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Interview with Nicky Charles
Writing hobby.  It started out as a lark, something to do for fun that didn't cost me a dime.  And then, when the books started to take off, I thought it was a good way to raise awareness of the importance of giving to charity.  I didn't want or feel the need for any money.  Fan mail was my pay and if I could give a book to someone and brighten their day, I was happy.

But, just between you and me, I'm seriously thinking I will charge for this next one.  Not a lot because I still want to continue to ask people to give to animal shelters. 

The reason for the shift is three fold. 
First, I'm getting very close to retirement and with changes in the economy my nice pension might not stretch as far as it would have a few years ago.  The other day the newscast was predicting 30-40% increase in electricity rates in the next few years.  Yikes!  I need to be able to afford to plug in my laptop!  And sometimes I wonder if the good Lord is saying, "You fool! I gave you this opportunity to make some money so you wouldn't go without in your old age.  Why aren't you taking it?!?!"  LOL

Secondly, I'm also starting to incur some expenses with this 'hobby'.  Hiring a line editor so I can get the books out in paperback, paying for images for the covers, buying a domain name, giveaways...  It adds up and hopefully the books can 'pay their way'.

Finally, I have this crazy idea that I'd like to help my local animal shelter get a new building and expand their spay/neuter program. The current location is awful.  The kennels are old and look more like jails and the building is way too small - they just don't have enough room to keep very many animals and way too many are euthanized needlessly simple because they have no place to house them.  If I can make enough money with my books, I might be able to help out in meaningful way.

So there you are!  The inside scoop:  my next book will likely have a price tag attached to it!
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Law of the Lycans
Book 1: The Mating 
Kane is the Alpha of the pack and Elise is from a pack that borders his. Her father wanted an alliance and chose to give her as Kane's mate. Elise was hoping to mate with her childhood friend and love, Bryan, but it was not to be. Before she knew it she was mated to a stranger and leaving everyone she knew and loved.

Many things are going on in Kane's pack since the death of Zack, their previous Alpha and the blame was falling on Kane's half-brother, Ryne. They had battled for the Alpha position, and Kane won. They thought Ryne left the area, but every time something happened his scent was there. 

Marla was one of Kane's pack members. A beautiful blond with an attitude and it seemed she had her eyes set on Kane, even with Elise there. As Marla causes trouble for Elise, she could not get Kane to see it. She quickly becomes the character to despise as you see her underhanded ways.

If you enjoy paranormal it is worth the read. They are exceptional and equal to other paranormals.

**Warning:  Please note that her books contain mature subject matter (sex, some language and violence) and are intended for adult readers.
Book 2: The Keeping
In The Mating, book 1, Ryne Taylor had lost out on the battle of Alpha to his half-brother, Kane Sinclair. Marla, one of the pack members had been playing the brothers against each other including making it look as if Ryne was guilty of sabotaging the pack. After it was all said in done, Ryne thought it best to start his own pack. He found a place in Stump River, Ontario, Canada. Two others came along, Bryan who had grew up with Elise and Daniel who was from Kane's pack. Ryne was handsome and arrogant both in human form and as a sleek black wolf with blue eyes, and he knew it. He had no plans on settling with one mate. When Melody Greene came to town, his inner wolf disagreed.

Melody Greene was hired by a Mr. Greyson to interview a photographer. The money she was getting was enough to quit her waitress jobs and finish school so she could become a reporter.. Should be an easy job to find this Mr. Taylor, interview him, and collect the rest of her money. Wrong. Mel went to Oregon where the store was that Mr. Greyson bought his wolf picture. No one would talk about Mr. Taylor because of some affair he had with the sales gal there and the scandal of her keeping his money from the sales. By chance she was able to find he now lived in Canada. Once she made it there it was no easier. The man did not want to be interviewed. And he was not the older man she expected but a young handsome playboy type.

Ryne's wolf keeps wanting to get closer to Mel but the danger she is to the pack keeps Ryne cautious. If a human finds out about a pack the Keeping law would need to be enforced, either the humans with knowledge of them must be silenced or else the pack members would take poison after sending the pups and others to other packs.

Ryne doesn't know if Mel is aware of the Lycan community, Mel does not know why the interview is so important to Mr. Greyson and neither does his lawyer, Leon Aldrich. The more Aldrich threatens Mel to get the job done or he will sue her, the more pressure she is under to get the interview the less Ryne trusts her.
**Warning:  Please note that her books contain mature subject matter (sex, some language and violence) and are intended for adult readers.

Book 3: The Finding
A great paranormal series. And this third book is packed full. We see more of what is going on in the minds of characters from previous books along with the main characters, Cassandra Greyson and Bryan Cooper. Nicky has a unique way of having the person and the wolf as two separate entities and yet one.

Cassie ran off three years ago after hearing her Uncle Anthony Greyson say she was a werewolf and then seeing a man change into a wolf and attack Mr. Aldrich and a gun went off and her uncle was laying there dead as well. The words ringing in her head, if anyone knew about the wolves they would die. She took her secrets and left. Somehow she went from being in Kansas to Las Vegas, where Kellen Anderson found her. He took her under his wing and gave her a place to stay. He did not know that the drugs she took a few days a month were to hold her wolf inside. Cassie was sure it would go on a murdering spree if it ever escaped, just like the big black wolf. Kellen's gambling issues continue after he has promised to stop. Cassie wants to stop bailing him out but he gets the drugs she needs, she finds herself in a catch twenty-two.

Bryan Cooper was so drawn into finding Cassandra. He had found her scent in the motel three years ago and his wolf was drawn to her. Finally, someone has spotted someone that may be the girl and Bryan was off to get her. By the Lycan Laws she would belong to their pack. Only it was not so easy to convince her to come to Canada. For a man who usually had no trouble getting women, Bryan met a woman who could not get away from him fast enough. And instead of heading to Canada he found himself heading to Chicago to help her rescue her boyfriend, Kellen. It seems the family lawyer was using him as blackmail to get the young heiress home.

Leon Aldrich is the family lawyer. Ryne had attacked him but he lived. He wanted to have all the Greyson fortune for himself and was desperate to get Cassie so he could further those plans.

Marla denies her wolf. It is heartbreaking to see her “lock” her wolf within and not let it out. She only cares about money. Her goal has been to get Leon to marry her so she can get the Greyson fortune. Marla has no clue that Aldrich will bring her most feared enemies right to her doorstep, Ryne and Kane.

**Warning:  Please note that her books contain mature subject matter (sex, some language and violence) and are intended for adult readers.
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Book 4: Bonded
Prequel to the Law of the Lycans
Nicky Charles Law of the Lycan series are excellent books. Bonded is the newest book but it's the prequel to The Mating, The Finding, & The Keeping. At the end of The Keeping we hear a little bit about a werewolf named Damien and in Bonded we hear more of his story. If you have not read the other books I think you could read Bonded first.

In Bonded we meet Reno Smith. He is an Enforcer with Lycan Links but is doing mandatory teaching at the Academy, required every 4 years. He always believes he could go rogue so he stays out of relationships and the Enforcers are his pack, his family. A trio called the Black Devils, all black wolves, gains his attention. Kane, his half-brother Ryne and Damien. Reno eventually brings Damien into the Enforcers, the best place for those who have no family or pack to go back to.

Brandi Johansson is a student at the Academy. She wants to get into Disaster Control by using her imagination in helping Lycans. She noticed Reno Smith right away and her friend Tabitha sets it up for Brandi to help him in his class for teaching fighting moves. Something happens during that time, and it seems to pull them together, yet they always part fighting.

The villains in the book are the Purists. They are making slaves out of the halves. They want to go back to the old rules where Lycans could not marry humans. The Enforcers jobs are to get the halves and their families out of those packs. Brandi's new job as a DC is to clean up after the Enforcers. Twisting the stories so that the humans believe people have just moved and such. Another great addition to this series!
**Language and sexual situations
Book 5: Betrayed: Days of the Rogue

Sequel to Bonded
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Damien Masterson lost Beth, his blood-bonded mate and unborn baby in a house explosion. It destroyed him. When he learned it was not an accident, he exploded. The ex-Enforcer is now considered a dangerous rogue, also number one on the most wanted list. And a man set on revenge is dangerous.

Eve is just learning that she has Fae abilities. She is empathic and can feel what others feel. She has to get out of the city, away from feeling so many people at once. Eve finds solace in a small cabin she rents. There she enjoys nature and painting. Her landlord isn’t so bad to look at either, if he weren’t so stone faced and rude.

Dr. Rafe McRae is on a sabbatical. He had problems with his last rogue patient and feels like a failure. His new renter is one to keep away from, and it’s not easy. When he realizes she is an empath like himself, he definitely has to stay away. It is rumored that it’s bad for two empaths to connect. Easier said than done when she needs him to protect her.

Nicky Charles has done it again. You never quite know what twists and turns will come next in the book. She lets you in Damien’s mind just enough to keep you guessing if he’s good or bad. You can almost feel the struggle between Rafe and Eve, as magnetism keeps pulling the two together while Rafe fights to keep them apart. Just when you think everything is coming to a head, it veers off in a new direction. Great story.
**Sexual content and language
Trailer for Betrayed
Book 6: Betrayed: The Road to Redemption
Sam Harper is not your normal alpha, considering Sam is a female. And Kane Sinclair has decided that he wants to take over her pack. Not happening. This she-wolf has teeth and claws and plans on giving him a fight. She's not one to just roll over with her tail between her legs. Unless it's for her hunky new Beta.

Damien Masterson is a rogue. We've met him in previous books. After losing his wife and child to the Purists, he was hell-bent on revenge. Even though it has been three years, Damien feels he must never forget his wife. Never love another. Easier said than done the longer he's around the spitfire alpha of the Chicago group.

Kane and Elise Sinclair have some cameo's in this book as well. Their story was told in the first book of the Law of the Lycans Series, The Mating. Kane has become an ambitious alpha. Will his need for power be stronger than the need for his wife and children?

Another great addition to this series. Many other characters from previous books make appearances. And a few new characters who have stories to tell can be found lurking in the pages of this book. Nicky Charles is a master storyteller when it comes to these alpha wolves and those they love.
**Sexual content and language
Book 7: For the Good of All
Elijah Stone fits his name well. He has learned to put his emotions behind a stone mask. Yet, he will put his life in danger time and time again to save others. A year after returning from an intense mission, he finds himself at loose ends. And intrigued by a colorful witch at a bar.

Christina or Tina as she's known by, works at the Club Mystique. A place where all are welcome as long as they stay peaceful. When a new Lycan comes to town, she is drawn to him. Will she be able to break down his walls of stone?

Nicky Charles has written a compelling story that pulls the reader in, again. Stone and Tina are opposites but as we all know...opposites attract. The story brings them over the border to rescue some Lycans and ends up with a much bigger problem. Not only do they have to deal with drug lords but they also discover a human trafficking ring. The reader first meets Tina in Sam Harper's story, Betrayed: The Road to Redemption.
**Sexual content and language
Book 8: Deceit Can Be Deadly
Dante Salazar has long been considered a loner and rogue in the Lycan community. He is considered untrustworthy and is known to stoop to any level to accomplish his goal.

Gwyneth O'Donohue is a witch who owns a bar for Others. Many years ago Gwyn chose to give up love in exchange for a longer life. Now she's starting to feel the loneliness of having to move on every so many years to hide her secret. One thing in all of her centuries is this—she hated Lycans back then—and she hates them still.

Now Dante needs to get information about the witch who is practicing black magic. He starts his search with Gwyn but no matter how charming he tries to be, in her eyes he was only one of those lousy dogs. Little do they know that if they just work together...
**Sexual content and language
Book 9: Kane: I Am Alpha
Kane Sinclair's point of view about becoming alpha, mating with Elise, the trouble between him and Ryne. This is a novella. I really enjoyed it as I like the different point of views from characters. The reader sees things from the opposite view. Such as, what really happened between Kane and Marla vs what Elise thought she saw.

**Sensual content and language
Boxed Set: 
Bonded, Betrayed 1&2: Days of the Rogue - The Road to Redemption
New from Nicky & Jan

In The Cards
Alexander Flint, GA extraordinaire. Guardian Angel that is. He breaks a few rules here and there but he's still the best angel for the job. Until this last assignment.

Emma Campbell, accountant. She's too good at her job as well. When she digs a little too deep to balance a client's books, she stirs up the wrong hornets nest. And the wrong person gets stung. Even after things go badly, Emma is determined to finish what she started.

Only guardian angels, humans and bad guys in this story. Not a Lycan in the bunch. A well written story by Nicky and Jan with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Two bonus short stories by Nicky Charles are included as well. Silent Night, Lonely Night is about Damien's first Christmas after Beth had died. Gwyneth's Christmas is about a secondary character in two of the Lycan books who, it sounds like, is pushing for her own story.
**Sexual content
Book 2: Untried Heart
Forever in Time Trailer
Forever in Time
Amazon   Smashwords  Only .99
Nicky keeps you thinking and wondering if there are two different people or if one person is both good and bad.
Stephanie Fields feels she is being followed.
Jake Sinclair has waited a long time to find Stephanie.
Jarrod Simpson had a grudge against Stephanie since she reported him for attacking her at the foster home they were both living at and he was hauled off to jail.
Are Jake and Jarrod one person or two different men? 
Stephanie lacks trust to begin with and so it is hard for Jake to get her to trust him.

Interview with Jan Gordon
How did you connect with Nicky? 
Well, I’m a moderator on a fan board for the actor Bruce Boxleitner (Scarecrow and Mrs King; Babylon 5) and a lot of us write fanfiction.  I wrote my first fanfiction back in 2006 with a partner who is now my editor.  Nicky is a member of that group and she had written some great, and very imaginative fanfics for Scarecrow and Mrs King.  In 2009 we had a writing challenge to use a certain phrase in a story.  I wrote a short story called 'The Other Side' using the required phrase.  For weeks after I posted it the main characters wouldn’t get out of my head.  To shut them up I wrote 'Black Silk' and published it on Feedbooks and, a couple of months later, on Smashwords.

Something someone said in a review of Black Silk sparked Nicky’s imagination and 'Forever In Time' was born.  I did not edit 'FiT' before she posted it, but I’ve since worked on it for her and we hope to re-issue a newly edited version in the near future.  When she wrote her next fanfiction I sent her a private message mentioning a couple of very amusing errors in the story, and when she wrote The Mating she asked me to do a beta read on it.  I’m not a professional editor, and I’ve had to learn on the job.  If you read The Mating and then Betrayed immediately afterwards you can tell how much both Nicky and I have improved.

While Nicky is writing a story she often uses me as a critique partner/beta/sounding board.  The first couple of books I believe I edited as she wrote them, with the more recent ones we’ve waited until the first draft was finished.  I do a general edit and send it back, Nicky corrects and revises as needed and sends it to me again.  Whether or not I do a third edit depends on how much I find in the second one.

Any tips on editing? 
Don’t be afraid to tell the author that something stinks!  LOL!  No, seriously, if something isn’t working you need to be honest.  And, of course, you need to have a good knowledge of grammar, access to reference sources and a willingness to use them.

Would you like to write more? 
In a word...yes.  Recently, I wrote a short Christmas story set in the ‘Life in the Shadows’/‘Black Silk’ universe and posted it at (my profile there is The Brit).  I often beta/edit for a friend who writes fanfiction, but I don’t edit for any other author.  I thoroughly enjoy working with Nicky, and I think the partnership works well.

Do you live in Canada? 
No.  I live in Israel and have done since 1978.  I’m almost 60 and my English is very much ‘old school’ British English.  However, I am married to an American and my kids are tri-lingual – British, American, and Hebrew.  Nicky and I have never met face to face, but over the years we’ve become firm friends.  Don’t you just love the internet?

I’ve had to learn Canadian English to work with Nicky, it’s a kind of hodge-podge of British and American.  When talking about differences between British and American English certain words like colour, neighbour, and centre are the obvious differences, but there are words and phrases that mean the absolute opposite in American and British, and those we try to avoid using.  Punctuation is the worst – it’s so different on each side of the ‘pond’.

I’d like to finish by saying an enormous 'thank you' to all of Nicky’s fans; you’re the best bunch of people.  And thank you, Judy, for your support of Nicky’s writing.
Life in the Shadows - Prequel to Black Silk
Were-panthers are an ancient race. For millennia they have lived alongside humans, always keeping their true selves secret for fear of persecution. They are a private people. Their past is cloaked in mystery and their ways are not always understood, even by other shifters. However, despite their best efforts to remain hidden from the public eye, an undeniable fact can no longer be ignored; one day their existence will be discovered. In preparation for this day and with the hope of creating a better understanding between the peoples of this world, one farsighted were-panther has allowed me to share a few stories from his long life.

Join me on a journey that begins more than four centuries ago...

Prequel to the highly successful "Black Silk.
Black Silk
Book Blurb:
Vic has two loves in her life, her cat, Mister, and reading books from her bookstore. Her future looked set, until one night when she's saved from probable danger by a mysterious stranger. Cole has moved around a lot during his life, never finding a true home, until he buys an old house, and fate steps in to change his future. A light romance with a paranormal twist.

My Review:
Victoria is alone in the world with her bookstore, home and black cat named Mister. Her folks died and she kept the house and store to remember the good times with her parents.

One night as the gas station was being robbed she met a dark and handsome stranger named Steven Coburt, or Cole.

The robber ran out of the store at some point and Vic seen his face but he also seen hers.

Cole came to the store the day after and for some reason this handsome man seemed to choose to be with her.

As secrets became known Vic struggles with them. 

Between threats from Kincaid, the burglar, and mixed feelings about this unusual man she met a great story comes together.

A short 69-page story but as good as a longer book.
The Goodbye
Authors Blurb:
A story of love and life, of war and loss, and of longing and need.

This short story is made up of sixteen drabbles. A drabble is a story written in exactly one hundred words, not including the title, and cannot be one word more or one less than one hundred. Each drabble within this book can be read on its own, but when read in conjunction with the other fifteen, will become part of a longer story.

There is romance, there is angst, and there is violence.

My Review:
This is an extremely short story made up of thoughts from a woman and her man who went to war. It may be short but it’s still quite emotionally packed.

We watch their goodbyes. His time in active duty. Her time back home, trying not to think of him every moment, wondering if he’ll return. Going from hope to despair.

This is a free read and was worth the time to read it.


  1. Just wanted to let you know i absolutely love your books!!! read them all within a week!! Hopefully another one comes out soon.

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  4. Jan's book is only on Smashwords but you can download a version from there for Kindle.

  5. I have just finished your books I love the stories of the shifters, when will you continue with their lives in your books??? Also I can not find Forever in time??on my nook

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    2. Thanks for passing along the information Judy! I'm working on the next book right now and hope to have it ready in the spring. I'm also having Forever In Time re-edited (it never was) and plan to release it for wider distribution (B&N, ibooks etc) in the late fall, early winter. At the moment, it is only available at


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