegal Motions
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Clay Masters is the star quarterback for the Wildcats. He may be all that and more on the field, but at home it’s just emptiness. Had been for the past eighteen months. When Holly had left him. And then he found it, the letter.

Holly Masters couldn’t keep her eyes off of her ex-husband. Every practice, every game. What a fine looking man he was. And no longer hers to have, hold and touch. The ache was unbearable, but what he did was unforgivable.

The last in this short series of three hunky men and the women they fell for. I love the way this author wrote these men. Tough football players and yet each has such a soft heart. These stories are on the erotic side and yet touching romance stories.
**Sexual content and language
Riders on the Storme Series
Book 1: It Started With a Whisper
Book 2: The Sky is Falling
Book 3: At World's End
And more...

Boxed Sets
Brave - Novella- The 12 NA's Of Christmas
Book Blurb:
In the season of hope, in the season of giving…

How far would you go for your friend?

Alissa Thompson has been the good girl her whole life.  Her uninterested parents don’t understand her hopes and dreams.  But this Christmas when her steadfast childhood friend Piglet needs her more than ever, she can’t back down.  Crossing the line means being braver than she has ever been in her life.  It means changing and growing and taking a stand.

Dakota Gray was brave in the face of debilitating fear, decorated a hero.  But he lost himself in that blood soaked day and has shunned everything he once knew.  Now shattered and broken, he hides out in isolation, his wounds beyond healing.  His heart closed, his emotions buried, he’s a man on the edge of self-destructing.  Little does he know that courage would be found in another searching for the strength to be brave.

Now snowbound in the Colorado Rockies one week before Christmas, Alissa thought this was about her journey and her friend, about setting him free.  But from the moment she meets Dakota, she learns about what real bravery is all about.  What real love is all about.  But is the season enough, her courage enough, her love enough to heal this hero’s brave heart.

My Review:
Dakota Gray has been fighting his memories and flashbacks. He just wanted it all to end. In seclusion at his family's Aspen cabin he was making decisions for his future. Fighting his demons. He was numb and glad for it. Then she shows up like an angel in the storm. Changing everything.

Alissa Thompson was on a mission to help her friend Charlie. She didn't mean to get sidetracked, but the blizzard had left her no choice. A man helped her, took her in from the cold, but he didn't want her there with him. Only the storm left neither of them a choice.

Two people with different backgrounds and yet they both are fighting their own type of demons. Thrown together unwillingly during a blizzard. Not knowing how much they each needed the other to walk them through their dark pasts into a brighter future.
*The 12 NA's of Christmas are 12 separate New Adult romance novellas by 12 of the hottest writers in New Adult.
**Sexual content and language

Must Love Pets: Groomed For Murder
Paranormally Yours Boxed Set: AfterLife
All Hallows' Erotical Boxed Set: Monster Man
Books written under Karen Anders
Jennifer's Outlaw
He was an outlaw. A rebel. A man she'd sworn to avoid. A drifter more comfortable roaming the range-alone-than taking a wife and building a family. But from the moment he became her protector, Jennifer Horn felt a connection and am irrepressible urge to make him her own.

Corey Rainwater was running. From himself. From his past. Especially from the look in Jennifer's eyes. He could never be the husband she needed, or the father her precocious daughter so desperately desired. Because dreams weren't made for men like him. At least, that was what he'd always believed.
The Bare Facts
Haley Lawton has to get a sex life -- now! To keep her new assignment as regular feature writer for a hot women's magazine, she has to come up with four killer articles on how to spice up the sex in a relationship. With little experience, but a lot of big dreams, she convinces Dylan Malone, her old college crush, now ad exec, to help tutor her on the finer points. 

The finer points -- indeed! Haley thinks she can handle living through one incredible fantasy; however, it isn't long before Dylan's sexy mouth and impatient hands start affecting her...completely. Now she's not so sure that their next steamy encounter is such a good idea after all! 

Once the fun and games are over, can Haley and Dylan turn four fantasies into forever?
Hot On Her Tail
Austin Taggart is a hot man with a superhot mission! His quarry: one beautiful bombshell of a nightclub owner, who insists she's innocent! The setting: steamy days spent together, followed by even sexier nights!

Francesca "Maxie" Maxwell is on the lam. And if she can resist the sexy, but serious bounty hunter hot on her tail, her name will be cleared of all embezzlement charges. Innocent or not, as a fugitive, Maxie's fair game, and Austin's staked a claim on her. His male pride and professional reputation hang in the balance. But can he resist the arresting beauty once he's caught and cuffed her? He insists no amount of her convincingways will persuade him to let her go. Or so he says.

The question: Will she get to him, before he gets to her?
The Diva Diaries
Jenna Sinclair is hot on the trail of some scandalous diaries. The secret sexual exploits they document are truly explosive. When Jenna's last chance at locating them turns out to be Sam Winchester's ranch, she has to seduce her way inside.

Sam is surprised by but falls for the incredibly hot woman hook, line and sinker. She's a tight package that he longs to unwrap. He boldly tells the darling diva it can be any way she wants it.

When Sam catches Jenna snooping not once but twice, she realizes she'll have to act on Sam's offer -- telling him exactly how she wants it...with him, right now! Like a scene lifted from the diaries, the passion they share borders on the unthinkable.

But when Jenna discovers things aren't as they seem, will she have lost more than just the diva's diaries?
When a quiz in a hot women's magazine reveals the secret truth about the kind of man she desires, Laurel Malone is not surprised. The ultimate bad boy has been her ultimate fantasy for a long time. Tired of denying herself the one guilty pleasure she's never had, Laurel's ready to manhandle the biggest, baddest guy she can find....

When stockbroker Mac Tolliver spots Laurel's answers to the "Who's Your Hottie?" quiz, he hopes a change of his attire, not to mention his attitude, will catch her eye. Satisfying the gorgeous, sexy woman quickly consumes him. Not to mention, how will he ever reveal who he really is? But then, maybe he won't have to...since Laurel's hiding a sexy secret of her very own!
Almost Naked, Inc.
Should they have mixed business with pleasure?
Almost broke...
No. Make that completely broke, humiliated and ready to jump at any job that will pay. So when smart-as-a-whip blond bombshell and model Bridget Cole finds out Dr. Matthew Fox needs a CEO for his new textile company, Almost Naked, Inc., she practically jumps at the chance to teach him he can't live without

Altogether sizzling...
Super serious -- and seriously sexy -- Matt is harboring very unscientific fantasies about Bridget and her luminous, touchable skin. It doesn't help that it looks so hot in the lingerie she whips up with his Almost naked wonder fabric. But now her media campaign is destroying his reputation as a serious scientist and he's got to find a way to keep her mouth closed... maybe with his own.
Five Alarm Encounter
He's more dangerous to her than any fire
Firefighter Grace Addison barely escaped the arsonist's blaze that killed two of her colleagues. Physically scarred, racked by survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress, the California beauty doesn't want to co-lead a task force assigned to nab the arsonist. Her partner is ATF agent Jordan Kelley -- a man with his own secrets and private pain.

At first, the sparks between Grace and the impossibly handsome Jordan are anything but romantic. The two wage a fierce tug-of-war for control of the investigation. But when the elusive firebug turns Grace's life into a fiery waking nightmare, she turns to Jordan for protection. If only she could resist his scorching kisses....
Women Who Dare Series
Book 1: Hers To Take
Sienna Parker's one tough but gorgeous cop who always gets her man. And now there's a bet at stake! The Women Who Dare have challenged her to seduce the guy who has just saluted her, and get a souvenir off of him. But this man may be a challenge: he's sexy, straight-as-an-arrow A. J. Camacho, a hotshot U.S. Navy SEAL, who's dogging Sienna's every step on an important case. Meanwhile, she's thinking their first step should be toward the bedroom!

And the man who loves her!
A.J. is on the lookout to find his brother and clear his name. The only lead A.J.'s got is a confusing connection between his brother and the sexy cop, who only wants to arrest him ASAP and ask questions later. A.J. knows he has to stick close to this headstrong, butt-kicking woman, but he doesn't mind one bit. In fact, he's determined to put things right, and if he has to sacrifice his body to sexy-as-all-get-out Sienna to do it...he will.
Book 2: Yours To Seduce
When firefighter Lana Dempsey finally tackles fellow firefighter Sean O'Neill in the...showers, it's a five-alarm blaze. She and Sean stripped of their uniforms -- it's what Lana's always wanted. Having had a crush on Sean since forever, she's never been brave enough to do anything about it. Until the bet she makes with her girlfriends gives her the courage to finally squelch that burning desire for Sean!

And the man who won't say no...
Sean O'Neill is the man behind the woman. Always attracted to Lana but never wanting to jeopardize their special friendship, he's never crossed the line...until now. An emotional twist knocks down their defenses and a steamy trip to the shower room sets them on the sexiest journey of their lives -- the flames of which they're not sure they'll ever escape. Or want to.
Book 3: Mine To Entice
Hot, smart, sexy forensic investigator Kate Quinn is finished with straitlaced -- she's determined to ditch her longtime nickname "Sister Kate." And she's getting tall, gorgeous, tough-as-nails deputy district attorney Jericho St. James to do it.

But when a man she believes to be innocent is charged with murder, Kate's world, not to mention her enticement of Jericho, soon gets complicated.

And the man who defends her...
Jericho has been holding back ever since he met Kate -- never wanting to cross the line with a colleague. Now, however, Kate's sensual ways and incredible new look have poked serious holes in his cool air of sleek sophistication. She happily obliges when he sinks to his knees in surrender and begs her to be his. Yet as the murder case reaches a fevered pitch, it's Kate and Jericho who've put everything on the line....
For each other...For now...Forever.
Undercover Lovers Series
Book 1: Up Close and Dangerously Sexy
Allie Carpenter had finally found her niche in life. Interior design. Her family considered her flighty and not one to finish anything. Not like her twin sister or brother. Only her twin has been hiding a secret. Callie, it seems, was living quite a different life and now Allie has been pulled into it.

Agent Drew Miller did his job and nabbed the AWOL agent. Only it seems he nabbed the wrong gal. No wonder he felt a pull towards the beauty that he never felt towards her sister. Too bad he was a man who didn't do relationships. Here today and gone tomorrow.

Thrown into the world of cloaks and daggers, Allie’s peaceful life changes quickly. A chance to prove she can follow a job to the end. If this job didn't kill her first. And if she could keep her mind and body off of Agent Miller long enough to do the job. Looking forward to the next two books in the series; Dangerous Curves and Deliciously Dangerous.
**Strong sexual content and language 
Book 2: Dangerous Curves
Max Carpenter is out for blood. The Ghost has to be caught. His sister Callie would be going undercover to resume catching the gunrunner and his other sister Allie, Callie’s identical twin, almost lost her life standing in while Callie was injured. He was closing in on the guy when suddenly he was thrown into a babysitting job. His fury left in a hurry when he laid eyes on the babe he’d be sitting.

DEA agent Rio Marshall has a debt she’s determined to have paid. A drug lord killed her brother and she was going to take the murderer down and see him pay for his crimes. Her first round at it didn’t go so well, but as soon as she could...she’d be back at it. After her undercover job with the hunky FBI agent.

These two agents find that their simple job wasn’t so simple. What was going to be an easy two weeks in Maui turns sightseeing through the areas they’d preferred not to. Especially since they were being chased by goons. Their attraction to each other wasn’t halted one bit. They found plenty of time in between running and hiding for “other” activities. Book one is Allie’s story; Up Close and Dangerously Sexy and the the third book is Callie’s story; Deliciously Dangerous.
**Strong sexual content and language
Book 3: Deliciously Dangerous
Shane McMasters stop existing three years ago. Now he is Jammer and on a mission. A mission he can’t afford to mess up by letting anything...or anyone...get in his way. Only something is distracting him. A beautiful woman who dresses in the most devilishly delectable clothes and is taking up way too much space in his mind, and who has total control over his body.

Gina Calahan aka Callie Carpenter is also on a mission. She has sworn to work for her government in bringing people to justice. She knows the time will come when Jammer and her will have to take separate sides, until then she’s going to stay as close to his body as possible. And she’s doing just that. If only he wasn’t who he was, it’s almost enough to want to make a good girl go bad.

This book ties up the series. Up Close and Dangerously Sexy was the first book about Callie’s identical twin, Allie. and book two, Dangerous Curves, was her brother, Max’s story. They were all page turners as these agents went deep undercover...both in the criminal world and the sheets, to protect their country.
**Strong sexual content and language
To Protect and Serve Series
Book 1: At His Command
Ambrosia Soto, known as Sia, joined JAG after her brother’s plane crashed and it was called pilot error. She not only lost her brother in that crash, but a man she loved, as he was the one who caused Rafe’s death. Now they are thrown together on a case and she finds that her feelings for him are still alive.

Chris Vargas left the navy after his best friend died and he joined NCIS. He lost everything the day his friend died. Mostly he grieves the loss of Sia and has never recovered. Now they are on an investigation together and she’s determined to clear her brother’s name. If only she were as determined to forgive him.

Great romantic suspense. Nothing like having an old love to work with in the small confines of a ship. A love as stormy as the sea. Could the deaths they are looking into go back the six years to Rafe and Chris’s crash? And even if it releases the blame, can Sia give herself over to the man who holds so many of her past memories, both good and bad? The next book in this series is Designated Target, looking forward to this series.

**Sexual content
Book 2: Designated Target
Criminals want her mind… Her protector wants her love. 

Special agent Vincent Fitzgerald's mission is to find missing naval scientist Dr. Skylar Baang. The brilliant Filipino American beauty has been kidnapped for her knowledge and research on top secret projects. But even after Vin rescues her from a dangerous group, he knows they'll be back. 

A long-ago promise has kept Skylar committed to her work—love is a distraction she's never allowed herself. Now in the protective custody of a complicated NCIS agent who surprises her at every turn, Skylar wants to stop thinking and start feeling. But as the thugs come after her, she'll need everything she is—and smart, sexy Vin—to stay alive.
The Adair Legacy Series
Special Ops Rendezvous
Multi-Author Books
Red Letter Nights: Book 1: Deliver Me
'Tis the season to be delightfully naughty. Oui? At least, that's the plan according to the sexy singles living tantalizingly close in New Orleans' ultra-chic town house complex Court du Chaud. Why not write the ultimate secret red-hot love note to kick off the holidays? 

All it takes is quickly slipping a sexy red-letter invitation under the door and suddenly three bold women -- driven Claire, caring Chloe and blossoming Josie -- are sighing with pleasure...and it has nothing to do with Chloe's scrumptious homemade beignets. But everything to do with three sexy men.

No strings. No questions. Who knew delivering a Secret Santa challenge would lead to a sizzling gift that keeps on giving...and giving?
Red Letter Nights: Book 4: Give Me Fever
New Orleans lounge singer Tally Addison has a problem: her employer at The Blue Note is selling the business, and Tally's desperate to buy the sultry jazz club. But how's she going to land the cash? Simple as black bottom pie. 

Tally's in possession of an authentic Gabriel Dampier treasure map, penned by the great pirate himself. Or at least she's holding a tattered portion of it. Her brother ripped off most of it by mistake...and now he's missing.

The only person Tally trusts to find her brother -- and her lucrative map -- is sexy P.I. Christien Castille. But can she trust herself when the dark-eyed Cajun heartbreaker is near?
Endless Summer: Surf's Up
After a crash meeting in the waves, surfer J. C. Wilcox and entrepreneur Zack Fanning practice daring moves that would make fish blush. But is it just sexy fun in the sun or are they ready to risk their hearts?