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Laura Marie Altom Book List

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U.S. Marshals Series
Book 1: Hunted
Book 2: Chased
 U.S. Marshal Caleb Logue and his team was assigned to watch over a judge and her son. He didn't want the assignment. Eight years ago he had a relationship with said judge, but he couldn't get out of it. One look at the boy...and his world turned inside out.

Judge Allie Hayworth didn't think she'd ever have face Caleb again. She'd managed to avoid him for the past eight years...and yet, she knew one day she'd have to face her past. Her lies. Her fear.

Great characters and storyline!
**Sexual content
Book 3: Prey
U.S. Marshal Adam Logue has been living in the past so long that his future is going to pass him by. When the work psychologist tells him he needs to push himself to start dating again...he comes up with what he thinks is a brilliant idea. Why not just date his best friend, Bug, and pull one over on the shrink?

U.S. Marshal Charity “Bug” Caldwell has exchanged most of her own desires to keep others happy. Giving up her dreams of her own family to be a marshal. Or holding onto the dream that the man she's in love with will see her as more than one of the guys. Now that she's thirty-five...she's putting her foot down and determined to move on and start living her own dream.

Great story and wonderful characters...both main and secondary.
**Sexual content
SEAL Team: Holiday Heroes
Book 1: Christmas Cookie Baby
Rose Foster finally feels like she's in control of her life. Her career as a sociologist could get a positive boost on this trip to Alaska. She makes it to the job site...but not easily. She runs into a bit of trouble and being her bush pilot is so handsome and she thinks he's the last person she'll see...well, life got interesting.

Colby Davis, former Navy SEAL turned bush pilot was thrown off balance when a storm not due to hit...hit. Feeling responsible for the beautiful passenger with him, he'd do all he could to keep her alive. With all he'd been through though—he wondered if he could keep her safe.

I loved the characters in this story as well as the story line. I'm looking forward to the rest of the stories in this series.
**Sensual content
Book 2: Happy New Year, Baby
Brody Crawford not only fought the horrors of his time as a Navy SEAL, but now he had to fight the fact he didn't save his own brother. He'd been trained to save and anything less—for him, was unacceptable. He tried to escape the memories, but wherever he ran, they went with him.

Lilianna Shelton Crawford had never dreamed she'd be a widow. A single mother. Alone. That one moment she'd been planning to surprise Brandon with the news she was pregnant...and too soon she was planning a funeral. At least she still had Brody—or she thought she did. But he left too.

I'm enjoying this series so far. I love stories that connect to the town and people...that characters from one story join in on the next story. Several of these friends from the small town of Kodiak Gorge had become SEALs. Now they are back home. Some fighting their demons more than others.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Be My Valentine, Baby
Tanner and Jenny Muldoon had been in love...grown apart...then divorced. Or so they thought. Ended up there was a glitch and they were still married. Now, back together and expecting a baby—life was good and getting better.

Until the fire. Tanner came home to find his house on fire...his wife inside. Nothing was going to to stop him from rescuing the only family he had left—besides his SEAL brothers.

The author really puts this couple through the ringer—several times. They either come out stronger...or break. I'll let you read the story to find the answer to that. Great story that took my own emotions on a wild ride.
**Sensual content
Book 4: St. Patrick's Baby
Patrick O'Leary hasn't ever done relationships. With Stephie, he was thinking about it. And then when something happened, reality reminded him of his past. And why the perfect girl wasn't perfect for him.

Stephie King had met Patrick at the burn unit, when she was Tanner's nurse. Things were looking like they'd be together. That they had a future. And then everything fell apart. Feeling like falling through the ice into the depths of cold, icy water.

Definite tissue alert on this one. Love doesn't always cover everything. Some things are too tough to get through, even with love. When you can't give the person you love what they truly want and need. Great story.
**Sexual content
Book 5: Easter Bunny Baby
Ben Sutton is loving his job with Kodiak Gorge Outfitters. Outdoor adventures and a search and rescue, as well. The one clink is that a past issue with him and Colby still stands between them. What Ben isn't prepared for is the day he's on a search and rescue with Heather Moore, the sister to the man who is missing along with his wife.

Heather Moore's life has been one thing after another. And now...her only sibling, only family she has left...has gone missing and from the campsite it doesn't look good for Greg and Phyllis. Her emotions are all over the place and the stress isn't helping her pregnancy. When things seem to turn around while she stays in Kodiak Gorge for a while almost seems like maybe life is going to get better.

Great series. Brody has hired his SEAL buddies to help with his adventure business. The more business he gets...the more guys he's added. And the group isn't only growing by the men who are coming to work for Brody. The wives and children are adding to the numbers too. One big happy family...mostly. Great series.
Book 6: Big Bang Baby
SEAL Team: Disavowed Series 
Book 1: Rogue
 Nash Adamson hasn't really been living since his wife and son died a year ago. He hadn't been using the skills he'd learned as a SEAL either. Not since his other ex-SEAL friends thought he needed to take a break so he could pull his life together. That's why he was on this mission to save a woman without the rest of his team around him.

Maisey Blake made some pretty poor decisions in her life. Letting her first love go because she felt all men in the Navy would be like her dad—no good. This latest poor decision...which she blamed on her no-good father as well...had really gotten her into deep trouble. Her third mistake was not obeying orders from the man who came to rescue her.

This has the looks of being a really good series. I loved this first story and can't wait for the next one. A group of ex-SEALs team together to use their skills in their civilian lives...since they were discharged for taking things into their own hands on the field.
Heroes to some...criminals to others.
**Sexual content and language

Book 2: Outcast
Jasper King had vowed never to allow himself to fall in love. He didn't deserve to after what his foolish younger self had done. He'd done well with that vow. Joining the Navy and then working for Trident, Inc. with his other disavowed SEAL brothers. Did real well, until she came into his life. And then left it.

Eden Marabella had the rest of her life planned. Starting with one last visit to Antarctica, where her father's life work had been. She missed Jasper but there was no way she'd put him through what her father had gone through with her mother. And then all heck broke out and even though she pushed him away...Jasper came to help her.

Great series. Both this story and book one, Rogue, are action packed with romance lingering on the edges. Romance being secondary as the guys are a bit too busy saving their women at the moment to stop to buy flowers. Looking forward to the rest of the stories. Book three is Shunned.
**Sexual content and language
Book 3: Shunned
Everett Black was on one of his most important missions ever—to rescue his friend's baby. The baby had been kidnapped and brought to Columbia. The mission went wrong and just when Everett was in quite a pinch—he was saved by an angel.

Mary Margaret O'Hanlon wanted to become a nun. She had been with the sisters since she was orphaned at twelve. Yet, once again they denied her for her final vows. When her whole world is shattered by finding out things were not as they seemed...Mary knew she had to help the stranger to make things right.

Take a SEAL...a man of the world, and put him with a courageous but innocent woman. Add a baby and running from a woman who has hands and eyes everywhere and you get a fast moving, page-turning story. I really enjoy this series.
**Sexual content and language
Book 4: Exiled
Harding Breslow lost the girl because of his work. And now that same woman needs his help because of what he does. Isn't life funny? No. Nothing is funny for poor Harding as his feelings are alive and well for Liv...and yet, unwanted.

Olivia Burnett's grandparents have gone missing and the only man she her ex-boyfriend. Well, there's truly nothing boyish about the hunk of a man she used to date. He puts himself in danger for others and that's what she needs...even if it wasn't what she wanted in her forever kind of guy.

The Trident team will get the job done. Just like they did when they were SEALs. Another great story with surprising twists and turns. As usual...a real page turner. Looking forward to the final book; Renegade. This fifth book is also part of the ten book series; Rodeo Knights.
**Sexual content and language
Book 5: Renegade
Sawyer Crow had left behind his past a decade ago when he joined the Navy. He may longer be working for the government as a SEAL, but Trident, Inc. uses all their SEAL training and talents. When an old friend, Jesse Knight, asks for Sawyer's help...he reluctantly says yes. Even though it's protecting someone from that very past he left behind.

Delilah Bowing's life is falling apart. There are barrel racers being murdered...her friends. The rodeo her father owns, and she's always loved, is now a feared place. And then he shows up—Sawyer Crow—the man who left her when she needed him most.

Wow, this was such an exciting story and it has some great twists and turns that I never saw coming. Loved this book and then entire series!
**Sensual content and language
Book 6: Forsaken
Briggs Denton is part of the Trident team. He had spent some time on an exotic island and met a wonderful woman. Too bad he wasn't the husband or family type of guy. Thanks to his own past...he knew that was impossible.

India Fanning had a secret she didn't want Briggs to find out about. But after her cousin dies and she's sure it's murder, she knows he's the only person to help her. She'd just have to be careful. Especially with her heart.

Well written books that pull the reader into the story. I feel as if I'm right with them as they hold their guns in front of them and slowly turn each corner. On the ready for whatever lies ahead of them.
**Sexual content and language
Book 7: Scorned
Jackson Elliott has come to help one of Harding's friends. The daughter is having some issues with an arsonist. It ends up being a bigger job than he thought. Some people in the area believed in ghosts...Jackson was starting to wonder how far off the idea was.

Miranda couldn't imagine what was happening to their small, but thriving town. Her bar had been burned down a year ago and just reopened. Business was booming—then the arsonist struck again. Thankfully she has an ex-SEAL here to help.

Just when things seemed to be getting better...they get worse. Much worse. The author did a fantastic job of keeping the villain's identity from being guessed too easily, for me anyways. And any villain that uses nasty, creepy snakes is extra evil in my book!
**Sexual content
Shamed Series (Loveswept)
Book 1: Control
Book 2: Possess
Book 3: The Escort
The Frog Kingdom Series
Book 1: Smooch! A Sexy Frog Prince Fairy Tale
Harlequin American Romance
Operation: Family Series
 Book 1: A SEAL's Secret Baby
Book 2: The SEAL's Stolen Child
Book 3: The SEAL's Valentine
Book 4: A Navy SEAL's Surprise Baby
Book 5: A SEAL's Christmas Twins
 Book 6: The SEAL's Baby
Book 7: The Cowboy SEAL
Cowboy SEALs Series
Book 1: The SEAL's Miracle Baby
Book 2: The Baby and the Cowboy SEAL

Book 3: The SEAL's Second Chance Baby

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