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Christi Caldwell

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Scandalous Affairs Series
Book 1: A Groom of Her Own

Miss Claire Poplar doesn’t have much to look forward to in her life. After her parents had taken a title they didn’t deserve, and the truth came out, her life fell apart. The ton is very unforgiving. So, when her sister sees an ad for a wife...but, more of a business partnership...she jumps at the chance to have her freedom.

 Caleb Gray is an artist who has lost his muse. The past is slowly dragging him down. When his friend, Wade, comes up with the idea of having someone take care of the estate in England he’d inherited from his that he can have an income and travel around for his art...he jumps at the idea.

 When Claire and Caleb...who are arch enemies in ways, meet at an inn...things change. She needs his help...whether she thinks she does or not. Suddenly, as they spend time together, they realize that Caleb, who is American, has put all English in the same box. And Claire sees Caleb in a different light. An excellent story-line. If you cry easily...keep tissues nearby while reading it.

**Sexual content and language

The Read Family Saga
Book 1: A Winter Wish
Lost Lords of London Series
 Book 1: In Bed with the Earl
Malcolm North's is in The Dials, actually more in the sewers there. What his life was before then is nothing but a lost memory. And he was just fine until he got a visit from Connor Steele. A detective who used to be one of them, but was now more of a nob. Steele was looking into aristocrat children who'd been stolen...who had titles waiting for them to claim. No thanks.

Verity Lovelace was the caretaker for her younger sister. Their old nursemaid depended on her too. Thankfully, she had a job secured for her at The Londoner newspaper. She'd been there for twelve years and was finally a she had to get a big story to hold her job. She'd do anything to make sure she could provide for her sister.

Life wasn't easy for orphans, and that was what both Malcolm and Verity were. Of course, men had more choices in life. A great story as their lives collide, each fighting to keep what they have. Each was just wanting to continue to survive.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: In the Dark with the Duke
Book 3: Undressed with the Marquess
The Brethren Series
Book 1: The Spy Who Seduced Her
Nathaniel Archer, the Earl of Exeter and Sovereign of the Brethren has lived a hard life. He had loved and lost that love and so much more. After that loss—he gave everything he had to the Brethren. Taking dangerous missions, after all, what did he have left to lose? Nothing.

Lady Victoria Barrett, Viscountess Waters loved her children and grandchildren. She had once known love, but to the man she had married—she only knew hate. She didn't mourn him when he was murdered...only the fact that her son was being blamed for the murder.

A really good story with some surprising twists. Nathaniel, as Sovereign, usually stays in the office but when this case crosses his desk...he's determined to get to the bottom of who killed Viscount Waters. As always with Christi Caldwell's books, I'm looking forward to the next book in this new series. My Lady of Deception takes place about twenty years before and has some connections to this book.
**Sexual content
Book 2: The Lady Who Loved Him
Chloe Edgerton didn't want to marry and had good reasons for not doing so. She just couldn't get that through her older, protective brother's head. So...she was heading for her sixth season. Trying to escape a dance—everything goes awry.

Leo Dunlap, the Marquess of Tennyson has gained the position as the most wicked rake. And he relished the title. His life was with the Brethren and his role within the organization was being a rake. What more could a man want?

Leo was selfish and only thought of himself. The one time he decides to help someone all goes wrong. Great characters that have bad pasts with their sires and have been affected by those pasts. As always from this author, I enjoyed this story.
**Sexual content and language
Book 3: The Rogue Who Rescued Her
Lord Sheldon Graham Malin Whitworth was a rogue. As the third son, he was of no use to his father...a duke. More of an embarrassment. What his father didn't know was that the Brethren had accepted him. His first check up on a woman and her child. So far from what Graham would consider a mission.

Martha Donaldson didn't care that her late husband was dead. But it was in the wake of his death that her life changed. Her father was imprisoned. All their fortune removed. And the town had turned against her and her boy. And she trusted no one...until Graham Malin came to help out as a stable master.

In The Spy Who Seduced Me, the reader learns of Martha's husband's death. Now, with changes in the Brethren leadership, she's been forgotten and left on her own. Once again, awesome characters and a storyline that kept me turning the pages.
**Sexual content
Book 4: The Minx Who Met Her Match
Duncan Everleigh is a barrister who knows what it's like to be judged by Polite Society. Even if innocent, they hold you in guilt. That is the reason he'll take on cases other barristers would not. And he worked alone. Until the day the waiflike creature arrived at his window.

Josephine Pratt just wanted to be able to what she loved. She had helped her brother Henry with law cases...but as a woman, and a lady, she was expected to marry and be an obedient wife. Well, after what happened with her previous betrothal...that wasn't happening.

I loved this story and the characters. The secondary characters added a lot to the story too. Nolan, Josephine's oldest brother, has his story told in A Winter with a Baron. The storyline kept my full attention from beginning to end.
**Sexual content
Book 5: The Spinster Who Saved a Scoundrel
Miss Francesca Cornworthy has spent most of her life being who her father needed her to be. Now that he's gone, she's happily living in the small townhouse he left her. Until her godmother delivers a missive her father had left for her. It seems he wanted the best for her and set plans in motion for after he was gone. Only...a snowstorm has those plans taking a new path.

Mr. Lathan Holman is living in a dilapidated cottage alone. Feeling this life of guilt is all he has. After all, his poor decisions have led him here. Away from a family he disgraced. Away from everyone. Until a talkative stranger appears out of the storm and refuses to leave.

I really loved the story and the characters.
**Sexual content and language
The Heart of a Scandal Series
Book 1: Schooling the Duke
Miss Rowena Bryant was the lead instructor at a finishing school. Teaching young girls how to behave, or more like taking their lively spirits away. Girls like she had been long ago when she had love and happiness. Before she learned how cruel life could be.

Graham Linford, the Duke of Hampstead, had hated Rowena for years. Only when he sees her again after thirteen years—he finds that hate isn't very strong. He may still hate her, but he needs her help now for his headstrong ward.

I haven't read a book from this author that I haven't enjoyed. Rowena and Graham both have their sides of what happened all those years ago—they just need to hear both sides to see the truth. Easier said than done.
**Sexual content
Book 2: A Lady's Guide to a Gentleman's Heart
Heath Whitworth, the Marquess of Mulgrave is considered the staid, straight-laced brother. All duty and no fun. Which was true. After the death of one of his younger brothers, he did all that was needed of him. But having his mother force him to pay court to one of their house party guests—his best friend's formerly betrothed—was too much. A man did not take up with the woman his best friend loved.

Lady Emilia Aberdeen was content with her spinsterhood. Being jolted on her wedding day and the topic of gossip had been tough, but now, ten years later...she accepted who she was. And her life was good. She had a secret life she enjoyed. Until the house party at her godmother's home.

Heath is the heir to a dukedom and the older brother of Graham from The Rogue Who Rescued Her. Emilia is Aldora Adamson's friend from In Need of a Knight. She was involved with finding the Heart of the Duke pendant. Another enjoyable story from this author.
Book 3: A Matchmaker for a Marquess
Meredith Durant grew up on a ducal country estate. Emilia and Barry were like her own siblings. But, as she found out when it mattered most, she wasn't family. And life was never the same. And then, over a decade later she runs into one of the Aberdeen's again. Only, little Barry is no longer that little pesky kid from her youth.

Barry Aberdeen, the Marquess of Tenwhestle has become known as a rogue. Why not? He can't enjoy life as he wants. He's been trained to be a duke one day and dukes couldn't always be what they wanted to be. And now, he is having more of his life taken away. His mother, the Duchess of Gayle, has decided it's time for him to get married.

Wonderful story. A bit of real life I'd think, how he had all the material things in life, and yet...he didn't have the freedom to be himself.
**Sexual content
Book 4: His Duchess for a Day
Elizabeth Terry Brightly spends her days teaching at Mrs. Belden's Finishing School. Like she would know about getting a man on the Marriage Mart. Or want to follow all the rules she has to teach. But, it was a place to go when she didn't have any other options. And so far, he hasn't found her here. Not that he'd be looking or anything.

Crispin Ferguson, the Duke of Huntington was known as a rogue. But of course, with the title of duke, mamas on the lookout for a title weren't picky. Luckily he had a secret weapon to keep them away...if only he could find her.

This is a novella but packed full. Crispin is not your usual duke and Elizabeth is definitely a bluestocking who is hiding herself out and denying her true self. The day the harpy, Mrs. Belden, walks into her classroom with a special guest—is the day her life changes drastically. Now to see if it's for the good...or bad.
**Sexual content
Book 5: Five Days with a Duke
Connell Wordsworth, the Duke of Renaud, wanted to be alone. He'd given up the life of a rake when he found the woman he wanted to marry. He gave up the woman when he found he had a ward to take in—along with her baby. Now, ten years later he's lost and alone. Everyone has found happiness.

Lady Constance Brandley took on a job from her best friend, Emilia. A secret writing job. When she receives a letter asking to bring happiness to the guardian who had taken her in, Constance can't refuse. Even when she finds out it’s the same man who had broken her friend's heart.

Constance is part of the original group that discovered the Heart of a Duke pendant. A wonderful romance and I love the secondary characters. And Connell is a duke like none other...with very unique servants. Another winning series from Christi Caldwell.
**Sexual content
Wicked Wallflower Series
Book 1: The Hellion
Adair Thorne is devastated when their business...and ruined from arson. And they just know it's their nemesis—Killoran from the Devil's Den—no matter how much the Killorans deny it. Without proof, they have to honor their proof and Ryder Black has to give one of the Killoran sisters a Season.

Cleopatra Killoran will do anything to help her family. Even sacrifice herself by marrying one of the nobs—which she hates them all. Hates them as much as the Black family where she is forced to live for this Season.

Distrust is thick in the Black townhouse. They don't trust any Killorans—and Cleopatra doesn't trust any of the Blacks. But if she leaves, one of her sisters will have to take her place and that's not acceptable to her. A really great series!
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: The Vixen
Connor O'Roarke's life had changed over the years. Now, he was a successful investigator. Another time in his life he'd been a street urchin. Living under another man's rules. He'd escaped...leaving others behind.

Ophelia Killoran was the daughter of a very nasty man. One that she was glad had been murdered. Now, her family had everything they wanted as the owners of the Devil's Den club. Or so she thought. When her brother sends her out for a Season, she finds there is more to life.

Ophelia carries a lot of hate with her...especially for the nobility. Whereas Connor has joined the world of nobs, somewhat. I love the characters in these books. The previous book; The Hellion, is Ophelia's younger sister's story. Looking forward to the next book already.
Book 3: The Governess
Regina “Reggie” Spark has been in the background often. She took care of the Killoran girls and Stephen. Almost family...but not. Reggie's been hanging on to a secret for the ten years she's been around Broderick—she's been in love with him. Now, it's time to move on. She just needs to get everything in order and tell them.

Broderick Killoran has always seemed so dark and uncaring...not to his brother and sisters. He may be a dark, cold gambling hell owner but he is not his father. He doesn't go around taking advantage of those who work for him. He also is unforgiving if any of those people betray him in any way.

I loved this story. Broderick has been mentioned in so many stories and it was wonderful “getting into his head” and seeing how he thinks...and cares.
**Sexual content and language
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Book 4: The Bluestocking
The time has come for Stephen to go to his real home. A home that he'd been stolen from. A home that had been set on fire, killing a woman and her unborn baby and driving a man to the point of being called the Mad Marquess.

Gertrude Killoran had practically raised Stephen. The man who sired her was an evil man, but having his blood in her veins had people hating her and her family as well. Especially the Marquess of Maddock. But no matter what he felt toward her, she refused to leave Stephen alone with this man—and for the first time in her life, Gertrude found the courage and refused to take no for an answer.

Edwin Ludlow Phineas Shadrack Warwick, the Marquess of Maddock thought he must truly be a madman to allow anyone related to Diggory in his home. But, his son was now a stranger to him and he knew he needed this woman's help. No matter how much he hated her.

Gertrude is the last unmarried sister of the Killoran clan. Blinded in one eye, she has been able to disappear into the background. Her soft-spoken words and calm...and yet, her fierce protectiveness when needed, soon have Edwin rethinking what he thought he knew about her. I love all these stories, but I really enjoyed this one as it has both Gertrude's story and Stephen having to adjust to a new life.
**Sexual content
Book 5: The Spitfire
Clara Waters is first introduced in The Scoundrel's Honor, the second book in the Sinful Brides Series. She's been beholden to men too much of her life...and she's done with it. Clara and her best friend, Reggie, are opening a music hall. Hiring women, who like themselves, have had few options for work.

Henry March, the Earl of Waterson never thought much about dying. After all, he has three women to care for and he's yet to marry and get the appropriate heirs to carry on the Waterson line. The prim and proper earl sees things in black and white. And he has one goal in mind...a goal that blinds him to everything else around him.

Two people from two very different worlds collide on the dangerous streets of East London and it changes their lives...forever.
**Sexual content and language
Lords of Honor Series
Book 1: Seduced by a Lady's Heart
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Lady Eloise Yardley, Countess of Sherborne is on a mission. Her childhood friend and the only man she has ever loved needs to return home. And she was elected to find him and get him there, not an easy mission. Especially when the man she finds is not even close to the young boy she grew up with.

Lieutenant Lucien Jonas, or Jones as he's known by these days, is just existing in life. His losses in the past years have been more than he can handle. Maybe that is why he has put all the blame at his father's feet and has hated and avoided the man since he returned from the useless war his father sent him to. Until she returns to his life and disrupts everything.

As all of the books by this author, I loved this story. The characters become so real. I hope this series will be telling more of the stories of the men at London Hospital, where Lucien had spent much of his time. That is where the reader first meets Lucien in book one of the Scandalous Season series, Forever Betrothed, Never the Bride. He was a broken man wanting to die until the Drakes come and offer him work and try to get him back into the world of the living.
**Tissue alert
**Sensual content
Book 2: Captivated by a Lady's Charm
Prudence Tidemore is the younger sister to Jonathan “Sin” Sinclair from Always a Rogue, Forever My Love. Between Jonathan marrying the governess and her sister Patrina's scandal, Prudence has to be on her best behavior. Prudence had never been known for behaving herself.

Christian Villiers, Marquess of St. Cyr has gone from a dark an even darker hole. As if carrying the guilt from war wasn't enough, he's inherited a new title that is deep in debt. To help his mother and sister, he's left with only one choice...marriage. For a rogue, that is not a good thing.

Loved this story. These dark brooding guys just bring out the love of a good woman, even if said brooding guy thinks he doesn't want one. Christian finds out what the Tidemore women are made of when he meets Prudence.
**Tissue alert.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 3: Rescued by a Lady's Love
Derek Winters, the 8th Duke of Blackthorne is a bitter young man. After being scarred during the war and having people think he looked like a beast...he started to act like one as well. Growling, snarling, and yelling at his servants...scaring most away. Including the governesses and nursemaids who care for his unwanted ward.

Lily Benedict had once been a country vicar's daughter. How life had changed in the past eight years. She was long past the naive fifteen-year-old who believed handsome lord's promises...or was she? It seems at three and twenty she hasn't learned her lesson in trusting the nobility.

Trust is a volatile emotion. Even when you trust someone, life experience can step in and mess things up. Lily was only full of hate for the Blackthorne line and was willing to do what she had to for a secure future. When the battle for right and wrong wages within her...her past blurs the line. I suggest reading Captivated by a Lady's Charm, book two, first as Christian Villiers and Derek's stories run together.
**Tissue alert...keep 'em handy.
**Sexual content
Book 4: Tempted by a Lady's Smile
Miss Gemma Reed has not been treated well in her young life. Society is not kind to those who aren't beautiful...outwardly...and have interests unlike young ladies are supposed to have. She would prefer fishing or riding horse to embroidering or being a simpering miss who bats her eyelashes behind her fan. After three awful Seasons, she is heading to her best friend's summer house party and hoping to tell the man she loves her feelings.

Mr. Richard Jonas has locked his heart up tight. The woman he loved never returned his feelings. He's not excited at being at his friend's house party, but it's better than being with his family and seeing the woman he loved with her husband...his brother.

The house party turns out a little different than what Gemma and Richard had expected. And the both of them see their past and the people they thought they loved in a much different perspective. Richard is first introduced in book one of this series; Seduced by a Lady's Heart. It is his brother Lucien's story.

**Mild language
Book 5: Courting Poppy Tidemore
Poppy Tidemore is the youngest and last of the Tidemore girls. Her three older sisters had all caused a scandal of some sort and her brother, Jonathan Sinclair...known as Sin...had lived his nickname until he was tamed by the girls' governess. Which of course, also caused a scandal. And now, Poppy has followed in that tradition...just in a less traditional way.

Tristan Poplar, Baron Bolingbroke's life has taken a bad turn. Very bad. Everything he'd thought he'd known of his life is shown false. He isn't even who he'd thought he was. And...he's lost everything and has to find a way to continue to care for his mother and two sisters who've yet to marry. He was known as a he's known as something much worse.

The reader can first meet Tristan in; Captivated by a Lady's Charm, Lord of Honor Series Book Two, the story is about his best friend, Christian, and Poppy's sister Prudence.
**Sexual content
Brethren of the Lords

Book 1: My Lady of Deception
Georgina Wilcox hates her life. As the Fox and Hunter kidnap and torture members of the Brethren, she does her best to help heal the men. She knows better than to try and help them escape—once was enough to learn that lesson. The latest prisoner, however, has truly captured her...heart.

Adam Markham hates being a captive—not to mention being tortured. He wants to get home and marry Grace. He also wants to help the maid who is stuck in this house with these cruel men. She has helped him endure some of his time here. A victim as much as he is. Or so he thinks.

I'm already looking forward to the next books in this series. It was a real page-turner. I haven't read a book from this author that I haven't enjoyed.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: Her Duke of Secrets
Miss Elsie Allenby hates the Brethren and all the men in it. After all, they used her father and when he needed them...they abandoned him and let him die. And yet, when they seek her out almost five years later for her medical skills that she learned from working along her father...his words whisper back to her to always help when she can. Even if it's the enemy that needs her help.

William Helling, the Duke of Aubrey hasn't been living since the death of his wife almost a year ago. His own injuries from the accident...well, he deserves to suffer for not protecting those under his care. When his brother brings yet another doctor to look at him, he agrees. After all, they won't be around long because no one can help him.

Loved the story and both the human and canine characters. Elsie has a great attitude. And she's not afraid to be herself...even with a duke.
**Sexual content
Heart of a Duke Series
Prequel Novella: In Need of a Duke
Lady Aldora Adamson and her friends gain a magical necklace from a gypsy. The wearer of the necklace will find the man of her dreams. As young ladies of the ton, the desired man would be a duke. Just the type of man Aldora needed to pay her father’s debts and secure her families future. Several years later as it’s her turn to wear the necklace, she puts her plan in motion. She has chosen the perfect man, even if he isn’t a duke.

Michael Knightly is in awe of the young woman he met in Hyde Park. Only he is not the one she wants. Like all of the London young ladies she’ll be after wealth and a title. A title his brother holds. Not only does he not have a title, he also carries a disgraceful past with him.

This is a shorter story but packed full of good reading. Aldora’s pride when it comes to her spectacles gets her into unique situations. And her honor to help her family has her trying to be a martyr. Looking forward to more stories in this series.
Book 1: For Love of the Duke
Lady Katherine Adamson felt plain next to her beloved and outgoing twin sister, Anne. She always ended up in Anne’s schemes and adventures as well. Only this time things don’t turn out so well as they go to in search of the magical necklace their sister Aldora once possessed. She needed to be rescued and of all people to rescue her, the Mad Duke.

Jasper Waincourt 8th Duke of Brainbridge did not want to be in London. He hated Society, ton...the gossip. In his dark dank castle he could hide and suffer for what he had done to his beautiful wife Lydia. He had killed her and his heart died right along with her. But the Lady Katherine is showing him that maybe he is not completely dead. Only guilt and vows will not allow him to have enjoyment or live again. Ever.

The search for the gold heart locket from In Need of Duke, the story of Lady Aldora Adamson, continues as Anne is a believer in the power of the locket. Katherine learned long ago about reality. After their father’s death they found out he had gambled everything away and leaving them destitute. But why not allow Anne to have her dreams?
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 2: More than a Duke
Lady Anne Arlette Adamson is the last unmarried sister. Her twin sister, Katherine, found her love match and a duke at that, but he wasn't the “right” duke to make their mother happy. As if anything would make their mother happy. Anne did set her heart on a duke and she just needed help to get his attention. Who better than her sister's rogue friend to teach her how to seduce a man?

Harry Falston, the 6th Earl of Stanhope had loved and lost and fell deep in the ways of a rogue these past eight years. He could charm almost any woman he wanted. He only failed once to seduce, Katherine Adamson. It seems his charms also hold no power over Anne Adamson and yet she needs his help. What could it hurt?

The past can rule a person's life and decisions. The haze of the past often distorts the present and future. The Countess of Wakefield has been jaded by her late husband and her children have been affected by his actions as well. Can Anne break through the past like her sisters did? Be sure to read Adora's story in book one; In Need of a Duke and Katherine's story in book two; For Love of the Duke. Great series.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 3: The Love of a Rogue
Lady Imogen Isabel Moore could be down on love after what happened to her, but she still hopes for it one day. She just won't fall for another man like she previously did. When she falls in love it will be the opposite of the Duke of Montrose. A man who does not drink brandy and live the life of a rogue. Never a man like her best friend's brother.

The Marquess of Waverly, Lord Alex Edgerton, is left to enjoy his vices alone after his friend Stanhope falls in love. Love is not something Alex believes in or ever plans on receiving. As a second son the women enjoy him in their bed, nothing more. Only now, his older brother has interrupted Alex's life with one of his commands.

I really enjoyed this story. Imogen and her friend Chloe were exciting characters. Alex was definitely a rogue but once you saw the man was hard not to love him. There are some other secondary characters that I hope get their own stories too.
Book 4: Loved by a Duke
Lady Daisy Laurel Meadows was in love with a duke, no, a man who just happened to be a duke. But she was invisible to him. What she needed was that special necklace she had heard about, the heart of a duke necklace from an old gypsy. Then he would love her too.

Auric Kinsley Richards, the 8th Duke of Crawford had made an error in his life seven years ago that has haunted him ever since. And ruined so many lives. He had to do his best for the mother and sister left behind after his friend's death. Only when did little Daisy go from being that little girl to a beautiful woman?

Another great story in this series that follows young women who are determined to find that perfect gentleman to marry. They believe the fabled heart of a duke necklace will bring the love of their lives to them.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 5: To Love a Lord
Jane Munroe's life was not an easy one. The by-blow of a duke, a mother who died loving said duke, and working for aristocrats that thought of her as their abuse and dispose of as they wanted. After losing yet another job, she does something unheard of... After all when it comes to survival it's all about oneself.

Gabriel Edgerton, Marquess of Waverly, had no intention of ever marrying. He hated his title because he hated his sire, so he had no desire to pass the line down. But he did care about his family and his goal was to marry off his last sibling so he had no more responsibilities to his family. Finding Chloe a proper companion was important. The woman who showed up for the job was not that person.

I love this series. It all starts with a Gypsy giving some girls a necklace that is said to win them the heart of a duke. Whether a duke, an earl or even a rogue...these stories follow the necklace as it falls into the hands of young women and love is found. Gabriel's brother Alex had his story in book three, The Love of a Rogue.
**Tissue alert
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 6: The Heart of a Scoundrel
Edmund Deering, the 5th Marquess of Rutland would seem to have no redeeming qualities at all. He lives a dark life in his dark clubs. And he lives for revenge. His next target for destruction should have been an easy one, only he wasn't prepared for Phoebe Barrett.

Phoebe Barrett had dreams of love and marriage. Unbelievable since her father's horrid reputation had her on the bad side of the ton. Being a victim of the tons gossip, she refused to listen to anything about the marquess. She saw the man inside that no one else did. Or was he just that good at pretending while he went after what he wanted?

Both Phoebe and Edmund had negatives when it came to their parents but each took a different road in life. Edmund has been mentioned in the other books as well. Another great book in this series.
**Sexual content (Unlike her other books this is outside of marriage)
Book 7: To Wed His Christmas Lady
William Hargrove, the Marquess of Grafton has been avoiding the inevitable for eight years now. He made a deal with his for eight years before marrying the harridan he was promised to. Eight years was not long enough.

Clarisse Falcot built a wall of ice around her. She was the perfect daughter of duke. Haughty, prideful, and could cower anyone with one look. She was also friendless and even if she wouldn't admit it...lonely.

Since her mother died, Clarisse, or Cara as she preferred, had not known love. And now she is once again ignored and forgotten by her father. As it ends up, it may have been the best thing that ever happened to her.
Book 8: To Trust a Rogue
Marcus Gray, the Viscount of Wessex is a rogue. A rogue who wanted nothing to do with love. He had given his heart once and that didn't turn out so well. Eight years later and he still hates the woman who broke his heart...and now she's returned to London.

Eleanor Collins has one joy in her life. Her daughter. She will do anything for her little girl. Even return to London and take a chance of running into her past. But she has nowhere else to go and her aunt has offered them a place in with her. Maybe she can avoid those from her past...unlikely.

Another wonderful, heart tugging story from this series. Eleanor has gone through some tough times and survived. Marcus has endured much too, he just tried to escape down a different path. The daughter and aunt add much to the story as all are endearing characters that were easy to fall in love with.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 9: The Lure of a Rake
Lady Genevieve Farendale is a prime example of the unfairness of women in a man's world. Left standing alone at the altar wasn't enough—oh no—her fiancĂ© had to add that she was ruined. Five years later she still finds herself “ruined” and being pushed to an unwanted marriage.

Cedric Falcot, the Marquess of St. Albans lives in sin and wickedness. He believes like father like son and lives up to that belief quite well. He's much more comfortable in the underbelly of London than among Society. Only now, his father threatens him to marry or else.

A marriage of convenience seems to be the answer to their problems. Or is it the beginning? The rules for the marriage—basically freedom for both of them. This has been one of the most intense stories I've read from this author, and loved it. A definite page turner from beginning to end. 
**Sexual content
Book 10: To Woo a Widow
Lady Philippa Winston had always been weak and pathetic. Doing what was right in Society and her families eyes. Marrying a man who her brother thought would be a good husband. He couldn't have been more wrong. She was happy to be a widow. She didn't believe there were good men—until Miles.

Miles Brookfield, the Marquess of Guilford, never thought—or cared—about his title. His mother had a wife picked out for him, and he figured they'd make do. Then he meets Philippa and realizes “making do” would never be enough for him in a marriage.

Philippa's daughter Faith is absolutely adorable and comes to life on these pages. Wonderful series. Philippa's brothers' stories are in the third book; The Love of a Rogue, and book five; To Love a Lord.
**Sexual content
Book 11: To Redeem a Rake
Daphne Smith loved spending time with her best friend, Daniel. Swimming, racing, and just enjoying their young lives. And when he found her hurt and carried her home...her young self fell in love with him. Only life took some sharp turns and upended her dreams.

Daniel Winterbourne, 5th Earl of Montfort, had stopped being a carefree young lad when it seemed anyone he cared for died. Instead, he became an unfeeling, selfish, wicked rake. Perhaps one of the wickedest rakes in London.

When his uncle gives Daniel an ultimatum, Daphne fits well into the plan. They haven't seen each other for some years, but he needs a companion for his sister and Daphne needs a job. The sooner Daniel can marry off Alice, the sooner he can get back to his life of debauchery. Book 9; The Lure of a Rake introduces the reader to just how evil Daniel is.
**Sexual content 
Book 12: One Winter With a Baron
Sybil Cunning, at nine and twenty, was a spinster. If she were to be alone, she wanted to prove she could be happy about it. She had a plan. There was still one well-known rake in London during the Christmastide season, she would find him and pay him to help her research her theory. Should be easy enough to do.

Nolan Pratt, Baron Webb, the worst of the rakes in London, had a secret. Because of his secret, his family was in dire straights. So when the unique miss came to him with an offer that she'd pay him if he helped her—he couldn't say no. And actually, he didn't want to say no.

A fun, page turning novella of a rake and a bluestocking. Talk about opposites attracting... Some unique secondary characters in this story as well.

**Sensual Content
Book 13: To Enchant a Wicked Duke
Dominick “Nick”Tallings, Duke of Huntly has lived with hate and revenge. Waiting for his chance to destroy the man who destroyed his family. Finally after thirteen years, his chance has come.

Justina Barrett wanted the happiness her sister Phoebe had found when she married. Instead, she been named after a cold, useless stone— a diamond. Men admired her beauty. She wanted to be admired for herself. To have more of a conversation than about the weather. And then he came out of nowhere and rescued her.

Carrying the baggage from the past only hurts those carrying it. Nick thought revenge would be so sweet. He didn't expect Justina to be more than she had seemed to be. Love this series and the characters in it. Phoebe's story is in book six; The Heart of a Scoundrel.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 14: Beguiled by a Baron
Lady Bridget Hamilton's life was not an easy one. She had always been unwanted by her family and her siblings were cruel. When her brother threatened her with the one thing in life she treasured...she knew there was no choice but to do what he told her to.

Vail Basingstoke, Baron Chilton...also known as the Bastard Baron, earned a title after the war. And then he earned his wealth. And after a betrayal by a woman...he doesn't trust them. Only his new housekeeper might just change his mind about that...or not.

Great story. This story has connections with book thirteen; To Enchant a Wicked Duke, the story of Vail's friend Nick Tallings.

**Sexual content 
Book 15: To Tempt a Scoundrel
Lady Alice Winterbourne had made a fool out of herself over a man. Being jilted can make a girl do crazy things. Or at least that was the case for Alice. She had The Scandal and then made things worse with THE SCANDAL. So, no more men for her.

Lord Rhys Brookfield had learned long ago how fickle women could be. That's why, as a second son, he now lived his life as a rogue. Enjoying physical contact without ever having to involve his heart. And one woman, in particular, was worse than any other. His mother. Who is planning on him marrying into her friend's family since his older brother failed at doing so. No. He wasn't marrying any woman for any reason.

There were more surprises than Alice ever expected at her friend's house party. A very terrible, unexpected surprise. Alice and Rhys soon find they can help each other out—as two people hurt by love and neither having a desire to find it again. I loved this story as I do all of Christi Caldwell's books.
**Sensual content
Book 16: To Hold a Lady's Secret
Colin Lockhart was born on the wrong side of the blanket. His “father” an uncaring duke who left a trail of unclaimed children in his wake. At least Colin had Cheshire and Gillian as a child. Until his family was forced to leave there.

Lady Gillian Farendale had one day found her friend and his family gone. Their cottage empty. Never knowing why. But, when she fell into deep trouble, she knew she could count on Colin. As kids, they had made a promise to each other, and she was going to collect it.

Wonderful story. Several of their friends and family had previous stories. I always enjoy connecting stories with characters the reader has “met” before.

**Sexual content and language
Sinful Brides Series
Book 1: The Rogue's Wager
Lord Robert Dennington, Marquess of Westfield. The current Duke of Somerset has failed as his mission to get his son married off by throwing a summer house party. Robert's best friend found his soul-mate and married, so not a waste. Robert knows he must marry someday, but after what happened twelve years ago...he'll marry out of obligation. Not love. Never again will that emotion enter his life. Right.

Helena Banbury has had an interesting life. Her first years were good. The by-blow of a duke who was good to her mother. Until he threw them out. Twenty years later she has the scars from her younger days but she is safe. Maybe too safe. Her four brothers, one by blood and three by bond, are quite protective.

This story is quite unique. Helena and her “brothers” own The Hell and Sin Club. She's mostly banned to her upstairs rooms and the bookkeeping, but's a club. From her view it's their income. The place that provides safety. And from their side of London—they aren't very fond of the gentry. Well, besides being willing to take their money.
The reader can meet Robert and his sister in Tempted by a Lady's Smile.
**Sexual content
**Received from author for an honest review
Book 2: The Scoundrel's Honor
Ryker Black. Owner of The Hell and Sin Club. Is a quiet man that carries a big heap of scare on him. One of his looks with those cold eyes that lack any emotion will have any man shaking in his boots. When his sister asks him to leave the comforts of his gaming hell for a ball, he does. One stroll outside changes his life forever.

Lady Penelope Tidemore has been practicing to be the perfect lady for a few years now. She would not bring scandal to her family like her three older siblings. She would do great in her Season and make her mother proud. It was all well and good until she went outside for a breath of fresh air.

I really enjoy this series. Most of the story takes place in the gaming hell that Ryker owns with his three not-by-blood-brothers. His blood sister, Helena, has done the unthinkable and married into nobility. The one thing most all the workers at the hell agree on...their hatred for the nobility. Looking forward to more of the characters stories. The first book is The Rogue's Wager, Helena's story.
**Sexual content
Book 3: The Lady's Guard
Lady Diana Verney may be a duke's daughter, but that does not make life easier. She has all the comforts anyone would want...but things don't replace people. She's come to terms with being alone and plans on boarding a ship and traveling. Unfortunately she needs something handled before she can leave—protection.

Niall Marksman grew up on the streets and was one tough customer. He hated society folks. The same people who ignored a hungry child. And now his brother, Ryker Black, wants him to guard a Society princess. Ryker's half-sister thinks someone is trying to kill her and with their war with another hell owner, she may be right.

Two opposite people who have more in common than they realize. For one thing, they both hate Polite Society. I really enjoy this series. Five siblings...not related by blood, but from their lives on the street. Owners of a gaming hell. I finish one book and look forward to the next.
**Sexual content and language
Book 4: The Heiress Deception
Calum Dabney's life started out good. Then his parents died when he was only five. The orphanage wasn't he left. And when he was fourteen and on the streets, he had a friend who provided him—and unknown to his friend, his street family—food. And then there was the betrayal. He found he could truly only trust his street family.

Eve Pruitt may have grew up as a duke's daughter, but that didn't mean life was great. She was lonely. The one friend she did have was dead. Her “nice” brother was gone...most likely dead. Dad was dead. And unfortunately, her brother Gerald was very much alive and more cruel and evil than ever. She had to leave. Somewhere he'd never find her. Ever.

I love the Sinful Bride's stories. Five street kids bonded and became thicker than blood brothers and sister. They started the Hell And Sin Club and were making a good living. Everything changed a few years ago. Competition, revenge, and most of all—Polite Society hated when guttersnipes mingled with their women. And so far, Ryker and Niall had done just that. Not to mention Helena married a duke too. Looking forward to Adair's story.

**Sexual Content
The Theodosia Sword Series
Book 1: Only for His Lady
Lady Theodosia Rayne had been raised on the stories of the beloved broadsword that had been taken from their family and sold to the Devlin's. Those who possessed the sword also possessed good fortune. Her families fortune had gone downhill in the hundreds of years since the theft. When bad news hits her family—again—she forms a plan to bring the sword home—where it belongs.

Damian, the Duke if Devlin never thought much of the sword hanging on his office wall or why the Devlins hated the Raynes these many years. And then she came into his home to steal it. A modern day warrior. Fearless, proud, and determined.

This is a novella but is definitely a full story. I loved the humor mixed in with romance and her determination to reclaim, not steal, what belongs to her family. Looking forward to reading more about the Rayne family.
Book 2: Only For Her Honor (Scandal's Daughters Boxed Set)
Captain Lucas Rayne has returned home from the war a different man. After being kept as a prisoner of war he is no longer the rogue and happy man he was before he left. His family tiptoes around him and the servants are scared to death of him—well, he may have something to do with their fright. He's thankful his family is leaving for the Season in London. Only not alone...she has left another servant for him to chase off.

Eve Ormond is innocent of wrongdoing but carrying the name Ormond makes her guilty. An ancestor long ago had stolen from a family and sold a treasured item to their enemy. Her father committed even a more heinous crime. Because of her name, she returned to England as an outcast. Until she hired on as a war widow under a different name.

The past always seems to find it's way into the present. Eve was hired as a maid by the Rayne family—a family that hated her own. Be sure to read book one in the series; Only for His Lady. As with all of Christi Caldwell's books and's another good one.

 Twas the Night Before Scandal: Only For Their Love
Carol Cresswell has been avoiding Gregory Renshaw for the past four Seasons. Reason one; her mother is pushing her towards him. Reason two; she overheard him saying unkind words about her. Reason three; she doesn't want a marriage like her parents had. She wants love or nothing.

Lord Gregory Renshaw is called upon to be honorable for his family's sake. It had always been thought that his eldest brother would marry Minerva and the two powerful ducal families would be united. But Damian found true love. Now he's expected to step up.

When Carol and Gregory meet under unusual circumstances while at Renshaw Castle for the Christmastide Season, they find out that they aren't who they thought the other was. They may have found out too late that they could have actually been happy together. The reader can first meet Carol in her friend Theodosia’s story; Only for His Lady.
Boxed Set
The Scandalous Season Series
Boxed set of first three books
Book 1: Forever Betrothed, Never the Bride
The Marquess of Drake has gone out of the way to avoid his betrothal agreement. Angry at having his life set for him, he’d taken control of what he could. Joining in the war to escape only ended him returning scarred and a different man than he was.

Emmaline Fitzhugh wanted love and her own home. She was betrothed since the young age of five. While other young debutantes could enjoy the Season, she was stuck in the corner with the wallflowers. Even after her betrothed returned from war, he still hasn’t claimed her. So she takes things into her own hands.

It’s a tough road for these two with Drake’s post-war issues and both of them being betrothed so young and not having a choice in their future. And Emmaline hoping for love as well. Looking forward to reading the next books in this series. I loved the characters and the storyline.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 2: Never Courted, Suddenly Wed
Christopher Quenby Ansley, Earl of Waxham was being told to marry his childhood nemesis or they would end up penniless. That girl had been the bane of his existence growing up, not to mention worst of all...the stable fire. No, he wouldn’t marry her. And he knew just how to get the attention off of himself as a suitor. Problem was that she wasn’t that little pain in the backside child anymore.

Sophie Winters is in her third Season. At least the previous two Seasons she sat in the wallflower section with her friend Emmaline, but her friend had found true love and married. Sophie knew she was no catch, too plump and too outgoing. And it definitely didn’t help that she was the favorite topic in the scandal sheets.

They live in a time where the male often looks for a woman with a large dowry if his own coffers are low. The woman’s family usually wants their daughter to marry for a title. No choices. And if you decide you might actually care for the person your family chooses, pride will usually interfere. Good thing love can overcome so many things.

I’m really enjoying this series and looking forward to more. Her characters have such vivid personalities. Book one is Forever Betrothed, Never a Bride and book three is Always Proper, Suddenly Scandalous and book four is Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 3: Always Proper, Suddenly Scandalous
Geoffrey Winters, Viscount Redbrooke is close to his thirtieth year and has decided to find a wife. He has his orderly lists of how to accomplish this. He has a nice meek, well-behaved young lady in mind even, some may think a boring one. But sometimes even the grandest of perfect plans can end up with a hitch in them.

Abigail Stone had to flee from American to her uncle in England after she falls into a bit of a scandal. At the young age of twenty she has really messed up. She misses home but knows she cannot return there yet, if ever. Her parents hope she can make a match with a nice lord here in England. Only what happens if her secret makes it’s way across the ocean? She’ll be ruined all over again, that’s what.

Sometimes a man may think he knows what he wants and needs...only sometimes that man can be very wrong. And a woman can run quite a ways from home to escape her past but it never seems to be far enough. Can this stodgy viscount and an American find a happy ending? Or will their pasts dictate their futures?

This has been such an enjoyable series. Forever Betrothed, Never the Bride is book one, book two is Never Courted, Suddenly Wed. Looking forward to the next books in the series as each book introduces characters that I want to hear more about.
**Sexual content within marriage 
Book 4: Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love
Jonathan Tidemore, 5th Earl of Sinclair lives the life of a rogue. His nickname says it all, Sin. However, he has a few women problems; a mother who is always after him to marry. Right, like he’s ready to give up his rogue life. Four sisters; one who is on her second Season and three still in the schoolroom and they seem to have a knack for chasing governesses away. And now he has a woman demanding he has something she wants. Well, maybe he can solve one problem at least, as she has something he would like too.

Juliet Marshville cannot believe how her life has gone downhill. Since her beloved father died over a year ago, her idiot brother has been living the life of a reprobate. For instance he is gambling and losing at. In fact, he has gambled and lost her beloved Rosecliff Cottage and more. An offer of work where she can gain back her cottage seems to be her best option. Or is it?

The author wrote such unique personalities for Sinclair’s sisters and his own character has so many facets to it. In this series the reader has met the handsome rogue in book one, as Drake’s best friend, and book three where he too was wooing the American, Miss Stone. Definitely a series worth reading.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 4.5: A Marquess for Christmas
Lady Patrina Tidemore’s life had changed in the past year. She made a foolish mistake that not only threw her into spinsterhood, but may hurt her three sisters when it was time for them to marry. The London Society was not only unforgiving, but they never forgot. Breaking Society’s rules one day in Hyde Park has a very different outcome for Patrina.

Weston Aldridge, 4th Marquess of Beaufort had become a bitter man. After his wife’s betrayal to him and their children, he removed himself from Society and from enjoying life. He may also have let discipline slide a bit with his two children. Maybe he let it slide a lot.

Patrina is one of Jonathan Sinclair’s sisters. Her story starts in Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love when she makes a very poor decision. I’ve enjoyed all of the books in this series and I hope we get to see more of the Tidemore sisters in future books as they all have unique personalities.
Book 5: Once a Wallflower, At Last His Love
Sebastian Fitzhugh, 5th Duke of Mallen is almost thirty-two and knows the time is closing in when he will need to find a wife. The problem is he hates the idea of some title-grabbing débutante. He wants a woman who sees him as a man, not just a duke.
Hermione Rogers is in London to save her family. At twenty-one she has been burdened for many years with the care of her siblings. Her dear older sister's situation has just pushed the need to marry upfront. She knows true love from her parents and wants that for herself. And she would like a duke, but not for the usual reasons.

Another great story in this series. It had me going through a few tissues now and then. A really good storyline and excellent secondary characters that added much to the story, such as Hermione's young brother and sister. The reader first meets Sebastian in the first book of this series; Forever Betrothed, Never the Bride.
**Sexual content within marriage
The Danby Series 
Book 1: Winning a Lady's Heart
For Lady Alexandra, being the source of a cold, calculated wager is bad enough...but when it is waged by Nathaniel Michael Winters, 5th Earl of Pembroke, the man she's in love with, it results in a broken heart, the scandal of the season, and a summons from her grandfather--the Duke of Danby. 
To escape Society's gossip, she hurries to her meeting with the duke, determined to put memories of the earl far behind. Except the duke has other plans for Alexandra...plans which include the 5th Earl of Pembroke!
Book 2: A Season of Hope
Five years ago when her love, Marcus Wheatley, failed to return from fighting Napoleon’s forces, Lady Olivia Foster buried her heart. Unable to betray Marcus’s memory, Olivia has gone out of her way to run off prospective suitors. At three and twenty she considers herself firmly on the shelf. Her father, however, disagrees and accepts an offer for Olivia’s hand in marriage. Yet it’s Christmas, when anything can happen…  

Olivia receives a well-timed summons from her grandfather, the Duke of Danby, and eagerly embraces the reprieve from her betrothal. 

Only, when Olivia arrives at Danby Castle, she realizes the Christmas season is a time of hope, second chances, and even miracles.
Uninterrupted Joy
The following journey was never intended for publication. It was written from a mother, to her unborn child. The words detailed her struggle through infertility and the joy of finally being pregnant. A stunning revelation at her son's birth opened a world of both fear and discovery. This is the story of one mother's love and hope and... her quest for uninterrupted joy.
Fighting for His Lady
Miss Patience Storm, daughter of prized bare-knuckled fighter Tom Storm, has fallen on hard times. Their dad was a great fighter but left his children with nothing when he died. With the hopes her brother can win the fight of the century, Patience must face the past and ask a favor of a man she hadn't seen in ten years.

Lord Godrick Gunnery couldn't believe who walked into his salon. His lost love. He had broken her heart by keeping things from her and then she broke his. She needs his help to train her brother. And he needs her.

There are more secrets in their past. Nasty little buggers that like to sneak out at the wrong time and place on their own. Great story and characters.
Her Christmas Rogue
Lady Winifred Grisham has been in love with her brother's best friend for years. As the Christmas season closes in and she fears her mother is matchmaking for her, it's time to see if her feelings are returned.

Lord Trent Ballantine is a second son. Living a roguish lifestyle never bothered him until now. And it was too late to change his past. Is it too late to change his future.
**Slightly sensual content

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