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Interview with Claudy Conn
Name one thing about yourself that would shock readers if they knew.
I am an open book, so I suppose nothing would shock them. LOL

When not writing, what hobbies do you enjoy?
Horseback riding, swimming, hiking

What is the strangest real life situation that is in one of your stories?
Like Maxine in Spellbound-Legend, I walked backwards off a pier and it was at the start of winter!

When did you start writing?
When I was a teen.

What is your favorite genre?

Have you traveled to do research for your books?
Yes, always. Lucky enough to have done a great deal of travel, Ireland, Scotland, England(all over England) France, Italy and Canada.

Do you enjoy reading your own stories?
No, I love writing them and then I'm done.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Yes, both.

Favorite book or character you have written?
I adore Prince Breslyn and can't let him go, so he is in many of my stories.

Any advice for those who are just starting out?
Don't give up.

Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?
What? Not real? No...

Are you sad to end a series and leave the characters behind?
Yes, very difficult to end a series.

Do you write about places you have lived?
Yes, I like to know what I am writing about from one end to another so I stick to places I have been to often and some places I've lived.

Do you read the same types of books you write?

Sorta. I love Karen Marie Moning. Can't get enough of her books.
Sassy Ever After: Sassy Blaze
Zoie Bracken, daughter of two alphas, has been so busy studying for her PhD, that she hasn't had time to do much else. On a girls night out, she gets more than expected when she meets the green eyes of the most handsome man she ever saw. Eyes that seemed to send out a message of pure sexual pleasure.

Owen Slade is a hybrid. Trouble is brewing on the Bracken clans land and he needs to warn them. What he didn't expect was the immediate pull to the alpha's daughter.

Not much time for romance when an evil shifter is trying to take over as leader of a pack, a portal that opens to the Red Demons Realm, and rogues running wild in the area.
**Strong sexual content and language
Witching Series
Book 1: Magic and Mayhem: Witch in the Attic
Dilly Crescent of the Rucker Realm is in big trouble. An evil warlock wants to take over their realm and he plans on having Dilly as his mate. No thanks! Her grandfather sends her through a portal to protect her.

While hiding out in some strange realm, she meets Kallem. If only she would have studied more than boys during school, she might know what he is. And if she can truly trust anyone besides her mother and grandfather.

This ends on cliffhanger. The next book is Witchin' Hard.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: Witchin' Hard
This story continues where book one, Witch in the Attic, left off.

Dilly Crescent was sent to the Human Realm to get away from the evil warlock, Morlan. While there she had met her mate, Kallem. A Fae prince. Things are getting worse on Rucker so she has to leave her injured prince in the hands of Zelda and return to home.

Morlan is determined to have Dilly as a mate. A new creature from a dark place is destroying Rucker, her mom is talking to her deceased father, and on top of it all...she gets bad news from the Human Realm. It's almost more than one uber witch can handle.

This is a novella that is a page turner. Full of action and supernatural beings.
**Sexual content and language
Awakening Series
Book 1: Harley-Awakening
This is told from Tara McDagus's point of view. Tara has a date with revenge against Carsen Banks and his wolf pack. That revenge is interrupted when she goes to Ireland and a Titan hunk takes over her mission for one of his own. And the mission isn't the only thing the hunk is taking over.

This story, or rather the evil they are battling, continues in the next story: Awakening-Bray. Prince Breslyn's son is taking after his father when it comes to his love for the humans. These stories are always fast moving as they are full of adventure and usually a nasty looking creature or two.
 Book 2: Awakening-Bray
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Wendy McChauncey has been in love with her brother's friend forever. A Fae prince who could charm the pants off any woman...and does. Back home from university for the summer, she realizes she has to move on from her crush but how could any other male compare to her Fae prince? Especially not the new guy in town who thinks she is his.

Prince Bray, son of Prince Breslyn, loves the humans just as his father always has. His best friend Stevie...and Stevie's beautiful sister add up to two big problems, they are mortal and he's immortal. Another problem with the lovely Wendy, or Red as he calls her, is she is always getting into trouble. Human trouble that he's supposed to stay away from.

This story is fast moving as the characters are in danger and have to track and destroy what is causing a disturbance...once again...in the Human Realm. The small and quiet town of Golden and it's peace-loving vampires are the victims this time. The evil entity is first introduced in the novella Harley–Awakening (Romancing the Paranormal Boxed Set) and the story will continue in the next book, Awakening-Wendy.
**Strong sexual content and language
Book 3: Awakening-Wendy
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Wendy McChauncey's story begins in the second book; Awakening-Bray. While Bray, son of Prince Breslyn and Ete, is in Fairy, Wendy goes to rescue her parents. Instead, both Wendy and her brother, Stevie, are bitten by the evil werewolf/demon Cain.

This book begins with Wendy fighting the new wolf, whose body she now has, as it wants to run to Cain and kill. Her fios has gone into hiding, but against what legend says...she didn't die.

Bray and his family are trying to get the elixir that will help Wendy. Ete had created an imitation one that helped Stevie, but Wendy's fios side rejected it. Time is of the essence and they have an evil werewolf/demon to destroy. Wendy believes the real Cain is fighting the demon in his body and she will do anything to save him. Even if she has to face the demon on her own.

A secondary story is taking place as well. Nuad the chief trekker is going to confront Queen Mab, who has the elixir. Seems there is a bit of history between the two and Nuad is going to take charge and take what belongs to him. I really enjoyed this story. Looking forward to the next book in the series; Awakening-Cain.
**Sexual content 
Book 4: Awakening Cain
Cain, alpha wolf of the Crowton Pack, just lost a year of his life after a demon took over his body and mind. He was held captive—within himself, being able to see the evil the demon committed using his body—and defenseless to stop him. Now that he's free, he must find his pack and the woman he left behind.

Tara, Royal Daoine of the House of O'Hare, had made a poor error in judgement and had been punished for it. Now that she is of age and free to roam, she leaves Daoine to go visit her friends in the Human Realm. After glimpsing the handsome Faewolf, Cain, she takes it onto herself to follow him as he learns his new abilities of being part Fae.

Once again the author takes the reader on a fast paced journey. Romance tries to bloom while there is evil to vanquish and people to save. The story does end with a bit of a cliffhanger; until Awakening—Into the Dark is released. I feel like it was a page turner that held my interest for the whole story.
**Sexual content and language
Legend Series
The Complete Series
Book 1: Spellbound
Spellbound by Claudy Conn
Maxie Reigate’s world has just gone into overdrive. Her whole life she has been taught about the Legends of her bloodline. About the Fae and her Druid ancestors. Maxie and her Uncle Kennet head for Scotland to help destroy the woman who killed her namesake but she finds another battle, the battle of her heart. First there is Breslyn, Royal Fae Prince of Dagda, who exudes sensuality like the sun exudes light. Secondly is the man whose she fell in love with as a child as she would gaze upon his portrait, Julian Talbot.

Druid priest Julian Talbot wakes up from a two hundred year coma just to remember he was not able to save his new bride, Maxine, from the evil Lamia DuLaine. The Fae had saved his life and now he can only think of one thing. Revenge. As he goes to MacTalbot Castle he comes face to face with a mirror image of his dead bride and yet this woman is so different. Maybe he has found a reason to live again.

The author does an excellent job of letting you in the thoughts of many characters. Good and evil alike. The storyline pulled me in and kept me reading to the end and looking forward to the next book. The next story is Aaibhe Shee Queen which goes further into what happened with the Queen and another Talbot a few centuries before. Julian and Maxie’s story is complete but there are other stories that continue….mainly the war brewing between the different Fae sectors. Mainly those who want power to rule over the humans and those who want to continue to protect the humans and hold to the treaty.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 1.5 - Aaibhe Shee Queen by Claudy Conn
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Aaibhe is a Daoine Fae, the highest caste of Seelie Fae. As she went from the Fae's island of Tir to watch the Druid priests during Beltane, she meets Conall MacTalbot. The first time in centuries she is attracted to a man, a human no less. Unfortunately for the lovers she does not realize that Gaiscioch, her dear friend and ex-lover, is watching, waiting, seething, hating and plotting against them both. 
Spellbound is the first book of the Legends Series. It hints about something that happened long before to the Queen and a Druid priest. This is their story.
**This book is FREE
**Sexual situations and language
Book 2: Shee Willow
Willow Lang was half human and half Fae and never quite fitting into either world. She was hired to go to Ireland and restore some old portraits for Squire Shayne Bantry and her boring life soon became full of interesting twists and turns. She had a handsome Fae prince paying attention to her, a mysterious gypsy and the hot and cold Shayne Bantry. None seemed to offer her the true love she was in search of though. Yet through it all she did learn to accept the part of her that was Fae, as she had always chosen to live human.

Shayne was a Druid priest, was. Something had happened that turned him against what he was born and bred to be. And he hated the very Fae that he was suppose to help protect. All his past ancestors had found their true loves but because of something that happened a year ago he didn’t dare ever give his heart away. If only he could keep his mind from going to the image of his beautiful new employee.

Claudy Conn brings this series to life with her unique characters. Some were introduced in Spellbound, the first Legend book, Prince Breslyn and Princess Ete and Queen Aaibhe, along with the Sluagh. Gaiscioch is continuing to try and find a way to escape the Dark Realm with an army of soulless Unseelie’s. As the impending war draws closer the humans go on about their lives, never knowing of their protectors. Each book builds a bit to things happening behind the scenes but they do not leave you hanging as far as the main romances. Looking forward to Trapped, book 3 in this legend series.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 3: Trapped
BJ Mulroy’s life hadn’t been easy. Losing her parents at age twelve and then living with Aunt Lisa who wasn’t really “parent” material and who misused BJ’s meager inheritance. And yet BJ was a survivor. Working and trying to make her way through school. One day all her struggles came to a stand still when she met a wealthy Irishman who knew her deepest secret. He made her a proposition she couldn’t refuse and it would change who she was forever.

The Legend series evolves a bit with every book. The veil between the Seelie and Unseelie world is getting thinner. Gaiscioch is getting stronger, but then so are the hero's and heroines and the war is getting closer. We meet Dante the Royal Prince of Lugh, who has avoided humans for centuries and is now sent to oversee BJ. A job that should have been hands off and watch from a distance, right? Nope, not when you are dealing with one of these alpha Royal Fae males who sees a beautiful woman. And then there is Daremont Calahan Carrick from the seventeenth century….or at least his full size life-like painting that dominates the study at Castlesand.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 4: Free Falling
Radzia MacDaun, known as Z, is both human and Daoine Princess and plays a big part in the coming war. There is a prophesy and she is a star player and she plans on killing the man who killed her father, a Druid priest, in cold blood. Gaiscoich. Her mother goes back to Daoine as she continues to grieve so Queen Aaibhe sends one of her princes to watch over Radzia to keep her safe and help bring out her Daoine gifts since she has been living as a human more than a Fae.

Prince Dante of Lugh learned his lesson about getting involved with his assignments. He was still a bit bitter over the last one where BJ chose a human over him. Over him, Prince Dante of Lugh! He has his hands full this time. Z never stays put and trouble seems to find her. And even as this seventy thousand year old prince tries to ignore the young brat….he once again finds himself more hands on with his assignment than planned.

The Seelie and Unseelie war is getting even closer. More of the Unseelie abominations have been let out of the Dark Realm and into the human world. Our heroes and heroines are gathering together to fight against them along with a few new characters as well. Unlike the previous books in this series….Free Falling leaves us hanging in the dark. It's okay though….Catch & Hold is already out there waiting to tell you the rest of the story.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 5: Catch & Hold
This book picks up where Free Falling (book 4) left off. Radzia, known as Z, has fallen into some deep trouble and Dante has followed after to try and help. Z has to become more Daoine than human if she is going to be able to win the coming battles. Problem is that this girl just can’t lose her knee jerk reactions. She just don’t stop and think things out.

Dante, Royal Prince of Lugh, doesn’t seem so princely these days as he has to chase after his Z, his enfant. Trying to keep her safe is a full time job. Not to mention the other handsome hunks he has to keep at bay so they stay away from his woman. Love has definitely changed this seventy thousand year old warrior. But warrior he is and must be as the war is now here.

Legend series is best read from the start, Spellbound. Each book has a continuing story of Gaiscioch, the Dark Realm and the Unseelies who are part of a coming war against the unsuspecting humans. From book one we start meeting our couples who will unite to fight in this war as well. Catch & Hold was full of adventure and surprises. It seems our heroes and heroines always need their swords nearby as trouble is never far away. The author even gives life and personality to a Seelie Hallow named Rolo.
**Sexual situations and language
Prince/Legend Series
Prequel to Legend 
but written afterwards
Book 1: Prince in the Mist
Book Blurb:
Fact one: By tradition and treaty, Fae do not interfere with the human world—it is against the rules. 
Fact two: For a Royal Fae prince who suffers from the ennui of immortality, watching and interacting with humans—especially lovely, spirited human females—can be entertaining. 
Fact three: When entertainment changes to affection, and affection becomes love, rules will be broken. 

His name is Breslyn, Prince of Dagda of the Tuatha Dé. He is a royal Fae, immortal and endowed with more than eye candy looks. He is a being with immeasurable powers but life for him lacked something—so he looked around, and found...humans.

Watching their lives and interactions, from another dimension filled him with feelings he had thought long lost in the ennui of immortality. The more he watched--the more addicted to their antics he became. An affection for the human race grew inside the heart Fae are not supposed to have, and it was inevitable that he began to have preferences with regards to them.

In 1314, when Scotland’s rule was in jeopardy and the British were about to take more than they should, he chose a side--and then he saw her, and nothing would ever be the same for the prince ever again…

My Review:
Royal Fae Prince Breslyn of the Tuatha De Danaan, Royal House of Dagda, has decided to write his memoirs by the urging of his wife, Ete. He begins his tale in 1314, where he once again goes against the rules of Fae to interfere in the human world….boredom you know. He is a part of a waging war, siding with Robert the Bruce of Scotland against the Brits. He is part of the MacClean’s life, Storm and his sister Chartelle along with Alexis of Waverly. He falls in love with the beautiful Chartelle and her young son John, even though she is married at the time. And a human.

This tale covers about twenty years or so, human years, a novella. For Breslyn that is but a blink of the eye. Several stories are happening such as the war, Alexis's story, traitors, kidnappers and more. The Legend Series has Breslyn popping in and out of the stories, vying for the human women’s attention at times and usually breaking the Fae laws. This book comes after the five Legend books and looks back over some of his past dealings with the humans. Prince Prelude continues Breslyn’s tale five hundred years later in 1814.
**Sexual situations and language
Prince Prelude
Prince of the Mist and Prince Prelude are written after the Legend Series but really pre-date it. This book is the story of what had happened before Spellbound. The reader gets to watch the romance between Julian Talbot and Maxine Reigate, only the romance has a kink in it...Lamia DuLaine. Lamia has decided she wants Julian for her own and is determined that no one comes between her and what she desires. Prince Breslyn is asked to watch over them as Queen Aaibhe holds the Talbot line close to her heart. And Julian is the last of that line.

In many of Claudy's books I found a soft spot for the villain as I would 'see' what they thought and why they acted as they did. Thankfully they usually do something that makes you realize why they are the villain and it's okay if they die. Not so with Lamia. She is evil from the beginning of Prince Prelude right into Spellbound. At no time do I find anything good about her. Shamon on the other does pull on the heart strings a bit, he is her ever devoted servant.

Another good addition to the Legend Series. I feel that this book could easily be read before or after the Legend Series. In fact, after reading it I wanted to go back and read Spellbound again.
**Sexual situations and language
**Continues where Catch & Hold left off**
Time Series
Boxed set 1-5
Book 1: Through Time
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Chancemont LaBlanc is on a revenge mission. The Dark Prince, Pestale has to be punished for his crimes against the LaBlanc family. Trevor, Royal Prince of the House of Lugh, has joined forces with Chance for personal reasons as well. At one time the Fae and Milesians were enemies but now that their world and humans have been threatened they know they must work together. Chance has no problems with women, he rather enjoys their company but not on a mission. He is determined to keep the wee princess from joining their team, but even the handsome Chance don't always get his way with women.

Princess Royce has a great fondness for humans. One family in particular, that she happened to break Fae law for. She feared what punishment Queen Aaibhe would give her but surprisingly she is sending her on the hunt for Pestale with her good friend Trevor. Only he-man Chance isn't so fond of a wee woman coming along with them, too bad for him. Royce may not be a warrior but there is much more to her than meets the eye. Unfortunately her glorious red hair and beauty has not gone unnoticed by the Dark Prince.

If you enjoy series and like to know the background story...I highly recommend reading the Legend Series first. Characters and situations have been carried over from those books that will make the adventures in this book so much more exciting. Especially the first glimpses of Chance and Trevor who entered into the last two books of the Legend series, Free Falling and Catch & Hold.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 2: Through Time - Whiplash
Prince Trevor of Lugh is the younger brother of Prince Dante. When sent out on a mission, he ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time and is pulled through a portal into 1816, with a human no less. What can he do but give her his protection when he finds that one of the Dark Princes is lurking about as well. He never associated with humans but is finding that this particular beauty isn’t so bad.

Jazmine Decker always thought she belonged in the past until she was transported to 1816 Killarney, Ireland. She was stuck with a rude Royal Fae and a handsome but evil Dark Prince. As a Fios she was always told to beware of the cold-hearted unfeeling Fae, only Trevor doesn’t quite match up with the warnings. Especially with his blood boiling kisses.

Trevor is first introduced in book one, Through Time - Pursuit where he joins forces with Chance LeBlanc. They are out to kill the Dark Prince Pestale who killed Chance’s sister and Trevor’s love. Whiplash is a another adventure with plenty of bad characters to be aware of. The reader meets Jazz and Frankie for the first time and many old friends from the Legend series. The Dark Princes are still working to escape the Dark Realm, to take over both the Human Realm and Faery. This book does leave the reader dangling a bit. Book three should be out later this year. Through Time - Slamming.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Through Time - Slamming
Jazmine Decker, also known as Jazz, was left hanging in Through Time - Whiplash, literally. In this book we find her new Fae blood and her old Fios have joined together to change her into a more powerful being. She don’t want to let go of her human side though, ever. Life in the Fae world has many good things, like Trevor, Frankie and all her new friends, but it also comes with having to fight against the Dark Princes and the abominations that the Dark King created. Can’t a girl just get some down time to enjoy her hunky prince?

Prince Trevor of Lugh now has love in his life and with that comes the need to protect her. Not easy when it's someone like his Jazmine Decker, a strong independent type. And it don’t help that they are in the midst of a battle to save the humans and themselves from the Unseelie.

All our old friends from the previous books have returned and the battle is on. Good verses evil. Pestale is as angry and power hungry as always and determined to escape the Dark Realm with all his father's evil creatures. Prince Breslyn managed to talk the author into plenty of face time, what a surprise. Not. To get the full extent of what is happening you may want to start at the beginning of the Legend Series. The series order is on Just Judy’s Jumbles under Claudy Conn’s Book List.
**Sexual content
Book 4: Through Time - Frankie
Frankie is now a beautiful eighteen year old girl. She enjoyed her life growing up in Sorth Carolina with Prince Trevor and Jazmine Decker. Her father, Deimne the Daoine Sluagh was in her life as well and couldn't be prouder of some of her changes as she came into her maturity. She wasn't as sure about the new changes, one in particular. Through all of her changes and trials the past six years there was always one nearby. Always one there to help her out of trouble or to be a friend. Someone she could always be herself with. Someone she was forbidden to be around. Graely, one of the Dark Princes. Graely, the handsome hunk who thought of her no more than a mere child.

Pestale and Hordly were allowed out of the bleakness of the Dark Realm into the beauty of Conglam. Vibrant colors and none of the darkness and yet it wasn't enough. Pestale was determined to destroy and take over the Human Realm. They lived with the peaceful groups of the Blue Demons and Shape-shifters, he didn't want their peace.

For those who enjoy Claudy Conn's paranormal series you'll be glad to see many old friends return to once again prepare for what Pescale is planning. Of course Prince Breslyn wouldn't be left out, along with many others from Tir. Some new friends on Conglam as well. Frankie and her family has come to Ireland for the summer and she will begin Trinity in the fall. Some things just never turn out for the Fae, like nice quiet summer vacations. This is listed as the fourth book, but many of these characters were introduced in the first Legend book Spellbound Legend and built upon it from there. You may want to start there and read through all the books in order as you enter the world from Fae to shape-shifters and everything in between, who all work together against the forces of the Dark Realm.
**Sexual situations
Book 5: Through Time-Compulsion
Siloam was from a world where they had become bored immortals. After getting into the black magics, life changed. Siloam is now in the Human Realm and as evil always does, he plants to take over the puny humans and become the greatest ruler ever. To become a god.

Frankie is just too popular with the guys. She loves her Graely, her Dark Prince and he’s all she needs. But it seems she has gained the attention of the Big Bad and of another prince. Being the last living female Sluagh does have it’s downfall with greedy men around.

And it seems that young Prince Bray takes after his dad a bit too much. Just like Breslyn the young boy loves his humans. And getting into trouble.

Another exciting book in the Through Time series. Old friends, old enemies and new ones as well, enter the picture to make sure there is no peace for the Fae world. I just love Dark Prince Graely as he still struggles to be accepted. To be seen as one of the good guys instead of being like his evil brothers.
**Strong sexual content and language
Book 1: ShadowLove Stalkers
Shawna MacBay, her current last name she’s using since she has run off to hide in Scotland, is trying to stay ahead of the Rawley Clan. Vampires led by her father, Pentim Rawley, who she always knew existed but he only recently learned that he has a daughter. And why wouldn’t she want to meet dear old daddy? He’s a vampire, and a bad one at that, and he will want her to be one of the soulless creatures as well. No thanks!

Chadwick MacFare sees Shawna as the perfect bait to finally end Pentim’s life. Chad has his own personal reasons for wanting the vamps existence wiped off this earth for good. But first Chad needs to convince the beautiful Shawna to be the bait that draws Pentim to his trap. Unlike most women who would gladly go anywhere Chad asked….Shawna don’t. What will it take to gain her trust? And gain it quickly as the evil things around them begin to close in.

The characters in Claudy's books seem to come alive. Whether it be their Scottish brogues or their unique skills. Alpha men who are taken down by the beautiful women they encounter. She writes so you get to see inside the minds of the main characters and others as well. Sometimes I even get to liking the bad guys because you see what makes them tick but they usually do something evil enough that you don't cry when they are extinguished. We meet a unique vampire in this book as well, Damon Drummond. The second book in this series is called ShadowHeart Slayer and is Damon’s story.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 2: ShadowHeart Slayer
Damon Drummond isn’t your usual vampire. For one thing he’s not out for blood like most other vampires. A handsome man of mystery from his head of raven hair to his silver tipped black boots. Four hundred years old and he’s having issues like wanting to protect a slayer. A stubborn, fiery haired, beautiful slayer! He’s regretting a decision that has come back to bite him in the arse and he's trying to keep his friends safe from being discovered by Count Vlad Dracula.

Nikki Walker is a slayer….a vampire slayer. So why in the world is she feeling pulled towards the handsome Damon, who of all things is the very thing she kills? She is out for revenge and it's brought her to Dublin. Everything about her brother’s murder points to a woman vampire named Deadly Moon and she will stop at nothing to find and kill her. Justice for Jack, nothing less will do. Only Damon keeps blocking her, the one man who knows where Deadly Moon is. Well him and having to save the world with her slayer skills.

If you enjoy series books you’ll definitely want to take the time to read ShadowLove Stalkers, the first in this series. Damon is introduced in this book along with some of the others who are in ShadowHeart as well. I enjoyed seeing some of the characters from the Legend Series in this book too. I didn’t feel left hanging at the end of the book but you do know that there is definitely more to come in book 3, ShadowLife Hybrid.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 3: ShadowLife Hybrid
Chase MacAdams is three hundred years old. He is more than just human, he was born human, wolf and vampire. A hybrid. He is often lonely but after his mother’s death he knew that a mate was something he would never want. Never wanting to go through the agony his father was going through because of their loss. And he kept telling himself that as his wolf begged him to take Roxie MacBran as their own.

Roxie MacBran, an American beauty, was on a mission….get Chase to help in the war against WB and his vampires. She had plans of her own to go into fashion design but couldn’t deny who she was deep down….who her parents were. She was part of a special community and they were in trouble. If only she can focus on doing what she needed to do and get out of there before her inner self connected too deeply with the handsome hybrid.

Chase & Roxie join up with our heroes, heroines and villains from the previous two Shadow books; ShadowLove Stalkers and ShadowHeart Slayer. Together they must unite and destroy the vampires who are trying to take over the human race. And Chase has a personal vendetta with one vampire in particular, Count Vlad Dracula.
**Sexual Situations and language
Hungry Moon Series
Hungry Moon: Quicksilver
Ravena MacAllister almost messed up her life by just settling for some guy, thanks to her friend Meg that didn't happen. She is content going to the Highlands of Scotland to be with her dad for the summer. A place where she has more freedom to be who she really is, although Rave tried to hide the secrets within, even from herself. Wanting to just live her life as a normal human, something she was not and never would be. Life in the Highlands was not quite what she expected this year though and it was time to unite with herself….or die.

Quinn MacValdane had left his guard down seventy-five years ago and the evil Andrew MacPoole managed to send him through the Quicksilver portal where he couldn’t get back to his castle due to a curse. There was a prophesy about The One, someone who would break the curse. Seems that The One was a beautiful wee lass. Quinn found he immediately wanted to protect her, but how could he, when he was stuck behind the mirror while she could travel to and fro?

Once again Claudy takes her readers to the beautiful Highlands. A place of both beauty and danger. A place full of adventure, excitement, twists, turns and of course….romance. Travel along as Rave struggles to accept who she truly is before she is able to fight both the known and unknown villains, or should I say seen and unseen. She also had to figure out how to get Quinn back into this world. And never forget that not everybody is who they seem to be. The beginning of another great series.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 2: Hungry Moon: Destiny
Kelsey Wilder needed to get away from her pack. At a mere hundred years old her folks were thinking it was time she found a mate. She wanted true love. So off she goes to New York City. But there's a stench around the city and it's leaving dead, mutilated bodies in its wake. How can Kelsey not get involved and stop the villain?

Hybrid Luke MacNash left his family home in Scotland ten years ago. When he ends up in New York City, he starts following the same murderer as Kelsey. Luke has always preferred to be a loner. Now he partners with Kelsey, for her own protection of course.

Andrew MacPoole is a whack job. He's still holding a grudge against Quinn for taking Ravena from him, although she was never his, and he's determined to get back to his own realm and become the ruler he was meant to be. He just needs to hold on to his sanity and control his bloodlust. Right.

If you read Hungry Moon: Quicksilver then you will recognize several of the characters along with others from the Legend series. It's time for them all to gather together and fight the evils of the world once again. And the Wizard Rysdale and Charm are on hand to help them. And as always in Claudy Conn's books...you'll meet new and interesting characters who will hopefully show up in a future book.
**Sexual content and language
Book 3: Hungry Moon - Jodi
Jodi McDougal had been through a lot with her friend Kelsey and it looked like it wasn’t over yet. She enjoyed her life at the Academy teaching young witches how to hone their craft, but things were no longer peaceful. There was evil afoot and it wanted her.

The sudden appearance of the hunky Shane MacGrath had Jodi off kilter. She could tell he was a player and wanted to keep her distance, but he drew her to him. Even if she was only an assignment to him. Sent to watch over and protect her, not love her. She’d take it. They had a fight ahead of them and she liked having Shane beside her in it.

Peace is not a word that exists among the otherworldly for long. Evil is always lurking in the shadows. Power and greed ready to jump out and take what it wants. Now love, it does exist as well and is found in the midst of these dark days. With love...there is hope as they fight the next battle.
**Sexual content and language
Paranormal Series - Journey
Book 1: Journey
Amazon    Smashwords
Riley Doogan is a witch just living a normal human life in New York City. Until the day he walks in her shop. Finn Dunraven. The most handsome and mysterious man she had ever met. He knew her beloved granny and needs her to go back to Maine, to her home.

Her quiet life of co-owning a infant-wear shop changes instantly. She now needs to take over her grandmother’s coven and fight some unknown evil using dark magic. Not to mention her feelings for the handsome, mystery man.

This story is told from Riley’s point of view through the whole story. She battles her inner selves often. Her Miss Prude and She-devil each pulling her. And then a new voice emerges. The question that both Finn asks and Riley herself wonders is; Who are you Riley? Maybe we’ll find out more in the second book, Journey-Reckoning.
**Strong sexual content and language
Book 2: Journey-Reckoning
Amazon    Smashwords
Riley Doogan has been shot in the heart and had thought she was dying at the end of book one, Journey. This story picks up there. She had wondered while in the throws of death what she really was, definitely more than a white witch. Ends up she is more. Much more.

With Finn Dunraven at her side, they must fight against his brother Prio as he wants to take over the Human Realm and hand it as a gift to the council. Unfortunately, Prio isn't quite himself. And even if Finn knows his mother needs to be removed from the throne, he also knows harming humans is not the way to do that.

The war against good and evil continues, just when our characters start to relax and think things are better...it all goes wrong. Most of this story is told from Riley Doogan's point of view, a few chapters are from Finn's. A nice surprise at the end of the book when the some old friends from previous books come to help out.
**Strong sexual content and language
 Paranormal Stand Alone Books
Dark Love
Chazma Donnelly is out for vengeance. Some monster, literally, has killed her parents and she will not let it live. So off to Brionn, Ireland to hunt for Dark X, as she has named this beast. The tales of mystery from the magical Ireland are no stranger to Chaz as she’s not quite human herself. She expected her new employer, the lord of the Brionn, to be older. If only! As she focuses on her revenge she constantly fights her hormones for the not so old and definitely hot, Lord Jethro McBain.

Jethro is doing some fighting of his own when the young beauty comes to work for him. His grandmother had an intuition that Chazma needed to be the one he hired and she also wanted his promise to leave the lass alone. That promise may be harder than he thought.

This was another exciting paranormal by Claudy Conn where you enter a world of both darkness and light, magical and mystical and even a touch of Fae. Never quite sure if someone is the good or bad guy.
**Sexual content
Netherby Halls
In 1815 we find Sassy Winthrop in Sutton Village. The small English village where she has grown up as the vicar's daughter. She has lost all she loves in the past few years and must now depend on a family friend for help. There is more to Sassy than her heart stopping beauty and she must always control her hidden secrets. There is also much more to Sassy’s new home at Netherby Hall, much more than just a home for the orphan daughters of the Gentry.

The Eighth Marquis of Dartmour, Justin Dartmour, is known as a rake, a rogue and even a libertine. There are other words to describe him but the people around him are not aware of those. When he has an odd hallucination while seeing a beautiful young woman across the street one day, he is never quite the same. Especially when their paths cross again and again.

I really enjoyed this story. There were quite a few twists and turns. Who to trust or not trust, missing people and clandestine meetings in the dead of night. It has a bit of the dark side of life as well, the darkness that comes from greed. And of course romance.
**Sexual content and mild language
Lady X
Exerilla Radley, X to her friends, has a problem. She loves her father but he has been pulled deeply into the Dark Side with his dark magic and has determined she would marry a dreadful man, also on the Dark Side. Her mother, a white witch, planned for some time what to do but X refused, until she saw no other choice. She has to go live in 1815 England until her powers are strong enough to resist her own father’s powers.

Lord Hunter MacTorry is out for vengeance against the evil wizard who has destroyed his family. As an immortal he has been roaming around the centuries trying to catch the beast. At the moment he’s in 1815 and awaiting a certain day to hopefully change at least one thing from the past. While on the way to Dover he meets her, a woman like none other. If only she weren’t human.

A unique story line of Lady X having to go hide in the past and try to get use to the ways of the past and England. An evil wizard is in the story who has made mischief in several of Claudy’s other books. There are several side stories going on and of course, several men determined that Exerilla is the only gal for them.
**Sexual content
Nether Blue
Calico “Callie” is much more than she seems. Even she isn't sure who...or what...she is. Only that she is a witch and not human. And she knows that she has to escape from the evil warlock who has taken over their coven.

She arrives in Ireland, to the home prepared for her to hide in, and everything changes. Callie may finally learn who she is and where she is from. And it doesn't hurt that she has the help of a magnificent hunk at her side for her adventure.
**Strong sexual content and language
**Originally in boxed set Alphas Unwrapped
Stand Alone Regency Romances
Myriah Fire
Myriah Whitney is a headstrong young woman heading into her third Season. She has had plenty of offers for marriage but she wants love. Her father is done doting on her though and either she chooses to marry or he’ll do the choosing. And when he does there is only one thing left for Myriah to do….run off to Grandpapa’s. With Tabby, her groom, along with her they get lost in a mist and she finds herself on a whole new adventure.

Christopher “Kit” Wimborne, sixth Viscount of Wimborne Towers comes home one night to find a woman in his bed. What could he do but join her? He quickly finds out she is not what he thought. Not some doxy his brother brought home at all. Yet there is something this fiery haired beauty is hiding from him and Kit is determined to find out what it is. Even while he has his own secrets to hide.

Claudy Conn sends the readers on quite the adventure in Myriah Fire. Every turn of the page shows that things are not always as they seem to be. And this heiress is definitely much more than a spoiled girl of the ton not willing to get her hands dirty.
**Sexual situations and language
Oh, Cherry Ripe by Claudy Conn
Cheryl "Cherry" Elton is twenty-one and fancy free. She enjoys doing what men do only she lives in a world where her station frowns on such things as riding astride or racing a man through Hyde Park. Her step-mom jumped on the opportunity of excepting a marriage proposal for Cherry. Cherry was not excited and chose to run away. She ends up as the governess for a set of twins that she quickly falls in love with and vice versa. What she don’t know is that the very handsome older brother is the very man she is suppose to be engaged to.

Lord Skylar Westbrooke knew at twenty-eight years of age he needed to marry so the twins, Felix and Francine, had a woman in their life. He agreed to marry a young lady he had never med but heard she was beautiful. That was before he met Sarah Parker. The young woman took up residence in his mind the minute he met her in London and now she was at his country home as his younger step-siblings governess. He had yet to meet his fiance, as she has been ill, but more and more he wished that he had never made that arrangement.

I really enjoyed this regency and the fun and unique characteristics of everyone.. Cherry is such a joyous character and she is has been as naughty as the twins and seventeen year old Freddy so she truly understands them. And unlike their past governess’s, putting a frog in Cherry’s face is not going to send her running.
**Sexual situations
Rogues, Rakes & Jewels
Marquis Ryker of Lyndhurst is sent to the Isle of Wight by his mother as she wants him to meet some country chit. He drags his cousin along, the Honorable Oscar Robendale but comes up with the plan to let Robby be him. He believes every woman only wants him for his title and wealth...not that he's not a handsome man...he is. He’s intrigued and surprised with the chit he finds at the Henshaw house though. Will his switch backfire on him?

Sir James and Jewelene Henshaw have been left orphans and with debts. Papa liked to gamble a bit much. They have a light at the end of the tunnel though, Lightening their race horse. They just have to get his entrance fees to the derby. Thus enters...Babette. Jewels solution. Or Babette could just add more to their troubles.

Of course there is Lord Omsbury who will do anything to make Jewel his. Anything! A book full of unique characters as usual. And of course there is always the confusion that lies bring into a story. This isn’t a real long book but it’s packed with adventure and romance.
**Sexual situations
Taffeta and Hotspur
Lady Taffeta "Taffy" doesn't want to go to London for the marriage mart. She enjoys her freedom of riding astride and behaving as she wishes with her fun loving brother Seth, the Duke of Grantham, and her young uncle, Nigel. She doesn't want to be paraded like horseflesh to be bought and she wants a man who will love her. Definitely not a rakehell like Thurstan Tarrant “Hotspur”.

Thurstan Tarrant had been young once and believed in love. He was burned by that emotion and now lives life on his terms. And love and attachments are not part of that. When he meets the little vixen Taffy and catches her in a position that prompts her to promise she will pay a debt to him….he knows he’ll collect it. He’s just unsure if she’s as wild as she seems or as innocent.

Another fun regency by Claudy Conn. Full of characters who come to life and pull you into the story. And as always the evil villain lurking about ready for his chance to wreak havoc. From the forests of Nottingham to the streets of London there is plenty of excitement and page turning adventures from beginning to end.
**Sexual situations
Wildfire Kiss by Claudy Conn
Lady Barbara ‘Babs’ Waverly is on her third season. She stays close to her good friend Count Otto Stauffenberg. For you see it’s not that Babs is lacking for male attention….it’s that she wants a marriage that is a love match. And her dear friend Otto just wants to be left alone. So together they keep the wolves at bay….well some of the wolves. It seems that Babs latest discretion has her father calling in the big gun, Aunt Jane.

This book had so many great characters that come to life and you find yourself hoping they all find happiness but alas there were too many men and only two women. There is Sir Edward ‘Ned’ Danton who is nice looking and wealthy. Sir Charles is also handsome and quite a jovial chap. The Duke of Barrington, who is Charles cousin and friend, is definitely not lacking for female attention but now that he’s a Duke he may have to think about an heir but he’s not ready for the marriage mart yet. There are so many things going on but the book is not too busy. There are secrets and blackmail, love, laughter, adventure and even Lord Byron.
**Sexual situations and language

Runaway Heart
Amazon      Smashwords
Orphaned and neglected by her hateful aunt, Chelsea Halloway is still in the care of Mrs. Farthing at her boarding school, even though she’s almost nineteen. When she’s told that she will be returning to Aunt Augusta, Chelsea quickly gets her good friend Sam Martin to help her escape so she can find and speak to her trustee, Lord Rupurt Lytton. Before she knows it Chelsea is the belle of London thanks to her godmother, Aunt Daisy and Lytton.

Lord Bretton Wainwright wants nothing to do with marriage or debutante’s but when his dear aunt asks him to help escort Chelsea about so she will get noticed….he does. What the rogue did not expect was that the little minx of a girl will break down his walls and make him desire her more than he ever thought possible.

Set in Regency times our characters rub shoulders with historical figures such as Beau Brummell and Lady Jersey as well as sightings of Byron and the Prince Regent. As always you have the villains you want to pummel and a heroine with a heart for strays….animal and human alike. An enjoyable story with action, jealousy and of course….romance.
**Sexual situations
After The Storm
Jennifer of Ashley Grange had once been a lively and mischievous girl. The past year she was but a shell of herself. Her best friend and fiance, Johnny, had died in the Battle of Waterloo. She would never love again. Instead of facing a Season, she agrees to a marriage of convenience. Can she ever be happy without feeling the guilt that she’s alive and Johnny is dead?

Jason, The Earl of Danfield, has been left no choice. His father’s will would have him married by his twenty-ninth birthday or his younger step-brother would inherit. He despised the idea of his father ruling his life from the grave, but he needed his inheritance. When he meets Jenny, he realizes maybe marriage won’t be the worst thing in the world.

Claudy Conn once again has written a great story. Full of suspicious could be villains, rogues and jealousy abounding. All kinds of characters to suspect of evil doing. This story even includes an old dark drafty castle right along with an evil step-mother.
**Sexual content within marriage
Lady Bess

Lady Elizabeth of Saunders, better known as Lady Bess, wants to marry for love not convenience. Her heart knows the man she wants, unfortunately it’s someone who enjoys his bachelor life. This young woman decided to go for what she wants and do whatever it takes to get her man and make him fall in love with her.

The Earl of Dunkirk is from Scotland but has inherited his mother’s English home and title. Making him a prime piece for those of the ton. His plan is to marry someone for an heir and then continue to go his own way, as if he were still a single man. Lady Bess does not fit into those plans. He won’t ruin an innocent or get involved with someone who may want more. So why can’t he get her out of his head?

There's more then romance between these two members of the ton. Evil villains are lurking about with plans of their own. Lady Bess has accidentally stumbled into their plans, unwelcome. Good thing she’s not your normal simpering female when faced with danger and mayhem. Another adventure from the mind of Claudy Conn to take you down the rough road to romance and the battles along the way.
**Sexual content
He's a rake and a libertine but Brock Haydon, the Eighth Duke of Margate, will not stand back while his ward is falsely accused of a crime. He may have been a bit remiss of his guardian duties so far, but with this latest missive from his friend Viscount John Skippendon, he will finally do his duty.

Lord Edward Sherborne and his twin sister Amanda enjoy life to its fullest. When her brother is accused falsely of a crime, Mandy refuses to sit back and do nothing. And at the moment she trusts no one, but their faithful servants. She especially don't want to trust the handsome blue-eyed devil who is their guardian.

Murder, secrets, clandestine meetings, robberies, missing persons and romance. This tale is filled with people to suspect of committing heinous crimes along with plenty of suitors for a young beautiful hoyden who comes with a dowry that's as appetizing as her looks. Jump into the past and enjoy the adventure.
**Sexual content
Lady Star
Amazon    Smashwords
Sir Edward Danton has lost the girl he thought he loved and is going off to hide for a while. In Rye, he runs into his old friend Jules, who is also coming to hide out with his supposed broken heart after being thrown over for another. Jules has a plan though, Star Berkley. Edward didn't think the gal was any good for his friend, what surprised him was that he wanted her for himself.

Star Berkley was in the country with her brother Vern instead of taking London by storm. Not only was Vern ill, he was burdened with money issues their father had left behind. In his desperation Vern had turned to the wrong people. Seems there could be worse things than losing your home, much worse.

If you read Claudy Conn's book, Wildfire Kiss, you would have already met Sir Edward Danton as he thinks that Lady Babs might be the love of his life. She thought different. This story has some exciting secondary characters along with the main ones. Her brother Vern, Miles Denning who is lover of all women, Jules and Georgina. There is romance and intrigue and a storyline that grabs hold of you from beginning and does not let go until the very end.
**Sexual content
Lord Daniel Pendleton travels to the New Forest to speak with his nephew on his sister's behalf. Seems the young pup is determined to marry some older gold digging beauty rather than return to Oxford for his schooling. No doxy was going to use and discard his flesh and blood, not on his watch. When he arrives, he is astounded at just how beautiful the minx is. Too much so for anyone's good, especially his.

Serena Moorely has plenty of suitors, but none her heart wants. Her uncle is concerned about leaving her unwed if he should pass away. How can she get him to understand that she wants more than just marriage. She desires to have a marriage with someone she loves and have that love returned to her. Is that too much to desire?

There are great secondary characters as always, like Daniel's nephew Freddy who is determined to win Serena's heart. The story includes adventure, mystery and romance. There has been a robbery and a murder and somehow the unconventional Serena has entangled herself into the whole mess along with young Freddy.
**Sexual content
Disorderly Lady
Bella Cullingham wants love. She had mistaken what she felt for a selfish rogue as love and won’t be fooled again, or will she? When she happens upon a handsome lord who thinks she is a tart, she realizes maybe her defenses weren’t as good as she thought.

Shaun Standon, the tenth Earl of Magdalen is nine and twenty and not ready for marriage. But, the beautiful redheaded woman he keeps meeting while she’s out alone has peaked his interest...in keeping a mistress that is.

Claudy Conn has outdone herself in this book. People get an idea in their head and see what they think they should see, even when they are way off. The secondary characters are just as wonderful. Bella’s brother Brent and his friend Doyle are a real hoot and their friend James and Rose add even more to the story.
**Sexual content
Madcap Miss
Felicia Easton has a big problem and her best friend, Scott Hanover, is going to help her out of it. She is only a few months from her twenty-first birthday and suddenly her guardian is interested in her welfare. She has done quite well on her own since the two years since her father and stepmama have passed away. She just knows the old curmudgeon is going to marry her off to someone, before that happens she is going to take control.

Glen Ashton, Duke of Somerset isn't ready to take over his uncle's position. He never planned on being a duke. Thanks to the war and his uncle's death, he has no choice. And it seems he has inherited a ward along with everything else. On the way to collect her, he gets waylaid by a beautiful woman and her brother who need his help. Who is he to turn down a damsel in distress?

I enjoy all of this author's books, but I really enjoyed this story. The characters, both main and secondary, come alive. There is a touch of adventure, danger and of course...romance.
**Sexual content
Courting Kit
Brandon, the Earl of Halloway, enjoys his roguish ways. His grandmother feels differently and she happens to control his purse strings. She gives him an ultimatum...she'll tighten those purse strings or he can get married. This bachelor would definitely prefer living without money to being tied to a wife the rest of his life.

Christina Kingsley, or Kitty as she is known as, is living quite contentedly in the country. She loves her freedom to wear breeches and ride astride. And she loves her two dearest friends who live nearby. She never thought life could change so drastically until her guardian passes away.

Another great regency story by this author. She has the characters hobnobbing with some of the eras well-known people. Great romance and storyline. The characters came to life, each in their own unique ways.
**Sexual content
Regency Heat
Adam Roth, the Eighth Duke of Lyndham. A duke. A rake. Employed by the foreign department. And a man who left the young innocents alone. Until the day he was at Lord Beaumont's country home and watched a beautiful hoyden in breeches racing her brother on their horses. As a confirmed bachelor he did all he could to ignore her—and failed.

Nicole Beaumont may be only just shy of twenty but she was not unwise to the world around her. Her brother and his friends had spoken openly around her. And she was no simpering debutante. The man for her would be one who accepted her wild spirit without crushing it.

I really loved this story. It had romance, intrigue, and more. 
Stand Alone Contemporary
Collide & Burn
Wade Devon is a billionaire looking for an escape from city life. Buying a horse ranch in the country seems like the perfect plan. He doesn't do relationships but the beauty he sees in town will be perfect for a night or two.

Charlene “Charlie” Wells is just a country girl. Completely opposite to the handsome rich hottie who has bought their family ranch. She's just happy he is allowing her to rent the apartment and help out. When he wants a bit more, Charlie actually fools herself into thinking she can have a bit of fun without being hurt. Right.

Unlike the author's usual paranormal or Regencies, this is a contemporary story. I enjoyed it as well as her other books. Romance with a villain or two on the side to watch out for.
**Strong sexual content and language
**Originally was in boxed set Mischief Under the Mistletoe


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