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Eva Devon Book List

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The Bluestocking War Series
Book 1: The Beast's Bride

Lady Augusta has a lout for a father, and she does all she can to take care of her two younger sisters. When she is caught in a compromising position and must marry, she realizes that just as with her father, she will never know love in her marriage either. But at least her sisters will be taken care of.

 Adam, the Duke of Blacktower, is thought to be a rake, rogue, wastrel. Some of it is true. After having a hateful father and a tragedy in his youth, he had turned his heart to stone. Vowing never to marry or love. But, he has enough morals to refuse and ruin Augusta.

 Both Augusta and Adam had ideas about the other, judging them without knowing them. And they are both wrong about the other. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters.

**Sexual content within marriage

The Wallflower  Wins Series
Book 1: The Way the Wallflower Wed

Lady Pippa Post is taking her life into her own hands. She is going to be free. Free of her parents and society. Along with her three friends, they make a pact to find their places in the world. And Pippa's is to go and work for the Earl of Roxley as his assistant.

 Lord Marcus Drake, Earl of Roxley, cannot find a competent assistant. When a drenched young woman shows up at his door...he almost turns her away, but he does not judge on the sex of a person, so he gives her a chance.

 Pippa and Marcus both love history more than the present...and, the artifacts of the past more than people. So they get on quite well. Only...maybe there is something in the present that both of them find they do like... I enjoyed the story and look forward to more in this series.

**Sexual content

 The Duke's Secret Series
Book 1: A Duke for the Road
Robert Andrew Edward Deverall, future 4th Duke of Blackstone and First Lieutenant of His Majesty's Army had a rot of a father. He found how rotten after the old duke died and left Robert deep in debt. And that he would end up the same as his brother, father, and other male ancestors. He found a unique way to pay the debtors—but even so, it looked as if he'd have to sell himself in marriage.

Lady Harriet “Harry” Cornwall, sister of the Duke of Harley, was quite excited about her first Season. Even more excited about reading the news-sheets about the Gentleman Highwayman. Seems his female victims swooned over being robbed by him. Dancing with her brother—and her—childhood friend was pretty exciting too.

Rob knew he needed to marry for money. He also knew he'd marry someone he didn't care about. So he had to ignore how little Harry was no longer that little girl—but now, a beautiful siren. Besides, a man couldn't marry his friend's little sister. It just wasn't done.
Great story and the other background characters are wonderful too. I can't wait to read more in this series!
**Sexual content
Book 2: How to Marry a Duke Without Really Trying
George Cornwall, Duke of Harley made a promise to his dying father that he'd be a good duke. In his mind, that meant being perfect. As in, finding a wife and having heirs and performing all of is ducal duties. Love was not in the formula. Which took the one woman he could see as a companion out of the running.

Lady Eglantine Trewstowe grew up next to the Harley's. Harriet was her best friend (book one; A Duke for the Road) and George was always around too. After a chance meeting with George after not seeing him for years...she still sees him as George, not the duke he now is. That is, until he does a very duke-like thing in his search for a wife.

This series is about five friends who would one day all wear the mantel of being a duke. They had fought in the war rather than stay home and watch from outside. They had bonded together. Strong enough bonds to let the others know when they were being blockheads. I'm looking forward to the next book, as they are real page-turners...and at times...tear-jerkers.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Duke Takes All
Max Alexander William Carrow, Duke of Raventon has many secrets. What isn't a secret is that if someone needs help...he helps them. Especially the beautiful Scottish woman who demands his attention at an ungodly hour.

Lady Diana Argyle is running for her life. She has an address and a name that she hopes gets the man who lives there to help her. She's expecting an elderly duke, but he's anything but old.

I love this series and can't wait for more of the stories as the reader gets a glimpse of the other dukes in every book. These friends have bonded together and over time...each have taken their place as a duke. Not your usually stuffy type dukes though. Great characters and story-lines.
**Sexual content
Book Four: Between the Devil and the Duke
Tristan Trent, The Duke of Ardore, was a man with a mission. A mission of revenge. He could almost reach the end. Taste his final victory. He didn't need a beautiful distraction while on his mission...and yet, he couldn't ignore her.

Annabelle Winters wanted freedom but knew that was a dream...a hope...she'd never reach. She survived the streets and worse. In her uncle's castle...doing his bidding, as distasteful as it was, still gave her a better home and way of life. Until it wasn't going to be enough.

Maybe it was the wrong place at the wrong time...or perhaps the right place. But Tristan's and Annabelle's lives clashed and it seemed neither would get their hope...dreams...revenge. Excellent series. This story was really unique in ways that I don't want to mention and spoil for anyone.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 5: The Duke You Know
Damian Avonby, Duke of Drake had secrets. Secrets about his childhood. Secrets about what he overcame to be the man he was today. And he had masks. Many of them. Not physical masks...just putting on whatever face he wanted people to see. Never allowing anyone—except his friends in the Number 79 Club—to see his true self.

Lady Persephone “Percy” Blakeney never planned on getting married. To never allow a man to rule over her. To steal her happiness. Besides, with what her mother had done...she was afraid she might do the same thing. But when her circumstances change, she finds herself making the choice of helping her uncle and cousin...even if it meant doing the one thing she never wanted to.
**Sexual content
Book 6: My Duke Until Dawn
The Duke's Club Series
A Rake for Christmas: Dukes' Club Series 
Lady Evangeline Pennyworth is tired of Seasons. Tired of being invisible. Tired of living with her parents. What's a girl to do? Talk to a rake, that's what. And lucky her, there happens to be one at their house party. He'll know how to help her find a husband.

Anthony Basingstoke...known rake and nice guy. When Evangeline comes to ask for his help, he's impressed by a lady who knows what she wants and goes for it. So, he agrees. Marriage isn't for him, but that doesn't mean he minds helping play matchmaker.

I loved the characters. Evangeline wasn't all gushy over a handsome least not to his face. And the secondary characters from previous books were so personable. Short Christmas story...great read.
Book 1: Once Upon a Duke

Ryder Blake, 11th Duke of Darkwell, also known as Duke of Debauchery and the Duke of Death, has earned his names. To the whole of London he may seem to be a handsome duke who pleases women. But underneath, he’s living in the past. In sorrow. He’s closed his heart off and lets no one get past the physical. Until her.

Kathryn “Kate” Darrell has escaped from her lonely existence in the country. Her husband didn’t want her…just her money. Now, as one of the wealthiest widows around…she’s come to London for excitement, and she knows just where she’ll start. She’s about to live a life of debauchery.

Reading the scandal sheets in the country or her London home is one thing. Becoming the scandal wasn’t quite as exciting. Get ready as this book takes the reader to the underbelly of London where everything goes…especially polite society and its rules. The only rule…don’t get caught.

**Sexual content

Book 2: Dreaming of the Duke
Jack Eversleigh, Duke of Hunt knows that he is not now, nor ever will be a good man. Or a good duke. So he lives a life of debauchery. An empty life. A life he feels he deserves. And no woman who he was strapped to as a child is going to change him into anything more than he is.

Cordelia "Cordy" Eversleigh, Duchess of Hunt has come to London to get an annulment and head back to the love of her life...digging for long buried treasures in far away countries. Unfortunately for her, her plan doesn't go off without any hitches. She didn't expect her “husband” to be so handsome or his family to be so forceful.

Loved their story. I liked that Cordelia stayed fairly firm against Jack instead of completely melting at his feet at first sight. Great secondary characters too.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Wish Upon a Duke
Duncan Hamish Fergus, Tenth Duke of Blackburn is a bore. Not that he'd say so. He just wants to toe the line so that his dukedom is pure. After all the damage his father had done...he had to be responsible. And that meant choosing a perfect duchess. A flawless in character duchess.

Lady Imogen Cavendish loved life. She lived it to the fullest with her fun parties and other activities. After all, a widow had a certain amount of freedom. Her stodgy neighbor needed to learn to relax...and she was the perfect woman to help him do so.

Duncan isn't fond of Englishmen...or women. His new neighbor isn't only English, but a wild woman who throws wild parties and who knows what else goes on in her hunting cabin. Great story in this series and it pulls in characters from the previous books to add to it.
**Sexual content
Book 4: All About the Duke
Book 5: Duke Ever After
Book 6: Not Quite a Duke
Book 7: A Duke by Any Other Name
Book 8: My Wild Duke
Lady Beatrix Westport had once been touted as the most beautiful, most blessed, diamond of the first water, the girl with everything. Now...she is looked upon as the most unlucky girl of the ton. So she stays in her room, despising all those who live and enjoy to the she cannot.

Captain Adam Duke knows what a dark past can do to a person. When he gets a glimpse of the beautiful young woman in the park—and finds out what her story is—he's determined to bring her back to life. Before he leaves on his travels, that is.

Suddenly, everything changes. What seems the best thing ever...maybe isn't. I love the main characters and even more, the other characters truly add to this story.
**Sexual content
Book 9: If I Were a Duke
Anthony “Tony” Burke, grew up as a duke's bastard son. Even with the life he was dealt, Tony is happy-go-lucky and loves life. He's now close with his father and life is good. And now...he's been given a title. And there's a woman he's expected to take as a wife.

Lady Eleanor Paisley has been dealt a lousy hand too, only she's not taken it as well. She's built a hard shell around herself and not allowing anyone close...lest they die. She realizes that marrying the new Duke of Ayr is a wise choice, after all, where else will she go? She just has to keep him at a distance.

Great characters. The story had me smiling at times and crying at others. Well written and a great plot. Loved it.
**Sexual content

Book 10: The Duke's Club Christmas
Book 11: Never a Duke
Captain Lockhart “Lock” Eversleigh was in control of his life. Unlike his carefree family. So when the sister of his American brothers-in-law shows up, he has all he can do to hold onto his rigidity. She's so different from any woman he ever met...but she's American. And not one for rules.

Calliope Duke and her twin sister, Cleo, have inherited their mother's ship. The Wasp. So they have to do something she never wanted to do. Set foot on England. But it was a necessary evil as they needed their half-brothers’ help...and for some reason, they opened a Duke office in London.

Two people completely opposite of each other... No matter how they fight the attraction, they are doomed to be pulled together. For a time, at least. Great story and characters. Eva Devon does a great job of pulling previous characters into the story, which I always enjoy.

**Sexual content
Must Love Rogues Series
Book 1: The Rogue and I
Garret Hart and Harriet “Harry” Manning had met, fell in love, and parted shortly after. That was five years ago and they parted as enemies. Now, the few times they meet...they slice each other apart with their words. Unfortunately for this couple...Garret's brother is marrying Harry's cousin. And even worse—in their minds—is the seven day house party they'll be stuck at together.

Of course, hatred disguises their true feelings of love. And thanks to a bored brother...they are thrown together. And no thanks to a mischievous half-brother...pandemonium reigns and tears any hope of love to shreds. Putting them right back into the war zone they started in.

I really enjoyed the story and the different characters. Great story line and the story flows easily.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: If the Rogue Fits
Book 3: Duke Goes Rogue
Book 4: Live and Let Rogue
John Forthryte lived his life for vengeance. The one person he loved in life had been mistreated and discarded—his mother. He had many years to grow full of bitterness, anger, and hatred toward the aristocrats who caused her pain. That was before, now he's made peace with his half-brothers and accepted the title of earl. And a chance to fix one of his past mistakes.

Meredith Trent had made some poor decisions and was now suffering for them by having to live with her uncle, a vicar in the Highlands. She loved the area...but hated living under the hand of her uncle who never let her forget her sins. And then...the one man she hated above all others arrived.

This can be read alone but to have the full story of John's machinations, you'll want to read the previous books in the series. I really enjoyed the story. Great story line. It goes from hurt for what John's life had been, tears for him not being able to get past his past to see a better future, and to laugh-out-loud humor at times. I really enjoyed it.
**Sexual content
Book 5: Rogues Like it Scot
Damian Peterboro has long ago left his roots in England behind. Disgusted with war and how people suffered, he sold his commission and started journeying through other lands to learn about their history, antiquities, and people. After running through his inheritance—he returns to England.
Lady Andromeda Gateshead, Marchioness of Schollingbrook enjoys having intelligent speakers in her home for entertaining. After her husband died, she enjoys her freedom and being around people. And then came that night. The night the speaker was not all his book had been and the stranger who entered her home and confronted said speaker.

Andromeda and Damian are both oddities in the world of society in ways. Although, Damian is more the outcast. Loved the story and the characters that surrounded the hero and heroine.
**Sexual content
Book 6: Rogue Be a Lady
Miss Emmaline Trent had been hurt years earlier and fled to Paris. Now, she is returning to her homeland. To London. The new Emmaline is an independent woman. An actress. She will not let anyone get to her. Especially not the Hart brothers.

Lord Edward Hart had made a grave error years ago, and he'll never let himself forget about it. Or forgive himself for it. He's no longer the man who toes the line and does everything by the book. The years of self-hatred have turned him into a stranger. Another of London's notorious men.

The emotions in this story had me dabbing my eyes often. Their story starts in the first book; The Rogue and I. Great series and characters.
**Sensual content and language

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