Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Julie Jarnagin

Rematched (Resort to Romance Series)
Courtney Bailey cannot believe she's on Joy Island because her mom paid for this trip without telling her. Not just a trip...a matchmaking week. She has other plans awaiting her. She'll enjoy the week on the beach, but forget about any matchmaking.

Tyler Dunn is at loose ends. After an injury, he left the army instead of staying for a desk job. He's going to at least enjoy this week. A vacation on the beach will give him time to think... Well, that's what he thought until he met the woman he'd be spending the week around.

Ginny and Goldie Sterling were given Joy Island in the Bahamas. Now, for two weeks a year, they have a matchmaking week. With almost a hundred percent record so far. These two women are tough to get past if they think they see a match in the making. No matter what the couple says. Great story!
Sunny Days Ahead
Kelsey Haynes has let fear hold her back from living her life. She's finally decided to move ahead. Take a job outside of Oklahoma. She'd miss her best friend, Dean, though. That's why she convinced him to go on a cruise with her family—to support her when she breaks the news to her folks that she’s leaving.

Dean was a rancher. Their ranch had been in the family for generations. He was content enough to stay in Sinclair, but he knew Kelsey wanted to get out of the small town. And as much as that would hurt not to have her around...he only wanted what was best for her.

Secrets are a terrible thing. Her dad had one. Kelsey had one. Dean was caught in the middle. This novella is packed full of emotions. If you cry easily, you'll want some tissues nearby. I loved the characters. Dean is so easy to fall in love with, his quiet and caring ways. Loved it!
The Vegas Proposal
Claire Griggs loves her job at the wedding chapel that has been in her family for fifty years. Her life is changing though, it started a year ago when her grandparents, who had started the business and whom she loved dearly, passed away. And with other things happening, Claire is beginning to wonder if true love really does exist.

Benjamin Karr loves his career as a musician. Somewhere along the road to fame, he lost the young man who just enjoyed singing and wanting to make his grandmother proud. He's just finished his tour and it's time to sign a new contract for his next album. Only things have changed. He's changed.

Claire and Ben's lives cross paths and changes them both. Being from two different worlds, without a bridge to join them together. I just loved this story and went through a few tissues while reading it. I think there's a lot of real life in the story too. Life often changes us so slowly that we are surprised to wake up one day and find we are far away from the path we thought we were on.
Engaged by Friday
Mary Beth Hollands was all ready to face her high school nemesis at their ten year reunion—that is until her boyfriend left town...and her...beforehand. Her friends had found their forever guys on the internet dating and now they are going to find her one.

Christian Fuller just wants to start his own business with no more interference. Quitting his engineering job found him without a girlfriend or his family's understanding. Now his sister has stepped in his life to interfere again. She set him up on a date from a profile she created for him. No way.
Matched Online
Originally publishes in Matched Online
Book 1: Meg (Beach Brides Series)
Meg Mullen enjoyed a great vacation on Enchanted Island with her online book club. Before they left, they put notes with their wishes and dreams in bottles and threw them into the ocean. Now Meg was back in reality. A reality that had their small-town theater struggling to stay afloat.

Elliot Campbell is the producer of One True Love. A dating show his father started and Elliot was determined to keep alive...he couldn't fail his father's memory and legacy. When their female contestant bails, all seems lost. Until...he finds a bottle on the shore and the perfect contestant. Now he just has to convince her she's the perfect one.

I loved this story! The author brought the characters to life, along with the drama from behind the scenes of a reality show.
Book 3: Molly (Perfect Match Series)
Molly wants her promotion bad enough that she'll even agree to an online dating service. Being on a beautiful island to meet her mystery man isn't so bad either. She just has to remember she's only doing this for her job—not for true love. Which she learned doesn't exist anyways.

Sean has kept his secret for a long time and it's allowed him to live a quiet and safe life on the island. Keeping his brother protected from the past. Agreeing to the online dating was a big mistake. Especially since it would be too easy to get comfortable around Molly and tell her things he has to keep secret.

The Perfect Match dating service says Sean and Molly will be perfect for each other. Only... Sean has to keep his privacy and Molly needs him to be less private so she can succeed at this assignment. I loved the characters, the scenery, and the storyline.

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