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The Spirited Woman
Interview with Rose Gordon
Give us seven quick facts about you that we might find shocking:
  1. My husband’s hair is longer than mine.
  2. I listen almost exclusively to country music--even when writing my Regency novels.
  3. I’m ambidextrous.
  4. I was basically illiterate until I was 15 and HATED to read. In fact, the words book and read filled me with more dread than being presented with a giant bowl of lima beans and peas.
  5. I’m a vegetarian and have never consumed not even one drop of alcohol in my entire life--excluding the trace amounts in vanilla or mouthwash, but I don’t exactly drink either of those.
  6. I have no idea how to dance--none at all.
  7. I don’t like to be touched and hugged. I know, I write about s-e-x, but still I don’t really like being hugged. I’m weird, I know.
Finish the following sentences:
  1. It wouldn’t be summer without....
a near-death experience. (I kid you not, the past two years I have come this close **pinches thumb and forefinger together** to dying over the summer.)

  1. In 2014, I’m looking forward to...
meeting several of my readers at various conferences/conventions, including Judy!

  1. In 2014, I’m not looking forward to...
my 10 year reunion from high school; although I’m not even sure I’ll go.

  1. My bathrobe is...
white with frogs all over it...

  1. I’m in desperate need of...
a bar of poison ivy soap. Don’t ask.

  1. The strangest gift I’ve ever received from a family member was...
The Good Girls Guide to Bad Girl Sex. (My mom bought me this. She thought it might give me some inspiration for my sex scenes...)

  1. My mom would die if she knew...
I just ratted her out with my last answer!

How did your friends and family take it when you broke the news that you write romance books...with intimacies?
It might seem weird, but my family (parents, in-laws, husband, etc) were all okay with it. Nobody thought anything of it except that it was cool. Friends and family were a different matter. Some were good with it, accepting it with no problems. Others were scandalized. I grew a thick skin early on about it and used sarcasm (my defense mechanism of choice) to deal with naysayers and when asked what I do, I proudly inform people that I’m an adult entertainer! It’s great for shock-value and it breaks the ice easy enough.

What’s the best part of your work day?
Checking my email (or Facebook) and seeing notes from my readers! It’s really fun to see someone “get” a book that I think might not be a favorite. It’s also fun to read people’s stories for how that book touched them or made them smile. Fan mail is awesome! That’s just the bottom line.

Have you ever met a reader in person?
A few of them and each time it was totally different, and yet, exhilarating. I’d love to meet them all.

How do you handle negative criticism?
This has changed over the past 3 years from curling into a ball and sobbing hysterically to listening to songs such as: Some People Piss Me Off by Matt Kennon nonstop for an hour, but these days, I usually look for reasons to discredit the source: they got the name of a character wrong, they had a few typos, all the books they review are ones they don’t like, etc. and shrug it off. It comes with time, I think. If you have any book out for any length of time (or even the more books you have out) you’ll soon learn that negative reviews come with the territory and you’re bound to get them. You can’t let them stop you from writing nor can you obsess about them. You just have to shake it off, go write your next bestseller and chuckle behind that reviewer’s back that YOU’RE doing it.

If you could give a debut author some advice what would it be?
Your book came out, congratulations! Now get your behind back in that chair and write the follow-up! Rarely does one book just keep selling, you must have more out there to feed the hungry readers.

Last question: What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?
I have no idea how to answer this. There are so many crazy things that have happened to me it’s hard to pick. I think the most absurd (and fun) thing is that about a year and a half ago, I was at the food court working on my book and I met a pimp! A genuine pimp. He wore the black and purple combination with a top hat, walking stick, polished leather shoes, flashy rings. The whole nine yards! I was in line at Subway and he was behind me and started talking to me... It was totally unnerving at the time, but really fun now.

Parchment & Plume is a small publisher, specializing in books that stick to the traditional formula for historical romance where a man and a woman who are completely human fall in love, despite the hardships of their time period and the demands of their family or duty to society. 
Gentlemen of Honor Series
Book 1:Secrets of a Viscount
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Isabelle Knight makes a choice one night that changes her life. When the neighbor comes to her balcony to elope, she pretends to be her sister, the one he came for. When he discovers the truth...after the fact...things go bad quickly.

Sebastian Gentry, Viscount Belgrave is too good hearted, that's why he takes the neighbor to Gretna Green in the middle of the night to help her escape a terrible fate. Only it's the wrong sister. He could have tolerated Rachel, but never Belle. So he leaves the country and his wife behind.

Time passes and wounds heal, but not for long. Sebastian has a secret and it's time to come back and tell Belle about it. I really enjoyed this story and some of the secondary characters as well. Giles Goddard is a bit odd, but endearing. A man of few words. I'm looking forward to the next two books in this series; Desires of a Baron and Passions of a Gentleman.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 2: Desires of a Baron
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Giles Goddard, Lord Norcourt sort of lives in his own little world. He'd be fine if most people left him alone there. Like his mother for instance. And all those senseless chattering young ladies that had been paraded in front of him. When he meets Lucy and her son Seth, he finds that he can enjoy being around others.

Lucy Whitaker was at her wits end. Her eleven year old son thought he needed a father and was starting to take the matter into his own hands. He just didn't understand enough about life, or men. And he had no clue that being born out of wedlock as he was would make his whole life a lot tougher. One thing Lucy had learned and learned well, you cannot trust the aristocracy. If she repeated it enough she'd remember that Giles was one of them.

Giles is such a lovable character. I fell for him in Secrets of Viscount and have awaited his story, I was not disappointed. Giles may be on the slower side, but when people take time to know him, they find the treasure inside. Giles and Lucy may be have been born on opposite sides of the spectrum but their lives are more alike than they realize.
**Sexual content within marriage 
Book 3: Passions of a Gentleman

Simon Appleton has had a terrible Season. First he finds out he has a half-brother he never knew about and his parents give said brother all of their attention. Next, he befriends the friendless Isabelle Knight, only to find out she's still married. Then he gets attacked by highwaymen and wakes up naked in a bed, being riddled with questions from a boy with a very lovely mother. A mother who chooses his newly found half-brother over him. What more can go wrong?

Henrietta Hughes is from a very large, very poor family. She's living with her sister, Lady Drakely, and her family. She's in her third Season and just wants to be left alone. Why can't anyone understand that she doesn't need a husband? And then there's the pesky, arrogant Simon Appleton. Looking at her like he remembers every detail from three years ago.

If you enjoy series, be sure to read the first two books in this series; Secrets of a Viscount and Desires of a Baron. The reader can meet Simon in both books and understand why we find him feeling like he has no confidence left in this story. Her Secondhand Groom is Henrietta's sister's story and where the reader can first meet her. I enjoyed all three stories and it's great to see Simon get his happily-ever-after.

**Sexual content within marriage
The Cavanaugh Series

Book 1: The Perfect Lady Worthe
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Lord Gareth Lambert, Earl of Worthe has agreed to allow the use of his estate for his best friend's sister and her chaperone. It's the unexpected sister that came to his home that has him in a muddled state. So beautiful but...his friend's sister.

Jane Cavanaugh has accepted her place in life. She could use a little less coddling from her family but they do love her. Now that her younger sister is about to have her Season, she must deal with the fact that Charlotte will most likely find a husband and move out of her life. And then what?

I really enjoyed this novella, a fairly quick read but still a full story. Jane has a disability and the author did a good job of showing things from Jane's view, as well as how the other characters viewed her.
Book 2: Mistletoe & Michaelmas
Daphne Cavanaugh, Jane's sister from The Perfect Lady Worthe, isn't looking forward to her London Season. Who wants to be paraded around like a prize horse to the highest bidder? The trip to spend the holiday with their great grandfather would be a practice run, Jane had said. Daphne never thought a man would actually catch her eye.

Aaron Lentz had hardened his heart against women and love a long time ago. And yet, this blonde beauty had caught his eye from the moment he saw her. But could he open up his heart, even for her?

Great story. To get the background on Jane and Aaron be sure to read The Perfect Lady Worthe.
The Duke's Christmas Greetings: Mistletoe & Michaelmas
Book 3: The Wooing Game
James Noble, Earl of Wynn had a few of his male friends over to play cards and go hunting at his country estates. That was all. Until the incident that changes everything.

Charlotte Cavanaugh just wanted to see her sister. That's all. Somehow it ends up she's being forced to marry this stranger. What's worse is he stays a stranger even after marriage.

While all the newlyweds surrounding James and Charlotte enjoy their marital state...the two of them, don't. When mysterious love letters start coming Charlotte's way—temptation comes right along with them. She's being offered a chance at happiness, finally. What choice will she make?
Evading the Duke: Book 3: The Wooing Game
Fort Gibson Officer Series
Three US Army officers stationed deep in the heart of Indian Territory during the 1840's expected to find harsh living conditions, intense heat, and even the occasional savage, but what they did not expect to encounter is about to turn their simple lives upside down: love. 
Book 1: The Officer and the Bostoner
Allison Pierson has left Boston to meet her betrothed. She ends up stranded in Fort Gibson where the only way she can stay safe and in the barracks is to marry. Good thing for her that her rescuer has offered not only to marry her but promises to protect her virtue….even from himself. What she don’t expect is to start caring for him.

Captain Wes Tucker isn't at all who he seems. He once lived the life that Allison has come from and he knows her type. She might be beautiful and even seem nice enough, but he knows it all comes down to money. Why else is she so excited for her betrothed to come get her and bring her to Austin? And how can he convince this city girl to stay with him in the middle of nowhere without any of those city luxuries?

Rose Gordon brings to life a new set of characters and stories on the open frontier. The reader is introduced to Jack and Gray who’s stories are yet to come. Life in the middle of nowhere isn’t easy for the women and danger is always lurking around the corner. This is the first of three books in the series and it’s definitely a great start.
**Sexual content within marriage 
Book 2: The Officer and the Southerner
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Second Lt. Jack Warner has sent for a mail-order bride. His friends thought it was a bad idea, so he kept it to himself. Out of all the letters he received there was one that seemed to stick out. He really hoped this one would agree to come out and marry him.

Ella Davis just had another suitor propose publicly….only not to her. She was tired of such humiliation. Her sister had a way of cheering her up though. She would read ads from men wanting a mail-order bride and they would laugh at them together. This particular night there was one ad that sounded authentic enough to write back. What could it hurt to just write and find out more about the man?

Journey to Fort Gibson with Ella as she goes with a heart full of hope for a new life with the man in her letters. Too bad things aren’t quite the same as described in those letters. But these guys are such sweethearts they are bound to win their women over.

**Sexual situations within marriage
Book 3: The Officer and the Traveler
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Captain Grayson Montgomery is single and happy about it. His two best friends recently married and that's fine. It's the Army life for him. And then everything changes when a piece of his past appears to change everything.

Michaela Davis has traveled with her dad to check on her sister. Her sister had wanted to get married and ended up as a mail-order bride. Michaela is quite happy being single. Seems her father, the stern general, has other ideas. His scheming to marry her off gets a boost when he catches her in an awkward situation with a man.

What a great series. The men in these books are soldiers living life in a fort that isn't easily accessible and in a dangerous area. Not the best place for women, but these guys step up to protect the gals who fall into their lives. There's danger and some difficult situations woven into these stories along with a few good games of rounders and of course...romance.

**Sexual content within marriage
Even though these are listed as two series, you will want to read them as one. The Grooms Series continues where the Sister Series ends.
Scandalous Sisters Series
Book 1: Intentions of the Earl
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John & Carolina Banks are in England with their three daughters; Brooklyn, Madison & Liberty. They are hoping the girls can make good marriages here in John's homeland. If Brooke could stop finding trouble and if Liberty would put the rule book down long enough to stop fighting with Brooke. Than there is Madison who wants nothing to do with any of the men.
Duke of Gateway had something Andrew Black, the Earl of Townson, wants, the deed to his Essex estate. The Duke also had a way of bullying people into doing his dirty work. Somehow Andrew found himself agreeing to seduce an innocent so her family would go back to America. He wanted the estate so he could give it to his mother to make up for treating her wrong. Andrew felt guilt about destroying Brooke's reputation but if not him then Gateway would find someone else and they might hurt her worse.

Brooke Banks had no idea that when she refused Gateway's advances that he would find a way to hurt her. So she never suspected Andrew's attentions towards her were anything but true. She enjoyed bantering with him and sneaking kisses. When she was with Andrew she felt different than she had with any other man, and she realized that was because she was falling in love with him.

**Sexual situations within marriage
Book 2: Liberty for Paul
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We met Paul Grimes and Liberty Banks in Intentions of the Earl. Liberty took an instant dislike to Paul and treated him cruelly. Paul is a Vicar and because of some issues within his church he comes to be mentored by John Grimes. Now it's about seven months later and Liberty is beginning to hate Paul and has planned a way to get him out of her life completely.

After Liberty has fallen through the ice and into the Thames she is brought home, Paul is the only one there to take care of her, he was suppose to meet John Banks but at the time he was in the house alone. He has to get her wet clothes off and gets her into a hot bath while waiting for the doctor to arrive. When Liberty is told about this she hates him more than ever. Liberty comes up with a way to make it look as Paul as seduced her. Even though things don't work quite like she wants, her father does break off mentoring Paul. No one but family and their odd butler has seen her last act of revenge.

The book is full of ups and downs with Paul and Liberty. If they would only talk to each other! It is a case of two steps forward and three back in their relationship. I like that Rose has brought the characters back from the first book as well. We get to know Andrew's mother, Elizabeth, in this book. Liberty's sisters and parents are back as well. Benjamin Collins, the Duke of Gateway makes his appearances as well.
**Sexual situations within marriage

Book 3: To Win His Wayward Wife
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Madison Banks was the quiet one. She often stared out the window and daydreamed. She was the most beautiful of the girls but despised being adored for only her beauty. She wanted to be liked for herself as a person not only her outward appearance. Robbie Swift had broken her heart and most people thought that was the reason for her deep sadness.

Years ago she had believed herself in love with Robbie's cousin, Leo. He was a scruffy looking fellow but she felt drawn to him. Now that her two sisters were married to Englishmen, their parents had returned to America to settle their holdings and return to England as well. During a party at Brooke and Andrew's...with him as her guardian...  Robbie Swift makes an appearance. While escaping her she ends up in the a dark area with someone else who will not make himself known. When the town gossip finds Madison coming out with Andrew she accuses them of having an affair. They are rescued by an unlikely source to stop the gossip.

Benjamin has loved Madison for six years. Now he has his chance to make her his own. He could not be happier at their wedding. Unfortunately Madison is not so happy. He is the man who hired Andrew to ruin one of the Bank's girls so they would return to America after all and he had a reputation as being a bad man. So he had to court and woo his wife but it seemed every step of the way he did the wrong thing. On top of it all, Ben thought that Madison was in love with his nemesis, Andrew Black. I love Ben's character. He ends up being such a different man than what he has been portrayed as in the first two books.

Between Robbie trying to get Madison, Ben trying to win her as his wife, Madison fighting to gain a backbone and be heard, and all the other quirks...Rose finishes off this third book in the series as good as the first two. Her humor, adventure, love and struggles she gives her characters all come together for a enchanting story.

**Contains sexual situations within marriage.
Groom Series
Book 1: Her Sudden Groom
Edward Banks, now on his death bed, tell his eldest son Alex, about a betrothal agreement he made with his best friend when his daughter was born on the same day as Alex eight years later, Lady Olivia Sinclair. Later on they added a statement saying that if either of them married before his 30th birthday, the agreement would be null and void. Alex has thirty days to find a bride, Alex who is brilliant when it comes to science but not so much when it comes to woman. He does know he could never tolerate life with Olivia, if it were bad enough that she unattractive, dressed poorly and smelled bad but her disposition was even worse! Marcus Sinclair agrees that if Alex can find a bride within thirty days he won't hold him to marrying Olivia, after all Marcus likes Alex. Marcus suggests that Alex treats finding a bride as an experiment. When Caroline Sinclair overhears that word she wants to join in and help with what she thinks is a scientific experiment, she missed the first part of the conversation. Alex finds her lovely and distracting but as smart as he is it takes Marcus to point out how perfect they would match up. 
Caroline was adopted by her Uncle's family when she was seven. Her mother was dead and her father a addict. She had to put up with her cruel cousin Olivia all these years. Caroline was jealous of her cousin who would marry the handsome man. It was Caroline who was getting to spend time with him though. She was busy writing up notes for experiments, playing lawn games and spending time with him. And finding out it was true, Alex seemed to only be able to converse about science.

This book continues where the Scandalous Sisters left off. Alex Banks is their cousin who we meet in the other books. He is always being scientific. We get to see our old friends from the first three books and meet some new ones as well who will be in the next books. The earlier books will prepare you for Olivia as well, she is quite irritating!
**Sexual situations within marriage.
Book 2: Her Reluctant Groom
Emma Green has loved Marcus Sinclair since they first met as young tikes. Being four years younger than him, it was her older sister, Louise, that Marcus asked to marry when he was seventeen. After an accident that scarred Marcus badly, Louise ran off with a Duke. Emma felt that Marcus would never care for her after her sisters cruel treatment but she would often visit her friend Caroline or grit her teeth and spend time with Olivia, Marcus's sister, just so she could see him. Now that Caroline was married and Olivia off to the Americas, she rarely glimpsed the man she loved.

Marcus Sinclair was a recluse for the past thirteen years. If only he had waited until finishing school to propose to Louise he would have seen that Emma was the beauty, both inside and out. He also would not be the scarred and hollow man he had become. Even though he loved Emma he would never have her. That did not stop him from finding a way for her to stay with him for a few weeks. For some reason Emma was not staying with her sister but with Caroline and Alex, they were having a house party and Caroline had asked him to allow Emma to stay with him.

Emma discovered a book Alex had that helped her in her pursuit of her love. Lady Bird's Ladybird Memoirs, pictures included. A naughty little book that helped her understand things between a man and woman, and she tried to use what she learned to help her snag her man. Only Marcus did not feel worthy of her.

Rose will have you both laughing in crying in her stories. And you always get to visit old friends and meet new ones. In this book we get a chance to know Patrick Drakely better, his tale in in the next book. And we also meet Sir Wallace, Drake's cousin. A unique sort of fellow that you quickly fall in love with, even with his quirky ways.. such as counting anything he can when he's nervous. His story will be in the 4th book.

**Sexual situations within marriage.

Book 3: Her Secondhand Groom
Rose continues her excellent story telling in this third book of the Grooms Series. Patrick Ramsey, Lord Drakely, had married a beautiful girl named Abigail when he was eighteen. She died in childbirth with their third daughter, Kate. To the outside world it looked as it was such a deep and devoted love that he could not move past it, but was all as it seemed? Now Drake feels the need to find a mother and governess for his three daughters,
Celia, Helena and Kate. When he comes across the Hughes family, who were indebted to him for sending their daughter to school and a season, he decides he'll marry the beautiful Juliet Hughes and she can be the girls motherness. Drake plans everything out to perfection, so what if he did not include his bride to be in his decisions.

Juliet Hughes had failed. Her parents were in debt because they had hopes on her finding a good and wealthy husband when they sent her to school and a season. If only her sister Henrietta would have been the recipient of such a gift. Henrietta was beautiful and would have succeeded. Juliet was plain and had awkward looking eyeglasses as well. At least she could school her younger siblings. After a negative run in with Lord Drakely, she dubbed him Lord Presumptuous as he presumed to always be right and worthy to be obeyed. When she overheard him asking to be affianced to her she was angry. Only he presumed wrong this time, he thought Henrietta was Juliet. She tried to explain but he brushed her off. She was going to give him a scare before the wedding but it backfired and she ended up married to the beast.

We get to meet many of our past friends and characters once again in this book, even the beastly Olivia and the endearing Sir Wallace. Marcus has his turn to give Drake advice on love and life while Emma and Caroline befriend Juliet.
**There are sexual situations within marriage.
Book 4: Her Imperfect Groom
Author Blurb:
Sir Wallace Benedict has never been good with women and in the bottom drawer of his bureau he has the scandal sheet clippings to prove it. But this thrice-jilted baronet is about to find there are things worth waiting for. The only trouble is, just which of the multiple women plaguing his dreams--and social calendar--is the one perfect match for him and his imperfections.
My Review:
Her Imperfect Groom by Rose Gordon
Book 4 in the Groom Series
Sir Wallace has some particular idiosyncrasies about him, I find it makes him the most endearing character. This poor guy has been engaged three times and each time the woman married someone else. The last time was the closest as he was about to speak the vows when the woman's true love came to the rescue. He finally has a chance to woo the gal who caught his eye three years earlier, Edwina Banks, but it's a bumpy road for him. There are misunderstandings and mostly two women from his past keep showing up and interrupting.

Edwina Banks wants nothing more then to marry Sir Wallace. His odd behavior is nothing new to someone who grew up with Alex as a brother. When a misunderstanding has Edwina believing he loves another she comes up with a plan to help Wallace learn how to court a woman. Edwina has a secret of her own as well that she has even managed to hide from her family.

This book will have you rooting for Sir Wallace and Edwina while it may have you fuming at the antics of the other two women. We get to see all the beloved characters from the previous book as well. I found this to be a great addition to the Groom's series and I daresay that Wallace may have tugged on my heartstrings a bit more than anyone else. We also get to know the mischievous twins, Elijah and Henry, much better.
**Sexual situations within marriage
The Banks Brothers Brides Series
These books are connected to Rose's previous
series: Scandalous Sisters and Grooms.
Book 1: His Contract Bride (First published with cover on the right)
Book Blurb
Edward Banks has known most of his lfie that one day Regina harris was to be his bride—but somebody forgot to inform her...

An avid academic and aspiring scientist, Edward is pleased to find that he won't have to bother with the nonsense involved in courting a young lady.

Young and naive, it doesn't take much for her social-climbing father to convince Regina the man she' s to marry has requested her hand out of love, but devastates her when she learns the truth.

Now, it's up to a man who's more comfortable in a conservatory than a drawing room to prove to Regina that she's more than just he proverbial sacrificial lamb that helped gain her family their foot in Society's door and that he—if no other gentleman—is trustworthy. But he just might be the one doing the learning as he'll be forced to acknowledge that sometimes the most combustible elements aren't the ones you control, but sometimes the ones you don't.
My Review
Regina Harris has not had an easy life. Her mother died when she was young and she couldn't seem to please her father in anything she did. Her family was in trade and had wealth but not status in the Ton. The one thing her father craved and would do anything to get it….even using his daughter. While away at school one day changed Regina’s life. Her friend Sophie’s brother came for a visit along with his handsome friend. After meeting Edward Banks no other men could meet her expectations through out her season.

Edward Banks, Lord Watson, was so glad he didn't have to look for a bride. He preferred studying plants over women. Now that his father passed away it fell upon Edward's shoulders to marry and have an heir, even at his young age of twenty. He was happy with the woman who would be his wife, she was beautiful and seemed pleasant enough. One problem….Edward just didn’t get around to telling her about the marriage contract. Could one little omission make a difference? 

I enjoyed returning to historical England and seeing the beginning of the Bank’s family and others. Seeing the young John as a rascal, meeting the woman who gave birth to someone like Lady Olivia and finally the answer to the Watson Townhouse in London and it’s unique decor. Rose Gordon once again flawlessly brings you into her book where the emotions flow from the pages to your heart. The laughter and tears along with the giggles to see what new words Rose has discovered in describing the anatomy. All these books are connected starting with the Scandalous Sisters series and than the Groom Series.
**Sexual situations within marriage
Book 2: His Yankee Bride (First published with cover on the right)
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John Banks has limited options for what he’ll be doing the rest of his life. His eldest brother, Edward, is a baron and younger brothers are left with the military, barrister or vicar. So he’s been studying to be a vicar the past few years. When Edward suggests he takes a Grand Tour, John agrees. Which is how he finds himself in the Americas. When he meets a bold but beautiful woman who seems to be attracted to him he does all he can to avoid her. After all a vicar needs a quiet wife who won’t cause any scandals and this gal is definitely NOT that type of woman.

Carolina Ellis thought she’d find that perfect man among the Charleston elite. Wrong. They are boring and intent on giving the history of their town. While trying to escape yet another man trying to propose to her she sets her eyes on the newcomer….an Englishman. And that is the last she saw of her heart. She knew he loved her as well, she just had to convince the stubborn man of it.

John and Carolina Banks are parents to Brooke, Madison and Liberty. Rose Gordon’s first three books in the Scandalous Sisters Series tell their stories. After getting to know Carolina in this book you definitely see they are her daughters. It was really fun going back in time and seeing what the young couple was like in the early days. The book has humor, romance and some serious sides as well, such as the issue of slavery. There is also the nasty character that really ruffled my feathers but good!
**Sexual situations within marriage
Book 3: His Jilted Bride
Book Blurb:
It's her wedding day and there is no groom in sight. But why should Amelia Brice be surprised? Hiram, Lord Friar is known for having no gentleman's honor to speak of and his jilting her on their wedding day, makes it official.

Elijah Banks cannot allow his childhood friend to continue to be shamed this way. It's more than an hour past the time the wedding was to start, and that bounder still hasn't shown up. Unable to sit still a second longer, Elijah does the only thing that seems logical from where he stands: kidnap the bride and take her to Gretna Green in order to escape the scandal with one far more forgiving for a young lady's reputation.

So then why does his new bride seem angry with him and rebuff his advances?

Elijah is the gentleman she'd always hoped to marry, but thought he was merely the third son of a baron and she the daughter of an earl, she'd never felt worthy of someone like him. Especially now. Try as she might, she cannot find the words to tell him of her situations and ruin the good fortune that has befallen her, but neither can she keep the truth from him.

But when Lord Frian threatens to reveal her secret, it's up to Elijuah to save her from public humiliation once more by revealing a few of his own...

My Review:
Elijah Banks had always run away from his little neighbor girl, who insisted on trying to kiss him every chance she got. As they got older, they became friends. At one point, Elijah began to feel more for her then disdain for her kisses or friendship. Was it too late to tell her how he felt? And what about the secrets he couldn’t tell her?

Lady Amelia Brice had a secret about a night she couldn’t remember. That one night was going to dictate her life, including marriage to someone she couldn’t stand. She only ever loved one person but she couldn’t wait for him forever. So she would have to marry to protect herself and family because of her mystery evening.. Thankfully she is rescued from marriage to a reprobate by the man she cared for, but being married out of pity doesn’t seem any better.

His Jilted Bride is another excellent book in this series. I always enjoy the author’s humor along with secrets, intrigue and surprises that fill the pages. Not to mention Mr. Henry Hirsute, an interesting character to be sure. It was great revisiting with all the Banks relatives and getting to know the twins, Elijah and Henry. Henry’s story will be coming next, His Brother’s Bride.
**Sexual situations within marriage
 Book 4: His Brother's Bride
Book Blurb:
While traveling around America, Elijah Banks makes a promise he's unable to keep. So to guard his family's name and his sister-in-law's feelings, Henry Banks tells this beautiful stranger that his is the brother she seeks and impulsively agrees to marry the stunning beauty who introduces herself as Elijah's intended.

It might have been awhile since she'd last seen the twins in a smokey ballroom in New York, but she knows it's Henry who is claiming to be Elijah—she just doesn't care. One Banks brother is as good as the next, as far as she's concerned. Her near ensnarement of and marriage proposal from Elijah was just part of her plan to seek revenge on their family, but Henry will suffice just as well.

When Elijah and his new wife return from their recent trip to Italy, he has a lot of explaining to do. Especially, when, for the safety of his entire family, he has to reveal what he knows about this American beauty: including her plan for revenge.

Now without giving away his identity or his heart, Henry must find a way to dissuade his wife from revenge—but he's soon finding that ideas are easier formed than executed and with each attempt to change her mind, he loses a little more of his heart to this enchanting creature.

Not the dimwit everyone has treated her as her entire life, she knows exactly what her husband is about. But while her mind refuses to accept his advances, her heart can't deny them. Everything from his carefree manner to his genuine gestures is a stark contrast to the man she'd been married to before.

But when her opportunity to seek revenge presents itself, she must decide if it's revenge she longed for, or the love a good man, because even she knows she can't have both.

My Review:

Henry Banks is the last brother standing alone, as in single. When an American comes knocking and claims she has a betrothal with his twin, Elijah, what can Henry do but court her to avoid a scandal? Or find her the perfect husband.

Laura Swift has a score to settle and she had devised a plan. No man will get in her way of succeeding. Not even Henry Banks, the twin who always left her a bit discombobulated by his steady blue gaze that gave nothing away.

Laura had a small part in an earlier story and now the reader can see things from her side of the book. Her life has not been easy and living with such hurt, hate and thirst for vengeance isn’t easy. The emotions run high for our young couple, but as always it is laced with the author’s humor as well.

It’s a bit sad to be saying goodbye to the Banks family, they have been a fun family to get to know. I highly recommend reading the books starting with The Scandalous Sisters to the Groom Series and then the Banks Brothers Series to get the entire picture of this crazy family. I really enjoyed this last book.
**Sexual content within marriage
American Mail-Order Bride Series
Book 8: Jessie: Bride of South Carolina
Jessie Wilcox had to find a way to get away from her controlling father. Her first plan to find a job fell through. So plan two it was—she answered an ad to become a mail-order bride. Now she just needed to get to the train station undetected.

Joel Cunningham was surprised to find his old friend at his door. A friend who he hadn't spoken to for five years. He had a good reason for staying clear of the spoiled little rich girl, a very good reason. She needed his help though and he had some revenge to pay he would help her.

Loved this story. Two people who had been best of friends until their social standings...and other circumstances separated them. Thrown together on a ride to the train station has a way to break down all those old barriers. And maybe even repair some old bridges.

First Kiss Anthology
Fourteen bestselling and award winning historical romance authors have come together with an excerpt collection just for you. Inside, you’ll find scenes leading up to that glorious moment of the first kiss—or, in a few instances, the almost first kiss. We hope you are swept away in the romance of the First Kiss.
Chronological Order of Books:
Intentions of the Earl--1812*
Liberty for Paul--1813*
To Win His Wayward Wife--1813*
Her Sudden Groom--1814*
Her Reluctant Groom--1815
Her Secondhand Groom--1815
Her Imperfect Groom--1818*
His Jilted Bride--1819*
His Brother's Bride--1819*

The Officer and the Bostoner--1845
The Officer and the Southerner--1846
The Officer and the Traveler--1846

*Denotes a "Banks" Book
**Please note that His Contract Bride and His Yankee Bride are prequels that were written after the other books, and can be read first or in published order. 
If you enjoy Rose's books
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