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E-Books by Various Authors

Dream of Me

Jenna Allen’s life has just been disturbed. Not only is her brother moving in with her for what she hopes is a short time...but he has an obnoxious friend helping him move in. And not just a few things, either. Her well organized, peaceful home has been taken over.

 Rich Woodruff wasn’t fond of Mark’s sister at first. She was beautiful, but a bit uptight about Mark moving in and at a time that Mark needed her to be caring...not organized. The more he stopped in to see his friend, though, the more Jenna grew on him.

 Jenna and Rich go back and forth, and the more they find out about each other...the more they realized they misjudged the other. Of course, both are focused on their careers and aren’t looking for a relationship. That doesn’t mean one won’t happen...whether they want it or not. Wonderful characters.

Book 1: Neighbors Like That

Hagen Raglund really starts off on the wrong foot when he meets his new neighbor. And when she challenges him about using her garbage can...the game is on. Or, in this case, let the pranks begin.

Kylie Boone finds her neighbor handsome, but quite rude. But when he thinks he can prank her without retribution...he's going to find out what the Boones are made of.

They both begin enjoying the pranks until one of them takes it way too far...or, that's how it seems. This book is so funny. Great characters, too. And yet, amongst the humor is a thread of danger. Very well done.

Unveiled Truth: Lessons I Learned Leading the International School of Kabul
This is the true story of Michael and Gail Goolsby's calling to Afghanistan in the years 2005-2012. Michael was anxious to go and serve however he could. Gail was a little more apprehensive. But when God know to listen.

It was a time she'll never forget. Where she was stretched beyond what she thought she was capable of. We think of this war-torn country and the dangers, but through her reminded me of our freedoms as Americans.

The thought of not being able to go in public without a male chaperone. Not to go out with your head...or entire body...not covered. I can't imagine. Living in the Southwest, I mostly live in shorts and tank tops so that really struck me. Not sure I could do it.

I'm not a traveler, so I enjoy the books where I can see the world through the eyes of those who travel and this book was vivid enough to see and feel Kabul. And for my heart to hurt for those who live each day being used to war. Common to lose family and friends senselessly.

Ray Petriani and his family left Texas in a hurry after finding out their fathers had done people wrong in their business practices. They were starting over in California but it wasn't easy. Until Willard Wilson took a chance on Ray and hired him. Then their lives changed more than they would ever believe.

Ling Mei is a slave in China. It's a tough life. One where slaves are beaten often for the slightest error. At least she has Chung Wu, her teacher. He has taught her some English among other things. When a foreigner comes to see their leader, her life changes.

What a story! It's written from Ray's and Mei's point of views. It takes place when the hate for all Asians is high in America. They see the slanted eyes and it's all they need for their hatred to come out. The author did a wonderful job of showing the different cultures and being a stranger within them. Such as Ray in China and then Mei in America.
Bitten Point Series
Book 1: Croc's Return
Caleb Bourdeaux has returned to Bitten Point after taking off abruptly some years ago. His brother is definitely angry at him for leaving...but he can't tell anyone the truth. Either he'll be forgiven...or not. And then there's Renny. It was hard to leave her, and not it's hard to see her again without her being his.

Renata “Renny” Suarez has hated Caleb for some time now. He left her heartbroken and alone. She's done fine, well, as fine as she could do working two jobs and just getting by. She hates how she reacts to seeing him; still wanting him, after all that he's done.

Fighting against his past that had him leaving and the monster that lives within him is all put aside when danger comes to the town of Bitten Point and Caleb needs to step up and protect those he loves. The story kept me turning the pages from beginning to end.

Crystal Creek Series
Book 7: Imagine the Kiss
Seeking Sanctuary Series
Book 1: Out of Hiding 
Melissa Johnson is not who people think she is. In fact, this is only a temporary name. As someone in the Witness Protection Program, she moves around frequently and becomes a new person with a new job each time. It's been ten years since someone has been trying to kill her. She just wants to go back to her once happy place—and so she does.

JD Burke knows he's not the same man he used to be. Not even close. He saw too much while he was in the war and carried the scars home with him. Scars that are inside more than outside. When an old friend barges in on him in his quiet piece of the world, he wants her gone. He just can't trust himself to be around other people.

Unique story with great characters—human and canine. A woman running—and hiding—for her life. A man hiding from the world in fear of hurting others. A sweet dog (that I won't say anything else about because it would be a spoiler). It's a suspense story that keeps the characters on the run and a romance that has plenty of struggles by itself. Fantastic story. I went through a few tissues at the end, so if you get emotional, you may want to keep some handy.
**Sexual content and language
Amber Burke wants to help other women like she was once helped. So, here she is in the small town of Oak Hill, Oklahoma doing just that. Only someone's husband or boyfriend isn't happy that she's helping women escape the violence and they are trying to run her out of town...or worse.

Wade Jenkins owes his life to JD Burke, or so he was told. He didn't remember much after the helicopter crash in the war. When he finally meets him face to face and offers his help if ever needed—JD takes the offer immediately. Looks like he has a new mission before he moves on.

Great suspense story along with the romance. The author does a good job of keeping the reader guessing as to who the villain or villains are.

**Sexual content
Redemption Mountain Series
Book 10: Solitude Gorge
Travis Dixon fought for the South and lost plenty. Returning to his Tennessee home to find his wife and daughter had died. Now, he works on a Montana ranch taming mustangs. He's enjoyed the friendship of a widow in town, but realizes he just can't chance love again...and lets her go.

Isabella Boucher won't marry for any reason but love next time around. And she could easily love Travis...but he doesn't return her feelings. She realizes it's time to move forward once again. To start living her life without depending on others. To move on without Travis.

The book continues giving glimpses into the lives of characters that have had their stories and more. Many other little stories are happening along with the thread of romance. Excellent story.
Some Form of Grace
This is Gracene's story and is told from her point of view alone. She's taken some wrong turns in life and is carrying a burden of hate and bitterness. She's about to get out of the correctional center and has few choices of where she can go. Back to her hateful aunt and cousins or to Transformation Place. A place run set up by a church where ex-cons could live free of rent for six months.

Gracene's life is burdensome but she doesn't believe she can ever be forgiven. By God or herself. She's not sure she believes in God either. Though, she doesn't let them know at Transformation Place that she's not a Christian.

I found this book pulled me in. Watching Gracene's struggles along with some of the people around her. The transition she had to make and the choices. Sometimes it seems the wrong way is easier. But in the never is.
Falcon Securities Series
Book 7: Out of the Abyss
Agent Wyatt Sanders of Falcon Securities finds himself in a rather serious situation in Mexico. His mission has been compromised but no matter what...he has to complete it before returning to the US. Unfortunately, he seems to have picked up a female that he can't seem to shake off.

Agent Reagan Morrison of the CIA would rather be doing anything besides babysitting the hunky Falcon agent. But for now, it's her cross to bear. If only he wasn't so good looking, even after what the cruel cartel members had done to him. She was no weak woman needing protection either, like he probably assumed.

I loved this author's writing. Everything was so detailed that I felt I was there. And I really enjoyed the many POVs she's wrote in. Several things, all connected, were happening in Mexico and the US and the reader was able to see it through each person as it happened. Good guys...and bad.
**Sexual content and language
Noctorne Falls Series
Book 1: The Vampire's Mail Order Bride
Delaney James worked at a restaurant while dreaming of opening her own shop where she could make her sweet creations and sell them. People always came in the restaurant and asked if it really had mob ties, Delaney would go along play along with the rumors—until she found out they were real. The day she found out they were real...she had to run for her life. Literally.

Hugh Ellingham didn't want a wife...ever. Unfortunately, his grandmother had other ideas and informed he she had sent for a mail-order bride. Thankfully, it was agreed he only had to give the woman one month. If he didn't want to keep her...his grandmother would stop the threat she made towards him. He figured it would be no problem...and then he met Delaney.
The Merchant's Pearl Saga
Book 1: The Merchant's Pearl
Imagine an eleven-year-old who not only became an orphan after her parents were murdered, but was then sold to the traders. Being handled and touched as merchandise instead of a human.

Imagine having to hide the way you were raised—having to pretend to worship a foreign god instead of your God. Having to hide your true heritage and language.

And imagine being given to a sultan's son. Living with other concubines. Living amidst hatred and jealousy.

And worst of all, imagine falling in love with the man you must share with other women.

This is a very emotional book if you get jealous for your heroines. It's very detailed as it shows life within the palace and living with other women. Very well written.
**Received from author for an honest review
Berryhill Brides Series
Book 1: The Christmas Bride Wore Boots
Molly Kincaid fell for the new pastor in town the minute she laid eyes on him. When he asked her to help with the living nativity, she gladly agreed. Her dreams of being his wife and a mother to his daughter were blown apart when she was reminded that she was not the type of woman a pastor needed.

Pastor Jacob Thompson had loved his wife and made a vow to his mother-in-law never to remarry. Four years, and one spunky town vet, later has him regretting making that promise.

Just a short novella but packed full. A great assortment of characters; the church busybodies, an adorable little girl, a handsome cowboy, and more. Tissue alert if you get emotional while reading. I really enjoyed this book and hope more of the characters get their stories.
Marie Everly
Somewhere in Between
Alison “Ali” Cooper is settling into yet another new home. Another new country. This time, her air force mom has been sent to Germany. And they are going to stay in a castle.

Soon after they settle in, Ali starts dreaming of a man from earlier years, during World War II. As the dreams continue, she realizes the man was real. A soldier who had gone missing. With hopes of solving the mystery, she starts following her “dream clues.”

This was such a good story and definitely needs tissues handy while reading it. It is so well written and the few characters in it come alive.
**Very mild language
Book 3: Stolen Secrets
Sheriff Colin McDonald has chosen the slower life in a small parish rather than the fast pace of being a lawman in New Orleans. After a floater is found, he's reunited with an old friend from his state police days, Gabriel Fontenot. It's looking like that floater is more than just a drunk from Fat Tuesday who landed in The River.

A second case brings Gabe face to face with an old girlfriend, Amy Prejean. She needs his help to find out who is stealing from her company—although she'd prefer to have anyone other than Gabe helping. The old memories and wounds are still too hurtful.

There are many side stories and the romance is more background to the suspense and intrigue. Russian spies, old secrets, and more. I really enjoyed this story. It's fast pace and full of unique characters. There are several POVs as well. I really enjoy seeing a story from the different character perspectives.
Amanda Wylde
The De Luca Boys
Book 1: Remi's Choice
Just around the block from Remi is the home of the De Luca's. She has been babysitting them for years. At least the two younger boys. Travis, who is two years younger than Remi, has always been older when it comes to living in the world. Every time Remi is at the house, Travis heats her up with just a look. Her innocence is the extreme opposite of his lack of.

Travis has always been the neighborhood “bad boy” but he wants to be better. He knows it's the only way he'll have a chance at Remi's folks accepting him, if even then.

One night changes what Remi and Travis might have had. He's sent away and doesn't contact her even once. So when is cousin, Kris, moves in...she eventually leaves the past behind and tries to move forward. And wouldn't you know—that's when Travis returns.

This book is extremely sexual and there is cheating involved. I found it to be very emotional as you read each point of view from the three characters.
**Sexual content and language
**Received from author for honest review
Book 2: Forbidden Summer
(Kristiano's story)
Skin Deep
Garland Durrell is getting ready to start her life over. After fourteen years of marriage to a man who never really wanted her...she's on her way to freedom. She was happy to get the house near Cape Cod. And she could once again make her quilts.

Her freedom had an unusual start. After finding a young boy on the beach and then a handsome man...both naked, she takes them in. Befuddled why the people in the town acted oddly about helping them, she was left with only the help of the local doctor to take care of them.

I really enjoyed this story. It's a paranormal about a town with a secret...a secret they don't want to share. The characters are wonderful. I fell in love with the cuddly young boy, Conn.
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Voice: The Secret Power of Great Writing
This book is a great addition for any author's library. It is about finding the “voice” for your characters. Getting into the mind of your characters. Feel their emotions...such as anger. What ticks your character off? Find that trigger and write it down.

He gives many examples from authors past and present on how the voices of their characters came to life. The author goes through the many genres and how the voices present themselves.
27 Fiction Writing Blunders - And How Not to Make Them
The Art of War for Writers
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On The Mountain
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Wade Haddock loves his ranch and is content there. Unlike his mother and siblings who all enjoyed their English roots. At forty-four he didn’t need a wife or affection, the saloon girls could handle his needs. Then one day his life is flipped upside down by the appearance of a young stranger in his barn.

Anna Nicholson knows her name and where she’s from, but the previous twenty-four hours are lost to her. She knows she must be afraid of whatever evil is out there. A faceless, nameless evil. When she is mistaken for a young boy, she does not correct the men. As if she could...somewhere in her journey her voice has left her as well.

A real page turner. The mystery of Anna on the Circle H is increased by her not being able to communicate and what has happened up on the mountain has grown men stunned. This story has a mystery to solve and the road to romance is a long one. I enjoyed it and didn’t feel any part of the story was slow, rather it continually tugged me to read more.
**Sexual content
**Received from author for honest review
The Color of Ivy
Sam Michalski is a bounty hunter on a mission. Carrying the regret and lessons of the past with him, he’s determined to capture and bring the murderess Ivy McGregor to justice. He won’t stop until she is hung for her heinous crime.

Ivy McGregor’s life started out wonderful and then her parents died and it has gone downhill since then. When the cowboy stranger starts stalking her on the train, her life once again takes a turn for the worse. And then just as it looks like she can trust someone, life kicks her down. Again.

I went through a few tissues while reading this story. The emotions of the characters grabbed hold and took me with them. The author kept the story moving smoothly and it wasn’t all roses for these characters, lots of thorns. And yet a wonderful romance with mystery and drama twisted throughout it.
**Sexual content
Princess and the Ox
Erika Snowden had transformed into the person her grandfather wanted her to be. She was a snob. Everything in their town belonged to her grandfather and she finally realized she was one of his possessions as well. Her one fault was she planned on marrying Ryan Colby and her grandfather felt the Colby’s were beneath them.

Jay Colby tried to stay away from the sharp-tongued little princess. At one time she had been a sweet kid, but no longer. And now life kept throwing them together and he had to remind himself to ignore her beauty and the glimpses of who she really was. And that she belonged to Ryan, not him. Ever.

This story grabbed me and held my attention the entire book, just like the author’s previous two books, On The Mountain and Color of Ivy. I loved it. At times I wanted to slap Erika for her look-down-the-nose attitude, but it was how she had been trained to act. I did go through some tissues in the last few chapters so you may want to keep some handy if you are an emotional reader.
**Mild language
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Men of the Land Series
Book 1: Walk in Beauty
Luke Bernali had once loved a woman and no other woman had ever been able to replace her. But she had left him and truth be told when he looked back, he had made some bad choices. Eight years since he last saw her, they unexpectedly meet face-to-face.

Jessie Callahan did all she could to teach her daughter, Giselle, about her Navajo roots. As she worked on a project to help get the Indians more money from the galleries selling their homemade items, she ran into the one person she had been trying to put behind her. Only she never really could, not when she saw that very man in her daughter every day.

Lost love, secrets and danger make this an exciting read. Two people who love each other but are too afraid of the past to give their love a second chance. Not to mention they have an unknown enemy threatening them if they don’t stop their fight for fair wages. Originally published by Silhouette under the name Ruth Wind. Rainslinger continues the story of Daniel who was Luke’s childhood friend and Jessie’s adult best friend.
**Sexual content
**This book will be included in the Must Love Pets bundle
Book 2: Rainsinger
Daniel Lynch may have lost at love, but he had his orchard, the Lost Orchard. This land was once Indian land and would be again. Until the heir to the land came to claim it in the eleventh hour. He needed to prove his claim was stronger than this newcomers. Who just happened to be a very beautiful woman.

Winona Snow spent so much time on this land with her uncle. The peach trees had been the catapult to send her into her life’s work as a botanist. She needed to tread carefully because this man was a threat to her land and her heart.

In Walk in Beauty the reader first meets Daniel Lynch. He didn’t get the girl in that book so he’s off to find the lost peach orchard that once belonged to his family. He finds himself in the same predicament as before...wanting to help a fatherless girl who just happens to be with a beautiful woman. Can he break down all his past beliefs about love and commitment? Both stories are real page turners. And both books have been republished under the name of Barbara Samuel instead of Ruth Wind.
**Sexual content
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Noelle's Wish
Noelle Andrews has been through the foster care system and all she wants is someone to love her and give her a home of her own. She never expects someone like Roman Parker to be the answer to her prayers. He’s everything she’s not.

Just a short fast moving story. A Cinderella type tale of the girl who had nothing being handed everything she could ever want.
**Sexual content
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Hawaiian Crush Series

Book 1: Connected by the Sea
Sydney Quartz is a long way from California...and her past now that she lives in Hawaii. She has a job she loves at an aquarium, two great friends and a dolphin named Rose who is a great listener. When she realizes she's attracted to bad boy Coen, she fights it. Her heart had been torn to shreds by one bad boy. It couldn't handle another. But sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

Coen Marshall has a worse reputation than he deserves. He just needs to prove to the beautiful Sydney that he's not like her ex. If only she can survive his own psycho ex. As if that's not enough to overcome, this gorgeous girl has not a clue that her best friend Henry may want to be more than best friends.

College kids trying to find their way in life, tripping and stumbling along the path. Sydney has to make a choice. It will destroy one of the people she cares for and either choice will destroy her. She also has a deep secret she hasn't shared with anyone. Secrets in relationships never turn out good. At times this book takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride with some no-win situations. It finishes well, but leaves you knowing you would want to read the next book...Breaking Through the Waves.
**Strong sexual content and strong language
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For the Sake of Sin
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Gabriel Stone is a retired assassin with no plans of changing that status, until jasmine scented letters arrive asking him for help. He had to meet the author of the letters.

That author was Ava Sinclair, known to most as Sin. A courtesan of immense beauty on the outside, but a deep and hidden sadness on the inside. She had a plan for vengeance that had been boiling inside for over ten years. And she needed Gabriel's help to make it happen.

This is a fairly short and easy read. Two people who have known loss and who have been as the walking dead for the past ten years. Gabriel knows the destruction vengeance can bring and the lack of satisfaction it carries. And yet, can he deny this beauty anything? This was a free book.
**Sexual content and language
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While Snowbound
Brady Gates is one of the rich and famous. A rock star. After yet another wacko fan has found a way into his private rooms he decides he needs to get away. His trusted bodyguard sets him up with a secluded cabin. He escapes unnoticed and everything seems to be going as planned. Until the snowstorm.

Ella Lewis is headed up to her cabin to get some writing done. With no Internet or outside intrusions it's the best place for her to concentrate. She didn't plan on finding the only other cabin occupant stranded and half frozen. And with this storm it looked like she'd be stuck with the ego maniac for a while.

Ella had no clue who Brady was until her friend told her he'd be staying there. Brady couldn't believe any living person didn't know who he was. And that the first woman he might actually want to chase him has no interest in doing so.
**Sexual content and language
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Book 1: Hopeless
Book 2: Losing Hope
Book 2.5: Finding Cinderella
This story is from Daniel Wesley's point of view. A glitch in his school schedule has given him a free fifth period. He's found that he can hide out in the closet and sleep. One day a girl tumbles inside by him. After a second intentional meeting with the unknown girl in the dark, he's never quite the same.

A year later he dumps his girlfriend and meets Six Jacobs. His best friend tells him to stay away from her. Game on. He has never felt so strongly about any girl like he does for Six. Could the pretend love he felt for the girl in the closet be a real feeling when it comes to Six?

This is just a short novella but still a full romance. They have more between them then they could ever realize. To meet more of the characters mentioned in this book you may want to read her previous stories. Book 1 - Hopeless and book 2 - Losing Hope.
** Sexual content and Language
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Arizona Redemption
Victoria Stilman has become a runner and not as an athlete. When problems arise she takes her two sisters and hits the road. After a big problem in San Diego, she piles her sisters in a new yellow SUV and heads out. Their next stop is Bisbee, Arizona. And just in time to show her skills at driving heavy equipment and to get a job. Her sister Bonnie has a new faith that would say God is blessing them, Tori only depends on herself.

Lance Manning feels a connection to his new employee from the moment he meets her. He’s had some deep sadness in the past years but the Lord has pulled him through. Will He bring this newcomer to believe in Him, so that Lance can pursue her? Or will he have to tell his heart to let go?

A unique story of three girls who never knew the love of family and come to a community opposite of what they know. A place where people help their neighbors and families enjoy each other. Tori just can’t let go and trust others to help with her burdens. Not to God or man. The author has characters that come alive and grab the readers emotions. Situations that slowly come to light and a few surprises along the way.
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The Love of My Other Life
Tessa Barnum is trying to get her life together. She is just starting to paint again after three years and her husband had left her back then as well. She owes money and the program she helps run at the church may close if they don't get the money to keep it running. On top of all that….she has some crazy man following her.

Brian Tennyson is from an alternate universe. He has come to see Tessa but she won’t believe he is from somewhere else. She won’t barely even give him the time of day. Brian is such a unique and likable character.

Great story. We see it told through Tessa’s eyes in her universe and through Brian’s eyes as to what had happened in the past in his universe. The author did a great job of stirring the emotions with the ending. And there are some surprising twists and turns as well.
**Sensual situations and language
**Received through NetGalley for Review
Interview with Will Montgomery on More Than A Review
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Lukewarm is told primarily through the eyes of Luke Jennings. At age thirty-three he still hasn’t found his soul mate and is rather lukewarm on the whole love idea. He does have a best friend who is a girl (even though he questions the idea that guys and gals can truly be friends) and he wouldn’t mind her being more, but not happening. He wants to help his friend and sister to see they are in the wrong relationships but bides his time. Luke is full of information on the whole relationships and breaking up issues.

Harvi Jennings was actually making her mark in Nashville as a songwriter but her eighteen month relationship was going down the drain. A clogged drain. Stuck.

B, who’s real name is Blair Randall, is an actor working as a waiter and also Luke’s roommate. He easily attracts beautiful women but sometimes the outside is not what you get on the inside.

This is written in more of a conversational form. Mostly Luke’s thoughts but it also adds what some of the others are thinking as well. It does hit on real life relationship issues. The ex-girlfriend who can’t let go. The boyfriend/girlfriend you just know is wrong for you and isn’t that one person God chose for you to spend your life with but….you invested this much time already. As our three main characters travel through life they are reminded they had left their most important relationship on the path behind them somewhere….their relationship with God. There are some unexpected twists and turns in this book and it does end letting you know there is more to come.

Lukewarm was quite different from what I usually read but I really enjoyed it. At times you wanted to shake the characters so they’d wake up and see the obvious. The author writes things within his story that I know this age group (late 20's early 30's) really do deal with. Looking forward to see what happens next in the lives of Luke, Harvi, B and some of the others when the story continues.
Kirsten Osbourne Homepage
Text Order Bride
Amanda lives in the same small Texas town she grew up in. After college she returned to help her mother before she passed on. Alone now she's considering maybe moving on. Her best friend Stephanie had married and moved to Wisconsin ten years earlier but Amanda didn’t foresee marriage in her future. She didn’t see much at all for her future besides teaching homemaking.

Jason is a Wisconsin dairy farmer. His pastor’s wife talks so highly about her friend back in Texas and she has given Jason her friends phone number to text her. He’s lonely and wants to settle down and have a family. So one lonely night he texts Amanda and that night changed his future forever.

This is a shorter story and things move pretty fast with the characters after the first night they meet via texting. I enjoyed the story.
**Sensual situations within marriage
Catch That Santa 
Sara Marks only has two family members, her seven month old daughter and Grams. And now the order, Buddy, from Happy Acres Residence is telling her that her grandma has run off to Vegas with the Santa Claus. How did this happen? Her grams is pushing eighty and hasn’t even mentioned any man. And it seems that Grams expects Sara to come to Vegas as well.

Francisco de la Vega don’t have time to chase his grandfather down. He has to get to the Burton’s and sell his soul to get the contract for Burton’s building. He has to wonder when the success of his company started depending on him considering marriage to get a contract. And now he finds out grandpa wants him to take Sara from Denver to Vegas for their wedding. And he does.

This book is a nice short read but a full story. A fun story with these two as they go on an adventure that will change their lives….forever.
'Twas The Spy Before Christmas
Beth Gardner has had a rough few years behind her. First losing her husband and a short time later, her oldest daughter. She was thankful for the wonderful daughter she still had and the her granddaughter she was raising. In her late forties she believed herself content. And then there was the party where a handsome man danced with her. Her life wouldn’t quite be the same after that.

Dan O’Neil had missed out on his kids lives. His job had him traveling overseas too often and keeping too many secrets. He ended up with his marriage over and his ex-wife and the kids moving away. Now he’s retired and ready to build a new life by moving by the kids and giving them all the time he couldn’t before. He never planned on meeting a beautiful woman or having his past life reappear.

This is a fairly short read. Good story line. It ended with you knowing what would happen but I like hearing all the details so I could have easily read more about them. That is my own curiosity nothing lacking on the authors end.
The Christmas Waltz (The Lakespur Valley Series)
June Sheppard has a good life. She enjoys her music and teaching students to enjoy it as well. Her one sadness in her life was that she lost her one true love, Paul Everett. They were to be married when he returned from the war, she was going to put on her wedding dress and meet him at the station. But he was never coming home again. This Christmas season June sees a man who looks likes her Paul. Why is she seeing his ghost now after all this time?

This is a short story but long enough to bring the tears out.
Blind Date
Angel Donovan had quite a night. It all started when she stopped by her friends house, when Kat was called into work she asked Angel to meet her blind date and let him know she didn’t stand him up. And what a date it was. They ended up at a football game with her favorite team playing. Unfortunately she wasn’t quite dressed for the occasion in her borrowed dress and heels. All the same her blind date night ends up being quite the adventure of a lifetime.

This is a really quick and easy read. Full of humor and even though it’s short it is a complete story. I really enjoyed it.
Lonely Hearts by Amanda Stephan
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Amanda's writing style is different then what I usually read but once I got into the story I could not stop reading it until I finished.

Becky Callis and her two children, Jen & Jeff, have just moved to a new town. The house they are renting is quite different then the picture she received and the town people are unfriendly. Becky just smiles at everyone. Jen is shy at thirteen and Jeff is outgoing at eleven. Becky still misses the love of her life, Frank, even nine years after his death.

When they go to the diner and Scott the cowboy hits on Becky her kids decide to play matchmaker and find a man for their mom. Becky is pleased by Scott's attention but he's too young for her. The pastor of the church, Jack, ends up being a childhood friend of Becky. Jack has always cared for her but she only sees them as friends. At church Becky also meets Pearce Morgan and his shy daughter Emily. He has sad lonely eyes that touch Becky but he seems to shun her.

Becky and the kids end up moving to a cabin on Pearce's property after Emily takes to them and pulls out of her shell. She is his housekeeper and homeschools Emily along with Jen and Jeff. Scott is one of his ranch hands and still flirts with Becky. When an unexpected guest comes to the ranch everything changes.  
The Price of Trust
Beaten and betrayed by the one who was suppose to love her, Carly Richards is on the run!

Forced to live as a fugitive as her ex-fiance stalks her across the country, she finds refuge in a small town in Montana. Her emotional scars are reluctant to heal, and Carly resists the friendliness of those around her – especially handsome farmer Joe Baird. Caught in the circumstances, the kind people around her begin to creep into her softening heart. God is at work, and she has to trust Him not only to take care of her, but care for the people she is learning to love.
Marriage by Mistake
Kelly Williams, a Las Vegas showgirl, met a handsome man in the casino. She quickly fell in love with him and they married. Forty-Eight hours later he left to get donuts and never returned. Puzzled and angered she hunts down her husband in Boston to finds a building named after him and a man in an expensive Italian suit who looks at her as if he’d never laid eyes on her before. Well that went well.

Dean Singleton had a life of a revolving door when it came to step-mothers. He was not going to end up like his father. And yet he has some sexy showgirl claiming he married her. What happened in the forty-eight hours he lost after being hypnotized and having his cousin Troy make suggestions while he was? Dean retrieves Kelly from Vegas and brings her to Boston with intentions of proving they do not suit.

They begin a two month trial marriage where Kelly hopes to find “her” Dean from the two days in Vegas and Dean is determined to stay away from her. Throw in a nine year old step-brother and a cousin who does his best not to do any work, and you have a book full of twists and turns. Lots of heart tugging as well as the author brings out the different characters traits. I really enjoyed this book.
**Sensual situations
Fixing Freddie by Mona Ingram
While having coffee with her best friend Lauren, Samantha sees an old classmate. She remembered him as being kind to her and sticking up for her once, while she probably made fun of him. Now as she really looked at Freddie Howard, she saw what a handsome guy he was. During the next few mornings Freddie asks for her help in making him over for an upcoming wedding. The more time Samantha spends with Freddie, the more she realized she needs to get out of her relationship with Cody. He's not good to her and she thinks he may be unfaithful as well.

Freddie has long cared for Samantha and now that he has saw her again, there is no way he will stop from trying to win her heart. Having her help him get new clothes is just a way to spend time with her. But he has to wait until she is free from the other guy.

As Samantha waits for Cody to get back into town, she thinks that it may be too late a relationship with Freddie and her. With his new make-over she sees all the woman giving him double takes. Has she waited to long getting rid of the wrong guy that she lost the right one?

Definitely a read that brings out the emotions of the characters. Not a long book but definitely packed full of an entire story that was definitely worth reading.
**Sensual innuendos
**A Holland Kiss is offered as a FREE ebook. If you see it
anywhere for sale, please don't buy it and 
report it on the site where it is being sold.
A Holland Kiss by Dawn Michelle
A Holland Kiss by Dawn Michelle
Lily Mein, pronounced Mine, has been in love with Jay Heimershmitt for as long as she can remember. She is good friends with his cousin Jonas...who is just as good looking as Jay but just don't pull her heartstrings the same way. Her dream is to marry Jay underneath Dutch and Tulip...the 57' high mascots of Holland, whoever has married under them in the past seems to have had their marriages blessed by the couple. When suddenly she sees her dream being snatched away it sends Lily into high speed action. The town is considering selling the couple because of the upkeep cost.

We follow Lily on her journey to save Dutch & Tulip, the cute little kissing dutch couple. Only when they were first set up 50 years ago a miscalculation has kept them a few inches away from kissing. As Lily wins the battle to keep them she must than raise the money to restore them, find a way for Jay to love her instead of the gal he is now dating, put up with the town watching her every move because she is a second grade teacher, laugh at her eighty some year old neighbor Ruth and her antics and on top of everything else...someone in the safe town of Holland is now vandalizing Lily's home, car and threatening to destroy her beloved statues.

You can't help but feel for Dutch and Tulip. Every day for 50 years Dutch has asked Tulip for a kiss and she replies by telling him he must give her the flowers first.

Being from a Dutch background and growing up seeing windmills and “Dutch & Tulip” in the yards, I could relate to this story. I really enjoyed it. Dawn wrote it in such a way that my heart went out for the couple when Dutch couldn't wipe Tulip's tears or hold her. She also keeps you on your toes trying to figure out if Jay or Jonas have feelings for Lily or not. I hear there may be a sequel coming as well and look forward to that. I never heard of Holland, Indiana but it really is a town in the Southern tip of Indiana. In this book, unsure about real life, it's a German community not the Dutch community that is in Holland, Michigan. This story is told from Lily's, Dutch's and Tulip's points of view.
The Bride and The Brute by Laurel O'Donnell
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This was a novella so it didn't take too long to read but it was still packed full. Jayce is suddenly married off to Lord Reese Harrington. A man she heard had vowed against ever marrying. And after the marriage he treated her with disgust. Not even willing to consummate their marriage.

Reese knew what happened in marriages without love and now he was forced into one. Too bad the girl was so beautiful, he wanted nothing to do with her. He planned to return her to her father after his sisters rescue but was not able to.

Jayce has a sweet nature and is easily loved but she felt alone and unloved as her new husbands rejects her. Reese is full of anger towards her and she understands why when she learns why he married her. As hard as she tries, he seems to despise her more. A really good story set in England during the 1300's.

This was a free ebook and was definitely worth taking the time to read.

**Sexual situation within marriage.
My Boyfriend's Back by Chrissy Olinger
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This was a free book I found on Freebie Friday's at Bargain Books for Your Nook. It was a short read but flowed well. I had teary eyes through a lot of it but in a good way. The author was able to get the emotions through the story. It takes place at a twenty year high school reunion. Some students never understood that Hart was a deer not a different version of heart, so they held their reunions over Valentines Day.

John Lydon was the high school bully. Down on his luck he decides to approach multimillionaire Jack Lynch for a job. The same Jack Lynch that John had been merciless to growing up. Norman is an angel who is suppose to be watching over Jack. When there is an accident and both Jack and John are in the limo, Norman is late to the accident and in the confusion he puts Jack into John's body. Jack wants a second chance to win Rori McLeary's heart but he is now John, and she hates John with a passion.

Jack, who is now John, has three days for Rori to fall in love with him or he will be returned to his own body and never get another chance with her. Can he get Rori to look past the man she hates for tormenting the man she loves and see the real Jack inside of John? 
The Shameful Diary of a Hopeless Romantic by Suzi Case
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I really enjoyed the humor in this book, it had me giggling out loud. And I could really relate to Maggie Lane. Maggie had a list of things she wanted to do by age thirty. She has three years to achieve these goals. First she needed to lose weight and yet after a minute or so of running she would be exhausted, ditto. She also wanted to write childrens books, all the ideas were in her head but she was too lazy to put put them on paper. Her dog, Lucy, was a bit lazy too so they got along great. Also on her list was to get married. She had her sites on her co-worker Ben Bonkers and movie star Bradley Cooper. When she runs into her brother's friend from her younger years, Blake, she falls for him too. She is a dreamer but realizes that she needed to work on what was real. She tries online dating when everyone she cares for seems to be out of reach. How do you tell when someone is really a doctor?

The book is written from only Maggie's point of view. Each chapter starts with her writing in her diary and then what happened that day. It ends in such a way that we know there will be another book on the way. **Mild Language

Candice Hern Homepage
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Book 1: A Proper Companion
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Emily Townsend is determined to make it on her own. Her mother was disowned by her parents because she eloped after finding she was with child. When Emily's mom died her father turned to drinking and gambling and died leaving her nothing. So she has been a companion for older women the last few years. The dowager Bradleigh is who she has been with the past year. The seventy-eight year old woman lives in Bath and enjoys the escapades of her rakehell grandson. Until the day she reads the Gazette and sees that Robert is betrothed to the daughter of a woman she can't stand. How the dowager wishes he could have found someone like sweet Emily.

Robert arrives at Bath to give the news to his Grandmother but he's too late. She has read the announcement and she is not happy. At thirty-five he decided he needed to marry for heirs, after weeding out all the traits he did not want, he chose Augusta Windhurst. She is somewhat quiet and beautiful. Her mother is a harridan but they could always move to the country. Once he gets to know Grandmother's companion though, Robert starts to realize how his life is already changing being betrothed. But Gentlemen did not break agreements, only the lady could. So he was stuck with his choice.

The more time Emily and Robert spend together the more their friendship grows. When Grandmother wants to come to London to throw an engagement ball, she forces Emily to update her wardrobe. With new dresses and her hair styled, Emily's true beauty shines and she soon has many admirers. And some enemies. She meets her Uncle and he is quite cruel to her, and her cousin Hugh keeps trying to buddy up to her, what could they be up to?

The next two books in this series are: A Change of Heart & An Affair of Honor.
Paula Freda Homepage
Driscoll's Lady
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Leatrice Meredith is the only daughter of a wealthy New York couple. she has been spoiled with riches but also well loved. While on a vacations in Montana she gets lost and ends up on the Triple R ranch, owned by Seth Driscoll. She falls for the handsome rancher and she knows he is attracted to her as well. Seth tells her when he marries it will be a home grown Montana girl who will be able to withstand the ranchers life.
Not one to give up easily, Lee buys the neighboring ranch, the Bar LB. she goes to Seth with questions on ranching but cannot get through his shield. Finally an opportunity opens up for her, one last chance to win the man she loves. Lee has found out that the Triple R was not sold legally and she actually owns the land. Lee tells Seth if he allows her to live in his home and work for him for one year, she'll give him the ranch and sell hers for a quarter of the cost. It leaves him no choice but to agree.
Lee gives it her all. She is now his new housekeeper and she learns to clean and she even learns to cook in his outdated kitchen. As he needs her help on the ranch she learns what she needs to. And than she is knocked for a loop to find he plans on marrying another, a home grown gal. Lee don't see an overwhelming love when Seth speaks about Linda so she does not give up. The ranch hands even like her.
Seth sees Lee as a spoiled rich girl and he waits to see how long before she gives up on the hard life. He sees that she is trying hard and yet he believes it is because she is determined to get what she wants, and she she thinks she wants him.
Even though Lee does everything in her power to prove herself to Seth, even as far as saving his life, he bends sometimes but always pulls back. The day has come, the year is up. Will Seth have a last minute change of mind or will Lee return to the East with her heart forever in pieces?
It gets pretty emotional at times, where you want to push Lee to go beyond herself, punch the other gal in the nose, or just tell Seth to wake up and smell the roses. Lee ends up being quite different than what you would think.


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