Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Lori Wilde

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Texas Rascals Series
Book 1: Keegan
Keegan Winslow is on a mission of revenge. He was after a man that he planned to kill. Keegan had become a cold, hard man. He shoved any feelings or humanity deep down so he could focus on his mission. Until one cold night in Rascal, Texas everything changed.

Wren Matthews had set herself apart. After losing her parents, making a bad choice that almost lost her the farm, and of course, her injury, she preferred to be alone. And she needed to find someone to help on the farm that preferred solitude as well.

A wonderful story. Two lonely souls who don't want or need anyone, find each other on an unusually cold winter night. They'd both lost the spirit of Christmas and miracles, but this season, they may find more than they knew they were looking for.
Book 2: Matt
Detective Matthew “Matt” Forrester has come home to Rascal. He may have lost the woman he loved two years ago...but now that she's a widow, he can hope for a second chance. Or at least friendship. Especially since he's sent to investigate an incident on her ranch.

Savannah Markum has many secrets to hold close. With Matt working on her case, it's harder to keep some of those secrets. Like why she broke up with him three years ago. She didn't like that he was a fearless lawman, but now that she needs exactly that...she's glad he is around.

Secrets kept and decisions made...for whatever reasons...surface at some time. Nothing stays buried forever. Now, two people who've changed a lot in two years need to see if they can get through the past and see a future. Another good story in this series.
Book 3: Nick
Nick Nickerson is great at his job as an undercover detective. He's learned how to adapt as needed, thanks to his childhood. He also learned never to back down from a fight. When he's teamed with a stubborn, hard-headed woman for an undercover case...he needs to learn when to back down...and when to fight back.

Michele Mallory hates that she feels attracted to the self-confident, egotistical Nick. She grew up with a controlling father, the last thing she wants or needs is to fall for a guy like that. Besides, law enforcement—her work—is all she needs. She's seen what happens in a marriage first hand with her parents. She doesn't need to test it out herself.

A great story as these two hard-headed people get thrown together to solve a case. If they can stop fighting each other long enough to remember what they are there for.
Book 4: Kurt
Kurt McNally had always wanted a family. A life unlike the one he grew up in. He thought he'd found it...but the actress was just that. An actress. She wasn't anything like she pretended to be. Until...he gets a call that she had an accident and has amnesia.

Bonnie Bradford's life consists of dull things. Outside of work, she spends her time gardening and going to the movies. Lots of movies. And then one day...everything changed.

Kurt and those who work his ranch with him have been burned by the woman he was formerly engaged to. To say they were unhappy to have her back on the ranch was an understatement. Bonnie just wanted to know who she was. And maybe win back this man.

Wonderful series and this book is especially good.
Book 5: Tucker

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