Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Naomi Rawlings

Eagle Harbor Series
Short Story: Love's Beginning
This is short story that introduces the reader to a ten-year-old Elijah Cummings and what his schooldays were like having the very rich Gilbert Sinclair and his group of bullies around. And also a glimpse of a young Rebekah, his sister, and her feisty attitude at such a young age. And mostly it's about how he first fell for Victoria Donnelly. Their story is in book two; Love's Every Whisper.
Book 0.5: Love's Violet Sunrise
Hiram Cummings' dream is to be a lawyer. And if he needs to earn that money by working in what used to be a closet—a hot and stuffy closet—and listen to men complaining about the unfairness of his boss all day, so be it. Maybe things didn't seem right with his boss, but he needed to finish law school. To help people like the woman begging for his help.

Mabel Klause needed to get Hiram to help her. A friend told her he would. So she wouldn't give up. Her brother and their friends were being falsely accused of a crime and this man was the only one who could help them.

Being a Godly man, Hiram did what he felt was right. And as in real life, we never know what plans God has for us when we listen to Him and follow in the paths He directs us. Often those paths can lead to so much more than we could have planned on. Great story, and it looks to be the beginning of a really good series. 
Book 1: Love's Unfading Light
Tressa Danell just wants to run her bakery and have a home for her son. But it seems that living eleven years with her dastardly husband wasn't enough. Otis Danell is going to haunt her from the grave with his debts. And she's finding out the man had plenty of them.

Mac Oakton's life hadn't been easy. After his father swindled the good people of Eagle Harbor, Michigan...he left town. He left Mac. Thankfully the Cummings took him and accepted him as one of their own. Still, he'd be leaving this town who only saw him as the son of Clive Oakton.

Two people who are suffering for someone else's sins. One the widow and the other the son of swindlers. Neither seeing their true worth through the eyes of God and those around them. Wonderful story of breaking free of the past and believing in a possible future.
Book 2: Love's Every Whisper
Book 3: Love's Sure Dawn
Book 4: Love's Eternal Breath
Book 5: Love's Winter Hope
Thomas Dowrick had thought his wife and daughters were safely ensconced in her cousin's home in Chicago. He left five years ago to make their fortune in the mines. And now—after a near death accident—he finds they aren't there. His family is missing.

Jessalyn Dowrick had come to the conclusion she was a widow with three daughters and only had herself to depend on. She went back to Eagle Harbor and has done so well as a seamstress, that she has other women in town helping her.

When Thomas comes to Eagle Harbor it sets Jessalyn's world off-kilter. His too, considering he figured his wife would throw herself in his arms after five years of separation. A past of hurts and misunderstandings has built a wall around them. Such a wonderful story of love and forgiveness. To mend the past, live in the present, and pray about the future.
Book 6: Love's Bright Tomorrow
Sheriff Isaac Cummings didn't ask to be sheriff, but here he is. Suddenly, instead of breaking up bar brawls...he has more serious issues. Including a possible murder. Even with the extra pressure of his job and his continued fear of his brother Elijah's water rescues—he still hopes that Aileen will change her mind and agree to court him.

Aileen Brogan is still just trudging through life. If only her move to Eagle Harbor a year ago would have helped. But, she still feels out of sorts. As if she doesn't belong. Her cousin in Ireland needed her, but she wasn't sure that Ireland would feel like home anymore either. And the handsome sheriff wanted to court her, but he deserved so much more than someone like her.

Through trials and tribulations...the characters learn to depend on God and Him alone. I like how the author gives the point of view from other characters along with adding previous characters into the story. Wonderful series, I really enjoyed it.

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