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Interview with DD Chant
Name one thing about yourself that would shock readers if they knew.
I’m not romantic.
I love reading romances, but if any of the things that happened in romances happened to me in real life, I’d probably kill myself laughing! The romantic gestures and the big lovey dovey speeches would have me giggling.
I know: I’m a bad person!!!

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
I do! My mum and sister can tell if I’ve been writing a sad scene because I’m so miserable afterward. I also tend to make the nicest characters suffer the most.
I think some of the hardest scenes I’ve had to write are in my Chronicles of Discord series. I really make poor old Shin suffer.
I was in stitches writing the scene in Broken Truce where Deeta and Jan climb the rope ladder. I must have looked bonkers!

What is your go to snack?
Brownies!!! Chocolate brownies are a solid choice; they’ve gotten me through some rough times. ;-P

Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?
Now I’m really going to start sounding crazy!
I think for an author to get across the sense that each character in the book is different, they need to be defined people in the author’s head.
When I’m writing in my Broken City series most of the story is narrated by Deeta. It’s important that I get her *voice* right. One of my biggest worries when I started writing Broken Truce, was that Deeta would sound different to the reader. But the second I started writing, I could hear her voice in my head.
That sounds absolutely mental!!!

What is the strangest real life situation that is in one of your stories?
The coke can scene in Broken City.
The inspiration for that scene came when my sister and I were joking about with each other one day. We were laughing and teasing each other, and she was good naturedly poking fun at something I’d said. So I reached across the table and picked up her unopened coke can and shook it, I did it right in front of her so she knew that she wouldn’t be able to open it. We giggled about it and my sister pointed out how embarrassing it would have been if she hadn’t seen me do it and had opened it.
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Trailer for Broken City

Book 1: Broken City
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Broken City by D.D. Chant
Deeta Richards is twenty years old. She was born, raised and will die in this building she calls home. She has no future but within these walls. For it’s not safe for them outside the building. Only the trained guards go out for supplies, and even they don’t always return.
Her comfort is caring for the Jepjon's family on the floor above. One day when a secret has been revealed everything Deeta knows and believes is turned upside down.

D.D. has created a wide range of characters. From the humorous to the vain to Tom who is just mysterious and hard to read. The Tribes who all live their separate lives in the buildings around a city that is mostly destroyed. Never mixing with each other. Rumors that get worse each time they are told about certain Tribes. Fear of the unknown. This story is told mainly through Deeta Richards view but does add the views of other characters where needed.

I am impressed with the two books this author has written. I read The Promise which takes place in Saxon England and then the author takes us to a post-apocalyptic almost futuristic time in Broken City. Such extreme opposites and yet both are well written stories.
Trailer for Broken Truce
Book 2: Broken Truce
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Deeta's story continues as she lives in the Andak compound, so different from the world she was use to when at the Clarks. She's married to Tom Andak and he continues to try to work for peace among the different tribes. Unrest continues though.

Deeta has always been protected from the real world but not now. Returning from a trip to the Marshalls compound they meet up with the worst of enemies, the Lewises. She has to face the real world, death.

This was a tough read. War in real life does not pick and choose who it takes and who is left behind. Neither did D.D. Chant in this book. I found myself wanting to crouch and hide with Deeta, to lash out against the enemy and the uneasy feeling of knowing when you are outnumbered and helpless. And thankfully there were things to celebrate as well. A definite page turner that you may pick up and not put down until the end.

The first book in this series is Broken City and I have no doubts from the ending that there will be a third book in the future as well.
Book 3: Broken Pride
Deeta Andak is definitely seeing life in the real world. Everything her father and Tom had sheltered her from all these years is now her new reality. Death. War. Hate. Mistrust. Even the tribe that saved her and Jan from the Lewises could turn on her. Can she hold onto who she is? Or will she become someone she never wanted to be?

Tom will not be beaten down. He has to live to protect his wife. His family. He just needs to escape the hell he's in to do that.

This story picks up where the previous book left off, Broken Truce. Our heroes and heroines are fighting for peace and to rescue their loved ones. And a few of the Andak's are being enlightened about their lifestyle compared to the others in the City. And if they can lower their pride enough, they'll understand why they are so hated and maybe, but doubtful, change their ways.
**Some violence
The Chronicles of Discord Series
Trailer for Fracture
Ben Burton and his father, Senator Philip Burton, have come from the Free Nation to look into an alliance with the Tula. They knew that the Tula wanted them to join them in the war against the Una but they didn't want that. Their nation did need the progressive technology of the Tula though. While his father would tour the area, Ben was sent on the clandestine mission to find out what Councillor Ladron was truly hiding.

Astra was assigned to take Ben around. She was Ladron’s subsidiary and hiding many deep secrets. She lived her life almost as a robot. Astra had been pulled from one world and thrown into another. She no longer belonged anywhere, she was a fractured human being.

The author starts the book by detailing who many of the officials are and their places in the government. Don't let this detour you from diving deeper into the book. Once the scenes are set it takes you full speed ahead on an adventure. A dictator on one end who is cruel and merciless, men on the other end who are filled with hate and unforgiveness for a situation they can’t full understand. And the Burton’s caught in the middle. The main person in the eye of the storm, being tossed about and torn apart is, Astra. This book ends with you knowing that there is definitely more to come.
Book 2: Severance
The adventure continues where it left off in book one of this series, Fracture. Several cultures are clashing and blending. Greedy men want to rule and gain power, no matter who they have to hurt to do so.

Astra had entered Una in book one. As a child she ended up in Tula with another family after most of her own died in an attack. She wasn’t accepted there, and she’s not well accepted in her own nation. In Una she is known as Aya and was betrothed to Kai of the House of Sen. The book touches on their story with Kai, her step-family and her true brother, Rem.

D.D. Chant does not always write everything nice and rosy. This is war. And in war, people die. The story has the touches of romance but is stronger on the adventure side. And it doesn’t quite end in a cliffhanger and yet you know that there will be a book three coming in the future. I’ve enjoyed both stories and look forward to more.
Trailer for The Promise
The Lady Quill Chronicles Series
Book 1: The Promise
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The Lady Quill Chronicles Book 1
The battle of Calis took all of Lady Adele's family in death. Lord Brogan of Valrek desired to keep her safe. So it was that at two years old she was betrothed to his ten year old son, Rafe. She was hidden away to keep her safe and in her eighteenth year Rafe would come and take her to his home. Adele was happy in her life at the fort and with the women there while she waited for the years to pass unto Rafe came for her.

Rafe wanted to see what his betrothed was truly like. So he devised a plan to go to her as someone sent by Rafe. His father believed nothing good became of deceit but allowed him to go. During their journey home Rafe did find the girl quite delightful and constantly looked for openings to tell her the truth, only he was not a man good with words….especially when it came to women. As always, the longer he waited the harder it became to tell her.

This story is full of so many unique characters. Rafe's close friends from childhood, Finan and Leofric. Rand who was a childhood friend until his father started the battle of Calis and as a young boy he had to stand at his side...opposite his friends and Adele's companion, Eda. This book has the sneaky, the evil and the Gradock’s and a few good sword fights and dagger throwings. There are more adventures ahead but this book has good closure, I did not feel that I was left hanging.

Book 2: The Vow
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Finan of Gournay is one of four foster sons to Lord Brogan of Valrek. Finan lives to protect this House and all within. After his blood brother Evoric was killed in the Calis battle, a part of Finan died as well and changed him forever.

Lady Esme is a Daughter of Valrek and she missed her childhood friend and was determined to find the person Finan once was, even if she has to put up with his brutal assault of words, as she cared for him after he was injured.

The reader will understand a lot more of all that is happening if they read the first book in this series, The Promise. There are many characters, but not so hard to follow once you learn them. Rafe and Adele begin the adventure in book one but the reader also meets many of the other characters. The same is true in this book. Leofric of Drogan, Daegmund of Gradock and Rand of Targhe along with Rafe’s other sister Aisly. The books finish without letting you hang, but keep you looking forward to the next love stories...andDD adventures to come.
Book 3: The Assurance
Short Reads....
Book 1: Claire and the Party
Claire is dreading going into a party where she knows her ex-boyfriend is with his new girlfriend. How did she let her best friend Martin talk her into going? Funny thing being inside, she started seeing traits in Carl that made her wonder what she had liked so much about him. Could the right guy for her be closer than she ever thought?

A very short and cute story of how sometimes we look everywhere for what we think we want when what we need is very, very close.
This is a 3506 word short story.
Book 2: Claire and the Haircut of Doom
This is just a short, but cute, story about an ordinary gal named Claire. She’s not one of those gals who is naturally beautiful. She worked to make her hair look nice, and it still didn’t. Her boyfriend, Martin, thought she was going for the hobo look. Which in turn prompts Claire to visit the hairdresser. She has a special date with Martin, one where she gets to choose the movie, so Claire wants to look good for him. For poor Claire, life don’t quite go the way she would like.


  1. That actually sounds really good. I'll TBR it! Thanks for the review! Happy Friday! :D

  2. Chocolate should be a food group all it's own and on the bottom of the food pyramid! Are you planning anymore in your The Lady Quill Chronicles Series? It looks very interesting.

    1. Hi there, Lisa!

      I have finished the next book in The Lady Quill Chronicles series and I'm hard at work editing it!!! The Vow picks up a few days after The Promise ended, and deals with the return to Valrek. Although this book is Finan's story, you get to see all the characters from the first book.
      I had a great deal of fun introducing new characters to the plot, this time around you get to meet Rafe's sisters and mother. You also find out a lot more about Finan's story, and why he is the way he is.
      If you've read the first book, you'll know that Finan is NOT the romantic type!!! He's very calm, quiet and unflappable, so forcing him to take centre stage and play the (romantic) hero was VERY challenging!!!
      I'm really pleased with how the book turned out though, and I love that the two leads in this story are so different from the two leads in The Promise. I've always seen Finan as a bit of a cutie pie, with his patience and solid dependability, but in this book he worked his way even deeper in to my affections! You get to see a lot more of his grumpy side, which is fun!
      Also you get to see Rafe and Adele's relationship continue to deepen! And, of course, LOTS and LOTS of Leofric!!! ;-P
      Anlaf and Daegmund are back, and have really strong roles in this story. I have a rather large soft spot for Daegmund and I've given him a bit of a challenge in The Vow!

      Thank you so much for your interest! I'm sort for my over long answer, but once I start, I just can't seem to stop!!!

      D.D. Chant

    2. Sounds wonderful! I have the Promise on my Kindle in line TBR. Looking forward to "The Vow." Do you have an approximate date or month? I love that you get so excited about your characters!

    3. Thank you! I'm hoping to have it ready sometime in April, if everything goes well with the editing. I'm really nervous and excited at the same time!

  3. I have not read any of these books but will definitely look for them.

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you giving my books a chance! Hope you like them. ;-D