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Victoria Alexander Book List

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Interview with Victoria Alexander
Name one thing about yourself that would shock readers if they knew.
Sorry, but the most shocking things about me will go with me to the grave. Besides, I have always wanted to be mysterious and what fun is shocking secrets if you share them?

When not writing, what hobbies do you enjoy?
Travel, movies, cooking, ebay.

When did you start writing?
I used to be a television reporter so I've always written in one form or another. But I started seriously writing fiction about 20 years ago. Yikes!!! I didn’t realize it had been that long.

What is your favorite genre?
Definitely, without question romance in just about any form. I love paranormal, contemporaries, suspense and erotica. And I've gotten hooked on some fabulous YA authors. I am a woman of varied interests.

Have you traveled to do research for your books?
I love to travel! And I'll use any excuse. But for me travel tends to be more inspiring than research. I decided to set part of a book in Brighton after I visited, when it was too late to research. And I've been playing with an idea that comes directly from a fabulous trip to Italy.

Do you enjoy reading your own stories?
Ya know, when I was a reporter I always hated watching my own stories on air. At that point there was nothing I could do about it so why torture myself. I really don't go back and read my own books unless I have the opportunity to tweak for a reissue. I could probably tweak and fine tune any one of my books forever. I truly am my greatest critic.

Although, now that I've said that, I have to confess I've recently gone back and read bits and pieces of a couple of my Effington family books because I'm using a new family member, a descendent of the hero and heroine in The Marriage Lesson, in the book I'm starting now. And I'm enjoying revisiting those older stories.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
If I'm lucky.

Favorite book or character you have written?
My favorite book is always the book I've just finished because 1) it’s done and 2) I think it’s the best work I've done. But at Christmas, a very old novella I wrote—Promises to Keep—was finally available as an ebook and I have to admit—I do love that story. It makes me cry every time I read it.

Any advice for those who are just starting out?
Decide what you want out of writing. This is the hardest, most challenging work I've ever had. I just finished my 32nd novel and it’s not getting any easier. But there is nothing better than writing my favorite words—the end.

Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?
They're not???

Are you sad to end a series and leave the characters behind?
My series don't seem to actually end. In the Millworth Manor series I've tried to incorporate the Hadley-Attwater family. And now I'm bringing in a new Effington. So I never really leave a series.

Do you write about places you have lived?

Do you read the same types of books you write?
I do love all forms of romance but I rarely read historicals. That's the world I work in and I read for pure pleasure. Besides, I am horribly picky about historicals so it really takes the fun out of reading.

What is your go-to snack?
Cheezits. I love cheezits. So do my dogs.
The Effington Series
Book 1: The Wedding Bargain
The story takes place in the early 1800's England. Pandora Effington is known as the Hellion of Grosvenor Square. Pandora considers Maximillian Trent a rake, rogue, scoundrel and beast.
She has arranged to meet with him to see why he is leading her closest friend on, instead he turns it around to why she should be his mistress. She allows him to think she might. They are great with playing games with each other. In the end they make a bargain that had nothing to do with his so called attentions to Cynthia. If he can past a test of Pandora's choosing they will marry. Pandora is determined to win as she will only marry for love, thus why this is her 7th season and she is still single at age 24. 
Pandora realizes that Max has tricked her into marrying him so she comes up with the 12 trials Hercules had to pass. It seems it should be a no win situation and Max will back out of the deal. He don't. He takes it on and digs into the Greek myths to find how he can turn the trials to fit this age.
I like the way she lets other voices heard not only Max and Pandora but Cynthia and Laurie as well as others. It is well rounded writing and I can't wait to read the rest of the Effington series.

Book 2: The Husband List
Lady Gillian Effington Marley has been a widow for 8 years. She had no plans on remarrying until she found an Uncle left her a fortune, but she had 2 months to be married.

Her two best friends, men, helped put a list together. She did not know they were not serious. She chose the one man on the list who seemed she could marry, Richard Shelton, a reformed rake.
She approached him on the idea of a business marriage but he wanted the full marriage.
Etienne, an up and coming french painter, makes her feel the same as Richard when he touches her. Quite confusing.
Great story line and characters.

Book 3: The Marriage Lesson
The 3rd book in the Effington series brings us to Gillian's brother, Thomas and Richards 3 unmarried sisters, Marianne, Jocelyn & Rebecca or Becky as she prefers. Henry the dog has also joined them at Thomas's family home in London. His mother was to sponsor the girls for the season but his folks were off in America as Richard and Gillian were there to see what they owned and she became with child.
Marianne accidentally hears Thomas talking to a friend about getting the girls married off quickly so he can find his own wife. She does not want a husband and her sisters want to enjoy a few seasons unmarried. Marianne only wants adventure in her life.
To earn money she starts writing a weekly column called the True Adventures of the Country Miss. It quickly becomes popular and she uses some daring life lessons to make it exciting.
Every book makes a visit to Grandmother's week long house party as well.
Book 4: The Prince's Bride
Jocelyn, the 3rd sister in the Shelton family, was always known as the pretty one. She just wanted a rich husband so they would never be poor again. Her two older sisters had found love. Emma was married and living in Paris where she could paint and Marianne was about to marry Thomas Effington the following week. The long season was almost over and here Jocelyn was with a real prince. Her dreams were about to come true. She would marry Alexei and be a real princess and have a castle and riches and ladies in waiting. Only everything went wrong and she ended up with Viscount Beaumont protecting her from being murdered and had to marry him to keep her reputation safe as they fled London.
Full of humor and fun. She has a unique writing style that make her characters personalities jump from the pages.

Book 5: Her Highness, My Wife
The Effinton series continues with Alexei's sister, Tatiana. She had met Matthew Weston 15 months earlier in Paris. As a Balloonist he had taken her up in his balloon and after 6 days and nights of passion they had married. And then she was gone leaving only a note that duty called.
Tatiana reappears in Matt's life and asks for his help and to pretend that he is her husband. She don't tell him she is looking for her country's lost jewels or that a crazy cousin is on the loose in England. This book is filled with half truths and mostly lies of omission and it all leads to trouble.
We get to visit Effington Hall once again with the Dowager Dutchess, the almost 80 year old woman who seems to know all of the happenings all around.
Can a Princess and the 4th son find happiness and a life together, that is the big question of this book. Plus he just can't seem to lie as well as she does.

The One That Got Away Anthology
The Authors did an excellent job on these stories. You are not sure who the hero is at first or what direction the story will go. They have one suitor that you think is the main character but then a new one shows up. Or it will seem that their lives have such huge chasms between them that there can be no bridges, but with love there is always a way.

The Trouble With Charlotte by Victoria Alexander
Marcus Pennington is close to falling in love with Charlotte, a widow of six years. He is relaying his story to his friend, Reggie, a month after the incident. Both Reggie and Marcus are from the Effington Series. Just as Marcus shares a wondrous kiss with Charlotte her dead husband walks back into her life. Will she give Hugh Robb a second chance? Another great read from Victoria.
**Sexual situations.

Much Ado About Twelfth Night by Liz Carlyle
The war hardened Edward Addison is now burdened with bringing back Sheridan to it's former glory after his brother Reggie had run it down and put it in debt. As the new Earl it now fell on his shoulders.

Sophie has cared for Edward more then she even realized. He once asked her to marry him eight years ago but she knew like all things, he was doing it out of duty. Now they are heading to a house party at Sheridan and she is hoping to buy a prized racehorse from him that his brother had overpaid for just to have, Twelfth Night.

Between intercommunicating and eavesdropping that was misunderstood Edward and Sophie just don't seem to connect even though they really both want the same thing. Great story.
**Sexual situations.

A Fool Again by Eloisa James
Genevieve had fallen for her neighbor when she was eighteen. Where she was taught to be lady the Darby boys were mischievous and always having fun. So she went off to Gretna Green with Tobias only to be caught by her father before they get there, but not before she was ruined, Tobias never offered for her and she was married off to a stingy old man instead. Now she is a widow but must marry a man of his choosing to keep any inheritance. So she chooses Felton. And then Tobias returns. Can she give up being the sophisticated lady she striven so long for or will the passion between Tobias and her reunite?
**Sexual situations.

Nightingale by Cathy Maxwell
When the love of Sir Dane Pendleton marries another, it sets him on a course that hardened his heart and gained riches. Whereas Jemma ended up in poverty after the death of her husband who did not handle his money well. With all his wealth it seems he is still empty. Can Jemma and Dane find their way back to each other after ten years of choices that took them further apart?
**Sexual situations.
Book 6: Love With The Proper Husband
Marcus Pennington and Reggie Berkley have been in most of the books. As friends of Thomas Effington. Both Marcus and Reggie had paid plenty of attention to Marianne Shelton but she only had eyes for Thomas.

In this book Marcus finds that he is to be married within 3 months, by his 30th birthday, or he will lose his fortune. The bride he is to marry is Gwendolyn Townsend. A young lady who lost her mother early in life, her sister was 13 years older then her and then her father sent her off to school. By 16 her father died and she was told she was broke. She went off to America to be a governess but mostly ended up fending off unwanted attention by married men. Another mark against men and showing how hard life was a woman alone in the world. She refused Marcus plea for marriage until she found she had 3 nieces who needed her. She did not think she liked children but being her only family she quickly fell in love with te girls, married Marcus but kept the girls hidden.

Once again Victoria uses a story where keeping secrets causes more trouble then not, along with not trusting those closest to them.
*sexual situations
Book 7: The Lady in Question
Cassandra and Philedelphia Effington are identical twins. Everyone keeps an eye on Cassie as she is the one who is outspoken and most likely to cause a scandal, they thought.
Seems Delia wanted the exciting grand adventure and found it in the flirting a well known rogue, Charles Wilmont. She is soon married to avoid a scandal and within four days, a widow.
Delia went into hiding with a distant aunt and now she has returned to London in her mourning clothes. It has been six months since her husbands death. She has an odd mixture of house servants. Gordan her butler becomes her close friend and confidant. Mrs Miller, the cook and housekeeper, can neither clean nor cook. And Mac, well who knows about the Scot. What Delia don't know is that they are all working for the government and watching over her. That her husband was an agent and whoever murdered him might come after her. Also she did not know that her old butler Gordan was also the handsome Anthony St. Stephens, a Viscount.
This book keeps the intrigue through out. You are never sure whether Charles really died or who may have killed him.
Book 8: The Pursuit of Marriage
Reggie Berkley has been in several of the previous books. Good friend to Marcus Pennington and Thomas Effington. Poor Reggie falls in love constantly. He flies off the precipice and always lands with a crash after telling the lady he loves her and she refuses him.
Cassandra Effington learned she is quite the home decorator. After helping her twin, Delia, decorate first her late husbands home and then St. Stephen's home, Delia's new husband.
The woman who gather to marry their children off have met again. Marion Berkley and Georgina Effington have decided to make a match of their son and daughter. 
Cassie meets Reggie after he beat Christian, her brother, in a horse race. She told Reggie they would not suit as he has made sure to have a reputation as being infamous and Cassie seen enough men like that to know she don't want one. Her brothers are those type of men.
Reggie now sees that creating a persona that was not really his has worked against him, at least with this woman, the one he could truly fall in love with.
Cassandra finds herself hired to redo the Berkley home and as Reggie's mother is suddenly on her death bed he must see to working with her on the house. 
Another humor, adventure, love filled story.
Book 9: A Visit From Sir Nicholas
This story seemed a little different then the others as it takes place 10 years after we first meet the characters. Also it is quite a few years after the other books and Elizabeth, Jules and Jonathan are the grown children of Thomas & Marianne Effington. Thomas is now the Duke.
Jonathan is friends with Charles and Nicholas. Since they were very young it was expected that Charles and Elizabeth would one day marry. Nicholas had come to live with his Uncle at around age 10, after his parents died. He also was intrigued with Elizabeth but never said anything as he knew of the love between her and Charles.
On the night of the Effington Christmas Eve Ball Nicholas meets with Lizzie in the library. He is leaving the following day for America to find his own fortune rather then depend on the title and money he will one day inherit from his Uncle. He also is leaving as he knows Charles is about to ask to marry Lizzie. He says terrible things so that he knows if she thought she felt anything for him she would change her mind and run into Charles arms. And she did.
Ten years later he has made his fortune and got everything in life he wanted, except her.
Book 10: When We Meet Again
This 10th book brings us back to 1820's. Alexei, Prince of Avolonia, was in an earlier book. He is a bit of rake and very arrogant. He meets a woman in Venice and she stays with him in his mind for the next 4 years. He never seen her face or learned her name.

Pamela Effington was naive at twenty. She had been shy and unattractive. When her looks changed she fell for the first man. She planned on marriage, he did as well only to someone he was already betrothed to.
Pamela goes and lives with her Aunt Millicent and cousin Clarissa. Clarissa is a widow with no home, Pamela is ruined and Aunt Millicent is a wealthy widow without a home. So they travel. Pamela decides maybe she will choose the life of a experienced woman. She seduces the prince figuring he could give her good experience. Only the one night with him ruined her more then her first, she lost her heart. She knew as royalty she could never have him.

Four years later the 3 woman find they have inherited a home in London and much wealth for all three of them. It has been a long 6 years and it is time for Pamela to return. Only they get to their new home and find it occupied with people who are in exile from their homeland. And she finds herself face to face with Prince Alexei.

Valentina reappears in this book as well. She is Alexei's cousin who tried to overthrow his father so her side of the family could take over.
Another great story from the Effington's.
Book 11: Let it Be Love
The last book of the Effington series. The next four books are called Last Man Standing and they are continued from what happens at the end of this book.
Back to 1853, Jonathan Effington, future Duke, has a perfect woman in mind. His friends are doing all they can to avoid marriage but Jonathan would not mind it. Oliver's cousin comes to live with them. She must get married to get her inheritance and she has her 3 younger sisters to think of. Oliver quickly sees that Fiona fits the image of what Jonathan considers the perfect wife. Only when reality is in front of him, Jonathan suddenly changes his mind about marriage.
Last Man Standing Series
Book 1: A Little Bit Wicked
A continuation from the Effington series. The Last Man Standing is about the 4 friends of Jonathan Effington. After his marriage to Fiona the four  men put down a wager on who would resist marriage the longest.
Gideon Pearsall Viscount Warton
Oliver Leighton Earl of Norcroft
Nigel Cavendish future Viscount
Daniel Sinclair, American. Who was suppose to marry Oliver's cousin Fiona by arranged marriage. Neither wanted it and she married Jonathan.
Four shillings and a bottle of Cognac to the winner.

Gideon had met Judith, Lady Chester, at her Twelfth Night Ball. Something had definitely passed between them. A widow for 10 years with no scandals, and a few "adventures". Jonathan had been one of her "adventures" and only a few others.

Judith had a marriage she said was a love match and she could recite it quite well. Married at 17 and widowed at 20. She had wealth and freedom.

She made sure she never let anyone else have her heart. Any "adventures" were short. And they parted as friends. Gideon was different. She was pulled towards him stronger then any other man.

Gideon had his own marriage ghost. Used by Violet to make her fiance jealous.

Another grand adventure by Victoria Alexander.
Book 2: What a Lady Wants
They are down to three men standing now. Oliver, Nigel & Daniel.

Nigel Cavendish is known for his scandalous behavior, married women, widows, anyone but those newly turned out virgins. 

Felicity Melville was star gazing and wishing upon a star for an adventurous man to marry. At 23 she was on her 5th season, as she missed last season by going on a grand tour. Suddenly there was a dog barking and yelling and a gun shot. She watched as a man shimmied down from the balcony of the house next door and jumped over the wall, her wall and then was in her garden. At first she thought him to be a robber but then realized the neighbors were fighting and not sending for the authorities.

She let the man know how to escape her yard by the gate but suddenly he had shimmied up to her balcony. They could not see much of each other in the dark but she knew her wish had been granted. Her adventurous man was here.

Nigel Cavendish gets into all kinds of odd situations in these books. When he messes up it is always in unique ways.

He meets Felicity at a ball, Oliver knew who owned the house next to where he escaped and knew they only had one daughter. She was not the young girl that Nigel thought he had met.

Nigel fights any attraction. He is too young to be tied down to one woman. As always it is a grand adventure on the way to love.
Book 3: Secrets of a Proper Lady
Daniel Sinclair is the 3rd out of 4 bachelors. He and Oliver are the only two men standing yet from their bet. But after this book, only Oliver is left.

Lady Cordelia Bannister is almost 26 and loves to travel. She really would marry if she found the right man, she just has not found him yet.
Her father has now told her she will marry Daniel Sinclair and it will help save his shipping business. Her family's future depends on her and this marriage- no stress there.

Daniel has no desire to marry but when he meets who he things is his intendeds cousin and companion, Sarah Palmer, he finds maybe he could find love.

Cordelia is pretending to be Sarah to find out about Daniel, she assumes he is Warren Lewis, and he don't correct her.

Another book filled with misunderstandings and people afraid to be honest with each other and they dig deeper and deeper holes.

The story at the end of this series of 4 books is great as well. It has brought back heroines from the early Effington books and they are visiting Victoria in her own home. They are puzzled that she don't have servants or the knowledge to pour tea. 

These books have great humor and good stories.
Book 4: Seduction of a Proper Gentleman
Oliver Leighton, Earl of Norcroft has won. As he sits alone in the club where he use to enjoy his friends before they all married, he don't feel like much of a winner.

Kathleen MacDavid has come to London from Scotland to marry Oliver and break a 500 year curse on her family.
Her Aunt Hannah and Kathleen follow Oliver to his country home. Kathleen does not realize her Aunt has planned how to put Kate into his path. 

Kathleen wakes up in a strange place and don't know who she is or how she got there. She supposedly fell down and now has amnesia. 

Oliver does not believe her at first but once he gets to know the red haired green eyed girl, he favors green eyes, he sees the truth in her eyes that she is lost. If only she knew if she was married or not.

Victoria's humor and incidents from holding back the truth continue in this final book of the Last Man Standing series.
The Harrington Brothers Series

Prequel to the Harrington Brothers Series

The Perfect Wife

Widow turned smuggler turned proper society lady and mother. That was Sabrina's life. Her husband was died in a silly race and she found out she was left penniless with a daughter to raise. After she left smuggling due to a govt. agent getting to close she went to London and the town house Jack left her. She lived quietly and kept to herself. Nothing like the days her and Jack went from party to party.

Belinda had her coming out and was already to be married to Erick. Sabrina knew his father was known as quite a rake but his son seemed to love her daughter. 

Nicholas Harrington had never forgotten the smugglers that had gotten away 10 years ago. He was so close to catching them. He was intrigued to find a woman was in charge and when she kissed him while he was blind folded, well he never forgot that either. Now he was meeting the mother of his future daughter in law and found himself intrigued with her. It felt so right dancing with her and being around her. She was a quiet woman and would do well as his Countess. He decided she would make a good wife.
Book 1: the Virgin's Secret
I just finished reading The Perfect Wife and this book is the great grandchildren from that story. The Harrington's.

Nathaniel Harrington and his brothers were close in age and friendships. As children they played as all types of adventurers, pirates or like their great grandmother, smugglers.

They grew up and Sterling became the Earl of Wyldewood. Quint and Nate went on adventures. Finding artifacts and for Nathaniel, mostly covering up for Quint.

At their sisters coming out ball Nathaniel notices a dark haired blue eyed beauty and eventually finds her in the library. After a dance he goes to get her a drink but she is gone. A few nights later they find her in the library again going through their desk.

It seems that Miss Gabriella Montini thought they stole an artifact from her brother that caused his disgrace and his demise. Being "orphaned" their mother insisted she stay with them in their home.

It did not take long for Gabriella to believe Nathaniel could be taken off her list. She did not trust Quinton though.

Together the two of them go in search of clues and the cylinder. They were not searching for love, that found them on its own.

Book 2: Desires of a Perfect Lady

Sterling Harrington is the oldest brother and now Earl of Wyldewood. He was in love with Olivia ten years ago and they were going to get married. Only two days after that decision she was married to someone else.

Ten years of misery between them and now she needs his help. Her husband was a mean and cruel man and she is not sad he was murdered. He has left his will in such a way though that he still has control of her. She needs to complete 3 of his collections or live on the small amount of money he has always given her.

She needs money that she does not have to get the missing pieces, and only Sterling can help her with that.

They go from Egypt to Venice and back to London.

Millworth Manor Series

Book 1: What Happens at Christmas
Camille, Lady Lydingham, knows what she wants for Christmas--an official engagement to a handsome prince. The prince insists on getting her family's approval first, which leaves the lovely widow with a problem. the last thing Camille can pull off is a Christmas deception of massive proportions. At least until Grayson Elliot shows up. A dozen years ago, their romance ended on her mother's insistence. Now he's back, playing absolute havoc with her scheme--and with her heart. Because for Grayson, losing Camille once was quite bad enough. Losing her twice? Unthinkable. And he'll find a way to show her they belong together--this season, and every Christmas yet to come...
Book 2: Lord Stillwell's Excellent Engagement
Some say I do not take my engagements seriously. Nonsense. What man with no interest in marriage would find himself proposing not once, but three times? And each time, I’ve felt certain that this, at last, is the absolutely, positively, perfect woman.

Miss Felicia Whitingdon, for instance, has youth, beauty, style, grace—and a handsome fortune. Lady Lucille Eustice is a widow of impeccable social standing, and a balm to my soul. Then there is Miss Caroline Hibbit, sweet and charming in every way. Any one of these intoxicating treasures could make a man happy. Any one of them could be an ideal wife. But which—if any of them—will it be?
Book 3: The Importance of Being Wicked
In this dazzling new novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander welcomes you to Millworth Manor, a delightful English country estate where love is always perfectly at home…

For Winfield Elliott, Viscount Stillwell, finding a prospective bride always seemed easy. Perhaps too easy. With three broken engagements to his name, Win is the subject of endless gossip. Yet his current mission is quite noble: to hire a company to repair his family’s fire-damaged country house. Nothing disreputable in that—until the firm’s representative turns out to be a very desirable widow.

Lady Miranda Garrett expected a man of Win’s reputation to be flirtatious, even charming. But the awkward truth is that she finds him thoroughly irresistible. While Miranda resides at Millworth to oversee the work, Win occupies her days, her dreams…and soon, her bed. For the first time, the wicked Win has fallen in love. And what began as a scandalous proposition may yet become a very different proposal…
Book 4: The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride
The bride and groom cordially request the presence of. . .

The bride's sister, Delilah, the very proper widowed Lady Hargate, and Samuel Russell, the groom's friend, a very eligible, slightly improper bachelor, at their upcoming wedding.

Lady Hargate and Mr. Russell, previously acquainted during one unforgettable night in New York City when caution--and clothing--were thrown to the wind will choose to pretend they have never met before.

The lady plans to avoid love and its complications at all costs.The gentleman intends to change her mind.

Guests are invited to enjoy the many diversions of Millworth Manor--delightful grounds, lavish drawing rooms, secluded corners--and the chance to discover that one night may have been only the beginning. . .
Book 5: The Daring Exploits of a Runaway Heiress
The Shocking Secret of a Guest at the Wedding
Sinful Family Secrets Series
Book 1: The Perfect Mistress
The young widow, Julia Winterset, had just come into her great grandmothers memoirs. And to say they were scandalous would be a kind word. After Hermione's husband had passed when she was 24 she decided to take life in her own hands and enjoy it. She had a daughter and son who became estranged to her but she had many grand adventures in her life.

Julia had not known her Grandmother Eleanor even existed until her parents were killed six years before. She took over providing for her grandmother who resided in the country and everyone had said she was mad and heard voices. 

Julia's husband had not left her much money to live on and his family had stopped providing for her after his death. She decided to sell the memoirs which in turn began a new adventure for her.

Harrison Landingham, Earl of Mountdale and her dear friend, Veronica's, brother in law would do whatever he needed to avoid scandal and stop the publishing of the scandal between his father and Hermoine. Which led him to the meeting of the most beautiful and stubborn Julia.
The Night Before Christmas Anthology: Promises to Keep by Victoria Alexander
Katie has met that once in a lifetime soul mate and left him go. In 1942 at the Canteen dance on Christmas Eve she met Michael. He told her he loved her and wanted to marry her right then. Because her brother died in the war and Michael was leaving the next day she just could not commit. And lived a full life of regret. At age 74 she went to see Santa Claus and remind him he promised her a gift. She was given her 2nd chance to love Michael, knowing he would die.  Great story and have Kleenex handy.
**These books have mild or subtle sexual situations in them.
Book 2: His Mistress by Christmas
For three years, Lady Veronica  Smithson has been perfectly happy as a widow--and thoroughly independent. Still, the right gentleman could provide the benefits of marriage without the tedious restrictions. And in Sir Sebastian Hadley-Attwater, renowned explorer and rogue, Veronica is sure she has found him.

Sebastian will come into his inheritance in a matter of weeks--if his family deems him responsible enough. There's no better way to prove his maturity than with a wife. But though Veronica will share his bed, she refuses to marry. However, Sebastian has a plan: an intimate sojourn at his new country house will surely change Veronica's mind. For Sebastian never takes no for an answer. And he intends to persuade his Christmas mistress that they belong together--in this, and every season to come.
Book 3: My Wicked Little Lies
Evelyn Hadley-Attwater has it all--a genteel Victorian life replete with loving husband, ball gowns and elegant parties. No one, including the man she married, suspects that she was once "Eve," a spy for England's most enigmatic intelligence agency. Summoned for one final assignment, the excitement of her former life and memories of her mysterious, flirtatious boss "Sir" prove too tempting...

Adrian Hadley-Attwater is a respectable, dignified gentleman. But even the most proper gentlemen have secrets of their own. Secrets the rest of the world, from their families, from their wives. Secrets that have a price. Now, as a veil of secrecy frays, a tantalizing game of cat and mouse will test the bounds of unfailing love...
Stand Alone Books
The Princess & the Pea
Cece White was on a mission of revenge for her friend Marybeth Anderson.

Both young women were heiress's and the titled men in England were marrying American heiress's these days to restore their lost wealth. The Earl of Graystone had broken her friends heart, and his mother had rejected the poor the girl as well. Arrogant English men. 

Cece decided she would go to England capture the Earl's heart and dump him, showing that Americans were superior.

Meeting Jared Grayson sidetracked Cece's plan in England. She fell quickly for the man who was a penniless tinkerer with automobiles.

Jared had to cut lose of Cece because she told him he was an honorable man, which was true and meant he had to marry an heiress. Not some butchers daughter.

By the time they find out the truth about each other Cece decides she will marry the man but not make it an easy courtship... so the games began. Not to forget that Lady Olivia Grayson was busy with her tests to make sure Cece would make her son the perfect wife.

Paradise Bay
In the early seventeenth century, a group of women were transported to an uncharted island as punishment for crimes ranging from poor housekeeping to promiscuity. Within several years of their arrival, a British ship, under the command of mutineers, stumbled onto the island to be greeted enthusiastically by the marooned females. Thus was born Paradise Bay.

Today, its pristine golden beaches and sweet tropic climes are the perfect place to ring in the new millennium. For four hundred years the magic of the island has brought people together with a fiery sunset and the scent of coconut sweetening the evening breeze. Who can resist the passion? Not Trish and Jack, and certainly not you. Come to where the day begins. Give yourself to Paradise Bay.
Tessa is a teacher who does not like the Middle Ages. And she don't believe in the magical time of Merlin or teach on that time.

She gets a strange visitor in her class and then a package from her mom arrives with an old book about the life and times of Merlin.

As she reads the book the pictures keep changing. She is intrigued by the picture of a Knight praying before an altar. And suddenly she is there with him, and the stranger from her classroom.

The stranger is Merlin and the Knight is Sir Galahad.

Tessa is led on a journey to help Galahad on his quest.

Tessa St James suddenly has to accept that Arthur and Camelot are real as are wizards and all the many players of this time.

Can she believe in magic and most of all love.
Yesterday & Forever
Published in 1995, this seems to be Victoria's first book and excellent as always. This is a time travel book. From 1995 to 1880.

Artist Margaret Masterson, Maggie, has not found her place in this world as of yet. She goes with her sister Kiki to London and one minutes she's getting in a unique carriage with what seems to be a Gnome like fellow and next thing she wakes up in a strange bedroom and world. Her hosts claim she is in 1880 England and she soon figures out that it's true.
For an outgoing American Maggie has much to learn to survive in this new time era. She was zapped from May 12, 1995 and not it's April 12, 1880 so she has hopes of her Gnome returning for her in a month. It don't take long for her to butt heads with her host Adam Coleridge, a man use to woman being less intelligent. His sister Lydia on the other hand, always did like to flaunt the rules and enjoys learning of the future and how women live in Maggie's time.

Adam awaits for his guest to awake after she basically was thrown onto him from a carriage out of the fog. After investigating her clothes and what she carried in her odd satchel, he can't believe it but she seems to be from a time in the future. One hundred and seventy-seven years in the future. And he is effected by her in ways he never had been before, both good and bad. She does not understand their ways and she speaks like a guttersnipe at times. She leaves her room in her nightclothes!

When the month is over will Adam and Maggie be waiting to toss her back in the carriage, if in fact it returns, or will their hearts be breaking as they are torn from each others worlds? Towards the end I was glad to have a box of Kleenex handy, in case like me you are prone to tears you may want some handy as well.
**Sexual situations.
The Emperor's New Clothes
Ophelia Kendrake had barely finished conning the coat off a cardsharp's back before she and her adopted sister stumbled into Dead End, Wyoming. Mistake for the Countess of Bridgewater, Ophelia saw no need to reveal herself until she had stripped the hamlet of its fortunes and ridden off into the sunset. elevated from swindler to lady, the fiery haired would-be actress couldn't help but laugh at taking advantage of a town so sold on appearances. But the free-spirited beauty almost swallowed her script when she met the town's handsome, young mayor.

When Tyler Matthews returned from an Ivy League education and years abroad, he wanted only to settle down and enjoy the simplicity of life on a ranch. But his aunt and uncle and the rest of the town were set on making a silk purse out of Dead End and Tyler was going to be the mayor--whether he liked it or not. Until he met the town's newest visitor and lost his heart. But love was one thing, trust was something else altogether and uncovering her secrets might ruin any chance of happily ever after.

And the wild west will never be the same again.
Play It Again, Sam
So, you think you know romance?
You don't. Not unless you know Spencer St. Gregory and Phillipa Morgan. Now theirs was a love for the ages. Just boy meets girl--a story we've all heard--or think we have. I had. I thought I'd heard of everything. Heck, I've dug up stuff in everyone's backyard. I'm Sam. I'm the dog.

When the Viscount and Pippa met, it looked like it'd be Bogey and Bacall all over again--a kiss like that doesn't happen every day. And if you'd seen the look in her eyes--you too, would have known that this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or something hotter.

But dames don't always know what's good for them, and honor can get people into a lot of trouble. I'm here to make sure that it all goes right this time. Until they tell me otherwise, that's my job.
Lady Amelia's Secret Lover
An Original E-Book...
Lady Amelia Hathaway thought she had the perfect husband, perfect marriage, perfect life. Until one day she discovered happily ever after wasn't quite what it was cracked up to be. But she was not about to give up perfect without a fight!
Same Time, Next Christmas
The Night Before Christmas: Promises to Keep
After a trip to see a department-store Kris Kringle, a lonely business woman is swept back to a long-ago Christmas-and given a second chance to share a passion that will prove to her it really is a wonderful life.
Santa Paws: Shakespeare and the Three Kings
After inheriting three unbearable dogs from his great aunt, Oliver Stanhope was relieved she'd made arrangements for a trainer. But when D.K. Lawrence appeared at his door, enormous Great Dane in tow, Oliver was in for the Christmas surprise--and love--of his life.
The Cat's Meow: One Magic Moment
To persons of good character, free feline to stable home...
The ad seemed perfect for what Gisella Lowell, an eccentric Bostonian gypsy, intended. While the newspaper ad offered only the possible adoption of four adorable cats, Gisella's plans were a whisker more complex: four individual tales of magic and romance.

As the October nights grew chill and the winds howled, four couples would cuddle before their hearths, protected from things that go bump in the night. While outside, children frolicked and tripped from door to door, the lovers would sample tricks and treats of their own--learning that unwrapping candy wasn't the best thing about the holiday. And by Halloween, each would realize that hey had been rewarded with the most fulfilling gift of all: a warm, affectionate feline. And, of course, true love.
Secrets of a Perfect Night: The Last Love Letter
When their midnight elopement is foiled, a handsome young earl and his dazzling debutante swear to love each other forever--no matter what. Now it's midnight once again...can their love be rekindled with one perfect kiss?


  1. Gosh, what a list of good reads! I have loved reading Victoria's book and still do. They are a must buy whenever a new book is released.

  2. Have read almost all of Victoria's books. I'll have to check out the few I may have missed!

  3. Victoria is a wonderful cook and elegant lady besides being a great author. Did not know we would connect here but glad we did. God bless, Victoria.

  4. Thank you Debbie! Next book is The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride--out April 29th.

  5. Thank you, Sharon! There's a printable list on my website--

  6. Thank you, Janet! Not cooking much at the moment--it's diet season you know. :)

  7. Great interview Victoria. That is kind of funny that you said you love Cheezits and so do your dogs. I have a friend and she told me the same thing. I didn't know dogs liked them. Some really good books listed. Those ones with the dogs and cats I am going to have to check those out. They sound really good.