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Lynsay Sands- Argeneau, Rogue, & Book List

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Argeneau & Rogue Hunter Series 
The Argeneau's are a family who live in Canada. They have a blood banks in several countries that help supply blood for the vampires. Many do not like to use the word vampire when describing who they are. They are descendants of scientists from Atlantis. There is a small group that are called no-fangers. They never developed fangs and many go insane. The Rogue Hunters are a group who keep the rogue vampires under control by taking them into custody, dead or alive. They are only allowed to change one person in, this is usually reserved for the one who will be their life mate. They usually know their life mate because they cannot read their thoughts. When they have joined with their life mate they can hear them and they become one in a very strong way.   
Book 1: A Quick Bite
 Marguerite Argeneau wanted to help her daughter, Lissianna. She thought that kidnapping Dr. Gregory Hewitt was the way to do this. You see Lissianna has a problem with blood, she faints at the site of it. Considering the unique gene Argeneau's have in their bodies they must drink blood to survive. Being Gregory was single, good looking and a psychologist why not give him to Lissianna for her birthday.

Lissianna walks in her bedroom to find a man tied to her bed with a bow on him. She figures he is there for a quick snack but soon finds out that is what the delivery man from the Chinese restaurant was for.
Gregory wakes up, he is not on his vacation as he planned but instead he is tied to a stranger's bed. A gorgeous stranger's bed and she looks like she could eat him up, and he would let her.
Book 2: Love Bites
Etienne Argeneau is a computer geek with the hottest selling computer game around. That might sound normal if he was not a three hundred year old vampire as well.. Unlike anyone in his family Etienne also enjoys his old coffin. It helps him think. Someone is out to get him. Etienne is shot and brought to the morgue.

Rachel Garrett is a coroner. She is feeling feverish and ill tonight but is going to finish her job, and at the moment that is working on this handsome man in the expensive suit. She is definitely feverish because he seems to move and talk to her.
When Pudge, the lunatic out to kill Etienne almost kills Rachel in an attack Etienne must use his one in a lifetime chance to turn someone for her. This will take away his chance of ever turning a woman to be his life mate.
Throw cousin Thomas into the mix and Etienne and Rachel may find romance with the help of a blood drink that has ecstasy in it. And then there is Pudge. Another humorous story!
Book 3: Single White Vampire
Kate C. Leever has been sent on a mission and she does not plan on failing. She has tried everything to contact the popular author of paranormal romances and he won't answer her. So she will fly from New York to Canada and see him in person. He is popular and people want him at book signings and conventions and if she can do this it will boost her job as well.
Lucern Argeneau is writing real life stories about his family and they are selling. Some pesky person keeps trying to get him to tour but his old Editor had a deal with him, he wrote and that was all. This new Editor was just a pest. He was a recluse and liked his life that way. At six hundred years old there is nothing exciting to him.
There she is, on his door step with a suit case. Lucern don't care how far she came he won't let her in. And he shuts the door on her. Too bad cousin Thomas comes along and lets her in. Thomas is always happy and full of mischief.
Kate is inside and she don't plan on leaving until she gets her way. She definitely is adding some color to Lucern's black and white world. 
Book 4: Tall, Dark & Hungry
 It bites: New York hotels cost an arm and a leg, and Terri has flown from England to help plan her cousin's wedding. The new in-laws offered lodging. But they're a weird bunch—and it isn't just that they're Canadian! There is the sometimes-chipper-sometimes-silent Lucern (cousin Kate's fiance), and the wacky stage-actor Vincent: she can't imagine Broadway casting a hungrier singing-and-dancing Dracula. And then there is Bastien. Just looking into his eyes, Terri has to admit she's falling for someone even taller, darker and hungrier. She's feeling a mite peckish herself. And if she stays with him, those bloodsucking hotel owners won't get her!  
Book 5: A Bite To Remember
 Rule #1: Never get involved with someone who won't be there for you when the sun comes up.

Once bitten, twice shy and sexy PI Jackie Morrisey wasn't going there again. Vincent Argeneau may be the hottest guy she's ever met, living or dead, but she's here to stop a killer from turning this vampire into dust, not to jump into bed with him.

Rule #2: Never kiss a can be a pain in the neck.

Okay, so Vincent's had four hundred years to perfect his kissing skills and he does look rather tempting when he runs around the house shirtless. He's also charming, protective...did we mention he can kiss? Jackie needs to be on her guard or else she'll have to come up with a new rule: if you're going to fall in love with a vampire, make sure it's a bite to remember.
Book 6: Bite Me if You Can
Leigh is walking home in the early morning hours after closing Coco's, her restaurant/bar, when she is suddenly abducted and bitten, BITTEN. There is a clan of rogue vampires that are to be terminated for breaking the vampire laws. You are only allowed to turn one person, usually your life mate. It don't do Leigh much good since the damage has been done to her. One of her employees, Donny, wanted her with them and forget to ask her opinion, so here she is: a vampire.

Lucian Argeneau is a surly fellow who hunts rogue vampires. Of course maybe being two thousand years old and never finding your life mate has something to do with his surliness along with loosing your taste for food and sex. They are out to destroy a pack of renegades this early morning before the sun comes up. Morgan is the leader, he was a friend to Lucian's twin brother, Jean Claude, who had died a few years back.

Bricker and Mortimer, two of the other hunters, recognize Leigh as they had been in Coco's the last few nights, Bricker was still young enough to enjoy eating. They end up rescuing Leigh and when Lucian tries to dump her off on his sister-in-law and other relatives they are no where to be found. Poor Leigh gets to be taught the immortal life by Lucian, and he is not happy about it!
Book 7: The Accidental Vampire
Someone in the town of Port Henry has placed an ad in the paper to find a man for their local celebrity vampiress. This was against vampire law. So Victor Argeneau is sent to check it out.

They are invited to a restaurant in town and he finds there are several other vampires there as well and they chase off the phonies. When the vampiress takes the young birthday boy in the back for his “birthday bite” Victor is all over it, that is against the law as well.

Elvi Black was on a vacation with her friend in Mexico. There was an accident and then she came home as a vampire. She misses food and her bed, the coffin is just not the same. She was forced to go to bed in the morning and stay awake all night. She avoids all things good vampires avoid. The town has pulled together for blood drives to help her. How did Elvi know there was a whole community of vampires with laws and she was breaking most of them!

Victor is taken by Elvi and is ready to teach her everything she needs to know, the right way. Only someone else has plans to kill her. After being alone so long, Victor is ready and willing to protect the beautiful vampiress, and ask the council to accept a town full of people who know their secret.
Book 8: Vampires Are Forever
Inez Urso is beginning to have her doubts. Her business associate, Thomas Argeneau, has some interesting traits, like an allergic reaction to the sun, excellent night vision and not much of an appetite for food. To top it off, he just tried to bite her neck..maybe that is a sign of passion. If so, she'd be happy to experience more, despite her determination not to mix business with pleasure.

Thomas thinks Inez is the most beautiful woman he's seen in centuries! Those luscious lips and seductive curves. And he just couldn't resist one little bite of her elegant neck. Now Thomas will do anything to convince her that only an immortal like him can satisfy her all night long...

Thomas has been a “pain in the neck” to his cousins in earlier books. Pulling tricks to help push them to their life mates when they were hesitant. Now its the jesters turn for love.
Book 9: Vampire Interrupted
After seven hundred years of life, Marguerite Argeneau finally has a career. Well, the start of one, anyway. She's training to be a private investigator, and her first assignment is to find an immortal's mother. It seemed simple enough, until Marguerite wakes up one evening to find herself at the wrong end of a sword. Now she realizes she's in way over her head.

Julius Notte wants to protect Marguerite, and not because someone just tried to take her head off. She doesn't know it yet, but she's his life mate and he's determined to woo her. It's been over five hundred years since he last courted a woman, but surely the techniques haven't changed. Now if only he can keep her alive—so to speak—so they can have that happily-ever-after.
Book 10: Argeneau Book 1:Rogue Hunter - The Rogue Hunter
Samantha Willan is a workaholic lawyer. She's grateful for some rest and relaxation in cottage country with her two sisters, Jo & Alex, after a recent breakup she wants to stay as far away from romance as possible. Then she meets her irresistible new neighbor. There's something strange and mysterious about his eyes. Is it just her imagination, or are they locked on her neck?

Garrett Mortimer is a rogue hunter. His last assignment united Lucian Argeneau with his life mate, and Mortimer is hoping this one will be less...adventurous. He's here with Bricker & Decker to track down a reported rogue, but fun in the sun is every bloodsucker's nightmare. Worse, he can't seem to get his mind off of Samantha, especially when he spies her skinny-dipping in the lake. After eight hundred years as a bachelor, is he ready to turn a volatile attraction into a lasting love affair?
Book 11: Argeneau Book 2: Rogue Hunter - The Immortal Hunter
Even vampires need a vacation. But Decker Argeneau's ends abruptly when he's asked to help hunt the group of rogue vampires targeting mortals—one that might include a defector in his own family. Before he can worry about that though, he's got to rescue the latest victim. It's all part of the job, including taking a bullet for a beautiful doctor.

Dr. Danielle McGill doesn't know if she can trust the man who just saved her life. There are too many questions, such as what is the secret organization he says he's part of, and why do his wounds hardly bleed? However, with her sister in the hands of some dangerous men, she doesn't have much choice but to trust him.

Except now Decker's talking about life mates and awakening a passion that's taking Dani beyond anything she's ever known. Being undead may not be half-bad...especially if it means spending forever with a man who would love her with his mind, body and immortal soul.
Book 12: Argeneau Book 3: Rogue Hunter - The Renegade Hunter
The Argeneau family has a of their own is a rogue vampire!

Nicholas Argeneau was once a successful hunter who went after rogue vampires who broke the immortal law. Except no one has mentioned his name in the last fifty years, not since he turned into a rogue himself. But once a hunter, always a hunter. When Nicholas sees a blood thirsty sucker terrifying a woman, it's second nature for him to come to her rescue. He had no idea he would also want to kiss her senseless...

One minute Josephine Willan is taking in a breath of fresh air, and the next sharp fangs are heading straight for her neck! Luckily, a gorgeous stranger saver her life... and gets locked up for his troubles. Can a man who kisses so lovingly and passionately really have committed the crime he's accused of? Jo isn't so sure...and she's determined to prove that this renegade hunter is worth fighting for.
Book 12.5: Vampire Valentine
Marguerite Argeneau is at it again, if she keeps up her matchmaking, they are going to run out of enforcers. This time she set her eyes on Tiny McGraw and Maribeau La Roche.  

Maribeau had lost all of her family when her uncle killed them, Lucian had found her when she was trying to escape her uncles men. Lucian had brought her to Marguerite. She has been a part of their family and yet separate as she never really got over the horror of what happened to her family.

Tiny McGraw is a PI. He had worked with Jackie until she became Vincent Argeneau's life mate. Recently he worked a job in Europe with Marguerite. They were at the wedding in New York where several of the new life mate couples were finally getting married, when Marguerite informed him that she Maribeau could be his life mate so she had asked Lucian to put him with her on this assignment.

The assignment was Stephanie McGill. She had been attacked by a no-fanger and he was still after the fourteen year old girl. Who sister, Dani, is Decker's life mate.

After the wedding Tiny, Maribeau and Stephanie start their adventure to Port Henry. Maribeau has to decide if she is ready to accept someone in her life. After her families death she feared losing anyone. Tiny still as all of his family and has to choose if he is ready to join the immortal world as well. Stephanie just wants peace and quiet.
Book 13: Born to Bite
Legend has it that Armand Argeneau is a killer in the bedroom...

But with all three of his late wives meeting unfortunate and untimely ends, is this sexy immortal a lover or a murderer? That's what Eshe d'Aureus intends to find out. As an enforcer, it's her job to bring rogue vampires to justice, even if the rogue in question makes her blood race red hot.

Armand knew she was trouble the moment Eshe roared into town on her motorcycle, clad in tight black leather. But after three wives who've all had trouble remaining, well, undead, Armand is reluctant to open his heart again. Then strange accidents start to happen, and Armand realizes he may not have much time to prove he's a lover, not a slayer.
Book 14: Hungry For You
This vampire has been alone for far too long....

As one of the most ancient in the Argeneau clan, Cale Valens has given up on finding a life mate. His friends and family, however, have not. In fact, they believe they've finally found his perfect match. Getting them together, however, requires one little white lie.....

Alexandra Willan is in a panic. Her restaurant is due to open in two weeks, but her chef just walked out. Then a highly recommended replacement arrives, an impossibly handsome culinary genius who sends electric tingles racing through her body...

Except he can't cook. In fact, Cale hasn't eaten real food in two thousand years. Yet he's determined to prove to Alex his prowess in the kitchen...and elsewhere. Because never has he hungered so for any mortal woman. And not just for a taste of her, but for the whole delicious feast!
Book 15: The Reluctant Vampire
Rogue hunter Drina Argenis (Spanish side of Argeneau) has come to help watch over Stephanie. A young girl who was attacked by a no-fanger. Coming to be the bodyguard/babysitter was not her only motive. Aunt Marguerite happened to believe that Harper Stoyan was Drina's life mate.
Harper had stayed in Port Henry after he came to see if he was Alvi's life mate, The Accidental Vampire. He had found his life mate, Jenny, but she died during the turn. For a year and a half he has been watching others around him find their mates. 
Stephanie decides to help push these two together. They take Harper clothes shopping at Wal-Mart and Stephanie makes sure that Drina models the tight dress and high heeled shoes. She also makes a big show of the underwear and bra's she chooses for Drina. The only problem with the plan is they did not know someone was going to try and kill Drina or Harper or why. And can Harper stop feeling guilty long enough to see his second chance at love?
Book 15.5: The Bite Before Christmas - The Gift
Teddy Brunswick had watched his two best friends, Elvi and Mable, find life mates and they were both more like twenty-five year old rather than looking like him at sixty-four. He envied them. They had youth and love in their lives and he was just looking at a lonely life of retirement. Christmas made him feel like a charity case as he would be invited to join other families so he would not be alone. When Marguerite offered him a cabin this Christmas he couldn't refuse her, the idea of being alone was better than being alone in a crowd. What he did not expect was his Christmas neighbor.

Katricia Argeneau was staying at her cousin Decker's cottage when the power went out. When she went outside to see if her blood supply would be coming she noticed she had a neighbor and couldn't believe when she tried to read him, and could not! They decide to join forces, he has a fireplace for heat and she has food she can bring over. All Katricia wants to do is let him know they are life mates. She had called her Aunt and found out that Teddy knew about their kind but Aunt Marguerite suggested she get to know him a few days so she did not scare him off. The last thing Teddy wanted to do was run, he never thought that he could be so lucky to have a life mate of his own.
Book 16: Under a Vampire Moon
Christian Notte's life has changed over the last year. He found his mother and gained a whole new family. His parents, Julius and Marguerite Argeneau Notte, have married now. The only downside is that Christian has been watching as so many in his new family have found their life mates and a happiness he envies. When his mom calls and wants his band that he has with his cousins to come to a St. Lucia resort...his first thought is she has found his life mate. A knack that Marguerite seems to have. When he meets this woman she seems to be attracted to him but afraid of their age difference so his cousin Gia comes up with a way to have them spend time together without the fear of a relationship.

Carolyn Connor is with her friend Beth and their other friend Genie who works at the resort. When Beth suddenly takes ill Carolyn is on her own until she meets a young couple on their honeymoon and the new band members. The more Caro gets to know Christian, the more she wishes he is someone that she could be in a real relationship with. She enjoys his company and he is oh so handsome. Coming out of a miserable marriage where she had been deceived she really was not looking for more.

Another great book in this series. Lynsay does a great job of bringing back characters that we met in previous books along with meeting more relatives that will hopefully have stories in future books. As always they are full of humor and a good chase.
**Sexual situations
**Book received from Edelweiss for review
Book 17: The Lady is a Vamp
Jeanne Louise Argeneau has dreamed of finding her life mate. At the young age of almost one hundred and three, she may have a very long wait ahead of her...or not. After being abducted on her way home from work and chained into a bed by a rather handsome man, she quickly realizes she can't read him. Meaning...possible life mate. Only this man only has one thing in mind for Jeanne Louise and it has nothing to do with the bed. He wants help for his five year old daughter, Livy, and he believes Jeanne Louise holds the answer.

Paul Jones is a desperate father. He can't sit back without trying to help Livy. He thinks that he has flawlessly and successfully kidnapped Jeanne Louise but he soon finds out that the immortals are not to be quickly outsmarted. Soon the three of them and Boomer, their dog, are on the run. The longer that Paul is with Jeanne Louise the more often he has to remember his mission is about Livy...not his love life. His plans come together so perfectly until a few glitches tear them apart just as fast.

This Argeneau adventures is a bit different than some. It's of a more serious nature and not as much humor as usual. But an excellent read and another great part of the Argeneau series. A cute girl and dog. Life Mates. Lucian unhappy. Marguerite...being Marguerite and a visit from several of our other friends from previous books. Christian and Caro even pop in. They were the latest life mates from Under a Vampire Moon. I personally enjoyed this book and look forward to the next couple out there in Lynsay's mind who will find love.
**Sexual situations.
**Book received through Edelweiss for review

Book 18: Immortal Ever After
The serious and solemn Anders has met the woman he can’t read after living his six hundred plus years. He had watched many of his fellow Enforcers meet their life mates in the past few years, causing their numbers to dwindle. They became rather useless during that first year or so, one kiss could turn their minds into a lustful mush. He was fine without it, or so he thought before he met his mate. Now to convince her that not all men who drink blood are like the man who had held her hostage.

Valerie Moyer was trapped in a situation and had determined to escape. Being held captive by some sicko, who thought he was a vampire, was not how she wanted to die. She fought back and won. Now she finds herself in a safe house with a man who's body is the furthest thing from safe. And his kisses…..his kisses turned her into a wanton hussy sex addict.

Once again we get to see some favorite characters from earlier books, such as the always scowling Lucian and his chipper wife, Leigh. Justin Bricker, the young one of the group who never can get enough food and others. The book was humorous as always, maybe even more so. Give a girl like Valerie a mallet and duct tape and it’s a regular one woman comedy show.
**Sexual content
Book 19: One Lucky Vampire
Jake Colson aka Stephano Notte is not a happy, immortal. The reader first meets Jake in book five of this series, A Bite to Remember, Vincent Argeneau's story. Vincent saves Jake after he is attacked and near death. Only, Jake has never been happy about being saved. He was ready to die. Until now.

Nicole Phillips is counting down the days until her divorce is final. Her soon to be ex was a handsome charmer before marriage. After marriage he was a slave driver pushing her to make more money...for him to spend. The last thing she needed was the handsome cook/housekeeper a family friend sent over. Oh, she needed his cooking and housekeeping skills, it was his sex appeal she didn't need.

Marguerite is up to her matchmaking once again and she's a sneaky one when it comes to putting life mates together. Jake never saw it coming when she convinced him the young woman needed protection from a soon to be ex-husband trying to kill her. After all, he is a bodyguard. These are read alone books but you'll get the whole story by reading them all, along with a good laugh.
**Sexual content and language
Book 20: Vampire Most Wanted
Madame Divine was much more than what she seemed to be. The woman hiding behind the gypsy wardrobe at the carnival was really Basha Argeneau. A very old immortal who had been hiding from her uncle Lucian for over two thousand years. She had to protect not only herself but her son as well.

Marcus Notte had always had someone to take care of. To watch after. Now that his charges were grown and united with their life mates, he was at loose ends. That was the reason he took the job to help Lucian Argeneau find a rogue immortal. Once Marcus found the rogue, he could only hope that she wasn't the woman they thought her to be.

Basha might be over twenty-five hundred years old, but she's a bit behind on her history. Her story was so good and I have a feeling we'll be seeing her in a future story. Vincent and Jackie from A Bite to Remember and Tiny and Maribeau from Vampire Valentine make their appearances in this story. I always love seeing the past characters.
**Sexual content
Book 21: The Immortal Who Loved Me
Sherry Carne is pretty content. At thirty-two she owns her own business and it's doing well. In one day her life turns inside out after a young teenager runs into her office to hide. Vampires? The girl claims the creepy men who were chasing her are vampires. And that her, that sweet looking teenager, is one as well. Can the day get any more weird? Yes.

Basileious Argeneau, or Basil as he's known by, has lived a very long time. When his sister-in-law, Marguerite, claims she has found his life mate, he goes to meet this mysterious woman. His hopes are high. It's lonely being an old immortal. He quickly finds that women have changed a bit. They aren't quite so biddable as he would expect.

Another great addition to the Argeneau series. Many of the characters who had their stories in previous books, join the fun and humor in Sherry and Basil's story. It's not all fun and games though, as the no-fangers make their appearance. Leo isn't ready to give up on his quest to get Stephanie back just yet. The next book, About a Vampire, is Justin Bricker's story.
**Sexual content
Book 22: About a Vampire
Justin Bricker, the youngest of the Enforcers, has finally found his life mate. He enjoyed his single life since he was young enough to have not lost the taste for food...or sex. He never had trouble getting a woman either. Before now. His life mate is married.

Holly Bosley woke up in a room that she didn't recognize. Last she remembered was going back to work to get her purse. Now she has strange, handsome, and hunky but still strange men around her and they are telling she is now immortal. And no matter how handsome the man who saved her is, she is still a married woman.

This book was well written and as humorous as the rest of the series, but with Holly being married, it took away from the story for me.
**Sexual content and language
Book 23: Runaway Vampire (Dante's Story)
Dante Notte wakes up to find that he and his twin brother, Tomasso, are in cages. He is able to escape but has to leave his brother behind. Running from his captures, he's suddenly run over by an RV. An RV driven by a woman he can't read. A possible life mate.

Widowed Mary Winslow is making her way through Texas to go home to Canada. And then everything changes. A thump in the road, a dying man in her RV—naked—and her world turned upside down. She is suddenly running for her life to help save a man she just met. A young man that a woman of her age should not be having such heated thoughts of.

Dante is caught between fighting the new feelings of having a life mate and trying to find his twin—and best friend. The author takes the reader on another adventure into the world of the Argeneau's—do not call them vampires, it angers these immortal descendants from Atlantis. So hold on tight for another ride of their life.
**Sexual content
Book 24: Immortal Nights 
Tomasso Notte has been captured, caged, and drugged. Dante, his twin brother, had escaped but they shipped Tomasso out before his brother could bring help. He wakes to find himself on a cargo plane with a woman. A woman he can't read.

Abigail Forsythe has had a few tough years. Unsure what to do with her future, she goes to spend a week with her best friend, Jet. When he suggests she flies with him on a delivery, she agrees. Before she knows it, she finds herself jumping out of the cargo plane with a large, handsome, and very naked man of few words. Looks like her future isn't so unsure after all.

As always, this book is full of laugh out loud humor. As always, Lucian is his usual jovial self...not, and Justin Bricker is still always hungry—and missing his life mate. I like how the author always brings previous characters back.
**Sexual content and language
Book 25: Immortal Unchained
Domitian Argenis has been waiting a very long time for his life mate. And then, he found her and had to wait even longer because she was still young and he wanted her to live a normal life for a while. And now...she is in the hands of a man who's been capturing immortals. Domitian takes a job as a chef to get inside and rescue her...and the others. After all, Dressler doesn't know he's an immortal—or so he thought.

Sarita Reyes needs to see her grandmother. After getting a message that she'd been hurt and that seeing Sarita would help her...she went immediately. And yet, no sign of Grandmother or Dressler. And then...she wakes up in a beach house with a stranger.

As always, the author adds plenty of humor as the characters try to escape danger, capture the bad guy, and try to resist life mate sex. Although...there's really no way to resist it once it hits. That's a lot for a mortal to take in when she's just finding out that the things of folklore exist.
Book 26: Immortally Yours
Book 27: Twice Bitten
Paranormal Anthology's
Mistletoe & Magic: The Fairy Godmother
A Recipe for an Unforgettable Christmas of Love & Laughter Serves: Everyone Holly berries; 1 pair of enchanted spectacles; 4 couples; 8 lonely hearts; 1 fairy godmother; 1 miracle; Elves Take four heroines, created by some of Romance's hottest authors. Mix them up with an equal number of heroes until warm and sweet. Press together and add laughter. Set in delicious historical settings, seal with a kiss, and leave overnight. By morning, couples will have formed into four delightful stories. Sprinkle liberally with... Mistletoe & Magic
His Immortal Embrace - Bitten
Keeran MacKay was battling along side his father to kill the demons that were destroying their town. Too late, she kills his father but allows Keeran to live, he would have preferred to die. He lives in a isolated lonely life, until he saves a beautiful woman from a ship that has wrecked.

Emily Wentworth Collins was on her way to a marriage she did not want. When a storm hits their ship the other perish. She wakes up in a strange home with a handsome stranger. He is never around in the daytime. It is dreary in the castle so during the day Emily begins to get the people from town to come help her clean and paint. I enjoyed this story and Keeran's loneliness truly pulls at the heartstrings.
Holidays Are Hell- Run Rudolph Run
This story begins in Dates From Hell with the story of Kyle and Claire. I did not read that one yet.

Jill's brother Kyle as invented a machine, a destabilizer. Kyle's old co-worker, John Heathcliffe, wants to test it out. He has his chance when Jill wanders into the basement. When she bends down to look for her niece, who is hiding under the table, Jill feels a sharp pain on her head and than blacks out. Jill does not realize that John has zapped her until he tries to kidnap her to run “tests” on her.

Nick owns the shoe store next to Jill's business. He is suddenly caught up with this beautiful woman who can transmute into a reindeer because of the destabilizer. A short cute story.
The Eternal Highlander: The Highland Bride
Writing together for the first time, national bestselling authors Hannah Howell and Lynsay Sands present the darkly passionate story of two men sworn to conquer the hunger that pounds in their blood--and the women who may be their only salvation...

When Darkness Falls...

Cathal MacNachton and Connall MacAdie are cousins bound by far more than blood ties and the rugged Highland landscape their clan calls home. The ancient curse of their ancestry has fated them to live by night with an unquenchable thirst that neither can tame. The only thing that can save their souls is marriage to Outsiders--mortals whose untainted blood will weaken the curse in their children, and break the chains of fear that have made their clan a breed apart.

Bridget Callan and Eva Caxton are the women who will shape the clan's destiny. Marriage to these strange and mysterious men rescues each of them from desperate circumstances--and draws them into a web of danger, desire, and intrigue.

But Eva and Bridget refuse to be pawns in the battle that erupts as the future of the cursed clan hangs in the balance--a war that must be fought after the sun sets over the deep, still lochs. Whatever the outcome, they'll stand strong by their brooding warrior lairds, willing and able to face down their enemies--and fulfill their desire for eternal love...
Dates From Hell: The Claire Switch Project
She thought her date was out of this world.
Actually, he was not of this world . . . 

We've all been on bad dates, nightmare dates, dreadful experiences that turned out to be uniquely memorable in the very worst way. But at least our partners for these detestable evenings were more or less . . . human! 

Now Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Kelley Armstrong, and Lori Handeland -- four of the very best writers currently exploring the dangerous seduction of the supernatural -- offer up dating disasters (and unexpected delights) of a completely different sort: dark, wicked, paranormally sensual assignations with werewolves, demon lovers, and the romantically challenged undead. Sexy, witty, chilling, and altogether remarkable, here is proof positive that some love matches are made someplace other than heaven.
My Immortal Highlander: The Rescue
Hannah Howell and Lynsay Sands return to the windswept Highlands of 16th century Scotland in the captivating story of identical twin brothers trapped between the curse that has been their legacy and the two women whose love is their destiny...

As identical twins, Bothan and Calum MacNachton share a bond stronger than most brothers, one forged by a terrible secret. Rumors and dark tales have been whispered about their clan for centuries. For they roam the Highlands a night, driven by a savage hunger that can never be sated. Their only hope lies in marriage to Outsiders, mortal women whose pure blood will weaken the hold of their eternal curse.

Kenna Brodie and Sarra DeCourcey know what it is to stand apart. They've heard the terrible, whispered warnings, but nothing could prepare them for the handsome brothers whose fierce, unyielding desires are beyond any legend...

What Bothan and Calum promise is a life unlike an Kenna and Sarra have ever known. Now, Kenna and Sarra must choose whether to betray their dark lords or stand and fight for a passion that will never die...
Highland Thirst: The Captive
New York Times bestselling authors Hannah Howell and Lynsay Sands once again combine their talents to deliver their most thrilling book yet. Set in the rugged Scottish Highlands, here is the spellbinding tale of two men destined to live by night with a hunger only the blood of Outsiders can quench--and a passion only two extraordinary women can satisfy... 

Embrace The Dark Side... 
Cousins Heming MacNachton and Tearlach MacAdie are bound by the same blood, the same ancient curse, and now the same quest: to search out the enemies of their clan--hunters who consider them soul-less demons and intend to exterminate them. But no sooner have Heming and Tearlach begun than they are drugged, separated, and taken captive. One is brought deep into the borderlands of Scotland, the other, in the dreary depths of Northern England. Caged and weakened, only two brave women give them hope... 

Brona Kerr and Lady Lucy Blytheswood are irresistibly drawn to the mysterious prisoners. Together, the women resolve to save them. In doing so, they will safeguard the clan's future and their own. For they are promised to cruel men who will do anything to possess them and the status that comes with them. Now Brona and Lucy must cross perilous terrain to fight for their lives--and for the men with whom they discover an eternal passion they never imagined...
Holidays Are Hell: Run, Run Rudolph
This holiday, spend quality time with family and loved ones--living and dead . . . 
There's no place like home for the horrordays--unless you'd prefer a romantic midnight walk through a ghost-infested graveyard . . . or a haunted house candlelight dinner with the sexy vampire of your dreams. The (black) magical season is here--and whether it's a solstice seance gone demonically wrong with the incomparable Kim Harrison, a grossly misshapen Christmas with the remarkable Lynsay Sands, a blood-chilling-and-spilling New Year's with the wonderful Marjorie M. Liu, or a super-powered Thanksgiving with the phenomenal Vicki Pettersson, one thing is for certain: in the able hands of these exceptional dark side explorers, the holidays are going to be deliciously hellish!
Historical Romances
Sweet Revenge
Her brother's near mortal wounding hadn't done it. Fleeing to the rolling hills of the Highlands had failed as well. and while being captured by the most dangerous-looking Scotsman she'd ever imagined had come close, it was staring up at two of the thickest, most well-muscled thighs she'd ever seen that drove Kyla over the edge. But the madness that overwhelmed her felt strangely like desire. It warmed places she'd never known existed. But, even should the handsome Galen MacDonald sweep her up and marry her, she would still be sworn to return and destroy her enemies. Yet if she could enlist the fierce warrior's aid? The Scottish laird had claimed that the sweetest dish of all was never served cold ... Tonight she'd see if he was right...
Rosamunde is the illegitimate child of King Henry. Her mother was deeply loved by the King.
Aric has just found his fiance cheating on him with another man in a stable. He goes to his friend Robert to drown his sorrows in drink and proclaims never to marry. King Henry has other plans for him and drags Aric and Robert off to the convent.
Rosamunde is to say her vows the following day and then she will be a Sister. Father has a different idea. He is marrying her off this very day.
As another Sister explains the bedding to her, you will laugh until you cry. The Sister cannot go by experience of course so she starts by telling her what she heard while eavesdropping at her parents door as a young girl. Then they compare the mating to the bull and cow in the barn. When Aric and Rosamunde go to consummate, she says things that can remove the mood for any man. Comparing him to a cucumber and Angus the bull. To top it off you have King Henry banging on the door telling them to get it done and stop talking, the King thinks five minutes is more than enough time for that. As he listens and shouts by the door and adds his thoughts to what he hears it gets funnier and funnier.
Aric is thinking maybe he should have stuck with the other woman even if she did cheat on him.
There are some trials in the book as well but mostly a funny and moving story.
Lady Pirate
Circumstances had changed; they had gotten worse. Valoree no longer had to masquerade as her murdered brother and scourge the oceans as Captain Red. She no longer had to command his pirate band in a quest to regain his birthright. She had been named heir to Ainsley Castle. But no executor would ever hand over the estate to an unmarried pirate wench and her infamous crew--no matter to whom she'd been born. And the will had distinctly stated that in order to inherit, Valoree must be married to a nobleman . . . and pregnant.

Upon learning that, the virgin captain had been ready to return to the seas, but her crew had put it to a vote--and for those rascally cusses she would do anything. Reluctantly, she agreed. If they could find a way--Henry and One-Eye and Skully--to put on her a sweet face that would fool the ton, she would handle the rest. Even with a drunken prostitute as an "aunt" and her merry cutthroat crew as "servants." But to herself she swore one thing: she could only marry a man who fired her blood, a man who was not afraid of a .. .LADY PIRATE
Something had to be done. It had gone on too long, and if King Henry received one more letter from either of the feuding nobles, he'd go mad. What Lady Tiernay needed was... well, she was a beauty, but whoever married the nag would truly get a mixed blessing. And Lord Holden--could all the rumors regarding his cold heart be lies? The man certainly had sobered since the death of his first wife.

If he were smart, Henry would force the two to wed, make them fatigue each other with their schemes and complaints. Yes, it was only fitting for them to share the bed they'd made--'til death did them part! Who could tell, perhaps they would even find each other suitable; perhaps Lord Holden would find in his bride the sweet breath of new life. Heaven alone knew what would happen when the two foes were the last things between themselves and the passion they'd never known they wanted.
The Reluctant Reformer
Everyone knows of Lady X. The masked courtesan is reputedly a noblewoman fallen on hard times. What Lord James did not know was that she was Lady Margaret Wentworth--the feisty sister of his best friend, who has forced James into an oath of protection. But when James tracks the girl to a house of ill repute, the only explanation is that Maggie is London's most enigmatic wanton. 

Snatching her away will be a ticklish business, and after that James will have to ignore her violent protests that she was never the infamous X. He will have to reform the hoyden, while keeping his hands off the luscious goods that the rest of the ton has reputedly sampled. And, with Maggie, hardest of all will be keeping himself from falling in love.
What She Wants
Earl Hugh Dulonget of Hillcrest was a formidable knight, used to getting what he wanted. This time, he got himself into a bind. His uncle's will had a codicil: He must marry. And Hugh had just insulted his would-be bride by calling her a peasant! How could he win back her esteem--and her hand?

Everyone seemed to have advice. Some men-at-arms thought that Hugh could win the fair Willa's love by buying her baubles. The old witch who was her guardian wanted Hugh to crawl back on his belly. And his castle priest proffered De Secretis Mulierum, a book on the secrets of women. But Hugh had ideas of his own. He would overcome every hindrance--and all his friends' help--to show Willa that he had not only what she needed, but what she wanted. And that the two of them were meant for a lifetime of happiness.
The Chase

It wasn't her first choice, for Seonaid Dunbar had, like her brother, been trained as a Scottish warrior at her father's knee; but fleeing to an abbey was clearly preferable to whacking on Blake Sherwell with her sword--which she'd happily do before wedding the man. No, she'd not walk weakly to the slaughter, dutifully pledge troth to anyone the English court called "Angel." Fair hair and eyes as blue as the heavens hardly proved a man's worth. There was no such thing as an English angel; only English devils. And there were many ways to elude a devilish suitor, even one that King Henry ordered her to wed.

No, the next countess of Sherwell was not sitting at home in her castle as Blake thought: embroidering, peacefully waiting for him to arrive. She was fleeing to a new stronghold and readying her defenses. Swords and sleeping drafts, claymores and kisses. This battle would require all weapons--if he ever caught her. And the chase was about to begin.
The Perfect Wife
It was hoped that her groom was partial to cherries. For Avelyn feared she would very much resemble one at their wedding feast. Too round, too red in the scarlet gown that was all she could fit into...and perhaps too tart for his taste? No doubt he longed for a sweet, biddable bride, one who was tiny and trim as she was trying to appear.

Paen Gerville longed for a lively, well-rounded woman, one whose plump breast would cushion his head after the lonely, harsh life of a knight. At first his wife-to-be promised no such delights-her from was unbending, her health apparently fragile as she fainted in his arms after their first kiss. But one split bridal gown later, her assets were eye-poppingly apparent and Paen could only grin as he anticipated the surprises yet to come on his wedding night with ...the perfect wife.
Another humorous story. Avelyn is sure she will lose weight for her wedding so she has the dress made a bit smaller. Alas, she does not lose it and the dress is too tight so they wrap bindings around her to make it fit. She walks stiffly and can't breathe, by the time Paen kisses her at the wedding she passes out from not being able to breathe. She is trying to look thin for him and he is hoping for a plump wife.

When it comes time for the bedding Avelyn is ready only for what her mother says will happen, when Paen deters from that she goes to tell him:
She opened her mouth on a protest and found it suddenly filled. Avelyn was pretty sure it was his tongue, though she had no idea why he would put it inside her mouth… Unless he was checking to see that she had all her teeth.” I love Lynsay's humor like this in her books.
Love Is Blind

He'd been warned that Lady Clarissa Crambray was dangerous. Stomping on toes and burning piffles, the chestnut-haired beauty was clearly a force with which to be reckoned. But for Adrian Montfort, Earl of Mowbray, veteran of the Napoleonic Wars, this was just the challenge he needed. He could handle one woman and her "unfortunate past." Could any woman handle him?

Lady Clarissa Crambray wanted a husband, but maybe not as much as her stepmother wanted one for her. Really! Doffing her spectacles might make a girl prettier, but how would she see? She'd already caused enough mayhem to earn a rather horrible nickname. Yet, as all other suitors seemed to shy away in terror, there came a man to lead her to the dance floor. A dark, handsome blur of a man.

Clumsy Clarissa was about to stumble onto true love.
The Brat
Who would marry---all the knights had heard tales of Lady Murie, King Edward III's goddaughter and much feted favorite. It was said she was stunningly beautiful, with bright blue eyes, golden hair and a sweet smile. It was also said that the king had doted on the girl and spoiled her rotten. Despite his need, when Sir Balan saw her howling and sobbing, Murie was the last person he wanted to wed. The brat? But all that glitters is not gold, and sometimes diamonds look very very rough. There was more to Murie than met the eye, and Balan soon learned that he'd be lucky indeed to deserve such a bride. Yet he was not the only one to discern the truth and the other hopeful hubby was not quite as honorable. A plot was afoot. Soon would come a reckoning, a time to show who was chivalrous, who was a cad and who had won the love of a heart unspoiled.
Related Historical Books
Book 1: The Deed
Lady Emmalene Eberhart was dying to DO IT. She even begged the King to make her husband do it to her--because she wanted to be a good wife. But then her husband died, and Emmalene was still as much a virgin as on the day she wed. 

Suddenly, the innocent young beauty found herself the fulcrum of a struggle for feudal power. Along with her ample dowry, Emma found herself promised to Amaury de Aneford, a landless knight whose able sword had preserved the King's crown--and whose rugged good looks made her heart skip a beat. But on the wedding day, as a rival knight galloped toward the bridal chamber; Amaury would find that making love to his naive new bride would take consummate skill. For in the conjugal bed, Emma was astonished to learn there was more to a wedding night than just a sound sleep--and more to true love than she'd ever imagined.
Book 2: The Key
Iliana Wildwood would do anything to escape from the depraved baron who sought her lands -- including marrying a barbarian. Fleeing to the Highlands, Iliana was wedded to Duncan, laird of Dunbar Castle. Certainly, there was something about the virile warrior that made her weak in the knees --but something stank in the state of Scotland, and Iliana would not trust anyone until she'd discovered the source.

Determined therefore to resist her handsome husband, Iliana found a way to keep her secrets safe. Employing a belt of chastity, the spirited beauty managed to thwart the thane: advances. But then her husband changed his tactics and begs a sensual assault that sent her intentions up in smoke. And as the air cleared, Iliana found that it had been her heart she had locked away, and that this stubborn Scot had finally found...The Key.
Book 3: The Switch
When they first met Lord Jeremy William Radcliffe, Charlie and her twin sister, Elizabeth, were escaping from their uncle -- taking turns acting the young gentleman to avoid detection. But Charlie couldn't help falling head over heels -- and out of a window -- for the handsome lord. Of course, that was only the beginning: Lord Radcliffe insisted on showing "him" and her lovely sister to London/

But how could he do that? With every touch, Radcliffe seemed unknowingly to incite indecent desires in Charlie, and his fraternal intent was certain to land her in a fine mess. Though it was a great game to play a boy, there was more fun in being female. And after one brush of his fiery lips when her guise was gone, Charlie swore to be nothing but hi woman forevermore.
Devil of the Highland Series
Book 1: Devil Of The Highlands
They call him the Devil . . . 
He is the most notorious laird of Scotland: fierce, cold, deadly . . . and maybe even worse. Yet Evelinde has just agreed to wed him. Anything, she thinks, is better than her cruel stepmother. Though Evelinde should be wary of the rumors, she can't help but be drawn to this warrior . . . for the Devil of the Highlands inspires a heat within her that is unlike anything she has ever known. 

They may call him whatever they wish, but Cullen, Laird of Donnachaidh, cares only for the future of his clan. He must find a wife, a woman to bear him sons and heed his commands. He has no need for beauty or grace, but one taste of his lovely bride's sweet lips and the sultry feel of her skin arouse an untamed passion. Perhaps there's more to marriage than he thought . . .

Book 2: Taming The Highland Bride
She was ready to let her heart run wild . . .
Merry Stewart has had enough Enough of her brothers, whose behavior would make even the most improper lady blush. Enough of their Highland home, which would surely have fallen to ruin were it not for her. She dreams of escaping into the arms of her betrothed, Alexander d'Aumesbery--even though they haven't yet met. But when they do, Merry is devastated. It seems he's no better than the men in her family.

So beautiful, so brazen . . . From the moment he meets Merry, Alexander is determined to make her his. Desperate to convince her he's nothing like the members of her roguish clan, he will prove he is every bit the well-mannered gentleman. Yet, beneath it all beats a heart as intense and uncontrollable as hers. And finally, when his life is threatened, Merry realizes he's the husband she's been waiting for . . . and their passion becomes the one thing that cannot be tamed.
Book 3: The Hellion And The Highlander
Only one man could set her heart ablaze . . .
Lady Averill Mortagne learned to control her fierce temper as a young girl. But if her father insists on parading her before one more English lord who looks askance at her flame-colored hair, she'll simply scream Her only respite is the time she spends with Kade Stewart, the wounded Scot her brother brought home from the Crusades. Who could have imagined a Highland warrior would be the only gentleman around?

Lady Averill helped save his life, and for that Kade is truly grateful. She is also almost unbearably beautiful, but he could never subject such a sweet and gentle lady to the rough life of a Stewart laird's bride . . . or could he? When she braves an unexpected danger by his side, Averill will prove to Kade that her heart is as fiery as her hair . . . and that submitting to their scorching passion would be heaven indeed.
The Madison Sisters Series
Book 1: The Countess
The fairy tale courtship did not turn into a happily-ever-after . . .
Not until her husband dropped dead, that is. He had been horrible enough to Christiana during their short marriage, and she was not going to allow the traditional period of mourning to ruin her sisters' debuts as well. So she decides to put him on ice and go on as if nothing's happened . . .

Until the real earl appears. Richard Fairgrave had every intention of confronting his villainous twin who had robbed him of his name and title . . . only to discover that he had died. Quietly assuming his identity, Richard must now deal with a maddening desire for his ravishing inherited wife-- certainly a gold digger and possibly a murderess. And Christiana must deal with an unwanted new husband . . . and they both must figure out what to do before the ice melts.
Book 2: The Heiress
Desperately seeking a husband . . .
Suzette is not like other heiresses; she wants a poor husband, a gentleman who will be so grateful for her dowry that he will allow her access to it so that she can pay off her father's gambling debts. When this alluring beauty encounters Daniel Woodrow--handsome, titled, single . . . and even more impoverished than she could have hoped for--it seems Suzette's wildest dreams have come true.

But Daniel has not been truthful. Tired of being accosted by an endless stream of vapid coquettes and their fortune-hunting mothers, Daniel has decided to plead poverty to stop them in their tracks. Yet here is a most refreshing and delectable lady, who claims to be thrilled by his penury. Now all Daniel has to do to find true happiness is to keep a little white lie alive . . . while avoiding a villain who's determined to prevent this union by any means necessary.
Book 3: The Husband Hunt
Let the hunt begin ...
Lisa Madison wants a husband, and she has just the candidate in mind: Robert Langley. Trouble is, the infuriating man insists on seeing her as the impish girl she once was -- even as every other gentleman in London has taken notice of her womanly . . . charms. When her beauty lands her in danger, it's Robert who comes to the rescue, only to announce his affections are not of the romantic kind!

Robert saw enough sorrow in his parents' union to know he wants nothing to do with marriage, which is exactly what he'll be trapped into if he acts on his desire for the irksome siren. And then Lisa does what Robert least expects: gives up on him! As feigned indifference gives way, blistering passion burns at last. But just before the pair can succumb to hard-won bliss, an enemy with unfinished business lurks, threatening to destroy them both.
Highland Series
Book 1: An English Bride in Scotland
She never expected to marry
Annabel was about to take the veil to become a nun, when her mother suddenly arrived at the abbey to take her home... so that she can marry the Scottish laird who is betrothed to her runaway sister! She knows nothing about being a wife, nothing about how to run a household, and definitely nothing about the marriage bed.

He never expected to fall in love
From the moment Ross MacKay sets eyes on Annabel, he is taken with his shy, sweet bride...and the fact that she's blessed with lush curves only makes him utter his own prayers of thanks. But when an enemy endangers her life, he'll move the Highlands themselves to save her. For though Annabel's not the bride he planned for, she's the only woman he desires...
Book 2: To Marry A Scottish Laird
Highlander Campbell Sinclair is no stranger to battle, so when he sees a lad attacked by bandits, he jumps into the fray. He didn't count on being stabbed. Grateful to the boy for nursing him back to health, Cam offers to accompany Jo safely to his destination. But when he accidentally comes across the lad bathing in the river, Cam discovers that Jo is actually Joan . . . with the most sinful of curves.

Joan promised her mother that she would deliver a scroll to the clan MacKay. But traveling alone is dangerous, even disguised as a boy. When a Scottish warrior lends his aid, she is more than relieved . . . until he surprises her with lingering kisses and caresses that prove her disguise hasn't fooled him. As their passion ignites, will the secrets of the scroll force a wedding . . . and lead to a love she's never known?
Historical Anthologies

Wish List- All I Want
Prudent Prescott's little sister, Charlotte, wanted a doll for Christmas. They did not have money to buy one but could make one. Not like in the store window but it would do, along with the clothes they would make for it. Her mother's wish what a bit more difficult but Pru would accomplish that as well. Her mother wanted father to stop his gambling. Even now the retainers and creditor's were taking what they could to pay off his debts.

Lord Stephen Stockton knew what it was to grow up with a gambler. And yet he opened a gambling house. He knew there was no stopping a man who wanted to so why not take their money instead of letting someone else have it.
Pru decided to make Lord Stockton's gambling house her target since papa went there. Another humorous book as we see Pru trying to get past the doorman to get into a men's only place. She even breaks her umbrella hitting the big man and he keeps his humor. Next she gets in disguised as a man. That did not turn out so well. She goes to help a waitress being harassed and they discover she is a woman, she is taken to Stephen's office and does not realize she let go of her britches and they are not piled at her feet. Next she attempts to get to her father by waiting on his table. The girl she helped has loaned her uniform for a short time. Pru is going to put a mixture into her papa's ale that will get him sick enough to go home. Of course something goes wrong and it gets dumped into all the ale. Stephen is sure she will ruin him yet, and she has already taken hold of his heart.
Five Gold Rings: Three French Hens
In the Year of' Our Lord, 1155, Menton Castle was the same as any other: It had nobles and minstrels, knights and servants. Yet from the great hall to the scullery there were signs that the house was in an uproar. This Yuletide season was to be one of passion and merriment. The master of the keep had returned.

With him had come several travelers, some weary with laughter, some tired of tears. But in all of their stories--whether lords a'leapin' or maids a'milkin'--there was one gift that their true loves gave to them. And in the winter moonlight, each of the castle's inhabitants would soon see the magic of the season and the joy that, could come from ... Five Gold Rings
Other Books 
Knight of My Dreams  was  A Mother's Way
Lady Alice knows she is not the type to entice a man. She's too voluptuous, too intelligent, too strong minded. Why, she even reads! But then Jonathan, Earl of Fairley, arrives at court. Tall, dark and handsome, the knight is any woman's dream. And he has just been ordered by the king to find a bride … and Alice is to help him!

Jonathan has been evading his mother's matchmaking schemes for years, so why does she insist that Lady Alice isn't for him? Alice is only to aid in his search for a bride, yet Jonathan can't help but be distracted by her glorious hair—the color of a sunset—and a figure that is like a lush berry about to burst to full ripeness … Has Jonathan fallen prey to love?
The Loving Daylights
Shy Jane Spyrus loved gadgets. She could build anything B.L.I.S.S. needed in that organization's international fight against crime--although its agents weren't exactly queuing up at her door. Some of them thought her innovations were too ... well, innovative. Like her shrink-wrap prophylactic constraints, or her spray-on truth serum. But they just didn't realize those items' potential.

Of course, you couldn't use wacky inventions to fix all your problems; Jane knew that better than anyone. Her neighbor had been kidnapped, driving that point home. She would have to team up with another human being--and Abel Andretti arrived just in time. He would help Jane find her neighbor, stop the evil machinations of tall Dirk Ensecksi, and most of all he would have to show her how to love the daylights out of something without batteries.


  1. Under a Vampire Moon (Argeneau 16) by Lynsay Sands
    This one is for the fans. Do not read this one first. While some of the others can be read stand-alone this book cuts out almost all the backstory explanations and if you haven't read any of the others you will probably miss out on a lot. However, if you are like me, a rabid fan of this series, you will absolutely adore Christians and Carolyn's story. I read this in one sitting. Like all the other Argeneau books this one has "an immortal" Christian meeting his life mate. Carolyn. Carolyn is a recent divorce' an escapee from a verbal and emotionally abusive marriage. She thinks she is much older than Christian and is not the type to do a boy-toy. With the help of Julius, Marguerite, and his Italian cousins Christian has to convince Carolyn that he is the one for her.

  2. Love the Argeneau series. HATE that we have Argeneau relatives thrown in the mix without giving us a clue on who their parents are. For example, Katricia & Basha. Who are their parents? We need details!