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This page is great. It lists many of today's romance authors and shows what other authors you may like who write with the same style.

There is much more to Harlequin then first meets the eye.  I was surprised when I found out the Love Inspired books are Harlequin. Some of their other Imprints are: Carina Press, Kimani, LUNA, MIRA, Rogue Angel, SPICE and Worldwide Mystery. You can sign up for newsletters on the site and also receive special offers. There is a whole eharlequin community as well.

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Fictiondb allows you to keep track of what books you read. You can find what books are being released by your favorite authors and what books are in a series among other things. The only negative is that they do not list many books or authors that have e-books only.

Goodreads also tracks your books for you and you can leave reviews for the books you read. You can sign up for giveaway books but you must leave a review on goodreads if you win. Their forums are great. Often the authors are on the forums. The danger on this site is that the more authors I get to "know" the larger my list grows of books to read.

More Than a Review
A review site that lets you know where the book rates as far as:
Sexual content, violence, crude and profane language and drug and alcohol use.

NetGalley delivers secure, digital galleys to professional readers. If you are a reviewer, blogger, journalist, librarian, bookseller, educator or in the media you can use NetGalley for FREE to read and request titles before they are published.

Operation Paperback
If you would like to help those in the armed services this is a great place. You can choose what genre of books you want to send and it will match you up with the people who want them. Everything is sent media mail so even a large box of books is often around $10.00 more or less. It is a simple way for those of us who enjoy reading to help our soldiers enjoy their down time as well.

Great site for reasonable e-books by self-published authors and if you are looking to self-publish. 

Book swap sites:

Great book swap site.

Another great book swap site.