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Jillian Hart Love Inspired Book List

Series One
Original McKaslin Sisters: Karen, Kirby, Michelle, Kendra, Kristin
Book 1: His Hometown Girl
Zach is one of those characters that pulls at your heart strings.
Having narrowly escaped a loveless marriage, Karen McKaslin was counting her blessings. Now she could transform herself into a woman worthy of being loved for all eternity. She never dreamed Mr. Right, Zachary Drake, was waiting for her on the wrong side of the tracks, praying she'd see in his eyes what he didn't dare say.
Book 2: The Sweetest Gift
(re-issued as Gifts from the Heart)
When he'd first popped through the shrubbery, nurse Kirby McKaslin had found her new neighbor brazen and obnoxious. So she was more then surprised to find Sam Gardner volunteering to pilot an early morning medical emergency flight...and fixing her fence, making her cocoa when she couldn't sleep, even cooking dinner. But when Sam took Kirby's hand in his, she wasn't surprised to find herself falling for him...
 Book 3: Heart and Soul
Michelle McKaslin felt as if a higher power had intervened when she had rescued an injured stranger and invited him into her family's life. 
Jaded undercover agent Brody had no choice but to investigate Michelle's family in a counterfeiting ring. But as he grew to see the beauty in Michelle's life, it tore him apart to deceive the wholesome woman. When the truth surfaced, he would need all of the Lord's blessings to convince Michelle McKaslin that he loved her, heart and soul.
Book 4: Almost Heaven
Nursing a broken heart and a wounded spirit, Kendra McKaslin vowed to make a fresh start---alone. But when the handsome sheriff Cameron Durango began stabling his horse at her stables, he brought all those locked away memories flooding back. For he alone knew the secret of her past relationship. Now, Kendra wondered, if having him in her life was a sign form heaven. Could all her dreams finally be coming true?
Book 5: Holiday Homecoming
She was supposed to be home in Montana for Thanksgiving, but Kristin McKaslin was stranded at the Boise airport--in a snowstorm. There was no hope. Then, out of nowhere, a car pulled up. It was Ryan Sanders, the charming football player she'd barely known in high school. He was going home, too. Maybe the Lord might have more in mind for them than just a drive...
Series Two

Siblings: Amy, Ben, Rachel & Paige
Family runs their own diner in town of Manhattan, Montana
Book 6: Sweet Blessings
After Heath Murdock chivalrously shielded Amy McKaslin from harm, the grateful single mom rolled out the welcome mat at her bustling family diner. Although something in the wistful waitress and her son called out to Heath, it would take much more than this radiant beauty's soothing cups of java and quiet companionship to cure what ailed the grief ravaged drifter. Yet as the bighearted McKaslin clan rallied around him, Heath felt a tender awakening in his soul. Could the sweetest blessing of all be standing right before him?
Book 7: Heaven's Touch
(Reissued as What Matters Most-Harlequin Heartwarming)
Special forces soldier Ben McKaslin returned home with a bum leg, a bad attitude and his career in tatters. Then, in one defining moment, an emergency had him leaping instinctively to rescue--and locking eyes with the captivating woman he'd left behind. Can meeting Cadence Chapman again be God's plan all along? 
Book 8: Blessed Vows
When waitress Rachel McKaslin reluctantly met Jake McCall, she never dreamed the handsome tech sergeant would be so charming. Soon into their joyful courtship, Jake surprised her by proposing. Now, Rachel prayed their union wasn't just a convenience and that Jake truly loved her. 
Book 9: A Handful of Heaven
Responsibility was nothing new to Paige McKaslin. She had raised her siblings and her son. Suddenly Evan Thornton asked her out on her first date in eighteen years, totally disrupting her routine. Now love was an exciting possibility that made her rethink her orderly life. Could it be God still had some surprises for her?
Series Three
Siblings: Katherine, Ava, Aubrey, Lauren, Danielle, Rebecca & Spence & Cousin Kelly
Family runs a Christian Bookstore in Bozeman, Montana
Book 10- A Soldier for Christmas
Kelly is a cousin to the McKaslin's.
When a tall soldier entered the Christian bookstore, Kelly Logan nearly fell over. Could it be Mitch Dalton, the classmate she'd once had a crush on? Mitch had matured into a heart stopping handsome man and he wanted her to help him find a present for his mother. As they discovered the perfect gift, a friendship ignited. Mitch was leaving for the Middle East soon and after Kelly's tumultuous upbringing she felt relationships were hazardous. Yet a lingering hope told her that perhaps God had special plans for them.
Book 11: Precious Blessings
Lawman Jack Munroe didn't want to see the truth about his troubled daughter, especially when she was caught shoplifting in Katherine McKaslin's Christian bookstore. Being a single father was hard on a man's faith and patience as it was so he didn't need the all perfect Katherine telling him how to impose discipline. Yet, he began to see the positive effects Katherine had on his daughter... and on him. Jack hadn't been looking for a relationship, but this strong and beautiful woman made him wonder if God wanted him to risk a second chance at love.
Book 12: Every Kind of Heaven
Though she wanted a family of her own, love seemed so unreliable to busy bakery owner Ava McKaslin. Baking and honoring her faith were all she had on her life's to-do list. Until she hired Brice Donovan as her contractor. Her best laid plans flew right out the window.
Book 13- Everyday Blessings
When Aubrey McKaslin visited reclusive photographer William Corey, she found a man who had given up on life and faith. He said he was happy at his mountain retreat but
Aubrey didn't believe it for a minute. His eyes signaled a kindred soul, a man who shared her love of art and the outdoors. Spending time together awakened deeper feelings in them both but could William trust in his faith and rise above his past?
Book 14: A McKaslin Homecoming
This is another great addition to the McKaslin books. A sister taken away from her family by her mother and thinking all these years she was unwanted. Love it! 
When contacted by her long lost grandmother, Lauren McKaslin wanted to reconnect with all the warmhearted Montana McKaslin's. For too long, she'd relied solely on herself and her faith. Mistrustful lawman, Caleb Stone, stood in the way and his question about her were intimidating. Was his attention more than a protective instinct? Now that she believed in family again, perhaps this was also a time to believe in true love.
Book 15: Her Wedding Wish
Her Husband Couldn't Remember Her
Jonas Lowell, a police officer shot in the line of duty; now had amnesia. And his wife, Danielle McKaslin Lowell, had tried everything to spark his recollection of her and their young children, but he could look at his adoring wife only with a stranger's gaze. His memory of the life they shared--the future they'd dreamed of--was gone. But with a lot of faith and a sweet new courtship, Danielle's handsome husband just might fall in love all over again.
Book 16: Her Perfect Man
New neighbor, Chad Lawson, seems too perfect. At least to Rebecca McKaslin, who has been burned by a Prince Charming type before. Worried, her loving family supports her 
time-out from romance. Yet, as Rebecca gets to know her handsome, church going neighbor. His reliable friendly nature challenges her resistance to relationships. Soon, she wonders if God put him in her life for a reason. Should she accept this rare gift and risk her heart again?
Book 17: His Holiday Heart
A Montana Scrooge With A Secret Crush
What can make a grumpy “there-is-no-Santa-Claus” kind of man smile? The sight of quirky Lucy Chapin. Something about the woman creates warm and fuzzy feelings within confirmed bachelor Spence McKaslin. So he’ll just have to ignore her. Hard to do, since they’re working together on a Christmas program for hospitalized children. The time with lovely Lucy soon has Spence thinking twice about spending his life alone. Because his heart is open to giving and receiving.
Book 18: A Soldier for Keeps
 This book is sneak peek into the Granger's from the Granger Family Ranch series. You may want to read it again when you read that series.
Lexie is Kelly Logan's roommate from A Soldier For Christmas.
Lexie Evans is not looking for a relationship with Pierce Granger, and that's just fine with the handsome soldier. Neither one has time for romance, but they can both commit to friendship, right? After months as pen pals, Pierce visits Lexie's family ranch in Wyoming. Face to face with her friend, Lexie realizes her feelings toward him have changed. She is finally ready for love-- but is Pierce ready to be hers for keeps?
Series Four
Siblings: Brianna, Brandilyn, Colbie, Brooke, Luke & Hunter
Every family has their black sheep, for the McKaslin's it would be
their brother Mick. Series one, book 3 tells part of Mick's story. The following series are about Mick's children. From his first marriage: Hunter, Luke & Brooke. Next is Colbie, Mick had broken her moms heart but good, he never married Lil but Colbie has the McKaslin name. Lil has MS and Colbie is completely devoted to taking care of her, Lil is like a mother to the other siblings as well. And last is Brianna & Brandilyn who are twins. When he is not in prison, the kids want nothing to do with Mick as he usually just tries to get money or use them somehow.
Book 19: Blind Date Bride
Brianna McKaslin and her twin sister, Brandilyn, have come through a lot together. A criminal father and a drunken mother left them with a bleak childhood. Brianna has survived a shooting but she suffers from the post traumatic stress. And now she is facing her third no show blind-date in a row. But she is still optimistic that one day God will give her the family life she did not have growing up. She works in her cousin Ava's bakery and goes to school to become a teacher. Life is still good, even after this third no show and her car being stolen while she waited, because she met Max Decker. Another man with a no show blind date. A man who was probably to good for someone like her.

Max Decker finally gave in and let a buddy from work set him up with another blind-date. Alice was a no show but he got to know Brianna while he waited. And she stayed with him long after he left her. Max had moved to Montana when a Detective job came up. He had his brother Marcus living with him and he believed that Montana would keep Marcus out of trouble unlike in LA. Max was not looking for a relationship. After a betrayal from a woman a decade ago, he learned. Somehow Bree got under his radar but he could never see such a beautiful girl like her seeing anything good in him.

Two people with troubled pasts who believe they are not good enough for each other. Can they trust God with their futures and move forward to where He leads them or will the darkness of the past blind them from a bright future?

Bree and Brandi have been in some of the previous McKaslin books with their cousins. This is the first book in series four. The children of Mick McKaslin. Bree and Brandi are twins, Colbie is a half sister and only child and Hunter, Luke & Brooke are from Mick's first marriage. Jillian will be releasing three books in 2012, Brooke, Luke & Hunter's story. If you like series than for sure you will want to read Blind-Date Bride first.

Book 20: Montana Homecoming
Brooke McKaslin has lived away from her family for nine years now. She had been close to her brothers and after a shooting that almost took her half-sisters life, she bonded with her other three half-sisters as well. Brianna was about to testify against the man who had almost taken her life so Brooke came to Montana to be with her family as supported Bree through the trial. It's not like Brooke did not have the time. She just lost her job and because of her past she was not able to find jobs easily. And she had no desire to find a man. Betrayal from one man had run so deep that Brooke had steel walls around her heart and no desire to remove them, until a Liam and his dog Oscar bound into her life from the neighbor's yard.

Liam Knightly fell for Oscar when he went to the animal shelter. Maybe he should have looked into what it entailed owning a large dog who it seems has separation issues. Good thing Brooke McKaslin knows something about training dogs. Liam keeps telling himself that he won't fall for the beautiful woman, he had a broken heart once and learned his lesson about women, or has he?

Brooke is torn between telling Liam about her past or not. But as usual secrets always seem to find their way out of hiding at the very worst of times!

Jillian will have you laughing one minute at the loopy lab, Oscar, and crying over the characters who just can't seem to get it right. I love how she brought the family into this book. We see Brianna and her fiance Max from Blind Date Bride and the rest of the family who's stories are yet to be told. Her brothers Luke & Hunter and half-sisters Colbie and Brianna's twin sister, Brandi. As well as Colbie's mom, Lil.

**Warning: You may find you have the urge to go to the animal shelter and not be able to refuse any sad eyed dog that looks like it may want to go home with you!
Book 21: Montana Cowboy
Luke McKaslin and his brother Hunter own a dairy farm. He loves his “girls”, those sweet bovines with their melted chocolate brown eyes and long lashes….that they often bat at him. He would also love to find a woman who would enjoy his ranch life with him. Yet somehow his heart keeps choosing city girls.

Honor Crosby is bored and homesick for California. After losing her teacher job due to cut-backs and wanting to escape her family and an ex-fiance, she takes a tutoring job that lands her in Montana. When her online Good Books friend, Montana Cowboy, invites her to his sisters wedding a few hours away she jumps at the chance to escape. She is glad to have Luke as a friend online, a friend only. If she could convince her heart of that when she meets the man who is the same in person as on line….Real, kind and handsome.

Luke’s sisters; Brooke, Brandi, Bree and Colbie along with his “mom” Lil lose no time in telling Honor how wonderful Luke is. But Honor is set on returning to Malibu. To the beach. To her friends. To the life she knows and loves. So why is the idea of boring Montana beginning to transform into somewhere she could be if a certain cowboy was there?

Can a die hard Montana Cowboy and full bred California Girl find happiness together?

Jillian continues to share her writing talents with the readers with another great visit with the McKaslins. She makes the characters….and critters so real you can almost feel the rough tongue of Betty swipe across your face and your heart skip a beat at Luke's smile….dimples included. Her writing always wraps my emotions in it as well….tissues close at hand are a must for me. Looking forward to the next sibling in the series finding their forever love.
Book 22: Montana Dreams
Hunter McKaslin has always been sour on romance and marriage. Walking around with a chip on his shoulder that must have been a chunk of his heart. Bitter and unhappy. After reading Montana Dreams you will know why. This section of the McKaslin clan had a bad seed for a dad. It’s three families combined from one man’s hurtful actions. Only they have built a strong loving family. Hunter did all he could not to be like his father, in the end was he more like him than he thought?

Millie Wilson never wanted to return to Prospect, Montana. She left a world of hurt behind her ten years ago. A hateful father and a man who could never fully give his heart to her. Forced to return to care for her dying father she comes face to face with her past, Hunter McKaslin. She also has a secret….can she hide that from all the caring people in this small town as well?

Come and revisit with Brooke, Luke, Brianna, Brandi and Colbie and of course Hunter. This close knit patchwork family and their joyful antics always bring both tears and smiles to this readers face. And there is always a cute bovine to bat her lashes at the handsome cowboys or pull their hats off. Not everything is always joyful but it all works out in the end. This book is the fourth book in series four of the Mckaslin’s. Mick Mckaslin’s family tree and the twenty-second in the complete McKaslin series.
Holiday Homecoming & A Soldier For Christmas
An Re-issue, Love Inspired Classics 2-in-1
McKaslin Clan Series 1 book 5
McKaslin Clan Series 3 book 1
The McKaslin's of Wyoming Series
Sunshine, Wyoming

Book 1: Jingle Bell Bride
Jingle Bell Bride by Jillian Hart
Wyoming Mckaslin’s Book 1
Welcome to Sunshine, Wyoming, where you’ll be knee deep in snow, critters, Christmas and even a touch of romance. You’ll get to know four new McKaslin sisters, Chelsea, Sara Beth, Meg and Johanna. In this book you’ll get to know Chelsea….who is just beginning work in town as a Pediatrician. She’s a gal with a planner and a plan. After having her heart broken, men are not included in her plans. God may just have a plan for Chelsea that is different than her own.

Dr. Michael Kramer is a widower doing his best to raise his young daughter, Macie. He has no room in his life for relationships. When he keeps running into the beautiful new doctor in town….his heart tries to escape the iron cage he’s built around it, and it seems to be succeeding. Can two people struggling against love find happiness this Christmas?

As with all of Jillian’s books I found that having a tissue close by was a good thing as the emotions of the characters became mine. There is so much going on in this book besides just the romance story. The Mckaslin’s are facing the holiday with a sadness as their mom loved everything about the holiday from decorating to buying special gifts and this is their first Christmas without her. Several characters are dealing with guilt and what if’s. No fear though as there are plenty of positives and furry friends to bring cheer to your reading.
The Deputy's Duty: Enduring Love
An Enduring Love is a free online read and
 also an extra in The Deputy's Duty
This book also takes place in Angel Falls, Montana
Lanna Gibson had loved Joe Wolf and lost him. When her family hit hard times after an illness Lanna had to work to support the three of them. She ended up working for Geneva Wolf, Joe's mom. Joe was off to school and Lanna was always given time off when he was home. Geneva was always critical of Lanna's work no matter what she did. And Geneva was happy to let her know about her sons upcoming marriage.

When Joe came home to Angel Falls, he still had the love for Lanna in his heart. No matter what fancy women were around him no one came close to her. He finds her scrubbing his mother's floors but she is still beautiful to him. His mother split them up once and he is determined to win Lanna's heart this time for good. He asks Lanna to come to their New Years Eve Ball. The love grows stronger each time he looks at her. Can their love survive his parents though?
McKaslin Historical Series One:
Brothers: Thad, Aiden & Finn McKaslin
Angel Falls, Montana Territory
Book 1- Homespun Bride
This book is available as a free e-book. There are links for it on Jillian's website.
Montana Territory I 1882 was a dangerous place to be. Especially for a blind woman struggling to make her way through a late winter snowstorm. Undaunted, Noelle Kramer fought to remain independent. When she had her a runaway horse nearly plunge her into a rushing ice choked river, she needed a stranger's strong sure hand to save her from a certain death.
Book 2: High Country Bride
For Widow, Joanna Nelson, life presented constant hardships. After being evicted from her home she needed a place to stay for herself and her two children. This led them to rancher Aidan McKaslin's property. The kind but embittered cowboy couldn't turn her away, and their agreement benefited them both. He sheltered her family while she brought faith and a woman's touch back into his world. When outside forces threatened their blossoming friendship, Aidan decided to take action. Could he convince the special woman to bind herself to him permanently or would he drive her away forever?
McKaslin Historical Series Two:
Brothers: Liam, Quinn, Seamus & Trace. Molly McKaslin is their widowed sister-in-law
Angel Falls & Promise, Montana
Book 3: In A Mother's Arms: Finally a Family
Widow, Molly McKaslin won't marry for less than true love. Does the handsome town doctor, Sam Frost, want a wife or a housekeeper for his daughters? With the help of two little matchmakers Molly might end up with the family of her dreams.
In this strory we meet Sukie the cow. Another one of Jillian's joyful critters that adds much joy and laughter to the story.
Buttons & Bobbins Series
The three previous books actually connect into
the Buttons & Bobbins series. We "see" them around town in
these books and Finn McKaslin is in the series. I always
suggest if you enjoy the books as a series to include
those three books as part of the Buttons & Bobbins.
Book 1: Gingham Bride
The Last Thing She Wanted for Christmas Was a Husband
Fiona O'Rourke doesn't believe in love -- and certainly not in a marriage arranged by her cruel father. And even if her unexpected betrothed seems honorable and kind, can she trust his motives...or the attraction between them?
Ian McPherson came to Montana to salvage his family's dwindling fortune, not to take a wife. But he's instantly drawn to Fiona. He wants to protect her -- even if that means pretending that they're engaged. In a season of surprises and miracles, there's nothing he won't give to show Fiona his love is for always.

Book 2: Patchwork Bride
At last, Meredith Worthington is returning to Angel Falls, Montana. Now that she's escaped the matchmaking and scheming of her East Coast finishing school, she can follow her dream of becoming a teacher. And perhaps get to know Shane Connelly, the intriguing new wrangler on her father's ranch....
Shane had a bellyful of "eligible ladies" back East. So he left them -- and his high-society family -- behind. Meredith reminds him of everything he'd like to forget, yet he can't resist her charm. But will love have time to blossom before she discovers the secret he's been hiding all along?
Book 3: Calico Bride
This was a really good story. Although I went through many Kleenex! The step-mom will ready to jump in the book and ..... well I don't know but she sure got me upset.
Safe, predictable Angel Falls, Montana, is Lila Lawson's home -- but she secretly wishes it had adventures like the novels she loves to read. Then the new deputy stumbles into her father's mercantile, gravely injured, and Lila gets more excitement than she can handle!
A harsh childhood left Burke Hannigan with two options -- get tough or give in. Lila's compassion and tender care make him yearn for more. But how can he ask her to forgive his outlaw past when he can't forgive himself? Unless love and faith can transform him into a hero worthy of this calico bride.
Book 4: Snowflake Bride
Ruby Ballard has not had the easiest life. Her mother died giving her life and at five her dad was injured and they lived with relatives. The last nine months of her life have been some of the best, if you don't count Narcissa Bell. Coming to a new school was hard and Narcissa did not help with her taunts on Ruby's second hand clothing but before she knew it she was surrounded by new friends. And a secret admirer that she never noticed in the background. Their farm was her first home since she was five. But life took a turn, her brother Rupert lost his job and her father could not find one. Ruby was blessed to get a job at the Davis household as a kitchen maid. Little did she know that the most drooled over young man in school, Lorenzo Davis, only had eyes for her. Between knowing her friends Kate and Scarlet were in love with Lorenzo and knowing they were about to lose their farm and move on, Ruby did all she could to hold her heart back from Lorenzo. Only her heart was not listening.

Lorenzo had fallen for the platinum haired blue eyed gal the first day she entered the school room. She never gave him notice though. Now that his mother hired her and he could see her each day he planned on seeing if he had a chance for her love. He quickly found out that she put everyone before herself and in this case, she could not bear to leave her father. What good would his family's wealth be if the only gem he wanted left?

Another great book in this series. Jillian has a great way of putting stories together that will pull your heartstrings and a few tears from your eyes as well. 
Mail-Order Bride Series with Janet Tronstad
Boxed Set
Mail-Order Christmas Brides: Jillian Hart & Janet Tronstad
Her Christmas Family by Jillian Hart
Felicity Sawyer is on her way to be a Mail-Order bride. She is already in love with eight year old Gertie Winters and hopes to love Gertie's dad, Tate,as well and hopefully to be loved in return. After the death of her parents, Felicity and her two sisters were put into an orphanage, her sisters were adopted out but it seemed that she was always passed by, unwanted. Felicity stayed in the town as long as she could in hopes her sisters would find her, but her money and hope ran thin so she has decided to start a new family in Angel Falls, Montana with Tate and Gertie. Only she did not know that Tate was a man without hope or heart.

Tate knew what it was to be kicked when he was down. After trying to do the right thing against the wrong type of people, his wife took their daughter and left him and than he was falsely accused of crimes and sent to prison. Thankfully after his wife died, Tate's sister Ingrid was able to find Gertie and bring her home. He carried failure on his shoulders like his best friend. After meeting Felicity at the train station he knows he will fail her as well, but can he send back this beautiful woman who has stolen Gertie's heart at first sight, and could his dead heart still has a few beats left in it as well?

If you enjoy series you may want to read the first of Jillian's historical books and follow the list down as they all take place in Angel Falls, Montana. The situation in this book is first mentioned in Calico Bride.
Mail-Order Holiday Brides
Home for Christmas by Jillian Hart
Christina Eberlee is alone in the world and barley getting by. Being accepted by Tom Rutger as a mail-order bride is an answer to her prayers. Or is it? Not when every man, including Tom, is measured by the kindness of the handsome marshal she met on her way to Angel Falls, Montana. Christina’s adventure includes meeting Annabelle, another mail-order bride who is headed for Dry Creek, Montana and Marshal Elijah Gable, a man who comes to her rescue more than once. Not to forget getting injured when a young ruffian steals her reticule.

Elijah had never thought he’d have a second chance at love, and maybe he don’t. How can he tell his heart that this gal is already spoken for?

This was a heartwarming story that reminded me how these young woman who ventured off to marry men they never met….never knew what type of man was waiting at the end of their travels.

Be sure and check out Jillian’s other historical books that take place in the quaint town of Angel Falls, Montana.

Snowflakes for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad
Annabelle Hester finally had some hope in her life. She lost her mom at a young age and her dad had a bit of a temper and he was a big man. After he passed away and she was left with very little she decided to become a mail-order bride. Adam Stone had proposed and accepted her even with her weaknesses. Or so she thought. Instead of Adam she was met by his brother, Gabe. A big man, even bigger than her father. In her mind that equaled cruelty and caused her fear.

Gabe quickly fell in love with his niece and nephew. His brother on the other hand was acting like a horses behind. The day his brother’s soon-to-be bride came to town….Adam left town. Gabe quickly finds himself having to explain to the woman that his brother didn’t want her and fight off a local busybody who believes the children would be better off in any home but his.

Another great addition to Janet’s Dry Creek Series. She brings in some old friends from some of her other Dry Creek historical books. A really enjoyable story that also gives a glimpse into how it must have felt to step off a train into a new place to marry someone you never met, and pray that they turn out to be kind and eventually someone who will love you.

This is the second time that Janet and Jillian have come together to bring us a Christmas story from their historical towns. If you haven’t read it you may want to read their first book; Mail-Order Christmas Brides. I have read every book these two ladies have written and enjoyed them all.

Mail-Order Mistletoe Brides
Christmas Hearts by Jillian Hart
When Cole Matheson agreed to marry a mail-order bride, it was for the sake of his thirteen year old daughter who needed a mother. And he was looking forward to raising her son as his own. Instead of a hardened world weary widow, Mercy Jacobs was kind and beautiful. Not what he was looking for in a bride. So now what does he do?

Mistletoe Kiss in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad
Noah Miller's ranch hands sent out an ad for a mail-order wife, for him! They wanted someone who would cook for them and figured if she was married to Noah, she'd have to stay. Noah had been through one marriage and he wasn't good enough to keep her around. Not only that, he expected an older widow, not the beautiful Irish beauty that showed up. Maeve Flanagan has a secret though, one that might keep Noah from marrying her.

It was such fun visiting Angel Falls with Jillian and Dry Creek with Janet. Both stories were heartwarming and brought a few tears to my eyes as well. To think that women really took a chance of crossing hundreds to thousands of miles to marry someone they never met and the men on the other end took their chances as well. Another enjoyable holiday book by these two wonderful authors.
Granger Family Ranch Series
Prequel: Info listed under McKaslin Books
Book 1: The Soldier's Holiday Vow
Trapped in a mine shaft with a little girl, September Stevens prays for someone to save them. When help arrives in the form of army ranger, Mark Hawkins, the best friend of her late fiance', they both feel God's hand at work. Together they help each other rebuild their lives. As they let the spirit of the holidays into their hearts, feelings of new love start to take hold. September is afraid to risk her heart on another soldier though. Until Mark offers a Christmas vow, one that could last a lifetime. (Her fiance was a Granger who was killed in the war)
Book 2: The Rancher's Promise
Rancher, Justin Granger, hasn't seen his high school sweetheart since she rode out of town with his heart. Now, “too good for this small town” Rori Cornell stands on his doorstep, seeking a job as his cook and housekeeper. He can't turn her away, not with the sadness and worry in conrflwer blue eyes. He will just have to avoid her between meals. When Justin discovers that Rori's big dream has always been him, he finds his heart softening. And an old promise is yearning to be kept.
Book 3: His Holiday Bride
Big city sheriffs don't belong in tiny Wild Horse, Wyoming. At least that's what rancher Autumn Granger thinks when handsome Ford Sherman sweeps into town and sets his sights on her. A country cowgirl, she can't possibly be his match. Like most newcomers, he'll eventually get restless with small-town life and leave it..and her.. behind. When rustlers attack her family's ranch, Ford helps protect Granger territory. She finds herself hoping that he really is in Wild Horse to stay. Could her holiday wish of a happily ever after with this handsome lawman come true?
Book 4: His Country Girl
To fulfill a sick boy's wish, rodeo star Tucker Granger surprises little Owen in the hospital. No one is more surprised than the single mother, Sierra Baker. She figures the carefree champion for a different kind of man. One who does not spend hours talking “cowboy code” with a hospital-bound child. One who can't have her dreaming of a second chance at love. Somehow Tucker ropes her heart and fills it with hope. Hope that this country girl and her son can lasso the roaming bronc rider into their family forever.
Book 5: Wyoming Sweethearts
Another wonderful book in the Granger Family Ranch Series.
Sean Granger is working for his Uncle Frank. Sean's dad wanted him to get a degree and work in that world. Sean tried but his heart has always been in ranching. His fiance' broke off their engagement as she did not want to marry a rancher and she quickly found a dentist, and not for an appointment!
Eloise Tipple is back in Wild Horse, Wyoming. A car accident has ruined her ice dancing career and sent her almost fiance' dancing into a new partner's arms. She found a job managing Cady's Inn. Cady had escaped the Big Apple and her Law practice to open a country Inn. Cady wants to have horses for the guests and her godchild requested  that she find rescue horses and give them a second chance. Cady has sent Eloise on this rescue mission. Cheyenne Granger is Eloise's best friend who has just graduated and is working as a Veterinarian so she cannot help her get the horses but cousin Sean offers. Sean has a  horse trailer, a truck and a desire to help Eloise. As they work together rescuing the horses the ice around their hearts begins to melt. If only the words Gerald left Eloise with would stop haunting her. He told her no man would ever want the burden of taking care of her, she reminds herself of his words  so she can try to keep from falling for handsome Sean.
Ever since Eloise came home, Gram has been determined to fix her up. Blind date after blind date. Every friend of Gram's that has a single grandson has been in on the plotting.
She don't have the heart to tell Gram that they take one look at her cane and can't get through the meal quick enough, often they even avoid looking towards her at all.
Jillian continues the courtship between Frank Granger and Cady in her books along with other characters. And we always get to visit with Buttercup, the spoiled Granger cow. This book is heartwarming and you may want to have a box of Kleenex handy if you are prone to get watery eyes, as I am. 
CAUTION: You may desire to go out and buy a cute cow!
**Book recieved through NetGalley for review
Book 6: Hometown Hearts
Welcome back to Wild Horse, Wyoming. Not a lot going on here and yet for the Granger's it's home and they love it. Dr. Adam Stone is summering here for the sake of his daughters, Julianna and Jenny. The girls are enjoying riding the horses that Cady Winslow, a friend from New York who is like family, has rescued. After Stacy left Adam for another man, his daughters lost their joy and he lost all hope of ever loving again. Being around Cady and Wild Horse brings some joy back to his girls though. And one particular resident seems to really brighten all their days, Cheyenne Granger. Sharing a love and care for animals the local vet has much in common with Julianna and soon the girls start matchmaking. Adam is a Cardiologist, can his own heart be healed?

After Edward broke her heart, Cheyenne no longer trusted her heart. She mistook in-like for in-love and she won't let it happen ever again, ever. Tell that to her heart when she sees that the stern and serious Dr. Stone is starting to invade her thoughts. The more she sees Adam around his girls, the more she realizes the granite exterior is not really what he's like inside. Can two people who have been wounded by love chance opening their hearts a second time?

The romance of Frank Granger and Cady Winslow continues in this book as it has in the previous ones. Cady has never had a love that lasted and Frank's heart was wounded by his first wife when she left him with their five children. And Buttercup makes her appearances as well. You can't visit the Granger's without stopping to scratch this precious critter between the ears along with all the other spoiled Granger animals and in Shrek's case, the neighbor's animals as well!

Jillian's Granger Series will be continued as self-published books:
Stand Alone Books

Heaven Sent: no series but connected with Love Worth Waiting For
Matthew Shaw and Hope Ashton are from two distinct worlds. Hope is a single, carefree photographer who travels the world. Matthew is a widower raising triplet sons in Montana. Can these two incredibly diverse individuals come together and make love work? Hope is the sister to Noah Ashton in Love Worth Waiting For.
A Love Worth Waiting For: no series but second story to Heaven Sent
Jaded jet-setter, Noah Ashton, arrived in Montana with the sole purpose of making sure his beloved grandmother was not marrying a man out to steal her fortune. However, when he experienced a life threatening crisis, the last person he expected to lean on was Julie Renton, the granddaughter of his grandmother's suitor. The small-town schoolteacher not only staunchly defended her grandfather's honor, but also opened this world weary tycoon's eyes to the Lord's most precious blessings!

A handsome and chivalrous Noah was everything Julie had ever dreamed of in a man. But even while she lavished him with sweet solace to see him through the hardships ahead, she sensed he had the power to shatter her fragile heart. It took a miracle from above to convince Julie she'd finally found a love worth fighting for. Noah is the brother of Hope in Heaven Sent.
Heaven Knows
Trusting the Lord to guide her to safety, Alexandra Sims traveled across Montana, never expecting to find the love and family she'd always craved. Good things like that didn't just happen, they were gifts from God. Alexandra trusted John Corey's loving smile and agreed to be his adorable daughter's nanny.. at least until John discovered Alexandra's painful secret.

John Corey led a modest life with his daughter and silently grieved his wife's death. One day a beautiful drifter wandered into his life and turned it around. Suddenly John believed in love again and put his faith in Alexandra. Though she hid her secret past, he wanted to bring her peace and show her how much he cared.
Hometown Bride (Novella)
Emma Jensen is no longer the person she once was. She had married Collin Herman and he was not the man she knew him to be. He stole her happiness and her trust. Even now that he has been dead for a year….she realizes that she could never trust another man. Although her childhood friend, Jeff, is strong, kind and trustworthy. She is thankful for his renewed friendship and ignores anything else she thinks she feels for him.

Jeff Kendall has had a secret love as long as he could remember. He watched her through the years….even as she dated and married someone else. Never realizing how much he cared for her. And his love never died. Now he has a chance to get close to her again, but all she can offer is her friendship.

Can love rebuild a woman who is broken? And if can’t….can Jeff live with only having her friendship the rest of his life?

What a hidden treasure it was to find this novella. I have read all of Jillian's books and was surprised to find this one. It was a free download. You can find the link on my blog at Just Judy’s Jumbles at blogspot dot com. Search under Jillian Hart’s Love Inspired book list. And as is so often the case with Jillian’s books, I needed to have tissues close at hand as the emotions of the characters came through and grabbed a hold of my heart as well.
No One But You
We all have the power to effect change--we just need to find the strength to harness it. With every good deed done, and helping hand offered, we are making the world a better place. The dedicated women selected as this year's recipients of Harlequin's More Than Words award have changed many lives for the better, through their compassionate hearts and unshakable commitment. To celebrate their accomplishments, bestselling authors have written stories inspired by these real-life heroines.

In this book, Jillian Hart honors the work of Mary Byberg, a committed volunteer for Nellie's Shelter for Women and Children in Toronto, Ontario.

My Review:
No One But You by Jillian Hart
This is a fictional story but contains the truth of spousal abuse. Mariah Duncan had left her husband when her son Jake was still just a toddler. She realized the danger he not only posed to her but their son. Fifteen years later she has opened her own shelter, Mary's Place. She is independent and distrustful of men. When a man from her past enters back into her life she finds her heart trying to open once again and the fear of that happening.

Wyatt Royce is a broken man. After a tragedy in his life, the battle to repair is marriage was lost. He is trying to start over and live again but it's hard to do. When he sees his first love after eighteen years his dead heart tries to come back to life.

This is a shorter story but glimpses into lives that were damaged. Women who were abused by those who say they love them. Hearts that fear opening up again...not trusting that not all men are alike. And hopefully it will help someone out there realize they are in an abusive situation and they need help.
Multi-Author Series 
To: Pilar, Anne, Rachel

From: Meg
Re: I'm getting MARRIED!

You all know that I didn't ever plan to get married again, but I just found out that my son has a twin brother who was accidentally adopted separately. So Jared Kierney and I are gettig married for their sake. You remember Jared, my high school nemesis? He's a reporter now, gorgeous as ever. I didn't expect to be breathless when he proposed this marriage of convenience, but I was! Yet part of me wonders, are we being united by a Higher Power...for love's sake?
A Holiday to Remember: Tiny Blessings Tale
To: Uncle Ben

From: Mia
Re: Thanks to you, we have a whole new family!
Moving to Chestnut Grove was the best thing to happen to Mom and me. It's so neat that a few months ago Mom didn't know she had a half brother – you! And I can tell she likes Jonah Fraser, this really cool carpenter. I always tell Mom she's got to believe in the power of prayer. But now I have my own special prayer – that mom and Jonah get together to make this the best Christmas ever!
Homefront Holiday: Homecoming Heroes
A heart full of love for the orphaned boy he saved from a war torn country? Check. Adoption forms filled out? Check. Yet M.A.S.H. Surgeon Mike Montgomery is barely back on U.S. soil when his plans are squashed. Someone else has already petitioned to adopt little Ali: Sarah Alpert, the boy's foster mother – and Mike's former fiance. Sarah broke his heart, but he won't break hers by sticking around. Until a little boy puts his holiday wish – for the mom and dad of his dreams – into adorable action.
Alaskan Bride Rush: Klondike Hero
A tiny town full of churchgoing, marriage-minded men? For Karenna Digby, freshly abandoned at the altar, Treasure Creek sounds like a dream come true. Until she's stranded at the ranch of the one bachelor not looking for love. With his past, search-and-rescue tour guide, Gage Parker can barely open his heart tot he baby nephew he's caring for, let alone his young and pretty new nanny. Until Karenna leads her Klondike hero on the greatest adventure of all: love.
Texas Twins Series:
Book 6: Reunited for the Holidays
Brian Wallace finally returns to his home in Fort Worth. Due to unforeseen circumstances he was not able to contact his family. In fact, he was through such a traumatic time that he has realized he has been given a precious second chance at life. At least with his three children. There will always be a hole in his heart for the other three he lost forever….or did he? Seems there has been quite a few changes in the six months he’s been gone.

Belle Colby has been in a coma for six months. Nothing like waking up and seeing two of her children for the first time in twenty-five years. Add to that the fact all of them have found their soul mates. But nothing tops the moment when the one man she never planned to see again in her life walks into her room at the convalescent home. And how quickly her heart recognizes him.

This was a really good series with enough loose ends to keep you coming back to read the next book. Jillian Hart pulls together all the loose ends from the previous five books to give the readers closure. I found it tough to leave the Wallace/Colby clan and Grasslands, Texas, the characters were all written so well and pulled the reader into their world. In this final book we see how several of our characters have to face their past and forgive themselves and others so they can move ahead to the future and good things that God has planned for them.
Yuletide Treasure: A Blessed Season
An abandoned girl asks bounty hunter, Rafe Jones, to track down her long lost mother for Christmas. The holiday wish breaks through his hardened heart and he easily finds Cora Sims in Montana Territory. She's definitely the woman Rafe has been looking for. But is she actually the girl's mother?
A Merry Little Christmas: Christmas Don't Be Late
When a misunderstanding caused millionaire, Colton Nichols, to be taken for Santa Claus by neighbor Amanda Richards's young son, Colton was determined to keep his distance. But the Christmas-wish letter Jeremy sent broke his heart – Jeremy asked only that his sick sister be well and his mom's heart not be sad. Colton found himself praying for just that – and wishing this family were his own.
Countdown to First Night: Winter's Heart

Everyone is looking forward to the spectacular New Year's Eve festivities in Snow Falls, Colorado-on First Night, anything seems possible! 

Winter's Heart by Jillian Hart
Shelby Craig comes to Snow Falls for a First Night job, but secretly hopes it will be a respite from her grief and a haven for her two young kids. A sympathetic cop becomes the determined widow's staunchest ally-though helping her may break his heart. 

Six, five, four... 

Snowbound at New Year by Margaret Daley
This was supposed to be a done deal! Children's book author Ellie Summers came to the festival to meet her new illustrator. She didn't expect him to turn down her proposal. And then to find the obstinate man so charming... Is it wrong to hope his matchmaking twin daughters succeed? 

Three, two, one... 

A Kiss at Midnight by Brenda Minton
Pride is a hard thing to swallow, but Jolie Godwin does her best to ignore her grievances with Jake Wild this one time. The man is graciously letting her exhibit her artwork in his luxury resort for First Night. He seems like a good person and a devoted uncle. If only he'd always been so perfect. Because his kiss is something she can't forget.... 

Cue the fireworks! 

fictiondb has all of her books listed if you want the order and year written

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