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eBook Bundles - Multiple Authors

Matched Online
Matched Online
There is going to be a class reunion in the small town of Ross, Oklahoma and four women have volunteered—been roped into—for the committee. Three out of four of the women are not in a relationship and would like someone to go with them. The idea of online dating came up. Here are their stories...

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Dates by Lacy Williams
Angela Hudson doesn't even want to go to her reunion. Unlike the girl votes to be most successful, she feels like the least successful. Failed marriage. Failing business. And from the looks of it, her online dating isn't looking too successful either. At least she has a wonderful son.

Drew Scheffield is helping out his brother for the summer at his coffee shop. It's been a rough year and he needed to get away from New York City. From his past. A past he's so stuck in that he's afraid to step forward into the future.

Coffee shops can be interesting places for watching people. It's just a story, but it must have been a real hoot watching Angela meet her online dates for coffee.

A Package Deal by Robin Patchen
Josephine “Jo” Domani isn't living the life she dreamed. Perhaps she's not living at all. She's not very excited about the online dating, but promised her friends she would try it. Even without a photo or much information on her page—she gets a date request.

Carter James agrees to the online dating profile if his mom leaves him alone about dating for awhile. He's surprised to find someone from the small town of Ross, Oklahoma he now lives in and more surprised to see it's someone he knows when they meet.

Both of them have secrets that they assume will end their dating when they share them, so what's the harm in keeping the secret a little longer? Yeah, we all know how well that works out to keep a secret from someone you are growing close to.

Rival Hearts by Susan Crawford
Morgan Drake's life turned out much different than she had hoped. Instead of art school, she was working with the State's food pantry. Which was fine, as many towns needed them. Now she was setting one up in the one town she left and never wanted to come back to—Ross, Oklahoma. Worse yet, she'd have to work with her arch-rival from high school.

Slater Hensley was glad to see Morgan after ten years. He owed her an apology. Only he wasn't sure how to get her to accept it. But he'd find a way.

A wonderful story that is a great reminder how unforgiveness is a heavy burden to carry. It often burdens the carrier while the person it's directed at often has no idea. Loved the happily-ever-after in this story.

Engaged by Friday by Julie Jarnagin
Mary Beth Hollands was all ready to face her high school nemesis at their ten year reunion—that is until her boyfriend left town...and her...beforehand. Her friends had found their forever guys on the internet dating and now they are going to find her one.

Christian Fuller just wants to start his own business with no more interference. Quitting his engineering job found him without a girlfriend or his family's understanding. Now his sister has stepped in his life to interfere again. She set him up on a date from a profile she created for him. No way.
A Very Matchmaking Christmas
Four enjoyable stories that take place at a Christmas house party. Four friends have decided it's time for their four eldest daughters to marry. The girls have been through several unsuccessful Seasons and so the mama's are going to take over and push their daughters towards the men they think are right for their girls.

Her Christmas Rogue by Christi Caldwell
Lady Winifred Grisham has been in love with her brother's best friend for years. As the Christmas season closes in and she fears her mother is matchmaking for her, it's time to see if her feelings are returned.

Lord Trent Ballantine is a second son. Living a roguish lifestyle never bothered him until now. And it was too late to change his past. Is it too late to change his future.
**Slightly sensual content

A Little Scandal by Danelle Harmon
Miss Letitia Ponsonby thought she was headed to spend Christmastide with her three friends. While staying at a friend of her mother's on the way, she finds out her mother has other plans. Plans that Lettie must stop.

Tristan St. Aubyn, the Early of Weybourne is working to make up for an error of his youth. To restore the Norfolk Thoroughbreds to what they once were. He has not time to find a wife. Or does he?

A Quiet Man by Renee Bernard
Arthur Nicodemus Phineas Chesterfield, the Fourth Earl of Athmore is a quiet sort of man. When he gets invited to a Christmastide house party, he forces himself to go in hopes that by some rare occurrence, he'll be brave enough to speak and find a wife.

Jane Pemberly seems to always get herself into trouble. Her first few Seasons were cluttered with mishaps and wobbles. Her mother is determined that she find a husband at their house party this year. A mother can hope, but Jane has her doubts.

To Tempt a Saint by Valerie Bowman
Prudence Carmichael is very prim, proper...well, she's very prudent. When her mother suggests she find a husband at the Westons' house party—being a good daughter, she agrees to do so. Too bad a sin is there to tempt her from her path.

Christopher Chance has changed in many ways since he's been at sea. For one thing, he's been accused of being a pirate. Knowing Pru is going to the house party gives him an opportunity to correct something more from his past. If he could only catch up to her.
**Sensual content
Mistletoe Marriage & Mayhem
Congratulations to the ladies in the 
Mistletoe Kisses Collection as it has
hit the USA Today's Bestseller List!
Mistletoe Kisses: Inspy Kisses Collection Three
The Day Gina Rossi Lost Her Yet by Janet Tronstad
Gina Rossi never thought about being single at thirty-one until that one day she heard what her grandmother didn’t say. She wanted to marry and have a family and she wanted that with Marco Scaglia. And now that he’s coming back to town for Christmas...Gina would go after what she wanted. But, is Marco really who she wants?

Sometimes the best things are right in front of us and we miss them because we are looking at something else. And sometimes it’s too late by the time we come to our senses. I really enjoyed this short story. This is part of the third Inspy Kisses books and all of them are worth reading. This story takes place in the 1950s.

The Gift by Lisa Mondello
Fate With a Helping Hand Novella
Allison Jones barely gets by financially, but she knows how good life is. A bed to sleep in and people she cares about. When she finds an envelope on the ground with a Christmas list for a child from the shelter, she knows she needs to find the money to fulfill the little girls wishes. She understands personally how important it is.

Derek Holden has lost his envelope of money. Why his assistant is making him do his own shopping, he hasn’t a clue. And then he sees the woman holding the envelope, his envelope. Derek is going to find his millions hasn’t bought him everything he needs during this Christmas season.

Christmas time really can be a time of joy for some and sorrow for others. You can be so busy or have so much that you take the little things for granted. This is a very short story but packed full of caring and love. This story introduces two characters from Fate With a Helping Hand. Maggie Bonelli from The Knight and Maggie’s Baby and Cara Carvalho from The Marriage Contract.

A Palm Tree Christmas by Lenora Worth
Clara Kirkwood needed a break, an isolated break. Two weeks at a friends beach house was her answer. She planned on decorating the palm tree next to her house and relaxing. All alone. What she didn’t expect was the only other home to be occupied during the Christmas season. Nor did she expect Hank Sullivan and his adorable, rambunctious twins.

I loved this story. The characters come alive, along with the feeling of wet sand squishing through my toes. The truths of how when you get time alone with God, you can often see things much clearer. I really enjoyed this novella.

Deadly Holiday by Margaret Daley
Tory Caldwell moved to a small town after her husbands death. Just as she was getting her life together and her son was settling in, she witnessed a hit-and-run accident. Who knew witnessing this event would change her life so drastically?

Jordan Steele was working through his survivors guilt and memories from war. When his neighbor needed help, he jumped in to help. It was good to get his mind off of his problems for a while.

As always Margaret Daley does a fantastic with this suspense romance. The story keeps you on your toes while trying to figure out who is good and who is bad. Amidst the suspense of course...romance blooms.

Spinster’s Christmas by Camille Elliot
Miranda was always a bit different, quiet. And unloved. She is now dependent upon her cousin and not treated well.

Captain Gerard Foremont is crippled and feels like a burden to his parents. As they go to spend Christmas with some family friends, he is saddened to see the young girl he once knew treated unjustly.

Both have their own personal struggles and to add to it, some mystery person is after one of them. I loved some secondary characters while despising others.

Two by Two by Pamela Tracy
Emmaline Bartlett has had a full life for her young age. Her mom died and recently her father passed. And now her husband was gone. She had no money, no home, nobody. No, Jasper had taught her about God. She had Him. And now she has Frank Bartlett to help her. He is nothing like Jasper was, but this older brother was everything she needed.

I loved the characters in this story. They had much to overcome and a choice to how they reacted to what life threw at them. This story takes place in the 1880s.

Mistletoe Cowboy by Lacy Williams
Justin Michaels is only twenty-seven but life has made him feel much older. A career-ending accident left him with crippled physically and emotionally. That was why he only smiled and chatted with the coffee shop girl at the drive-thru and never asked her out. She was young and innocent. He wasn’t.

Valri North had a full life and a plan. She was going to be a doctor one day. Between work, school and helping with her siblings at home...there was no time for dating. If she had time, it would be her daydream cowboy who came through to get coffee every day.

I love these stories of the Michaels family in the Inspy Kisses collections. If you get teary eyed when reading, this is one to have the tissues handy.

A Refuge Christmas by Cheryl Wyatt
Adrianna White is the new mayor of Refuge, Illinois. She has an agenda in mind, only she starts off on the wrong foot. Trying to hard to make up for what happened in the past and her own secret disability. And she seems to really lose her composure with the local lawman.

Officer Connor Stallings is beyond frustrated. The beautiful new mayor has him admiring her one minute and wanting to wring her neck the next. And then slowly he sees behind her well constructed walls.

This story is so true life, how often people feel responsible for what a loved one has done. Only Adrianna’s past may have a very big effect on her future in Refuge. Great story. Cheryl has several books based in this town and of the people you will read about in this book, but this is easily read as stand-alone. The others just enhance it if you enjoy series.
Paranormally Yours Boxed Set
Eight Authors
Eight Books
Alisha Basso - This Blood
Grace Allen Series book One
Grace Allen is just a girl struggling to survive. Working at a bar called The Edge for a grumpy boss and odd co-worker. Her life is pretty boring. Soon enough Grace wishes it was like that again. It all changed one night at the bar when the most sexiest man she ever encountered came to the bar. He was looking for her and wearing the very ring she had found and sold. No way he would know who she was. When a second most sexiest man ever tries to warn her that she is someone special and he could keep her safe, she ignored him. Big mistake.

Lucian is sweet and handsome but Grace has trust issues. Especially when he’s trying to tell her she is the only one of her kind. Until now she didn’t even know there were all these different creatures of myth roaming the earth, let alone that she was one of them.

Seth McPhee is a powerful vampire, hungry for more. He finds a way to achieve it when he learns about Grace. What he can’t get with his looks and charm….he’ll take.

This story is told from Grace’s view. It’s fast moving and intense at times. Definitely goes to show you that no matter how handsome the guy is….don’t mean he’s a good guy. Fact is, Grace meets all kinds of hunky guys and each one seems more evil than the next one. This is the first book of a series and leaves the reader ready and waiting for book two.
**Sexual situations and language
Zoe Dawson – AfterLife
Starbucks Series Book One
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Lily Starbuck is a witch with no memories prior to three years ago. She didn’t even know her real name. Found by Nock Whisk, a gnome, in a field of lilies and taken in by Olivia, a sister witch. A nagging question is never far from her mind, “Am I a good witch or a bad witch?” Only she has that answer...lost somewhere in her amnesic mind.

The Break, a time thirty years ago when someone opened a portal and broke reality, changing the world as humans knew it. Now every kind of otherworlder exists. This is Lily’s world. When it is shaken up and changed forever, she is determined to find out what happened. Even if it kills her.

Zoe Dawson has stepped away from her usual writing in this paranormal that is written from Lily’s point of view. The secondary characters are a mix of personalities that come to life. A handsome fae, an adorable gnome, a tiny dragon along with characters such as Val, who used to be a fictional hero in an anime. It doesn’t end in a cliffhanger...but you know there is more to come.
**Sexual content and language
Candace Carrabus – Raver
Horsecaller Series Book One
Laura Gallagher is a recently divorced woman living with her brother’s family. Content to be with the horses. It was as good as life would be, she assumed. And then everything changed and she found herself in a new dimension with the handsome Leinos and people who expected her to be a Horsecaller. Cirq, their country, would not continue on without the return of the horses.

Could she have the courage? And would she ever get home again? Or want to go if she could? An excellent story. It closes one chapter, but there is more to come when book two comes out.
Lauralynn Elliot - Soul of a Vampire
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Nikolas Petrou was a good and moral man until one blind-soul-stealing-date. With every bit of humanity he had left in him, he was determined to get his soul back. Only the darkness had it’s pull on his life as well. Nik didn’t know how or why but after meeting Tessa, he just knew she had the key to helping him. If the dark didn’t take over first.

Tessa Garrett worked at the museum with the paranormal artifacts. She could ‘feel’ something about them, but to face the facts that the things that went bump in the night were real was a whole different thing.

Nik is so easy to fall in love with...his good side at least. A really good book that I couldn’t put down once I started reading. Lauralynn’s vampires aren’t always nice and controlled. They truly do have their dark sides.

**Sensual content
Dale Mayer - In Cassie's Corner
Cassie Merchant has just lost her very best friend,Todd Spence. When his ghost appears and pleads with her not to believe what people say, she goes on a mission to find out the truth. Knowing Todd better than anyone else, she knows the facts just don’t match up. She just needs to get others to believe her without revealing she’s talking to a ghost.

To me this story goes a bit further than fiction. How many times do we prejudge someone or talk about the dead in a disrespectful way? Just as people misjudged Todd because he put a tough shield over himself, so often we do the same without truly knowing someone. This book grabbed me from page one and didn’t let go.
Edie Ramer - Dragon Mama Blues
Jin Long is a very old being. Most of her lonely years she was a dragon, now she lives in the form of a human woman. Her passion is wine and to her surprise, she finds herself quite passionate for a human male. Hamish Drummond.

Claude Willowby is half-man half-dragon. He feels alone in this world until he discovers a full blooded dragon. Jin needs to escape from Claude’s obsession and runs to her son. A son she hasn’t spoken to in years.

This is a shorter, but good story. Sometimes knowing you can live forever, or at least a very long time, can be a very lonely existence.
**Sexual content and language
Mary Hughes - Black Diamond Jinn
Amaia Jones is a wizard working at the Center. She can’t convince her boss they only have four hours before Armageddon. She turns to her inner guardian angel she thought she made up. Rafe. Only it ends up he is real. And more than she ever thought. Together they try to fight the evil that is trying to destroy the world. It may take everything they have, including their own lives.
**Strong sexual content and language
Nicky Charles - The Mating
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Kane is the Alpha of the pack and Elise is from a pack that borders his. Her father wanted an alliance and chose to give her as Kane's mate. Elise was hoping to mate with her childhood friend and love, Bryan, but it was not to be. Before she knew it she was mated to a stranger and leaving everyone she knew and loved.

Many things are going on in Kane's pack since the death of Zack, their previous Alpha and the blame was falling on Kane's half-brother, Ryne. They had battled for the Alpha position and Kane won. They thought Ryne left the area but every time something happened his scent was there.

Marla was one of Kane's pack members. A beautiful blonde with an attitude and it seemed she had her eyes set on Kane, even with Elise there. As Marla causes trouble for Elise, she could not get Kane to see it. She quickly becomes the character to despise as you see her underhanded ways.
**Sexual content
Sealed With A Kiss
Mail-Order Sunshine Bride by Janet Tronstad
Eleanor “Nellie” O’Reilly arrives in Miles City, Montana Territory with her son. As a widow she saw no other choice beyond the ad for a being a mail-order bride. Elias Henderson seemed to be a stable businessman.

Sheriff Patrick MacDonald ends up with the chore of retrieving the woman and child after Elias gets in a fix. His preconceived idea of her does not match up with the real thing. And he definitely does not seem to fit her idea of a good man.

Deadly Intent by Margaret Daley
Texas Ranger Sarah Osborn has a new case working with an old love. A man who broke her teenage heart fifteen years ago. If she doesn’t find out who is after Ian O’Leary, she could lose him a second time. Permanently.

Ian is a former FBI agent with plenty of men who might want to do him harm. The list of suspects is plenty long and most look pretty guilty. Margaret Daley does a great job of keeping the reader guessing which suspect is the villain.

Unshakeable Pursuit by Camy Tang
Dr. Geoffrey Whelan and nurse Maylin Kinley have captured the attention of some bad guys. They have no clue how or why. Only a few warnings and face to face encounters with the thugs. One thing Geoff knows for sure is that he’ll protect this woman with all he has. He won’t fail before.

As always Camy Tang writes a compelling story that has you breathless from running and dodging bullets. Your brain gets a work-out as well as you try and figure out what is happening and who is behind it. Always a great suspenseful romance from this author.

With Love Cowboy by Lacy Williams
Ryan Michaels has been in love with the same girl for twelve long years. He never told her. And now she’s coming back home after being away in the military. Her mission was over and his was going into full get the girl he loves to fall in love with him.

Ashley Reynolds joined the military after she felt her parents betrayed her. Now her career is over, she no longer knows who she is or what she’ll do. And she wasn’t there for her parents when they needed her. The biggest question of all, what to do about Ryan Michaels?
Cool Cats Book 1: Girl with the Cat Tattoo
Max the cat is the main character in this story and the reader sees most of the story through his point of view. Max decides to find his mistress a new mate. Her late husband who Max had belonged to, had died. This decided, Max goes to find the perfect man for her.

I just loved this story. The author does include the point of view from Melody and Joe, but mostly Max. If only a cat could talk the things he would say. Like how he wanted to reunite with his brother and sister. And the other secrets he knows. This is a shorter review but I just don’t want to give anything away. The next book is Geek with the Cat Tattoo and it has Melody’s sister and Max’s brother in the book.
**This book will be included in the Must Love Pets bundle
Going to the Dogs Book 2: Groomed For Murder
Brooke Palmer has worked hard to establish her dog spa, Pawlish. Now one spoiled rich woman with a spoiled poodle wants to ruin her because of her uncontrolled dog. When threatened by a lawsuit and the hunky lawyer who is trying to settle out of court, she still refuses to give in. To the court case that is, it’s hard not to give in to those stunning green eyes and silky blond waves. Just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, they do.

Drew Hudson has worked hard since his parents death. He has his sister to take care of and even if it means working at something that he don’t enjoy, tough. He’ll do anything to become a partner in the law firm. Even take a case for the bosses wife, getting some woman to settle the case of a bad dog haircut out of court. He is going to use all his charm to manipulate this woman. Or so he thought. A kind hearted woman and her dog remind Drew who he use to be. But can he ever go back to that person?

The first book in this series is Leashed. The books are about four friends who have met at the local dog park. They are all unique with special dogs ranging from a Great Dane to a prized poodle with a bulldog and two very mischievous Jack Russell’s in between. They are filled with humor and friendship with a added dose of sensual heat and you may even need a few tissues handy.
**Sexual content and language
**This book will be included in the Must Love Pets bundle
**See all of Zoe's books on this blog: Zoe Dawson Book List
It's a Dog's Life
Ninna Bradford finally landed a job after being out of work for way too long. It’s working at a pet center where they have medical facilities, adoptions and dog training. She’s never owned a pet, but surely she can learn about them. And the handsome young vet isn’t hard to be around either. If only the big old basset hound would stop talking to her. She’d been through so much counseling to stop the voices and now when she finally has a good job, she seems to be going crazy.

A great story with a touch of mystery along with a bit of romance. Hard times have hit their town and someone is busy with breaking into the homes around her. And it seems he’s taken to watching Ninna. Maybe she needs to find a dog of her own, one that doesn’t talk to her and drive her crazy. Although, Mosey is starting to grow on her a bit.
**This book will be included in the Must Love Pets bundle
Christmas at Angel Lake  
Rescued Hearts Series Book 2
Maddie Barrymore didn’t mean to become a squatter. And stay one. A stormy night, a tiny kitten and opportunity blended together into a perfect situation. Five years passed before the owner arrived to reclaim his home and hold her fate in his hands.

Logan MacLeesh couldn’t get past his self-pity. His writing had dried up and so had his heart. Ten years with his dark queen and she left him. When he arrives at his grandmother’s home in Wisconsin he wanted to be alone in his misery, only it’s not to be. A squatter and her young son along with their cat had taken over the house and before long, they took over a part of him as well.

What a great story. A side story is a dog looking for his real owner, an owner Dog has never met. We see through his eyes and thoughts as he travels towards the smell of the one human meant for him. Will he make in time? If your eyes water a bit while reading a good’ll want some tissues nearby for this one.
**Sexual content and language
**This book will be included in the Must Love Pets bundle
The Mutt and the Matchmaker
Jane Bly wanted to find someone who would love her, the kind of love her parents had. When she calls her insurance company and the lady on the other end tells her she can find her the perfect man...Jane decides it’s worth a try. Armani Vasquez ends up to be quite the matchmaker indeed.

Tom Hanlon isn’t hunting for a woman like the matchmaker thinks, he’s hunting for a thief. Someone in Aunt Ruby’s neighborhood has been busy robbing the neighbors. Who is a more likely suspect than the neighborhood pet sitter?

What a great story. I loved Calamity the shy dog and the image of a tough guy with a tiny pampered pooch. The author also did an excellent job of leading the reader from one guilty looking suspect to the next. It looks as if more books may follow in this series of Armani the psychic matchmaker.
**This book will be included in the Must Love Pets bundle
The Man, The Dog, His Owner & her Lover
 Stephanie O’Hanlon has focused so hard on her career for so long that she has missed everything along the way. Things like love and happiness. Losing her job and a trip to the pound with her friend changes life as she knows it. Taking home the huge dog she calls William the Conqueror has her noticing life in a very different way.

Gabe Fagen has been waiting a long time for Stephanie to slow down. After all these years will she finally see what is right in front of her eyes? Or is a dog going to come between them?

This is an enjoyable shorter story that was an easy read. There is more to this dog than meets the eye, much more. Could Stephanie really had known this dog as a man in some past life?
**This book will be included in the Must Love Pets bundle
Walk in Beauty
Luke Bernali had once loved a woman and no other woman had ever been able to replace her. But she had left him and truth be told when he looked back, he had made some bad choices. Eight years since he last saw her, they unexpectedly meet face-to-face.

Jessie Callahan did all she could to teach her daughter, Giselle, about her Navajo roots. As she worked on a project to help get the Indians more money from the galleries selling their homemade items, she ran into the one person she had been trying to put behind her. Only she never really could, not when she saw that very man in her daughter every day.

Lost love, secrets and danger make this an exciting read. Two people who love each other but are too afraid of the past to give their love a second chance. Not to mention they have an unknown enemy threatening them if they don’t stop their fight for fair wages. Originally published by Silhouette under the name Ruth Wind. Rainslinger continues the story of Daniel who was Luke’s childhood friend and Jessie’s adult best friend.
**Sexual content
**This book will be included in the Must Love Pets bundle
Love is a Mystery Boxed Set
Toni Diamond Mystery - Book 1: Frosted Shadow
Toni Diamond is a Lady Bianca cosmetic representative extraordinaire. Her nose, which is too large in her opinion, seems to lead Toni right into trouble. When a murder occurs, Toni just can’t help notice some things about the dead woman, such as, she had last years sample colors. A true travesty.

Detective Luke Marciano was knee deep in lilac. The color of the Lady Bianca conference. He had a murder to solve and a nosy woman to deal with. He did notice there was more to Toni than her sparkly bling, much more. Still, the woman was too nosy for her own good.

The push to sell cosmetics reminded me of my own days with a home sales company. The competition for the leaders to get to the next level, more money, more prizes. Just more. And these Lady Bianca sales reps are not going to let a murder, or two, in their hotel sway their new recruits away from their party. A fun, fast moving story that keeps you on your toes trying to figure out who done it.
**Sensual content

She's Gotta Be Mine by Jennifer Skully
What better way to show her ex what he's missing in the made-over Bobbie Jones than taking up with the local bad boy--who's also reputed to be a serial killer? That is, until a real murder rocks the little town of Cottonmouth.

The Honeymoon Cottage by Barbara Cool Lee 
Camilla Stewart finds too late that escaping her past won't be easy. Because local sheriff's captain Ryan Knight realizes that Camilla and her son Oliver may be the only people alive who can identify a serial killer ... and they are next on his hit list.

Steamed by Holly Jacobs
Cleaning is murder on the manicure. Quincy Mac is a maid in LA--a maid who has accidentally cleaned a murder scene. Now she's a suspect with only one option--find the real murderer before she ends up in jail.

The Zen Man by Colleen Collins 
Is a 21st-century Nick and Nora tale. It's just another ho-hum Christmas party until a murder lands private eye Rick Levine in the slammer on first-degree murder charges. Released on bond, Rick and his girlfriend Laura have 30 days to find the real killer.

Caught You Looking by Shelley Adina
When it comes to love and crime, who's catching whom? Hot on the trail of a technology thief, PI Duncan Moore thinks he's found him, but he needs proof. So he asks Mallory Baines if he can do surveillance from her upstairs bedroom--which would be great except her family thinks he's moved in and wedding bells are ringing!
Trailer for First Kisses
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First Kisses Anthology
Six popular authors have pulled their talents together and wrote these six stories. Each story stands alone, not connected to the other authors. Romances from the 1800's to the present day. People who are hurt and scarred and don't think that love could be in their futures. They are wrong of course. It's a great mix of stories. Two of the stories are suspense and keep you on the edge of your seat. All six are page turners. I hope that more stories will come from these as there are some great secondary characters as well.

The Rambler's Bride by Linda Goodnight
Jericho North has traveled over a hundred miles to reach his brother's homestead. Each mile that passed he hated the woman more who had tricked his brother into marriage and caused his death. He was going for revenge. Only it seems God has something else in mind.

Esther North is doing the best she can without a man around. Dealing with her cousin's powerful husband and keeping up with the farm. When the dark handsome stranger appears and helps her, she starts to hope. But will he stick around or just pass through?
Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe by Janet Tronstad
Buddy Hamilton was a simple truck driver who wanted a piece of land and a home to call his own. Nothing more. Growing up in foster homes convinced him he'd never be a family man, wouldn't know how. Then he met Penny Rose and her brood. At first they scared him, and then intrigued him. Especially the way the young woman lived out her faith so strongly that he was learning more about God through her actions.
Her Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra Clopton Parks
Maddie Rose was determined to work as hard as her male partners on the ranch that was willed to them all. She finally had a place to belong. Putting her past behind her and deciding if she couldn't have her dream, at least she had this.

Cliff Masterson thought he was living the dream being on the bull riding circuit. Now that his dad died, he stopped to realize maybe he'd been running all these years. When he went to stay with his brother Rafe and look for land in Mule Hollow, he never expected to find someone that could fill the empty hole in him, even if she was a stubborn spit-fire of a woman.
Deadly Hunt by Margaret Daley
Tess Miller is a bodyguard and she cherishes her time at her uncle's cabin twice a year. Time alone. This trip isn't going quite as she planned when a man who's been shot makes it to her cabin's door. And she's his only help since they are a long walk from anywhere.

Shane Burkhart was just enjoying some time in the mountains, hiking and photographing. Next thing he knows he wakes up in a cabin being tended by a woman. He's been shot. Worse might not have been an accident.
Necessary Proof by Camy Tang
Alex Villa had spent time in prison, he has since become a Christian and changed his ways but someone is setting him up. He is determined to clear his name and to continue fighting against the drug dealers in Sonoma.

Jane Lawton has felt alone this past year. She's tired of being used, now Alex appears at her door and needs her computer skills. And as she always does for anyone, she helps him. Who knew what danger it would bring to her doorstep? And also how much healing would come from it.
Kissed by a Cowboy by Lacy Williams
Haley Carston had been moved from one place to the next. Then her aunt invited her to stay and finish high school. She was finally home and had friends. And gave her heart away for the first time. Until it all fell apart. Her aunt's health has brought her back to town.

Maddox Michaels has the world on his shoulders and has since he was a teen and his dad drank himself to death. Now he's trying to keep the farm afloat, raise his niece and deal with his depressed brother. How can he make room for Haley in this mess that's his life?
**Received as ARC for review

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  1. I have quite a few but want all of them. Heading to B&N and Amazon now. Animals! Who can resist!