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Interview with Pamela Tracy
Name one thing about yourself that would shock readers if they knew.
Ummm, errr, ahhh, nope can't tell that one.
Three interesting things about me are
1) Fifteen years ago, I sold my first romance!
2) Twelve years ago I dialed a number and said, "My name is Pamela Tracy, I was born on October 22, 1960, do you want to talk me to?" And, my birth mother said, "YES!"
3) Nine years ago, at age 44, I gave birth to a wonderful, talented, amazing son.

What is the strangest real life situation that is in one of your stories?
Readers tell me that I do police stations well. I'm not a cop, but I've been in plenty. In college, my boyfriend was picked up for kidnapping. He and I spent the whole night in a tiny room being interrogated. My boyfriend happened to look like, and be dressed like, a man accused of carjacking a teenager and making the teenager give him money. LOL. Problem was, my boyfriend and I had worked all night (at a restaurant) and then twelve of us went to a video arcade - still in our work clothes. My boyfriend was a cook, so he was wearing a T-shirt and jeans while I was in my Red Lobster waitress uniform. There was no window of time for my boyfriend to be a kidnapper. That interrogative appears in Pursuit of Justice, a 2009 Rita nominee.

Oh, and the teenager had stolen his dad's money, spent it, got scared, and made up an elaborate story to try to stay out of trouble. Er, didn't work.

When did you start writing?
I started writing in junior high, so I had to be about fourteen or fifteen. I did my writing two ways. The first was on the phone. Yup. My friend Debbie Klein and I were in love with two boys from Skateland. They, of course, didn't know we existed - except as chubby preteen pests. Debbie and I would be on the phone and she would make up a story about what would happen between me and Dan should we meet on a cruise (not the Titanic). Then, I would take my turn. Back and forth we'd go. I also wrote a whole series about a runaway who followed the railroad tracks from town to town. David Cassidy happened to be in every town she traveled through. I started again in college, writing Sci Fi. Then, in my thirties, I seriously began to write romance.

What is your favorite genre?
Right now, I can't get enough cozy paranormals. I just started book four in Karen White's Tradd Street series.

Favorite book or character you have written?
Pursuit of Justice, my first Love Inspired Suspense, is my all-time favorite. It waited its turn for eight years. When I wrote it, about book fourteen, I finally figured out how to write. It felt, while writing, like I'd left elementary school and gone to high school. I knew what I was doing.

Do you write about places you have lived?
Most of my books are set in Arizona, where I live. I often change the name of the town so I can have creative lee-way. Right now I'm writing about a place called Scorpion Ridge (my August 2013 release Katie's Rescue). It's really a little town near Tucson with a dash of Globe and Cottonwood thrown in. Oh, and definitely the town of Gesippi (Book three in that series) is really Florence, Arizona. I do a lot of Nebraska and Texas, too, because I lived there.   
The Rancher's Daughters Series
 Sisters find hope, love and redemption in the Arizona desert
Book 1: Finally a Hero
Jesse Campbell's life had been tough and it was about to get tougher. He was leaving prison a changed young man. He had a job waiting for him and he was now a Christian. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. His first challenge walking through the gate was the woman waiting for him. His mother. And she had a big surprise for him.

Eva Hubrecht needed to get their ranch in the black and her dad wasn't helping much. For instance, hiring an ex-con was not in their budget. Especially this man. Eva's two sisters had moved on and it was up to her to keep things going.

I loved this story. Jesse faced the real struggle of facing the world after being in prison. Being prejudged before he had a chance to prove himself. And on top of that, he finds out he has a son he never knew about. What a great journey this story takes the reader on as it shows the different struggles of the characters.
Book 2: Second Chance Christmas
Elise Hubrecht had, in a way, run away from home after high school. After a tragedy, she blamed herself and felt that staying out of Apache Creek was the best cure. Leaving her family and friends behind. Including the man she loved and was going to marry. And now, ten years later, it's time to come home.

Cooper Smith felt burdened after returning home when his father fell ill and then passed away. He had a store to run, a mother who was still grieving deeply, and a younger brother who decided to start misbehaving. Even in his busy life, he still felt lonely. Especially since the cause of that loneliness just came back to town.

Another fantastic series by this author. In book one, Finally a Hero, her older sister finds happiness at home while Elise and the youngest sister, Emily, are still away. Now that Elise has returned, maybe she can put the past behind her and start living again. Looking forward to the next book.
Book 3: Arizona Homecoming
Emily Hubrecht is back home in Apache Creek, Arizona. She loves everything about being here—her family, church, neighbors, and history. As curator of the Native American Museum she wants to teach others about the history of the area and her own roots, as her mom was Native American.

Donovan Russell just wants to pay off his debt to Nolan Tate so he can work on projects he enjoys most...rather than these luxury homes. Who thought he'd run into so much trouble on his present project? A local woman was trying to stop him at every turn. Seems she didn't need to after all... Not after what they found on the land.

Emily is someone who loves being home and everything that comes with staying in one place. Donovan left home for college and never returned. They are quite an unlikely pair to be able to find happiness. I've really enjoyed this series. Each sister is so unique, along with the other characters around them.

Mistletoe Kisses: Two by Two
Emmaline Bartlett has had a full life for her young age. Her mom died and recently her father passed. And now her husband was gone. She had no money, no home, nobody. No, Jasper had taught her about God. She had Him. And now she has Frank Bartlett to help her. He is nothing like Jasper was, but this older brother was everything she needed.

I loved the characters in this story. They had much to overcome and a choice to how they reacted to what life threw at them. This story takes place in the 1880s.
Scorpion Ridge, Arizona Series
Book 1: Katie's Rescue
Katie Vincent has left her childhood behind, good riddance. After her father chose his performing animals over his daughters, after what happened to her sister Janie and after the nightmare of being sent to their aunt's home...she wanted nothing to do with the past. And then the phone call comes in, the man who bought her father's animals after his death wants her to come help with the panther. She has no choice but to go back and face her past.

Luke Rittenhouse needs to make a go of the animal park, he promised his sister. He bought out Bob Vincent's trained animals in hopes of making more money, only now the main performer seems to be in a depression and dying. The old fellow who came with the Vincent animals claims Katie can help the big cat. Luke thinks that man might have been very wrong.

What an excellent story. If you are an animal lover you will enjoy the animals antics and the people who love and care for them. Things don't always turn out perfect for the humans or animals...that's real life. I enjoy the authors books as they often take place in Arizona and I can connect with some areas that are mentioned. This is the beginning of a series with the unique group of people who work At Bridget's AZ Animal Adventure, where everyone deserves a chance. Book two will be out in May and is titled What Janie Saw.
Book 2: What Janie Saw
Janie Vincent's life is much better these days, but she's still restless. She finally has a goal and is getting closer to it. A trip to Africa to capture the animals in the wild with her pencil and paints. Traveling. Everything changes when she sees something that puts her in danger, and worse than that—she has to be around her archenemies...cops.

Sheriff Rafe Salazar is determined to help the Travis family find closure after their daughter goes missing. He knows what it's like firsthand to not know where a loved one is. What he doesn't expect is to have Janie thrown into the investigation and needing him to protect her. Is his protection business or personal?

What a story! Just like Katie's Rescue (book one) kept the reader turning pages, this book continues in the same vein. Danger seems to suddenly explode around them, among other things. This is a great mystery filled with suspense, danger and, of course...romance. Looking forward to reading book three: Holiday Homecoming.
Book 3: Holiday Homecoming
Meredith Stone loves her job at Bridgett's Animal Adventure in Scorpion Ridge. It was close enough to her hometown for a quick visit now and then. Very quick. Now it seems her grandfather needed her, whether he wanted her help or not. And she was heading back to a town full of memories, most of them not very good.

Jimmy Murphy is back home for a short time for his brother's wedding and a break. He's hoping to find the right story to get him back on top at the magazine he works for. It couldn't be a worse time for Meredith to return home. On the other hand, her wolf dog could be just the story he needs.

Their past didn't work out so well, but maybe their future can be different. More is going on than meets the eye though. Grandpa Ray Stone is on edge, things are turning up that shouldn't, and a love from the past may still have some live sparks. If you enjoy series you'll want to start from the beginning with Katie's Rescue and What Janie Saw.
Book Four: Small-Town Secrets
Book Five: The Missing Twin
Angela Taylor, or at least that is the name she is going by while living in Scorpion Ridge, has broken the witness protection protocol because of her twin sense. She knows something is wrong with her twin sister and is determined to find almost all costs.

Jake Farraday left his job as a cop a decade ago after feeling responsible for a civilian getting hurt because he didn't break his cover. Now, as a forest ranger, he feels more capable of protecting land instead of people. Until Angela comes to town. He feels he may have a second chance at redemption.

Such a good series. Living in Arizona, I always enjoy Pamela's books because I can somewhat relate to the areas that they take place...even though fictional places. She also brings the previous characters back into the books, which helps connect the stories and people.
It Only Takes a Spark
Re-issued in a 4 in 1 Heaven Sent by Crossings A Tender Melody in 2005.
Isobella de facto la Rosa will be leaving Mayhill, Nebraska in four months. Heading back to sunny Phoenix where there is no snow. And yet this small town seems to be getting it’s hooks into her heart. Especially after a handsome fireman with sad eyes returns some overdue books at the library, where she works. What she reads in the journal he accidentally returned with the books has her on a mission to save him.

Parker Strickland’s family roots are here in Mayhill. But after his wife dies he goes back to Lincoln to finish school and has returned home once again. He may be alive but he only goes through the motions of living, until he sets his eyes on the lovely librarian.

Parker and Izzy become the target of small town matchmakers. The more they try to avoid each other….the more their friends throw them together. Between a runaway boy, a cat in the tree, and a cousin who has gone down the wrong path and a town centennial celebration….Love begins. But Izzy cannot make a non-believer her life partner….and Parker don’t see the need for God in his life.

This is a Heartsong Presents and I really enjoyed it. Pamela hits on the uniqueness of a small town where everyone knows every time you leave the house. The loneliness of losing someone you love and being torn between where you think your life is and where God wants you to be. It was a really good story.

Resolutions: Letters to Timothy
Re-issued as Heart's Promise
Five needy people are united by one pen pal letter.
Other Authors: Carol Cox, Peggy Darty & Yvonne Lehman
Lessons of the Heart: Test of Time
Four Novellas in which modern teachers learn about love.
Other Authors: Yvonne Lehman, Kristin Billerbeck & Linda Goodnight
The Sewing Circle: Jacob's Ladder
One woman inspires faith in four different romances. Historical novellas based around one 1830's Ohio Valley town. A "Titus" woman starts a sewing circle to mentor younger women in Christ. The four stories are the mentored woman and their love relationships, all linked by the sewing circle. 
Other Authors: Andrea Boeshaar, Cathy Marie Hake & Sally Laity.
Dear Miss Lonely Heart: I Do Too
Shelby Tate prides herself in her career climb to managing editor of Agape Today magazine, but she is without an advice writer... again. If only Sebastian Maitland, owner of the magazine, would let her hire a married person for the job. When Sebastian tells her to write it herself, her pride takes a tumble. Shelby's new role is about to change her ideas about career...and men.
Wildflower Brides: Murder or Matrimony
Thousands of hearty souls are traveling from Independence, Missouri, to the northwestern frontier, along the Oregon Trail. Each is dreaming of a new life full of hope and prosperity. Megan is running from her past - and, before long, trying to protect her secret from a Pinkerton agent in the wagon train. Will she be forced to choose Murder or Matrimony before she reaches Devil's Gate?
Other Authors: Andrea Boeshaar, Cathy Marie Hake & Sally Laity
Bride for a Bit: From Alarming to Charming
This was such an enjoyable book!
Misreading an order for bridles, a New England farmer sends his four sisters-in-laws as mail-order brides to Lickwind, Wyoming. When the four women step off the train, astonishment turns to mayhem as the men of the town suddenly spruce up and make time for courting. Since James Collingswood - still without tack for his horses - can't afford train tickets to send the women back, they'll have to stay. But what future is there in Lickwind for: Matty, the sociable sister who irritates James' very soul with her unending friendliness to the eager men of Lickwind. Corrine, the mom-to-be still so pained over her young husband's death that she barely knows Luke Collingswood is alive. Bess, who insists that the town must have a church, reform the brothel women and straighten up the saloon keeper, Gideon Rikers. Bertie, who can outperform any man she ever meets... until the mysterious Thomas Hardin becomes her personal protection agency. Under such absurd circumstances, the sisters will certainly find laughter in Lickwind...but will they also find love? One thing's for sure- the town will never be the same again!
Other Authors: JoAnn A. Grote, Cathy Marie Hake & Janelle Burnham Schneider.
Attic Treasures: Seeking the Lost
Lydia Dunmore is preparing to move from her country house to a retirement home in the city and has invited her four granddaughters to choose something to keep from her attic of long-forgotten treasures. Sheila seeks a doll she played with as a child, Kimber is intrigued by an old fishing tackle box, Lauren cherishes an antique christening gown and Jessica takes an intricately designed wooden box. The journey begun in a dusty attic leads each to new discoveries about her own life, and none of them realize the impact these items will have on their futures.
Other Authors: Wanda E. Brunstetter, Tammy Shuttlesworth & Janet Spaeth.
Grand Canyon Brides: From Famine to Feast
Committing themselves to at least a six-month contract with the Fred Harvey Company in 1908, four young women are determined to make a new start in Arizona while waiting  tables at a  restaurant along the rails near the Grand Canyon. Olivia has lost all the wealth she had growing up. Edie, looking for adventure, is greeted by a train robbery. Lillian seeks a rich husband. Katie is running from a dangerous past. Can these women maintain their respectable jobs, tame the west and find a haven for their hearts? Are there any men civilized enough for them?
Other Authors: Dianne Christner, Nancy J. Farrier & Darlene Mindrup.
Sweet Home Alabama: Ready or Not
An anonymous, old-fashioned love note-a literature student's homework assignment-has been misplaces by its author. Jason finds the love note and mistakenly believes his new employee, Nicole, is hopelessly infatuated with him. When Zak finds the note on his tool cart at the garage, he's convinced Ellen's snobby friends and wealthy parents no longer pose an obstacle and plots an all-out strategy to win her heart. A matchmaking sister uses the note to ignite romance between Samantha and her friend Garrett. And the note causes a collision of mistaken identity for Callie and Darryl and results in true love for two lonely souls.
Other Authors: Paige Winship Dooley, Pamela Griffin & Lisa Harris
Light For My Path for Teachers
The Classroom-it's one of the most challenging and yet rewarding places to serve. Prayer & Promises for Teachers helps classroom newcomers and veterans alike face the trials and appreciate the rewards. The devotional guide includes nearly two hundred uplifting promises from Scripture, along with contemporary prayers, all conveniently arranged by topic. From abilities, afternoons and bells to parents, tasks and understanding, her is biblical guidance on the everyday joys and frustrations of a vital calling. the beautiful printed leatherette binding makes this a lovely gift for teachers!
**Re-issued by Humble Creek with 40 additional entries.
Everyday Promises
Communication. Outward Appearance. Trust. Gifts. Worthiness.
These are just a few of the topics featured in Everyday Promises, a faith strengthening volume created to reassure today's woman of God's guarantees. God's promises are lifesaving and unchanging, an anchor for the storms women face on a daily basis. Over 200 succinct devotional prayers paired with related Bible promises are sure to lift the spirit of today's woman.
Pamela Tracy
Related Books
 Book 1: Pursuit of Justice
I really enjoyed these three books as they took place in Arizona and I "saw" familiar places while I read the books.
While helping the police bust a drug ring, Rosa Cagnalia witnessed a murder--one she was not being framed for. Officer Samuel Packard hauled her in, only to see another cop--his former partner--take her from the precinct without cause. So he followed. Betraying a friend went against Sam's beliefs, but he suspected that something was going on, and that Rosa just might be innocent. The dangerous predicament he discovered her in only cemented his desire to help. Now, if only he could get his beautiful suspect to cooperate...
Book 2: The Price of Redemption
Eric Santellis figures there might be worse things than finding a dead body in the shed of his grandfather's cabin. Police officer Ruth Atkins is just leaving a funeral of a fellow officer when she gets the call she's been praying for and dreading. A body has been discovered in the desert. Two years ago, her husband disappeared. A smear of blood dirtied the driver's seat of his cop car. Two unlikely heroes unite against all odds to solve the crimes and maybe, just maybe, put more then band aids on their broken hearts.
Coming from a mob family, it don't look good that Eric was just released from prison and now they are finding bodies on his property!
Book 3: Broken Lullaby
Growing up in a mob family had scarred Mary Santellis Graham. She'd thought running away would ensure her son didn't face the same horrors. But after three years on the lam the single mom couldn't live that way anymore. So she'd come back home to Broken Bones, Arizona-and found herself at the center of a baby brokering scandal. To prove her innocence and help a grieving mother, Mary had to turn to her family's nemesis-a cop...a cop named Mitch Williams. He'd been after her family for years, so could she trust him to have her best interest at heart?
Stand Alone Books
Daddy for Keeps
The moment Lucas "Lucky" Welch sees the black-haired, green eyed boy at the rodeo. He knows. The child is his late brother's son. But why has little Robby been kept a secret? He demands answers from Robby's adoptive mom, Natalie Crosby. But the pretty, protective woman isn't forthcoming. And once Lucky learns the truth behind Robby's birth, he understands. Especially when some family matters get more than complicated. As a bull rider, Lucky knows he just has to hang on tight and keep showing Natalie that is wish is true blue: to be a daddy - and husband - for keeps.
Fugitive Family
Six months ago, Alexander Cooke's life was wrecked. His wife was killed, his workplace was robbed...and the evidence pointed to him. He saw one way out--he grabbed his daughter and ran. Now he's got a new life. Yet even with his new identity as Greg Bond, he's still looking over his shoulder. Still waiting for danger to reappear. Then he meets charming schoolteacher, Lisa Jacoby, and forgets to keep his distance or protect his heart. When the killer returns, Alex won't run again. He's found a love and a family he'll do anything to protect.
Clandestine Cover-Up
The warning is painted blood red on Tamara Jacoby's door. Who wants the newcomer out of the small Nebraska town? Is the vandal connected to the stalker who drove her away from her big-city life? Tamara reluctantly turns to handsome contractor Vince Frenci, her brother-in-law's best friend. His protective instincts ignited, Vince is ready to battle an unknown enemy and uncover the threat to Tamara's life. But as the truth emerges, it becomes clear that someone wants certain secrets to stay buried...
Connected books...
Book 1: Once Upon a Cowboy
Joel McCreedy was the prodigal son. He had taken his share of the ranch at eighteen and set off for the rodeo to ride bulls. Eight years later he returns, broke both monetary and physical and perhaps even spiritually. His brother Jared was not welcoming and so he left and ended up falling asleep and hitting a fence. When he woke up he saw the most beautiful woman was helping him, and wondered why she told the nurse not to let her mother know she brought Joel in. He found out the next day, the town had believed Joel stole money from the Rodeo Club the night he left eight years ago. His brother would not even speak to him, he had paid the money back to avoid charges against Joel but he had not forgiven him.

Beth Armstrong recognized Joel's truck. She was surprised to see him after all this time and he had become a more handsome man than the boy she had been in love with. He was not for her though, he was not someone to stay around. And yet everyday she ran into Joel for one reason or another and every time he asked her out. His nephew, Matt, was in her class as well so Joel would come to pick him up. Jared had been married to Beth's good friend, Mandy, ever since she had died six months ago, so had Jared. Beth's mother did not like men who took chances, her father died being adventurous. Beth lived her life to please her mother unlike her sisters.

Joel's step-dad, Billy, had taken over helping the boys as Jared retreated more into himself. He found a way to push Joel and Jared to work together. This was such a good story and I hope there is more books that will build upon this one. The greatest character was three year old Caleb, he “yikes” everything. He was absolutely adorable!
Book 2: Once Upon a Christmas
The reader first meets Jared McCreedy in the first book, Once Upon A Cowboy. Widowed four years earlier and left with three sons to raise Jared had just started to work harder to escape his memories. Now it’s been pointed out to him that his youngest son, Caleb, may need some special help with his learning. And that the new gal in town may be able to help him. Jared is sure some extra attention is all Caleb needs.

Maggie Tate is enjoying living in the small town. She’s met some new friends and is building her business. What she doesn’t need is church or another man like her late husband. She found out God does answer prayers and it’s scared her enough to stay away from Him. And Jared seems to be the type of guy who’s too serious and too controlling. But how can she not interfere, oops not interfere, help this man with his son?

They both have a past to fight and issues to work through, but it seems that opposites attract and that it’s definitely pulling Jared and Maggie the same direction.
Summerside Series
Love Finds You...
Love Finds You in Sunflower, Kansas
Annie Jamison is a workaholic, must fix everything, middle daughter. She has started two business's and really does not have time for what seems to be her mother losing her common sense. Annie's controlled life flips upside down when her mother disappears on her new business of being an armchair detective. Annie and her two sisters have to become detectives to find out where her mom disappeared to and it all leads to Annie going to the retrieve their wayward mother in some non-existent place called Sunflower, Kansas. A trip that will challenge and change Annie forever.

Joe Kelly is attracted to Annie the minute he lays his eyes on her until he finds out she related to the woman he’s sure is conning his dad. They get over their rough beginning and work together so she can help her mom finish finding what is lost and get her back to Arizona. Only within a few days of meeting her, sending Annie back to Arizona is the last thing Joe wants.

This is one of those books where once I picked it up I didn't want to stop reading. It’s full of humor, a touch of, “who done it?” type mystery and even love at first sight. Tracy adds little things about the characters to make them seem like maybe they are the guilty party and keeps you guessing to the end. Most of the book takes place in Bonner Springs since the real Sunflower is deserted.

The Love Finds You series are individual books by Summerside Press. Different authors writing a romance story that takes place in towns with unique names. These towns are real. When finished the series will contain at last one story from all the fifty states.
Barbour Books
The Bartered Bride (Anthology)
From Alarming to Charming © 2003 by Pamela Kaye Tracy
The fourth and final book of the Craig sisters and Lickwind, Wyoming. Thomas Hardin is returning to Lickwind after seven long years. At age fifteen his father and him were chased out of town. His dad was labeled a cattle rustler. He knew returning wouldn’t be easy. And it wasn’t.

Bertie Craig found that for the first time in her life she wanted to be noticed as a female. She didn’t understand why she felt different around Thomas but she did know his ranch was the first time she felt like she was home in many a year. If only he didn’t think of her as nothing more than a squirt.
**Received through NetGalley for review

Stitched With Love (Anthology)
One Owner Heart (Heartwarming)


  1. Loved the interview. I loved when you said you dialed a number and asked the person on the other end if they wanted to talk to you and it was your mom. Pretty funny. You have several books that have got my attention. I need to start making a list of all of these books I want to read. It is getting to be too many to remember. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your welcome, Gail. I'm blessed. Finding my birth family gave me a half sister and a full brother, all of whom are glad I'm in their lives. I wish I'd done it sooner.