Saturday, October 7, 2017

Olivia Gates

 The Billionaires of Black Castle Series
Book 1: From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride
 Rafael Salazar and his “brothers” live for revenge. Their childhoods were stolen from them and as adults...they have taken control and are now the ones who will destroy lives. Rafael is getting close to his goal when he hits a problem. A beautiful female problem.

Eliana Ferrreira lost her mother when she was only three. Since then, her father wants to keep her close. Cocoon her in safety. But when she meets Rafael...all safety is gone. As well as her heart. Until the truth comes out.

After receiving the first four books in this series from the author at an RT convention in 2016, they sat on the to-be-read pile until I had time. Finally, I had time and after reading this first book...I'm ready to post my review and crack open book two. I've already ordered books five and six. Love it!
Book 2: Scandalously Expecting His Child
Raiden Kuroshiro is closer than ever to his goal of reclaiming what it is. After being taken as a child, and losing out on taking the head of his household, he has found a way to succeed in doing so now. And then “she” appeared at his engagement party—the woman who'd betrayed him years ago.

Scarlett Delacroix has recreated herself. Again. She's lived a hard life...most of it not by her choice. Her greatest regret is a mission from five years ago. She just wants one more look at the man from that mission. After all, he'll never recognize her.

From a disastrous childhood—boys grew into men—forming a brotherhood, they are now all billionaires. And one day, they'll destroy every person that had a hand in destroying their young lives. Unique series. Hard men who fall even harder for the women they love.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Pregnant by the Sheikh
Sheikh Numair Al Aswad is the leader, the oldest, and the coldest of the brotherhood. He has set a plan in motion to destroy the man who took his life away from him—and his birthright. He had everything planned out...except falling in love.

Princess Jenan Aal Ghamdi doesn't want to marry the old king. But, to save her country—and her sisters—she'll do what she must. And then he walked into the ballroom and soon she had renewed hope. Maybe there was another way out after all.

The men who went through terrible times as children have grown up to be masters of their own destiny's. If they want something, they take it. They are learning that with love...the rules are very different. Unique characters in story lines in this series. I'm really enjoying it.
**Sexual content
Book 4: Claiming His Secret Son
Richard Graves “Cobra” thought he'd get someone from his past out of his system. Instead, she seemed to dig deeper under his skin. He's not a man who takes no for an answer or who backs off. Only this time...he finds more than he ever expected when he pushes on.

Isabella Sandoval is starting over. Her family is safe. She has a great new job, a partnership in a surgery clinic, and life should finally be good. And then, shortly into her new life, he shows up. The man she hasn't been able to leave her thoughts or dreams.

Hate and passion are a close mix in this story. Richard was on a mission of revenge when he targeted Isabella eight years ago. He had to use her to get to the man he hated. The reader meets Richard in the first book, From Enemy's daughter to Expectant Bride, and sees he's hard, cold, and unfeeling. I like how the author redeems him in this book.
**Sexual content
Book 5: Billionaire Boss, M.D.
Antonio Balducci, famed for his incredible skills of surgery, is ready to take his vengeance on the family that abandoned him and left him to fall into the evil hands of The Organization. He's found the perfect woman to help him infiltrate the family so he can destroy them. Only, after meeting her, his plans take a turn.

Dr. Liliana Accardi is furious that her lab has been bought out by some rich, uncaring man. And she tells him so. He's handsome and has won every one of her colleagues over...but that doesn't stop her from speaking her mind. Who knew a billionaire like him would appreciate a woman who could speak her mind? Still, she can't believe a man like him would see anything in a woman like her.

I love this series and really loved Antonio. The author really brings these characters to life and puts them through some tough situations before they can find peace with the person they fell for. And holding back the truth always seems to come back and bite them in the rear.
**Sexual content
Book 6: His Pregnant Christmas Bride
Ivan Konstantinov, also known as Ivan the Terrible, has secrets. Unlike his Black Castle brothers...he isn't after revenge. Just avoidance. Seven years ago he had to leave two people behind to avoid his past. And now...he has to rescue them. Even if it brings his past and enemies back.

Anastasia Shepherd almost died. Thanks to Ivan, she's alive. But, he left her suddenly seven years ago and she has to prepare herself for him to leave her again. He will. But until that time, she hopes to enjoy being with him as much as he'll allow her to.

Young prodigies were taken from their families or orphanages as The Organization then trained them in the fields they excelled in. One group of men...escaped and went on to become billionaires and in turn—slowly destroyed the people who mistreated and held them captive. I really enjoyed this series and I hope the series continues as there were hints of more stories coming.
**Sexual content

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