Sunday, November 25, 2012

Josie Riviera

Seeking Catherine -Novella
Catherine Sudfield was raised to be a lady. She fell in love with a handsome man with Romany blood but he left her, never to return. Her wretched uncle sold her to Sir Thomas and her life was now within the walls of a brothel in Bankside.

Stefan Boswell was finally something. He now had wealth and a title. What he was missing was his beloved Catherine. He never expected to find her living in a brothel, but she was. Could their young love from five years ago survive their changed lives?

This is a short novella that takes place in 1544. Where women could be sold as chattel without a say. Neither of our characters realize what has happened to the other after they parted. And as usual it definitely isn’t what they assumed. There is no turning time back and only forgiveness can move them forward. Even though this is a short book it’s still a full story and filled with emotions from desolation to a glimpse of hope.
Seeking Patience
1813 England
Luca Boldor leader of a Roma tribe. Half English, half Romany ends up in a bit of a mess after a run in with Marko, the leader of another tribe. With a hurt leg and beaten to an inch of his life he manages to find escape within the home of one of the English he hates. Only this widowed noblewoman has Luca realizing maybe there are some English with hearts.

Lady Patience Blakwell finds it disturbing that she feels a pull towards the handsome and dark Gypsy. She is troubled feeling anything towards a man who is neither her husband nor God fearing and yet for the first time in many years she feels safe. Her late husband was cruel and her stepson is accusing her of murdering his father so that she cannot collect her share of the money from his estate.

Two worlds collide in Ipswich. Patience who was born to polite society and Luca who was rejected by those very same people and is more comfortable with his Romany nomad side. A unique tale that is more than the difference between rich or poor, titled or untitled. A beautiful story is weaved as Luca is drawn to God through the beauty of the woman who has treated him kindly. There is much betrayal, hatred and struggles of being honor bound to one side or the other. I really enjoyed this book.
Lightning Strikes
Written in round-robin style by:
Carlene Havel, Bonnie McCune, Josie Riviera, Trinity Hart & Kim McMahill

Luke and Rachel are neighbors in a condo. Rachel is a workaholic and she considers her upstairs neighbor annoying as he's always happy and playing Christian music. When a storm hits and Rachel can't work on her laptop, heat her supper in the microwave or do much of anything….Luke invites her to eat with him. Quite an enlightening moment night for her.

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