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Ruth Ann Nordin Book List

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Interview with Ruth Ann Nordin & Janet Syas Nitsick
Name one thing about yourself that would shock readers if they knew.
Janet: I’m the daughter of the late Nebraska State Senator George Syas and he has a wildlife refuge area named after him in the state.

Ruth: I love psychological horror and suspense.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Janet: Yes. I even blush at some sweet romantic scenes. For example, in my current work in progress Cameos and Carriages, there is a moonlit scene between the hero and heroine where they kiss by the carriage house. My cheeks grew warm during the whole thing.

Ruth: I experience everything my characters do. For example, in Loving Eliza, she spent a good portion of the book hungry because she wasn’t eating enough. I’d eat dinner then write the book, and even with a full stomach, I was hungry because she was. When my characters laugh, I laugh. When they cry, I cry.

What is a real life situation that is in Bride by Arrangement?
Janet: Opal becomes the governess of two children, one of which is Theodore. He likes to play pranks on Opal, and there is a scene where a snake slithers across her boot. He lifts it up and asks, “You aren’t afraid of a little old snake, are you?” In real life, my sons would hunt for snakes. They brought one into my car and I found it while I was driving.

Ruth: I have a deaf son, and some people assume he’s mentally challenged because he doesn’t talk like other kids. In my novella, the main character is deaf, but those closest to him assume he’s mentally challenged.

Why did you write Bride by Arrangement?
Janet and Ruth: We live in the same town. We met back in 2008 and through our mutual love of writing, developed a friendship over the years. We’ve been critiquing each other’s work and finally decided it would be fun to write a book together. After some brainstorming, we decided to work on an anthology and publish it with Parchment & Plume, LLC.

In Bride by Arrangement, Opal and Ada become friends. Are you two like the characters you created? (Janet created Opal, and Ruth created Ada.)
Janet and Ruth: We are. Opal is refined and dignified. She watches everything she says, is proper, and geared toward social graces. When we’re out, people compliment Janet's outfits all the time. Likewise, Ada notices the beautiful way Opal dresses and feels “poor” next to her. Ruth wears more casual clothing and pretty much takes a more relaxed attitude in social situations. However, we are alike in our faith, political views, and the business side of writing.

Any advice for those who are just starting out?

Janet: Have the enthusiasm for writing but also listen to what other people have to say. Keep improving and don’t give up even if the initial feedback is bad. You will gain confidence and develop your skills over time. It does get easier.

Ruth: Write what you’re passionate about. Passion will keep you going no matter what obstacles come up.
Multi-Author Novella's
Bride by Arrangement
Bride by Arrangement Anthology by Ruth Ann Nordin and Janet Syas Nitsick
Two women leave their homes in Virginia to travel the unknown. What and who will they find in Lincoln, Nebraska? One is to marry a stranger and the other is a governess. One has gone willingly, the other one has not. Two different backgrounds and yet this adventures builds a lasting friendship.

The Purchased Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin
Ada Wilcox is not happy. Her brother Sam has sold her to some man. She could be traveling to end up in a brothel somewhere in Nebraska for all she knows. Blessedly, she don't.

Pete Kelly is more than anyone thinks him to be. His brother just considers him childlike and unable to run his own life. No one sees how lonely he is.

Pete could rival John from Loving Eliza for my heart. Ruth really knows how to make a special hero. Loved this story.
**Sexual content within marriage

She Came by Train by Janet Syas Nitsick
Opal Preston did not want to leave her beloved Virginia. She loved the flowers and trees and just everything. It seemed best to take a governess job to lighten the load on her father. So she left her father, sister and brothers and headed to Lincoln, Nebraska.

Alexander Boyer owned a bank in Lincoln, a widower with two children. After the beautiful, but high society, governess comes to their home he wonders about his choice. And why he seems to be whistling and smiling more. Or why he feels the need to have their butler deliver fresh flowers to her room every morning after the handsome traveling minister comes to town.

I enjoyed both of these stories. Had to wipe my eyes a wee bit for both of them. Especially when a decision is made that means loving someone is to do what's best for them. Even to the point of letting them go.
Published by Parchment & Plume, LLC

A Groom's Promise
Wild Hearts Series book 1: The Stagecoach Bride
Ruth Ann Nordin & Stephannie Beman
Lillian Christian had to learn to use her brain to get out of a nasty situation back in Virginia. Her brother was going to marry her off, and her intended was not a nice guy. She decided to be a mail-order bride for a man in Wyoming with a young son. She planned well and managed to pull it off. Almost. Who knew her new intended had enemies that would find her a useful pawn in their private war?

Mic Lewis didn't like what his family was having to do, but what choice did they have? Charles Gray has something that belongs to them and so they would take something of his to bargain with, his future bride. Who knew that the green-eyed, red haired beauty would turn out to be nothing like he expected and turn his world more upside down than it already is?

An exciting story written by two different authors. It's full of adventure, humor, some very bad guys and of course romance. The secondary characters come to life as well. The angry Wade who was carrying a huge chip on his shoulder, the young, sweet and naive Noah and the bear of a man Jeremiah who was more than he seemed. Along with Abby and Caleb a wonderful story came to life, and I'm looking forward to the next books in this series. There is still a very bad guy on the loose, and I'm sure that he's not done with this band of so-called outlaws.
**Sexual content within marriage

Ruth writing sweet books under
the pen name Barbara Joan Russell
Bride by Design
Online Proposal by Barbara Joan Russell
Colleen O'Hara's best friend just got married and was moving from Tennessee to South Dakota. Not only did Sadie send the bouquet Colleen's way, she also wanted to set her up with her new brother-in-law. Being it was only letting him email her, she agreed.

Drake Reed missed his brother's wedding, as he was detained in the hospital on that special day. When Clark came over and asked him to email Sadie's best friend, he agreed. Being shy and awkward, Drake found it difficult to talk to a girl even through email and with her being states away. But he finally did, and was glad of it.

A romance blooms via the Internet and all things seem hunky dory. Ha, there is always a wrench to be thrown into perfection. Even in a small South Dakota town, those wrenches can be thrown. After Colleen visits, will there still be a chance for romance?

Tristan's Redemption by Catherine Lynn
Maggie O'Hara, Colleen's younger sister from Online Proposal, is headed for New York. She is going to work for one of the top wedding dress designers. For a girl from a small Tennessee town, life is a bit different in the Big Apple.

Tristan West is not the man he used to be, far from it. Pan-handling for money and sleeping in at a homeless shelter has been his life for a year. Living with guilt and just waiting to die. And then she comes along.

Something about that blue-eyed homeless man has Maggie determined to help him, whether he wants help or not. I enjoyed this story. Every homeless person has his or her story...this is Tristan's.
**This book was my 1,000th review on Amazon
Free Books
Where's the Money?
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Do you need a traditional publisher to make money writing fiction? No. But you do need a game plan. In this ebook, Ruth shares some tips that have worked well for an author who is an introvert and hates going out there and talking about her books. Her hope is that this ebook can help other authors out. This was last edited on March 7, 2011.
They Stole Your book, Now What?
B&N      Smashwords
What can you do if you discover that someone has stolen your book? What steps can you take to get the stolen book removed? Ruth shares what she did when she found three of her books were stolen and put up for sale on Amazon. Topics also covered in the ebook are registering your copyright in the United States, book piracy and using Smashwords.
11 Tips for New Writers
Free at Smashwords
The goal of writing fiction should be to tell a story so compelling the reader has a hard time putting the book down. Over the course of eight years and forty-six romances, Ruth Ann Nordin has picked up some practical tips for improving the storytelling craft. These are tips she shares in this short book.

The topics included in this book are as follows:
Starting With An Idea
Picking Your Genre
The Proper Use of Backstory
Point of View
Characters are the Heart of the Story
Your Setting (aka World): The Character is Always Key
When You Get Stuck
If the Scene Doesn’t Add to the Plot, Throw It Out
If You Never Finish a Story
There Is No Perfect Time To Write, So Write Today
Polishing Up Your Book
Mail Order Bride's Series
The Mail Order Bride's Deception
Sadie Miller couldn't believe when she got a free pass out of the life she was stuck in. She just had to become Hazel McPherson and meet her new husband and child in Rapid City. Of course, she had to let him believe she was Hazel, if she told him the truth he would have never married her. And she knew that there was no way he'd ever find out on his own. Never.

Allen Grover couldn't believe his luck. That not only did Hazel willingly leave a life of wealth and leisure to marry him, but that she is also such a beauty. She might need to learn to do the things that she always had servants to do for her, but he wouldn't be lonely and Gilbert would have a mother. That was all he cared about. Though he did wonder what had happened in Atlanta that Hazel refuses to talk about.

Secrets. Sadie had them and kept them. The thing about secrets and hiding the always seems that somehow, someway they find an opening to sneak out. I loved this story. There are some pretty tough situations in it and even though it's historical...some things are very true even today.
**Sexual content within marriage
Marriage by Scandal Series

Book 1: The Earl's Inconvenient Wife
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Two people at the same ball. Both are spouse hunting. Lord Roderick, The Earl of Weston needs a Lady Roderick to give him an heir. Seems his brother had the nerve to fall off his horse and die before getting the job done. Nathaniel is not anxious to be married but he's found a lady who will do, and he likes her father. But how easily the plans on one man can fall by the wayside when he tries to be a gentleman and stop someone from ruination.

Claire Lowell is in her first Season. Unlike her sister Lilly who loves all the hoopla, Claire ends up feeling closed in when she's in crowds. She found herself a gentleman tonight that she could see herself with, only he was called away suddenly. As she feels faint she heads to the veranda...if only she could have taken someone with her outside. An innocent escape for a breath of fresh air ends up with Claire married a week later, to a man who hates her and only sees her as someone who trapped him into marriage.

Can two people who don't want to be together and don't trust each other ever end up with a truce? And how can the truth be heard when Nate has turned a deaf ear to Claire's pleas?

Once again Ruth comes through with a great story with humor and adventure and characters with personalities that make them real. Some you want to hug while others could use a good slap. I am looking forward to other books she'll write in this period to see how the other characters can get their own happy endings.
**Sexual situations within marriage.
Book 2: A Most Unsuitable Earl
Ethan Silverton, the Lord of Edon, has worked extremely hard the past five years….at cultivating a reputation as a rake. A really bad rake. The kind that makes even the pushiest debutante’s mother shutter. And it’s worked so far, very few of the Ton want their precious daughters married to a man with such an nefarious reputation. Until one night at a ball all that changes. Between a momma set on his title and money for her daughter, a tiny lie and his interfering mother he finds his life has changed drastically enough to cause a grown man to swoon.

Lady Catherine Morgan daughter to the Duke of Rumsey has yet to get a proposal even though her dear father has brought about every bachelor around for her that he can find. She may as well plan on giving up her dreams of home and family and accept her spinster status. Just when she has a glimmer of hope at meeting the right man, everything goes wrong. Before she knows it she is betrothed to the only man that would cause her to gladly stay a spinster rather than marry him.

Ruth Ann Nordin has written another outstanding story. Not only does the book draw you in to where you don’t want to put it down until the end but she has filled it with humorous situations. Lord Edon is not quite who he seems to be and the prim and proper, not to mention boring, Lady Catherine has a side to her worthy of his rakish rumors. The characters all have such unique personalities like Ethan’s mother who you may want to lock away, or at least practice using duct tape on, and Catherine’s father who enjoys scaring the heebie jeebies out of poor Ethan. What chance does this marriage have when it seems their parents are continually looking over their shoulders?
**Sexual situations within marriage
Book 3: His Reluctant Lady
Christopher Robinson has decided that Lady Richfield is his other half and he will stop at nothing less than marrying her. Even if he needs to use a scandal to get her to agree. And when such a scandal happens to make itself known to him….he picks it up and runs toward the altar with it.

Agatha Lyons, Lady of Richfield is all looking good for the Ton and polite society. She hated her one day of marriage and loves her freedom. No one will ever know that she may now and then dress as a man or have a few alias names such as Gerard Addison and Gilbert Horlock. And what is it about Mister Robinson that sends tingles up and down her spine?

I love the way this book brings back some favorite characters from the previous books such as the Roderick's from The Earl's Inconvenient Wife, where we first meet Christopher. Lord Edon and Lady Catherine from A Most Unsuitable Earl. And as always Christopher’s guardian, Perry Ambrose, Earl of Clement. Once again Perry didn’t get the girl, his story is yet to come in The Earl’s Scandalous Wife.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 4: The Earl's Scandalous Wife
Perry Ambrose, the Earl of Clement has had no luck in finding a wife. And he actually wanted one. He was born with one leg a bit shorter and he was sure the use of his cane was an embarrassment. So he couldn't believe his luck when a scandal caused him to marry. And everything about his new wife was so wonderful. The things he knew at least.

Paula Leighton had marred her past a bit with some bad choices. Now her brother was selling her off to an old drunken geezer. No way would she marry that old man. She had one chance to find someone and cause a scandal. She just didn't think she could find someone who was as perfect as the man she chose, a man she didn't feel she deserved.

It's finally Perry's turn for happiness. Through this series we see him as he seriously pursues a wife and deals with his young ward, Christopher Robinson, which was definitely no easy chore. The author brings back all the friends the reader has met in the previous three books; The Earl's Inconvenient Wife, A Most Unsuitable Earl and His Reluctant Lady.
**Sexual content within marriage
Marriage by Deceit Series
Book 1: The Earl's Secret Bargain
Toby York, Earl of Davenport is sick and tired of the braggart Lord Pennella and gets caught up in a wager with him at White’s. Who can win the heart of the woman Toby’s chooses, Pennella or him? Who knew such a foolish wager can lead him to the best thing in his life? Or that the same wager can cause him to lose so much?

Miss Regina Giles is being pushed into marriage by her well-meaning mother. They had wealth without a title and thanks to Lady Seyton’s lessons, she could supposedly catch a titled man’s eye and get a proposal within the month. This being her mother’s wishes not her own. Yet when two men both start vying for her attentions, she finds having the title that comes along with Lord Davenport wouldn’t be such a bad thing. A good honest, humble man...or not.

Secrets always seem to come to light and expose the truth, they usually never choose a good time to do so. Toby is determined to regain Regina’s trust and prove that he is the man she thought he was, only trust lost is very difficult to recover. Several characters from previous books have cameos in this story, Lord Edon, Clement and Roderick and of course Mister Robinson whose book this story begins in. Looking forward to book two when Lady Seyton is asked to help a duke find a wife.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 2: Love Lessons With the Duke
Helena Walter, the Lady of Seyton teaches the young ladies of the Ton how to snag a husband. She’s quite successful at it. When a gentleman comes to her for help, she refuses. Been there, done that, never again. Only...he really does need her help, so how can she say no?

Camden Hollis, Duke of Ashbourne needs help. He is shy, awkward and well, he’s just a mess. Raised in the country without people around, London is quite overwhelming. If only he didn’t need to marry a wealthy lady and with only a month to do so.

Will this handsome, but innocent man be too much for even the renowned Lady Seyton? And what happens when you add the well known mischief maker, Mr. Christopher Robinson, into the mix? Trouble, that’s what. I fell in love with another one of this author’s characters. Camden is such a sweetheart. There are blurbs for the next two books in this series and I’m looking forward to them as well.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 3: Ruined by the Earl
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Lord Logan Breckman, The Lord of Toplyn was in trouble. He had bet all he had that the Duke of Ashbourne wouldn't get a wife within a month, and then the shy duke went and kissed Lady Seyton in the midst of a ball. Now he had no choice but to marry a wealthy woman. Good thing Miss Jasper was in the right place at the right time to complete his plans.

Melissa Jasper had found a love match. Lord Waxman was the most perfect gentleman in the world. He would be the perfect husband. And then one moment changed her whole future. Could her brother Malcolm really help her out of this horrible situation or was she doomed?

It took me a long time to start to like Logan. He truly was the cad Melissa thought him to be. But as in all good romances, things come together and work out for the best. Once again the author brings in a few characters from past books such as, the infamous rake Lord Edon and Lord Roderick from the Marriage by Scandal series.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 4: The Earl's Stolen Bride
Orlando Emmett, the Earl of Reddington, fell in love over a year ago. He is still in love and now she's a widow. He is ready to throw all of the Ton's rules out the window. He could care less about her needing to mourn a year. He's already waited a year, he is not about to wait again and chance losing her to any other man. He has a plan.

Chloe, Lady Hawkins, had been married for a year to a man she never really knew. He left for business after their marriage...and will never be returning. She has envied her friends as they found love matches and enjoyed every single part of being married, while she had to do what was best for her family.

The story moves fairly quickly in the beginning. Orlando and his plan. Chloe jumping on board with his plan. I knew it couldn't be this easy for the couple. I was right.

Many of the previous characters from this series are revisited and there is more to come in the next series; Marriage by Arrangement. Chloe, Helena and Melissa join together to help other couples find the happiness they have.
**Sexual content within marriage
Marriage by Arrangement Series
Book 1: His Wicked Lady
Malcolm Jasper loves financial thinking. How to make money, save money, investments that make more money, and friends who also enjoy making money with his help. He also likes avoiding scandals. He quite strongly dislikes his brother-in-law...and the scandalous woman who was much too bold for his tastes.

Regan Alger, the Lady of Cantrell, has been widowed for three years. She misses her husband and the more intimate part of marriage. She decides it's time to marry once again. She needs a man who will love her son and enjoy the bedchamber. And she knows just who she wants to fill that spot.

Two more opposite people would be difficult to find than Malcolm and Regan. Join them on their journey to find out if a happily-ever-after can be found for the two of them...together. And you'll never guess what deep secret Regan holds that could ruin everything. Great story.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 2: Her Devlish Marquess
Her Counterfeit Husband
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Anna, Duchess of Watkins has a problem. Her husband of six years is dying. Since he's cruel that might be good...only it could get worse. If he dies his brother, Lord Mason, will inherit the title and with the way he leers at her, it's hard to know which is the worst evil. Fortunately between her faithful butler, Appleton, and herself a plan is formed when her husband dies. And the plan gets even better when they happen to find her husband’s look alike and he has no memory but the one Anna and Appleton give him.

Jason Merrill, the Duke of Watkins. That is who he woke up believing he was. Not that he enjoyed any of his past indulgences such as drinking, gambling and women. He even has a great fear of the horse he once enjoyed riding. No, now he is softer and only enjoys being with his beautiful wife, Anna. But is he really who he believes he is? Or is he someone completely different who’s been tricked and if so, why?

Ruth's jump from the wild west to historical England has been quite a success. Her first book is The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife and she brings a few characters from that book into this one in passing but this story is mostly about Anna, ‘Jason’ and his brother, Mason. Once again we see how keeping the truth from someone you love always comes back to bite you in the arse!
**Sexual situations within marriage
Nebraska Historical Romance series 
The Larson's

Book 1: Her Heart's Desire
Rick Johnson wants to court Ethel Mae Jordan. Ethel Mae Jordan does not want to be courted by Rick Johnson so she has her friend, Sally Larson, over when Rick comes calling in hopes that she will want him. Sally immediately sees that she would love to be courted and even marry the handsome Judge Johnson...only if he could see her past Ethel Mae. But Sally's a clever girl and sets out to win her man...Her Heart's Desire.

After reading the previous books in this series and have this book come out as the first one, had me wondering how it would be. It was great. Starting in the past while knowing what the future held for these characters was quite enjoyable. A seventeen-year-old Tom, fourteen-year-old Dave, twelve-year-old Jenny and a nine-year-old Joel...who was the naughty and mischievous youngster we first met in A Bride For Tom. We finally get a good look at Richard and Amanda as well. Vivian Jordan, who not only ended up playing a part in Sally's plan but the poor ten year old had to constantly dodge Hugh, the neighbor boy. If you have not had the opportunity to read any of this series's where you start. If you go to Ruth's website you will find the order of her books and where to get them as well. A Bride for Tom and A Husband for Margaret are the next two books and they are both free. You will find she writes with humor, romance and lots of good food and family.
**Sexual situations within marriage
Book 2: A Bride for Tom
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Jessica Reynolds is engaged to Peter, although when you meet his mother you may think she is engaged to both of them! While at a dance she feels pity for Tom Larson. He is so clumsy and all the girls refuse to dance with him, so Jessica decides she will. All is going well until Tom's cuff gets tangled into Jessica's hair and she has to cut her precious hair shorter than she likes.
Tom gets ribbed for his clumsiness yet again, especially from his youngest brother, Joel. Tom brings Jessica some gifts as an apology and she decides to help him out so he will be less clumsy and be able to get a wife. Jessica offers to teach him how to dance.
Of course, everyone...even Joel... knows that Jessica is engaged, Tom does not know and his hopes rise that she could be his wife. Your heart just goes out to Tom as he is such a sweet kind soul, he just gets nervous around women and then clumsy.
Jessica finds herself thinking of Tom more and more. Mostly when her eyes are opened to the fact that Peter does everything to please his mother and she is taking over Jessica's wedding more and more. Making it her special day rather then Jessica's.
Will Jessica see what true love is before she says "I do" to the wrong man? *Rated G
Book 3: A Husband for Margaret
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Margaret Williams put an ad in the papers for a husband. Paul Connealy had answered her ad and was arriving on the train today and they would be married. How exciting!
As Margaret watched for him to come off the train, she saw one man but held a child and Paul had no children so that could not be him.  A young boy ran up to her and asked if she was Margaret Williams and she said yes, as that was her name. Soon the man holding the child and three more as well came and stood before her. He informed her he was Joseph, Paul's brother, and then he told her that Paul had died a few weeks earlier. On top of that shocking news, he wanted her to marry him, the man with FOUR boys.. no way!
After Joseph came to speak with Margaret alone to see what she would say about marriage, oh how he hoped it would be yes, but alas she told him she would not. But as they talked more and she got to know him better her second thoughts were that perhaps Joseph was someone she could live with, even with FOUR boys!
This light-hearted tender romance is rated R. 
Book 4: Eye of the Beholder
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Bravo! Where to start on describing this book...
Mary Peters lives in Maine. Her sisters are all beautiful and Mary is considered plain. She decides to answer an ad in Nebraska for a mail-order bride. The man is a farmer and she believes she can adapt to the hard work even though she is city born.
Dave Larson happens to follow Neil Craftman to the  train station when he hears that Neil is going there to receive his mail-order bride. Dave feels it only right to warn any woman about Neil's womanizing ways. As he watches Neil meet the woman at the train, Dave is angered at the cruel way Neil refuses her, telling her he refuses to accept an ugly bride. Dave steps up and decides he could use a wife and here sat one. So he asked her to marry him and they went right over and got hitched.
When Neil brings a new bride home later, everyone drools over her beauty, but it only on the outside. She is not near as beautiful as Mary is on the inside. The more Dave gets to know his wife, the more he finds her to be beautiful all the way around.

Mary knew when she said yes to Dave Larson it would be no love match but she could not go home again. This book is a clear picture between outer and inner beauty. As Neil later finds out... he lost a real treasure when he did not accept Mary.
**Sensual content within marriage
Book 5: The Wrong Husband
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Jenny Larson never expected any type of marriage after she chose to say yes to Clyde when she should have said no. She found herself pregnant and alone. Now five years later Clyde has come for marriage and to be a father, five years to late. She don't trust why he is here and agrees to a marriage of convenience when Sheriff Meyer offers to set up a with his cousin. When she marries Owen, thinking he's Irving, she finds herself wishing for more. This adorable man has quickly stolen her heart.

Owen had to help Aunt Rachel so she did not lose her home. He won her money back from Big Roy after a whole night of gambling. He went back to his peaceful life of a fisherman. When Big Roy wants his money back it changes Owen's life. He is now a wanted man, on the run and he stole some guys clothes and horse. When he arrives in Omaha, he is mistaken for Irving Spencer. A notorious deputy, the sheriff's cousin, and the man who's clothes he is wearing. To top things off, he finds out he's getting married. That part is good, very good. When the beautiful Jenny Larson walks towards him, all he can think about is the wedding night. And when that time comes about...He finds out a truth that brings him to tears. And what will Owen do when the real Irving Spencer shows up?
*Sexual situations within marriage

Book 6: Shotgun Groom
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Ruth does it again! Another exciting book in her Nebraska series. This time it is pesky baby brother Joel's turn. In A Bride for Tom we meet Joel. He is always picking on Tom and avoiding chores whenever he can. And full of mischief as well. This time the tables are turned though. Joel has been working with the local doctor so he can one day be one as well. Farm work was never his forte. A routine visit to do a follow up on young Nora Edwards changes Joel's life, and he did not consider it a good change. Being held at gunpoint and told he would marry Nora's mother, April, was not in Joel's plans. Young Sep did not care what Joel thought. With some unexpected help for April, Joel finds himself married, when he was determined to stay a bachelor.

April was not sad to be a widow. Harvey had been a cruel man and continued living quite an immoral life. When his brother Lou comes into her home with intentions of staying around, she is willing to do anything to stay safe. When her fourteen year old brother comes up with a plan, April don't see any other way...even if she don't like it. Thus the need to force Joel Larson into marriage. Quite a disagreeable young man but there were no other single men who happen to come into her home when she needed a husband.

As usual Ruth's stories are full of humor and love. I enjoyed seeing all the Larson's from the previous books and getting to know a few of them better. There is the danger side in the story as well. Lou is still on the loose, there is a locked bedroom that April will not let Joel in nor will she talk about it, Joel is not going to just give in and be a happily married man, and of course Tom is going to enjoy every minute he can if he thinks Joel is suffering.
**Sexual situations within marriage
**This historical western romance is rated R.
Book 7: To Have and to Hold
Fall in love with Dave and Mary all over again. Their story is so special and I can truly relate as my husband treats me as Dave treats his precious treasure. Dave sees beyond what others see and knows what a gift Mary is. I really enjoyed this story.

Poor Dave has always had a poor memory, he goes to the store just to forget what he wanted to buy. And now he has to remember for both of them as Mary takes a fall and loses her memories. She wakes up to see three strangers who are really her husband and children. When they receive a letter that Mary's dad is on his deathbed, they decide to visit Maine to see him and they hope it will trigger Mary's memories returning there as well. Deep down she has a bad feeling about going back, that those memories should remain buried. The villains of this story are definitely all but a couple members of Mary's family. Can Dave's love for his wife help her overcome the negative environment she grew up in?

I really did enjoy it. It's a good reminder not to let other peoples negative views decide how we think of ourselves and to accept those who see us through love. I thought Ruth did a great job of bringing the emotions out from the characters to the reader.
**Sexual situations within marriage
Book 8: His Redeeming Bride
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Neil Craftman's story is my favorite. He had married Cassie seven years ago after turning Mary away at the train station. Cassie was beautiful but ugly inside. Neil saw his error in not choosing Mary. Cassie wanted a divorce so she could marry a rich man but she left Emily, their little girl with Neil. She had never had the motherly instincts. Neil was known around town for visiting the saloons and soiled doves. The "holy" people stayed clear of him. Sarah Donner is in an unhappy marriage. Her husband is bringing her to his mothers to have her baby. On the way they are attacked and he is killed by the robbers. The only one to take her in and help her is Neil Craftman. As a good Christian who belonged to a church that preached from the pulpit to avoid Neil and used him as an example for sin, she was frightened to be in his home. This story shows Neil's kind heart and how he changed. It shows how often people don't allow others to change but judge them for what they use to be and definitely shows how Christians should NOT treat others. *Sexual situations within marriage
Book 9: Isaac's Decision
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Two previous books in this series; Eye of the Beholder & His Redeeming Bride lead up to this book. I read them a second time before reading Isaac's Decision and I'm glad I did as the stories flow together so well. This story is about nine years after His Redeeming Bride.

Isaac Larson is the son of Dave and Mary. At age fourteen Dave told Isaac not to talk to “that Craftsman girl” and being the obedient son he is, he obeyed. His eyes did not, everyday in school he still would look at her and admire her. At seventeen, Dave starts encouraging Isaac to marry and Dave already has the bride in mind. Eva Connealy, the school teacher. Isaac wants the only girl he has been forbidden to have, Emily Craftsman.

Emily lives in the shadow of her birth mother, Cassie. She has her beauty but that is all. As a young girl she made the choice not to be like her mother. And yet people seem to judge her by her parents past. She has dreamed of having Isaac as her own for years but when she finds out that he banned from her she almost gives up. Good thing the word quit is not in her vocabulary!

I love this series. It is full of characters with flaws. Neil Craftsman's story is one of redemption but being the town knew of his sins, some people won't let it die even now that he is a new man. Especially Dave Larson. I enjoyed watching the story and characters unfold in this book. Seeing the way they think helps you understand motives, even if they are not right. When you get to know the younger siblings, it is exciting to know that maybe their stories will come about one day as well. In fact, one of the younger sons is in the South Dakota Series, Bride of Second Chances. It's just a small part but Dave and a younger son are in the General Store. I love how Ruth lets her characters pop in other stories now and then.
**Sexual situations within marriage
Related Nebraska Books
Kent is first introduced in
Falling in Love With Her Husband
Prequel to Catching Kent: Kent Ashton's Backstory
Kent Ashton was not all he seemed to be and neither was his family. They lived and acted the wealthy life, Kent was even in a prestigious school. The truth was his parents were depending on him to marry into wealth so they could continue the lifestyle they had been used to, until they lost most all of it.

He wanted love and found it with Ann Statesman. Until one night when he drank too much and it changed his life forever. His father ruined his life in so many ways. He determined he would one day be a man that would not be like his father.

Catching Kent will take off where this story has ended. This book is mostly Kent's background and it mirrors Falling In Love With Her Husband, Ann's story, as seen from Kent's viewpoint.
Catching Kent
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Kent Ashton has just returned to America after over six years with his uncle in Ireland. His past has never left his mind, his dislike of his parents and his failed venture with love. On his way to California the train stopped in Omaha, and Kent's life took another turn. Was it really a turn for the worst or was it fate?

Rose Larson is opposite of her twin sister Harriet. Rose's outgoing personality seems to attract both people and animals. She also goes after what she wants. And she wants Kent. She believes everything that happened to him was to bring them together.

Kent's story starts in Falling In Love With Her Husband and moves on to the prequel Kent Ashton's Backstory, which mirrors the first book from Kent's point of view. Things have never been easy for him, and life has proven that money does not bring happiness. Although, how can one not be happy when in the presence of the Larsons? After all, Dave Larson is the most beloved fictional character ever. Just ask him.
**Sexual content within marriage
His Convenient Wife
Harriett Larson has always been the quiet, invisible twin. Even the one man she loved since she was thirteen looked past her to only see Rose. Had even proposed to her sister while Kent Ashton has been seriously courting her. And now that he can’t have Rose, he turns to her. No way. Well maybe.

Stanley Craftman feels responsible for the death of his friend and promised he would adopt Randy’s daughter and raise her as his own. Who knew a two, almost three, year old could be so busy? And he was twenty-one and tired of depending on his folks to help him. He needed a mother for Maggie.

Poor Harriett...she looks identical to her sister on the outside but completely different on the inside. Can this marriage ever be more than just a convenience? Another heartwarming story by Ruth Ann Nordin. This isn’t part of the Nebraska Series, but has many of the old friends from that series.
**Sexual content within marriage
South Dakota Historical Series:

Book 1: Loving Eliza
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Eliza was inspired from His Redeeming Bride (Nebraska Series). 
Bravo to Ruth for such an excellent story. John Evans is a mute but the town, and even some of his brothers, treat him as if he is also mentally ill. He was not sent to school so he cannot read or write but he does build beautiful furniture, he was the only one of five sons who wanted to learn his father's business, and he works at helping other towns people fix up their houses and yards as needed. He is waiting for a mail-order bride to come, Daphne O'Connor, but instead Eliza steps into his life, and it will never be the same.
Eliza had been attacked by an Uncle when she was fourteen and than sold to the owner of a whorehouse. The past thirteen years of her life had been spent in that place in Omaha, Nebraska. Pastor Peters had taught her about God and his forgiveness in her life and asked his cousin, Melanie, if she could work for her in South Dakota. So she just arrived on the stagecoach with Charity and her Aunt Bethany, Charity was to marry the town Marshal. After leaving those ladies she heads for Melanie's house but it stopped by an odd man who won't talk but keeps pointing to the church. She explains she is not his bride to be. When she finds Melanie has died, the man, John Evans, offers her a job and a small house to live in. She accepts.
The reader cannot help but fall in love with the silent man. With his actions and body language he is so endearing. Daily he points at his or Eliza's finger as to say, “will you marry me?” and everyday she refuses. Not for the reason John thinks. Eliza knows that Daphne may come and she will be sweet and pure, the type of woman John deserves. Not one with her past. Daphne does arrive and Eliza moves to town.
It is one adventure after the other. Eliza works for a nasty old woman and almost starves to death. She is busy avoiding the fellows wanting to court her and she avoids John. It is a book on forgiving yourself and others. Not assuming that if someone has a disability it takes away from who they are or how smart they are. Just an all round good read and I can't wait to read the next two books in this series.
**Sexual situations within marriage are very mild.
Book 2: Bid for a Bride
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One minute Lucy was enjoying her new marriage, although it was mostly to get out of Minnesota and away from her twin sister, the next thing she is in South Dakota with Adam trying to auction her off to the highest bidder. Of course that was after he told her he already had a wife and children. Then a Pastor saved her from her fate and chased Adam off. He than asked a woman named Addy to take her in. She felt dirty and was sure she'd end up in jail for her crime.

Brian Evans sat in front of the General store listening to all that was going on. After his mom died, his dad left him on the side of the road. He was blessed that John and Eliza took him in, a blind eight year old. Now at twenty, he had his own home and worked with Pa building furniture. For being blind, Brian could see much more than most people. Ma took him to Addy's and he met the new woman in town, people were saying she was a beauty. Later when the Pastor asked if he would marry her in case she was with child, Brian thought that sounded good. And Lucy agreed.

Lucy really enjoyed her new life. She kept hoping she was not with Adam's child as she would prefer to have Brian's child. This is another great story. The way that Ruth put Brian and John together is incredible.  John mostly communicated with facial and hand motions as he was mute and that did not work with someone who was blind. They learn to communicate with sign language, John signing into Brian's hand. It is so touching. The story has it's twists and turns. Brian with a past secret about his parents and Lucy with a secret about her sister.

**Mild sexual situations within marriage
Book 3: Bride of Second Chances
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Jane Syas lives with her brother's family. When her parents died, Will & Susie moved into the house and they allow her to stay, as long as she washes, cleans, cooks and watches the kids. Now Will has decided to that she can marry Micah, a gassy fellow she can't stand to be around. She decides to take her share of their inheritance and go live with her friend and cousin, Emily. She was going to stay at the Parsonage with Rebecca and her husband, Jeremy Graham, only Rebecca died. None of her plans are working out though.

Jeremy loved Rebecca and promised never to love again. His life seemed to come to a halt when she died. Now his father is dying and his last words to Jeremy are that he was adopted and his father would like him to find his mother. Although as a prostitute, she was most likely long dead. When Jeremy hears about Will trying to marry Jane off to someone she don't want to marry, he marries her. They will only have a marriage in name but he enjoys having her company. Emily & Wilbur move to Omaha, and while visiting them, Jane pushes him to search for his mother while there and they find she now lives in South Dakota.

A great finale to this series.

**Sexual situations within marriage
Virginia Brides Series:
Book 1: An Unlikely Place for Love
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Kate happened to go to her parents home, the wealthy Virginia Senator Murphy Tanner and her mother, Abigail. After witnessing their murder at that time she knew she would need to go into hiding, until the killers were behind bars. She stops to tell her brother what is going on and he helps disguise her as a man. She calls herself Billy Ingram and goes in search of work. Kate ends up on a North Dakota farm and the city girl has to convince Chad Walker that Billy has what it takes to work on his farm.
She checks the papers daily to see the men have been captured and she keeps an eye on her back in case they come after her. The killers are becoming the least of her problems though. Lacy Montgomery is falling for Billy Ingram and Kate is falling for Chad Walker! When she is spotted out of her disguise her life gets even more complicated as she has to become a quick change artist and now she is two people at once. The men are falling head over heels for Kate and the woman like Billy! I actually was getting wore out for the gal just reading about her having to play this game! When the truth is out, will Kate live to find love?
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 2: The Cold Wife
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Justin Monroe has secretly admired Carrie Allen for some time but he has been to shy to approach her. Carrie's brother, Brad, is a close friend of Justin. When Carrie's father is bankrupted he sets up a marriage between Justin and Carrie.
Justin could not be happier about the arrangement and Carrie could not be angrier!
Meanwhile they find that someone may have been to blame for bankrupting her father and they are not ready to stop with the damage they have already done. Can they stop whoever is out to destroy them and can Justin find some way to warm up his cold wife?
**Sensual content within marriage
Book 3: An Inconvenient Marriage
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Sue Lewis goes into the bank each day and nags them to help her family save their farm instead of having it repossessed. Jake Mitchell, a wealthy bachelor, is fed up with this nagging woman, she is driving him insane by coming in daily. Although he does want to help her, the bankers son would rather get the property to sell and make more money rather than keep putting off getting paid.
Jake would like to start his own bank. He knows that when the bank owner,Conrad, retires that his son George will take over and Jake knows that will not be a good thing.
Jake's dad left his mom and him when he was only 10. After his mother's death Jake gained much wealth. Now he is told that his father has died and left even more money to Jake. To get his father's money though, Jake must marry and stay married for six months before he can receive the money.
Jake decides he could marry Sue and give her money to pay off the debt for the family farm. The marriage would be a convenience and in name only. The could plan an annulment on May 21st, six months later. No problem, right? Unless love messes with Jake's perfect plans. Jake finds out there is much more to Sue then the nagging woman he first assumed her to be.
**Sensual Content within marriage
Book 4: Falling in Love with Her Husband
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**Todd Brothers is mentioned briefly in An Inconvenient Marriage when Jake Mitchell goes into Richmond to talk to Mr. Phillip Brothers, Todd's father. Jake stops to tell Todd to make his own decisions. I don't know if it can be considered in the series but it is connected in that way.**
Todd Brothers wants to be a farmer, not a banker. His father owns the bank in Richmond, Virginia and has been training Todd to take over it one day. Out of seven children, Todd is the only son so there is more pressure on him to step into dad's shoes one day. Todd has been in love with Ann Statesman for two years. Their families are friends and his sister is Ann's best friend so he they are around each other often. He finally gets the nerve to ask if he can court her when she falls for the new guy in town, Kent Ashton.
Ann is crushed when Kent suddenly drops her for Rebecca, a schoolmate. And then Todd, who has always been around, tells her he is going to North Dakota to be a farmer when school ends in three weeks. Since Ann cannot stand seeing Kent and Rebecca together, she decides to ask Todd to marry her and take her with him to North Dakota.
It don't set right with Todd about marrying Ann and leaving that very night rather than waiting for the three weeks but he could never refuse her anything.
Ann does not want the marriage completed though. Being with someone he loves but is not loved in return and on top of that he has to work in the bank in Jamestown to earn the rest of the money to buy what he needs for their farm, it drags Todd down. As well as the fact that Ann is now a farmer's wife and she has never had to lift a finger to do any work. Now she must learn to cook, clean and wash!
Todd's father has disowned him and won't allow contact from his mother or sisters and Ann is an only child and her parents do still care about her and they come to visit. 
Will Ann be able to see the love Todd has for before it's too late?
**Sensual content within marriage

Book 5: Romancing Adrienne
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Trevor Lewis, younger brother to Sue Lewis Mitchell, An Inconvenient Marriage. He is heading for New York to be a playwright. Adrienne Dayton is running from a marriage her father arranged and she does not want! When her father finds her on the train she makes a quick escape off the train but she trips on the way out. As she grabs for something to hold she ends up with Trevor in her grip and pulls him off the train with her. They had just been robbed on the train so they find themselves off the train with no money to get back on. 
The man at the train station offer to take them to his Inn and help them get jobs so they can earn their train fare since neither of them had their tickets with them.
On top of everything else, Trevor's plays went flying when he fell off the train and Adrienne is rude and uncaring to him. They both form an instant dislike to each other. All the single men and women in town don't feel the same though.
Omaha Brides Series:
Book 1: With This Ring, I Thee Dread
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Ryan Jackson was going to be vice president in his dad's advertising firm. He enjoyed his work and felt he was good at it. His friends from school worked their as well, Zack and Ben. He knew his life was changing from theirs, he was growing up and they were still acting like children. Whenever Ryan had to go somewhere with a date he'd have Zack set him up and then he'd end up with yet another empty headed bimbo who wanted to talk about herself. The girl he loved years ago, Carmen, was a model but she could carry on a conversation. His parents would like to see him take Elizabeth Valentine out since they were best friends with her parents but there was no way. They had been enemies since she moved to Omaha her freshman year.

Elizabeth Valentine finished college and was now working for her dad's design company. She was the occupational psychologist. She had to give a talk on sexual harassment at the Jackson's company and couldn't believe her childhood nemesis's, Zack and Ben, were no different. Still immature and Ryan was no different either. After her break-up with Preston, who left her for someone else, she had turned serious and dated very little. It was all work and no play.

Their parents decided that Ryan and Beth, who are both only children, would marry each other so they could have grandchildren to hand down the company's too, they refused. When they were given the choice of marrying or losing their jobs and any money from their parents they accepted. The loop hole was after staying 4 months together in the Valentine's isolated Alaskan cabin , they could get an annulment if they did not fall in love. The way things looked at the cabin they wouldn't need an annulment because they'd kill each other first.
**Sexual situations within marriage

Book 2: What Nathan Wants
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Nathan Rudolph has all the material things money can buy. He owns a travel business and now it's time to have a baby to pass his legacy on to. So he needs to find a wife and where better to look then his single female employees. When average Amy Watson comes into his office he knows she is the right one. Too bad she disagrees with him. Good thing he's optimistic and don't give up easily because he has a challenge to face with winning Amy.

Amy enjoys her job and it looks like she is being called into the bosses office for an interview for a promotion, and she did not even ask for one. When he comes to tell her she is the one he chose, it is for his wife not a job promotion. The man thinks he can get what he wants without caring what she thinks and he plays dirty to get his way. Things like getting her parents on his side and her best friend Danielle is loving the idea of Amy having all that money to spend. Amy cannot be bought and does not want to be used just to have a child but could there be more to the bossy Mr. Rudolph then meets the eye?
**Sexual Situations within marriage
Book 3: Just Good Friends
Tiffany Clark just lost her latest boyfriend and her family has found out. With a few days before her sister’s wedding her busy body family is hunting down “dates” for her. And they are not good choices. This is why she moved out of the same state as them in the first place. She gets an little white lie to help her get through the wedding. What can it hurt?

Tyler Jackson has been best friends with Tiffany for a long time so he don’t mind pretending to be her boyfriend. What he does mind is the constant badgering by her parents and the snobbish way Tiffany’s sister treats her. He didn’t mean to cause so much trouble by adding another white lie, but it seems it has turned into a large rolling snowball. And it’s heading for a big disaster.

Ruth Ann Nordin has done it again, bringing my emotions to a head by making her characters so real. Like meddling parents and friends, including Nathan Rudolph from What Nathan Wants. She brings Ryan and Beth Jackson back from the first book With This Ring, I Thee Dread along with some adorable little kids.
**Sexual content within marriage
Pioneer Series
Book 1: Wagon Trail Bride
Richard Larson hadn't planned on moving out West with his family but that all changed. He married Amanda and knew she would need a new start. To leave New York behind with all her sad memories. The trip would be long and tedious but hopefully it would help them start a new life. As a real husband and wife.

Amanda Larson's childhood had been happy enough. Then her folks passed away and she ended up living with her sister and brother-in-law. That was not a good life. Thankfully when she was at her lowest point, her childhood school friend came back in her life. Can she truly make a new life with him?

Join the wagon train as we go back in time to when the Larson children were still young. It was fun seeing Tom, Joel, Jenny, Dave and Sally in their younger days. Richard is the eldest of the Larson clan. This story takes them on their journey from New York to Nebraska.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 2: The Marriage Agreement
Book 3: Groom for Hire
Time Travel Series:
Book 1: Meant to Be
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Ted Jacob works for Jacob Innovative Creations. He answers the phone and helps disgruntled customers. As soon as someone hears his name, they assume he is related. He's not. Ted is getting ready to go on a trip with his friend Amanda. Well they were friends, ever since they started dating it don't seem like they are as close. He is seeing how needy she is. At thirty-three he is starting to feel the pressure to be married.

Megan Crane is on the train to Seattle, to meet her fiance's family. She don't really love Mike but he makes enough money to be a supportive husband and her mother likes him. She has found that the fun loving guys who usually attract her, are not good for her.

Cole Hunter was involved in the making of the time travel device at JIC. He decides to “borrow” it for the week-end, go make some money in the past, and live it up in the future. Blake Landon figures out Cole took the device and is after him. When they all end up on the same Amtrak it only takes a moment for Megan to Get pushed into Ted as Blake runs into Cole and pushes him into Megan. And suddenly the four of them are in Fargo, North Dakota 1898.

One thing leads to another in Ruth's humorous storytelling ways. From Megan being considered a whore because she has shorts and short sleeves on to Ted and Megan thrown in jail because of their odd ways and weird currency. Cole continues to run from Blake, not realizing he brought others along with him. Unique story.
**Sensual situations within marriage
Book 2: A Chance in Time
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You will definitely want to read Meant to Be first to fully understand what is happening in this book. In the first book Cole Hunter steals a time machine gadget he helped create, his life was going down the tubes and he wanted to go back in time, get some gold and be back to replace the gadget by Monday. Only his co-worker found out and four people end up in Fargo, ND 1898.

This book begins where Penelope, a widow living alone in the middle of nowhere, finds Cole almost dead. He had been running from Blake and had swam some ways in the water. Between swallowing the water and sunburn, he is burning with fever. Not wanting to lose another man, as she did a year ago when her husband Randy died, she is determined to save Cole. He recovers and helps her around the homestead but he must get to Fargo to find the missing chip and go back to the future.

Penelope assumes he must have a wife somewhere. She knows Cole cares for her but he was determined to leave. Meanwhile, she ends up taking a young Indian woman home with her. She helps Martha learn some English and delivers her baby. This connects to the Native American Series in some way. This book was short and just tying the ends together for Penelope and Cole's story.
**Sensual situations within marriage
Native American Series:
Book 1: Restoring Hope
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In book 2 of the Time Travel Series: A Chance in Time, we meet a young pregnant woman who is an American Indian. Penelope takes her home with her and delivers the young woman's baby. In Restoring Hope we see the rest of the story that leads up to that point and what happens after. Ruth has really put the reader through the ringer on this one. The book will have you in an emotional turmoil at one point when the impossible seems to happen. It is really good just some heavy twists and turns that make it that much more of a “can't put it down” type book.

Woape is running away from a cruel Sioux Indian who captured her and mistreated her. She is rescued by a white man, Gary Milton, who was able to chase the warrior off with his gun. Problem is that this warrior does not give up what he considers his. Woape feels safe with Gary and becomes like his shadow. Through the language barrier of Woape not speaking English and Gary not knowing Mandan a misunderstanding leads in different directions but comes together when they marry. This book made me think how difficult it must be for someone to be where they don't understand the language people speak all around them. It ends up that the language barrier will be one of the smaller mountains Woape will learn to climb. Looking forward to the next books in this series.
**This historical Native American Romance is rated R.

Book 2: Brave Beginnings
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You will definitely want to read Restoring Hope first. The books can be stand alone but by reading them as a series it will help to understand this book better. In the first book Julia Milton has been mean and nasty to her brother Gary and especially hateful towards his new wife, Woape, a Mandan Indian. Through a series of incidents, that Julia could be blamed for, she goes to find her missing brother and wife with her Aunt Erin and Chogan, a man from Woape's tribe who had come to take her home. Chogan had wanted to marry Julia but she refused. So now we come to book 2.

Julia and Erin have moved to Bismark, North Dakota to be closer to where Gary and Woape's tribe lived. While there Julia runs into Earnest, a man who wanted to marry her years ago. She had refused because of Gary being young yet. Now she wonders if there was another reason, like that he was boring.

Meanwhile Chogan is being pressured to marry again. His first marriage was an arranged one with no love, this time he wanted love. Only he thought Julia had chosen Earnest. This book is full adventure, mysteries and love so strong that we see how far someone will go to be with the one they love. Sarita is a young Mandan who wants Chogan as her husband and she won't give up until she gets what she wants. She is the type of character you want to jump in the book and whack her a good one, not that it would help. When the characters end up in Jamestown we get to visit with old friends at the General Store, Todd & Ann Brothers along with Mrs. Coley. I'm looking forward to the 3rd book in this series, Bound by Honor.
*Sexual situations within marriage

Book 3: Bound by Honor Bound by Love
Citlali is second chief in his tribe. When Mankah passes on, he will be the new chief. He has always been able to put on an emotionless face and many in the tribe thought him cold. He could not be vulnerable and lose the respect of the tribe that he would one day lead. The chief is wanting to make changes to the tribe….changes that will help bring back the old ways but will have a negative impact on Citlali’s new wife. Will he have to choose between the honor he is bound by or will love have a choice?

Onawa has loved Citlali as long as she can remember. She was happy when her sister Woape chose to leave the tribe rather than marry him. And now that her sister is happily married to Gary she is free to have Citlali to herself. The old laws allowed for a man to marry sisters. And she did not want to share Citlali. Only she is finding out very quickly that she is truly second in his life as when the chief calls, Citlali must answer immediately and do his bidding. Can her love for him be strong enough to allow his duty to the chief and tribe come before her?

This final book of the Native American Series ends on a bitter sweet note. The chief is trying to save the ways of his people but change is coming and won't be stopped. In real life the last full blooded Mandan Indian has passed away. In this book many old friends from the previous books in the series have converged into this one. Chogan and Julie, Gary and Woape, Aunt Erin, Cole and Penelope who have a very interesting story. If you enjoy series you may want to start with the Time Travel Series; Meant to Be introduces Cole Hunter and A Chance in Time tells Cole & Penelope’s story. That book will lead you into this series of Restoring Hope and Brave Beginnings.
**Sexual situations within marriage
Across the Stars Series:
Book 1: Suddenly a Bride
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I just love Ruth's books! Her hero's are the sweetest guys and you just fall for them as they try and please the love of their life. In this case our hero is Rilo An from Pandoran, a planet where there were only men left. He goes to Star Systems Unlimited and pays them to choose him a wife from Earth. He wants a woman willing to be his Life Mate and who will want children with him. He knows when he finds her that a special hormone will release from him giving her the desire to bond with him and that will make them Life Mates, or in earth terms, married. While waiting for his trip to earth he meets Marn. Marn has chosen to go to Earth and look rather then have the Life Mate chosen for him. Marn, who becomes Mark on earth, wants to know the woman would choose him as well. They meet again once they arrive and even end up working in the same place... a job that was the most challenging for them, as they are coming from an extremely advanced world. But lonely without women.

Caitlyn Davis is a waitress. Her first husband, Randy, passed away three years ago. She worked with her best friend, Sandy who was also Randy's sister. A man comes to the diner and Caitlyn waits on him, he is one of the sweetest men she's met in awhile. He asks her to eat with him and she does. Rilo's earth name is now Chris West and before Caitlyn knows what hit her, she is suddenly Caitlyn West. Through out the story we see where Chris feels like he has to be like Randy to gain Caitlyn's love. The villain in the story is her mother who likes to rule her daughters lives, she manages to get her claws into Chris and convince him that he has to do certain things to prove his love for her daughter. Poor Chris is so eager to prove he is as worthy as Randy that he falls for it. I can't wait until the next two books are written.
**Sexual situations within marriage. Rated R.
Book 2: Runaway Bride
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Mark Tanner had come from Pandoran the same time as Chris West. Only Mark wanted to find his own wife instead of letting the agency find one for him. He decided that Caitlyn’s sister was the one for him, too bad if she was already engaged.

Lexie Rogers was learning how to be the perfect future wife for Dr. Nick Hammond. How to say the right things to the right people. How to look pretty for her future husband and not embarrass him. Meanwhile her mother was planning the wedding and her future life. But what did Lexie want?

Suddenly a Bride is book one in this series. Two men come from a planet where women no longer exist. They truly appreciate not only the women they find as life mates but also the idea of having children, something that had ceased as a normal function on their planet. These guys from another world are quite endearing to all around…..well maybe not the girls mother.
**Sensual content within marriage

Book 3: His Abducted Bride
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Sandy Davis keeps striking out with men so she turns to writing in her spare time. To her surprise she ends up with some very pushy characters, one who wants to tell her how to write her story. Suddenly Sandy finds herself living life inside her book and all control has been taken away from her. And she’s given an ultimatum….change your story or else!

Gavin Blackheart is not the evil killing beast that the author has made him. He is desperate to prove himself to her before she kills him off. What can a king do but kidnap the queen, or in this case the author, and force her to see things his way. She may be stubborn but his life depends on being more stubborn.

This is the third book in this series. Sandy’s friend Caitlyn finds happiness when Chris comes from another world and claims her as his wife. Sandy had hopes of snagging Chris’s outer world friend Mark as her own, but he had other plans. Finally Sandy gets her story and of course just like Caitlyn she didn’t quite find herself an everyday normal man.
**Sexual content within marriage
Montana Series
Book 1: Mitch's Win
Heather Curtiss was rather sheltered. She took care of her parents until both of them passed and then met a brother who had left home before she ever knew him. Now she wishes Abe never came home. Circumstances changed from Heather being sent out East to an aunt to suddenly get thrown into a kitty so her brother could continue to gamble!

Mitch Grady was not going to continue to bail his brother, Boaz, out. For two years now Boaz had been drinking and gambling, not taking responsibility for his life. Including his two children who were in Mitch's care until Boaz cleaned up his act. Mitch was done, no matter how much his mother pleaded with him. Who knew that this one last bail-out would end so well for Mitch.

The beginning of another good series from Ruth Ann Nordin. Mitch was at the right place and the right time to rescue Heather. And in the end, she rescued him. Once again these characters come to life and latch on to the readers heartstrings. Boaz is so lost after his wife dies and gets caught up a lifestyle he can't escape. Looking forward to Boaz’s Wager and Patty’s Gamble. You meet both of these characters in Mitch’s Win.
**Sexual content within marriage
**Historical Western Romance Rated R

Book 2: Boaz's Wager
Eva Connealy was heading to Montana to be a schoolteacher. Her former student Rachel Larson was going as a mail-order bride. Suddenly a stage robbery changed both of their plans. The robbers weren't able to get money so they decided to go to a town lacking in women and auction them off, like measly cattle that had no choice.

Boaz Grady had fell off the deep end when his wife died in childbirth. After several years of being the town drunk he finally pulled his life together. Now he wanted his kids with him, for that he would need a wife. Good think he ran across his friend Herb and the auction.

Fears can become so deep that they paralyze us. Boaz had those kind of fears. If one wife died...another one could as well. This is also a reminder that life could be hard back in the day. Another good story from Ruth Ann Nordin and plenty of tidbits to get the reader wondering what will happen with Patty and Greg in the third book, Patty's Gamble. The first book in the series is Mitch's Win.
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 3: Patty's Gamble
Patty Dixon is sure that Greg Wilson cares for her. So she sets up a trap to get him to marry her. And it works...sort of. Just because she is his wife in name,
it doesn’t mean he’s going to give her a real marriage. Patty gets ready to hang on for the ride of her life because she is going to win her husband’s heart.

Greg Wilson realizes all the things he could have done differently to get out of this marriage. A marriage he’s pretty sure he was tricked into. It’s not that Patty isn’t pretty, the fact is he never wanted a wife and he has darn good reasons for his decision. He just needs to find the right way to get her to run back to her pa’s ranch and leave him alone.

Patty hides who she really is to please her new husband. She also hides the secret of her entrapment she used on him. As we all’s not good to keep a secret. They always find a way to get out. Old friends are revisited in this story also which I always enjoy seeing how characters from previous stories are doing. Another enjoyable story from this author.
**Sexual content within marriage
More to come...

Substitute Bride
  Amazon        Smashwords
Alexandra 'Dixon is just one of the guys. Hanging out, playing and watching sports, etc. When her friend Kevin needs to marry within a month to get an inheritance his aunt left him, Alex tries to help him pick the right gal but he picks one that is all wrong for him and their friendship. Now Alex has to decide how far she’ll go to stop this marriage….even if it includes acting like a girl.

Kevin Edwards can’t imagine his life without his best friend Alex. He has chosen to marry Tammy as she’s pretty and he already likes her. He don’t believe he’ll lose Alex as a friend, he won’t allow it. Goes to show you how little this guy understands about the workings of the inner minds when it comes to women!

Ruth once again brings to life some lovable characters….and an the unlovable ones as well. This was a shorter book to read but lacking in nothing. Once again showing the reader that sometimes the best things are right in front of us….so close we can’t see them.
**Sexual situations within marriage
Enchanted Galaxy Series
Book 1: A Royal Engagement
Ann Kerwin is going nowhere in her life, or so it seems. The past continually comes back at her, having her second guess old decisions. Her future looks bleak. And then he comes into her life. Actually right into her living room. A man telling her she will be the queen in another galaxy and everyone there is depending on her arriving safely. Talk about going from zero to one hundred and two seconds flat!

Hathor will have the honor of marrying the new queen if he can bring her safely to Raz. For some reason the Palers are delaying their arrival and trying to kill his future wife, the next queen. If he cannot bring Ann safely to will be the end of his beloved planet and everyone there. No pressure at all.

This fantasy story has so many unique creatures and people in it. Leo the lion who is more like a dog, fauns, goblins and the Greek gods and goddesses of mythology to name just a few. As always the author writes characters that endear themselves to the reader. Plenty of adventure and excitement on the road to becoming queen and the blooming romance. And just be warned that the Palers do have pretty nasty eating habits and aren’t the nicest of beings, or at least some of them.
**Sexual content
Book 2: Royal Hearts
Book 3: The Royal Pursuit
Book 4: Royal Heiress
Yet to come...
Marriage Can Kill
Wagon Trail Bride
Short Stories:
The Cowboy's Wish
B&N      Smashwords
This is only about five pages, a truly short story. While the cowboy is wishing for a wife and sitting on his horse. A mustang comes up to him, only it is not the animal but a car.
The Path to Christmas 
B&N      Smashwords
Six children leave home to find their way to the true meaning of Christmas. The angel tells them not to stray from the path or they will get lost. A Short story.
Supernatural Thriller Series:
Christian Fiction...
Return of The Aliens
Amazon      B&N      Smashwords
In one moment, millions of people disappear. Among them is Autumn's sister and Alex's fiance, Marianne. At the same time the people vanish, aliens are coming to Earth.
The aliens say they want to advance man to  the next level in evolution, but Autumn and Alex aren't convinced. Looking for answers and Marianne, they follow a lead to Area 51. All they find are more questions, and Alex discovers his nightmares have just begun.
Meanwhile, Autumn meets Devon who is one of the conspirators behind the plot to keep humans unaware of what is really going on. When Autumn demands he tell her the truth, he warns her that she better stop looking or she'll end up dead. but can she stop searching when she fears Marianne might need her?
This Christian sci-fi thriller explores the possibility that conspiracy theories and Biblical prophecies are about to collide. Is this the end of the world as we know it?
If you like angels, demons and fallen angels blended with conspiracy theories, this will probably interest you. Ruth does write these books from a Christian slant. Though this is not a retelling of Revelation, the book of Revelation has inspired parts of this series.
Book includes following Novella's:
1: The Vanishing
2: The Watchers
3: The Leader
4: The Mark
5: The Deception
6: Nightmare Hall
7: The Big Event
If you enjoy Ruth's books you 
may also enjoy Rose Gordon


  1. The Watcher, by Deen Koontz. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I think it has a strong message. Such as, the government shouldn¿t play God. In the book scientist create a genetic monster of savage brutality, and a clever, extremely intelligent K-9 for possible weapons of war. But when both escape, a horrible plague is let loose among innocent civilians as the beast kills more and more in search for the Dog. The book is intense and could be enjoyed by anyone old enough to enjoy books.

  2. The previous comment is about a different book. Ruth's book is called The Watchers and it is part of the Return of the Aliens series.

  3. I am a very big fan you Ruth Ann. I enjoyed reading this blog and appreciate you giving your time Ruth. Also to you Judy.

    1. Thanks, Debbie Lou. Make sure and enter Ruth's giveaway. If the form don't work go to the top link for the blog party and let me know. Thanks!

    2. Thank you, Debbie. :-) I didn't realize people were commenting under the interview until today when I saw comments on a different review, so I came over to mine to see if anyone had said anything. I appreciate the fact that you took time to comment and am very touched by your kind words. Thank you again. :-)

  4. Loved the interview! So many interesting books too. Thanks for sharing. Thanks Judy for the party I am really enjoying meeting all of these new authors.

    1. Judy did an awesome job of getting the party and blog organized. I'm amazed she gets as much done as she does. I keep wondering when she sleeps. :D