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Sharon Srock Book List

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First Street Church Romances Series 
Book 1: Love's Extreme Makeover 
Cassidy Butler is unsure where her life is headed. She moved to Sweet Grove, Texas with her mom six months ago, but she's not sure that the small-town life is for her.

Aaron Dockery is a youth pastor for now but plans on going into the ministry. He'd like to find that perfect helpmate. Someone who can put up with his habits he picked up while growing up.

Cassidy and Aaron had both grown up in different environments. They both walked away from them with different attitudes. Attitudes that would keep them apart. This was a shorter story but really good. I found it easy to fall in love with Aaron and his special characteristics.
Sisters by Design Series
Book 1: Mac
Mackenzie Soeurs thought she had escaped her imprisoned life and had freedom. She was wrong. She may have left the religious cult she'd been in most of her life, but with her son acting up, and her mother unhappy with their new life—she was still bound.

Dane Cooper had to remind himself what happened when he rescued damsels in distress. Nothing good. Especially when the woman didn't share his faith. What he could do was pay forward the kindness shown him as a wild teen and help out Mac's son.

I really enjoyed this story. This author writes women who have real issues and the bumpy road they take to find romance. Many either have wandered away from God or learn to depend more on Him.
Book 2: Randy
Miranda “Randy” Franklin is looking forward to her wedding. Her life would be finally complete. Great friends, her faith, her job, and the most wonderful man ever.

Eli Page couldn't wait to marry Randy. He never expected for everything to change so close to their special day. His daughter took off and left her daughter with him. The race was on to find Celeste and get his world back in order before his wedding day.

I love these stories. I cry through most of them because they are written so well that they bring my emotions to the surface. Along with the fact that they often have so much of real-life intertwined within the pages. And as the women in these stories often have their faith tested...God doesn't always give the answers to their prayers...or ours...that we expect Him to give. Be sure to read book one; Mac, to enjoy this series even more.
**Tissue alert if you cry easily
Book 3: Charley
Charlene “Charley” Hubbard and her husband are both employed at Garfield PD. Years ago, working in another small night of pulling someone over had changed life for Charley and Jason. Kinsley. Their adopted and only child.

Now, fifteen years later a phone call changes everything once again. Melissa, Charley's old college roommate and friend...and Kinsley's birth mom, enters back into their life with bad news. To top it off...they've never told Kinsley she's adopted. The little ball of snow on top of the mountain has just rolled down and become very large and is rolling right through their lives.

Charley struggles with issues of being the adoptive mother and trusting God that He knows what is happening and is in control. Control is something Charley really struggles with giving up to anyone... Wonderful story. Very emotional in good ways. Definitely a tissue alert.
The Women of Valley View Series
 Books 1-3 Boxed Set
  Book 1: Callie
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Callie Stillman is a nurse. She feels guilty over an incident that happened six months before...and even though she's a strong Christian...Callie struggles with moving past the tragedy. And now, God is calling her to stick her neck out to help someone else. She is saying no. Benton, her husband, is saying no and yet, she feels God continues to prod her forward.

This is the first book in this series and I really enjoyed it. There are several point of views besides Callie's and her husbands. I've read a few of the later books and they are excellent as well. Christian women who have everyday struggles in their lives.
 Book 2: Terri
Terri Hayes is the only single woman among her three friends. She has been praying for a husband and family of her own, but at twenty-nine she's decided to move forward. She is going to be a foster mom. The first day she's called to help a child...everything starts to happen. Thankfully God can take bad things and turn them into good ones.

Steve Evans had really messed up in life. After leaving his family for his drug habit...he has since become a Christian and been reunited with his two daughters and a grandbaby to boot. His life is so full...but he finds that he may have room for more.

The secondary story in this book is about the parents of the child that Terri is fostering. Their struggles as they have to choose to make changes so they can get their child back.
Loved this story and the first book; Callie, where the reader first meets Steve and his children.
 Book 3: Pam
Book 4: Samantha
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Samantha Evans life is better than ever. She has so much to be thankful for, her dad, stepmom, siblings, her beautiful daughter, and her faith. And she believes with all her heart that her boyfriend will come to the Lord and they'll marry one day. One December morning changed everything when her past came knocking at her door.

Patrick Wheeler knew all about God and church and all that stuff. He just didn't quite believe as strongly as Sam. It frustrated him at times that she couldn't just accept him where he was at. He loves her and Bobbie, isn't that enough?

I loved this story. It had me giggling while tears rolled down my eyes. So often people really want God for a genie. Rub your Bible and and “poof” all is well. We just don't have a clue what His plans are for our lives. The characters in this story find that giving it all to God includes letting His will be done, giving it all to Him. Much easier said than done. This book can be read as a stand-alone, but for the background characters you may want to read the previous three books in the series; Callie, Terri, and Pam.
Book 5: Kate
Nicolas Ethan Black carried a load of guilt for over twenty years. Guilt that took him away from his family and God. He's back home now and he sees that maybe he can let go of the past and allow himself a future.

Kate Wheeler Archer has buried two husbands. She believes that is enough for one woman and is not looking for a relationship. But she does need a business partner to help her dream come true. And she'll keep telling herself that every time she's around her handsome business partner.

This series follows the lives of several women who go to the same church and have become close friends. Nicolas's mom is one of those ladies and would love to see her son and Kate together. A deep secret from the past could keep them apart though. A secondary story is happening at the same time. A real page turner that kept me up into the wee hours of the morning until the last page. Great series. 
Book 6: Karla
Karla Black's life changed in a blink of the eye. A year later she was half the woman she had been. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. Just when a tiny glimpse of light lit her world, her daughter's world exploded. The pieces landing in Karla's life and pulling her back again.

Ian McAlister's wife had told him to love again after she passed away. A year later he found that he was lonely. A kitten helped some, but not like having someone to talk with. To go out to dinner with. And then he met Karla and saw a new path for his wasn't a smooth and easy path though.

These stories are very real life and not always pretty. They have romance in them but also hurt, sadness, real life, and death. I've really enjoyed reading this series.
**Tissue alert
A Valley View Christmas
Hannah's Angel
Join Callie, Terri, Pam, and Karla as a day at the mall to choose their Christmas angels and buy the gifts for them turns into so much more when one pesky paper angel won't stay on the tree.

The paper angel leads them into an adventure to help a young couple who truly need a Christmas miracle and these four Valley View women seem to be God's answer to their prayers.

A wonderful story with many unique characters—both good and bad. Sharon Srock writes stories that bring her characters to life, bring tears to the eyes, and are so often like real life where happily-ever-after doesn't always come easy.
Mercie Series
Book One: For Mercie's Sake
Scottlyn Rich finds herself in a life-changing situation. Her dream of her future is shattered when she is raped and becomes pregnant. It further changes when she chooses to keep her unborn child...and is kicked out of her home. All seems hopeless to the young girl. But her love for her unborn daughter is stronger than anything life throws at her.

Diana Kensington has been in mourning for over a year now. Everything is just a daily strain on her. Forcing herself to rise each morning and go through the day. Repeating it once again the next day. Until a new student comes to her class. The God she has set aside is speaking to her. Will Diana listen and move forward or stay bundled in herself?

Definitely a tissue-handy-book. Even through the tears I enjoyed it so much. Isn't it like real life to get so caught up in ourselves and our own needs to miss those hurting right in front of us? I'm looking forward to the next book in this series to see where life will be taking Diana and Scottlyn.
Book Two: Begging for Mercie
Scottlyn Rich has settled into her new life. Living with Diana, raising Mercie and preparing for college. She loves her daughter so deeply and enjoys being a mom, even at her young age. She never expects the sudden twists and turns life takes to break into her peaceful life.

Penny Nelson's grief over the loss of her son has taken her to the edge of sanity. In her state of mind she needs to place the blame for his imprisonment and then death on someone and Scottlyn Rich fits the mold.

This story continues from book one, For Mercie's Sake. If you want to know the whole story, I suggest reading that book first. This is such an emotional story, I enjoyed it so much...even through the tears. A mother's heart is a fierce thing. They want to protect their children with all they have. And at times with grown children, it's easy to gloss over their wrongs.
Book Three: All About Mercie
Scottlyn Rich should be enjoying these last few months as time closes in on her wedding. Choosing a dress, making wedding plans, just enjoying her three-year-old daughter, Mercie. But something doesn't feel right. It's not long before she finds out what that nagging feeling is.

Grant Weber just wants to protect Scottlyn. It's awfully hard to do when she puts blinders on and only sees and hears what she wants. Thankfully his love is strong enough to do what needs to be done. Finding the truth.

Sharon Srock's books are not always nice and cozy. They have a lot of real life situations in them. They do end with the happily-ever-after but the road is not well paved. It's well worn with plenty of potholes. This is a novella but packed full.

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