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Pamela Nissen Book List

Pamela Nissen
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Interview with Pamela Nissen
When I'm not writing I do not lack for hobbies.
I love scrapbooking (I'm currently working on my youngest son's life-overview scrapbook for his graduation this May). I also enjoy sewing, decorating, cooking, baking, hot yoga and most anything outdoors. I also thoroughly enjoy cheering on my children in their passions. 

What is your favorite genre?
My favorite genre, hands-down, is historical romance. I love reading about simpler times, less cluttered by all the modern things that can crowd out real life.  Maybe that's because a fairly large part of me longs for simplicity. ☺️

Any advice for new authors?
My advice to someone who is just starting out in their writing journey is to, first and foremost, not overthink things. Write the story. Get it out on paper and then begin refining from there. 

Do you ever forget that your characters are not real?
I absolutely forget that my characters are not real.  I think that's because every character I write (albeit the villainous ones) are a part of me. There have been times, at church, where I have almost asked for prayer for my characters.  Especially when they reach a crossroads, and I have to help them find their way to the land of resolution. It is hard for me to separate my fictional characters from reality. 
Rocky Mountain Series
Book 1: Rocky Mountain Match
 Joseph Drake had an accident that left him blind. As expected he is not dealing well with it. He believes his sight will return, how could he not hope for that.

His brother, Ben, who is also his doctor has hired Katie Ellickson to teach him how to deal with his blindness. She is experienced with working with people in Joseph's predicament and quite patient with him. Katie was looking for a reason to leave her home in Iowa. A trusted church member had done her wrong and threatened to hurt those she loves if she told anyone about what he had done to her.

Joseph cannot see Katie but starts caring for her from what he can “see” of her character. He decides if he gets his sight back that he will move on his feelings. Joseph feels that if his sight does not return to where he is a whole man again that he will not follow his heart. When Katie truly needs him, Joseph finds strength amidst his blindness.
This is such a touching story that I personally needed the Kleenex box nearby.
Book 2: Rocky Mountain Redemption
Callie Drake has been abused by her husband, Max Drake, for seven years. At his death six months ago he shocked her by telling her to seek out his brother Ben. He had always told her that his brothers had stolen from him and that he'd been mistreated as well.

Dr. Ben Drake had chose to be a bachelor. At age twenty-nine he had helped raise his four younger brothers and was content with being a doctor to those who needed him. Ben felt he failed two of his brothers recently though. He could not help Joseph regain his eyesight and he could not save Aaron's baby or wife. And then there was Max, he was not able to keep Max on the straight and narrow path no matter how often he tried to rescue his brother.

Callie feels as if she is going to die by the time she makes it to Ben's home and he is not home. The only dress she had was a hand me down from one of the working girls. Max had owed a large debt and she had been cooking and cleaning at a brothel. When she was told that she would have to start doing more than that she knew she had to get out of there. That is how Ben found her, on his doorstep, dressed like a fallen dove.
Book 3: Rocky Mountain Proposal
 Aaron is like the living dead. He works his farm and helps Joseph with his furniture business. His baby son, Jeremiah, had been still born. His wife and the love of his life, Ellie, was weak from the birth and when Aaron closed his eyes for just a little bit she made it out to the baby's grave and that is where Aaron found her lifeless body.

Aaron is helping his friend Paul cut down trees, one falls wrong and lands on Paul. His friend asks Aaron to promise him to hold onto hope and not to let go. Aaron quickly agrees thinking Paul is talking about his faltering faith. Then he finds he needs to go to pick up something from the train station for Paul. He finds a lone woman, not a package of some sort. She says she is waiting for Paul and when Aaron hears her name is Hope he realizes the promise he made had a deeper meaning.
No one knew that Paul had found himself a mail-order bride. Hope is coming from Boston where her father had lost his fortune and with more sisters at home she chose to be less of a burden and come to Boulder, Colorado.

Paul passes away before they get back from the station but he has left all his land and money to Hope. Aaron has offered to marry her as Paul asked him to but Hope refuses. She will not marry out of obligation but she does allow Aaron to help her on the farm and that is fine with him.

This is a cute story how this city girl falls in love with her animals and names them all. Paul's sister Jane gets under her skin (and the readers skin as well!) Hope only shows her love, believing Jane's grief is what is causing her to behave so badly. There is more to Jane than that....
Book 4: Rocky Mountain Homecoming
Ivy Harris left Boulder, Colorado six years ago and never returned. After her mother's death her father seemed to blame her and sent her to New York. Their housekeeper, Violet, has written that her father is ill and she should come home, although it did not feel like home anymore. Ivy's dad does not welcome her. Things are not going well at the ranch. She has an assistant Editor's job waiting for her in New York. And she may be falling for Zach Drake.

Zach Drake had overcome much. He loves his three older brothers who have done well for themselves and he feels he needs to prove himself. He has been the foreman at the Harris ranch the past year and that was not bad for his twenty-three years. It has also been two years since he had overcome the stuttering that started twelve years ago. Coming out of the Mercantile in town he sees a woman fall in the mud after fighting off a bird. He tries to help her and settle her down, seems she is terrified of birds but her hat is designed to attract the critters. When the young woman finally looks at him, his heart stops. Ivy Grace Harris. His stuttering starts again.

Pamela has endearing characters and you enjoy each one as she brings them back for a visit in the other books. The Drake brothers, Joseph, Ben and Aaron have found happiness and love. A happy finale to the series. She has added two unique characters in this final book, Shakespeare & Buddy. A unique cat and a barn owl.

Brides of the West
Her Ideal Husband by Pamela Nissen
Lydia Townsend's father was the foreman on the Gentry ranch. She grew up as Jeb's shadow. She may have been six years younger then Jeb but she knew at a young age she loved him. Until the day five years ago when he shunned her and she had to move to Chicago with her aunt because her father had died. She was moving back to Copper Creek, Colorado because it was more her home then Chicago was but she was not coming back to Jeb. Only he found her while she was trying to retrieve something from a cabin on his land.

Jeb had missed Lydia. The day she left five years ago he noticed she had become a young woman. Much has changed since she left. His father had died and left him struggling to hang unto the land he loved. Can Jeb give into his heart and tell Lydia how he feels or will his pride of not having anything to offer her keep him from it?

If you enjoyed this story by Pamela Nissen make sure and check out her Rocky Mountain Series of four books about the Drake brothers. It's a great series.


  1. Hello Pamela, I think I read the first one of the Rocky Mtn books but not all of the series would love to read these , hope you are giving away a print book...
    Paula O

  2. Loved all the books Pamela! !! I had to make sure to read them when I knew I would have a lot of time to myself because of how it emotionally drew me into the story!

  3. Hi Pamela, Great interview! The Rocky Mountain series sounds really great. I will have to check those out. I scrapbook too and for our 30th wedding anniversary I made my husband an album from our first 30 years. It was kind of cool going back and seeing all of those old photos too. Hope your sone will love his album.

  4. I love your interview! I also love to scrapbook. Twice a year I travel from Cleveland, OH to Seattle, to visit my sister and 6-8 other friends at a retreat. Just recently I got back from the latest having completed 64 pages for two different albums. Good luck with the book for graduation! I have done three of them and they are still cherished by my children. I have not read any of your books, but have added many of them to my TBR and wish list. Thanks for stopping by to party with Judy!